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Listing the bars of Pattaya

The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

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19th Hole Superpub

Walking Street

Sports bar associated with hotel and restaurant. Closed in May 2007. Destined to be a sports bar named Goodfellows, see below

Soi Diamond

Coyote bar took over from Addiction Club in June 2018. Only lasted a day.


Walking Street

Facebook Page

Disco opened on 16th March 2014. It is associated with Lima Lima. Beers 75 Baht and local spirits 90 Baht, but probably opening offer.

News June 2015: International exposure

The club made the world news after pictures were posted on social media of a Thai girl giving a customer a blow job. This made the news on Thai TV and resulted in a short police closure.

r News June 2014: Police Closure

The disco was closed for a few days possibly due to police action. It was then signed as a replacement venue for Lucifer's which suffered a substantial police closure to thuggery by the club's bouncers.

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Abbe's Bar

Walking Street

Beer bar. Closed in December 2016. The venue is now Club 79


Soho Square
Walking Street

Another cold sounding bar in Soho Square. It didn't last the 2008/9 winter.

Walking Street

Became Endorphin, see below
Addiction Club

Soi Diamond

Addiction Club opened 1st August 2017 on Soi Diamond at the venue that was previously Only O A-GoGo. The bar closed in early March 2018 and is now a coyote bar called Twenty Eight

Apple Pub

Walking Street

Pub, coyote club and gym. A new incarnation of the venue that was previously, the 19th Hole, Goodfellas, and Play. Opened on 14th May 2014. The bar is part of Tony's nightlife and gym portfolio. Closed in 2015 and is now up for sale

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Soho Square
Walking Street

Coyote dancing with a Russian/East European target audience. Opened sporadically during 2009 but re-opened under new management in October 2009. Lasted until April 2010.

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Coyote disco club opened November 2008, closed February 2009. Re-opened in February 2011 but only lasted until May 2011. Re-opened in late November 2011. Only lasted until February 2012. Now harem flatrate.

Bamboo Entertainment

South Pattaya Road
(Near junction with Walking Street )

Long running music bar best known as a freelancer pick-up venue. Re-opened after the coronavirus lockdown in September 2022.

Prices: May 2023

Bottled beer is around 120 Baht.

Comments from Dick Farang, March 2017: Observations

At Bamboo Bar on Pattayatai near Walking Street I noticed the following:

All male customers appear to be farangs and I saw a group of people of dark complexion holding hands being denied entry.

I guess that the same group of people will be welcomed with open arms to Tony's Entertainment Complex on Walking Street, now renamed Endorphin.

At Bamboo Bar (and also on Beach Road for that reason) I have talked to a number of girls who appeared to come from Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam, most probably on tourist visas. I wonder which issues (if any) can possibly arise with those perhaps more hardened pro apparently freelancing illegally, apart from theft that is.

Review from Dick Farang, January 2017: Easy going

Bamboo Bar on Pattayatai near Walking Street appears to be a real gold mine. It is always crowded from early on, with most Thai females arriving between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Live music, mostly hits from the previous century such as My Way , and a dance floor in front of the singers and orchestra.

A lot of mature birds there (but not all) and many of them heading for the Walking Street discos later at night, often in teams of two or three.

Going fees are 1,000 baht ST and 1,500-2,000 baht LT, no barfine.

It is hit or miss if you will find a girl who fits the bill, but the easy-going atmosphere helps with the vetting and I have never met a starfish there.

The Pattaya Beer Garden formula however does not seem to work well, probably because punters cannot as casually roam there.

No "check bins" at Bamboo Bar, but immediate payment.

I presume they apply dual pricing with Thais paying much less. Some Thai females (probably the more hardened pros) are drinking alcopops or sharing bottles of Thai spirits, but the majority are sparingly nursing their still water, soda water or coca cola.

If you pay with a 1,000-baht note the waiter or waitress will give you a plastic badge as proof of payment until they bring the change.

That being said I have made it a habit of always carrying enough small cash and changing the higher denominations at trusted places such as restaurants, supermarkets and the post office.

Bottled Heineken 140 baht.

Review June 2009: More Tables

The bar has changed format a little by putting tables on the dance floor. Said to be a cheaper licensing regime for bars without a dance floor

Review from February 2009: Price Hike

It is reported on the forums that the bar has come under Russian influence perhaps explaining the hike in beer prices to 140 Baht per bottle.

Still crowded though with crammed in seating and aging free lancers. Must be doing something right though. Especially if they can get away with a toilet fee.

February 2006:

The Thai girls really love this place as the band often plays Issan love songs which they really get into. It's certainly not an ear blasting go-go or disco and would probably be best described as a cabaret venue. I really enjoyed my visits here as I could always have a conversation with the the lady I was with, but I must admit to cringing a few times when the resident Thai band attempted a cover version of a well known western song - Their rendition of the Beatles "Hey Jude" is just one memory that comes to mind

December 2005:

For the older members or for those who like older mature ladies. The music not bad but not load like it should be for a disco. The ladies are performers in the bedroom!!!!

Bar 14 Corner

Walking Street : Soi 14

Half hearted attempt at a bar now converted to shops

Bar Blu

Walking Street : Soi Happy

Beer bar

Bar Blu

Walking Street : Soi 15

Beer bar & cafe

Bar La Belote

Walking Street
(new pier end)

Beer bar at the hotel Le Clair de Lune

Nice and quiet, far away from the noise of the mid-strip. It's a place catering to the French tourists.

Bar Le Trio

Walking Street : Soi Diamond

Shophouse bar

Walking Street

Bar and restaurant closed in September 2009 . Previously Climax Rock Bar and Magical Palace A-GoGo. Now part of the Pier disco.

