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The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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11010 A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

See Facebook Page

A new A-GoGo taking shape in November 2020.


Air Port Club

Walking Street

New for 2008 from the people that brought you Nui's 2, Pinky Girl, Hot Girls and New Star. Opened 1st September 2008. Associated with Skyfall A-GoGo. The bar didn't survive coronavirus lockdown and id now a Russian girls venue called Monro OK.

Alcatraz A-GoGo

Walking Street

Prison themed gogo opened at beginning of December 2010. Mainly coyote dancers and expensive drinks. Closed by March 2017 and became the coyote bar Miami Club.

Amazon A-GoGo

Walking Street

Closed in October 2005, then VIP, then Lollipop A-GoGo, now incorporated into The Pier nightclub

angel opening

Angel A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

Angel A-GoGo took over from Super Girl A-GoGo on 18th June 2019.

June 2019



coyote dancertopless
draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
99 pint 170

News February 2020: Dark

The bar was dark for a day at least. The reasons are not yet apparent.

Review from Dave December 2019: The Tequila Scam

Headed into The Angel where the Topless Dancers were on. Sat with Nook a topless Dancer with amazing legs. Two Girls came around selling Tequila I said no 3 times but the Girl would not take no for an answer I looked at Nook and she had one in her hand , I explained I don't buy Tequila because it's a rip off and she handed it back but the Girl would not go away. In the end I told her to Fuck Off. I'm surprised I don't read more about the Tequila Scam.

Some very Beautiful Girls in there though.

Review from Dave June 2019: Good girls go to Angels

Angel A-GoGo was very bright with very good comfortable seating. it looked like a smaller Panda Club, everywhere I looked there were stunning slim attractive Girls. Most of them were Coyote Dancers, but with small white Tops and Small Black Pants with a lot of bum on show. There were 2 groups of Topless Dancers.

Draft Beer was 99b for a full pint of Chang.

I stayed for one Beer and headed home. It was definitely the best of the new a-go-gos

Angels A-GoGo

Walking Street

Small bar opened July 19th 2006 but closed in July 2008. Now a shoe shop.


Walking Street: Soi 15

Professional and erotic shows. Opened in January 2006. Closed on 4th June 2018. Demolished in 2023. The venue is set to become a nightclub.


Walking Street

G-Spot became Annabelle's A-GoGo on 10th July 2017. Annabelle's closed on 1st May 2018 and became Panda A-GoGo


Annabels was renamed to Windmill 2 in 2023.

Apple A-GoGo

November 2022



draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink

Walking Street

Opened in 2022 in the venue that was previously Ginza A-GoGo. For Sale in April 2024

Atlantis A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Small gogo with very standard gogo offerings. Took over from Paris A-GoGo in September 2010. Renamed to Atlantis in November 2010 but closed just after Christmas in 2010.

atlantis logo


Walking Street

Took over from Sweetheart's A-GoGo on 30th May 2018. (Under the same ownership)

atlantisagogo Facebook Page

February 2020

1500 LT before 12
1000 LT after 12
1000 ST

coyote dancer bikini
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hour to 9:30pm 85
from 9:30pm 95

Monday Specials: Bottled beer and house spirits 95 Baht all night.

News May 2022: Re-opened

Re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown, and again after the 2022 lockdown.

Introduction from owner Viking via : May 2018: Atlantis, Viking's new Sweetheart

The name is Atlantis and I have spent the last month giving it a total refurbishment as well as new lights, sound and installed equipment so we can have a DJ and a bit more varied music.

We will soft open on 30th of May to see what works and what does not so please feel free to come with feedback as you happen to go by. If it's music, lights, drinks etc.

The girls will be wearing a mix between bikinis, very small shorts with tops, different themed uniforms (maid, sailor, nurse etc), topless (not sure how many we will have from day 1) and cute door-girls with nice uniforms!

As for music we will have 2-3 DJs a night playing a bit various in terms of music. I've had them experiment with dance, old-school trance, R&B and a little rock all mixed together but with the DJ we have the flexibility to vary a lot throughout the night.

We have also upgraded the stereo system from 4 older speakers and 2 subs to a all new system with 8 JBL speakers on the wall to get even sound around the bar, as well as 4 subs built into the sofas (I've told them not to have too much bass but I want it even around).

Unlike the previous bar, we have decided to go for 3 long center stages instead of the tabletop dancing and it should be room enough for 13 girls at once (total of 8,2 meters of stage) who all rotate from the back of the bar to the front. Another change is that the stage is 30 CM above the ground, and the sofas are moved down one step so you will have full view of the girls. It sounds very narrow, but it's 70 cm to walk on each side of the stage and I am able to walk there being a big fat guy so I think it should be fine for everyone.

As before we will run happy hour from 8 PM to 9.30 PM and we close at 3.30 AM.


Babe Watch

Covent Garden Complex
Walking Street: Soi 16

Opened November 2005, closed in July 2006.

Babydolls A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

Opened October 2006, changed hands in Feb 2007, March 2007 and May 2008. It is now one of most noted interactive gogos. Closed on 28th July 2019 and became Beavers A-GoGo

Baccara A-GoGo

Walking Street

The Pattaya branch of the noted Soi Cowboy GoGo opened 17th December 2009.

April 2023


toplessbikini coyote dancershow
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hour to 9:30pm 79
small glass
85 85 165
from 9:30pm 185 125 205

News May 2022: Re-opened

Baccara re-opened on Friday 25th September after closing for the coronavirus lockdown in March 2020, and again re-opened after the 2022 lockdown. Only the downstairs stage is currently in use.

Review from Dave, October 2017: Ex-Happy

I popped into Baccara on Saturday night. Iit was the Usual fare, busy and with a couple of new Large Breasted Dancers. No showgirl's.

Someone was touching my back and I looked around and it was a stunning small Blonde, I had no idea who she was but she knew me, she squeezed in beside me and I bought her a drink

She put my arm round her and asked if I'd been to Happy lately...that made it easier. She was from Happy, she said Happy No Good, I said it was all a Coyote dancers 2 months ago. She said: No Customers.

So there you have it, as we thought they were trying to turn it into a Coyote Bar. B ut no one wanted it, what a surprise! There was still no full nudity on Friday and only two topless birds.

My ex-Happy said she had been home for 2 years having a baby girl, no wonder I didn't recognize her. I worked out who she was, a Showgirl (when they were nude) called Ann but she had long black hair. She was beautiful then but stunning as a blonde with a Cleo style fringe.

Comment from Dave, December 2016: Showing

Some good news Baccara is back, with tits out and show girls.

Comment from Dave, November 2016: Still no show after mourning period

I popped into Baccara on Saturday and it's still the same, all Coyote Dancers. Even the usually topless girls were coyotes.

No nudity and no Show, I've no Idea why.

Lady drinks now 145b

News November 2014: Extension

The bar is bricking off the open area in front of the entrance. it currently offers a few coyote poles to catch the eye of passers by but will now be an inside area.

Review from Dave, August 2014: Taking the Mick

I popped into Baccara on Friday night, it was packed to the rafters.

As usual, there were some very attractive slim Bikini dancers.

When the showgirls came on there were about 6 new girls, some with extremely large breasts. Most of the showgirls look as if they could go 3 rounds with Mick McManus.

Review from Nikko, August 2014: No longer top notch girls

The good old time when the Baccara was the best A-GoGo on Walking Street has long gone.

Now it is one of the most boring places. Not enough girls to fill the top floor, so that all of them end up at the bottom stage.

One set of girls with white sport shoes, one set of girls with high heels, only 2 girls topless from the 40-50 girls total.

Staying at the beach looking at sexy Russians tanning on the beach is way more exciting. Who cares about going in an A-GoGo to see girls dressed more than people on the beach, or in the streets?

Are they scared about the police? 80% of the girls where having a bra plus a top. You can barely see their fat tummy.

Attitude is the worst, no girl is looking at you, most of them had surgery so I suppose that they make good money here, doing nothing and being ugly.

Had only a few customers, mostly Chinese or Japanese.

The Bad Girls Club

Walking Street

Opened 7th November 2017, seems to have a connection with Infinity. The bar closed on the 1st of January 2018 and this seems to be due to Pattaya licensing conditions that no longer allow GoGos to open on the seaward side of Walking Street.

The venue is now a massage shop.

Bada Bing A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi BJ

GoGo replaced TQ2 on 9th December 2011. Closed and replaced by Wildcats which opened in September 2013.

Baron Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Previously Lennie's, then Shooters bar. Converted to a Club Mirage A-GoGo in November 2008. After sporadic opening it became Baron Club which opened on 28th October 2011. It closed in April 2013. Became Cream Club

Beach Club

Walking Street: Soi Happy

Long running table dancing with then with ownership connections to Peppermint, Happy, Bacarra. Closed on Soi 15 in March 2016 and moved to Soi Happy. Closed on Soi Happy at the end of January 2019 and the venue was merged into Happy A-GoGo.


Walking Street

Table dancing venue opened October 8th 2005. Ownership connections with Misty's. Due to the end of lease, Beavers closed on 30th April 2011.


Walking Street Soi 15

Beaver's A-GoGo was originall a popular and hands on table dancing bar situated on Walking Street by Soi 14. It closed in 2011 due to reaching the end of its lease.

In 2019 the Club Electric Blue/The Dollhouse owners bought out Babydoll and converted it to Beaver's which opened on 10th August 2019. Rationalised into The Dollhouse in 2021 but returned to its stand alone venue in June 2022. Beavers finally closed in September 2022.

Big Willie's A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

Became Shark Club A-GoGo, see below

BJ Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi BJ

Opened as a GoGo in November 2008. Closed in November 2009.

Black & White: X Zone 2 A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex

GoGo opened in March 2009 in the venue that was Taboo, and before that Babewatch. Closed in May 2009.

Black Banana Club

Walking Street

A gay GoGo opened in December 2019 at the venue that was previously Hidden A-GoGo.

bliss frontage

Bliss A-GoGo

Walking Street

From 8:30pm

A GoGo from the Blue Sky people who previously ran Casnovy. Renovated in in May 2023 and re-opened in June 2023..

September 2019

coyotes pre 12 1500
coyotes 1fter 12 1000
dancers 800

coyote dancertopless nude
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hourto 9:30pm 90 90 90 90 200
from 9:30pm 95
small glass
140 110 130-150

News May 2023: Closed

The bar has been opened and closed according to the requirements of the other GoGos in the chain but now it looks more permanent as the Bliss signs hvae been removed.

News, October 2022: Re-opened

Bliss belatedly re-opened after the coronavirus lockdown in October 2022.

News from Ishi, October 2020: Closed

Bliss A-GoGo has ended it's partial weekend opening and is currently closed.

News from Ishi, August 2020: Thursdays

Bliss A-GoGo has added Thursday nights to is schedule so now opens on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

News August 2020: Re-opened

Bliss A-GoGo re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown but in a somewhat sporadic fashion and now seems to have stabilised on opening on Fridays and Saturdays only.

Review from Dave, May 2018: Crazy

I popped into Bliss agogo on Walking Street on Tuesday night around 11 pm.

It was fairly quiet. I was sitting with a Coyote Dancer who used to work in Supergirl, and next to her was a Model in a Red all over bodystocking, so I sent her round to my friend Paul. She was laying back on the seat showing us her Fanny, she rubbed her fingers in it and then put her fingers to my mouth.

When she went off to Dance most of the Models removed their G-String. Unusually they did not turn down the Lights so I got a good look at some Pussies.

When the models came off stage, one came and sat with me and 2 with Paul. I thought the new Model sitting with Paul was Drunk but my Model said no she was just Crazy. Paul was Kissing both of their Pussies and the crazy one stripped to the waist, she had big brown nipples and a nice face.

Haha, a very good time was had.

Review from Dave, April 2018: Red is the new black

I popped into Bliss-a-go-go on Walking Street last night.

It was much better than my last visit. There were some attractive and slim Coyote Dancers, The Showgirls were wearing an all over red Fishnet Body Stocking, and a G-string which some Girls removed showing some nice pussies. The Red Body stocking hid very little. One Girl had a very nice pair of Tits.

There is still no interaction between Punters and Girls, unless you are known in there.

...And the Fat waitresses still stand in front of the Stage, blocking your view.

But not a bad place for a Beer.

Review from Dave, March 2018: Dull

I left and went into Bliss A-GoGo which is total anomaly as there is no nudity of any kind. It was very dull, with no interaction between Dancers and Punters. The Models were wearing all over black body stocking but you can see nothing.

There were 9 waitresses, all Fat and 4 of them very Fat. They kept standing in my way, blocking the view of the Stage, walking up and down aimlessly. The Fatest Girl walked up and down like she thought she was Bridget Bardot.

Nothing to recommend it,

Review from Dave, January 2017: Poor strip lighting

I popped into Bliss A-GoG o in Walking street on Friday Evening.

There were the usual Coyote Dancers on stage, most of them slim and attractive. They danced for around 15 minutes and then a second group came on, not quite so slim and attractive. There were two slightly overweight Girls. Naturally they kept smiling at me.

The 3rd group of Dancers were wearing a G-string and an all over red body stocking. Once on stage some of the Girls removed there G-String and they took up poses pointing there Pussies at the Punters. Unfortunately they turned the lights down at this point so you could only get the odd glimpse of heaven. Why go to the expense of paying for naked Girls and then making it so dark you can't see them properly?

The music was good and not too loud. Draft Beer was poor value at 95 b for a small glass,

Unfortunately there was only one attractive waitress the rest were too fat.

Not a bad place for a Beer. But it would be much better if they left the lights alone.

Happy was better last night, about 60% of the Girls were in Bikini's. Most of the Girls were attractive, some very attractive. The mediocre Coyote Dancers had all gone. The Showgirls came on twice while I was there but they still kept their G-Strings on.

A definite improvement, I wonder how long it will last?

Review from Dick Farang, March 2016: Believe it or not

Believe it or not: one more 'gogo' has opened: Bliss, but it remains to be seen if it is really a blessing.

Its location near the Beach Road end of Walking Street opposite Skyfall used to be an Indian restaurant.

The building is separated from the previous location of Beavers (now a pharmacy: Infinity) by a narrow alley.

To be honest: Bliss is not a gogo, but a coyote bar with a couple of naked performers.

(In my not so humble opinion there are not 80 plus gogos in Pattaya, but rather 50 minus.)

The layout is traditional with a cheapo central stage with ten chrome poles of about 1.8 metres high, double-tier bench seating on the left-hand side and single-tier bench seating on the right-hand side.

(It seems to have become a new and probably cheaper fashion not to fix the (shorter) chrome poles to the ceiling.)

At Bliss I saw two dancing teams consisting each of fifteen more than overdressed coyotes in white outfits and two naked dancers. After their stint on stage the naked dancers put a black string and a black transparent negligee and started selling shots. (Note that the French word for such a thing is "un déshabillé")

By far most of the coyotes were comfortably over the thirty-year mark and, to use an understatement, all but beauty queens. You will not want to wake up next to most of their worn-out bodies. It looks as if somebody has been scratching the bottom to find the most worthless available females.

On internet there has been a rumour of 1,500 baht barfines, but I could not be arsed to ask.

The waitresses were friendly enough and the music was the usual crap.

Three days after the opening there were way more girls' bums on the bench seating than customers' bums and nobody stayed long.

The drink menus were similar to those at Shark, Fahrenheit, Lighthouse, Mandarin Walking Street, Crazy House and Palace.

Draught beer (not promoted by the greeters) 80 baht, bottled Heineken 140 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.

Blue Sky A-GoGo

Walking Street

Short lived occupant of the venue that is currently Taboo Club.

Broadway Club

Walking Street: Soi B

Opened in July 2006 to August 2006. And then September 2006 to March 2007. The venue was previously Las Vegas City & Jacuzzi A-GoGo.

Byblos GoGo Bar

Soi Diamond

Venue tried as a coyote bar, a GoGo and a pussy tricks venue. Closed in October 2013 to become a shop.

Bypass A-GoGo

Walking Street (Soi Happy)

A new build GoGo opened on 25th November 2016 at the space that was previously Crazy Beer Bar.


Candy Club

Walking Street

GoGo opened in early April 2024.

April 2024
toplessbikini coyote dancer
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hour to 10pm 95
from 10pm
Carousel A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Long running GoGo closed in June 2010 and re-opened under new management on 1st November 2010. Closed up and for sale in May 2012. The venue is currently Center Club.

