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Listing the bars of Pattaya

The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

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1 Stop

Soi LK Metro

Guesthouse with open front bar in a shophouse. Took over from Place 2 Bee in August 2007. Now closed.

2nd City Bar

Nirun Condo
Soi Arunotai

Beer bar. Also known as ETs Bar

Soi LK Metro

Beer bar and guesthouse. Closed in February 2014. Now WannaDo

007 Gentlemen's Club

Soi Full Love Inn, off Soi Bongkod (Third Road Soi 18)

New for 2015, inspired by the neighbouring Club 4 offering short time fun in the bar set in a James Bond theme.

18 Coins

Soi Buakhao
(100m south of Soi Diana)

Hotel, bar and restaurant. Well priced drinks from the previous owners of Storm Hotel on Soi LK Metro. No girls.

60s to Now

Soi LK Metro

Previously White Rooms but had become 60s To Now by May 2017. Became Shaggers at the end of November 2019

Club 555

Small soi off Soi Buakhaow just before Soi 15 when coming from Soi LK Metro

Facebook Page

Opened in October 2017 and describes itself as a bar and guest house but would be better described as a gentlemen's lounge.

Review from Dick Farang, October 2017: Seeing the funny side

In a single-unit shophouse in a small soi off Soi Buakhaow just before Soi 15 when coming from Soi LK Metro, next to Garden Beer Bar and opposite Baby Boom A-GoGo, a closed-fronted bar and guesthouse has opened: 555 .

(As to Garden Beer Bar: they are mainly catering for French-language people; there is no garden at all; the garden is just in the name.)

Although the 555 bar is rather narrow and dark, it is nicely laid out compared to similar places, such as Excite Club on Soi Xzyte.

Near the entrance were a bunch of farangs drinking, smoking cigarettes and chatting among them, perhaps the owner and his mates.

The girls were a mixed bag, varying from the tall and slim complete newbie without any English to the short, old, fat, mercenary, silicone-enhanced and tattooed threeholer.

I was told the ST bar fine was 300 baht (room upstairs included) plus 1,000 baht for FS.

All of them were keen on getting some notes in their bras and strings. (Bar girls have got to eat too.)

Bottled Heineken 100 baht, lady drinks (tequila) 130 baht.

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A-Team Club

Soi XZyte

Hostess bar. Closed in December 2013 to make way for a new development

Adam's Bar

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar

Alex Bar

Soi Buakhao
(by the Everyday Market)

Bar and restaurant

All Bar One

Soi Diana Inn

Shophouse bar with live band playing the likes of Tom Jones, Beatles and Rod Stewart. (At least in January 2015). Bottled beer is 80 Baht.
Andy's Place

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar now Bongo Bar, see below
Angel Bar

Soi Buakhao
(opposite Soi LK Metro)

Beer Bar, renovated in June 2008. Being closed in, September 2009. Now a Thai Karaoke pub

Angie Bar

Soi Leng Kee
off Soi Buakhao

Coffee Bar Beer. Verified May 2017. Open since 2014.

Review from Malcolm, May 2017: Just another bar

Next to Cheeky Girl is another new bar, Angie Bar & fast Food, opened 6 months ago. Nothing special, just another bar.

Singha B75.

Anna Bar

Soi Buakhao
(by the Everyday Market)

Beer bar. Became Mates Sports Bar in March 2014.

Annie Jack's

Soi Buakhao
(a little north of Soi Honey)

A new bar opened in November 2018. Up fro sale by August 2019, but still trading.

Anny Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Now part of the Night Wish chain.

Review from Malcolm: Forgotten soi

Single unit. about 6 decent girls working, one of which tried her best with me. Music was very loud. Singha a whopping B95. I think the new owner has forgot which Soi he's on when he did the price list. Only had the one


Soi Chayaphun

Opened during 2014. Open beer bar without ladies for takeaway. Must have Aussie connections with that name. Listing checked in September 2019 noting that the bar has some good comments on Pattaya forums about value and friendliness.
Apple Bar Beer

2nd Road Soi Honey
Shophouse bar that was the victim of the July 2007 redevelpment in the centre of Soi Honey

Area 51

Soi Diana Inn

Coyote bar new for 2015. Closed for a while but re-opened in July 2018.

Review from Malcolm, September 2015: Decent loookers

Area 51 is a new Coyote bar on Soi Dianna Inn. Right hand side towards the Soi Buakhao end.

Everything is new inside. When you go in the bar is on the right. 2 chrome poles on the bar with 2 girls dancing dressed in shorts and a top.

Customers can sit at the bar or at one of the many tables.

Decent looking girls.

2 pool tables to the rear. Separate ladies and gents toilets at the back.

Singha was B95 and LD B140.

Armageddon Bar

Soi LK Metro

Good looking double unit bar opened in January 2009 but closed in 2016. Previously Lloydies Bar. Now Pulse A-GoGo.
The Asylum Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar closed by March 2008.
Atelier Bar

Soi LK Metro

Beer bar. Renovated in July 2012. Closed an for sale by September 2012.


3rd Road

Thai pub

Avenue Break

Avenue Mall
2nd Road

Large pool hall in the Avenue Mall. Opened October 2012

Prices are not displayed. 200 Baht per hour evening and 150 Baht per hour daytime. Part hours are costed pro-rata, so an evening 30 minutes costs 100 Baht

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Babylon Gentlemen's Club

327/272 Soi Bong Koch

2:303pm - midnight

Opened in spring 2019 taking over from Velvet. There's a Happy Hour until 7pm with Leo & Chang at 75 Baht, other bottled beer and house spirits at 95 Baht.

Bacione Bar

Soi Buakhao


Bar & Guesthouse, Italian run

News June 2014: Moved

The bar has relocated and is still on Soi Buakhao, but is now near the new Pattaya City Hospital.

Bad Cats Club

2nd Road

Coyote dancing bar. Became Fall in Love Club in December 2008.
Balls Beer Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar with a couple of pretty girls wanting to take care of you. Dark by September 2017.
Banana Bar

Pattaya 2nd Road

Beer bar open 5th March 2008. Moved from New Plaza to Soi 9 a few months later. Gave way to new hotel in April 2010

Bang Bar

Soi Chayapoon

Beer bar new for 2019.

Bar de la Poste

Soi Leng Kee
off Soi Buakhao

From 1.30pm to 2.00am

Short time bar opened in 2015, taking part of the Trafalgar Guest House building

News from Dick Farang, December 2016: Dressed to undress

On my latest visit to Bar de la Poste on Soi Lengkee there were only fatties and extreme fatties. They were clad in white plastic fedoras and white T-shirt-like dresses without underwear. For a lady drink they would drop their dresses.

I happened to be the only customer and the ladyboy cashier ordered them one by one to offer me their services.

I was told that the barfines were 300 baht one drink included for the play corners and 400 baht no drink included for the ST room upstairs. Fees for the females were 500 baht for BJ, 700 baht for FS without anal and 1,000 baht for FS with anal.

Bottled Heineken still 80 baht, lady drinks still 110 baht.

Review from Dick Farang, January 2016: Play Corners

Bar de la Poste on Soi Lengkee is open from 1.30 p.m. to 2.00 a.m., which is half an hour more than the Post Office on Soi Post Office, which opens from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

As usual I was escorted in by a ladyboy.

The bar area seemed darker than in the past and the quality of the girls seemed to have gone down.

The females still lack underwear under their short stretch dresses and their tariff is still 500 baht for BJ and 700 baht for FS.

One girl was running around in her birthday suit, probably after servicing a gentleman.

I was told that the ST room upstairs is no longer available and the barfine for the play corners is still 300 baht.

Nice and clean toilets.

Bottled Heineken still 80 baht, lady drinks now 110 baht down from 120 baht.

Review from Dick Farang, July 2015: A discreet package

On Soi Lengkee, two units past French owned Le Private, a bar along the lines of Mango Pub on Soi Khao Noi has opened: Bar de la Poste .

Look for the sign of Trafalgar Bar & Guest House. The entrance is rather discreet and you have to ring the bell to get in.

The bar is spacious enough and the lighting is satisfactory.

The girls are not all top models, but they are not shy at all. There were seven or eight of them sitting on bar stools in dresses that were short enough to reveal their shaven pussies.

For lady drinks of 120 baht they drop their dresses, the only garments they are wearing apart from their shoes, and you can inspect their bodies.

Barfines are 300 baht behind the BJ counter and in the playroom downstairs and 400 baht in the ST room upstairs. The girls expect 500 baht for a BJ and from 700 baht for FS.

When I arrived I was the only customer, but soon a group of three or four other farangs came in, who were having a good time with a couple of girls getting undressed.

Shortly before I left a group of French speaking men arrived, who started chatting among them.

Bar de la Poste appears to be French owned.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht.

Bar Lyn

Soi Buakhao

Shophouse bar & Restaurant

English owned and run by Alec and Lynne. Full Thai and English menu including breakfast. Open from 10am for food and beers. Late night bar with pool table and live sport on TV.

Bar San Miguel

Soi LK Metropole

Now Bulldog Bar, see below

Barbie Bar

Soi Chayaphun

The original Barbie Bar near the Soi Buakhao end of the soi moved to the other end of the Soi in 2016. The relocated Barbie became Tikky 2 Bar in 2017.

Beer and Beer Bar

Soi Buakhao
(near Soi 21)

New for 2010. Clean and offer cheap drinks, no girls though.

Beer and Coffee Bar

Soi Buakhao
(opposite Soi Honey)

New for 2011. Clean and offer cheap drinks, no girls though. Seems to be a development originally destined to be the Golden Lion.


2nd Road Soi Honey

Shophouse bar & Restaurant

Also noted as Guido's Beercorner

Ben Beer Bar

Made in Thailand Complex
2nd Road
(opposite Central Festival)

Noted on Pattaya forums in December 2013

Benelux Bar

Soi Buakhao

The bar was refurbished in July 2019.

Benelux Bar

Soi Buakhao

Popular bar noted for a very loud 'welcome' for people passing by.

Bentley's Pool Lounge

2nd Road

The pool lounge opened in October 2005. Originally started with dancing girls but has now reverted into simply a pool bar. Closed by March 2009

Big Daddy Bar

Soi Buakhao
(north end, 50 m from Central Rd)

Facebook Page

Beer bar. The old Smugglers relocated to the centre of Soi Buakhao in late 2013, and the original venue became Big Daddy Bar in early 2014. Before that the venue was the Blind Beggar.

Billabong Bar

Soi LK Metro

Previously Storm Bar. It became Billabong Bar in March 2009. Has a band on Friday nights starting at 8pm. Barfines are set 250 Baht. Listing checked in August 2018
Bill's Guesthouse & Bar

Soi LK Metropole

Closed in 2007 and now replaced by The Golf Club, see below

Black Snake Club

Soi Buakhao

Facebook Page

Black Snake Club is located towards the southern end of Soi Buakhao.

It started life as a boy bar for the ladies but became a coyote bar with ladies in early 2020.

It closed quite quickly for a little rework, notably to install a central stage.

The bar re-opened after the modifications, still as a mostly girl coyote bar

Reports from the initial opening as a girl bar confirm that it was not quite 100% girl, and there was a dangly bit too many.

Bliss Lounge

3rd Road
(opposite Soi Xzyte)

Blow job bar opened in 2009 but became King's Clun in October 2019.

Block Bar

3rd Road

New bar for February 2020 opposite the old XZyte location

Blue Angel

Soi new Plaza
(2nd Road opposite Soi 8)

Popular, cheap beer, a few decent girls and a well stocked computer music system

Blue Chilli

3rd Road


Blue Heeler

Soi Leng Kee

Opened in early 2014. A Blue Heeler is an Australian breed of dog used for marshalling cattle. Closed in December 2018.

Notes from Malcolm, January 2015: Australian

Opened around 3 months ago. Must have Australian connections with all the regalia on the walls.

All new inside.

Pleasant staff.

Singha B65.

Excellent toilets.

Blue Lagoon

404/100 The Village
3rd Road (between Pattaya Klang and Pattaya Tai)

Facebook Page

Guest House, Bar & Restaurant. Previously The Village Inn

Review from Dick Farang, December 2014: Stuffed Deer

The Blue Lagoon (not to be confused with the defunct Blue Lagoon A-GoGo behind the Best Friends bar complex on Beach Road) is a small bar located in a private village named The Village on Third Road opposite the fire station and about 100 metres south of Buffalo Bar (see Enclosures).

Depending on the class some villages in Pattaya are strict gated communities , in some villages (food) vendors are banned, at the entrance to some villages farangs driving a car will probably not be stopped but Thais riding motorbikes or tricycles will and in some villages anybody can venture around no questions asked.

The Village on Third Road clearly belongs to this last category and even its communal pool with a small open bar is directly accessible from the pavement of Third Road.

Many Scandinavians are living at The Village and along its main soi are some small bars/snack bars, The Blue Lagoon being the last one, on the left-hand side at the end of this main soi.

In front of The Blue Lagoon is a mini swimming pool and the inside of the bar is dominated by a stuffed deer head at the wall.

The Blue Lagoon is Swedish owned and outside three Swedes including the owner and one Norwegian were drinking shots of dum-dum (a dark mixture smelling like aniseed kept in a Coca Cola bottle in the fridge and probably containing ouzo or pastis and Kahlua; think of dum = black ).

The only girl I have seen and talked to was the 39-year old cashier from Ubon.

The drink prices were at gentlemen's club level, but the snacks appeared to be more democratically priced.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht, dum-dum shot 80 baht, daily special (food) 99 baht.

News June 2014: Pool Parties

The bar is now running regular pool parties with a bikini contest.

Blue Monkey

2nd Road: Soi Skaw Beach
(north of Soi Honey )

Shophouse bar
Blue Moon

Soi LK Metro

Guest House above Kiss A-GoGo

The Blue Room

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar

Boars Head

Soi Chayaphun

Long running restaurant/bar, Crazy Dave's, closed in 2015 and became Boars Head. Listing checked in September 2017.

Review from Malcolm, September 2015: Friendly

Crazy Daves is now called Boars Head on Soi Chayaphun. Dave left after around 13 years there. Now owned by Andy and his Thai wife who used to be the Chef of the old Stags Head before it became Oscars on LK Metro. Very friendly couple.

Has good rooms upstairs from B7500 per month. Food available at reasonable prices.

Singha B65. No girls at the moment. Average toilet.

Bobby's Bar

Pratamnak Soi 5

Beer bar

Bobby's Bar

Soi Buakhao

Aircon bar.
Bobby's Too

Soi Buakhao
(Near night market)

Beer bar. Became One Bar 2 in January 2015.

Bongo Bar

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar previously Andy's Place

Boom Bar

Soi LK Metro

Took over from the Red Five Bar in April 2018. Dark in September 2019, but re-opened in October 2019. The bar was scaled down from a double to a single unit in August 2020.

Boom Boom

New Plaza
2nd Road

Beer bar

Boomerang Bar

Shagwell Hotel
Pattaya Klang: Soi 1 ( Soi Arunothai )

Live music bar, previously Outback Bar. See also Darcy's Bar

Comments from Boomerang Bar, May 2013: Bloody enjoy yourself

The best night out you'll find in Pattaya. Live Music, dancing, cheap drinks, Air-conditioned for comfort, friendly staff. 9pm-2pm every night.

Bring your girlfriend, show her a good time, or come alone and meet new friends.. You want to get up and dance to the music, great, get up and just do it.

Boomerang Bar is Opposite Nirum Condominiums, Soi 1 Pattaya Klang

Boomerang Bar, home of Live Music, the best in town, just come along and bloody enjoy yourself, you'll come back.

Booze Lounge

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar opened 28th February 2014. Now independent from The dark side Booze Lounge. Became Player's Lounge in September 2015.