Basilisk Bar

Soi Buakhao

Beer bar, perhaps a relocation of the bar originally in the New Simon Complex on Walking Street. The name has also been spotted in Treetown for a while.
The Best Bar

Walking Street

Beer bar opened June 2006, previously Stoney's. Closed in September 2014. Now Crazy Beer Bar

Best Corner

Pratamnak Road
Corner of Walking Street Soi 15

Beer bar refurbished in June 2008. Listing confirmed August 2018.
Bier Kutsche

Walking Street

The Bier Kutsche founder retired to Phuket and died there early this year. Thai-Europe Restaurant on Soi BJ is the successor restaurant.

The Big Easy 2

Soi 15 (on corner with Soi 14)

Aka Kanta's The Big Easy 2. Beer bar set to opened 19th September 2014. Big Easy 1 is located in the Simon Beer Bar complex on Walking Street opposite Tony's Disco.
BJ Club

Walking Street: Soi BJ

Coyote dancing bar opened in June 2007. Converted to GoGo in November 2008. Now closed


Walking Street : Soi Diamond

Beer bar in the central aisle of Soi Diamond. Celebrated its 30th Anniversary on 8th March 2008

From BJ3, April 2007: Cold Beer

The bar is on Soi Diamond right on Walking Street. Thip(Tip), the owner is a wonderful lady and runs a very low key operation.

The beer is always cold, fairly priced, and the ladies are very friendly and never hound you for lady drinks.

Black & Blue Sports Bar

Pattaya Soi 16

Interests of Fantasy Sports Bar in the failed Soho Square moved to this open beer bar nearby on Soi 16
Black & White

Walking Street (near beach road)

Cited as a favourite bar: Small but good music. Closed in August 2013 when the entire building is redeveloped. Now set to be the Stones House.

Black Horse Bar

Walking Street : Soi Diamond

Beer bar went dark in August 2019 and re-opened in September 2019.

Blue Bar

Soi Diamond

Coyote dancing bar, a short lived incarnation of the venue better remembered as Gentlemen's Club.
Blue Ice

Walking Street

Lady boy bar opened in 2005. Closed in summer 2008
Blue Sky Bar 2

Walking Street
(Beach Road end)

Shophouse bar opened in February 2006 but now vanished. Perhaps merged into Casnovy A-GoGo which bears the Blue Sky brand
Blue Sky Bar 3

Walking Street (Near Soi BJ)

Shophouse bar opened in June 2006. Redeveloped during September 2009 with a live band. The venue closed at the beginning of September 2016 and the band and staff moved on to the new bar Rock Street.

Blue Star Club

Walking Street : Soi 14
(near Secrets)

Beer bar opened in November 2008
The Blues Factory

Walking Street: Soi Lucky Star

Music bar. If you have only one night in Pattaya to catch a band, then this is the bar. The bar closed at the end of July 2014, but re-opened in November 2014 under the ownership of local night club owner, Tony. It didn't last long and the venue is now Champion A-GoGo.

Butterfly Bar 1

Simon Beer Bar Complex
Walking Street
(opposite Tony's Disco)

Open beer bar

Butterfly Bar 2

Covent Garden Complex
Walking Street : Soi 16

Open beer bar previously Chica

Soi Diamond

Beer bar. Became Irish Eyes, now closed
Byblos Club

Soi Diamond
(corner of Pratamnak Road)

Started out as a coyote in 2006 but soon found that less clothes brings in more customers. But after a while the downstairs bar was closed. It returned to its coyote format in November 2010 and later reverted to a GoGo before eventually closing

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C & C Bar

Walking Street
(Complex opposite Soho Square)

Beer bar closed in February 2012.

The Cage

Walking Street : Soi Diamond

Beer bar
Calypso Bar

Walking Street

Became Naambar in July 2014.
Candy Bar Beer

Walking Street
(Pier Complex)

Beer bar. Complex redeveloped in 2009-10

Candy Shop

Walking Street
(opposite Soi Diamond)

Bar with live music and dancing opened June 2006

Review from Pattaya-Addicts , August 2010: Hang Out

Candy Shop's place in the nightlife roster is from 1-3am when the beer bar girls and Soi 6 girls cluster until they move on to Marine and Insomnia.

The music is R&B and Hip Hop and the drinks are around the 150 Baht mark. Breezers 180 Baht.

Review from Rick of , March 2010: Hang Out

We stopped at Candy Shop for a drink, and to listen to some live music. Thai girls love to hang out at this venue. I spotted a few young girls from Soi 6 bars, who had stopped by for an after work drink. This is the place they come to hook up with their friends and drink the Thai girls favourite beer, San Miguel Light.

The beers here are Bt 150, and the selection of beers is very limited. Soft drinks Bt 120

Review from Pattaya Pages , July 2006: Hip Hop Shop

Hip-hop house band downstairs, very expensive 140/150 baht beer, freelancers, but not so many as Lucifers or Tony's. I always went in with a girl...nice place to dance or hang out for a few drinks. Not as crowded as Lucifers or as dark as Tony's.


Bali Hai
(South end of Walking Street)

Russian high end cabaret show bar. Closed by 2015.

Carousel Beer Bar

Soi Diamond

Long running beer bar located in the central aisle of Soi Diamond. Closed in April 2019 and tried a move to the narrow section of Soi Diamond as the New Carousel Bar. That didn't pan out though and soon closed.

Casablanca Bar

Walking Street
(Beach road end)

Beer bar

News July 2006: Re-opened after re-fit

Casino Club

Walking Street : Soi Diamond

until 4am

Coyote Dancing Bar. Seems to do well out of keeping drinks prices low compared with the late night norm. Bar fine is 100 Baht. Lady drinks 140 baht. Beers are reasonable around the 90 Baht mark

News from Ishi, September 2015: Closed and moved to Diamond

Diamond A-GoGo has re-opened at the centre of Soi Diamond. It has long been associated with the more successful late night venue, Casino Club , on the same soi. Casino Club has been closed after a dawn police raid. It seems that the club may have been harshly treated with a length closure order.