Casino Cream Club

Soi Diamond
(2nd Road end)

Opened on 11th December 2013. Ownership connections with Casino Bar opposite. Previously Baron Club. Renamed to Casino Cream Club in January 2017. Closed in August 2017.

Casnovy A-GoGo

Walking Street
(Beach Road end)

Large table dancing venue with loud dance music. Opened on 26th October 2007. Closed on 16th June 2016 and became a live music venue, Rock Street.

Cat's Place GoGo

Soi Day-Night
(off Pattaya Tai by TukCom)

Lady boy bar. Closed in early 2010. Re-opened in August 2010. Now closed

Catwalk A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

Pussy tricks bar for tourists. See Tourist Shows: Catwalk

Catz A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex

Opened in November 2005. Catz renamed to ToyZ A-GoGo in January 2010 but closed in the summer of 2011. Re-opened in December 2011 at a new venue in Soi 14 that is now Club Electric Blue but only lasted until August 2012.

The Cavern

Walking Stree

Opened 22nd May 2010 taking over the venue from Sisterz A-GoGo. Ownership connections with Baccara, Beach Club, Happy & Peppermint. Closed on 14th November 2012, The venues is now Sensations A-GoGo.

Center Club

Soi Diamond

Opened on 14th October 2017 at the venue that was most famously Carousel, but later became Dream Club and Maxine's Club. Became Su Casa A-GoGo in 2021.

The Champion

Soho Square

The original Champion closed on Walking Street in March 2016 and spawned two new bars, this one on Soho Square, and one on Soi Lucky Star. The Soho Square venue closed in July 2016 whilst the Lucky Star venue continues.

Champion 2 A-GoGo

Thappraya Road

The Jomtien GoGo, We Are No 1, originally opened as Champion 2. It was later sold and renamed We Are No 1.

Circus A-GoGo

Walking Street

Closed in January 2006. Became Angels A-GoGo but now a shoe shop.

Climax A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

Closed. The venue became Private Dancer and then Club Electric Blue

Club 69

Walking Street: Soi 15

Now Club Electric Blue.

Club Boesch é A-GoGo

Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex

Opened November 2005 and quickly became a popular GoGo notable for its range of entertainment including the much copied Jacuzzi. The name is pronounced boo-shay and is named after a US DJ who is a friend of the owner. Closed in Mid December 2011

Club Eden

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Club Eden A-GoGo took over from DClub on 28th March 2018. Before DClub, the venue was previously home to Tiger Lounge/Club A-GoGo

electric blue pattaya

Club Electric Blue A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

GoGo returned to Pattaya after several years away. It returned to the venue that was previously Private Dancer on 1st May 2015. Moved into Dollhouse A-GoGo in 2021.

September 2022

LT 1000-1700
ST (2 hours) 800 before 12

coyote dancer
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hourto 9:30pm 50 small glass 2 for 1 on Leo 2 for 1
2 for 1 on house spirits 175
from 9:30pm 135-150 145 140-170

News June 2023: Sold and closed

The GoGo has been sold and the new owners have moved all staff to another bar pending redevleopment.

News September 2022: Upstairs at the Dollhouse

Sister bars Beavers the Dollhouse and Club Electric Blue have been rationalised in early September 2022 such that Beavers is closed, The Dollhouse continues in its downstaairs bars whilst th eupstairs bar is now designated as Club Electric Blue.

News April 2021: Rationalised

During pre-covid times the Dollhouse group consisted of 4 parts, The Dollhouse downstairs, The Dollhouse XXX upstairs at the same venue, Beavers, and Club Electric Blue across the street.

The group responded to a decimated post covid lockdown customer base by reducing the 4 teams to 2, one operating from The Dollhouse downstairs, and the other team taking turns between Beavers and Club Electric Blue.

Now the group has further rationalised to reduce rent commitments. The Beavers and Club Electric Blue venues have closed. The Dollhouse team is continuing at The Dollhouse downstairs, whilst the old Beavers/Club Electric Blue team is now operating from the upstairs bar at The Dollhouse.

News March 2021: Re-opened

The GoGo has opened in a time share arrange with sister bar Beavers next door. One or the other will be open with the same girls, but never both bars together. The bar is at a bit of a low ebb for customers and girls.

Review from Dave, November 2017: Charmed

I popped into Electric Blue later Friday night, there were around 18-20 totally naked Girls. Half of them were slim and attractive and the others were ok. There were some very attractive Coyote Dancers on the other Stage. It was busy in there as always.

The 2 Girls I was with were not shy about hiding their charms and when on stage were waggling their pussies in my face,

Review from Dick Farang, July 2017: A decent portion of nudity

Club Electric Blue A-GoGo on Soi 15 is one of the scarce gogos where you still get a decent portion of nudity.

On the main stage, just behind the entrance, two teams of some ten naked and topless dancers were cavorting. On the other stage were two teams of four or five overdressed double-topped and double-bottomed performers. About ½ of all dancers went naked on stage, about ¼ were topless and about ¼ were overdressed. However, the average quality of the naked bodies was rather poor.

With a bit of luck you will find a MILF with a much better shape at Bamboo Bar on Pattayatai. Typically, the overdressed dancers at Club Electric Blue A-GoGo were the pushiest ones begging for lady drinks.

Not many customers, but still more than at most other places.

The music was horrible. Very cramped toilets.

Bottled Heineken still 150 baht.

Review, October 2016: Generating a few sparks

Club Electric Blue on Soi 15 offers a good first impression. It has a good lively atmosphere with lots of dancing girls. And what immediately sets it above many, if not most, Walking Street bars is that it also offers lots of nudity. There were a decent amount of good lookers amongst the crew.

It is easily the most popular of all the previous incarnations that have used the venue over the last few years.

There was plenty of friendly female servers on hand, and maybe to make sure they are adding the hubbub of people milling round, they are banned from sitting with customers. A bit annoying if you would like a more relaxed chat with long time friends.

The bar offers BOGOF offers during happy hour which is something I generally try and avoid. BOGOFF offers get a bit of bad press, at least in the UK, as they either highlight high baseline prices, or else are wasteful to those customers only really wanting one. In this case the baseline prices are just a little above average.

But a good port of call for those that fondly remember GoGos of old that featured bikinis or less as the general rule.

Review from Dave, October 2015: Now electrifying

I popped into Electric blue on soi 15 last night, it was very busy with everyone having a good time,

All the Girls on the stage near the door were naked, all of them average or better, some very attractive. The best looking Girls were on the second stage , dressed in shorts and bra,

There were lots of Girls working their that I know, so I had a good, if expensive time,

Still the same mamasang Aom, who is very nice,

Naked Girls and cheap beer. A great combination, can be recommended.

Review from Dick Farang, May 2015: Not yet electrifying

On Soi 15, at the previous location of Private Dancer A-GoGo, Club Electric Blue A-GoGo has opened.

Some days ago the music was so blaring that I could not be bothered to enter, but this time the noise level was acceptable.

The mattress and Jacuzzi have disappeared. There are now two stages with chrome poles, left and right, and fixed high tables with bar stools in between. Along the front wall and side walls is still bench seating.

Most of the dancers were clad in too big knotted or buttoned white tops and pleated tartan skirts in different colours. Some (but not all) were wearing bras under their tops and some were wearing pants or strings, whereas some others "went commando" (if that can be said of a girl). Only two or three bared their bosom on stage.

A number of dancers were clad in huge white stretch bikinis with or without underwear, some of them revealing their camel toe. Three or four dancers in black lingerie went topless and bottomless on stage.

All dancers went on and off stage "en masse" and most of them stayed at the same place all the time without moving around. Most of the dancers were chubby to overweight.

About all the waitresses were fatties, but as much as I hate fat dancers, I like to hug a fat waitress from time to time.

There were some customers, but it was far from crowded and the girls were all but proactive.

Draught beer 90 baht, bottled beers 150 baht, lady drinks 160 baht. I think there are some special offers during happy hour (8 p.m. to 10 p.m.), such as buy one Leo, get one free. Anyway, I do not drink Leo and I usually leave after drinking one beer.

Club Electric Blue appears to have a website, , but it looks a bit dated and virtually only about the Patpong branch in Bangkok.

Club Electric Blue A-GoGo (CEB)

Walking Street

Closed in February 2006 and the venue became Roxy. Club Electric Blue later returned to Pattaya on Soi 15 in 2015.

Club Electric Blue Jr

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Opened February 2006, closed June 2006 and re-opened in October 2006. Closed permanently in July 2007.

Club Mirage

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Previously Lennie's, then Shooters bar. Converted to Mirage A-GoGo, which operated sporadically from November 2008 until 9th October 2011. The venue became Baron Club then Cream Club.

Club Mistys

Walking Street: Soi 15

Misty's A-GoGo relocated from Soi Pattayaland 2 to Soi 15 on 9th May 2008. It was also renamed to Club Mistys. The Venue is set to become Runway Sexy Club

Club Relaxxx A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex

Opened November 2010 taking over from Club Sin City, previously Black & White, Taboo and Babewatch. Closed at the beginning of November 2011. Became a coyote bar in December 2011. Re-opened as a GoGo on 29th May 2012. Closed again on 11th April 2013.

Club Sin City A-GoGo

Covent Garden Complex
Pattaya Soi 16

Taking over the difficult venue that was previously Babe Watch, Taboo and Black & White. Opened on 5th June 2009 and closed in September 2010. Now Club Relaxxx, see above

Club 79 A-GoGo

Walking Street

A new GoGo bar opened in June 2023 at the venue that was most notably Abbe's Bar, and then an unopened GoGo named Pacha which eventually opened in another location.

See Facebook Page

December 2023


2500 before 12
2000 after 12
toplesscoyote dancer
draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
95 170 250

Coco A-GoGo

Soi LK Metro

New Bat A-GoGo was renamed to Coco A-GoGo on 2nd January 2020. Before that the venue had been Naughty Girls A-GoGo.

December 2022

1000 LT
800 ST

bikinicoyote dancer showtopless
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
130 140 160 200 300 Russian
275 Model
240 Dancer

News April 2022: Re-opened

Re-opened on 25th April 2022 after the end of the 2022 coronavirus lockdown.

Comment, February 2020: Russian dancer

Beware of the fully clothed Russian dancers who walk round demanding tips.

Review from Dave, January 2020: Still bats

On the positive side it was lively with good seating and no Bang Bang Music.

Negative there was no nudity, variously dressed Coyote Dancers, some very attractive Girls but none of approached me.

Had a Draft Chang which was not very good, they need to clean the pipes. Lady drinks started at a bargain 200b and went up to 250b for models. I only saw one and 300b for Russian Girls of which there were 4 or 5 Russian Girls of very average appearance.

Why anyone would want to buy them a drink at those prices is a mystery. One Russian Girl was as tall as me, she was wearing 8 inch heels, she did a Dance round the Pole. The best looking Russian Bird was sitting on her own.

I can't think of any reason for going back and I think this new Agogo will not last long, unless they introduce some nudity and put the prices down, which of course they won't.

Didn't stay to finish the Beer

Coke A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

GoGo opened in spring 2023. Also has an entrance on Soi 15

Cosy's A-GoGo

Walking Street

GoGo opened at the location that was once Magic Palace. Opened 1st November 2009. Closed in early December 2010.

Counter Soho

Soho Square
Walking Street

GoGo opened February 2009, Renamed K A-GoGo in March 2009 but soon closed

Coyote Club

Walking Street
(Beach Road end)

Opened as a strict coyote bar but eventually added a few bikini dancers to the line up. Closed in February 2015.

Coyotee's A-GoGo

Soi Marine Plaza
(Soi Lucky Star off Walking Street)

Bar primarily noted for its erotic shows and standoffish but beautiful girls. The bar opened in July 2005. Closed on the 4th May 2009. Returned later in May 2009 but closed again in early October 2009 following the death of one of the owners, TJ

Crazy House

Walking Street

Opened 6th June 2014 taking over at the venue that was previously Teazers. The French Connection bar closed in September 2019. The venue has now been gutted and will reappear as something else.

Cream Club

Soi Diamond
(2nd Road end)

Opened on 11th December 2013. Previously Baron Club, and before that Mirage. Renamed to Casino Cream Club in January 2017 but closed at the start of August 2017.


DClub A-GoGo

Walking Street

Club Eden A-GoGo took over from DClub on 28th March 2018. Before DClub, the venue was previously home to Tiger Lounge/Club A-GoGo

Diamond A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Sister bar to Windmill Club. Sugar Baby A-GoGo moved to take over Diamond A-GoGo in June 2019. It was renamed to Annabels in December 2019. See above

dollhouse logo

The Dollhouse A-GoGo

Walking Street: Pattaya Soi 15

The GoGo re-opened on Soi 15 on the 7th December 2015. It was previously located on Walking Street until it closed there in 2013.

February 2023

1500 XXX
1000-1300 downstairs
800 ST before 12

nudetopless bikinicoyote dancer
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hour to 9:30pm 90 small glass 165 140 2 for 1 on house spirits 185
from 9:30pm 140-170

News June 2023: Sold and closed

The GoGo has been sold and the new owners have moved all staff to another bar pending redevleopment.

News May 2022: Re-opened

Re-opened after the 2022 lockdown.

News April 2021: Rationalised

During pre-covid times the Dollhouse group consisted of 4 parts, The Dollhouse downstairs, The Dollhouse XXX upstairs at the same venue, Beavers, and Club Electric Blue across the street.

The group responded to a decimated post covid lockdown customer base by reducing the 4 teams to 2, one operating from The Dollhouse downstairs, and the other team taking turns between Beavers and Club Electric Blue.

Now the group has further rationalised to reduce rent commitments. The Beavers and Club Electric Blue venues have closed. The Dollhouse team is continuing at The Dollhouse downstairs, whilst the old Beavers/Club Electric Blue team is now operating from the upstairs bar at The Dollhouse.

News July 2020: Re-opened after lock down

Review from Dave, September 2019: Standing room only

The place was absolutely packed, there were 10-15 people standing. I was just going to leave when I spotted a seat at the stage, it took me 5 minutes to get a drink, San Miguel which the Mamasang got for me. I paid cash 165b as there was no Bill.

There were 4 very Nubile young Girls on the stage who stripped down to nothing. Then mamasang Aum brought out bottles of Beer and Fizzy Water and the Girls were pouring them over themselves. There were Banana's and Cucumbers but nobody used them.

They were followed by 4 slightly older and more chubby Girls with the same act but they were doing Pussy licking, 2 Girls were standing right in front of me and I saw the tongues going right in the Pussy. There was lot of pink Pussy on show as the Pussies were parted.

The 3rd group of Girls were back to slim and attractive with same act only they had Dildo's which I saw being pushed into Pussies.

I stayed to watch the 4th group of Girls with the same routine. There was a delay of 5 mins between each act while they cleaned the stage.

The music was extremely loud and there was a Dick Head American with a microphone who kept giving an extremely loud and unneeded commentary which got very annoying. There must of been over a 100 punters inside. I left after 4 shows for a bit of peace and quiet.

[Editor's note: In fact Dave had stumbled on a special event titled Nanapong at Dollhouse]

Review from Dave, March 2018: A bit of lip

I popped into the Doll House last night. Very quiet, the Girls were just standing around more than Dancing. The Second Group were better,7 Girls in Rah Rah Skirts with nothing on underneath and open fronted Blouse. 2 Girls were naked and 1 Coyote Dancer.

Guess which Girl stood in front of me? Yes the Coyote Dancer and the Girls do not move round. Luckily the Coyote left to talk to someone and a tall Girl in very short Rah Rah skirt rushed over. You could clearly see her very large Pussy. She turned round and waggled her arse in my face. She had the biggest Pussy lips I have ever Seen, Her slit must of been 6 inches long, it was lovely. Unfortunately the Coyote soon came back.

News September 2017: XXX VIP Lounge

The Dollhouse has opened what it calls the XXX VIP Lounge. This seems to be an idea to combine a GoGo with a western style strip bar, hopefully being able to be a bit more raunchy than most western countries allow.

Note that draft beer is not available in the XXX VIP Lounge.

Review from Dave, March 2017: Kiss and tell

I popped into the Dollhouse on Saturday night.

A very pleasant experience. There were very attractive girls ranging from Coyote Dancers to nude.