News February 2014: New branch

Another branch of the popular dark side bar opened on 28th February

The Bowling Green

Soi Xzyte
(off Soi Buakhao)

Bar and Restaurant. Quiz night on Tuesdays. Closed in 2015 with the re-development of the whole block

The Box

Pattaya Soi 14

Shophouse Beer bar

Boxing Roo

3rd Road
(Near Buffalo Bar)

Beer bar

News August 2007: Open

Duly reopened after the police closure

News August 2007: Closed

The popular Aussie bar on 3rd Road near the Buffalo bar has been closed for a week. It seems that the authorities have closed it for 30 days due to unpaid "sign tax". The bar will re-open on August 21st

Review from Pattaya Today: Night March, April 2006: Victoria Bitter

The bar is owned and run by Aussies. The girls are a mixed bag, but most are friendly and would suit most tastes.

There are two free pool tables for customers to use. The music is brilliant, from a time prior to the advent of house/trance/techno/hip hop.

60 Baht standard bottled beers, soft drinks 40 Baht, spirits 80 Baht. Imported Fosters & Victoria Bitter are available

Brian's Bar

Soi Buakhao

Shophouse bar
British Lions Bar

Soi LK Metro

Shophouse bar became Delboy Bar in autumn 2007
Britannia Bar

Soi Leng Kee

Shophouse bar. Closed by December 2014.

Buakhao Bar Beer

Soi Buakhao (south end)

Beer bar

Buffalo Bar

3rd Road
(half way between Central and South roads)

From 5pm

Short time bar.

Update, September 2019: For rent

The bar is sporting a for rent sign, but it has been there a while and the bar is continuing.

Update, August 2018: Revival

The bar has something of an uptick and is now attracting some decent looking girls. Lady drinks are still 90 Baht which must be the cheapest in town. Bar fines have been reduced to 300 Baht.

Review from Dick Farang, December 2017: 90 Baht lady drinks

Driving on Third Road I suddenly decided to park and have a look at Buffalo Bar .

The place was deserted with not even a handful of older uninterested girls and even fewer customers.

The price of an ST mounts up, with 400 Baht for the barfine, 400 for the room, and 1,500 (!) to the girl.

The cashier is still a ladyboy and one of the "ladies" looked like one too.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht, lady drinks 90 baht.

News December 2012: Prices

Barfines for bar girls 400 Baht. 600 Baht for dancers and the welcome girls. Lady drinks increased but still cheap at 90 Baht.

News November 2011: Nuts and Bolts

Oh dear, lady boys have crept into the line up. Always a sign of desperation that rarely proves reversible.

Review from June 2009: On the Up

The popular mamasang Sandy aka Nong (aka little lady with loud voice) has started back at Buffalo Bar, so the standard of girls will be going up again. She has been away for 7 months and it shows in the bar.

They even have a proper plastic Thai recruitment banner outside. Even the famous Chicken (Gai) is back, but sadly only as an early shift cashier.

They have recently renovated the ST rooms, with new beds, aircon and hot water.

[Later reports that the bar now has about 50 girls many of them lookers]

Review from Pattaya Talk Dec 2008: Barely Worth a Visit

I have always liked the Buffalo Bar...but it is now only barely worth a visit.

But still a good drink value only 75 baht for drinks during peak hours.

There seem to be three types of ladies at the Buffalo Bar now, over-the-hill, brats, and nasty-looking.

Many ladies seem too old to be working there, over 40 years, and it is kind of annoying having to waive so many of them off.

The 21ish go-go dancers seem to have a Las Vegas style arrogance.

I also saw 4 or 5, heavily tattooed ladies that looked nasty.

In all, not the nice ladies that used to be there.

Bulldog Bar

Soi LK Metro

The Silver Dollar Bar has been, gutted, expanded and reborn as the Bulldog Bar. But it only lasted a couple of months in Spring 2009. Re-opened in autumn 2009 ready for high season.

The bar seems to have hit the Pattaya forum headlines a bit by pushing the price envelope with 400 Baht barfines and 150 Baht lady drinks.

News April 2014: Merger

The bar has closed and is being merged into Champagne. The resulting 4 unit bar will be called the Champagne and Malibu Club.

Bulls Eye

3rd Road
(North Pattaya)

The Bunker

Soi Chayaphun

Golf specialist bar closed in late 2011. Looks set to be replaced though.


Tree Town Complex
Soi Buakhao

Bills itself as the best erotic club in town . New for 2018 but had a trubled start after a police raid

The Butcher's Arms Pub

Soi Buakhao

Restaurant & pub

Update from Dick Farang, March 2018: Re-opened

On Soi Buakhaow The Butcher's Arms Pub has reopened under the old ownership, but they had better remained closed.

(I guess they did not find a taker. The Italian restaurant Don Joe on the wrong side of Walking Street comes to mind. It had been for sale for many years for twenty-five million baht, but finally the owner had to abandon it without receiving a single baht. After some time the cheapo New York Diner opened at that location.)

Apart from a lick of varnish on the tables I did not notice any significant change at The Butcher's Arms Pub.

The pea-and-bacon soup probably came out of the same box as what you get at other English pubs in Pattaya.

The roast chicken looked and tasted like a chicken curry, although it was served with the traditional trimmings. I have suffered from an upset stomach for two days. The knife was not sharp enough to cut the Yorkshire pudding.

Update from Dick Farang, October 2017: For sale and closed for renovations

The Butcher's Arms Pub on Soi Buakhaow is now closed and for sale now.

It had been going downhill in recent times.

Review by Dick Farang, January 2015: Prices up

At The Butcher's Arms Pub on Soi Buakhaow prices of draught beers have gone up: Heineken is 120 baht/pint now, Guinness 200 baht/pint.

Whereas their bar area remains open until 2 a.m., the restaurant area shuts down from 11 p.m. with the curtains being closed, the lights being dipped, a waitress wiping the blackboard and writing the next day's special on it.

The daily specials seem to follow a fix pattern: on Sundays lamb roast, on Mondays gammon, etc.

After 11 p.m. only snacks are available such as a (generous) tuna sandwich at 100 baht.

I wonder why the bread in English pubs is always so bad, only slightly better than the stuff sold in minimarkets.

Review by Dick Farang, December 2014: Pints of Heineken

Although I am a continental European I sometimes eat at an English pub and I think The Butcher's Arms Pub on Soi Buakhaow is slightly better than the other ones.

I will never order a cream soup or mashed potatoes in English eateries because they really do not know how to make them. In English pubs I always order items I think are typical British and at the same time eatable for a continental European, such as ham and pea soup, roasts and backgammon. I would like to eat fish and chips too sometimes, but in Thailand the quality of fish is often questionable at best.

The Butcher's Arms Pub is the only place in Pattaya where I still drink Heineken draught; they offer it in pints of 0.5 litres and fill the glasses English style (i.e. without foam) so you finally get about 0.55 litres.

If you order lamb roast at The Butcher's Arms Pub insist to get mint sauce with it; the waitresses, although helpful enough, tend to forget.

The Butcher's Arms Pub has blackboards outside and inside on which a daily special is announced, usually an item from their menu, such as roast chicken, at a reduced price.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht, pint of Heineken draught 100 baht, pea and ham soup 115 baht, lamb roast 330 baht.

May 2006:

Favourite bar. A good old English pub

Buttsy's 2

Soi Buakhao (south)

Shophouse bar. Barfine 200 Baht.

C (back to top)


Soi Diana Inn

Beer bar

Café Racer

Soi LK Metro

Live music bar

News July 2019: Closed & reopened

The bar closed in July, was stripped down and re-opened on 19th August 2019.

Review from Malcolm, June 2017: Scooters in overdrive

Café Racer . In between i rovers and Kaos. Has a motorcycle theme inside.

Very busy at 6-45pm. First Singha I got was frozen solid but changed without any problem. Happy hours 4pm to 7pm and midnight to 2am.

Singha B50. Normal price is only B60.

A lot of good looking girls working.

Music was a bit loud for me but then I was the oldest customer in.


Soi LK Metro

Aircon bar near Devil's Den. New for 2011. Became Time Bar in 2013

Canterbury Tales

Soi Chayaphun

Verified December 2013. Restaurant. Listing checked in September 2017.
The Captain's Bar

Soi: Lengkee

Shophouse bar closed by January 2014

The Captain's Bar

2nd Road Soi Honey

Shophouse bar. Barfine 200 Baht
Car Park Pattaya Pub

Avenue Mall
2nd Road

New Thai style pub with live music and DJs opened in autumn 2012. Reported to have connections with the Gulliver's chain. Didn't last long and closed in February 2013.

Carré Blanc Le Club

Soi Full Love Inn
(running east off 3rd Road opposite Soi XZyte)

From 1pm-midnight

Private club. Previously Stupid Cupid & Pantry Bar. Bottled beer 90 Baht. Lady drinks 130 Baht

Review by Dick Farang, August 2016: Moving

The infamous Carré Blanc has moved from Third Road Soi 33 to a double-unit shophouse on Soi Full Love Inn. On the same strip are also the single-unit shophouses 007 Gentlemen's Club, Club 4 and Pirates Hostess Club.

Soi Full Love Inn is off Third Road Soi 18/Soi Bongkod. Note that on the signs the street name is rendered as "BONG KOCH", which is an incorrect transliteration as the 10th Thai consonant chor-chaang ( ช ) is pronounced as a "ch" at the beginning of a syllable, but as a "d" at the end of a syllable. The easiest way to get there is following the big signs of the Full Love Inn motel from Third Road or also from Soi Arunothai.

At "le nouveau" Carré Blanc the door was opened before I could find a doorbell.

On the left-hand side is a big bar counter with bar stools. On the right-hand side are small booths that can be curtained off.

The new premises are much brighter than the old ones.

The females were the hardened-pro kind. No top quality, at least not in the looks department.

I was told that for a lady drink they would remove one piece of clothing. As they were wearing bras and pants underneath that could become an expensive experience..

I was also told they have rooms upstairs at 300 baht (barfine included) and 1,000 baht for a three-hole experience was expected.

A group of men were chatting together and nothing exciting was happening.

Bottled Heineken 100 baht.

Review by Malcolm, January 2013:

Pretty much a B/J bar. One end of room was curtained off for blow jobs. Not private though, there were 3 guys getting entertained. 500B for girl, 300B to bar.

130B for lady drink and 50B for Singha

Review by Xitroen, July 2010: A Friendly Warning

But some three weeks ago the sign changed and it became Le Carré Blanc , The White Square in English. I knew nothing about this bar at the time, but later I spotted it in a free French newspaper. I learned from an advertisement that it is a French bar and a private club. And in Pattaya, private club means unbridled sex... And that is what you seek, is it not, my fellow perverts?

For English speakers who do not know France, the white square is a French institution that no longer exists but remains in the collective memory of many men approaching their fifties. The white square was introduced on French television in March 1961, shortly after the airing of the film The Execution , by Maurice Cazeneuve. The film featured a few seconds of a female nude. Shame! And to see a nipple under De Gaulle was taboo! No joke!...

Which means that, today, only the French understand the meaning of the name of this club ... The name is not entirely original though as some bars and discos also use the name in France.

So last night I went there at 23h. On entering all the girls turned to me and purred hello and welcome , almost like a choir singing... hardly discreet... But I loved it!

Maybe a little curious though as it is not often that Pattaya customers are so well received and with such warmth! The place is relatively small, with a cozy atmosphere. On entering, you see the bar, it is square (but not white!). Towards the back left are large comfortable black sofas with small glass tables and screens to hide a little of what's happening there in the name of discretion.

In front of the bar are some small round tables. Everything is simple and clean. The atmosphere is provided by dimmed lights which are very relaxing on the eyes. Good music (sometimes French) and not too loud to talk without having to scream, unlike some other places ...

The principle of the Le Carré Blanc is simple: you can do anything you want with whom you want, where you want and however you want.

Before I left I visited the rooms that are well kept and clean, nothing more to say there.

I paid 300 baht for the Barfine, 500 to the girl and for the drinks, everything is very reasonable and honest.

News from HJ, June 2010: Fun in the Club

According to the sign and a notice on the bar door said that it was open from 1pm to midnight but the door was locked and curtained. There was also a notice on the door to say it was a private club.

At another nearby Bar I was informed that it had changed hands and that the new managers were French and had been running the Telephone Bar.

Many people were complaining about the beer prices and the lady drinks at 150bt each but that none of the ladies wore underwear and they would strip off for fun in the Bar if the customer paid the 300bt Bar fine.

It would appear that most of the customers are French and the ladies older ones from the Telephone Bar.

The Castle

3rd Road (half way between Pattaya Klang & Pattaya Tai near the Buffalo Bar)

From 5:30pm Pattaya-Live , September 2012: Fun in Black

The prices add up to 4500 Baht for an hour of fun. Customers have the choice of a fuck session with a slave girl or else an hour with an unfuckable mistress who offers various levels of torment. There is a dress code requirement to wear black. Reviews are generally very good from those who have partaken.

Review from Pattaya Secrets , April 2011: Terrorific

If you enter the club you have to buy one drink, of your choice, priced at 950 baht. The casual bar hopper will be shocked at this, cry rip off and leave. That is what they want.

When you first come inside you will be directed to the small bar that is in the main entryway. You will order your drinks and the ladies will come out. They do not have a lineup, instead they have a little show.

After the show the ladies will come over to you. If you want them to show you around the club one of them will although there is an expectation that you will buy a lady drink. Lady Drinks are not cheap-250 baht.

The main bar area has a bondage chair and a caged off area, in the back, is a full bedroom with bed, wall mounted bondage X and a full bathroom. There is a small circular room with no door and just a small area to sit with chains. There's also a large bondage room with a variety of equipment: a Gynecologic exam table, a police lock up box replica, stocks , a mini schoolroom with desk and blackboard, a bondage X and T and a variety of specialty bondage furniture. The club also has all kinds of toys, ropes and whips.

Short times and barfines are available at higher than normal prices reflecting perhaps the specialist practitioners.

The Castle is a terrific Fetish Club.

Review from Pattaya Polecat, March 2007: Hit Me Baby One More Time

If, like the Polecat, you’ve been putting off going to The Castle because of the high prices, or because you’re scared of getting a damn good thrashing, think again. The Polecat’s just lost his Castle cherry, and is now manically putting aside all his little silver bahts for the next visit.

Read the full review on Thailand Nightlife Roundup

Review 2006: First Fetish

Fun Town's first fetish establishment, called The Castle, opened its rather imposing heavy door for business in late December 2003. It specifically caters for those whose tastes in fashion run to whips, chains, PVC, latex, and leather.

The place was opened by the same French management who operate a similarly-named fetish joint in Bangkok. The gear, which also includes nurse and schoolgirl uniforms is being supplied by Pattaya's premier fashion house Boutique Sexy (their showroom is in Naklua Soi 33).

In order to get punters in the right sado-masochistic mood, the first drink in the place will set you back 900 baht. All drinks after that are just a trifling 200 baht. The management stress this is not a drinking bar; it is a place for like-minded people to come and indulge in their favourite fantasy. To really keep the screws turning, there is definitely no copulation on the premises, no matter how excited you might get over the sight of a couple of latex-clad damsels beating each other with an overripe cucumber. If you want to engage in something un-natural like sexual intercourse then fork out the 1,500 baht bar fine and take your leather feather duster and your lady back to your place.

The Castle has a dress code of which the colour black is one of the necessary component parts. It opens at 5:30PM and closes at 2:00AM and at present has a staff of around 14 dominatrixes/submissives who have been trained by an Englishman. A lady drink is a suitably humiliating 250 baht, but the bar has a strict policy dissuading damsels from asking for a libation. The choice is completely up to the customer.

The Cave

Soi LK Metro

Live band from 8pm

Live rock band venue opened in November 2014, taking over from Submarine A-GoGo. Happy Hour beer 55 baht.

News, December 2014: Customer drinks at lady drink prices

It has been reported that the bar charges lady drink premium prices for Thai female customers accompanying farangs. The lady may have no connection with the bar but is paid a lady drink commission as an incentive (at the farang customer's expense) for her to bring custom to the bar.

Comment from Dick Farang, December 2014: Live band

At the previous location of Submarine A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro is now The Cave, a rather dark open bar with a very noisy live band in the back.