So it seems that the 'Casino Club Team' has relocated to Diamond A-GoGo. It is not clear whether Diamond will be a traditional GoGo or else more like the disco style of Casino Club.

Review by Pattaya Ghost June 2008: Not a Pickup Joint

Started more than two years ago, Casino was the first of the coyote bars and still packs in the crowds late every night. Khun Tee, who also owns Diamond a Go Go just down the soi, designed Casino with two floors, intending to have coyotes downstairs and a disco upstairs. The second floor never took off, however, so now everyone crowds into the smallish ground floor. It has a high square stage in the middle with room for four dancers, plus the occasional Thai guy on bongo drums. The entire place is well done out, with a cards and casino theme.

The only gambling you’ll do there, however, is trying to actually get one of the very tidy coyotes to pay attention to you. Casino is definitely not a single-man’s pickup joint. Most dancers rush off stage to towel off after their set and tend to gaggle together in the corners rather than mix with customers.

The first year, in fact, Tee didn’t allow the coyotes to be barfined. If you wanted to see if the object of your desire could perform the same moves in your hotel room you needed to wait until 4 a.m. or so when the bar closed for her to go with you.

By popular demand, however, barfines were instituted at 1,000 baht, the first Pattaya bar to go that high (and, sadly, not the last). But considering these woman are all under 30 and dance (aerobics style) 30 minutes an hour for about 8 hours a day, they are definitely fit. You’d be hard pressed to find any who rated under an 8 on most people’s scales.

The music in Casino is classic coyote: techno, house and a smattering of remixed hip-hop, all played at levels that make conversation difficult. Drinks are reasonably priced at around 110 baht for mixed drinks and 95 baht for bottled beer. Casino is also a late-night bar and doesn’t really get started until after midnight.

News March 2007: Bar Fine

The bar fine in Casino was reported to be 1250 Baht

Review Dec 2006: Popular

I was dragged in by a party of girls and it really is not my scene, but I have to say that the bar is very popular.

There's plenty of dancing going on onstage and off, plenty of customers and plenty of coyote girls eager to play hostess whilst waiting for their dancing stint.

The music was loud, but people seemed happy enough and could just about converse enough to get by.

Maybe the key to its success is that it is one of the few bars that cater for groups of friends rather that the gogo majority which cater more for singletons. Also the drinks prices are standard Walking Street prices as opposed to the exorbitant prices charged by some of the other late night dancing venues. Drinks around 95 Baht

Review from Pattaya Secrets , May 2006: Bloody expensive

We decided to check out Casino Club for one, famous last words as we stumbled out of there at 3am. Did have great fun in there, and some sexy girls. Bloody expensive though as I discovered when I paid my 1000 baht Barfine...

Great night, really enjoyed the atmosphere in Casino.

Review from Kevin, February 2006: Cool!

The Club has been done out very well indeed!, the decor is very, very tidy!, there is a square raised podium in the middle of the floor where the dancers perform, normally 4 of them, one facing each corner of the club!, one I recognized from Superbaby, another from Paris A-gogo .

Sometimes one of the guys gets up and plays a small set of drums to the music , the girls love it!, and it gets the crowd going .

It is not the biggest place , but god I was surprised how nice it was!, the main hostess is a darling, always comes and says hello!, will always buy a round for those that stay and drink a bit! and really makes you feel welcome!. The girls cannot be barfined, but I was seeing one of them!, only problem I had to wait until 4am until she finished!

All in all I found the place a breath of fresh air!, great look, great sound, and a really nice bunch! I normally live in Heaven above, Living Doll 1 & 2 , Happy or Peppermint, I am a A-gogo lover!, but this was cool!

Cats Corner

Walking Street: Soi 15
(corner soi 14)

Beer bar previously named Muttley's. Closed in March 2014 after a massive rent hike.
Cedar Club

Soho Square
Walking Street

Opened in late 2012 with the emblem of Lebanon. Lasted a month or so. Later tried again, but did no better. Now Hangover Club

Celebrity Corner

Walking Street: Soi 16

Beer bar. Shared a common fate with the entire stretch of beer bars, either closed or become something more Arabic sounding.

Chalet Snack Bar

Walking Street
(Beach road end)

Beer bar had a refit in July 2006

Champion Beer Bar

Walking Street
(downstairs from Marine Disco)

Beer bar with a boxing ring
Check In Bar

Pattaya Soi 15

Beer bar which introduced coyote dancing in August 2014, closed in October 2014. Now a hairdressers.

Cherry Girl Beer Bar

Covent Garden Complex
Walking Street : Soi 16

Beer bar

News Oct 2008: Beaten Up

An American tourist was badly beaten in Pattaya late Thursday night after he allegedly refused to pay Bt170 for a bottle of beer.

The victim suffered swollen face and a serious wound on his head. Several of his teeth were also knocked off. His girlfriend, told police that the owner of a bar and an employee beat up Greenwood.

She said the bar owner alleged that Greenwood refused to pay for a bottle of beer priced Bt170 but the tourist argued that he was overcharged.

The bar was identified by the Thai language report in the Nation newspaper as the Cherry Girl Beer Bar.

Chica Bar

Covent Garden Complex
Walking Street: Soi 16

The beer bar run by Yu known to regulars in FLB closed in spring 2007 and is now Butterfly Bar 2
Chicken Shed

Walking Street
(Complex opposite Soho Square)

Beer bar new for August 2009. Closed in July 2010
Clair de Lune

Walking Street

See Bar le Belote above
Climax Rock Bar

Walking Street

Music bar converted to Magic Palace A-GoGo and soon after, Bartimes.

The Climax Band are now to be seen playing at Utopia Lounge, see below

Club Abyzz

Walking Street

A new theme for Tony's Disco presumably with a Middle East/South Asian market in mind. Appeared at Tony's in January 2011. Now Endorphin

Club Eden

Soi Diamond/Walking Street

Club Eden has converted from an A-GoGo bar to a Japanese karaoke bar. It re-opened on in the new format on the 13th August 2018.

