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China's first sex theme park

18th May

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China sex theme park experiences premature erection

China is building its first sexually explicit theme park, and the giant genitalia sculptures and suggestive exhibits are getting many people hot and bothered in a country where talking about sex is still taboo.

Love Land is set to open in October in the south-western metropolis of Chongqing and will feature exhibitions about sexual history and how to use condoms properly. It will also host sex technique workshops, the China Daily newspaper said.

The park's manager, Lu Xiaoqing, said Love Land would help people enjoy a harmonious sex life. We are building the park for the good of the public. Sex is a taboo subject in China but people really need to have more access to information about it.

The newspaper said that the park was inspired by a similar attraction on South Korea's Jeju island, which is also called Loveland.

Comes Too Quickly

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China's first sexually explicit theme park was torn down before it even started, after an outcry from officials, a Chinese newspaper has reported.

The plans for Love Land left Chongqing officials red-faced. They ordered the park torn down over the weekend, the China Daily reported. Officials called the planned park vulgar, ill-minded and misleading.


6th July

Update: Lost Love Land...

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Chinese authorities convert sex theme park into a propaganda show venue

China's first sex theme park has undergone complete censorship by the authorities, and instead of risque shows, it now features performances of propaganda songs praising the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Two years after Love Land was first launched in Chongqing to howls of protest and hordes of curious onlookers, few traces of its ribald displays remain.

Its iconic statue, a revolving pair of legs adorned with a skimpy red G-string, has disappeared. A water fountain with breast-like carvings and urinals shaped like a woman's mouth have been removed. Descriptions of various sexual techniques to please your partner have also been cleaned out.

Love Land, which was part of a larger theme park named Foreigner Street, stood no chance against the puritan drive of the CCP in Chongqing. There was no way Bo Xilai would have allowed the sex theme park to stay, said a Chongqing businesswoman in her late 20s, referring to the city's top leader. Bo, who came to Chongqing in late 2008, had called for the Communist Party to focus on the nation's spiritual health, as he cracked down on anything to do with adult fun.







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