The Cave

3rd Road

Renamed as the Castle, see above
The Celtic

Soi Lengkee

Shophouse bar & restaurant. Closed in June 2009

Scottish owned bar taking inspiration from Celtic, the Glasgow football club.

Champagne Coyotes

Soi LK Metro

Seems to be more beer bar than coyote dancing bar. The dancing seems to be occasional rather than continuous. Opened in December 2016 in the venue that was previously Malibu Club.

News September 2018: Merged

The bar has closed and the space has been merged into the Champagne GoGo bar.

News from Dick Farang, December 2016: Gone to the wolves

On Soi LK Metro, where Club Malibu used to be, is now Champagne Coyotes , a glass-fronted beer bar. From time to time one or two coyotes were performing on top of the counter. I could not be arsed to waste time and money there. I wonder when they are finally going to send those "coyotes" back to the prairie, where prairie wolves belong.


Soi Buakhao
(Corner Soi Diana Inn)

Hotel and bar

News from Malcolm, September 2015: Self Service

Charlie Bar at the Charlie Place hotel, corner of Soi Dianna and Soi Buakhao has gone. They have moved the reception desk to the front where the bar was and put a self service fridge at the back. It has been bought by the Nikom Court on the opposite corner who have the same system but lounge area there is much bigger with plenty of tables and the Soi Dianna food stalls at that end also serve into Nikom Court lounge as well as to the street and you can also take other food in. I don't think that Charlie Hotel's self service fridge will be as busy as Nikom Courts

Cheap Charlie Bar

Soi Pattaya New Plaza
(Off 2nd Road opposite to Soi 8)

Beer bar noted for the all day price of 35 Baht Tiger, Singha, Leo & Chang

Cheap Charlie's

Soi Buakhao
(100m south of Soi Diana)

Bar and restaurant associated with Maleez Lodge.

Comment from Malcolm September 2019

Cheap Charlies on Soi Buakhaw, well it is cheap. Singha B49. No food more than B199. Daily special meal for cardholders B99.

Cheeky Girl

Soi Lengkee

New beer bar for June 2013. Still going strong in January 2014

Review from Malcolm, January 2014: A couple of pretty girls

Single unit typical bar. Tables at front, pool table and bar at rear. A few girls there, a couple of pretty ones.

Singha B65. Free nibbles.

Chok Dee Bar

2nd Road: Soi 16

Beer bar

Circus Beer Bar

Soi Diamond

Opened in early December 2011. Closed in June 2012.

Soi Chayaphun

Late night disco bar, closed by 2013

Classic Beer Bar

Soi Buakhao
(north end)

Opened March 2011


Soi LK Metro
(Corner Soi Buakhao)

Opened in July 2015 as a coyote bar. Became an open bar on 31st October 2015. Up for sale in December 2020.

Club 4

Soi Full Love Inn, off Soi Bongkod (Third Road Soi 18).

very popular French owned fun bar which opened in 2011.

News September 2020: GoGo

The bar converted to a GoGo in September 2020

News March 2015: 30 Days

The bar has been closed for 30 days after a police raid found too much fun on the premises.

Notes from Pattaya forums, May 2014: Popular

The popular bar is well reviewed on Pattaya forums, the latest note suggesting that short time bar fines of all descriptions are 300 baht.

Some attractive girls noted on welcome duty

Bottled beers 70-80 Baht, spirits 110, bar fine 400. lady drink 130 Baht. Soi 6 level prices for the girl

Fun in the bar as one would expect from ownership connections with Carre Blanc. Plenty of good reviews on Pattaya forums.

Club 555

Soi Buakhao: Soi 15

Gentlemen's Club

Club Baku

Soi Buakhao
(corner of Soi 15)

Gentlemen's Club with pool and hostesses. Opened in December 2018.

Club Blu

Soi Buakhao
(Corner of Soi LK Metro)

Stylish coyote dancing bar opened 1st February 2008. Became Funhouse A-GoGo in 2013

Club Sin

Soi Full Love Inn
(running east off 3rd Road opposite Soi XZyte)

Facebook Page

Gentlemen's club opened in January 2017. Part of the Night Wish chain.

Review by Dick Farang, February 2017: Lust

On Soi Full Love Inn one more hostess bar with doorbell has opened: Sin Club.

As most bars on that strip (i.e. with the exception of Le Carr39 Blanc which is double unit and Pirates which is one and a half unit) it is a narrow single-unit bar.

On the signs the name is spelt both Sin Club and Club Sin .

The bar appears to be part of Bryan Flowers's empire.

(On the same strip another smallish, presumably Japanese themed, bar by the same group is taking shape: J Club.)

The layout of Sin Club is nothing to write home about: a bar counter with bar stools on the right-hand side and one curtained-off area to the rear.

I was their only customer and saw about six mediocre girls around the thirty-year mark.

Barfine 300 baht, room upstairs or curtained-off area downstairs included, FS 1,000 baht.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht.

Cock & Bull

Soi LK Metro

Open front Shophouse bar, now something else

Cocktail Bar

2nd Road Soi Honey

Shophouse bar

Coffee and Beer Bar

Pattaya Tai

New for 2010. Clean and offering very cheap drinks, no girls though.

Come Together

Third Road Soi 33

Gentlemen's Club took over from Le Carré Blanc in December 2016. Closed about 2 years late


Soi Chayaphun

Verified December 2013. Beer bar opened autumn 2007. Swish looking bar with attractive seating and fittings. The bar sign stands out too. Listing checked in September 2017.

Cool Room

Soi Honey

Beer bar

The Cottage Pub

3rd Road

Thai oriented music pub with live band and DJs

Cowboy Bar

2nd Road
(Made in Thailand Complex next to Night Market)

Beer bar

News August 2008:

Up for sale

Coyote Hustle Babe

News from Malcom, September 2018:

Coyote Hustle Babe has opened on the other side of Scooters. A few good lookers outside and I could see 1 girl swinging round a chrome pole inside as I went past.

Craft Cottage

Soi LK Metro

New for 2018, a bar featuring craft beers.

3rd Road
(a little south of Central Road)

Music bar now closed
Crazy Dave's

Soi Chayaphun

Long running restaurant/bar, Crazy Dave's, closed in 2015 and became Boars Head.

Crazy Eddie's

2nd Road: Soi Skaw Beach
(north of Soi Honey )

Shophouse bar

Football is the focus

Crazy Micky's Bar

New Plaza
2nd Road
(opposite Soi 7)

Beer bar noted as a favourite.

Review from , Feb 2009: Free Toilets

San Miguel 45 Baht
Heineken 45 Baht
Singha 35 Baht
Tiger 35 Baht
Chang 35
Thai Whiskey 25 Baht

They also have a great little restaurant where you can eat or have the food bought to your table, Plus they have their own Toilet, which is FREE to you when you drink or dine at their bar.

D (back to top)

Danny's Sports Bar

Made in Thailand Complex
2nd Road
(nearly opposite Central Festival)

Facebook Page

Sports bar with a strong presence of the Pattaya forums. Listing checked in Fenrary 2020.

Daokai Bar Beer

2nd Road
(Made in Thailand Complex next to Night Market)

Beer bar

Darcy's Bar

Shagwell Hotel
Pattaya Klang: Soi 1 ( Soi Arunothai )

Also known at times as Wombat Bar. See also Boomerang Bar above.

Darling Bar

3rd Road
(between Pattaya Klang and Pattaya Tai)

Beer bar
Dawn Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar closed in June 2007


Soi Chaiyapoon

New for 2019.

Delaney's Beer bar

2nd Road
(Made in Thailand Complex next to Night Market)

Beer bar

Delboy Bar

Soi LK Metro

Beer bar opened in autumn 2007, previously British Lions

The bar has had a refit under the new owner and is quite attractive .

Delirious Bar (Whisky Lounge)

Soi Chayaphun

Facebook Page

Ladyboy Bar opened in August 2019. Similarities to the naming convention of the Nightwish Group are coincidental and the bar is independently owned.

Update May 2020 from Delirious:

The Bar is run by Herbert & Som. We opened the bar in August 2019. The full bar name is Delirious Bar (Whisky Lounge).

We offer premium spirits including: Single Malts, Bourbon Whiskey, Gin's, Rums, Vodka, Tequila etc. And I'm still on the hunt to stock more good quality spirits. We serve our drinks in strong measures (doubles,50ml) at a good price. (Price of a single shot).

Free pool table and free wi-fi is available. We play only Rock Music. Sports ate shown on a couple of TVs.

Our Bar is a no hassle bar where you can sit, drink enjoy the night. If you need company our lovely LBs will entertain you of course

We are a ladyboy bar but all guests are welcome, also men in company of the girlfriend.

The Den

Soi Chayaphun

Facebook Page

Gentlemen's Club opened on 21st May 2017. It seems associated with a Bangkok bar with the same name that closed in 2016. Listing checked in September 2017. Closed in April 2018. It was open again by June 2018.

News July 2020: Re-opened

The bar re-opened after the coronavirus lockdown ended in July.

Review from Dick Farang, August 2017: Lo-so posh

With the Den on Soi Chaiyapoon closing early in the evening, I finally made it there in the daytime.

Shortly after 2 p.m. the, not so young and not so slim, birds were fixing their make-up and charging their mobiles.

Several months after their opening there were still workmen with ladders around.

Because of several pillars it is difficult to get a good view. In the middle is a bar counter surrounded by stools. On the right-hand side I noticed some pool tables. On the left-hand side is red plush bench seating with straight backs, which does not look very comfortable.

Contrarily to what I had read on internet fora (all-in price of 1,000 + 500 baht for ST), I was told there was no ST room available, but there was a room nearby at 250 baht. Barfine 400 baht ST and 1,000 baht LT. For themselves the fuglies wanted 1,500 baht ST. An unattractive, shapeless, 41-year-old woman, who had been selling Buddhist paraphernalia in Bangkok, told me she wanted to go with me ST for 2,000 baht, room included.

As soon as the females realised I was not going to barfine or waste money on lady drinks, they wanted tips in their pants and bras.

There were two other customers, quietly drinking their beers.

A lo-so experience.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht.

News from Dick Farang, June 2017: Posh on Chaiyapoon

On Soi Chaiyapoon (aka Chalerm Phrakiat 25 or Third Road Soi 25), more or less opposite the Thai karaoke Hot Man, The Den has opened.

I was told opening hours are 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. only.

I caught a glimpse of the interior, which was dominated by red plush. \I think that in the past it has been a karaoke where well-off bargirls could hire a Thai gigolo. Hot man appears to be the last remaining of those karaokes on Soi Chaiyapoon.

That being said, I wonder who in his right mind would want to open a (posh ?) venue on the worst stretch of the (literally) dirtiest street in Pattaya.

Graham adds:

I went into The Den..had one drink..I asked a nice girl if it was a BJ bar? She looked puzzled and said drinking...WTF...

5555 yes indeed: "...who in their right the dirtiest street..."


Soi LK Metro

Coyote bar opened on 16th March 2012. The bar switched to GoGo in mid 2013 but that didn't work out and it closed at Christmas 2013. The bar re-opened as a coyote bar under new management on 8th February 2014 and later became an A-GoGo. See Destiny on GoGos list

Devonshire Hotel

Soi Leng Kee
off Soi Buakhao

Hotel/bar/restaurant Verified May 2017. Previously Le Katai.

The Devil's Den

Soi LK Metro

Hells Club reopened as The Devil's Den on Friday 15th May 2009. It closed during the coronavirus lockdown of 2020.

News September 2020: Closed

The bar has closed on Soi LK Metro noting that the rent commitments of the venue are not viable during the period of massively restricted tourism. The bar intends to re-open in a new location once tourists return to Pattaya.

News from Devils Den, October 2011: Day of Rest

In keeping with the Devil's Den commitment to both customers and staff, we have decided to change our hours of business. Effective from the 1st of November 2011, we will be closed on Sundays. Our Monday through Saturday hours of operations will continue to be from 1:00 pm until 12:00 Midnight.

Review from Pattaya Secrets , April 2011: ALL In

The Devil's Den also runs on a one price model. You pay one price and that covers everything. There are no barfines, lady drinks or other costs that so commonly add up on a visit to any other place in town. There are no hidden charges or surprises. Tipping is also absolutely NOT required or expected. (The ladies will take them, though.) The Devil's Den always requires that you have two ladies-that is included in the one price. And the Devil's Den give you 90 minutes.

After getting the rundown, the ladies will come in for a lineup. The ladies come out and line up for your review. You will notice that some of the ladies are to the left and some to the right of a yellow line. The ladies on one side do anal and the ladies on the other side do not. The ladies also do a variety of other things. (like golden showers, ect.)

After selecting the ladies you will go upstairs to a room. The rooms are nice. They all have televisions with vcr's that can play porn of your selection. Some of the rooms have swings for use some do not. You will have fun. It's party time!

News September 2009: Raided

The bar has suffered another police raid by Immigration police. But re-opened 9th October 2009.

Review May 2009: Devilish

The bar now offers a booking service both for in-call and out-call

The bar specialises in multiple partners and multiple orifices. it is well worthwhile checking out their website for further details.

Traditionally the fun is with two girls guaranteeing a full 90 mins. They are equipped with toys and visual aids etc. The in-call all in price is 3600 Baht. Of course other combinations of number of girls and time are available.

The girls have regular medical checks and the results are posted on the website.

Something of a unique feature of Pattaya that the owners suggest everyone should try once in their life. Plenty of forum posters seem to agree.

Dick Inn

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar dark by September 2017.

Dive Bar

Soi Chaiyapoon

Dive Bar Facebook Page

Dive Bar opened on Soi Chaiyapoon on 21st December 2020. It is located towards the 3rd Road end between The Den and Assienda.

The bar introduced itself:

We aim to be a fun bar, with great girls, comfortable seating, air con, sports on TV , free pool and very fair booze prices, beers from 60 bt, we also have a nice outside viewing gallery. Indoors half the bar is non smoking.

Do Call Inn

Soi Buakhao

From 4pm Saturday-Sunday
Otherwise 11am

Facebook Page

Opened in 2019 taking over from Paddy's Bar. The new owner previously had Do Drop Inn on Soi Diana.

Prices December 2019:

Happy Hour until 6pm. Bottled beers are 50 Baht, Thai spirits 45 Baht

Do Drop Inn

Soi Diana Inn

Opened in 2017 on the north side of the soi. The bar was sold in 2019 and the original owner moved to Do Call Inn on S0i Buakhao.

Doggystyle Bar

2nd Road
(Made in Thailand Complex next to Night Market)

Beer bar

Finland owned and claims to be a small bar with style...doggystyle

News August 2008

Up for sale


394 3rd Road
(opposite X-Zyte disco)

Opened autumn 2007

News from Pattaya Secrets , Oct 2007: New Venture

The owner Steve, previously ran the golfers' bar, Lewiinski's, on Soi Pattayaland 1. Lewiinski's was sold on 1st September 2007

His latest venture is Donovan's on 3rd Road. It is a new bar recently converted from a Deli/Steakhouse.

Don's Blackrock Bar

Soi LK Metro

Now closed

Dragon Lobby Bar

Diana Dragon Apartment
Soi Diana Inn

Beer bar. Has a promotional deal with Chang for some very cheap beer
Dream Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar closed in 2014.

Dre's Bar

Soi Buakhao
(south of Soi Diana)

Beer bar

Review from Malcolm, September 2019: Rings the bell

Dre's Bar on Soi Buakhaw still going strong.

Singha B60 up to 7pm and B70 after. Dang the owner must be a good employer as most of the girls has been there for some years. Dang arrives mid afternoon every day first thing she does is ring the bell and get all the customers a drink.

Review from Malcolm, September 2015: Floods of Girls

Dre's Bar on Soi Buakao,just around corner from Soi Dianna. Spent a bit of time in there as I was staying over the road at Sutus Court.

Plenty of girls split into 2 groups. The ones in uniform just work in the bar. The ones in without a uniform can be barfined. Friendly lot.