News from Dave September 2018: Dark

The bar went dark in the last week of September.

Club Insomnia

Walking Street

Disco opened 24th Nov 2006. The club moved to Walking Street on 28th November 2008.

Drinks in the 170 - 200 Baht range.

News July 2022: Re-opened.

The club re-opened after coronavirus lockdowns in July 2022.

News from Pattaya Talk , Feb 2009: Ibiza

The vast majority of the crowd who go there now just seem to go there to dance ‘ibiza style’ to monotonous music and drink expensive drinks rather than for P4P.

Most of the guys are not interested in the girls – I went there a few nights and I saw many guys come there just to jump up and down by themselves or with their mates and then go home.

This situation has not been lost on the girls who now tend to hang back from approaching guys and don’t hang around long in there.

News from Pattaya-Live , Nov 2008: The New Place

The new place is large bar down stairs, very chic, DJ's & open from 8pm every night, they have a couple of pool tables & loads of space. Upstairs is the club, open from 11 until 8am, it looks like it could hold around 700 people, is huge, high ceiling, loads of air con, sounds system & lighting system are top notch, has a raised VIP area with own bar, they clearly spent a few bucks building & decorating the place.

My first impressions of the place: I think they have done an excellent job of creating a proper super club in Pattaya, they have really raised the bar & I reckon it will be a free lancers's heaven within a very short period of time.

Club Relaxxx

Walking Street: Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex

Club Relaxxx switched to a coyote bar in December 2011. The venue was previously Club Sin City, Black & White, Taboo and Babewatch. Now closed
Cocktail Martini

Pattaya Tai (South Road near Walking Street )

Beer bar, opened February 2006 but had closed by the autumn. Now a silver shop

Soho Square
Walking Street

Nightclub opened 23rd December 2017 featuring aerial performers. Closed at the end of April 2018.

Coleen's Bar

Walking Street

A new beer bar opened in July 2007 in the location of the defunct Pizza Bar. By August 2008, Coleen's had become defunct. Now Sweet Times, see below

Walking Street: Soho Square

Didn't last long

Country Bar

Walking Street
(Sharing area with Hot Tuna and My Way)

Beer bar
Coyote Club

Walking Street
(Beach Road end)

Coyote bar opened on 3rd June 2014. The bar has ownership connections with Dream A-GoGo on Soi Diamond. Later added sexy bikini dancers to the line up but closed permanently in February 2015.

Coyote's Discotek

Soho Square
Walking Street

Now Utopia A-GoGo

The Crab Beer bar

Walking Street : Soi Diamond

Beer bar. Became Le Pub in 2017
Crazy Beer Bar

Walking Street
(Corner of Soi Happy)

Crazy Bar took over from Best Bar in November 2014, Closed in 2016 and the space became Bypass A-GoGo.

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Dang's Bar

Walking Street : Soi 14

Beer bar


Walking Street
(at Soi Diamond)

Nightclub opened in July 2016. Closed as a nightclub by January 2017 and re-opened as DClub A-GoGo. Now Club Eden.
Dempsey's Bar

Beach Road

Closed and re-developed

Diamond Sports Bar

Soi Diamond

Took over from the now defunct Sea A-GoGo in October 2016.

Early days yet but the bar doesn't seem to have attracted many customers.

Don't Tell Moma: Linda Bar

Walking Street
(Simon Bar Complex near Soi 16)

Beer bar closed in December 2010 and is now Rolling Stone 6
Double Six Club

Walking Street

Disco club that replaced Ocean 10 on 31st October 2009. With coyote dancers boasting 1000 Baht bar fines and lady drinks at 200 Baht. Closed in July 2010. Now a 7/11
Dream Lover Beer Bar

Walking Street: Soi BJ

Opened in summer 2008, closed by 2016

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Easy 17 Bar

Siren Bar Complex
Beach Road
(at junction with Walking Street )

Beer bar. Long running and well known bar closed in August 2015.

Easy Bar Too

Siren Bar Complex
Beach Road
(at junction with Walking Street )

Beer bar

Easy Riders Bar

Walking Street
(Near Hot Tuna)

Beer bar


Walking Street

Latest disco from Tony opened on the ground floor in December 2014. Seems to be aimed at an Arab crowd. Dancing girls can be barfined for 1000 Baht.
Europa Club

Walking Street: Soi 16
(Behind the Covent Garden Complex)

Fitness centre and dance club, opened August 2006. Part of Tony's Entertainment Club empire. Closed when I wasn't looking in 2008/9
Ezy Bar

Walking Street : Soi BJ

Lady boy bar opened in June 2008 taking over from Gothic A-GoGo

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Fall in Love Bar

Walking Street : Soi Diamond

Beer bar
Fantasy Sports Grill

Soho Square
Walking Street

Opened 2nd July 2009, previously Wildcats. Closed October 2010 and staff moved a few yards onto Soi 16.

Fever Bar

Soi LK Metro

Fever Bar opened in September 2017 and celebrated their 3rd anniversary in 2020.

Fever Disco

Bali Hai
Walking Street (south end)

Took over from Pulse in October 2014.

Walking Street (forum)

Aircon hostess bar. A meeting point for members of its forum. Closed on 18th January 2014. The entrance area re-opened as an outside beer bar shortly after, but that too closed on 29th January 2016.


Walking Street
(South End)

Disco set to re-open after coronavirus lockdown on 3rd June 2022

Fortuna Bar

Walking Street
(Complex opposite Soho Square)

Beer bar opened May 2009.
The Frog Lounge

Walking Street

Associated with the nearby beer bar, Frog's Bar. Closed in August 2013. Now Walking Street Plaza

Frog's Bar

New Simon Complex
Walking Street

Beer bar, new for July 2009. Reports of 200 Baht lady drinks with out the unwitting customer being informed of the hiked up price. Barfine is 500 Baht too (300 after midnight).