There were 2 very attractive and slim Girls in the large bath who were not shy in showing their pussies, or letting punters feel and kiss them.

The Girls on the stage came over and introduced themselves,

Well worth a visit.

Review from Dick Farang, December 2015: Re-imagined

Between Soi 14 and Soi 15, at the premises that over the last years have been more often closed than open, a new gogo has opened: The Dollhouse.

They seem to be connected with Club Electric Blue A-GoGo on Soi 15, but I am not sure if there is a link with the defunct Dollhouse on Walking Street.

The main entrance is on Soi 15 opposite Babydolls A-GoGo and the emergency exit is on Soi 14 next to Secrets Bar.

The ground plan is more or less a trapezium with the bar counter on the Soi 15 side, single-tier seating and some smaller stages with a chrome pole on each of them on the long side and very spacious double-tier seating on the two remaining sides.

The central stage is broad enough with a total of 18 chrome poles around it and a fireman's pole.

There were two alternating teams of over twenty dancers each who went on stage for not too long dance stints and stayed at the same place all the time.

In one team most of the girls were naked or topless.

In the other team most of the girls were clad in double-topped and double-bottomed huge ugly bikinis, many of them in violet colour with the word Dollhouse on the back of the pants.

On average the dancers were below average.

The music was loud and monotonous.

Shortly before midnight there were ten customers at most.

Bottled beers 150 baht, draught beer 90 baht, lady drinks 160 baht.

Dolls Walking Street

Walking Street

Now Mamasan Club Walking Street

Dream A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex

Opened in summer 2011, previously ToyZ A-GoGo. Closed end of October 2011.

Dream Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

GoGo opened on 24th July 2013, closed in June 2015 and became Maxine's Club


Eazy Room A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 15

Opening date set for 13th August 2011 but this was cancelled at the last minute. Previously Fun Room. Eventually re-opened under new management on 19th December 2011. Intermittent opening foretold closure by March 2012. Now Club Electric Blue


Walking Street

GoGo opened 27th March in the venue that was previously Coyote Club. Closed in April 2015 and then became Fairies Club, but that has closed too. Now Taboo.

Electric Blue

Walking Street Soi 15

See Club Electric Blue above


Fahrenheit sign

Fahrenheit A-GoGo

Walking Street

The GoGo opened on 12th November 2010. It has ownership connections with Shark, Lighthouse, Palace, Crazy House, Mandarin

August 2023

2000 Showgirl
1500 otherwise

coyote dancer
draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
happy hourto 10:30 55 70 70 220
from 10:30pm 90
130 100 100-140

Fahrenheit's Wednesday e vening special is Happy Hour all night (Checked February 2020).

News April 2022: Re-opened

The bar re-opened after the end of the 2022 coronavirus lockdown.

News August 2020: Opened

The bar re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown.

Review from Dave, December 2018: A few degrees hotter

Walking Past Fahrenheit , Fonn rushed over and Grabbed me and pulled me inside. Straight away I saw an old friend from Sweethearts, we sat at the back on comfortable bench seating. There were 15 Topless Girls on the Stage, some very nice Girls and Tit's on view. There was a really good atmosphere and the place was really buzzing with lots of people I recognised.

News August 2018: Upstairs

The bar has reintroduced dancers to the upper level.

Review from John, May 2017: Hottest

I make my way to Walking Street and find Fahrenheit. This place is much bigger than Windmill and all of the girls are HOT. I like it. Grab a seat, order a beer and watch the show for a while. No one approached me or bothered me. They let me get settled in and relax. I see a sexy blonde walk by and call her over. After a very satisfying lap dance I buy her a drink and talk. I'm having a good time, but her ugly friend sits on the other side of me and keeps trying to get me to buy her a drink. Have to tell her multiple times to go away. So I'm sitting and talking to this blonde girl for a while and eventually she has to get back on stage. Girls on stage aren't even topless and have on boy shorts, so I quickly I find another girl and buy her a drink. Another pretty women comes over and sits on the other side of me. Buy them both a drink and just mess around with them for a while. Both spoke good English. I'm buying them both drinks and they're both checking out my rock hard cock. Rubbing it on the outside of my pants. Even the women taking my drink order rubs my cock. I can't take it anymore and ask how much for long time. 1500 Baht bar fine + 2000 short time or 4000 long time. I say 3000 long time for one of the girls, they agree, and we're on our way. A great first night on vacation.

Review from Dave, March 2017: Flashy

I popped into Farenheit but popped straight out again because it had flashing lights over the Stage, which my eyes do not like.

Review from Dave16, October 2016: Pretty good line up

I visited about 9.00pm.

Few customers but a good line up of pretty girls, about 16 on stage at a time. Rotation about every 5 minutes with new girls before same girls return again in different outfits. Topless dancing periodically although without a great deal of enthusiasm. A few of the ladies more into it than others though.

I had no intention of taking a lady so left after about half hour.

Serving staff friendly and did not hassle for drinks, always a plus in my book.

Review from Dave, July 2015: Not bad

I popped into Fahrenheit last night around 10pm.

There were 16 dancers and 5 punters. 9 of the Girls were Coyote, 6 topless dancers and 1 Bikini dancer.

Some the Coyote dancers were stunning but unfortunately they were only interested in looking at themselves in the mirrors.

There were 2 fat waitresses, who constantly asked me for ladydrinks, which I declined to buy,

One of the topless dancers had massive natural boobs but did not no how to smile. A couple of Girls did smile at me and 2 of the lesser lights did come over.

Music slightly to loud.

Probably better if you're a regular but not bad.

Review from Mike of , February 2013: Justifiably Expensive

Fahrenheit was relatively empty when I was there this week; I'm not sure if that was a fluke or if the higher prices are keeping people away. They do have a draft beer special at 80 baht but the rest of the drinks are about as pricey as you'll find.

It's a nice place and it's very comfortable. They have well spaced out seating surrounding the stage which is in the middle of the club. There were about 12 girls working, all dancing either topless or nude. Half of the girls in there had Barbie Doll bodies which may or may not be your thing. I was more than a little surprised by this when I first went in because I don't think I've ever seen such a high percentage of bodies quite like that in one place. There were two dime pieces in attendance that night; about as good as it'll get. There were also a few other very pretty girls as well so overall I'm sure the talent that night could have competed with just about any other Gogo in Pattaya.

I'm not in love with the attitudes on the girls, they were a bit stiff and seemed to be rushing through their drinks. They were just a little too professional, but the hotter girls tend to have attitudes like that anywhere you go. I'm sure the two stunners in there would charge ridiculous rates for st/lt. I'm also sure they could be negotiated down a bit. I just didn't have the opportunity to get quotes from the stunners but I would expect to pay 3,000 and up depending on what kind of mood they're in.

So while the prices are high, this keeps it from being packed and the place is really cozy. It's also one of a very short list of places you can go where you're likely to see a gorgeous girl. This kind of place has appeal to the certain kind of guys and I would certainly go again.

Review March 2012: Well Developed Customer Appeal

The bar has built up a good following and is usually pretty full.

The success is built on an above average team of dancers. The bar also seems to have developed a speciality for busty dancers.

There were about 10 girls dancing and perhaps another 10 waiting their turn. The girls were dancing in dress codes from coyote to topless.

The atmosphere was lively and most customers seemed to be enjoying themselves. I felt perhaps there were too few girls for hostessing duties but otherwise all seemed well.

There were a couple of girls doing the rounds with a tray of tequila shots but they did not seem unduly pushy.

Fairies Club

Walking Street

A New GoGo opened on 18th July at the venue that was previously Eclipse A-GoGo. It only lasted until the 28th September 2015. The GoGo had no sign became known as the No Name GoGo, or else Blue Sky A-GoGo, named after the owning company who also have Casnovy A-GoGo. Now Taboo.

Fantasia Show Bar

Walking Street: Soi 14

Bells and whistles showbar closed in June 2007. Now merged into What's Up.

Fantasy GoGo

New Simon Beer Bar Complex
Walking Street

Very small gogo opened in October 2009, closed in the first week of November 2009. Re-opened in May 2011. Didn't last long.

Follies Pigalle

Walking Street

Now Club Insomnia.


Pratamnak Road

C losed in the summer of 2007

Frog Queen

Walking Street

New GoGo associated with Frog bar opened on 5th January 2017. Closed in February 2017, now a tattoo shop.

Frozen A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

Renamed as The Sea, now a sports bar.

Fun Room A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

Small gogo opened in March 2007. Closed in March 2008. Re-opened on 12th June 2009. Re-opened early August 2009. Dark again February 2010. Now part of Club Electric Blue.


Gentlemen's Club

Soi Diamond

The GoGo bar replaced Super Model A-GoGo in November 2007m originally names Insomnia Gentlemen's Club. The Insomnia prefix was dropped when the Insomnia group sold the bar in October 2008. The bar cClosed again in February 2015 before re-opening in June with management connections to Glass House A-GoGo. This incarnation lasted until March 2016.

Ginza A-GoGo

Walking Street

Opened 15th October 2012, closed in October 2019. The venue is now Apple A-GoGo.

Ginza II

Walking Street

Glasshouse became Ginza II on 14th May 2014. Closed after a police raid in July 2014. Now Glass House.

Glamour A-GoGo

Bali Hai
Walking Street (south end)

Opened early November 2012. Intermittent opening. Became Glamour Club, a nightclub, in March 2013 which later closed.

Golden Club

Walking Street
(Corner Soi 14)

Golden Club opened in October 2019 at the venue that was previously Sugar Babies. The venue did not survive the coronavirus lockdown.

Gothic GoGo

Walking Street: Soi BJ

Gothic themed gogo opened in November 2007. Closed by February 2008. Now part of the Moonlight complex

G-Spot Pattaya

Walking Street

GoGo opened 6th July 2016. Ownership connections with Club Electric Blue and Dollhouse. On the 10th July 2017 the bar was sold and became Annabelle's, see above

Guugle Show

Walking Street

Started life as a coyote bar but there are now a few topless dancers. Previously the bar was Powers Club and City Man. Closed in March 2013 and is now part of the Moonlight complex.


Halo Club

Walking Street

The venue was previously Snowice coyote bar and then GoGo, Voodoo A-GoGo, and the Nok beer bar complex. It is now SkyFall A-GoGo.

Happy sign

Happy A-GoGo

Walking Street

Eternally popular gogo with pretty girls and a no hassle policy

From 8pm

December 2019

1200 LT
1000 ST

coyote dancer
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hourto 9:30pm 79
small glass
85 85 160
from 9:30pm 148-158 125 145-170

News, June 2020: Closed

Connections of Happy A-GoGo have suggested that Happy A-GoGo will not be re-opening after the end of lock down. The owners will be concentratiing on sister bar Baccara.

Review from Dave, December 2019: Exit stage left

The GoGo had not changed much except the stage around to the left as you come in has been closed, and the main stage has been extended several feet towards the entrance. No sign of any Girls or Staff from Peppermint.

It was about half full, Still the Same old Girls who have been their Donkey's years. Most of the Girls ignored us as usual as we are not Asian, but it's their loss.

Some very nice Coyote Dancers with Rah Rah Skirts showing all their lovely Arses. Sat with a Mae a very attractive Coyote Dancer. Stayed for a draft Lager at 79b.

News from Ishi, March 2019: More Happy

Happy A-GoGo opened its new extension on 15th March. This new space was previously Beach Club A-GoGo.

Review from Dave, January 2019: Happy show

I decided to give Happy a try, and got the surprise of my life when the Showgirls came on, and not only that they stripped down to nothing, thats the first time since the old King died. There were two groups of Dancers one with Bikini's and one with Coyote Dancers who were wearing Rah Rah Skirts and G-string with a small Jacket Top.

Sat with Bikini Dancer Bang and Coyote Mae who has a Hugh Jarce so looked very good in the Short Skirt. Mae's sister also turned up as I was dishing out some Tips, she's Tall Slim and very attractive.

Review from Dave, August 2018: Show

I walked round to Happy which was nearly empty about 15 punters. Again it filled out later.

Not much to look at on the Stage, it was a mixture of Girls who have worked there for 5 to10 years and Fat Coyote Dancers. Where all the Crumpet was I don't know.

I had back ache off and on all week and it wasn't helped by sitting on a Stool in Sapphire for 90 minutess. So when I started to get back ache in Happy there was nothing to keep me there. I paid up after one Beer, and just as I got my change, the Show Girls came on. I've not seen them in months, so I stopped to watch the Show. The Girls only Stripped down to a G-String and they turned the lights down, but it was great. It was such an improvement on what went before, I forgot about my Back Ache.

Review from Dave, June 2018: A no show

Happy was very lively, only half full, but it did fill up around midnight. There were lots of Girls in this week, with a couple of lovely new Girls. One of them turned out to be the sister of the Girl I was sitting with. No showgirls again, the Happy group seems to have stopped the shows.

Review from Dave, January 2018: Happy memories

My friend Paul wanted to go back to Happy just after Christmas, so we popped in. He was looking for his friend Nook who he boom booms.

It was all change again with the majority of Girls back in Bikini's and a handful of topless Girls. I asked Nook what was going on. She said she did not know... the big boss want Coyote Dancers...but it not work...many people complain,

There were some lovely looking Birds on show but unless you were Asian you might as well have had a bucket on your head. The Girls were not interested in Farangs apart from the show girls who came over and waggled their bums in my face looking for 100b tips, which they got, its hard to refuse them.

When you think how good Peppermint and Happy used to be it's heart breaking.

A few years back, a naked Girl in Babydolls asked me to push a Banana up her Pussy. When she took it out I ate it. In Lollipop, Spicy Girls, Beavers, Casanovy, Baby Dolls, XYZ, Private Dancer, Hooty's , the original Doll house and the Windmill all had naked Girls and hands on fun, Pussy eating and even Blow jobs in some bars,

Now all we get is sexless Coyote Dancers, Will the good times ever come back?

Update from Dave, December 2017: Jury out

Popped into Happy later, the place was packed. Some very attractive new Girls on show, but little action, no showgirls, very few Ladies sitting with Punters, nobody throwing ping pong balls. My friend Paul was quickly bored. I was chatting to an old English friend who loves it in there.

There were some little darling's on the stage, no 14 was Gorgeous, but the jury is still out.


Waling Street

Table dancing bar associated with the Harem Flatrate short time bar on Soi Diamond opened on 10th April 2014. Closed in February 2016.

Harem Club

Walking Street

Opened on 8th December 2018 taking over from Pheromone Club. Closed on about 20th October 2019. Re-opened in the new year 2020, but closed again a month later.

Harem Club Flatrate

Soi Diamond

Part GoGo, part short time bar. Opened on 3rd August 2013. Previously B4 Club. Closed in August 2014.

Heaven Above A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

The long running bar closed on 7th March 2020.

Hidden A-GoGo

Walking Street

A new GoGo opened on 5th August 2018 at the venue that was previously Maxim and Marilyn Monroe's A-GoGo. Initially trying for the vast numbers of dancers approach. The bar closed in April 2019 but re-opened on 9th October 2019. It soon closed again ion 28th April. Now a boys GoGo.

Highway Star A-GoGo

Beach Road
(Pier Entertainment Complex near Walking Street)

Relocated after closing in February 2006 at the venue that is now Sweethearts A-GoGo. Closed in June 2008.

Honey A-GoGo

Walking Street

Honey was replaced by Sisterz A-GoGo in September 2007, see below

Hooty's A-GoGo

Walking Street

Pussy tricks show bar. Closed as a GoGo in June 2011. re-opened as a show on 5th October 2012. Moved venue to the old Roxy's in June 2014. Closed by June 2015.

Hot Girls A-GoGo

Walking Street

Pussy tricks bar for tourists. See Tourist Shows: Hot Girls


Illusion Pattaya Club

Walking Street: Soi 14 & 15

Large white themed nightclub like gogo opened in October 2008. Same owners as the previous Top Girls. It soon fell back to the bells and whistles show concept but closed in March 2010. Now the Dollhouse A-Gogo.

Images A-GoGo

Soi 16, Covent Garden

Opened May 2006 and closed in October 2006. Now demolished to make the back way into Soho Square

Infinity A-GoGo

Walking Street

Opened on 8th September 2014. The bar did not re-open after the end of the coronavirus lockdowns.

