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News Sunday 23rd September...

World News Farang land canada cannabis flag
Getting the dope about what people really think
An interesting idea for snooping on social media posts in Canada. I wonder what else they will apply it holidays in Pattaya...private views on immigration...

News Saturday 15th September...

World News Sex Aware lumidolls
Filth vs filth
Italian police close down sex doll brothel and seize 8 dolls for closer examination


News and Thai Life

Just a few Thai news items that may be of interest to farangs.

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News Saturday 8th September...

Thai Emblem Thailand News bangkok market
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Order threatens Bangkok's charm
Prayut is santising Bangkok, one reason given for the cleanup was to liberate Bangkok from a 'disorderly', 'antiquated', 'undeveloped' look.

News Wednesday 5th September...

World News Sex Aware private sex doll sofia curly
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Private releases the world's first sex robot movie
But the acting was a little bit woodentops

News Tuesday 4th September...

Thai Emblem Thailand News khao san rd quiet
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Nothing doing during the day
Bangkok authorities are sticking with their plan to sanitise Khao San Road

News Sunday 2nd September...

World News Farang land France flag
France set to fine catcallers up to 750 euros
And in unjust times when the authorities always believe accusers, expect a few false accusations
World News Adult News bardot beach
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: All the young prudes Naked Europe covers up
Europe's taste for bare skin is in retreat. Nudist beaches and resorts, topless sunbathing and nude unisex saunas are declining. In recent years, commentators across the continent have remarked on a new prudishness.

News Saturday 1st September...

World News Adult News Amsterdam window shopping
Closing windows
Amsterdam introduces repressive new rules to make sex work more difficult

News Friday 31st August...

World News Sex Aware toronto council logo
Banning plastic recycling
Toronto moralists drag up an old by-law to ban a sex doll brothel

News Thursday 30th August...

Thai Emblem Thailand News thai work permit
Work permits now permit more work
Details about relaxed work permit rules
World News Adult News Lap Dancing
More Strip Troubles
Miserable Israeli prosecutors declare that lap dancing is tantamount to prostitution

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