Daytime beers are 95 Baht for a bottle and 120 Baht for a lady drink.

The Full Moon Bar

Walking Street : Soi BJ The Full Moon Bar

Beer bar now vanished

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The Game Bird

Walking Street

Closed in May 2009. Now Teazers, see below
Gamebird 2

Walking Street : Soi 15

Coyote dancing bar. Closed in April 2010. Now Sapphire Club A-GoGo

Gentlemen's Club

Soi Diamond

Coyote dancing bar, changed from being a gogo around the turn of the year 2010/2011. Later returned to the GoGformat and is listed as Gentlemen's Club A-GoGo

Gemini 2

Simon Beer bar Complex
Walking Street

Beer bar
Glamour Club

Bali Hai
Walking Street (south end)

Discotheque and Coyote Club. Opened early November 2012 as an A-GoGo. Became Glamour Club in March 2013. Now Teh Mask Club

Gletscherkuss Bar

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Gletscherkuss Bar became Legend Bar in June 2018

Golden Beer bar

Walking Street
(within complex containing Hot Tuna)

Beer Bar

Walking Street: First Floor Sophon Plaza (passage to Soi Marine Plaza)

Coyote bar opened December 2008. Previously 19th Hole. Now Apple Pub, see above.

H (back to top)
Halo Club

Walking Street
(Beach Road end)

Disco opened 7th September 2011. The bar tried the GoGo format in 2012 but that didn't pan out so the bar has reverted to coyote dancing. The later closed and became Eclipse and is now Skyfall.
Hammer Disko

Walking Street

Discotheque with expensive drinks and not so many customers. Closed in spring 2009. Now 808 Club
Hangover Club

Soho Square
Walking Street

Set to take over from Cedar Club in August 2014

Happy Bar Dao

Siren Bar Complex
Beach Road
(at junction with Walking Street )

Beer bar

Review from Pattaya Chat, March 2006: Great Girls

Don't like the location since it right front of the boxing ring in Siren Complex. Beers are somewhat on the warm side and the bathroom are in the dingy corner of the complex.

But girls are great and very energetic. Mamasan is very friendly and she speaks English well. Matter of fact, most girls speak English well. It's also own by Sunny so if you don't see him at Lennie's, you will sure to see him there drinking beer.

Hard Rock Pool

Walking Street: Soi Lucky Star

As the name suggests the bar has several pool tables and a resident rock band.

Open until early morning and attracts a few lady boys although not as many as the very early morning venue, JP Bar, opposite.

Harem Club Flatrate

Soi Diamond

Opened on 3rd August 2013. Closed after a year or so.

Highway Star 1

Walking Street : Soi Happy

Beer Bar

February 2003:

Small bar only about 20ft x 12ft but what it lacks in size it makes up with in the friendly way you are treated by pat and the girls. No pressure to buy ladies drinks!!! but you will as the girls are great company.

Suffers from multiple music from multiple bars.

Honey Bar

Walking Street

Beer bar cleared in Autumn 2012 to make way for Sensations A-GoGo

Hops Bar

Soi Diamond

Beer bar took over from Wicked Hippo Bar in October/November 2019.


Walking Street

Disco opened in December 2009. Closed in January 2010

Hot Tuna Bar

Walking Street
(opposite FLB)

Beer bar

News June 2009: No Band

The bar re-modelled and has done away with the band

December 2005:

Hot Tuna is one of the largest bars in Walking Street, and has Pool, TV, girls and live music.

Inside, there's a main bar, where girls are happy to play bar games. Upturned beer kegs serve as drinks tables

To the rear there's a stage where a good live band plays a range of tracks including both new and old material.

There's the inevitable giant TV screen for live football and other sport.

Drinks are not the cheapest in town but it stands out from the rest.

Summer 2005:

Bar for watching the walkers of Walking Street. Plenty of pool tables and girls to play with. One has to put up with some pretty loud dance music though as the bar features a pretty expansive sound system.

Hot Tuna 2

Walking Street
(opposite Hooties)

Beer bar

Hot Tuna 3

Simon Beer Bar Centre
Walking Street

Beer bar that gets a few worth mentions on the Pattaya forums

Hot Tuna Pool Bar

Walking Street
(behind Hot Tuna's live band area)

Space at the back of Hot Tuna is now a space for pool tables. Previously it was enclosed and was a lounge bar, Hot Tuna Wine Bar
Hot Tuna Pool Club

Walking Street

Sports bar. Previously the venue was used for Teasers A-GoGo. Now a shop
Hot Tuna Wine Bar

Walking Street
(behind Hot Tuna's live band area)

The lounge bar opened in March 2007 but had closed by November 2007. The walls were then torn down and it became a space for pool tables, Hot Tuna Pool Bar

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Walking Street

Coyote bar associated with Insomnia Disco above. Beware of coyote barfines reported to be 1400 Baht. Beers went up to 170 Baht for a bottle in 2011/12 peak season. There's a discount card that knocks teh beer price down top 125 Baht.

I'm Easy Too

Siren Boxing Complex
Beach Road
(by Walking Street arch)

Open beer bar owned by Pattaya forum member Torrenova

Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex

Hostess bar opened October 2006, previously Images A-GoGo. Closed in spring 2007. The building is now gutted.

Soi Marine Plaza.

Disco moved to Walking Street and renamed to Club Insomnia, see above.

Irish Eyes

Soi Diamond

Beer bar closed in December 2010

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Jenny Star Bar

Walking Street (Near Peppermint)

Lady boy Beer bar. Closed in June 2013, the whole Marne complex looks set for redevelopment.

Jesse's Joint

Walking Street : Soi Diamond

Took over from MUM Bar in March 2013
Jimbeam Cocktail Lounge

Soho Square

New for March 2012. Closed in April 2012.

