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Listing the bars of Pattaya

The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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Airport Bar

157/141 Naklua Road

Anton Bar & Restaurant

Naklua Road

Beer bar & restaurant closed by June 2016 and is now a Kiss restaurant

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Bamboo Bar

Naklua Road: Soi 18

Closed in 2007 and is now home to Leo's Blues Bar

Barracuda Bar

Naklua Road

Long running and well known beer bar and guesthouse that became Best Restaurant in 2020.

Beluga Susi Sports Bar

Naklua Road 157/147
(Near soi 18)

Large bar with aircon lounge offering table dancing
Bigeye Show'


Erotic shows but more for organised tour parties than walk-ins

Black Pussy Bar

Naklua Road

From 9am

Shophouse bar

Blame it on Brian

Naklua Soi 12

Beer bar

Bulli Bar

Naklua Road
(corner of Soi 33)

Beer bar noted as a favourite

Bunny Girl Co

Naklua Road : Soi 33

Shophouse bar

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Cotton Club

Naklua Road: Soi 12

from 8pm

Music bar

It is presented as something for everyone with, music (blues) a restaurant, art gallery and of course, beautiful hostesses.

Caters mainly for German speakers.

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Devonshire Bar

157/141 Naklua Road

Beer bar closed in 2007
Dom Eck Bar

Naklua Road

Beer bar closed in 2008

Dream Bar

Naklua Road

Beer bar

News, May 2014: Facelift

The bar was given a facelift during the first half of 2014

The Drum and Monkey

157/83 Moo 5 Naklua Road Drum and Monkey

Beer bar

English expats bar featuring the inevitable football on large screen TV. Where there's football, there is usually pool and girls too, and of course that is the case here.

Review from Andrew January 2012: Monkeying Around

I'm in the oil game, 4 on, 4 off, guess where I spend my 4 off? What can I say, UK is pants, full stop.

At the start of my little trips to Pattaya, I usual stay 3 day in soi 7/8. Anyway the soi 7/8 debauchery that follows usually gets my hormone build up out the way, I can then settle down to the quiet life in Naklua. Armchair, flat cap and pipe, NOT...

The Drum and Monkey is my drinking hole of choice. Niall has taken over the bar for a couple of years now, and all I can say what a great job he's done. He's got the balance just right on both sides of the bar...

Ohh he also has fine Harem of lovely ladies, who will always welcome you with a friendly smile. If you've come for a bit of female Thai company, you could do worse...

I try not to fiddle about with the ladies from this bar, as I don't like to be seen as a complete wretch, mixing business with pleasure and all that stuff. But to be honest, the wall has been known to crumble occasionally...

I like to use the Monkey Bar for a good bevy, the beer is as cheap as you will get anywhere. There is the Irish bar next door, Ryan's bar, which I may add is excellent, the same as Eor's, I am always made to feel very welcome in both establishments.

But I'm like a homing pigeon, always return to the Monkey bar The Drum and monkey do a fine breakfast at a very agreeable price, the full monty has always been too much for me, as I am a usually a bitty delicate in the mornings, well that's rubbish, early afternoons.

Has Niall filled Badgers boots? yip I think so...... Niall's turned out to be a good friend, he always organizes a little away days over to the darkside which is always good for beaver spotting, this usually entails a 1 PM start. Visiting 4 or 5 establishments, including the Black peril, and my personal Favorite, the Pussy Cat Club. Finishing of back at the Monkey bar, a bitty worse for wear.

Did Badger return, yip seen him a couple of trips ago.... He's doing just fine.....

News from August 2009: The Monkey Returns

The bar has now re-opened under a new management team Now run by a team of Mick fro England, Laong from Thailand and Niall from Ireland.

News from Andrew, July 2009: The old classic story

Every time I visit Pattaya I always go to this bar and always have a top night.

Badger would always be there, the life and sole of the place. He seemed to have the balance just right between running the bar in the back ground, whilst being a gent with the customers. Sure old Badger would take a drink off a Falang, but he was not slow in returning it.

But last week he told me that he had been stiffed by his girlfriend and has just had to return to England.

So he's sold the bar to an English fella who's redeveloping the place. It will take 3 weeks before re-opening.

So all I can say is that Badger will be sorely missed in Naklua road, Pattaya.

Will Badger be back? I think so...

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Eor's Bar

Naklua Road
(near Soi 18)

Beer bar reborn in April 2009. But re-died in early 2013.