Singha during day B55 and B65 in the evening. Ladydrink B100.

Food available at reasonable prices.

I waded over there Wednesday evening in the floods. Fortunately I only needed to paddle back by 1am as the water had receded.

Driving Range Golf Bar

Pattaya Klang: Soi Town in Town

Beer bar, now O'Leary's, see below

The Drunken Duck

Soi LK Metro

Guesthouse and bar

News July 2010: In for a re-quack

The bar has recently changed hands and is in the process of a complete redecoration.

Review from Pattaya Chat, Feb 2007: Quiet

Decent budget priced rooms , decent looking bar area , some nice ladies on tow , but for me kind of lacks a bit of atmosphere, crank up the music a wee bit more would be my advice. but it might have the atmosphere your looking for.

The DTs

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar

Duangjai Bar

Soi Lengkee

Ladyboy bar.

Review from Malcolm, September 2017: Sweetheart 1

Pretty sure it is where the the old Monkey Club 1 was has now opened as Duangjai Bar . Still a single unit.

Looks newly decorated. Pool table. 5 half decent girls working but I couldn't make up my mind about 2 of them, very tall but no hassle from them. Singha B70.

I was the only customer at 8.30pm but after about 15 minutes a motorbike pulled up outside and 2 girls rushed in. One of them rang the bell so drinks all round and after a couple of minutes of Thai screaming and shouting and laughing they jumped back on the motorbike, drinks in hand and left.

Duangjai Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Ladyboy bar.

News from Dick Farang, February 2018: Moved

The Soi LK Metro Duangjai Ladyboy Bar has moved to Soi Chaiyapoon.

Review from Malcolm, September 2017: Sweetheart 2

Duangjai Bar is also next to The Cave on Soi LK Metro. Same name as the one I found on Soi Lengkee a couple of days ago. Must be connected. The logos on the signs are the same but in reverse. Didn't venture in because of the ladyboys sat outside which might confirm my doubts about 2 of the girls on the Soi Lengkee bar.

Dude Pub

Soi Bongkot

Large gay Thai pub and disco also open to Farangs.

I heard a mention that this may be a good venue for farang ladies to pick up a Thai guy.

E (back to top)

Easy Corner Bar

Soi Buakhao
(at the dog leg towards the north end)

Beer bar, previously Tee Ruk Bar.

Review from Malcolm, May 2012: Cornering the Market in Easy Bars

The Tee Ruk Bar on Soi Buakhao is now the Easy Corner Bar (not to be confused with Easy R Con Bar over the road). The bar is on the dogs leg of Soi Buakhao towards the Pattaya Klang end

Easy Corner have knocked out the internal walls and moved the bar counter to the other wall. Beers are 55 Baht, English breakfast is 120 Baht. Pad Thai gai/moo 75 Baht.

There's a reasonable toilet.

Beer prices are reasonable too:

  • Chang: 40 Baht

  • Leo: 45 Baht

  • Singha, Heineken, San Miguel and Tiger: 55 Baht

Easy Rcon Bar

Soi Buakhao
(at the dog leg towards the north end)

The long running and well known beer bar did not survive the coronavirus lockdown in 2020.
Eden Club

Soi LK Metropole

Short time bar opened in December but closed a few days later due to bereavement. Now reborn as Devil's Den...see above

Elephant Bar

3rd Road
(half way between Central and South roads)

Open shop house beer bar
Embassy Pub

3rd Road (north end)

Live music & bar. Now The Girls, see below

Emma Salon

Soi Buakhao (south)

Salon & bar

English Rose

Soi Chayaphun

Verified December 2013. Bar and apartments. Listing checked in September 2017.


Soi Chayaphun

Verified September 2017. One for the ladies

Guys sit outside, but it is not a gay bar. Thai women frequent here when they want a bit of fun. They buy the guys drinks and they can barfine them. Not cheap though, a beer is said to be 200B.

A bit off topic but maybe useful if you are entertaining ladies

Essex Arms

Soi LK Metro

Shop bar took over from The Haven in 2010.

Soi Chayaphun

Verified December 2013. Bar and restaurant. Closed in 2014.

Excite Club

Soi XZyte

Fun in the bar specialists from Club 4 and 007 set up this bar when forcibly relocated during a police closure of Clun 4 in 2015.

F (back to top)
Fairy Club

Soi Buakhao
(In the small soi off Soi Buakhaow opposite the Sawasdee Siam building)

Gentlemen's Club opened in June 2016. Closed by February 2017 and the venue became PinUp Club in March 2017.

The Fairway Sports Bar

3rd Road

Guesthouse and sports lounge. Now Bliss, see above
Fall in Love Club

2nd Road

Coyote dancing bar took over from Bad Cats Club in December 2008. Closed in January 2010. Now an Indian restaurant.
Fantasy Lounge

Soi Buakhao
(opposite Soi LK Metro)

Ladyboy bar

FC Bar

Soi Diana

Beer bar

The FCUK Inn

Soi LK Metro

Beer bar with a notable bar sign: Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear. Returned after a refit. The bars seems to be a little sporadic as to when it opens. Listing checked in August 2018.

Review from Pattaya Chat , March 2007: Air Con

Very well fitted out air con bar with very nice rooms for rent, pool table and music based, a few good girls too. l

First Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Short time bar with aircon. Had become Growling Swan by 2013
First's Gentleman's Club

Pattaya Soi 8
(central at back of beer bar complex)

Opened 30th September 2010. Previously First A-GoGo but now the dancers have been replaced by a pool table. The bar didn't take off and it closed shortly after.

Flames Bar and Lounge

Soi Buakhao

Gentlemen's Club that took over from Club Sinzu in November 2020.

The Flying Dutch Man

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar
Fon's Bar

Soi Leng Kee

Beer bar. Closed by December 2014.
Football Stop

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar closed in 2014.
The Freeze

Soi Leng Kee

Opened in early 2014. Glass fronted bar with outside pool table. Opposite Pretty Club. closed by May 2016.

Friends: The Disco Club

Soi LK Metro

A new nightclub opened at the venue that was previously The Office Club in November 2019.

The FU Bar

Soi Skaw Beach Mexican

Used to be soi 10 now Skaew beach. Soon to be senor Reilly's Mexican restaurant.

Fubar II

Soi Buakhao

New live music bar for July 2018

G (back to top)

Garden Beer Bar

Off Soi Buakhao

Opposite the ladyboy gogo Baby Boom in a small soi off Soi Buakhaow just before Soi 15 when coming from Soi LK Metro.


Belgian bar with restaurant and garden which mainly caters for French language speakers.

There is no garden at all. The garden is just in the name.

Geisha Bar

Soi LK Pavillion
Off Pattaya Tai (South Rd)

1pm - midnight

location on Google maps

BJ bar opened on 2nd November 2016. The bar has ownership connections with 007

Drinks are from 60 Baht. BF 300 Baht (including room). from 1pm till midnight. Closed in July 2018 and is now up for sale.

Review from Dick Farang, November 2016: Fast service

Off Third Road, in a soi more or less opposite Soi 33 (where Le Carré Blanc used to be), a smallish bar has opened: Geisha Club Bar Hôtesses .

The door was opened before I could ring the doorbell.

Most girls were in their late thirties and wearing big bras and big pants under their chaste dresses. Nothing special on offer. No other customers.

I saw a coaster of a Belgian beer Keizer Karel . (Emperor Charles V was an enthusiastic beer drinker and already legendary during his lifetime. His Antwerp residence Prinsenhof (Prince's Court) now houses the main campus of Universiteit Antwerpen. When he later moved from the Low Countries to Spain a number of brew masters accompanied him.)

Barfine (room included) 300 baht, full service (no anal) 1,000 baht.

Bottled Heineken 105 baht, lady drinks (cola on the rocks) 130 baht, a tad expensive for the kind of venue.

By comparison: at Working Girl on Soi 6 the new prices are 89 baht for bottled Heineken and 125 baht for lady drinks.

The Girls

3rd Road (north end)

Live music & bar. Previously Embassy Pub. Closed in 2009.

Golden Time Gentlemen's Club

Soi Buakhao

The glass fronted ladyboy bar Surprise Yourself ladyboy bar has become the Golden Time Gentlemen's Club. There are ownership connections with Babylon Club.

Opened on 4th December 2019

Facebook Page

Golden Time opens daily at 2pm.

News from Ishi, August 2020: GoGo

Golden Time , currently a gentlemen's club opened as a GoGo bar on 29th August. The bar is located on Soi Buakhao opposite Pattaya City Hospital. The bar has a Facebook Page but it does not yet mention the GoGo news. The name has now become Golden Time 2.0

The Golf Club

Soi LK Metro

Golf oriented bar without hostesses. Listing checked in August 2018

Review from Pattaya Secrets , Aug 2007: Well Fitted Out

Looks very well fitted out, has a couple of different draught beers on tap. Done out like an English bar, air-conditioned and comfortable. It seems to have become instantly popular.

News from Pattaya Secrets , Feb 2007: Teeing Off

Good to see a new golf bar opening soon on Soi LK metro off Soi Dianna

It will be called The Golf Club. It should be open any day now.

They will be organising games for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. John ex Lewiinski's bar plans to play Green Valley on Tuesdays, maybe Siam on Thursdays and move around to the premium courses on Monday and Friday. There will be a signup sheet available in the bar.

There will be no hostesses in the bar though.

Growling Swan

Soi Chayaphun

Verified as open in September 2017 but still with a for sale sign.

H (back to top)

Halfway Inn

Soi 21 (Soi Jirapol) (20m off Soi Buakhao towards PP Massage and 3rd Road)

Bar & Restaurant
Happy Bar

Soi Buakhao
(Opposite Butchers Arms)

Beer bar new for January 2013. Demolished in October 2014

Harry & Lloyd's Beer Bar

2nd Road (Made in Thailand Complex next to Night Market)

Beer bar featuring cheap beer
Harry Bar & Restaurant

Pattaya Soi 11 ( Soi Honey)

Restaurant & bar lost out in the development of the Honey Inn in summer 2007. Maybe connected with Harry's Place that opened in a new block opposite, see below


Soi Diana

Family Bar became Harry's Bar and Restaurant in 2015.

News July 2020: Re-opened

The bar re-opened after the coronavirus lockdown ended in July.

Review from Malcolm, September 2015: Same Family

What used to be the Family Bar on Soi Diana is now called Harry's Bar, Hotel, Restaurant. It's to the left of the Metropole Apartments between LK Metro and Soi Buakhao.

Nothing much changed from Family Bar.

They have draft Leo at B49 but it's only a small glass. Bottle of Singha at B65 is better value. Orange juice B40.

When I asked about food I was told the restaurant will be up and running in about 3 months.

Harry's Bar

3rd Road
(Near Buffalo Bar)

For conviviality only (no girls). A small bar frequented by mainly Brits and Aussies. Harry has been around the block a few times and is always good for a yarn.

Harry's Place

Pattaya Soi 11 ( Soi Honey)

Beer bar opened in mid 2008 in a new shop house development on Soi Honey.
The Haven

Soi LK Metropole

Shop bar, now Essex Arms see above

Heart Beat Beer bar

216/38 Soi Diana Inn

Beer bar with live band

Review from Pattaya Addicts , Aug 2008: Enjoy

Open air, Beer Bar or Pub style bar located on Soi Diana across from the Acrea Lodge.

I really enjoy this Bar. It’s a great way to finish the night. The bar girls are not stunners by some your standards, but some are really cute to be sure and eager to be bar fined (300 baht). The girls are quick to give you a new drink and don’t bother you if your not looking for company, but are quick and happy to provide some if you want,

After 21:00, the house band starts to play and they really know how to rock and have a good time.

Beer is cheap, Bottles of Heineken, 75 baht after happy hour.

Review from Pattaya Addicts , Sep 2007: Laid Back

Excellent laid back bar called "Heartbeat" that has live music every night from 8pm onwards. Good drink prices and excellent staff who don't hassle you (unless you want to be!)

Heaven Above

Soi Boomerang
(off Soi Buakhao by Pattaya City Hospital)

Gentlemen's Club opened on 9th October 2020.

The long running and popular Heaven Above A-GoGo closed a few months ago on Soi Diamond. Now the GoGo's connections have created a new venue bearing the same name on Soi Boomerang off Soi Buakhao (by Pattaya City Hospital).

Heaven Above now describes itself as a gentlemen's club, but Soi Boomerang is a new entertainment area that features bars that blur the line between gentlemen's clubs and GoGos. So it seems likely that Heaven Above will go with the GoGo trending flow.

Thanks to Ishi who noted that there were topless dancers on opening night but there was no dancing when visiting on 12th October.

Helicopter Bar

Just off Soi Buakhao
(opposite Soi LK Metropole)

Beer bar
Hell Club

Soi LK Metropole

Short time bar opened in December as Eden Club but closed a few days later due to bereavement. Within a few days the bar was reborn as Hell Club. The bar renamed as The Devil's Den and re-opened on 15th May 2009, see above


Soi Buakhao (south)

Karaoke bar
Het Zottekot

Soi LK Metro

Bar & Restaurant, closed to make way for Showgirls


2nd Road: Soi Skaw Beach (north of Soi Honey Inn)

Beer bar

HK Darts Bar

3rd Road
(next t Buffalo Bar)

Darts bar moved from Soi 6 and opened on 3rd Road in September 2019.

Hole in One Bar Beer

Soi Leng Kee

Beer bar closed by May 2017

Holiday Beer bar

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar

Hollanda Bar Beer

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar

Honey Corner Bar

Soi Buakhao
(corner of Soi Honey)

Honey Vorner Bar took over from Noi in February 2020.


2nd Road: Soi Skaw Beach (north of Soi Honey Inn)

Beer bar

Hot Man

Soi Chayaphun

Verified September 2017. A bar for the ladies

Soi Chayapoon

Guys sit outside, but it is not a gay bar. Thai women frequent here when they want a bit of fun. They buy the guys drinks and they can barfine them. Not cheap though, a beer is said to be 200B.

A bit off topic but maybe useful if you are entertaining ladies

Hottie's Club

2nd Road

Ex coyote bar. Closed in June 2010.

The Hunny Lounge

Soi Honey

Facebook Page

Gentlemen's club opened on 25th April 2018.

News August 2019: For sale

A for sale sign has appeared and the bar looks closed for the moment

Prices, August 2018: Prices

All in Bj 800, ST 1300.

News from Ishi June 2018: Dark

The bar closed temporarily for a few days with the management citing staffing issues.

The Hunny Pot

Soi Honey

Sports bar opened in April 2014. Changed hands in August 2019.

I (back to top)


Soi LK Metro

Took over from Irish Rovers in 2015. Listing checked in August 2018

Review from Malcolm, September 2015: Rovers roves

Irish Rovers on LK Metro changed hands a few months ago. Now owned by Darren, an Australian. He's changed the name slightly to I-Rovers.

From what I can remember it's pretty much the same inside, over a dozen large TV's showing whatever sport you want.

Extensive food menu at reasonable prices with a Mon to Fri special at B169.

Happy hours on bottles, a bucket of three for B195 from 2pm to 7pm. Normal Singha price is B85.

Pool and darts competitions most nights. Very busy bar. The neon advert on the arch over Soi Dianna/LK Metro still says Irish Rover

The ex owner has opened a new bar/hotel on Soi Lengkee called Retox


Soi LK Metro

Coyote dancing bar that opened in July 2008 at the venue that was previously Gorkle Club A-GoGo. Closed in June 2010 and is now The Office A-GoGo.
Ile de Beauty

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar. Closed by 2013.
Ingo's Bar

3rd Road
(opposite Buffalo Bar)

Scandinavian bar and restaurant. Tried coyote dancing for a while but this didn't last long and was ended in November 2008.
Irish Rovers

Soi LK Metro

Guesthouse and bar that became i-rovers in 2015. See above

J (back to top)

J Club

Soi Full Love Inn

Short time bar. Part of the Night Wish chain.