Insomnia Gentlemen's Club

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Insomnia Gentlemen's Club replaced Super Model A-GoGo in November 2007. The Insomnia prefix was dropped in October 2008 when the bar was sold, and it became known as Gentlemen's Club. Now closed.

The Iron Club sign

The Iron Club

Walking Street

Opened 1st October 2009. Previously Republika Disco. Expensive drinks but noted for its acrobatic pole dancing show. The bar took along break over the covid lockowns but re-opene in November 2022.

February 2023

2000 models before 12
1500 models after 12
1500 coyotes before 12
1000 coyotes after 12

nudejacuzzi show
draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
85 185 95 160-185 250

News November 2022: Re-opened

The bar took along break over the covid lockdowns but re-opened on 12th November 2022.

News August 2017: Iron's in the fire

Iron Club A-GoGo on Walking Street closed for a wile after being damaged by a fire. The fire broke out on Sunday afternoon and has been attributed to an air con unit.

Review from Dave, March 2017: Expensive drinks

I popped into the Iron Club Monday night. What a terrible place with very loud music.

The place is as big as a barn. 2 very large stages and an unused Bath take up most of the space, with very awkward seating round the walls

It has no atmosphere and not many punters to fill the large area.

A few nice looking girls, 3 I'd seen before elsewhere.

With expensive drinks, lady drinks are 195.

Review from Dave July 2015: Loud, cramped and average

I popped into The Iron Club on Sunday night. I must admit it was a very forgettable experience. The Music was very loud, the seating is very cramped and the girls very average.

News August 2012: Pole Dancing

Iron is impressing many at the moment with an acrobatic show on the poles.

News December 2010: Bangkok Models

Iron Club have added Bangkok models to their line up for the last few months. However from December (running until next February), things have changed a little.

An Iron-Mama confirmed that the previous stable of models has been replaced with higher-end models. For typical Western-born Pattaya visitors, the upgrade is really a downgrade.

While the previous models danced topless, the new dancer wear pasties on their breasts. And, unlike the previous models, these ones positively do not go with customers, at any price. You can, of course, buy one a Super Model drink, but it will cost you 250 baht for a small Coke.

Following the Walking Street trend, these new high-end models are aimed at the Russian couples, Koreans in pajamas and those content to just look and not touch.

Review July 2010: Pumping

I've been meaning to take another look for a while now but, for obviously good reasons, the bar has always simply been too full for my tastes.

But for my latest visit I tried earlier about 10ish and it was about a third full. I sat in the middle of the bar so as to report on all the stages.

The front stage was filled with about a dozen girls in a very square military formation. They were all bikini clad except when the got to the last position, they would generally take off their tops. There were some good looking dancers but not exclusively so.

The middle Jacuzzi had a couple of girls doing the Jacuzzi thing enjoyed by a couple of ringsiders. This was not the most popular spectacle. The star stage seemed to be the back stage where the lookers were. There were usually 4 girls half dancing and half doing the usual play stage antics. They were rotating through clothing from bikinis to none.

I was well looked after by a front stage dancer who proved very diverting company. All totally hassle free and without stupidities like lady cocktails. We did have to shoo away an old mamasang who bizarrely thought she may be able to contribute something to our private proceedings.

Actually for the price of the 120 Baht lady drink or two, the girl was excused dancing duties for quite a while, at least until the bar filled and their weren't enough spare ladies to take up the slack.

All in all the visit was a complete success with the only minor gripe being the music volume making verbal conversation a bit of a strain. Still my drinking partner had gotten used to this, and developed an easy to understand tactile body language that got most necessary messages across.

IvyGo A-GoGo

Walking Street

New for December 2022 at the venue that was previously Panda A-GoGo. Ownership connections with Moon A-GoGo

September 2023


coyote dancerbikini
draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
happy hour65 99 250
95 170

News July 2023: Briefly dark

Closed for a short period in July, possibly a temporary police closure.



K A-GoGo Wonder Girls

Soho Square
Walking Street

Failed Counter Soho was soon replaced or re-modelled as K A-GoGo in March 2009. Closed 1st August 2009 and the space has now been redeveloped.

Katoeys R Us

Soi Diamond + Rear exit in Soi 15.

Ladyboy GoGo took over from Spanky's A-GopGo in November 2015. Beers are 170 Baht as of May 2016. Re-opened after coronavirus lockdown in JUne 2022.


Lighthouse 2020

The Lighthouse A-GoGo

Walking Street

From 8:30pm

Opened on 20th January 2012. Connected with Fahrenheit, Shark, Crazy House, Mandarin, Palace. Closed in July 2023. Set to re-open in December 2023.

April 2023

2500 Songkran
2000 topless dancers
1500 coyotes

nudebikini show
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hourto 10:30 60 60 60 60 200
from 10:30 90 150 100 100-140

News December 2023: Re-opening

The bar is set to re-open in December 2023 with publicity noting sister bars Palace and Tantra.

News July 2023: For sale

For Sale signs now posted on the door.

News March 2023: Re-opened

Re-opened pretty much with the same layout as previously.

News August 2019: Dark

The Lighthouse has gone dark with a notice saying that the staff have moved to Bliss A-GoGo.

Review from Dick Farang, December 2017: In a different light

After a long while I revisited The Lighthouse A-GoGo on Walking Street.

There are still two rectangular low central stages with five about 1.80-metre-high chrome poles each.

The bench seating is still as cramped and I had to sit between two drink tables.This was not a problem as most of the bench seating was empty anyway.

There were two dancing teams who moved one spot after each song.

I saw ten dancers in double-bottomed white bikinis, no strings. I also saw six dancers in black lingerie who, once on stage, would strip topless and bottomless, except for one with pasties on her nipples who kept her string on.

Some of them were slim and attractive, but several were fat and shapeless. Many had stretch marks. I think Dave needs a new pair of glasses.

A Japanese or Korean punter called a girl straight off the stage, did not pay a lady drink, apparently talked business immediately and left with the bird.

I wonder if short times at The Lighthouse are still limited to one hour. Several years ago, when barfines were still 600 baht and the gogo girls were still happy with 1,000 baht ST, I barfined Fon (who had worked at the original Tiger Club A-GoGo on Walking Street and at Club Oasis A-GoGo on Soi Buakhaow and would later be happy at SensationS A-GoGo also on Walking Street where she could keep her clothes on.) We went to the now closed Majestic guesthouse across the street and at a given moment Fon started panicking when she realised she had a time limit to meet.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, lady drinks 150-170 baht.

Review from Dave, December 2017: They saw the light!

We started in The Lighthouse , where I was greeted by 2 very attractive Girls on Stage, Rose and Far, who knew me from the Windmill. They were wearing black Bikini tops and G-strings, They were waving their very attractive bums and tit's at me. There was also Mild from Sweethearts who is extremely slim and attractive. Far and Mild came and sat with me, Rose and an extremely attractive Girl sat with my friend Paul.

Far was very free with her hands and had my zip open and was examining the goods inside. Far and Mild very both very Happy to get their tit's out for a 100 b tip and were constantly kissing and cuddling me.

There were 7 or 8 Girls who were wearing Stocking's and Suspenders and not much else, with some very nice pussies on show. You wont find a better looking bunch of Girls anywhere.

I don't know if this is a change of Policy or nobody told the new Girls that they weren't supposed to have fun?

Can recommend a visit soon.

Review from Dave, December 2017: Light on enthusiasm

I popped into the Lighthouse around 9-30,there were 3 punters, a few more came in later.

There were around 20 Girls, all slim and attractive. Half of them were wearing Stocking's and Suspender's and not much else, plenty of Pussy on show. The other half were wearing Black G-string's and small Bikini Tops.

4 or 5 Girls gave me a half smile but no one approached me. As usual, it's pick one off the stage, something I never do.

The Girls who were not dancing sat in the corner near the door. They looked like mannequin's, no laughter, no screaming, no atmosphere.

The music was good.

Small glass of Draught Beer at 90 Baht was poor value. A shame because the Girls were very attractive.

Review from Dave, September 2017: F lap flops

I popped into the Lighthouse on Friday night. Some lovely girls on show. There were about 10 Coyote Dancers who danced for 30 minutes.

The music was very loud and Boring, there was no interaction between girls and punters.

Then the Girls in Black fishnet underwear came on, again the girls were very pretty and showing a lot of flesh. Several girls had a total body covering of black fishnet with no other underwear. One girl had a cat flap, showing a very nice pussy. Unfortunately their dance only lasted 10 minutes and then back to the endless Coyote Dancers and loud music.

With a little tweaking it could be a very good a-go-go but I don't think it will happen.

At the moment it's a complete Flop despite the beautiful girls.

Review from Dave, March 2017: Waiting for Pitt

I popped into the Lighthouse on Monday evening. What a disappointment!

There were 10 Coyote Dancers on the stage and 10-15 sitting around. Some of them were attractive some stunning. I made eye contact with none of them,

The waiting staff looked like they'd been to a funeral.

As I was leaving a very attractive girl, sitting by the door, smiled at me. I said it's too fucking late now, why didn't you come over earlier? I got no reply.

I Guess they were waiting for Brad Pitt to arrive?

Review from Dave, July 2014: Well worth a visit

I popped into the Lighthouse on Thursday evening, they have a new bathtub feature with 2 naked girls washing themselves down.

The selection of girls is one of the best in walking street, with bikini, topless and naked girls, most of them very attractive,

staff very friendly, well worth a visit

News, July 2014: Rework

The bar has had the builders in who have lowered the central stage and installed a Jacuzzi.

News February 2012: Prices

Drinks prices fall back to Tiger/Shark/Fahrenheit levels.

In particular, discounted happy hour drinks are now 60 Baht instead of 70. Outside of Happy Hour draft beer is now 70 Baht instead of 80.

Agency coyotes in addition to the 1500 barfine are reported to be charging 2000-2500 ST and 3500-4000 LT.

Review January 2012: Sardines A-GoGo

The connections of this bar must be well happy. It was pretty near full and yet there were hardly any girls. There must have been about 4 guys for every girl.

The bar is quite small with a narrow central stage nestling between two sides of bench seating. There are also a few stage stools down one side.

There were 5 girls dancing and just 3 hostessing whilst waiting to dance. There were a couple of very attractive girls amongst them and the whole crew would qualify for a fair few barfines each month. Most girls were topless and the rest were wearing bikinis. Thankfully no coyotes.

But it was amazing that there was a steady stream of customers coming in to jammed into the few available bench seats by the bar ushers. To be fair though there was an equally rapid stream of customers departing after one drink.

I assume the bar has somehow tapped into the market of the multitude of passers by who are not really into gogos, but would like a quick look see.

The drinks prices are similar to sister bars Tiger/Shark/Fahrenheit but the draft beer is 10 Baht more expensive at 80 Baht (70 Baht in happy hour).

News from Ishi January 2012: Opening Day

The GoGo opened with about 15 dancers of which 6 were dancing at a time. Most were bikini clad but some were topless.

Limmatquai 80

Soi Diamond

Lady boy bar which closed in January 2010 to make way for Spanky's, which became Katoeys R Us

Living Dolls 1

Walking Street

Long running and popular bar featuring a multitude of girls. Closed in May 2017

Living Dolls Showcase

Living Dolls Showcase

Walking Street

From 8pm

Facebook Page

Very expensive bar once notable for erotic shows with beautiful girls. Closed on 13th March 2020 after 17 years of operation.


-dancers 2000

coyote dancertopless
draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
happy hourto 11pm 79 95 95 house 95 185
from 11pm 185 130 155-185

News March 2024: Closed

The GoGo closed in March 2024. Some staff have moved to Sensations.

News May 2022: Re-opened

The bar re-opened on 27th May 2022.

News March 2020: Closed

The bar closed on 13th March 2020 with the owner Ken retiring after 17 years running the bar.

Review from Dave, April 2019: Living?

Headed into Living Dolls who were having a Funeral it was Dead. No chatter no Laughter, very boring,

2 Girls came over for a drink, a very expensive 185b for Lady Drinks and 185b for a San Miguel. Nothing in this place could make those prices worthwhile.

Natalie from Airport spoke good English and music not bad, it livened up a little when 6 Indian men came in. Some attractive topless Girls but nothing to recommend it.

Update from Dave, March 2019: Draft

They now have Draft Chang for 78b. The Girls were very nice in bikini top and G-string and 6 Topless. The Girls were all young and attractive, far superior to Peppermint, but I didn't like the Music.

Review from Dave, August 2018: High cost of living

I popped into Living Dolls on Tuesday evening, not a bad experience.

The Music was ok, not too loud.

There was very comfortable Bench Seating and a well lit stage, unfortunately I could only find a seat at the back of the room.

There were 6 Topless Dancers in Stockings and Suspenders on stage when I entered.

3 Girls were sitting at my Table and they were chatting to me. I said sorry I Can't concentrate at the moment and pointed to a Girl on Stage with very large Breasts. This was supposed to be a joke but they misunderstood and fucked off.

The Topless Dancers were Followed by Coyote Dancers wearing Bikini Bottoms, small T-Shirt and Bra. Unfortunately the Girls do not move round so your stuck looking at the same Girl for 15 minutes,

The Mamasang Asked me if I wanted a Girl to come over, but I couldn't see them, only the Girl nearest me and she spent the whole time looking at her self in the mirror.

An Indian Man came in and sat next to me, but when he enquired to the price of a Beer he soon left. 185 b is a bit over the top. I can afford it but it's not Value for Money. There is nothing in Living Dolls to make it worth this price. Some nice looking Girls but you get that everywhere.

All the Staff were very Friendly.

News from Dick Farang, March 2018: Re-Happy

On Walking Street Living Dolls Showcase has revived their HAPPY HOURS: all drinks 95 baht until 11 p.m.

News December 2017: Dark

The GoGo was reported dark on the 11th December but re-opened quickly after a short renovation.

Review from Dave, January 2015: A pretty bunch

I came out of Happy on Tuesday night and as my Arthritis was giving me a bit of gip, I took a stroll down walking street, I got as far as Living Doll Showcase and a Girl I know, Mae, called me in. It is not a venue I normally visit as it has no cheap Draft Beer.

I was very impressed by the Coyote Dancers, you would have to go a long way to find a prettier bunch. The topless show Girls were also very attractive, no chubby girls here.

Mae is very cute and I bought her a drink and one for her friend who was stunning.

The music was good and not too loud.

Well worth a visit, but you need long pockets. Cheap charlies keep clear

News May 2014: Police closure

The bar was closed by the authorities for 60 days after under-18s were found dancing during a police check.

News October 2013: Coyote

The bar seems to have given up the shows and is now mostly a coyote bar.

Review from Mike of , February 2013: Not Going Back

The prices are still absurd here; 145 for the cheapest bottle of beer and no draft.

Other than the servers, I was getting the cold shoulder from most of the girls. The topless girls on stage weren't great and I found out that their ST bar fine is 700 and their LT bar fine is 1000. None of them were worth that and the 1,000-2,000 for their fee.

There were a few attractive girls in there who had their tops on and they called themselves Coyote girls on this particular night, with a 1,500 baht bar fine. They were pretty, but not enough to justify that high of a bar fine; and presumably a ridiculous ST/LT rate.

In my opinion this place needs to make an adjustment if they want to have any regular clientele.

Lollipop A-GoGo

Walking Street

Opened on 9th November 2007. The venue was previously Amazon, then VIP Club & GoGo. Lollipop closed at the beginning of November 2012.


Pattaya Soi 2

GoGo opened on 2nd Road Soi 2 a few metres to the east of 2nd Road. The venue was previously U-Style a Japanese Karaoke. It closed in May 2019.


Magic Palace A-GoGo

Walking Street

Opened on 31st Dec 2007. Closed in March 2008. Now Red Square

dolls walking street

Mamasan Club Walking Street

Walking Street
(Beach Road end)

Facebook Page

Dolls Walking Street opened in a new venue on 10th September 2019. It is part of the chain with GoGos on Soi 6 and Soi LK Metro. The bar survived the coronavirus lockdowns.

The Dolls Chain became Mamasan Club in July 2022.

Nov 2022


draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
not available 250 dancers
175 service

Review from Dave, October 2019: Stockings and Suspenders

I was heading for SuperModel but I got grabbed by 2 Girls and pulled into Dolls , I tried to resist but they were too strong. The place was nearly full when I sat down and looked at the Girls. It was Joy from New Living Dolls, not seen her since it closed a couple of years ago, I didn't know the other Girl. Funnily enough Joy was the Cleaner in living Dolls but she is slim and very attractive. She used to sit on my lap, no room for that in Dolls.