JP Bar

Walking Street : Soi Lucky Star

Beer bar. Girls but, also freelance lady boys. Closed and became JP Republic nightclub.

Review by Carl, November 2006: An Absolute Cracker

In my opinion this is the place for late night stalking where an absolute cracker can be picked up. Just sit on a perch and wait for the eyes of a numerous amount of ladies and then just take your pick. Good atmosphere apart from the toilets which are terrible. Great friendly bar staff and open late.

Summer 2005:

A very good late night hangout is the JP Beer bar near walking street. It's usually pretty dead until around 1 or 2 am just when the go gos and discos start to close. A lot of short time go go girls look for their 2nd customer here OR the ones that didn't get barfined earlier look for their 1st customer. A good way to avoid the bar fin

JP Republic

A new nightclub opened in late November 2019 on Soi Lucky Star off Walking Street, at abut the location of JP Bar, Champion A-GoGo and the Blues Factory.

Drinks are said to be around the 150 Baht mark. It has 3 pool tables downstairs and dancing upstairs.

From 11pm - 4am

Facebook Page

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Covent Garden Complex
Pattaya Soi 16

An Indian nightclub took over from Soi 16 Music Hall in December 2017. The venue was previously Pe Pé Club A-GoGo/Dream A-GoGo/ToyZ A-GoGo/Catz A-GoGo and Club Boesché A-GoGo used to be.
Keeno's Bar

Walking Street (Voodoo complex)

Smart looking bar opened autumn 2006 in a stand alone bar at the south end of Walking Street. This bar closed and Keeno's has relocated to the Voodoo complex but went dark in May 2008.

Walking Street

Eating & drinking Irish themed bar now Baccara A-GoGo

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La Notte

Walking Street (south end)

Restaurant and bar opened in May 2006

From Pattaya Today: Night March: French Terrace

La Notte is bright, colourful, and warm. The attention to detail -from the light fittings down to the plates, cups, and tablecloths- is readily evident.

One of the major attractions is the front terrace where customers can sit outside and watch the street: a perfect place for a relaxing with a good coffee or over a couple of beers. Food is the main attraction, but I can see this place becoming a popular spot with those who want somewhere to start a night of boozing or who just want to escape the madding crowd and relax with a partner or a few friends.

Lam Morrison's House of Rock

Soi Marine Plaza
(access from Walking Street via Soi Lucky Star)

Music venue, closed, Lam Morrison returned to Blues Factory
Lassi Beer bar

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Beer bar went dark in June 2018.
Le Clair de Lune

Walking Street

See Bar le Belote above

Le Pub

Soi Diamond
(2nd Road end)

Facebook Page

The Charming Crab became Le Pub in late 2016. Mister Egg, the well known bar manager previously at Windmill, Sugarbaby and Secrets is in control. Still going strong at the end of the 2022 coronavirus lockdown.

Lee's Bar

Simon Beer Bar Complex
Walking Street

Beer bar noted as a favourite

Legends Bar

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Gletscherkuss Bar became Legends Bar in June 2018. Closed by April2019.

Lek Chock Dee Bar

Walking Street : Soi 15

Beer bar
Lennie's Bar

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Aircon bar opened October 2005. Became Shooters on June 30th 2007. Became Club Mirage, now Cream which is currentlly closed.
Lima Lima

Bai Hai

Smart nightclub. Beers at 170 Baht, Now Nina see below
Limmatquai 80

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Very dark lady boy bar with 15-20 katoeys. Presumably has dancing as it promises an erotic cabaret. Closed in January 2010

Linda Bar

Walking Street
(by Living Dolls Showcase)

Lady boy bar

Ling Bar

Walking Street
(Complex opposite Soho Square)

Beer bar

Lock Stock Beer Bar

Walking Street

(by the boxing ring under Marine Disco)

Beer Bar

Lollipop Soi 6

Pattaya Soi 6

New short time bar opened in November 2019.

Lollipop Beer Bar

Soi Happy
Walking Street

Beer bar from the connections of Lollipop A-GoGo which closed in autumn 2012 when the landlords wanted to convert building to a disco.
Look Pub & Karaoke

Soi Diamond

Another failed attempt at bringing Dutch style window shopping to Pattaya. Opened in December 2019 at the venue that was previously New Carousel but the experiment didn't last long,

Lucifer Disko TK

Walking Street

Discotheque/freelance bar much raided by Pattaya police

Potential customers should note that on one police raid, customers were hurt due to an emergency exit to the street being locked. In fact the packed interior and narrow entrance corridor suggests that this would be a nightmare in an emergency.

Drinks in the 170-200 Baht range

News June 2016: Ren0vation

The disco has closed for extensive restoration

News June 2014: Police closure

The disco suffered a substantial police closure to thuggery by the club's bouncers. Regulars are being redirected to 808 Club, a few doors down Walking Street. Re-opened on 11th August

Review May 2012: Popular and Busyx

Beers are still 170 Baht for farangs (paid for on delivery). Mostly loud US rap, music wise. Very popular with freelancers. There's a live band which alternates with DJs. Generally busy after midnight.

News July 2010: Price Watch

Beers are now 170 Baht for farangs whilst Thais pay 90 Baht.

Review from Pattaya Secrets , Sept 2008: Fabulous Band

If you are into hip hop and gangsta rap I don’t think there is a better place in Pattaya to listen to it. The DJ’s pump out a 30 minute set and then flawlessly, the absolutely fabulous band takes over, all vocalists take turns, one better than the other, the line up includes a gorgeous girl who is not on the stage just for her beauty, she gives as good as the guys with perfect attitude.

Lucifer’s have spared no expense on the sound system, the light show is appropriate for what the place is, just to remind you, a sort of underground music focused venue with a customer base of hard core hip hop music lovers.