Review from Dick Farang, April 2017: Kimonos

On Soi Full Love Inn one more single-unit hostess bar with doorbell and YouTube music has opened: J Club.

It is supposed to be Japanese themed , but it does look as ordinary as the neighbouring bars.

There were seven or eight birds and two of them looked slightly better than the average quality on the Soi Full Love Inn strip .

Some of them were clad in colourful beach bikinis with some kind of transparent kimonos on top, the only objects that could be labelled Japanese .

I was told ST was 300 baht in the playroom downstairs and 350 baht in a room with shower upstairs with the girls expecting 1,000 to 2,000 (!) baht ST.

For the complete duration of my visit I was their only customer.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht.

Jane's Bar

Soi Pattaya New Plaza
(Off 2nd Road opposite to Soi 8)

Beer bar. Last verified February 2014.

News May 2009: Budget

Thai beers now at 40 Baht after hefty tax increase

Review from Pattaya Addicts June 2007: Packed

Jane's dares to be different. It offers all Thai beers at 35 Baht a bottle, Thai whisky for 25 and proper whisky for 50, including mixers. It is packed every night!

Catering very much to the ex-pat retiree crowd it has become known to the Thais who work the street as the Bar Gaer (old people's bar).

With lots of seating, friendly if slightly worn staff, a pool table and an attached burger van, Jane's dishes out the Pattaya bar experience on a budget for those whose pensions need to be stretched a little.

Ok, so the bargirls stopped being girls quite a few years ago and you'd rather take them back than take them home but the crowd is warm and welcoming and, just as in any likeminded neighbourhood bar back home, you see the same faces in the same seats every night.

I like it very much.


2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar

Jeffy Club

2nd Road: Soi Skaw Beach
(north of Soi Honey )

Beer bar
Jenni Bar

Soi Leng Kee

Beer bar located under Dolphin House. New for 2014. The bar vanished by May 2017 and is now just the entrance to Dolphin House


Soi LK Metro Soi LK Metro

Hostess bar opened in late 2017 and has developed quite a following on Pattaya forums.

Jie Jie Bar Beer

Soi Chayaphun

New for 2016. Listing checked in September 2017.

Review from Malcolm, May 2016: Maulers

Jie Jie Beer Bar . a double unit beer bar with Singha at B60. Called in last night and was jumped on by a not bad looking plumpish girl who decided she was going to maul me for the 20 minutes I was in there. Her: you like massage . Me: No, no, I'm having a quiet beer But to no avail, still carried on mauling my arm and neck.

Jim Bar

Soi Diana

Beer bar
Jocky's Bar

Soi Leng Kee

Verified January 2014. Beer bar closed by May 2017

John's Bar

Nirun Condo
Soi Arunotai

Beer bar

Joker Bar

Soi Buakhao (south)

Beer bar

Jolly Miller

Soi Buakhao (south)

Beer bar

Joy Bar

Tree Town Complex
Soi Buakhao

New for 2019.

Joy Bar Beer

Soi Buakhao
(south end)

Opened September 2011 but moved to Walking Street in early 2013. Re-opened in May 2013.

Joy Beer Bar

Soi Buakhao
(north end)

Beer bar, new for 2011
Jumbo Bar

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar which became victim of redevelopment in the soi. The owners moved on to the Terrace Bar on the Dark Side

K (back to top)

Ka Dik

Soi Honey
(near Soi Buakhao)

New bar that looks to have a coyote dancing stage. Didn't last long and quickly scaled back to a minimal presence by June 2008

Kan Bar

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar
Kanya Bar

Soi LengKee

Verified January 2014. Food and drink. Closed by December 2014.

Kar Jala

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar. Closed by 2013.

Kare's Party Bar

Soi Buakhao

Pook Bar (Swan House) became Kåres Party Bar in summer 2019.


Soi Buakhao
(between Soi Dianna and LK Metro)

Beer but no girls

Review from Malcolm, September 2015: Popular

Called in this afternoon. Pleasant bunch of staff. Food available 24 hrs. Small beers, Leo/Chang B45, Singha/Tiger B50, Large beers Singha B70, Chang/Leo B65. Always seems to be busy when I pass, probably due to the reasonable prices

Prices from Thai Visa , May 2010:

Big Leo is 60 baht all day

KB Sports Bar

Soi Chayaphun
Sports massage

Double unit. Also advertises massage. 2 ladyboys working as well as a couple of girls. 1st ladyboy tried his luck and soon gave up but the second was a bit more persistent. Suddenly got busy at 8.30pm and I realised there was a pool match against the Boxing Roo. Music pleasant, not too loud. Singha reasonable at B60. Owned by a friendly British guy.


Soi Diana Inn


Beer bar opened January 2007 but had closed by summer 2007. Re-opened as a restaurant. But not long.

The Keep

Pattaya Klang Plaza
(Soi connecting 3rd Road and Soi Yume behind Carrefore)

Fetish bar new for May 2011.

From The Keep, May 2011: Fantasy

A Fetish/Fantasy Club. A new and intimate fetish and fantasy club set in Pattaya. A place to enjoy, share and indulge your fantasies. A place to experience a Mistress or command a Slave. A place to meet a girls dressed in various uniforms. Session prices 5000 Baht upwards for 2 hours.

Kevin Beer Bar

Soi Buakhao (south)

Beer bar that made the news in Feb 2009 when a 5m long snake was found in the roof

Keyma Pub

Soi Buakhao (south)

Shophouse bar

Khori's Restaurant & Bar

Soi Buakhao (south)

Beer bar & restaurant


Soi LK Metro

Nice bar , good comfortable seating and a pool table. A few nice ladies and some nice accommodation above.

News July 2013: Closed for renovation

But surprisingly not being turned into a GoGo. Just an ordinary revamp with no change of use... (So they say).

King's Club

3rd Road
(opposite Soi Xzyte)

King's Club blow job bar has taken over from Bliss Lounge at the 3rd Road venue opposite Soi Xzyte. The bar has new owners and new prices, 500 for BJ and 400 for the room. The bar has connections to the Telephone Bar which specialise in fun in the bar.

News August 2020: Re-opened

The bar re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown in July.

Korando's Bar

Soi Buakhao Soi 15

KorandosbarPattaya Facebook Page

Soi Buakhao 15. (Map reference )

24 hour bar and guesthouse. Parties, promotions, ladies, bottle service, live sports and free pool. Not a sports bar. A party bar that shows live sports.

Kronborg Bar

Soi Diana Inn

Bar and restaurant. Danish connections.

Comments from Malcolm, December 2013:

Scandinavian bar. Danish owned and welcomes bikers although not compulsory. You can miss it when walking past because it looks closed with the dark windows.

L (back to top)

La Chiquita Bar

Just off Soi Buakhao
(opposite Soi LK Metropole)

Beer bar

La Creche

Soi Chayaphun

Verified December 2013. Beer bar. Listing checked in September 2017.

Soi Chayaphun

Le Cap Bretton Restaurant and 69 Bar became L'Adresse in December 2014. Closed by June 2016.

Le Cap Bretton Restaurant and 69 Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Restaurant and bar became L'Adresse in December 2014

Le Katai

Soi Leng Kee
off Soi Buakhao

Verified January 2014. Beer Bar & Hotel. Closed by May 2017 and is now the Devonshire Hotel

Le Private Bar

Soi Leng Kee
off Soi Buakhao

Verified January 2014. Short time bar new for 2012 that seems to be doing enough business to attract some good looking girls.

News, January 2018: For sale

The bar has been up for sale since October 2017

News, May 2017:

The bar has been caught up in a scandal covered on Pattaya forums

Review from Dick Farang, December 2014: Not too unfriendly

Le Private is a French owned beer bar on Soi Lengkee.

It often happens that no girls are sitting outside and the (sliding) doors are closed to save on air conditioning.

Inside were more (mostly French speaking) customers than girls and a lot of cigarette smoke.

The (mostly Thai-Khmer) girls were sub-average as usual, but not too unfriendly.

Barfine ST 300 baht (air conditioned room included).

Bottled Heineken 90 baht.

Le St Tropez Bar

Soi Dianna Inn

December 2005: Underwent a change of ownership, renovation and a change of name to Papagayo, see below

Le Telephone Bar and Club

Sukhumvit Road Soi 46/3, not far from the end of Pattayatai Soi 2

From 9am - 9pm

Private club featuring fun in the bar. Bottled beer 90 Baht. Lady drinks 130 Baht

News January 2020: Closed

The bar together with King's Club is lacking girls so for the moment King's Club is taking preference over Telephone Bar.

Legends Bar

Nirun Condo
Soi Arunotai

Beer bar

Legends Pool and Sports Bar

Soi5 at corner of 3rd Road and Central Road

Opened in May 2913.

Lida Bar

Soi LK Metro

New bar for 2009

Lilo Lil's

Soi LK Metro

Open Shophouse bar

Reader review, March 2007: Take Care

Have had reports that the bar would be advised to get their girls tested more regularly. One to avoid at the moment

Review from Pattaya Chat, Feb 2007: English

Quite a lot of ladies, a few good lookers, and rooms to rent.

Review March 2006: Fun

Also we went to say hello at Lilo Lils Bar in Soi LK Metro but it seemed that all the personnel had been replaced. Nevertheless we had some fun there.

Lion Pub

3rd Road (just south of Pattaya Klang)

Beer bar looks closed
Liquid Lounge

Soi Buakhao
(Corner of Soi LK Metro)

Stereo bar renamed to Liquid lounge in July 2008. Became Sugar Sugar in May 2011, see below

Little Susie's Bar

Soi Diana Inn

Beer bar

Lizard Lounge

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar
Lloydie's Bar

Soi LK Metropole

Closed in 2009. Now Armageddon Bar, see above

The Local Beer Bar

Pattaya Soi 13 ( Soi Honey )

Beer bar


Soi Chayaphun

Gentlemen's lounge and bj bar. Closed in March 2013 to make way for another GoGo. Then relocated to Soi Chayaphun

News from Malcolm, September 2017: Price check

Still B700 for BJ. 90 Baht for a small Singha.

News August 2013: Relocated

The bar has now re-opened on Soi Chayaphun. The basic price has been reduced to 600 Baht but it is expected to return to 700 Baht for high season.

News March 2013: Closed

The bar has now closed and will make way for another GoGo.

Review from , September 2010: Socks Pulled Up

The model of dark, sleazy venues with old, ugly and often overweight wenches is a model that should never have been successful, yet it has been when, by default, there has, until now, been no other real options. Lolita's Pattaya has well and truly raised the bar and the term gentleman's lounge is both appropriate and valid. Here's hoping that rather than bitch and moan and badmouth the venue, other operators pull their socks up and invest in their own premises - and that this will be the first of many venues in this style. Lolita's in Pattaya is what the bars of soi 6, and other bars of this ilk, should be.

Review from Malcolm, Jan 2010: Expensive Lady Drinks

Lolitas on Soi LK Metro now 700B for BJ. Bought a drink for girl, bottle of something, didn't notice what coz of bott cooler. When the bill came (no bin) it was 185 Baht.

News from Lolita's, Oct 2009: Under New Management

We are working hard to make your experience at Lolitas Pattaya the best ever! We have completed the remodelling of the lounge area and will be starting on the upstairs area soon.

We have also started a free Tuk Tuk shuttle service at night that will pick you up at your hotel and return you. Just call the bar at 038-720-689 if you need a ride!

We have several promotions available that will appeal to you and we have added several new ladies.

Please stop by and see the new look ...truly a Gentleman's Lounge where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

News from Pattaya Secrets , Oct 2008: Remodelled

I noticed that the bar has been remodelled. I must say that the changes have given the bar a great look. There is more room to move around, they have a TV for sports now.

From the Yellow Board , February 2006: Doing the Biz

Most girls were only average at best but they dress them up in the same plaid skirts and white blouses you used to see at The Classroom gogos.

This is actually a real nice bar. The downstairs area has a bar, a pool table and a nice aquarium to divide the room and make it appear more cozy. A girl dutifully followed me in and took a drink order as I sat down on a comfortable sofa.

We talked for a while. The bar isn't doing that well in Pattaya and the owners had set up a rotation schedule with the girls from the Bangkok Lolitas. The girl I met was from the Bangkok bar. She said this bar was much much nicer, but she made more money in the big city. She asked if I wanted to "go upstairs". I inquired about rates. 600 inclusive, no tipping necessary.... unless I wanted to. So far so good.

For guys who don't like the exhibitionist quality of the Soi Post Office bars, this is probably the place for you. The "upstairs" consisted of a hallway of about 10 short time rooms. The rooms are probably only 8 ft wide. Just big enough for a barber chair, the modern kind, a table and a sofa.

Since we had privacy, I wanted to see her body. She seemed to think this was kind of unique and got into. She sat back in the barber chair and gave me some porno poses before getting down to action. She was very very good and I gave her a 200 baht tip.

I would have gone back several times and probably been a very good customer, but did not find the bar at all friendly, which may be part of why they aren't doing much biz.

Lollipop Pub

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar closed in July 2011.

Loong Nuad

Soi Bongkot

Beer bar

Love Friend Bar Beer

Soi Honey

Beer bar. Changed hands in March 2014.
Love Friends

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar closed by 2013

Love Shack

3rd Road
(between Pattaya Klang and Pattaya Tai)

Beer bar

Soi Xzyte (Third Road Soi 23)

Bar and Llounge with coyote dancers. Opened in September 2015, closed in March 2016.

Lucifer's Bar and Karaoke

Soi Chayaphun

Verified December 2013. Karaoke bar. Noisy till around 7am when your trying to sleep at the Rest Stop. Closed in 2016 after police action.

News from Malcolm, May 2016: Closed

Lucifer's Bar and Karaoke has been shut for 5 years by police/Army for opening till around 7am in the morning and some underage staff were found working there. There will be no tears shed by the surrounding buildings because of the exceedingly loud karaoke till 7am.

Luck Bar

Soi Diana Inn

Beer bar

Luck Bar 2

Soi Diana Inn

Beer bar

Lucky Star Bar

Boom Boom Bar Complex
Soi Buakhao

Beer bar at the location that previously was Rehab

Lynch's Bar

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar

M (back to top)
M Club
See MClub below

Ma Mak Beer Bar

2nd Road (Made in Thailand Complex next to Night Market)

Beer bar

Maggie May's

Soi Chayaphun

1pm - 1am

Gentlemen's Club and Irish Bar.

News July 2018: Gentlemen's Club

The long running Maggie May Bar on Soi Chayapoon has branched out into the Gentlemen's Club market.

It held its official opening party on 13th July but had a soft opening earlier.

The bar is located towards the 3rd Road end of the Soi near The Den and New Peacocks Bar.

Our opening hours are 1300 till 0100

The owner invites customers to pop by and be entertained by live music and of course the marvellous Maggie Maydens.

From Pattaya Secrets , Oct 2007: Guinness

A pint of Guinness is sold at 150 Baht. Note that the serving girls aren't barfinable.

From Pattaya Secrets , Sep 2007: Draught ASAHI

Nice friendly air conditioned bar with lots of expats, always good for a good chat and banter.

Guiness 150 pint all the time, one of only 3 bars I know that sell ASAHI draught 85 baht a pint during happy hours [12miday until 6 pm], during happy hour all bottled beer 45 baht a bottle and Heineken draught 85 baht a pint.

Has two UBC channels and South African.

Review from Pattaya Chat, March 2006:

I speak to lots of ex-pats in good surroundings, most afternoons before setting off on my adventures. It gives a cheap head start, Pints of Assahi,and Heineken for 80bt.

I find most of the locals near soi Buakhao are too hot during the day time. Maggie May's is just up from Crazy-Daves.

Mai Lu Si

Soi Buakhao
(small soi opposite Pattaya City Hospital)

Long running Belgian bar, previously located in Soi LK Metro, closed in 2018 after the death of the owner Charlie in December 2017.

Malee Bar

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar

Malibu Club

Soi Bongkot
(Near Babylon Club)

1pm - midnight.