It was a long narrow venue with a central Stage. There were 8 Girls Topless and in Stockings and Suspenders, couldn't see the Girls up the far end and the Girls did not move round.

The seats were comfortable but no Draft Beer. The music was ok, the mamasang was the Ladyboy from Living Dolls.

Mandarin Walking Street

Walking Street
(at corner of Soi 14)

Opened under new management on 18th August 2018. May be connections with Runway and Airport. Previously the GoGo opened on 1st October 2012 as part of the French Shark group and closed in the summer of 2018. Now Rich A-GoGo.

Marilyn A-GoGo

Beach Road

Closed in Feb 2006. The site was redeveloped and is now shops.

Marilyn Monroe A-GoGo

Walking Street

Opened on 16th November 2017 n the venue that previously L'Italiano Restaurant and is located on Walking Street opposite Miami Nightclub betweens Sois 14 and 15. It closed on 8th February, presumably a victim of Pattaya's licensing policy not to allow ay more GoGos on the seaward side of Walking Street.


Walking Street
(beach side between Sois 14 and 15)

Opened on 1st April 2018 taking over from Marilyn Monroe A-GoGo but only lasted a month and closed on 27th April.

Maxine's Club

Soi Diamond

Took over from Dream Club on 8th June 2015 at the venue that was previously Super Model and then Gentlemen's Cub, Closed in July 2015.


Walking Street

Closed and became Baron and then Cream.

Monro OK

Walking Street

Russian girls GoGo which opened in 2023 at the venue that was previously Air Port A-GoGo

moon 2019

Moon A-GoGo

Walking Street

Moon A-GoGo opened on Walking Street on 31st July at the venue that was previously By-Pass. There was previously a GoGo called Moon Club, also on Walking Street at the corner of Soi Diamond, but there is nothing to suggest that these are connected.

February 2019


draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink

News May 2022: Re-opened

Re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown, and again after the 2022 lockdown.

The Moon Club

Walking Street
(corner of Soi Diamond)

Very expensive show bar opened on 9th July 2011. Ownership connections with Rocket show bar. Closed in January 2017 and now looks set to become a restaurant.

Moonlight A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex

Opened 16th November 2013 taking over from Club Relaxxx, and before that, Club Sin City, Black & White, Taboo and Babewatch. Closed on 16th January 2014 but re-opened on 28th August 2014. Closed again in October 2014.


Naughty Girls

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Renamed from Vixens in Jun 2006. Closed in July 2019 and became New Bat A-GoGo. Now Coco A-GoGo

new bat front

New Bat A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

New Bat A-GoGo opened on 24th July in the venue that was previously Naughty Girls

November 2019

1000 LT
800 ST

bikinitopless nude
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
300 Russian

News December 2019: Closed

Closed in late December and the builders were soon at work with something new, maybe still New Bat though.

Review from Dave, July 2019: Like a bat out of hell, I'll be gone gone gone

There were 3 naked dancers on the Stage, one of them had a stunning figure, not an ounce of fat. She had lovely Pussy which she kept pointing at me and simulating oral Sex, she showed me her pussy from every angle. She came over for a drink and was sitting naked on my lap. Her friend had not quite so sexy a body but she had a beautiful face.

There were 10 Girls altogether, 8 of them average for Walking Street and 1 fattie. 1 other customer came in whilst I was there. The music was good, more the old fashioned a-go-go music. I stayed for a draft beer, a nice half pint at 90b. It deserves more business.

From Stickman, July 2019: Tips Menu

The bar has a menu of extras in Korean

  • Play with Lady for 30 minutes 500 baht
  • Remove bra 100 baht tip for Lady
  • Naked 300 baht tip for Lady.
New Living Dolls One

Walking Street

Listed as Living Dolls 1 , now closed.

New Player A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

Previously The Roof. New Player closed in December 2005. Became Tiger Club A-GoGo, now Rocket A-GoGo.

The New Rose

Pussy tricks bar for tourists. See Tourist Shows: The New Rose

New Star A-GoGo

Walking Street

Silver Star 3 A-GoGo, a Thai owned gogo opened 16th September 2006. The bar also sports a neon sign proclaiming New Star A-GoGo. The bar closed in March 2014 to give way to Coyote Club, now Taboo Club.

New Star frontage

New Star A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

From 8pm

Hands on fun for those that can cope with the high pressure hassle. From the people that also run Nui's and Airport

June 2018


400 (+ barfine)

coyote dancertopless
draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
75 to 200 95 95 220

News, December 2019: New star implodes to become a black hole

The long running GoGo has closed and the girls and staff have moved across Walking Street to sister bar Runway A-GoGo.

Review from Dave, October 2019: Persistent

It must be the worst ago-go in walking Street, there were 3 very fat Dancers and 6 or 7 attractive Dancers who were not likely to see 35 again, but had very nice figures. They were wearing just a G-String.

2 of them came over for a drink they were very persistent. They both pulled down their G-String and put my hand on their Pussies then stuck my fingers under my nose. It was the sort of place our Editor likes. There was a middle aged waitress with a moon face, she looked like my Aunty Audrey. She would not go away so in the end I bought her a Beer, and she kept trying to wake my sleeping Dick with no luck and asking me to Bar fine her which I kept declining. Apart from the constant pressure to buy everyone in the place Drinks I had a good time, as everyone was extremely friendly.

But if you do go in there make sure you have plenty of money, or are good at saying NO.

Review from Dave, June 2018: Better

It was much better than my previous visit. I asked for a San Miguel but got a Draught Beer instead, luckily it was ok, on my previous visit it was horrible.

I counted 12 Girls, 3 or 4 of them were quite attractive, all the Girls were medium build or Bigger. 2 were very Fat, 3 Girls went Topless.

There were 6 punters, 5 Indians and myself who had the best looking Bird. 1 Indian looking man had the 2 fattest Girls. Lady Drinks were a ludicrous 180b, Half pint of Lager 75b.

Review from Dave, February 2018: Not in good taste

I popped into New Star A-go-go in soi Diamond last night.

There were 10 Dancers, well past their prime, 3 were topless. They were all very friendly,

Draft Chang was 65 b for a full half pint. I could of had a good laugh in their but the Draft Beer was horrible so I left early.

If you like the A-Go-Go's in soi 13, like Big Hugs then you will like New Star,

Review from Dave, October 2015: One Star

A friend of mine, Nong, has started working in New Star in Soi Diamond, so I popped in on Wednesday nigh.

There were around 15 Girls, all Coyote dancers, some attractive Girls.

Lady Drinks, San Miguel, were 200 baht.

There was a lot of pressure from unattractive service girls for drinks. They did not want take no for an answer.

I was the only punter for a lot of the time,

Barfine is 1000 baht, room 400 baht and price of boom boom negotiable.

In all honesty I could not recommend this Bar.

News May 2012: Afternoon Closing

The bar has ended afternoon opening and now opens at 8pm. The demise of teh afternoon shift is put down to a lack of customers.

Lady drinks have increased to 120 Baht.

Review May 2012: Two Star

As always I have mixed success at the bar but it was quite a hit on my last visit.

Perhaps the inconsistency is down top the wide range of girls working there. They range from the young and very attractive to girls best described as stalwarts. And they seem to have very different views on what they want or expect from the bar. Some are picky, some are hasslesome, and some are good company.

But on the whole the bar is run in a way that enables a good time, even if it doesn't quite guarantee it.

The girls don't spend very long dancing and there are few on stage at anyone time. For a hands on style of bar this is very much the way to go.

The drinks are cheap, so there is nothing is lost if it doesn't pan out on a particular visit. Just try again next time.

Review January 2012: Playing the Odds

The small bar has a few old stagers that have been hanging around for ages. But otherwise the bar has a rapid turnover amongst the younger dancers.

So every time I go there is more a less a new dancing cast on display. The bar is pretty good for dancing with short dance rosters and often more attractive dancers than you would expect in a small bar.

In terms of interaction it is very hit or miss. It just depends on the current crops of girls whether they are interested in socialising or not.

It is one of those bars where the cheap draft is important, as it makes it worthwhile for just a look see. If the dancing team is a bit offish then nothing lost, but if it is a good day it can be fun to stay for a few.

A totally inconsistent bar, but the odds of a good time are good enough to make it worthwhile to at least take a look.

New York New York

Soi Marine Plaza

Closed as a part coyote bar, part show bar, part night club, part GoGo in December 2012


Soi Diamond

Opened on 28th February 2019 at the venue that was previously previously Twenty Eight and before that Only O.

March 2019


draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
happy hour45 180

News June 2019: Dark

Nice A-GoGo was briefly closed in June 2019

Review from Dave, March 2019: Nice and small

Passed into the new A-go-go, I'm trying to think of something NICE about it but it's very small, the Dwarves have been back making bench seating, they did a better job than in Harem and Tee-Rak but still too small. The Coyote Dancers were from the second division, there was one Girl who wasn't overweight, one very big Girl, if she sat on your face you'd need a snorkel.

The 6 Bikini Dancers were better, I'm not sure if they removed their Tops as my arse was protesting about the seats and I had to leave. Tiger Draft good at 69b, music was ok.

No.1 A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

A new bar is taking shape to open in early January 2020 at the venue that was last New Bat A-GoGo and before that Naughty Girls. However it was renamed to CoCo A-GoGo before opening on 2nd January 2020.

Nui's A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

Became ToyZ, now part of Club Electric Blue

Nui's Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

Renamed to Runway in August 2014, although it still retains the Nui's Club name as well.


Okeanos A-GoGo

Walking Street

Chinese owned GoGo that opened in 2024.

April 2024


draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
not available185 250

One Night Jack

Walking Street

A new GoGo opened in July 2023 in the venue that was previously Pacha A-GoGo

Only O

Soi Diamond

GoGo opened on 22nd October 2015 n the venue that was once Electric Blue Jnr. Closed in April 2016. Later became Addiction but that closed too.

Opium A-GoGo

Walking Street (corner of Soi 14)


New for March 2024 at the venue that was once Sugarbaby and then Golden Club.

March 2024
coyote dancerbikini
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hour 95 95 230


Soi Diamond (+ entrance in Soi 15)

GoGo opened on 1st June 2016 taking over from Shark. Intermittent opening until finally closed in May 2017


pacha 2019

Pacha A-GoGo

Walking Street

This is the second attempt for the French Group to create an up-market A-GoGo. Opened in the venue that was previously Crazy House on 8th November 2019

March 2020


coyote dancerbikini topless
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hourto 9:30pm 55 200
from 9:30pm 95

There also daily specials at 95 Baht.

News August 2023: Closed

Pacha A-GoGo has become One night Jack

News May 2023: Open

Bliss A-GoGo has closed and Pacha is open.

News October 2022: Closed

The owners have closed Pacha seemingly so that sister bar Bliss A-GoGo can re-open.

News June 2022: Re-opened

Re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown but soon closed again. The GoGo re-opened after the end of the 2022 coronavirus lockdown at the beginning of June.

Palace A-GoGo

Walking Street

GoGo opened 17th October 2014. It belongs to the Crazy House / Mandarain / Lighthouse / Fahrenheit / Shark chain.

January 2024


- models before 12 2500
- coyotes before 12 2000
- models after12 2000
- coyotes after 12 1500

+ 5 lady drinks ST
+ 10 lady drinks LT

coyote dancerbikini topless
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hourto 9:30pm 80 80 235
from 9:30pm 95 135 - 140 110 130-160

News May 2022 Re-opened

Re-opened after the end of the first coronavirus lockdown and again at the end of the 2022 coronavirus lockdown.

Promotions, February 2020: Late Happy Hour

The Walking Street GoGo Palace has introduced the concept of a late Happy Hour (which actually starts quite early).

From Sunday to Thursday most standard drinks are 100 Baht after 10:30pm. Normal prices apply on Friday and Saturday.

Review from Dave, May 2018: Airs and graces

I popped into the Palace A-go-go on Monday Night. It's a very long narrow venue with 4 central stages.

There were over 20 attractive Topless Dancers and probably twice that many slim and attractive Coyote Dancers. It was difficult to tell because the place is so narrow and very crowded, you could only see what was in front of you.

The seating was very cramped and uncomfortable,

A Girl opposite me looked at me as if to say what the fuck are you looking at me for, 2 Girls walked past me and introduced themselves to 2 Asian men sitting on my left, they were not interested and they moved on. My friend Paul said now I know what it must be like to be Black. Most of the Girls ignored us.

What a horrible place. If Viking is basing the new sweethearts on the Palace, good luck to him I won't be going back to that place in a hurry, but it's at least 5 foot wider than Sweethearts and it was very cramped.

Review from Dick Farang, June 2017: Palatial...not

At Palace A-GoGo on Walking Street the Happy Tuesdays still subsist, with all consumer drinks at 90 baht.

The interior looks still as poor as during my first visit.

About ¾ of the dancers were double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes in white outfits and ¼ of them were clad in black string bikinis and going topless once on stage.

There was also a girl dressed in traditional Super Baby A-GoGo attire (transparent white skirt without pants) but not unshaven, who also opened her bra on stage.

No full nudity.

Bottled Heineken still 140 baht on other days, lady drinks 150-200 baht.

Review from Dave, June 2015: Well worth a visit

I popped into The Palace Ago-go on Saturday night.

There were Bikini, topless and naked dancers. All the dancers were attractive and the staff were friendly.

Well worth a visit.

Review from Dick Farang, October 2014: A one gin palace

Palace A-Go-Go has opened on Walking Street, left of Sweetheart's A-GoGo (looking from the street).

Everything inside has a cheap look, from the stages to the lighting, to the DJ booth, to the toilets.

There are two rather broad, low central stages with a total of sixteen about two metres high chrome poles, not fixed to the ceiling.

Against the walls is mostly bench seating, but on the right-hand side are also some high tables and stools.

On the positive side: the lighting is bright enough.

The laminated drink menus are very similar to those at Shark, the defunct Tiger, Fahrenheit, Lighthouse, Mandarin Walking Street and Crazy House.

The dancers were uninteresting and average at best. They were clad in black coyote outfits. There were four or five of them on each stage and they were dancing very long dance stints. During the shift changes there were eight to ten on each stage for the duration of one song.

There were also some girls in bikinis (one in red, one in white and one in blue) hanging around, but it was not clear what their role was.

Not the slightest nudity.

The waitresses were friendly enough.

I saw a fat mamasan and a Thai boy manager.

As at many gogos the music was way too loud.

Around midnight there were only a couple of customers and this notwithstanding the fact this gogo opened just two days before.

Not a place to stay for more than one drink.

Draught beer 80 baht, bottled Heineken 140 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.

News from Ishi, October 2014: Open

Palace A-GoGo opened on 17th October 2014

Comments from Pattaya forums from the open night reveal that there are 2 stages and each stage has 8 poles.

There were 40 dancers in the bar. Almost a coyote bar. 1 dancer changes by song.

Lady Drink : 150B while happy hour (till 9:30pm) some drinks : 70B Tiger draft : 80B (all night) Bar fines for coyote : 1,500B (after 10pm 1,000B)

Panda A-GoGo

Walking Street

GoGo opened on 18th June 2018 at the venue that was previously Annabelle's. Presumably Chinese owned. Panda closed at the start of the coronavirus lockdowns in December 2020. The venue is now Ivy A-GoGo.

Paris A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Long running GoGo became Atlantis A-GoGo in November 2010. Closed later and was converted to a bar.

Party Girlz A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

Opened on 14th June 2019. It closed soon after on 1st August but returned life on 18th December 2019 but opened sporadically and currently closed in mid February 2020.

The venue has previously been known as Super Models, Imagine Gentlemen's Club, Gentlemen's Club, Dream Club and Maxine's.

Pe Pé Club A-GoGo

Covent Garden Complex
Pattaya Soi 16 (Near Walking St)

A small downstairs GoGo that was previously Dreams, ToyZ and Catz. Opened 27th September 2012. Closed in March 2015.

Peppermint A-GoGo

Walking Street

Large and popular gogo with plenty to see and watch. At the time the bar had ownership connections with Happy, Beach Club and Baccara. The bar moved downstairs in June 2010. It closed in December 2019. The GoGo reopened in September 2022 under new ownership.

