Sex Shop Raids in Australia

Police raid sex shops looking for porn

2nd June

Update: For a Better Environment...

Australian Greens campaign to end the waste of energy and resources raiding sex shops

The New South Wales Greens are calling on the State Government to legalise the sale of X-rated material after police raids on two Sydney adult stores.

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon will move a motion in the upper house tomorrow aimed at clearing up the legal contradiction that condones the use of X-rated material, but not its sale. She said:

It's completely illogical for something to be legal to own, but illegal to sell. Until recently, the ban on selling X-rated non-violent erotica was not enforced. This led to it being made freely available in outlets such as newsagents and video stores. The outlets now being raided have a right to shake their heads in wonder.

The Government and Opposition should respect public opinion, get behind the motion and properly regulate the industry. I struggle to think of a less productive use of NSW Police's valuable time than having 15 officers spend an entire day confiscating material that is legal for the public to own.

I will be bringing on a motion for debate in NSW parliament tomorrow, calling on the government to clear up the legal uncertainties around X-rated non-violent erotica.

Moral Crusade

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Sydney Police have become fixated on closing down Sydney's adult shops with increasingly intensive raids. Last week, two Kings Cross adult shops were raided and 90% of stock was seized. The shops have been closed by police and taped with crime scene tape. All tills and safes were broken open and computers and shop records were all seized. Only lingerie was left. The raids took 15 police officers an entire day to carry out.

Australian Sex Party President, Fiona Patten, said that a Sydney adult shop owner had been sentenced to jail last month for selling federally classified X rated films that had been judged by Commonwealth censors to be suitable for all Australians. The NSW police have spent millions of dollars this year pursuing adult retailers where this money should have been spent on solving murders and dealing with assault and property crimes , she said: I challenge the Premier, the Police Commissioner and Independents in the parliament to deny that their religious beliefs are contributing to this moral crusade . She estimated that the NSW Police had spent $2 million on raiding a dozen adult shops in the last 12 months.

She said last week's raids would have cost the taxpayer at least $100,000 and that the police would now have to spend at least another $20,000 getting the films classified. Most of these films will probably end up being classified as X rated which means they are legal to bring into the country, legal to purchase, legal to possess and legal to sell in the ACT and NT. Just not legal to sell in NSW.


25th June

Update: Moralist Censors...

Australian adult shop owner jailed for selling standard hardcore DVDs

Three New South Wales adult shops were raided by state police last week as part of a continuing crack down on adult entertainment by the government. So far this year, over a dozen adult retail, wholesale and production outlets around the country have been raided and had their stock confiscated, under direction from the federal Attorney General's department.

There are at least another dozen in the pipeline. Last month a Sydney adult shop owner became the first person to be sent to jail in modern times for a censorship offence.

Last month also saw Victoria's largest producer of X18+ material, Abby, prosecuted for making X18+ films. They are currently relocating to a more tolerant European country.

Australian Sex Party President, Fiona Patten, said the raids were an outrageous undermining of the federal government's own Classification Act. Officers from the Attorney General's department are, on the one hand, classifying X18+ films for all Australians to sell and possess and then turning around and dobbing in adult shops, websites and producers in the states who deal in this product , she said.

The federal government should be supporting the spirit and principles of its own legislation rather than the outdated and highly politicised laws of other jurisdictions.

She said that there was evidence to support the notion that this was in part, a revenge attack, emanating out of the Federal Attorney General's office, following her party's much publicised opposition to the proposed internet filter and the sneaky back door inclusion of pornography on traveller's Incoming Passenger Cards.

Patten said that despite the activities of the Federal Attorney General's office, in concert with local police forces, the Australian Sex Party would not back down on its campaign against the alarming escalation of a conservative moral agenda from both major parties .







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