Facebook Page

Gentlemen's Club opened in August 2020.

Mallee Bar

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar closed in summer 2020.

Mamak Bar

New Plaza
(off 2nd Road opposite Soi 8)

Listing checked in June 2018.


Soi Leng Kee
off Soi Buakhao

Coffee Bar Beer. Verified May 2017. Open since 2014.

Review from Malcolm, May 2017: Average

Small 1 unit, has Glass sliding doors with table tables outside and inside. Called in tonight. 4 average girls working one of which insisted on massaging my arm. She said it had been open for 3 years.

Singha B70.

The Manchester Bar

Action Street beer bar complex
Soi Buakhao

New beer bar for August 2014

The Marquee - Lambretta Bar & Cafe

Soi Buakhao
(Near Soi New Plaza)

Beer bar. Specialising in value for money with beers from 50 Baht until 8pm and from 55 Baht later. (November 2019).

Mates Sports Bar

Soi Buakhao
(by the Everyday Market)

Beer bar. Took over from Anna Bar in March 2014.

From Mates Sports Bar, April 2014: Live Australian Horse Racing

Live Sports..... Cold Beer.... Free Pool.... Free WiFi..... Lovely Ladys....Darts....Free Sausage Sizzle every Friday with Live NRL games. Live Australian Horse Racing everyday.....We have Pool team for Sunday and Monday nights, and Darts team on Thursday nights

May Beer Bar & Restaurant

2nd Road: Soi 17

Beer bar & restaurant. Previously Caddy Shack which has moved further down the road towards Theprassit

News Nov 2006: New Caddy

Good food there and girls good fun. It used to be the Caddy Shack and changed in august this year


3rd Road: Soi 14
(150m from 3rd Rd. Soi 14 is near Pattaya Klang)

MClub Facebook Page

Girls from 2pm

Gentlemen's Club opened in 2011. Changed hands for a re-launch on 1st January 2013. Took another break before re-opening on 9th September 2019.

News from Ishi, September 2014: Pool parties

The bar has now introduced regular pool parties on Saturdays (every 2 weeks). Soft drinks are 50B, lady drinks 130B, bar fines for outside 500B, bar fine inside (including playing room) 250B.

News, December 2013: Changed hands

Neil is the new owner as of the middle of December 2013.

From MClub, June 2013: Summer Pricing

Chang - 69
Draft - 55
Leo - 59
San Mig, Hein, Tiger, Singha - 79
Mixed Drinks - 100
And our standard lady drinks are still only 100 baht!

From MClub, January 2013: Gentlemen's Club in Central Pattaya

Pool table in the semi-private front area, very private inside bar area with many little pockets to hide and play in the main bar, and out back we have a Pool.

Good medium pricing structure lower than the Gogo pricing, but higher than the beer bars of course. Chang Draft 55 Chang Bottle and Leo 80 San Miguel, Heineken, Singha 95. Jack Daniels and most name brand liquor drinks 130. Lady Drinks 100-150. BF with nice hotel room adjacent 450. LT BF 520.

Happy Hour runs from 2-6pm when draft Chang is 45 Baht.

We are trying hard to provide a cool hangout place in Central Patts. Free Wifi, Sports on TVs, good food, good music.

There's a promotion for January and February when new customers get a VIP card Free. 400 baht value.

Free food on Sundays.

Me and Noy

Pattaya Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office)

Beer bar. Closed in 2012

Megabreak Pool Hall

Soi Diana Inn

Pool Hall

Review from Pattaya-Addicts , Oct 2008: Lively

If you like a decent game of pool on decent full size American tables, with good cues etc then you should try this place. The tables are not cheap (240 baht per hour) but if you like to play good pool this is the place. There are about 15 tables in all and quite a friendly, international place.

A couple of nights I sat at the bar watching some high quality games in progress. Some of the regulars are very good players, not that far short of professional standard.

Memories Gentlemen’s Club

Soi LK Metropole

Previously a bar and restaurant. Now The Office A-GoGo

Metro Bar

Soi LK Metro

Beer bar recently enclosed with aircon

Prices November 2019: Happy Hour 3pm until 7pm with beers from 55 Baht.

Review from Pattaya Secrets , June 2006: Lively

Metro Apartments sports a lively bar. It is now air con and has 3 free pool tables (as long as you are buying drinks). It has several TVs for satellite sport and friendly staff to play pool with if you are on your own. The Irish boss, Dennis, runs a smooth operation and I found it a nice place for an early evening game of pool before heading out for the night.

The place is open all day but must of the staff roll in about 16 30 hrs and it stays open till 0200 as long as its busy.

Review from Pattaya Chat, Feb 2007: Metropolitan

This place constantly gets a real good write up in all of the boards. Nice, good quality rooms at a decent price. Nice comfortable bar area, free pool tables, a few nice ladies on the staff and a very nice owner in Dennis.

Mhon Bar

3rd Road : Soi 13
(Soi 13 is between Xzyte and Pattaya Klang and runs to Soi Buakhao)

Small, well reviewed, beer bar that got noticed on Pattaya forums for stocking alcohol free beers. Standard bottled beers at around the 50-55 Baht mark.

Mickey Mallone's

Soi LK Metro

Irish themed bar

Mike White's

Soi linking Soi Buakhao with Soi XZyte

Beer bar.

Mini Alita Bar

Soi Chayaphun

New for 2016. Listing checked in September 2017.

Soi LK Metropole

Beer bar closed in 2006 and made way for Bar San Miguel, now Bull Dog, soon to be a GoGo.
Mod Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Verified December 2013. Beer bar. Closed by May 2016
Monkey Club 1

Soi Leng Kee

Verified January 2014. Beer bar. Closed in August 2017 and became Duangjai Bar.


Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar

Morning Star

Soi Chayaphun

Drink and food. New for 2016. Closed by May 2017 but re-opened ny September 2017..

Mr Bean Bar

New Plaza
2nd Road (Opposite Soi 8)

Friendly Liverpool owner

Murphy's Law

Soi LK Metro

From 1pm

Irish pub & guesthouse

Review from Pattaya Chat, Jan 2007: Friday Party Night

Owned by Steve from Cork , claims he's the only real Irish bar owner in Pattaya.

Nice atmospheric Irish bar, not really into sport , more music based , always a good fun bar. Holds legendary parties every Friday night , if he can't find a reason to have a party, he'll make one up.

From the bar, May 2006: Irish Buzz

If you like the buzz and atmosphere of an Irish pub you wont go wrong at Murphy's Law, it is the only genuine Irish owned pub in Pattaya.

Although it is small; the owner Steve from Cork is a great host, every one is greeted and made welcome, and introduced to the other customers, you'll feel like a regular on your first visit.

Unusual for an Irish bar it doesn't have an 'Irishy' theme but Thai style
decor and a cozy feel. The prices are noticeably lower than other bars and the staff while attentive are not pushy.

Food can be ordered in from any of the many close by restaurants.

N (back to top)


Soi Buakhao

Nan Happy Bar

2nd Road: Soi Skaw Beach
(north of Soi Honey )

Beer bar
Nana Bar

Pattaya Soi 11 (Soi Honey )

Bar and massage. Opened early in 2008. Moved to 3rd Road in June 2009
Nana Bar

3rd Road

Bar and massage. Moved from Soi Honey in June 2009. Now noted as a Snack Bar and opens intermittently. Seemed fully closed in July 2012.

Natalie's Bar

Soi Diana
(next to Papagayo)

Noted in 2014. Has a strap line: Northern Soul Bar .

Review from Malcolm, January 2015: Has soul

Called in a couple of times. Soul music playing both times. Pleasant staff. Free pool table.

Good toilets, albeit you have climb a metal spiral staircase, bit dodgy if you've had a few.

Singha B75.

Ned Kelly Bar

Soi Leng Kee

Bar and Guesthouse verified In May 2017. Previously half of Valentines Guest House

Soi Chayaphun

Bar & Restaurant billed as an English style curry house. Closed due to owner's death in 2013.

Negan Bar

Soi Buakhao

Bar and restaurant took over from Three Lords in July2019, but it did not survive the coronavirus lockdown in 2020

Nemo's Lounge

Soi Diana

Beer bar

Nessie's Cafe Bar

3rd Road
(Opposite Buffalo Bar)

Beer bar, closed in early 2008

New Orn Bar

Soi Diana Inn

Beer bar

Review from Pattaya Chat , Dec 2007: Worth a look

The bar has a Thai guy singing every night.

Average range of girls here and more recently there has been up to 7 lady boys working out front. Neither the girls or the lady boys hassle you for drinks so that is a bonus.

Bar fine is 200 Baht, 50 of this goes to the girl.
If you want some where to relax and not listen to a what a 19 year old Thai DJ thinks you like at a squillion decibels this place is worth a look.

Review from Pattaya Secrets , July 2006: Happy

I enjoy the happy hour at New Orn Bar on Soi Diana. Can't beat 35 baht Tiger bottles, unless you drink outside 7-11.

The happy hour runs from noon until 6pm. Thai beers at 35 Baht, Heineken at 50 Baht, spirits at 50 Baht, soft drinks at 20 Baht.

The hot girls usually don't start arriving until after 4pm.

New Peacocks Bar

Soi Chaiyapoon
(near 3rd Road end)

10am - 2am

Beer bar established in 2012. Listing checked in September 2017.

From Peacocks Bar, November 2015: Party Bar

New Peacocks Bar is modern, comfortable and clean, and a very friendly atmosphere with their lovely staff.

Customers can request their music which is displayed on large screens. This bar has an excellent JBL sound system with two large screens displaying music, and international sports. There is free WIFI, Free Pool Table, Free Dart Board and Free snacks.

This bar many great parties where there is free food and great entertainment, New Peacocks Bar also do many Fishing Party Trips, Free Taxi, Free Food (cooked onboard), Free Drinks, Whiskey and a variety, Music on board and they bring all the girls along. All incl. 980 Baht per person

Beer prices are 65 baht for local and 75 for imported, Samsong and coke at 50 Baht.

There are around 7 nice looking girls working there from the age of 23 to 33, lady drinks are 120 Baht and 300 Baht bar fine.

Fresh percolated coffee and tea is also available.

This is open 10.00am to 2.00am, operating for 3 years located on Soi Chaiyapoon near 3rd Road End

New York Club

Soi Chayaphun

New for 2016. Glass fronted beer bar. Listing checked in September 2017.
Next Door

Soi Diana

An extension of Papagaya coyote bar which is more or less the same. There is a draft beer at 69 Baht. Now Papa GoGo

Next Station

Soi LK Metro

Cocktail bar. Renovated in July 2012. Closed an dup for sale by September 2012.

Neya's Bar 2

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar took over from the Flandria Restaurant in June 2018.

Nice Bar 2

Soi Arunothai

Beer bar also known as Lean To Bar

Nicky's Bar & Restaurant

Soi Buakhao (south)

Aircon beer bar & Restaurant

Review from Jil in Pattaya, Aug 2007: High Quality British Food

Prices for food were reasonable, and the dining room was clean and bright with new furniture and pleasant-enough decor. The staff seemed generally competent and the service was error-free. Everything was more than acceptable for an establishment that isn't focused exclusively on food.

Overall, Ricky's on Soi Buakhow is a nice little restaurant serving reasonably-priced, high quality British food. Definitely worth a visit for a middle-of-the-road budget combined with a good appetite.

Nid Bar

Soi Diana

Beer bar. Gets regular mentions in dispatches from supportive forum members.

Nieuw Vlaanderen

Soi Buakhao
(small soi opposite Pattaya City Hospital)

Bed & Breakfast Sports Bar & Restaurant

Mai Lu Si bar become Nieuw Vlaanderen Bed & Breakfast Sports Bar & Restaurant in January 2018.

News from Dick Farang, January 2018: Nieuw owners

On the small soi off Soi Buakhaow opposite Pattaya City Hospital, at the latest location of Mai Lu Si bar, Nieuw Vlaanderen Bed & Breakfast Sports Bar & Restaurant has opened. (As feared, Pookie from Surin could not succeed on her own at Mai Lu Si bar after Charlie's decease.)

The Belgian owner of Nieuw Vlaanderen appears to be a brother of the owner of the defunct Klein Vlaanderen restaurant (once a triple unit and later a single unit with heavy advertising in Russian) on Second Road opposite the Austrian Domicil restaurant. This new owner seems to be new to the Pattaya scene and I doubt if he will last long.

Nikom Court

Soi Buakhao
(Corner Soi Diana)

Beer bar with bottled beer around the 50 Baht mark
Ninja Karaoke

Soi LK Metro

lady boy bar

No Name Bar

Soi LK Metro

Bar opened in 2008

Noi Beer Bar

Soi Buakhao
(corner of Soi Honey)

Beer bar closed in February 2020. It has new owners who will rename it.

Noir Club

3rd Road

From 10pm

Thai pub

Review from Pattaya-Live , Oct 2008: Thai Pub

One of my favourites. Recently built with high class interior.

Best action is after 3am. Good place to take your Thai lady to she will love it. This place is quite similar to Differ. But go with some Thai people or you may not get inside. Its not a very farlang friendly place but if you live here you know how to act and behave with respect.

The music is House / Club / RnB / Thai .

Drinking is fair priced eg Red Label 1litre 950 Baht mixers are 50 Baht each.

Noody's Bar

Soi LK Metro

Beer bar opened in November 2011.

Noody's Bar

Soi 15

Beer bar opened in June 2012 in the venue that was previously Eazy A-GoGo

O (back to top)

Off Key Bar

Soi LK Metro

Beer bar

Offshore 44 Bar

Soi Xzyte
(off Soi Buakhao )

Bar opened in early 2007.

Review from Offshore 44, Aug 2007: Oil Workers

It gets a lot of oil workers in networking as one of the partners is a director of Mermaid Maritime. Large screen TV, pool table, food and well furnished we even have an outside terrace.

Offshore Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Opened during 2014. Open beer bar. Malcolm notes: Claims to have been voted Pattaya's best Scottish Sports bar. No mention on who did the voting. Closed by May 2016

OK Corral Saloon & Pub

Soi Rungland
(near junction of 3rd Road and Pattaya Tai )

Beer bar with pub grub. Organises golf tournaments

From OK Corral, Sep 2007: Daily Schedule

OK Corral is run by long time Pattaya bar owner Denis offering beautiful clean air con rooms.

  • Golf days: Tues, Thurs and Sunday
  • Darts: Fri
  • Pool match: Mon
  • Quiz: Sun and Wed,


Pattaya Klang: Soi Town in Town

Beer bar, now O'Leary's, see below

One Bar 2

Soi Buakhao
(Near night market)

Beer bar. Took over from Bobby Bar 2 in January 2015.
One for You

3rd Road

Beer bar closed in 2007

Soi Leng Kee

Beer bar. Closed and being redeveloped in January 2015

Orange Bar

Soi Chayaphun

New for 2016. Dark by September 2017. Later re-opened as part of the Night Wish chain. Sold out of the Night Wish Group in November 2020.

Orange Bar

3rd Road
(A little north of South Road)


Soi Chayaphun

Opened during 2014 at the 3rd Road end of the soi. Verified in September 2017.

Tom Bar. The front is closed with no windows.

Oud Bar

Soi linking Soi Buakhao with Soi XZyte Oud Bar

Previously a ladyboy bar associated with Baby Boom. Now a standard bar.

The Outback Bar

Shagwell Hotel
Pattaya Klang: Soi 1 (Soi Arunothai)

Australian themed short time bar and restaurant behind Shagwell Hotel. Now Boomerang Bar, see above

P (back to top)

P.Phen Bar

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar
Pa Pa Run Club

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar closed in 2014.

Soi LK Metro

Coyote Bar opened in October 2015. Became a GoGo in December 2015. See Pandors's A-GoGo

Pantry Bar

3rd Road : Soi 33
(Just north of Pattaya South Road)

Previously Stupid Cupid, now Carr้ Blanc Le Club, see above

Papa Bar

Soi Diana Inn

Beer bar


216/38 Soi Diana Inn

From 1pm

Coyote dancing. Previously St Tropez. Beware of the lady drinks 120 Baht, but 150-180 Baht have been reported. Bottled beer 80-120 Baht. Barfines reported at 1000 Baht before midnight, 600 after for dancers. 350 Baht for hostesses.