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Fan Treff

Naklua Road

Beer bar

Fire Bar/Fired Up

Pattaya Soi 6

Fire Bar is a new short time bar for summer 2023. Fired Up is a part time gentlemen's club upstairs that is currently open on Fridays.

Fire Bar

Naklua Road
(between sois 29 & 31)

Beer bar

Fly Inn

Naklua Road : Soi 18

Beer bar

Forever Music Bar

Naklua Road : Soi 33

Beer bar

Review from Pattaya Pages , Jan 2007: Volksmusik

I love to go to the Forever Music Bar. The owner (Peter) plays a lot of 'Gute deutsche Volksmusik und Schlager'. Decent ladies, good atmosphere, well decorated and reasonable prices.

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H (back to top)

Happy Beer bar

Naklua Road : Soi 18

Beer bar


Naklua Road : Soi 18

Beer bar with aircon

Honey Bar 1 & 2

Naklua Road

Beer bar

Review from Malcolm, January 2012: Honey Card

Honey Bar 2 is on Naklua Road opposite the Barracuda Bar.

Open fronted Bar with free pool and darts.

All beers are 55 B until 6pm and then Singa is 70B.

Just down the Road in the VIP Bar Centre is Honey Bar which is same owner/management.

Get a drink card stamped when you buy a beer and your 10th drink is free.

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Irish Knights

Naklua Road

Beer bar

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Jack Tar

Naklua Road

Beer bar

Jeab Bar

Naklua Road

Beer bar

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Kakadu Bar

Naklua Road : Soi 18

Beer bar
Klaps Muhle

Naklua Road

German themed bar became Ryan's Bar in 2008

Klein Heidelberg

Naklua Soi 18
(not far from Naklua Road).

German Restaurant
Review from Dick Farang, June 2016: A big soup amongst German restaurants

Klein Heidelberg is a German restaurant on the right-hand side of Naklua Soi 18, not far from Naklua Road.

Before it was invaded by McDonald's et al. some decades ago, Heidelberg was a very picturesque city in Western Germany. It is home to the oldest university in Germany and the previous Thai king Ananda Mahidol (Rama XIII) was born there.

It is praised by the song Ich hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren (I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg) and Elvis Presley's Wooden Heart was based on the traditional student song Muß i' denn .

In Mannheim, a stone's throw from Heidelberg, Karl (or Carl) Benz built the first motor car and his more marketing-minded wife Bertha and their sons undertook the first ever long-distance motor car trip, from Mannheim via Heidelberg to Pforzheim.

Bertha Benz

Note that in many languages the word for petrol is derived from the surname Benz ("Benzin" in German, "benzine" in Dutch and even เบนซิน = "bensin" in Thai), but in those days they had to rely on solvents for cleaning sold in pharmacies. Even today in petrol stations in Thailand if you want pure petrol, not gasohol, ask for "bensin".

Do not confuse Klein (Little) Heidelberg in Naklua with Alt (Old) Heidelberg on Beach Road near Walking Street, which is a disaster.

Klein Heidelberg is very spacious and open fronted with nice wooden tables and (a bit strange) wooden swivel chairs.

The only inconvenience are the countless passing buses with budget Chinese who are shipped to and from a tourist trap somewhere towards the end of Soi 18.

The "small" Flädlesuppe (beef consommé with pancake stripes) with a slice of German quality bread at 75 baht and the Kaßler (slightly smoked, slightly brined, steamed pork loin) with Sauerkraut (fermented white cabbage) and mashed potatoes at 245 baht were excellent.

As usual in German restaurants the portions were very generous. The "small" soup was bigger than what you get at many places. I wonder what their "big" soup looks like.

They sell Chang and (BEWARE: cloudy) Weihenstephaner Hefeweißbier on draught. They also sell bottled Warsteiner (a bit too sweet to my taste) and German spirits.

Klein Heidelberg appears to be popular within the German community.

It is one of the scarce remaining German restaurants in Greater Pattaya that still offer original quality food.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht.

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Lemon Bar

668/43 Naklua Road

German Bar with darts, pool and satellite TV. Now closed
Leo's Blues Bar

Naklua Road Soi 18

The Bar relocated from near Jomtien's Hanuman statue in early 2007. Previously the Bamboo Bar. Closed on 27th December 2014

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Mr Cocktails

Naklua Road
(Dolphin Island)

Cocktail bar

Review from Pattaya Addicts , Feb 2007: Fantastic Cocktails

Its like a large (semi-permanant) stall but with seating area overlooking the roundabout. Not great but actually quite tranquil.

