Youngsters and Drink

Youngsters to be given criminal record for drinking

24th February

Giving Our Kids a Kick Start...

A kick in the head that is, with a criminal record for drinking a beer
Enjoying a pint

Enjoying a pint.
So setting a bad example for the kids.
They should be locked up.
Just like everyone else in Britain.

Thousands of children face having a criminal record if they are caught holding a can of beer, under plans being considered by ministers.

The proposals would mean that any under-18s found by police with alcohol would receive a criminal conviction, which would have to be declared to future employers.

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, said earlier this month that ministers were looking at tightening confiscation rules which allow police officers to remove alcohol from teenagers.

However, yesterday Vernon Coaker, the Home Office minister, took the move further by saying that officials were examining whether to make possession of alcohol by someone under 18 a criminal offence . Coaker revealed that a review of how police deal with problem drinking would consider whether children caught with alcohol should get criminal records.

It's something we are not saying we are going to do, but it is something that has been raised with us, he said.

Under the Confiscation of Alcohol (Young Persons) Act 1997, police can confiscate cans of lager or bottles of wine if they reasonably believe that teenagers are drinking, or are about to drink, the alcohol.

The most likely sanction is a fine but officials are also deciding whether these fines should become part of a criminal record.

Campaigners warned against criminalising teenagers just for having one can of lager or bottle of wine on their way to a party.

Frank Soodeen, from Alcohol Concern, said: We are concerned about the unnecessary criminalisation of young people for drinking. The fact is that large numbers of kids are getting their alcohol from older friends and relations.


29th February

Update: Asda Kicks Our Kids...

Shits at Asda to prosecute youngsters buying alcohol
Enjoying a pint

Enjoying a pint.
So setting a bad example for the kids.
They should be locked up.
Just like everyone else in Britain.

Children caught trying to buy alcohol from Asda, one of the UK's major supermarkets will face prosecution, it has been announced.

The company says its will urge officers to take the offender to court. If they refuse, Asda says it will consider bringing a private prosecution.

The chance of an under-age drinker being punished for trying to buy alcohol was only one in 300,000 last year, when nearly 3million offences resulted in ten prosecutions.

The current system is clearly not effective enough, said an Asda spokesman. When anyone under-age is found trying to buy alcohol in one of our stores we will call the police and urge and expect the police to take action themselves. If no action is taken we will on some occasions bring our own prosecution. In most cases this will target repeat offenders."

The offence carries a maximum fine of 1,000, but Asda said its main aim in bringing a court case would be to act as a deterrent: We are giving offenders a clear message that we have the right to prosecute them ourselves even if the police decide not to prosecute .







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