Prices, January 2015:

Barfines are 700 Baht.

Prices from Ishi, June 2012: Draft Beer

The bar has introduced a draft beer at 69 Baht. This is available in Papagayo and the adjoining Next Door Bar

Review from Pattaya Secrets , September 2009: Lady Cocktails

It was a fun place. Had some friendly ladies. The only thing that I didn’t like was that they have 2 LD prices. A LD or a cocktail. Cocktails weren’t cheap and that’s what all the ladies will ask for

News from , Nov 2008: Renovation

The bar now has 3 new owners, Ivan, Justin and Dirk. They celebrated their acquisition with a party on the 1st November.

They also announced the refurbishment of the venue including adding more sparkle to their lively Coyote Dance Show. The new bar plans to re-open later this month.

Review from Materialsman, Nov 2008: ‘It livens up later’

This was a successful Coyote Bar style bar from it’s inception a couple of years ago, and last time I was in there, at it’s height of success, it was packed to the gills with attractive hostesses, but last night it was looking fairly forlorn.

The concept has been copied and improved upon by several Coyote style joints, and Papagayos has been left behind somewhat, perhaps due to its location? Besides us, there were only three other customers in the place, plus a couple of whom I assume were the owners, slumped over the till watching their investment slowly disappearing in front of their very eyes.

All told there were about 15 girls dotted around the bar, inclusive of three girls shuffling around on three corner podiums, but they looked pretty bored with life, on the bright side, the beer was reasonably priced at 80 baht a bottle, and a couple of the girls were quite attractive, and I am sure the owners would say that ‘it livens up later’, as they always do, but to me it looks like a bar that is slowly dying.

Par's Place

Off 3rd Road
(near junction with Pattaya Tai)

Restaurant bar and guest house

Peacock Beer House

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar

Peacock Bar

Soi Chayaphun

See New Peacock Bar above

Phantom Bar

Soi Buakhao

New for 2013. Up for rent in January 2020.

Phimai Geordie Beer Bar

New Plaza
2nd Road

Opened January 2011 with competition pool

Phoenix Bar

Soi LK Metro

Phoenix Bar opened on Soi LK Metro on 22nd February 2020. It is located near Devil's Den.


3rd Road

Restaurant and bar new for June 2009. Also has a live band with a mainly Thai crowd. Closed in autumn 2010.

Piano Karaoke

Pattaya Klang (opposite Carrefour)

Karaoke bar

Warning Oct 2006: Hidden Cameras

One of the the ladies in our party started to get naughty in our "private room"

There was a knock at the door of our "private room". And we were warned not to "do that". Turns out, after one of the ladies went to see what was up, they showed her the video monitors. They monitor the rooms with a hidden camera to put a stop to "doing that"...

No sign, no warning just a hidden camera!
Be warned.

Pim Beer bar

Pattaya Klang
(near beach end)

Beer bar
Pimm Beer bar

Soi Chayaphun

Nicely-revamped boozer is well-established in the soi and seems to have a solid and regular clientele.

Pimms Bar

2nd Road Soi Honey (Soi 11)


Beer bar, re-opened in Dec 2006 in a new building on the same site. Bar fine 200 Baht.
Pin-Up Club

Off Soi Buakhao
(in small soi off Soi Buakhaow opposite the Sawasdee Siam building)

Bar taking over from Fairy Club in May 2017. The venue was once Baby Boom A-GoGo. The bar closed in February 2018, albeit with the bar sign still lit.

Pineapple Sport Bar

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar

Pink Baby

Soi Boomerang
(Off Soi Buakhao at Pattaya City Hospital)

See Facebook Page

Gentlemen's Club opened in about August 2020. Japanese owned but is open to all with customer centric policies, notably a promotion whereby a customer drink is free with a lady drink.

Happy Hour beers to 6pm are 49 Baht.

The Pink Fanny

Soi Lengkee

New for January 2018

Pinthai Beer bar

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar
Pinup Club

Soi Buakhao
(In the small soi off Soi Buakhaow opposite the Sawasdee Siam building)

PinUp Club took over from Fairy Club in March 2017. The bar went dark in January 2018.

Pirates Hostess Club

Soi Full Love Inn,
off Soi Bongkod (Third Road Soi 18)

From 1pm till 1am.

Hostess bar opened inn early November 2015.

Review from Ishi, November 2015: Pirate's Castle

I heard Pirates opened around the 6th November.

At first I imaged fetish bar like The Castle on the 3rd road but it's a normal bar with rooms.

I visited at 7:30pm and I saw 4 hostesses.

All drinks prices are almost the same as Club 4 and 007.

They open from 1pm till 1am.

Review from Dick Farang, November 2015: Piratesses

On Soi Full Love Inn, off Soi Bongkod (Third Road Soi 18), in the same row as the infamous bars 007 and Club 4, a similar bar has opened: Pirates Hostess Club.

To be allowed in, you have to ring the bell. When I entered I was greeted by a disgusting cigarette smell, not a good start. The bar is spacious enough however.

The lighting level was not too high, but Pirates was not as dark as Le Carré Blanc or Le Téléphone. The background music was unobtrusive.

I noticed two other customers and some chubby to very chubby girls. The girl who approached me, spoke virtually no English, but I could find out she was 24 years old, had a 4-year-old son, had started working there two weeks ago and did not like anal sex. She had a big natural rack and very firm buttocks, but her pot belly turned me off. As she was kind enough I tipped her some 20-baht notes on her strategic zones.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht, no check bin , automatic tipping (no change returned).

Piston Bar

3rd Road : Soi 33
(Just north of Pattaya South Road)

Bikers bar, became Stupid Cupid in July 2008, see below
The Place 2 Bee

Soi Leng Kee
(off Soi Buakhao)

Guesthouse with open front bar in a Soi LK Metro shophouse. In August 2007 the bar relocated to Soi Leng Kee but the bar closed in 2016 and became the Red Bull Bar.

Players Lounge

Soi Buakhao
(towards south end)

Booze Lounge became Players Lounge in September 2015. Closed in 2016. The bar re-opened on 1st January 2017.

News September 2016: Closed, re-opened and closed

Closed and up for sale in September 2016. However it soon re-opened on 19th September 2016 but that proved a one off and the bar is now closed

Pom Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Verified January 2014. Beer bar. Listing checked in September 2017.

Review from Malcolm, January 2014: Lean To

This is a grotty lean to, thrown up between 2 buildings. Ladyboys work there as well as a couple of girls. Crap toilets.

Pook Bar (Swan House)

Soi Buakhao

Lady boy bar closed in 2015. Became Pook Swan house P32 Bistro & Bar with no ladyboys. Became Kåres Party Bar in summer 2019.
Pook 2 Bar

Soi Buakhao

Lady boy bar.

News from Malcolm, September 2017: Different worlds

The Pook Swan House P32 Bistro & Bar have taken over the single unit between themselves and Scooters and called it Pook 2 Bar. I didn't go in because it was staffed by ladyboys as was the old Pook bar. Looks like the owners now want the best of both worlds.

Pook Swan House P32 Bistro & Bar

Soi Buakhao

Replaced Pook Bar in 2016. Closed by June 2019
Pool Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar

Pop's Place

3rd Road
(south of Exzyte)

Live music bar featuring one of Pattaya's best known rock musicians. Home of the Pattaya All Stars
Premiership Bar

Soi Diana Inn

Bar with the emphasis on football. Closed for redevelopment in Spring 2009
Pretty Club

Soi Leng Kee

Opened in December 2014 closed by May 2017

Princess Bar

Soi Buakhao
(opposite new hospital)

Beer bar

Comment August 2012:

Great place, friendly, and very reasonable prices wiht great music and Keokee.

Princess Kie

Soi Leng Kee
off Soi Buakhao

Bar opened in May 2017.

Review from Malcolm, May 2017: Average

Opened 2 weeks ago. The oversize bar that was in the old bar has been cut back and a pool table installed. All the furniture is new. Still small though. Same sliding glass door. 3 tables inside and 3 tables outside. A young Thai guy opened the door for me who I found out was the manager. Only one staff working called Sara.

Singha B75.

Pui's Bar

New Plaza
Pattaya 2nd Road
(opposite Soi 8)

Beer bar with cheap beer noted at 45 Baht for Singha in May 2014.

The Purple

New Plaza
(off 2nd Road opposite Soi 8)

Beer bar celebrated 4th anniversary in March 2014. Still going in June 2018.

Pussy Bar

Soi Arunothai

Beer bar also known as Bar With No Name

Puy's Bar

Pattaya New Plaza
(off 2nd Road opposite Soi 8)

Beer bar with the cheap beer traditional for the bar area. In April 2010 it was 35 Baht for the cheaper bottled beers rising to 45 Baht for San Miguel.

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Queen Bee Bar

Soi Arunothai

Beer bar set for a soft opening on 16th May 2008
Queen Club

Soi LK Metro

Coyote Bar opened on 26th May 2012. Seems to have a topless show so listed as a GoGo .

Queen Vic

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar and Restaurant closed in September 2019.

R (back to top)
Rabbi's Elephant Bar

Soi Buakhao
(Near Soi 21)

Guest house and sports bar with free pool. Closed by February 2015

The Red Bull Bar

Soi Leng Kee
(off Soi Buakhao)

Open fronted beer bar took over from the Place 2 Bee in autumn 2016.

News from Dick Farang, November 2016: Refurbished

On Soi Lengkee, where The Place 2 Bee used to be, The Red Bull Bar has opened.

It is also an open-fronted beer bar and it appears to have been completely refurbished.

Red Five Beer bar

Soi LK Metro

Beer bar and guesthouse. Closed in September 2017 and became Boom Bar.
Red Lion Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar

Soi LK Metro

Shop house bar opened in October 2008. Closed in December 2011 to make way for a new coyote bar.
Rehab Bar and Lounge

Soi Buakhao

Coyote dancing bar. Opened on 8th August 2012. Closed in November 2013. The bar has now been converted into open beer bars.

Relax Bar

Soi Arunotai

Beer bar
The Rest Stop

Soi Chayaphun

Verified December 2013. Beer bar opened in early 2012. Closed by May 2017 and has been merged into the next door booze wholesaler.


Soi Leng Kee

Beer bar and restaurant

Review from Malcolm, September 2015: Screening Success

Retox is a new bar on Soi Lengkee, right hand side towards 3rd Road.

Opened by the previous owner of he Irish Rovers on LK Metro. Very much the same as Irish Rovers but a lot smaller. All new with some tables outside and then through the doors into aircon lounge. Many big screen TV's.

When I walked up there Saturday around 7pm all the bars on the street were either empty or very few customers. When I got to Retox it was wall to wall customers probably due to Chelsea and Arsenal on the TV's.

I didn't see a menu but food is available and I've been told he does a very cheap breakfast.

Bottle of Singha was B60.

When I walked back down some of the other bars were showing the same football match and still quiet. Maybe some of his old customers have followed him but then again the new I-Rovers is busy so maybe it's the big screens and aircon that attracts customers

Rich Bar

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar closed at the end of April 2019. Now Rock Factory

Rin's Bar

Soi Pattaya New Plaza
(Off 2nd Road opposite to Soi 8)

Beer bar

Review from Pattaya-Live , May 2008:

An Aussie bar which I enjoyed for a drink was Rins bar which is in the new Pattaya complex opposite soi 8.

35 baht a tiger or 45 baht for a Heineken and the beer was always freezing cold

The Ritz

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar

Road House 13

Third Road Soi 13
(not far from Soi Buakhao)

Belgian owned bar. Closed by May 2017, but re-opened in August 2017.

Review from Dick Farang, March 2016: Belgian

On a corner on Third Road Soi 13 (aka Soi Naam Keng = Ice Street), not far from Soi Buakhaow, is a Belgian-owned bar: Road House 13.

The manager is Roger Braske from Wolvertem (Belgium), who, after running his own bar on Soi Buakhaow, has been a manager at The Place 2 Bee and at Vikings Corner Bar.

The girls were not precisely youngsters.

Bottled Heineken 70 baht.

Rock Factory/Food Factory

Soi Buakhao

Live music venue with a name referencing the long running, but now defunct, Blues Factory off Walking Street. Rock Factory took over from Rich Bar on 9th October 2019.

The bar operates as a restaurant, Food Factory, during the daytime until 8pm. Daytime bottled beers are 60-65 Baht.

The Rock House

Soi LK Metro

Beer Bar

Rocker Bar

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar took over from Pleasure Hut in December 2018.

Rocky Bar

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar
Ron's Bar

Soi Leng Kee

Beer bar. Closed by January 2014
Route 999

3rd Road

Disco closed after a fire led to 8 deaths and nearly 60 injuries. Emergency exits were locked!
Roxy Bar

Avenue Mall
2nd Road

Coyote bar with live music new for late 2012. Already up for sale by January 2013.
RP Beer bar

Soi LK Metropole

Beer bar closed

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S One Sports Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Opened during 2014. Glass fronted beer bar. Listing checked in September 2017.
Samsi Bar

Chaiyapoon Inn
Soi Chayaphun

Cocktail bar. Closed by May 2016

Sar's Place

Soi Arunothai

Beer bar

Save the Golly Bar

Soi Buakhao
(south end)

Beer bar noted for the all day price of 35 Baht Tiger

The bar has either moved or re-opened in Soi Buakhao towards the south end. The new bar appeared at the location of the previous Swiss Ol้ in autumn 2009.

Sawadee Beer Corner

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar

Scooter's Bar

Soi LK Metro

New for 2017. The theme is UK mod culture from the 60s.

Prices November 2019: Bottled beers 60 Baht until 8pm; 2 for 140 Baht later.

Review from Malcolm, June 2017: Scooters in overdrive

Scooter's now has another bar on LK Metro next to Lady Love.

Pretty much the same as the original on Soi Buakhao with a complete Vespa and other scooter parts around.

Happy hour up to 7pm, Singha B50. B80 after or 2 for B120

About 8 attractive girls working.

It was busy at 7-15pm. Music very loud.

I am told there is another Scooter's on Soi 6.

Scooter's Bar

Soi Buakhao

New for 2015. The theme is UK mod culture from the 60s.

Cmment from Malcolm, May 2016: Silencer problem

Called in Scooters Bar, Soi Buakhao the other night . Didn't stay long. The music was far too loud. Couldn't have a conversation.

Review from Malcolm, September 2015: Scooting around

Scooter's Bar on Soi Buakhao is next to the now closed Pook Bar.

It is very nice inside. A few full sized scooters and walls covered in photos.. The English owner was giving instructions to a builder. and then was talking the staff but completely ignored the only customer, me. No price list but orange juice was 60 Baht.

Bottled beers are 80 Baht (or 120 baht for two)

Scott Bar

Soi Buakhao (south)

Beer bar


Soi Boomerang

See Facebook Page
The new bar Screamers has opened on the up 'n' coming new bar area on Soi Boomerang, off Soi Buakhao by Pattaya City Hospital.

The bar offers sports TV and hostesses, Rooms with ST barfine are 350 Baht. Screamers offers free customer drinks with lady drinks from Monday to Thursday.

The bar opened on 1st December and has connections with Jungle Bar on Soi 6.


Soi LK Metro.

Opened at the end of November 2019 in the bar that was previously 60s To Now and White Rooms.

See Facebook Page

Shampoo Bar

Off Soi Buakhao on soi that leads to New Plaza

Beer bar noted for the charming female Thai owner named Shampoo

Shane Bar

Soi Buakhao (south)

Beer bar

Shanghai Bar

Soi Lengkee

Once a short lived GoGo but now a beer bar

Review from Malcolm, May 2017: Maybe a GoGo later

Shanghai is open but not sure what as. Outside sign has happy hours from 10am to 8pm. Called in tonight, Tuesday at 7pm. Nothing going on inside and just me and a couple of other customers sat outside. One of the girls came over and joined me and her English wasn't good. Asked her if it was still a gogo bar and she said 3 girls come on Thursday to dance.

