Registering Adult Industry Workers

US adult industry workers made to register

1st February

Background of Repression...

Workers in adult businesses require registration in Memphis

All Memphis Sex Workers Must be Licensed. An ordinance that took effect January 1st requires workers at adult-oriented businesses and the owners of those businesses to be licensed annually before they're allowed to work in Shelby County.

Bartenders, waitresses, dancers, bouncers, store clerks, movie-theater employees, and others at the county's more than two dozen adult establishments must undergo criminal background checks and complete county license applications or change careers.

Background checks will be conducted by sheriff's deputies and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. A history of prostitution, rape (including statutory rape), sexual battery, public indecency, pandering, sale or distribution of obscene materials, or other illegal activities can keep a worker or business owner from being licensed by the five-member Shelby County Adult Oriented Establishment Board.



Update: Set up by the authorities...

Rules designed to repress US adult entertainment may end up endangering strippers

Link Here 25th October 2014
Full story: Registering Adult Industry Workers...US adult industry workers made to register
Dancers at a Washington strip club are suing to prevent officials from releasing their names and addresses due to a public records request. Because most strippers are required to have an entertainer's license , their identities are on the record.

Two unnamed dancers filed the complaint against Pierce County, on behalf of about 70 dancers and managers at Dreamgirls at Fox's, as well as any former dancers. They are asking county officials not to release copies of their business licenses, and thus real identities, to a man who has filed a public records request for that information.

Gilbert H. Levy, an attorney for the dancers, acknowledged that the information can legally be released under the state's Public Records Act, but that the entertainers have free-speech, privacy and safety interests in keeping the licenses and their true identities confidential.

The request from for copies of all adult entertainment licenses on file for Dreamgirls at Fox's did not list a reason for the filing. Elizabeth Nolan Brown at speculated that it's entirely likely the person who wants this information is a crazy stalker or an anti-sex nutjob. Maybe both. Maybe merely a blackmailer or a 4chan-er. At any rate, it's hard to imagine many non-nefarious reasons for requesting personal information on a wide swath of individuals in a sensitive job.







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