He mixed me two fantastic cocktails - one that wasn't on his list but was still perfect. Most have 3 liquor shots so at 99 baht they are good value. They are also much larger than you would expect in my previous experiences with cocktails.

You get the works - shaking at your table etc.

It takes a lot to impress me here but this really did.

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Naklua Sauna

Naklua Road: Soi 12

Sauna, massage bar & guesthouse

NG Bar

Naklua Road

Beer bar

Nice Bar

VIP Bar Centre
Naklua Road

Beer bar

Review by Malcolm January 2013: Very Nice Girls

The VIP Bar Centre on Naklua Road is opposite side to the Barracuda Bar, about 20 yards up. They are all open bars with about another dozen bars behind.

The Nice Bar isn't the cheapest with Singha at 90B but it has some very nice girls dancing on podium and the bar wearing extremely short skirts.

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Naklua Soi 16

Restaurant & bar

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Peoples Cocktail Lounge

Soi Buakhao
(400m from South end)

Beer bar

Review from Pattaya Addicts , March 2008: Cheap Beer

A very nice bar with bottled beer at 45 Baht

Peppermint Bar

Naklua Road

Beer bar

Piss Stop Bar

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar which caught the attention of Pattaya forum users but has only been open sporadically in 2018.

Pit Bull

Naklua Road

Beer bar

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Route 33

Naklua Road : Soi 33

Beer bar

Ryan's Bar

Naklua Road

Long running Irish themed bar with dancing on the tables, previously Klaps Mohle. The bar moved to bigger premises on the same road in July 2020 but moved out in the 2021 coronavirus lockdown.

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Sam Song

Naklua Road

Beer bar


Naklua Road: Soi 33

Beer bar, given way to Lamo karaoke

Skylab Bar

Naklua Road
(corner of Soi 33)

Beer bar

Sloppy Joe's

Naklua Road : Soi 33

Beer bar

Review June 2006: Lonely on the Football Field

I popped in for an England World Cup match, but in all honesty I prefer the company of girls to that of a bunch of blokes watching TV.

They had a pretty looking girl serving free chips with ketchup but she did not seem the slightest bit interested in a drink or chat so I hastily moved on.

Seemed a pleasant bar though and there were a fair few regulars enjoying the match together.


Naklua Road (Soi 33)

Night Club Star Dice become Spark in 2019.


Naklua Road

Beer bar

Star Dice

Naklua Road (Soi 33)

Night Club become Spark in 2019.
Susi Bar

Naklua Road

Beer Bar now Beluga Susi Bar, see above

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Tiger Beer bar

Naklua Road

Beer bar

News, May 2014: Facelift

The bar was given a facelift during the first half of 2014

Comment May 2008:

I like the bar, nice girls good music.


Naklua Road : Soi 18

Beer bar

Tutti Frutti Bar

Naklua Road

Beer bar with aircon

Review May 2006: Chin Chin Girls

A pleasant and German run aircon bar which has established a goodly amount of regulars. The decor and seating etc are good, there's even a nice painting depicting the housewife stripping game show: Tutti Frutti. The good decor extends to the toilets which are clean and well kept.

There were some very pleasant girls on hand during my visit. One even a good grasp of English and was well read enough to make for a very enjoyable evening of conversation... and more.

Bar fine 200 Baht, bottled beer around 60 Baht and lady drinks at 95 Baht.

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VIP Center Bar

Naklua Road

Beer bar complex

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Pattaya bars most likely to be listed are those that occupy a permanent looking standalone building. Beer bars in complexes will not be listed unless mentioned in dispatches. Gay/Thai/Karaoke bars are not listed due to a lack of expertise in those areas. Gogo bars are listed on a separate page. I have added food reviews but this is not a comprehensive service. I will only list eateries where people have submitted comments

The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself. Click on the street name to obtain a map of the bar area.

Previously the notes included guidelines on barfines and asking prices but in recent times these have become less standardised and at the top end it is now more or a less an unbounded negotiation.

And a couple of words of warning:

  • In short time rooms...keep an eye on your wallet to ensure that it stays with you long time.

  • To those with Thai wives, be aware of the motor cycle taxi network used to keep tabs on errant husbands.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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