There were plenty of freelances on the prowl so you could go on your own and still get laid, but its not like your shooting fish in a barrel, you may have to work a bit, I saw a couple of guys get knock backs. My advice would to bring a girl with you’re your probably safer that way also.

Review from Pattaya Addicts , Oct 2007: Pretty Expensive

Lucifer is the place to go around 2 am. It is a great place, many girls, great DJ but pretty expensive drinks (shots can be around 220 baht... There is no real dance floor but still everybody is dancing.

Review from Pattaya Secrets , Dec 2006: Young Crowd

I liked the place. It's music policy seems to be almost entirely hiphop which is ok by me. DJ Domination was playing, but I wasn't that impressed.

What did impress me was the standard of the freelancers, a fairly young crowd but mainly good looking with nice attitudes.

December 2005: Heaven

I think the best place for music and ladies. the quality always seems to be there. Anyway when in Pattaya I always seem to go there nearly every night.

The music is the same every night as well. So you can go to the loo outside for a break and come back into the disco and know which song is next!!

There also seems a mad rush of women between 12 and 1. Mostly freelancers but heaven!!

Lucky Star

Walking Street (corner Soi Lucky Star)

Beer bar


Walking Street

Indian owned nghtclub opened in November 2022. The club closed after a couple of months to make way for Shimmers.

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Mammon Disco

Covent Garden
Pattaya Soi 16

Iranian disco opened 14th May 2010 upstairs at Covent Garden. Now closed

Marine Disco Club

Walking Street

Until 4am

Long running disco

News April 2023: Dark

It has been reported that the venue has gone dark

Prices, September 2013: Tax increase

Bottled beer has gone up from 145 baht to 155 Baht.

Prices from Pattaya Talk , September 2010: Ouch!

Heineken 125 baht. Beware of the vodka lipo at 280 Baht. Vodka (170 baht) AND the Lipo (110 baht).

Review from Pattaya Addicts , Oct 2007: Real Dance Floor

Marine 1 is the place to go around 3am.

Most of the girls from the bars try to pull in that place. The only thing about Marine 1 is: It is ALWAYS the same music.

The drinks are also not the cheapest.

The good thing here is that you got a real dance floor.

Review from Pattaya Secrets , Dec 2006: The Daddy

The Daddy of them all and still the best IMHO. It's bigger than the rest, a fairly simple design and lighting setup but used very effectively with an almost warehouse type feeling.

It was packed with a whole variety of farangs and thais of all ages who all mostly seemed to be having a good time.

The music is excellent too, fairly hiphop free, a bit cheesy but just the thing to get a crowd dancing. Loads of cute, and some not so cute, Thai girls looking for a farang for the night.

Marine 2

Soi Marine Plaza
(off Pratamnak Road)

Disco noted for the very late night slot

News Jan 2009: Competition

Said to have lowered drinks prices from 160 to 100 Baht in response to competition from Insomnia.

June 2006:

From 4am to 6am. This is near Marine Plaza in the basement of a hotel. Hard-core disco crowd but still plenty of girls to choose from.

Marine Plaza

Soi Marine Plaza
(off Pratamnak Road)

Disco. Watch out for the 250 Baht Bicardi Breezers

June 2006:

This is the big Arab orientated disco that gets busy between about 2am until closing time at about 4am. Lots of girls in there and many farangs as well as arabs. It's situated kind of opposite Coyotes.

Marine Pool Bar

Soi Marine Plaza
(off Pratamnak Road)

New upstairs bar on the site of the old Club Insomnia. Opening soon (as of Sept 2009)

The Mask Club

Bali Hai
Walking Street (south end)

Previously Glamour Club
Maureen's Bar

Walking Street

Beer bar. Redeveloped in January 2009 and is now called Ring the Bell, see below

Maxie's Bar

Walking Street : Soi 16

Beer bar
Maya Karaoke

Walking Street
(upstairs from Champion A-GoGo) Maya Karaoke

Karaoke bar. Previously a GoGo bar last used when Champion suffered a 30 day closure and relocated upstairs for a while. Now Guugle.

Walking Street

Indian show bar opened in April/May 2014. Closed in July 2017.


Closed in March 2019.

Walking Street

On Walking Street, at the previous location of Alcatraz A-GoGo, a new place has opened, but remains deserted. On the façade I still see “ อัลคาทราซ ” ("Alcatraz" in Thai script). The bar was never particularly popular and went dark for a couple of days in August 2018.

Midnight Bar

Soi Marine Plaza

The Midnight liquor shop became Midnight Bar in September 2019.

Mint City

Walking Street (Pier Entertainment Complex)

Beer bar

Mixx Nightlife

Bali Hai Plaza
At far end of Walking Street

Disco opened Sep 2007

Prices December 2010: Expensive

Bottled beer 170 Baht

News Feb 2009: Blush

Coyote dancing has been added at the Blush Club

News from Pattaya City News , Sep 2007: Crystal Palace

On the 3rd Floor of the New Bali Hai Plaza at the South end of Pattaya Beach, the grand opening took place of a new Discotheque aimed at the foreign and Thai market.

Mixx Nightlife offers two rooms of music featuring a variety of dance and hip-hop music. Area 1 is known as the Rouge Club and features the best of R&B and Hip Hop, area 2 is the Crystal Palace featuring the best of House, Trance and Progressive Music.


Walking Street : Soi Happy

Beer bar
Molly Malone's

Walking Street

Eating & drinking Irish themed bar. Previously named Kilkenny's but was renamed in December 2007. Closed in September 2009 and is now Baccara.


Walking Street

Beer bar

October 2005:

A people watching bar with a good view of the coming and going in Walking Street and Soi Diamond. The seats are arranged in the small bar to overlook the street

There are a couple of TVs that inevitably show football, and there is a pool table at the back.

Not so many girls as other bars though.