August 2023

draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hour 69 175

Pheromone Club

Walking Street

Opened on 6th November 2016. Effectively it is the old Amethyst on Soi LK Metro relocating to Walking Street. Closed on 19th September 2018.

Pin-Up A-GoGo

Walking Street at the corner of Soi BJ

Opened on 12th February 2019.

January 2023

+ 5 lady drinks

coyote dancer
bikini topless
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy houruntil 9pm not available95 95 95 220
from 9pm not available120 110 120-150

April 2021: Weekday Happy Hour

Sunday - Thursday is all night Happy Hour

News May 2022: Re-opened

Re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown, and again after the 2022 lockdown.

Review from Dave, November 2019: Expanded

What a difference. it was packed to the rafters, now about the same size premises as Peppermint with 3 stages, with around 30 slim young and attractive Topless Dancers. Most of the Girls were around 19-20 y olds. These were followed by another group of similar Girls and then a group of Coyote Dancers.

There were some really lovely young Girls on show. Half a pint of Draft Lager was 90b, very nice, lady drinks 165b.

The seating was much more comfortable than my previous visit.

Review from Dave, February 2019: Unpinned

I won't be having a picture of this agogo on my wall. The Seating was ok but the Music was too loud. It was too cramped, they'd tried to fit too much into a small space. It was very busy, extremely noisy. Draft Beer was a reasonable 90 b for a Half Pint but Lady Drinks were a rip off at 200b.

There were a lot of Girls, the usual mixture of Topless Dancers and Coyote Dancers, many I had seen before in other agogo's like Airport, Living Dolls, Panda Club and sleeping beauty from Supergirl.

Some people will like it but I won't be going back in a hurry. Not bad but too cramped.

Pinky Girl A-GoGo

Walking Street (Beach Road end)

Opened Dec 31st 2007. Closed when the venue was demolished in March 2009 to make way for the New Simon Beer Bar Complex


Walking Street

An upstairs bar in the Nui's group specialising in a mix of gogo and pussy tricks shows. See Tourist Shows: Playgirls

The Pleasure Dome

Walking Street

Plans for mega GoGo called The Pleasure Dome at the venue above Candy Shop were abandoned during building work.


Walking Street

Reverted to Thai ladies and Striptease in March 2011. But closed by February 2012 and is now The Pier

Powers Club A-GoGo

Walking Street

The venue was previously Maya Karaoke and before that, Private Dancer. O pened as Powers Club A-GoGo on 12th March 2010 until it closed in early December 2010. It later became Guugle which also closed.

Private Dancer A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

The venue has had a chequered history:

  • Previously Nui's A-GoGo, but then was empty for several years
  • Opened as Club 69 in Feb 2007. Renamed as Sakura Club 69 in April 2007 but closed in July 2007.
  • Re-opened in October 2007 and lasted until February 2009.
  • Re-opened in July 2009 and lasted until May 2010.
  • Re-opened on 1st October 2010. Closed 21st October 2010.
  • Re-opened on 14th February 2011. Renamed Climax A-GoGo in March 2011. Closed 17th November 2011
  • Re-opened as ToyZ on 16th December 2011.
  • ToyZ became Private Dancer in August 2012.
  • Became Club Electric Blue in October 2015
Private Dancer

Walking Street

Closed. Now part of the unfinished Moonlight Complex.



Rhino Club

Walking Street
(south end)

Rhin o opened on 20th June 2011 in the venue that was previously Hot Tuna Pool and before that a GoGo called Teasers. The bar has ownership connections with the Hot Tuna beer bars. The GoGo converted to an open coyote bar in January 2014 but reverted to a GoGo in November 2014. It soon closed in December 2014 but re-opened in January 2015 as a coyote bar. This also closed in May 2015.

S rich sign

Rich A-GoGo

Walking Street

The bar opened in early April 2019, replacing Mandarin A-GoGo.

Facebook Page

Feb 2020


coyote dancer toplessshow
draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
95 175 250

News, March 2020: Dark

The bar was dark on 6th March 2020.

For sale signs have appeared on the bar so it looks like Rich will not be appreaiung at the end of lock down.

Review from Dave, May 2019: Large tuds

The bar had comfortable seating and Draft Beer, a full half pint for 95b. Lady Drinks were 160b.

I Sat with Koy and Ya who have left the Panda Club. I saw many faces I know from Panda and one from Baccara.

Some nice Birds on Show, mostly Coyote with knickers, lots of Bum on show. There were at least 6 Girls with large Tud's, 2 well stacked Girls put on a pretty boring show and when the Topless Dancers came on there were 7 of them, all with large Tit's.

Not a bad place for a Beer but I didn't like the music.

Rock Girl's A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

Opened March 2007 until June 2008. It was then sold and became Smile (Rock) Girls A-GoGo. The venue is now merged into Sapphire Club.

Rocket Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Pussy tricks bar for tourists. See Tourist Shows: Rocket

Roof Top A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

Closed. Now Rocket Club


Walking Street

Opened July 27th 2006. The venue previously housed Club Electric Blue. The bar closed in June 2014 and the venue became Hooty's which is now closed.

Runway Sexy Club

Walking Street: Soi 15

Misty's A-GoGo relocated from Soi Pattayaland 2 to Soi 15 on 9th May 2008. It was also renamed to Club Mistys. The Venue is set to become Runway Sexy Club in August 2023. The opening sign suggests both male and female dancers.


Walking Street

The Well established bar went dark on 6th March 2020.


Sakura Club 69

Walking Street: Soi 15

Closed. Now Club Electric Blue

sapphire club logo

Sapphire Club

Pattaya Soi 15
(just off Walking Street)

From 8:30pm

sapphirepattaya Facebook Page

Coyote bar opened 23rd May 2010. Previously Gamebird 2.

August 2022

-models 2000 before 12
-models 1700 after 12
-dancers 1500 before 12 + 5 lady drinks
-dancers 700 after 12

-3000 ST
-4000 LT

coyote dancer topless
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hourto 10


85 95 75+ 200
from 10pm 99
150 95 120-150

News April 2022: Re-opened

The bar re-opened after the end of the 2022 coronavirus lockdown.

Review from Dave, January 2019: Blue show

Started in the Sapphire Club which was very busy, the usual array of beautiful Girls on show. I was sitting on my own for most of time before Katie and Mo came over for a drink.

There was a new feature of a Cabaret with 5 Girls wearing Bra, Small white Tops and extremely Baggy Denim Shorts, cut down from Jeans. Katie was saying Sexy Girls, and checking my Heart, but I'm afraid it was an extremely boring 15 mins, it was very un sexy and tedious. They said they'd be back later, luckily I'd gone before that. The Girls were knocking the drinks back in 5 mins, so as I'd seen all the Girls I paid up and left.

Review from Dave, November 2018: Pricey open top models

open top sapphire
Pricey open top model
(BMW M Sport in Black Sapphire)

opped into the Sapphire Club for a pint of Lager, very nice as usual.

Lot of very attractive Girls on show, there were 6 Topless Dancers all with very nice large busts. There were 4 Girls with very large Boobs. If they'd taken their tops off you'd of needed to give the Punters safety helmets. They are back to 4 groups of 20+ Girls doing 20 min stints. I stayed to watch them all the way round.

They've put the price of Lady Drink up to 200b for the Topless Dancers or Models as they call them. Still heaven for Tud men like myself.

Review from Dave, October 2018: Large jugs spotted at Sapphire

The Rain finally stopped, so I popped into the Sapphire Clu b on Saturday night. It was very lively with lovely looking Girls in Sexy Clothes as usual.

What wasn't usual was when a very attractive blonde popped onto the stage with her Tits out, I have never seen her before, I thought someone had paid her to do it. But when the Girls changed over there was another stunning Girl with her Tits on show and a superb Arse. There were another 5 Topless Girls all with lovely Tits.

I asked manager Jason why they had Topless Girls and he said ...Why not everyone else has them...which didn't really answer my Question, as the Club had become very successful without them. But it was definitely a great idea bringing them back.

A Young English Guy sitting next to me drunk 3 pints in an hour, if I did that I wouldn't make it home afterwards took me hour and a half to drink 1 pint.

News from Dave, March 2018: Pint sized

Popped into the Sapphire Club last night.

They have a new promotion. A full pint of draft Lager for your first order in happy hour, till 10 pm. It comes in a very heavy glass Tankard, 70b. it slips down very easily, must be something to do with the shape of the glass.

Still the best looking group of Girls in Pattaya, in very sexy underwear.

Review from Dave, September 2017: Big tops and big tops

I think Dick Farang must have gone into Misty's by mistake, calling Sapphire club a dark shithole and the Girls mediocre.

I popped in on Saturday around midnight. It was very nearly full. Everyone was having a great time. There was a very good atmosphere, with the bell being rung several times.,

The Girls are very friendly and sexy. Yes they wear big tops but there are a lot of busty girls with cleavage on show and plenty of beautiful Bums to look at.

Review from Dick Farang, June 2017: The future

I had a look at the extended Sapphire Club next door to Mistys: a too dark shithole with dozens of mediocre, arrogant, double-topped and double-bottomed dancers in too big white, black and mixed coyote outfits, also some pushy shrews in black lace open-crotch cat suits with a black bikini underneath, monotonous, too loud techno crap and fewer than a dozen patrons.

Big is not always beautiful.

On a positive note the greeters said Thank you, Sir. when I left.

If this is what Pattaya's nightlife is going to look like in the future, they better change Pattaya to a resort city for Russian families, at least if the Russians do not prefer Cambodia: Cambodia tourism industry eyes more Russian visitors .

Bottled Heineken at Sapphire 150 baht.

Review from Dave, November 2016: Backless shorts

I popped into The sapphire Club on Saturday night. Still the sexist Girls you'll find anywhere in Pattaya,

It was full of Punters having a good time. I can't recommend it highly enough. No Nudity but if you like girls in Thigh Length Black stockings and extremely small shorts showing beautiful Bums, you'll love it.

There was a very slim Blonde with lovely legs, the back of her shorts were completely cut away so you could see all of her Bum and it was absolutely stunning. The sexiest sight I've seen in a long time. Well worth the tip I gave her.

Lady Drinks 150 and Draft beer in happy hour 65 Baht.

Most of the Girls are very friendly. All the Girls who ate 3 shredded wheat have gone.

The Sea

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Long running GoGo closed on 4th April 2016.

sensations sign

SensationS A-GoGo

Walking Street

The bar opened on 4th February 2013, replacing Cavern A-GoGo.

October 2017

coyote until 12 1500
coyote after 12 1000
dancers weekends 1000
dancers weekdays 600

coyote dancer
draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
not available150 110-120 185 150

News May 2022: Re-opened

Re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown, and again after the 2022 lockdown.

Review from Dave, April 2018: Off the street

I popped into Sensations on Wednesday evening. It was very large and very busy

All the Girls were wearing Black Shorts and Black short T-shirts and bra. You can see Girls like that on the Street. I can't see the attraction but then I'm not Asian.

Review from Dick Farang, January 2015: Two Few

SensationS A-GoGo on Walking Street has managed to become worse still than it was half a year ago.

More quantity than quality: lots of decibels and lots of sub-average overdressed coyotes. I saw 2 (two) girls in bikinis, no nudity. As on my previous visit several coyotes were wearing skin colour tights.

There was a foul cigarette smoke smell and the air conditioning did not seem to do its job properly.

No draught beer, bottled Heineken was still 135 baht.

No change was returned: still automatic tipping .

Review from Dick Farang, July 2014: Tights

On several boards Sensations is described as the most successful venture on Walking Street, but I can hardly believe that.

They do have lots of dancers: 10-12 on each stage at any time. Even at prime time there were at least five girls per customer and not many customers were spending lady drinks.

More than 90% were coyote dancers; of the bikini dancers about half went topless.

Several of the coyotes were wearing skin colour tights, apparently a new trend coming from Cowboy 2 on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, where everybody does.

To say I did not see any top notch talent is an understatement.

One positive point: they have clean toilets.

No draught beer, bottled Heineken was still 135 baht.

No change was returned: automatic tipping?

Review from Malcolm, January 2014: Not a Sensation

Called in Sensations. About 16 girls on 2 stages, all in shorts and T shirts. Next dance team came on, mostly in shorts and T shirts and a few on back stage in bra's and thongs. 2 took off their bra's then one put it back on and went to sit with a customer leaving just one topless. Next dance team came on and it was back to all in shorts and T shirts.

Not much of a go go and certainly not a sensation.

Singha and San Migal B135.

Review from Sedrik, July 2013: The quality is there

I visited at 1am, when I had bill number 361.

After a few visits, this is now one of my top 5 gogos.

The roster is just insane, so many ladies in this gogo, with 60-70 girls inside and so many are stunners. 80% are coyotes, 20% are bikini clad but there are no topless dancers

It's not a cheap gogo, no draft, nothing under 120-140 Baht, but the quality is there.

Review from Mike of , May 2013: Already a Contender

Sensations is the talk of the town right now and for good reason. Their lineup is the best I have ever seen! I wouldn't dare toss that compliment out loosely either. I have seen a couple of places that have had just as talented a lineup, but I have never seen such a large roster of girls at this high level. They feature over 100 girls every night, and most of them are very pretty. The service is great and it's easy to get the girls' attention. The place is packed so it's not easy to find a seat. I don't actually think there are enough seats to justify such a huge roster of girls. But this winds up being a very good thing as long as you do find a seat, since the number of gentlemen in attendance is somewhat limited.

ey. The drink prices are about as high as it's going to get and I was quoted 1,500 baht for a bar fine, which goes down to 1,000 baht either at midnight or 1AM (there was some confusion about that). But I get it - they are extremely well staffed (possibly even over-staffed), so they are justified in charging more than other GoGo's.

The atmosphere was downright exciting and there were just so many good looking girls prancing around the place. The way the stages are positioned you can only see about half of the girls at a time, but they rotate. It remains to be seen whether or not they can keep up with the roster, but if they do Sensations is likely to be in everyone's top 3 GoGo's in Pattaya.

Initial impressions from Ishi, February 2013: Opening Night

There are two stages in a large bar. About 10 dancers were on each stage at any one time and they changed every 15 minutes.

I saw about 60 dancers in the bar and over 80% of them were coyotes.

It was impossible to select the best seats because the bar was just about full with customers.

No draft beer, soft drinks are 110B, bottled beer is from 135B and Lady drinks are 150B.

Shark A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Previously Big Willie's and renamed in autumn 2004 to Shark A-GoGo. Then merged with Shark Club A-GoGo which eventually moved downstairs on the opposite side of the soi.

Shark on Soi 15

Shark Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

From 8pm

Shark Club was originally located upstairs on Soi Diamond. It moved across Soi 15 to Spice Club in May 2016, and reverted to the name Shark Club on 1st January 2017.

November 2022

2000 showgirls

coyote dancerbikini
draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
happy hour 240

News May 2022: Re-opening

Shark A-GoGo re-opened after the 2022 coronavirus lockdown on 20th May 2022.

News October 2020: Pattaya re-infested

Shark A-GoGo re-opened for the first time after coronavirus lockdown on the 16th October.

Review from Dave, November 2019: Extremely sexy

Followed into the Shark Club , which was packed with punters and Dancers. I sat with a very cute Girl called Lek. She said my usual Girls Del and Ray had gone home.

The place was packed with new cute Girls. There were several absolute stunners, if you like Girls young and cute. Lady Drinks were 160b or 200b for the models who do the Ballet Dancing on the Poles, bar fine 2000b.

Lek said she was on the Blob for the next 5 Days, that's nothing I've been off for 5 years. There was a new Mamasang who was well over 60 and ugly, she kept trying to get a Lady drink off me with no luck. The Men sitting next to me bought her one, they must have been tourists. I had a coffee, I did buy a drink for waitress Bee, she always has Tequila and a couple of drinks for Lek.

The place was really rocking with so many beautiful young Girls and to make things worse, ,they were wearing very short tartan Rah Rah Skirts and a G-String, which hid none of their lovely Bums, with knee length Black stockings. Extremely sexy.

Review from Dave, May 2018: Baby shark dodododododo Lets go hunt

I popped into the Shark Club last night, it was much improved from my last visit.

Still no Nudity of course, but the Coyote Dancers were wearing much smaller outfits with a lot of Bum on Show. There were also Bikini Dancers with G-Strings

The Girls were very young mostly 18-20, not sure who the target market is but it was all Farang last night, not surprising with all those young Girls.