Happy (not too happy) hour Singha B75

News from Dick Farang, May 2017: Re-opened

After more than a year Shanghai on Soi Lengkee has finally (re)opened. It looks more like an ordinary beer bar than like a gogo and appears to close before midnight.

Shearers Blues & Sports Bar

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar, diner & guesthouse became a restaurant in late 2008.

Shoot Pool Sports Pub

Central Condo
Pattaya Tai (Pattaya South Road)

Nov-March: from midday
April-Oct: from 5pm

Tel: 0878 340028

Aircon pool hall and sports bar

From Shoot Pool, Sep 2007: Pool Hall

Shoot Pool is an air con pool hall and sports bar (hassle free families welcome) with top quality imported wiraka pool tables and large screen for all the major sporting events.

Beer prices are from 45 baht and believe that our prices are very reasonable for an air con bar.

We have a good clientele of expats and holiday makers that keep coming back.

Silver Dollar Cocktail Bar

Soi LK Metropole

Beer bar previously Bar San Miguel, now The Bulldog Bar, soon to be a GoGo

Sin Club

Soi Full Love Inn
(running east off 3rd Road opposite Soi XZyte)

See Club Sin

Smile Bar

Soi Buakhao
(Near Action Street)

Listing checked in January 2020.

Smitty's Place

Soi Arunothai

Beer bar. Small beers at 40 Baht, large at 60 Baht.
The Smugglers Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Originally located at the the north end of Soi Buakhao and then moved south to the centre portion in December 2013. The bar was demolished in October 2014 but moved to Soi Chayaphun in 2015. The bar was closed by May 2017 and is now a massage shop.


Soi LK Metro

Sports Bar and Cafe opened 1st September 2017. Closed and is now The Thirsty Camel

Sport Corner

Soi Diana Inn
(junction Soi Buakho)

Beer bar. Has a promotional deal with Chang for some very cheap beer

Sports Corner Bar

Soi Yume
(Near Carrefour)

Pool tables and sport on TV brought to you from the makers of the Soi 6 Corner Bar since summer 2010.

Soi Chayaphun

Verified December 2013. Beer bar, pleasant staff. nice for late drink. Closed by May 2016
The St George & Dragon

Soi XZyte

Beer bar. Previously on Chayaphun. Closed in 2015 with the re-development of the whole block

The Stag's Head

Soi LK Metro

Air conditioned bar, opened in April 2006. Gave way to Oscar's GoGo in 2013

Stephanie Bar Beer bar

Soi Buakhao (south)

Beer bar
Stereo Music Lounge

Soi Buakhao
(corner of Soi LK Metropole) Stereo Music Lounge

Beer bar closed in summer 2008 to become Liquid Lounge. Now Sugar Sugar.
Storm Cafe Bar

Soi LK Metropole

Taken over in March 2009 and now the Bilabong Bar, see above
Stupid Cupid Bar

3rd Road: Soi 33
(Just north of Pattaya South Road)

Opened July 2008, previously Piston Bar, now Carre Blanc Le Club, see above

Su Bar Beer

Soi Buakhao
(Pattaya Klang end)

Beer bar
Sugar Sugar

Soi Buakhao
(corner of Soi LK Metro)

Coyote bar opened 1st July 2011. Barfines 600 Baht. Now listed as a GoG o
Sunset Boulevard

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar. Closed by 2013
Surprise Yourself

Soi Buakhao

Glass fronted ladyboy bar, was reworked in July 2019. The bar has now announced that it will be closing on 19th October 2019. The bar is set to become the Golden Time Gentlemen's Club.
Sweet Light

Soi LK Metropole

Beer bar, closed on my last walk by in March 2009
Sweet Night Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Beer Bar. Closed by 2013.

Sweetheart Bar

Soi Buakhao (south)

The well known aircon bar and restaurant closed in summer 2019 and converted to a ladyboy bar.

T (back to top)

The Target Bar

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar
Tee Ruk Bar

Soi Buakhao
(Near night market)

Now Easy Corner Bar, see above
Telephone Bar

Pattaya Tai Soi 2

See 'Le Telephone Bar and Club' above
Tequila Reef

Restaurant with Mexican Food

Soi 7 moving to Pattaya Klang

Well known eatery on Soi 7 closed in that location in late 2019 and is moving to Welcome Town at about the centre of Pattaya Klang

Thai Night City Club

2nd Road
(by Pattaya Tai)

Dance club targeting Indians. New for July 2012. Dancers are sari clad and do not interact with customers. Drinks are 130-150 Baht and lady drinks are 150 Baht.
Thai Night City Club 2

3rd Road

Another in a small chain of Indian targeted bars. Closed in April 2015.

Thank Bar

Soi Buakhao
(Near soi 15)

Large bar with a lot of seating was renovated in 2019.

The Thirsty Camel

Review from Malcolm, September 2019: Aussie

What was Snippets on LK Metro next to Scooters is now The Thirsty Camel Bar & Cafe .

Called in on my last night. Quite busy, ended up sitting at a table at the front where the girls sit. An attractive bunch, no hassle from them. Presumably still Aussie owned as there was an Aussie fag on the wall. Singha a reasonable B65.

Happy Hour runs from 4pm until 7pm

Three Arrows

Soi Buakhao (Near Soi 21)

Beer bar

Tikky 2 Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Took over from the relocated Barbie Bar before May 2017. Versified again in September 2017.

Review from Malcolm, September 2017: Old friends

When I went in, one of the old staff from the original Barbie Bar recognised me. All three staff were from there. Friendly but getting on a bit. Singha very reasonable at B95 for two. One other customer when I went in but he left and I was the only one in for hour I was there.

Time Bar

Soi LK Metro

Bar and guesthouse took over from Candy's in December 2013 In November 2019 the bar was offering 50-60 Baht bottled beers and local spirits from noon until midnight at 50-60 Baht

Tipsy's Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Opened on 9th August 2017.

Review from Malcolm, September 2017: Sports massage

Next to Maggie May. Single unit. Pool table. Singha OK at B60. Laptop on bar for customers to put music on. Opened on 9th August. Nice pleasant bar. No hassle from the girls.

Titti Twister

Opened in 2015.

Review from Malcolm, September 2015: Why no 'y'?

Titti Twister , new on Soi Buakhao. Next to Fantasy Lounge opposite Soi Honey. Nice inside. Friendly girls. 4 working, 2 good, 1 OK and 1 large.

[Editor's note: Previous incarnations of Titty Twister used a 'y' but now the meaning has been obscured by using an 'i' instead]

Beers are 55-70 Baht. Soft drinks are 50-60 Baht.

Titty Twister 2

3rd Road
(centre by Buffalo Bar)

Live bands, girls & food. Opened on 11th March 2011

Today Bar

Soi Leng Kee

Verified January 2014. Beer bar

Update from Malcolm, September 2017:

Today Bar on Soi Lengkee still going. About 6 customers in beside me. Music pleasant and no hassle from the girls. Singha 70 Baht.

Tom & Jan's Beer Bar

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar previously Andy's Place

Tomas Beer Bar

Soi Diana Inn

Beer bar

March 2006:

Since there is a structural shortage of lesbian/bi ladies in Pattaya, it may be useful to no that a girl here, Orn is a lesbian, she -purely for economic reasons- also caters for men and I do have to admit that she gives a hell of a BBBJ!

Tommy's Bar

3rd Road : Soi Bongkot

Beer bar moved after a 14 year stint on 3rd Road

Tone's Beer bar

2nd Road Soi Honey

Beer bar

The Tower

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar
Trafalgar Bar & Guest House

Soi Leng Kee between Soi Buakhao and 3rd Road

Beer bar closed and has given way to Bar de la Poste. Maybe the guesthouse continues though.
Traveller's Rest

Soi LK Metro

Hotel and bar. Closed and made way for Queen Club in May 2012.

Traveller's Rest

Soi Leng Kee

Golf bar and Guesthouse verified In May 2017. Previously half of Valentines Guest House

Triangle bar

Soi Chayaphun
(Corner with Soi X-Zyte)

Verified December 2013. Open corner bar. Listing checked in September 2017.

News from Triangle Bar, May 2013: Happy Long Time

Happy hour runs from 8am till midnight, and its buy one get one free on all beers and spirits

Triple X Bar

2nd Road
(Made in Thailand Complex next to Night Market)

Lady boy Beer bar
Tropical Club

TW Place
Pattaya Klang: Soi Arunothai

The swingers parties seem to have ceased. The small guesthouse is still running but there is a for sale sign outside.

Tukkata Beer bar

Soi LK Metro

Beer bar

Two Lions

Just off Soi Buakhao
(opposite Soi LK Metropole)

Beer bar

U (back to top)
The U-Turn Cafe

Soi Lengkee

New beer bar and cafe for 2016. Became the Princess Kie in May 2017.


Soi Diana Inn

Beer bar in the complex 30m from 2nd Road.

From UP2U, Oct 2007: Chili Pepper Vodka!

Our bar is the only place in Pattaya where you can try Jelly Vodka and Pepper Vodka shots. Our famous parties are well remembered all over the world. Our customers take home sweet memories about time spent in UP2U Bar. Many of them come back year after year for great drinks, entertainment or else… We constantly update our picture galleries, please return to our web site and check our latest pictures for familiar and new faces.

As you know, most vodka will be sold as plain vodka. We have it, but our specialty is a Pepper Vodka. A Pepper Vodka looks like slightly reddish whiskey. As majority of people think, Russian and Ukrainian Pepper Vodka is the most popular remedy in those countries. Peter the Great was a great fan of pepper vodka. Connoisseurs say that it helps cure all diseases and ailments. They say it wonderfully helps at happy or sorrowful times. It is no use to argue with people, as they seem to be better aware of the issue.

V (back to top)
Valentine's Guest House

Soi Leng Kee

Verified January 2014. Guest house. Closed by May 2017 and the building has split into Ned Kelly bar and guesthouse and the the Traveller's Rest bar and guesthouse.

Velvet Club

Pattaya Tai: Soi 16

New gentlemen's Club opened in January 2017. Dark in January 2018. Maybe limped on after that and is now sporting a prominent for sale sign. Became Babylon Gentlemen's Club in spring 2019.

Venus Love Lounge

3rd Road
(Just north of Pattaya Klang)

Short time bar new for 2009. Intermittent opening in 2011/12 and currently closed and up for sale. re-opened in December 2013 but didn't last long. Re-opened on 1st May 2014 but closed by September 2016:


Soi Buakhao
(by the Everyday Market)


Vikings Corner Bar

Third Road
(corner of Soi 19)

VikingsCornerBarPattaya Facebook Page


Review from Dick Farang, November 2014: The Place 2 Bee too

On the corner of Third Road and Soi 19 Vikings Corner Bar has opened.

It is a long, narrow bar with two open sides.

It is owned by Tom from Norway who also owns The Place 2 Bee on Soi Lengkee.

Manager is Roger from Belgium who previously was the manager at The Place 2 Bee and before that owned a bar on Soi Buakhaow.

Several girls from The Place 2 Bee have been transferred to Vikings Corner Bar.

Personally I prefer The Place 2 Bee to Vikings Corner Bar.

Bottled Heineken 70 baht (at The Place 2 Bee 85 baht).

The Villa

Soi Diana Inn

Beer bar
Village Inn

The Village
3rd Road
(between Pattaya Klang and Pattaya Tai)

Guest House, Bar & Restaurant. Now Blue Lagoon, see above

VW Bar


Mobile bar based on customised VW vans

W (back to top)
Wanna Do

Soi LK Metro

Beer bar set for opening in December 2014, taking over from 3 Som Bar

Warm-Up Bar

3rd Road
(near Carrefour)

Thai pub


Soi LK Metro

Beer bar and guesthouse new for December 2013. Listing checked in August 2018

Wet Bar

Smiles Complex
2nd Road

Beer bar mentioned in despatches


Soi Chayaphun

Verified in September 2017. Short time bar with aircon. Been there a long time so must be doing something right. But many of the ladies have been there a long time too.

50 Baht for a small Singha until 9pm, then 65 Baht.

White Lotus

Soi Buakhao
(near Soi LK Metro)

Beer bar and guesthouse
White Room

Soi LK Metro

Beer bar and guesthouse. New for June 2014 at the site that was previously the shop, Key Visa. Closed by February 2016. Re-opened as an open bar in October 2016. Became 60s To Now by May 2017 and then Shaggers in November 2019

The Winner

Soi Buakhao

Took over from The Good Goat Bar in January 2020.

Witherspoon's Pub & Restaurant

Soi Buakhao
(Near Soi Diana Inn)

Tel: 038 415 249

Pub & Restaurant opened in March 2006, Previously The Lobby. A visa run service will also run from the pub.

Review from Pattaya Talk , April 2009: Premiership

A great place to watch the Premiership football at the weekend They have six different screens each showing a different game so your likely to catch your team. The food wasn’t great though.

Review August 2007: Your Typical Pub

Strange for a themed pub but the restaurant appeared a little formulaic. There are several 'English' pubs in Pattaya, none of them offer hostesses for a chat with your meal, all expect you to be interested in the sport on TV and all seem to buy their meals from the same microwave/Boil in the bag catering suppliers.

Still the service was good, the meals were inexpensive, they were perfectly good quality and had good sized portions.

Now if only I could find an 'English' pub that would supply a pretty dinner companion.

Wombat Bar

Shagwell Hotel
Pattaya Klang: Soi 1 ( Soi Arunothai )

Sports bar, also known as Darcy's. See also Boomerang Bar.

Comments from Wombat Bar, May 2013: The Pattaya Wombats Rugby League

Watch live sports on 8 TVs, cheap cold beer, great food, come along to meet new friends and have a swim, just enjoy yourself,

Wombat Bar is the Home of Rugby League in Thailand, The Pattaya Wombats Rugby League.

We also have large studio rooms for rent, Come down and visit us.


Soi Buakhao
(just north of Tuesday/Friday market)

Beer bar

Wor Jackie's

Soi Buakhao (south)

Beer bar

X (back to top)

3rd Road
(between Central and South roads, closer to Central Road)

Night club and disco. Good show but hasslesome toilet jockeys and dual pricing. Not a freelancer venue. Closed in June 2011.

Y (back to top)
Yellow Fever

Soi Chayaphun

Verified December 2013. Beer Bar. Closed by May 2016

Yes Bar Beer

Soi Buakhao
(opposite Soi Honey)

Opened with a splash in December 2019. Bottled beer is 60 Baht until 8pm

Yes-T Pub

Soi Chayaphun

Beer bar. Closed by 2013

Z (back to top)


Soi Buakhao (south)

Beer bar

Zee Bar

3rd Road (south)

Thai pub & restaurant

Zero Bar

Soi Buakhao

News July 2020: Re-opened

The bar re-opened after coronavirus in July with a 39 Baht all day promotion on beers.

The Zone Coyote Bar

Chaloem Phrakiat Soi 27
(just off Soi Buakhao)

Large windowed aircon coyote bar opened in 2008. Closed in December 2008.


Pattaya bars most likely to be listed are those that occupy a permanent looking standalone building. Beer bars in complexes will not be listed unless mentioned in dispatches. Gay/Thai/Karaoke bars are not listed due to a lack of expertise in those areas. Gogo bars are listed on a separate page. I have added food reviews but this is not a comprehensive service. I will only list eateries where people have submitted comments

The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself. Click on the street name to obtain a map of the bar area.

Previously the notes included guidelines on barfines and asking prices but in recent times these have become less standardised and at the top end it is now more or a less an unbounded negotiation.

And a couple of words of warning:

  • In short time rooms...keep an eye on your wallet to ensure that it stays with you long time.

  • To those with Thai wives, be aware of the motor cycle taxi network used to keep tabs on errant husbands.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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