My friend Paul said whose funeral was it and soon left.

I was sitting on my own for 20 mins then got set upon by 3 lovely teenage Girls. I shall definitely return to see them,

Review from Dave, February 2018: Beware

You can knock another A-go-go off your list, Shark Club on Soi 15 has gone over to Coyote Dancers. No Nudity of any kind.

The Girls were wearing Black Shorts, white tops and Bra, White Bow Ties, Black Braces, Bunny ears and tail. The show Girls were wearing huge Bikini's with a wide Strip of material joining the Bra to the pants.

There were some pretty Girls, but there were pretty Girls in Electric Blue and they were Naked. I know which venue I'll be going back to and its not Shark Club.

Update from Dave, December 2017: Gyrations

Popped into the Shark Club to see Apple an old friend. It was very friendly and the Models in Black G-strings were attractive, but the Coyote Dancers weren't up to much apart from one with tit's like Torpedoes and a pretty face. She was soon barfined, she was like an oasis in the Desert.

Review from Dave, October 2017: Appletiser

I was walking down Soi 15 last night, after a very boring visit to the Dollhouse, when I bumped into an old friend called Apple, she was standing outside the Shark Club.

The Model's were on when I came in. There were some very attractive Girls dressed in black G-strings and sheer black tops. No nudity of any kind, they were followed by the inevitable Coyote Dancers, apart from 1 topless blonde with huge silicone tit's. Some of the Girls smiled at me which makes a change.

Music was good not too loud. A good atmosphere, but that was probably because I was sitting with Apple and her friend.

Not a bad place. Similar to the Sapphire Club.

Review from Dick Farang, February 2017: Beach Music

On Soi 15 not Overmind Club, but Spice Club at the previous location of Beach Club has been renamed SHARK, and this in VERY BIG LETTERS. Apparently they recycled the old signage.

At first sight the interior has remained unchanged.

The dancers went on stage in teams of about ten. At least 80% of them were double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes in black fishnet tights; about 10% were clad in a black string and black fishnet stay-up stockings and about 10% in black fishnet stay-up stockings only, apart from their stilettos that is.

I did not see bikini dancers. As was the case in the last year of the upstairs version of Shark Club A-GoGo, the topless and naked girls were by far the best lookers. I would never waste a penny on one of the overdressed fuglies/fatties.

On a more positive note (literally) the music consisted of rock, beach music and popular hits, such as Tom Jones' Sex Bomb.

The lighting was adequate.

There were not too many customers, but as this place is less spacious than the former upstairs location, it did not strike as much.

One of the mamasans told me she was 45 years old and had been living in Pattaya with her family for 30 years.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.

News January 2017: Old Spice, New Shark

Shark Club A-GoGo was a long running bar upstairs on Soi Diamond (also with an entrance on Soi 15).

In May 2016 the bar relocated across Soi 15 to the venue that was previously Spice Club, and more famously before, Beach Club. The old Shark venue was then taken over by Overmind. However Shark owners continued to use the name Spice Club.

But now, on the 1st January 2017, the owners restored the name to Shark Club.

News May 2016: Sharks and Spice

The upstairs Shark Club venue has closed and the staff have moved to Spice Club opposite on Soi 15. It is uncomfirmed, but it seems that Spice Club has been taken over by Shark Club and this will be reflected in the signage and paperwork in a month or so. Welcome staff are currently manning the closed Soi 15 entrance and trying to convince people to go to Spice instead.

Silver Star 3 A-GoGo

Walking Street (near Beach Road)

Opened 16th September 2006. Closed in April 2014. The venue is now Taboo.

Sin City A-GoGo

Covent Garden Complex
Pattaya Soi 16
(Just off Walking St)

Now closed.


Walking Street

Opened 6th September 2007. Closed 31st January 2010. Now venue is now Sensations.

Skyfall neom

SkyFall A-GoGo

Walking Street

Opened on 12th January 2015. Associated with Airport A-GoGo. The venue was previously Snowice, Voodoo A-GoGo, the Nok beer bar complex and Halo.

April 2023 Key


- models before 12 2000
- models after 12 1500
- dancers before 12 1500
- dancers after 12 1000

coyote dancer
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
not available 140-150 110-120 150 230

News May 2022: Re-opened

Re-opened after the 2022 lockdown.

Review from Dave, December 2019 Falling ratings

Skyfall which was very busy. The Coyote Dancers were on when we entered, not very good what I could see of them. There is a constant flow of people walking up and down between you and the stage. It was very noisy. Later they were replaced by The Topless Dancers who all had extremely large Silicone enhanced Tits. They didn't stay on stage long and it was back to the Coyote Dancers.

I can honestly say I can see no reason for going into this a-go-go as it has the worst viewing in Walking Street, and could not find anything to recommend it.

Review from Dave, September 2017: Heavy load

I popped into Skyfall A-GoGo on Walking Street on Friday evening, it was a mostly forgettable experience,

The Topless Dancers were on when I came in. There were some nice looking Girls. One Girl with Silicone Tit's needed a man with a red flag, to walk in front of her as a warning of a heavy load.

When the Coyote Dancers came on, they were over-dressed and mostly overweight. A definite step backwards from my previous visit.

Sweet hearts and Sapphire Club prove that Coyote Dancers can be very Sexy but here, they were very Boring, like most places.

There was a very Ugly and Fat, Tomboy waitress standing in my Eyeline, so I drank up and left.

Review from Dave March 2017: TopsFall

I popped into Skyfall on Tuesday night. I sat down an ordered a Heineken. When I looked up I got a real shock, all the girls on Stage had taken their tops off and their were some lovely pairs of tits on show.

Most of the girls were Coyote Dancers, but their shorts were cut right back, showing a lot of bum.

All the girls were attractive and friendly. It was not too busy, so not a bad visit.

Review from Dave July 2015: Nearly all coyote

I popped into Skyfall on a Wednesday night. Very nice furnishings.

Lots of beautiful Girls, nearly all Coyote Dancers who danced for 20 minutes. Then some lovely topless dancers for 5 minutes and back to endless Coyote Dancers again.

My friend thought it was great.

News, April 2015: Police closure

In the early hours of Monday a 55 year old Polish man was beaten up by two bouncers at Skyfall A-GoGo, which is now facing the possibility of receiving a temporary closure order of at-least 30 days.

The owner has decided to close the bar for staff training, presumably in the hope of clemency from the authorities over an official closure.

Later a 30 day closure was reported and the bar re-opened on 17th May.

Comment from Ishi, February 2015: Qualified GoGo

I visited after 10:30pm last week and counted 77 dancers on the Mamasan's board. Of these, I saw 10 topless dancers who are called Models. So I think it qualifies as an A-GoGo bar now.

Review by Dick Farang, January 2015: Beautiful...Decor

After a very difficult delivery Skyfall A-GoGo has finally opened on Walking Street.

First the good news:

After all disastrous recent openings and re-openings of gogos on Walking Street (Tiger, Palace, Infinity, Spicy Girls, Nui's, Crazy House, Coyote Club, Glass House/Ginza II, Harem 2) it is a pleasure to tell that the interior of Skyfall A-GoGo is the most beautiful of all eighty plus Pattaya gogos and a new norm for future gogos.

The main colours are beige and steel blue and there are mirrors around everywhere.

The lighting is optimal with no disturbing flashlights.

The bar is in the front corner left and the DJ's booth in the rear corner right. The bench seating at both sides is extremely comfortable. The owners have clearly resisted the seduction of cramped double tier seating, a typical Soi LK Metro disease.

The three stages are low enough to allow for a comfortable view. The first stage and the third stage both with chrome poles on them have a meandering shape. The second (unused) stage is large and round and has some kind of strange round net curtain or mosquito net in the middle.

The toilets at the rear left are clean and spacious.

And now the less good news:

As with all recently (re)opened gogos the biggest issue were the girls .

At Skyfall A-GoGo they were overdressed, but not in coyote outfits. Their uniforms consisted of a white bow tie, a strapless white top (mostly with a bra with straps under it), a white-and-grey checked miniskirt with big black pants or a black string under it and stilettos of their own choice. Not the slightest nudity.

Unsurprisingly the dancers were a mixed lot of sub-average fuglies, fatties and oldies from late twenties up.

With the advent of McDonald's, KFC et al. it must be increasingly difficult to find enough talent to staff ten or twenty gogos, let alone more than eighty.

This being said, sometimes miracles do happen at places where you expect them the least. About a week ago at Club Nevada on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) I saw a young naked girl with a perfect shape, much better than what I have seen in recent times, even at Abraxas's top gogos . As I had to meet some fellow countrymen (beer drinkers, not gogo goers), I did not enquire about conditions, but I guess she knew her value.

At Skyfall A-GoGo I talked to a 35-year old dancer with a fat and shapeless body, a nose job and a silicone rack, who said she had worked at Angelwitch Rock Dancers on Soi 15 previously, which I could hardly believe.

I also talked to a not too beautiful 27-year old dancer who had arrived from Bangkok only a couple of days ago and had never worked bar before.

She told me she had had two Thai boyfriends only, had no children and had never boomboom a farang in her life.

I had to explain to her the urban meaning of the verb smoke and when she finally got it she seemed very reluctant to do that kind of thing.

She said barfine was 1,000 baht and 3,000 baht for her and did not seem to know the difference between short time and long time when I insisted.

The music was way too loud to have a comfortable conversation anyway.

All customers left quickly after finishing their drinks.

The (mostly corpulent) waitresses were friendly enough.

Coincidence or not, the beer coasters at Skyfall A-GoGo looked very similar to those used at SensationS A-GoGo, also on Walking Street.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht.

Smile Rock Girl's A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 15

Very small gogo took over from Rock Girls A-GoGo in June 2008. Closed in January 2016 and the space was merged into Sapphire.


Walking Street
(Beach Road end)

Opened as a coyote show bar in October 2009 but soon realised that less clothes is best. The venue redeveloped as a GoGo in November 2009 but this didn't last long. The venue is now SkyFall.


Soi Diamond

Well known Bangkok show bar opened a Pattaya branch on 3rd December 2011. Closed in mid November 2015. The venue became Katoeys R Us.

Spice Club

Soi 15

Took over from Beach Club on 1st March 2016. In May 2016 the bar was taken over by the French Group as the new home for Shark Club. The bar was renamed to Shark Club on 1st January 2017.

Spicy Girl

Walking Street

Spicy Girl took over from Tee Rak A-GoGo in December 2019.

Spicy Girls A-GoGo

Walking Street

Opened 8th September 2014 at the venue that was previously Guugle. Closed on 16th May 2015. The venue is now lost in a redevelopment that is the staled Moonlight Complex

Su Casa A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

Center A-GoGo became Su Casa A-GoGo during the 2021 coronavirus lockdown. Previously the venue was most famously Carousel, but later became Dream Club and Maxine's Club.

Sugar Baby A-GoGo

Walking Street
(Corner Soi 14)

Opened on 25th December 2012. Originally associated with Windmill but was sold on. The GoGo reloacted to Diamond A-GoGo which is now Annabels.

Super Baby A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Once one of the most consistent bars with one of the prettiest line ups in Pattaya. Closed in January 2016. Now Yes A-GoGo.

Super Girl

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

A long running GoGo. New management took over on 1st April 2015. Previously the bar was a sister bar to Super Baby opposite. Super Girl closed on 17th May 2019 and re-opened as Angel A-GoGo

super model

Super Model A-GoGo

Walking Street

Opened on 7th July 2019. Soon closed in August 2019 and was put up for sale.

The GoGo re-opened on 10th October 2019.

Feb 2020


coyote dancertopless
draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
happy hourto 10pm 95 95 165

Review from Dave, October 2019:

SuperModel was very similar to Dolls only slightly wider and longer. Unfortunately the Dwarves had been back making the seating, it was too narrow and the table was too close to you. I sat leaning forward onto the Table.

There was a Girl sitting next to me looking the other way when she turned round it was Koy, she was looking very attractive she'd dyed her Hair Chestnut Brown and had a Cleopatra Fringe. She was wearing a tartan Rah Rah Skirt and long white Socks, very sexy.

There were 4 groups of Girls, 2 Coyote and 2 Topless, and they did move around a little, but you had a better view of all the Girls, There was a lovely young Topless Dancer in front of me she was very cute. In the next group there was a shorter chubby Girl with a Big Arse and Big Tits to balance,

Draft Heineken was a very nice half pint at 95b. Lady drinks were 165b. They had very nice nibbles to enjoy with your Beer.

News October 2019: Re-modeled

The bar re-opened on 10th October 2019.

News August 2019: Dark

The bar has been dark for a few days and there is now a for rent sign on the door, so the prognosis looks poor, It had only been open a few days.

Super Model A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Opened March 2005 until June 2007. Now Gentleman's Club, see above

Sweetheart's A-GoGo

Walking Street (central)

Table dancing opened 12th March 2007. The venue was previously The Roof and before that, Highway Star A-GoGo. Closed at the end of April 2018 and became Atlantis A-GoGo, under teh same management.




Walking Street (Beach Road end)

Opened on 27th November 2015 the latest in a long line of attempts trying for success at the Beach Rd end of Walking Street. The bar takes over from Fairies, Eclipse, Coyote Club and Silver Star 3.

March 2016


draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
160 200-220 220

News July 2020: Opened and closed

The bar re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown but it was not very successful and the bar quickly closed again.

Review from Dick Farang, December 2015: Heineken is Taboo

On Walking Street, at the previous location of Silver Star 3 A-GoGo, Coyote Club, Eclipse and a nameless gogo/coyote/whatever, a new gogo is trying its luck: Taboo.

My visit was short, very short, but long enough to notice the more than blaring music and the less than average dancers; no nudity.

On the left-hand side of the first section is a long bar counter now with some girls dancing on a narrow stage behind it, still without chrome poles.

Not much has changed in the second section, but they seem to have added some small unstable furniture, which makes it difficult to walk around.

While a waitress was trying to explain they had no Heineken beer, a coffee table full of drinks was showered over my feet.

High time I left.

Taboo Club

Covent Garden
Walking Street Soi 16

Opened 19th Oct 2006 until 17th March 2008, previously Babe Watch A-GoGo. Became Black & Whte: X Zone 2 but the venue was in decline and it is no longer used for GoGos.

Tahitian Queen 2 (TQ 2)

Walking Street: Soi BJ

Old style US oriented rock and roll gogo. Established in 1991. Closed in October 2011. Now Wildcats A-GoGo.


Tantra A-GoGo

Walking Street

From 8pm

Facebook page

Tantra A-GoGo is set to open on Walking Street on 10th August 2017. It is located in the venue that previously the Roo Bar.

june 2023


to 2500

coyote dancer
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hour to 10pm 95 95 95 house 220
from 10pm 90 150


  • Wednesday: all night, bottled beer 95 Baht

  • Sunday: all night happy hour

News May 2022: Open

Just about the only GoGo on Walking Street that opened as soon as the first lockdown restrictions were releaxed on 1st July 2020. Also continuing after the 2022 lockdown.

Review from Dick Farang, August 2017: More time needed

On Walking Street, right of Sweetheart's A-GoGo, one more superfluous narrow gogo has opened: Tantra A-GoGo.

In the middle are two cheapo, white, rather low stages, each of them with six chrome poles, one of them fixed to the ceiling. On both sides is, unsurprisingly, very cramped bench seating. I was lucky to be seated on a bar stool along the wall with a high table next to it. Although there were only a handful of customers at Tantra, it was crowded, only because it is so narrow.

There were two teams of mediocre, more-than-overdressed, double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes.

One of them was Lek Dracula, who started as a greeter at the long gone Hooty's A-GoGo on Walking Street and after that has been working at the beer bar joints in front of Pattaya Beer Garden and at Mandarin Walking Street.

There was also a team of (mostly old and ugly) so-called models in black lace lingerie and black stay-up stockings, several of them silicone enhanced, performing a lousy show to the tune of Zombie. The average quality of the string-bikini dancers at Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 is much higher.

Already two days after the (soft) opening I noticed a terrible cigarette smoke stench. The music was the usual crap. I think not many people will appreciate the lighting with constantly alternating colours.

Unisex toilets.

I surmise Tantra is a new venture of the Bryan Flowers Empire.

Barfines (for coyotes only, I guess): 1,500 before midnight, 1,000 after midnight.

BEWARE: automatic tipping: small change is not returned spontaneously.

Bottled Heineken 140 baht, lady drinks 150-200 baht.

Teaser's GoGo Club

Walking Street

Opened Nov 2005 but closed by Jan 2006. Became Rhino A-GoGo which also closed.

Tee Rak A-GoGo

Walking Street

Opened on 20th February 2019 in half of the venue that was once Moon A-GoGo. The bar went dark in mid November 2019. Sister gay GoGo Yes! also closed at the same time.

The E Gothic GoGo

Walking Street: Soi BJ

Closed and the venue was converted to a Lady boy bar. Now part of the stalled Midnight Complex.

Tiger Club /Tiger Lounge/Tiger A-GoGo

Walking Street
At Soi Diamond (upper floor)

Tiger Club and Tiger Lounge were GoGos that operated upstairs in Soi Diamond until March 2015. Two next door venues were used. Firstly the venue that was previously The Roof, New Player and is now The Rocket pussy tricks bar. And more latterly in the venue that became DClub and is now Club Eden.

Top One A-GoGo

Soho Square
Walking Street

GoGo opened on 1st January 2018. The bar became a Tom Bar in February 2018. Opening seems a little intermittent and the bar didn't survive the coronavirus lockdown.

ToyZ A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

ToyZ started life as Catz in November 2005 in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16.
Catz renamed to ToyZ in January 2010 but closed in summer 2011.
ToyZ re-opened at the new Soi 15 venue on 16th December 2011.
ToyZ became Private Dancer in August 2012.


Walking Street: Soi BJ

Became Bada Bing A-GoGo, then Wildcats, now merged into Pin-Up.


Upstairs A-GoGo

Soho Square
Walking Street

Upstairs took over from Utopia A-GoGo in mid November 2012 and closed in May 2017. The venue is now the Cocoon nightclub.

Utopia A-GoGo

Soho Square
Walking Street

Originally opened as a coyote nightclub in June 2008. It converted to GoGo in July 2008. Utopia A-GoGo gave way to Upstairs A-GoGo in mid November 2012. The venue is now the Cocoon nightclub.


VIP Club & GoGo

Walking Street

Opened Nov 2005 until Nov 2007. Then it became Lollipop A-GoGo, now closed and part of the Pier


Soi Diamond

Re-named as Naughty Girls, see above

Voodoo A-GoGo

Walking Street

Opened mid 2007 until May 2008. Now SkyFall.


We are No 1 bar sign

We Are No 1 A-GoGo

Thappraya Road
(near Jomtien beach)

From 8pm Mom-Fri
Maybe earlier Saturday and Sunday

Renamed from Champion 2. Thai run gogo.

Danger: Men working undercover

March 2019


draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
65 120 75 130

Review from Dick Farang, January 2018: Lords and Ladyboys

About two weeks ago I too happen to have been drinking at We Are No 1 A-GoGo in Jomtien.

I think Dave's ladyboy radar does not function very well as I noticed two of them, one who went on stage and another one, also a dancer, who was hiding in the toilets.

Apart from the old, fat and ugly women, I saw a half decent one who was as drunk as a lord.

The tiny waitress seems to have vanished and the security man is now roaming the place.

I doubt you can still get an all-in experience for 1,000 baht at We Are No 1 A-GoGo. Many moons ago I barfined a young spinner from there and I paid 1,000 baht for the barfine only.

If I remember correctly bottled Heineken is still 120 baht and Chang draught 55 baht.

Review from Dave, January 2018: Fat chance

I popped into we are the No 1 agogo just before Christmas. Nothing much has changed.

There was no sign of any Lady Boys or Midget waitresses,

There were 7 or 8 reasonable dancers and 1 old fat one. Guess who came and sat next to me? I ignored her but she wouldn't go away, sat there for half an hour till she had to go and dance. While she was dancing I moved the stool she had been sitting on. It didn't work she soon put it back. She sat there for 5 mins then finally fucked off.

None of the other girls approached me, although there were several without punters.

There was an extremely Fat man sitting at the stage, he was so big he could not walk unaided. He had 2 girls all over him.

If you want a cheap drink with some good music, not a bad way of passing a couple of hours,

Review from Dick Farang, June 2016: Alive and Kicking

There has been a (false) rumour on internet that We Are No 1 A-GoGo in Jomtien had closed, but I can confirm that they are alive and kicking.

They even have hired two young topless spinners. They still have two ladyboy dancers, several old fatties and the probably shortest waitress in Jomtien.

Four of the dancers are on stage at any time and they go on and off stage the old-fashioned way, i.e. one at a time after not too long dance stints. All of them appeared to be double bottomed.

One other customer.

The music is still a mix of good old rock and pop, "Sir" Rod Stewart included. They also play that funny song " Who the Fuck is Alice ? "

Just for the record, I got my change correctly returned, which nowadays is not everywhere the case.

Bottled Heineken still 120 baht, Chang draught 55 baht all night.

News from Ishi, July 2015: Late opening

The notice proclaiming 8pm opening was spotted on a weekday and the bar may open earlier at the weekend.

Review from Dave, December 2014: Music was great

I popped into the no I Gogo in Jomtien Monday evening.

There were 6 overweight and below average girls in Bikini's. The 2 prettiest girls were Ladyboy waitresses,

The music was great though and beer very cheap at 55 baht for draft

Bottled beer 100.

Review from Dick Farang, October 2014: Beware

I will never understand the rationale behind creating confusion by hiring girls and transvestites at the same bar (such as their neighbours KiK and USABAR also do) or gogo (such as Miami A-GoGo on Soi Post Office and We Are No 1 A-GoGo in Jomtien).

What's Up
What's Up Imagine
What's Up Playgirls

Walking Street: Soi 15

Long running and often popular GoGo didn't make it past April 2023

Wildcats A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi BJ

Took over from Bada Bing on 5th September 2013. Closed 26th October 2019 and was merged into Pin-Up A-GoGo.

Windmill frontage

The Windmill Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

From 7pm

Opened 19th November 2005. Fun and hands-on sexy.

July 2024
4000 LT to 1am
2000 ST to 1am
1500 LT + ST after 1am
nude toplessshow jacuzzi show
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hourto 10pm 75 260
from 10pm 80 180 140 160

There is a VIP discount card is still available at Windmill and Sugar Baby for a 10% discount on barfines and all drinks after happy hour. Apply for your member card at any time for instant membership and your discount will apply immediately. Just needs full name and email address.

News April 2023: Windmill re-opend

Windmill A-GoGo has finished renovations and has re-opened at its original location. The downstairs bar is now non-smoking.

News November 2022: Windmill moves to Annabels

Windmill A-GoGo has closed for renovations and the entire GoGo operation has moved a few paces across Soi Diamond to sister bar Annabels.

News May 2022: Re-opened

Re-opened after the 2022 lockdown.

Review from DavidC, January 2019: Angels

Spent the last 4 evenings at Windmill. The quality of the girls there has always been high. But now there are two absolute angels who perform together on the mat.

There's also the miserable-looking German pensioner who has probably gone to Windmill every night for at least the last 5 years. He buys one coke and makes it last over an hour. He then tries to sit beside anyone giving money to the girls so that he can see some pussy close-up without paying. Is that the future that awaits all of us when we become old, poor and impotent?

Comment from DavidC, January 2018: Early birds

I think part of the problem with Windmill's naked showgirls looking bored and spending their time chatting to each other and putting on make-up is due to the customers.

There seem to be quite a few pensioners (mostly German) who take up all the seats around the naked showgirls at around 8 pm. The pensioners buy one drink each - a beer or cola - and try make their one drink last up to an hour. But they don't give tips or buy drinks for the girls - they're waiting for someone else to do that so they can watch the action without having to pay for it. Unfortunately, given that there is no room for real customers nothing much happens.

Eventually by about 9 to 9.30 the pensioners go home to bed and then real paying and tipping customers can get near the girls and then the action starts.

News from Dick Farang, July 2017: Closed and re-opened

The Windmill Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has been closed by court order.

In front are some Thai boys now, saying closed 30 days and trying to re-route passers-by to Annabelle's on Walking Street.

Perhaps the closure of Windmill is a late consequence of a raid on their ST rooms some months ago.

Windmill Club duly re-opened after the 30 day period

Review from John, May 2017: Craziest

First stop was Windmill. I read about this GoGo online and found it was one of the craziest, so I wanted to go here first. That was a mistake. I walk in to this small, crowded GoGo and see a guy shoving some kind of fruit up a girl's vagina. As I sit next to this gentleman and enjoy the show I look to my left and see another man massaging a women's ass in circles with his hands. Over and over again. He does not stop for at least 10 min. I see a very sad looking girl kind of wiggling on stage and take a look at her for a while. Probably 18 -- 20 years old. After a while of wiggling the dancers switch up and she sits a few feet away from me. I pat the seat next to me and she slides over. She doesn't speak a word of English and won't crack a smile no matter what I do. Very sad looking girl. I decide this isn't where I want to start my vacation and leave.

Review from Dave, February 2017: Good place

I popped into the Windmill Club the other Saturday, and it was a very pleasant experience,

It was very busy but I managed to find a seat.

Lots of attractive Girls, wearing not many clothes.

The girls were very friendly, 2 girls on the mat were calling me over for some pussy licking. I wasn't in the mood but I gave them 50 Baht each for remembering me,

A good place for a beer.

Review from Horny Bloke, January 2017: Good stuff

Lady drinks in Windmill are now 170 baht.

It still gets quite packed downstairs starting around 8-9 pm and onwards.

On the main downstairs stage, how risqué the two girls get at the edge of the stage depend on what tips they get (obviously). When no one was tipping, the girls looked bored and periodically applied makeup. When two guys sat next to them and started tipping, they were doing things like sticking ice cubs and beer bottle tops up their puanani.

Good stuff.


Windmill 2

Walking Street : Soi Diamond

Sister bar to Windmill Club, Sugar Baby A-GoGo moved to take over Diamond A-GoGo in June 2019 and was renamed to Annabels in December 2019. It was renamed to Windmill 2 in 2023.

June 2023

1500 LT to 1am
1000 LT after 1am
1000 ST

nudetopless show
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
happy hourto 10pm 75 260
from 10pm 80 180 140 110

News June 2023: Windmill 2

Windmill A-GoGo re-openedafter renovations and Annabels was renamed to Windmil 2.

News November 2022: Windmill moves to Annabels

Windmill A-GoGo has closed for renovations and the entire GoGo operation has moved a few paces across Soi Diamond to sister bar Annabels.

News August 2022: Re-opened

Re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown, and again after the 2022 lockdown but reported closed in August 2022.

Review December 2019: Searching for diamonds in the buff

I stopped by just before the bar was renamed from Diamond to Annabels.

The bar has a large central stage with bench seating on all sides of the stage. There is a smaller stage towards the front of the bar that is a repeat of the large stage. The bar also retains a few table dancing podiums directly in front of the bench seating.

The stage was quite full of dancers in various stages of undress, mostly topless. There were plenty of good looking girls but not quite the standards of Pin-Up/Sapphire and the like. But that's always going to be the case as the basic mode of the bar is hands-on.

The centre of each of the stages was reserved for two naked girls to provide a few sexy going ons, mostly with each other, but I'm sure a little audience participation may be available too.

As always in the Windmill bars, the girls are very keen to sit with, or on, customers in return for a few lady drinks. My chosen drinking partner was delightful company, both in terms of enjoyable chit chat, and also the sexy stuff.

The bar divides al the dancers into two shift, one dancing and the other sitting with customers. They change over frequently so its never too long to wait for your drinking partner to return from dancing.

There were plenty of customers, and more than enough girls to go around, so I was a little surprised when a friendly manager told me that the they were waiting to build up even more girls before they could open up an upstairs bar.

Anyway the evening was a success, time flew by, and I'll be back soon.

Review from Dave, July 2019: Stunners

Sugarbaby was very Lively and doing good Business.

There were some very attractive Girls in very short Rah Rah skirts which hid little and open fronted Blouses. I sat with a little stunner called Jo-Jo, I turned away 4 other beauties. There were several very thin Girls whom I liked.

The Music was good, not too loud, there were several waitresses that ate 3 shredded wheat for breakfast.

News June 2019: Sugar Baby

Diamond A-GoGo was closed and sold in May 2019. It became the new home for Sugar Baby A-GoGo and re-eopned in June 2019.

Review from Dick Farang, June 2016: Same as before but more clothes

Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has indeed reopened.

At first sight the basic layout looks the same as at the previous incarnation: a spacious central stage with chrome poles and black bench seating around.

On the right-hand side is a white fixed table now with black bar stools behind it, which I have never noticed before.

They appear to share a fire exit with Katoeys Are Us in the black hole on Soi 15 between Club Mistys and Club Electric Blue A-GoGo.

Although there is a lot of seating and there were only a fistful of customers, it was difficult to get seated as there were too many girls' bums claiming all the available space.

The ratio girls/customers must have been between ten to one and twenty to one.

The standard outfit of the coyotes were a pink top and a black latex bottom, both with underwear underneath.

There were also some pushy fatties in black lingerie trying to sell shots of tequila . The average quality of the females was substandard.

No nudity.

The music was blaring, louder than before.

I think I saw a former manager of the defunct Gentlemen's Club, also on Soi Diamond.

Nothing has improved compared to the previous incarnation of Diamond A-GoGo. It does not help having large numbers of overdressed sub-average dancers instead of showing some quality and, please, some flesh.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht.

News from Ishi, June 2016: Re-opening

Diamond; re-opened as planned on 19th June.

The bar now has a back entrance from Soi15. The right half wall on the photo is the wall of Club Mistys.


X Zone A-GoGo

Covent Garden Complex
Walking Street: Soi 16

Famous for its fisting shows on the naughty table. Opened December 2005. Closed in July 2014.

X Zone 2 A-GoGo

Covent Garden Complex
Walking Street: Soi 16

Closed and become Club Relaxxx A-GoGo. The venue is now a nightclub.


Walking Sreet

New for December 2022 at the venue that was previously Miami Club.

August 2023

2500+5 lady drinks

toplessbikini coyote dancer
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
95 140 230


Walking Street: Soi 15

Opened 20th October 2006 and merged into Baby Dolls in February 2007.


yes balloons

Yes A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

From 8pm

Opened 15th September 2017, taking over from Super Baby A-GoGo. Closed in January 2018 and again in April 2018. Became a Boys GoGo in October 2019. But closed in mid November 2019

Y.U? Club

Thappraya Road

Opened June 2006 as a bar/disco but converted to gogo in Jan 2007. Went dark in March 2008. Now a dentist shop.



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happy hourhappy hour draught beer

not available= not available

bottled beer soft drinks spirit & mixer lady drinks
normal hours price in Baht        

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Many, if not all, gogos charge higher barfines on what they consider special days. Every bar has a different definition of which days are special though. And some special days are even more special (expensive) than others.

The reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

Nudity cannot be guaranteed and whenever the Pattay police are on the prowl the girls cover up. Closing times are sporadic depending upon local enforcement. 3am or 4am is now the norm.

Anyone with Middle Eastern or South Asian dark skin should be aware that they may receive a rather negative welcome. 90% of gogo bars have unspecified entry restrictions which can be hard to tie down as different people have had different receptions. Unwelcome faces will be told at the door that the bar is suddenly a members only club. Discriminatory maybe, but it is for real, it is based on experience, and it is supported by those who care about the welfare of the girls.

Just a couple of times people have had a bad experience in a bar which is perhaps the fault of an individual employee rather than bar policy. More often then not, the bar would be more than happy to deal with offsite problems even when it is not strictly their problem. To try and be fair to the bars, offsite complaints about employees can only be considered for inclusion if they have first been presented to the bar involved.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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 February 2013:  Rates

  • GoGo Girl ... ST 1000/LT 2000 low end bars. 3000/5000 is the starting point in top end Walking street GoGos, but 2000/3000 seems to be the norm
  • Beer Bar Girl ... ST 500-700/LT 1000 to 1000/1500
  • Beach Road Freelancer ... ST 500-700/LT 1000
  • Disco Freelancer ... ST 1000/LT 1000 to 1500/2500
  • Short Time Bar Girl... ST 700 to 1000 + 300 for the room. Note that LT is often discouraged via surprisingly high fees and barfine.
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