Morning Star Beer Bar

Covent Garden Complex
Walking Street: Soi 16

Irish themed beer bar, closed in August 2011. Now Iroony


Walking Street

Disco with coyote dancers. Intermittent opening and closed in June 2011. Re-opened on 30th September 2011.

Russian owned and very expensive lady drinks at 300 Baht. Bottled beer 95 Baht.


Walking Street Soi 14/15

Nightclub with a low key opening on 27th February 2013. The Venue was previous Top Girls and then Illusions. Closed at the end of March 2013 with a sign suggested that the bar will try something new. Something news turned out to be complete closure

Mum Bar

Walking Street : Soi Diamond

Open coyote bar new for July 2011. Previously Paris and Atlantis A-GoGo. Set to open 1st August 2011. The shutters were up on 18th September. Re-opened but closed and up for sale in May 2012. Re-opened 1st November 2012.

News November 2012: Re-opened

Mum Bar re-opened 1st of December 2012. The bar had a bit of a upgrade, same layout, walls are now wooden, not painted,

There's a new pool table at the back of the bar, and as before there are coyote dancers,

News August 2012: Renovations

The bar is now installing a glass front and will re-open soon, presumably still with coyotes dancers but now with aircon.


Walking Street : Soi 15

Beer bar now refitted and renamed Cats Corner, see below
My Way

Walking Street

Beer bar favoured by ladyboys

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Naam Bar

Walking Street (near Soi Happy)

Shophouse bar. Previously Otto's New Calypso Bar. Closed by May 2016. The bar has now vanished and has become part of the Midnight Pattaya development.
New Carousel Beer Bar

Soi Diamond

Long running beer bar located in the central aisle of Soi Diamond. Closed in April 2019 and tried a move to the narrow section of Soi Diamond as the New Carousel Bar. That didn't pan out though and soon closed.

New Star Bar

Walking Street

Beer bar

From Pattaya Addicts , June 2007:

I also like New Star Bar on Walking Street, that's my normal hang out.

New York New York

Soi Marine Plaza

A nightclub with a little decoration provided by agency coyote girls. The bar flirted with being a GoGo type bar earlier in the evening but this idea did not last long. It is reported to be the same owners as Moon Club. It is located at the venue that was once Coyotee's A-GoGo. Closed on 1st March 2013

Night Star Bar

Walking Street : Soi 14
(Pratamnak Road end)

Beer bar.
Night Train Bar

Soi Diamond

Aircon bar opened in June 2014. Became Pearl in the Soi Diamond in December 2016.

Nina Nina

Bali Hai

Smart nightclub. Beers at 170 Baht. Previously Lima Lima
Ning's Bar

Pratamnak Road (near Walking Street: Soi 15)

Beer bar. Became Pepy's Bar in summer 2008

Noi Nooky Bar

Pier Complex
Beach Road
(Near Walking Street)

Beer bar

Nothing really amazing about this bar. It was an exact carbon copy of all the other bars clustered around it.

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Ocean 10 Club

Walking Street

Opened October 2007. Primarily Russian speaking dance venue. The bar closed in March 2008 and re-opened after a refit in late April. Closed again in July 2009. Became Double Six Club and then a 7/11.
Otto's New Calypso Bar

Walking Street (near Soi Happy)

Shophouse bar now called Nam's New Calypso Bar

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P.72 hotel sign


Walking Street

Beer bar and Restaurant. Heineken 80 Baht

News Oct 2007: Refit

The oval bar has been pushed further back from Walking Street and the space left has been cleared. After a bit of rework the bar was moved back with little obvious resultant change.

Summer 2006:

Really a beer bar and restaurant that are side by side, with a hotel above. On the bar side there is a troop of girls in black dresses. There's a big screen TV if you're into football.

It is a reasonably quiet bar that avoids the dance music fixation of many of the competitors. There is sometimes a duo of musicians concentrating on more pop than dance music.

The restaurant is a bit more up-market.

Panda Bar

Pattaya Soi 6

Short time bar which flirted with GoGo for a while but had dropped this by May 2023.

Panda Club

Walking Street

The latest reincarnation of Tony's Disco opened at the beginning of 2020, and re-opened in September 2020 after the end of the coronavirus lockdown.

Pang Pang Beer bar

Walking Street
(Simon Bar Complex near Soi 16)

Beer bar

Paris Super Bar

Walking Street : Soi Diamond

Beer bar

Pattaya Beer Garden

Behind Siren Bar Complex
Beach Road
(at junction with Walking Street )

Freelancer pick up bar, opened on 25th April 2008

News September 2020: Temporarily closed

The bar re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown but there were insufficient customers in town. The bar has therefore be closed from 29th September but will re-open once visitors return.

News from pattayabeergarden June 2008: Progress into June

From day one we have had consistently good business. The bar itself can be a little deceptive because of the size and the four different areas. Fifty people can virtually disappear and it takes over 100 people to make the place look slightly busy. For me this is a great advantage as the relaxing, chill out atmosphere is not spoilt even when we are busy.

The freelancer situation is evolving and getting better all the time. We are always promoting the beer garden to the girls and building up a nice set of regulars. New girls stumble in every day and overall I am satisfied we are on the right track. It is still a bit hit and miss and will probably remain so for a few more months. You just have to try your luck and maybe wait for a while for new girls to wander in.

I have mentioned busy times before but I think it is a bit self defeating to do so. Last week I write that I was surprised by the number of girls arriving after 10pm. On Friday night we had about 25 girls sitting at the bar at 7 pm and 5 guys. By 9 pm that had changed to 25 guys and 5 girls. Sometimes the balance is right and sometimes it is not. I am sure this will continue until we are better known.

I saw a comment on a board last week about the rules of engagement. Basically the poster was saying he was not going to approach the girls and if they did not approach him nothing was going to happen. That approach will work in just about every bar in Pattaya but it will not work at the Pattaya Beer Garden. You must make first contact. If you can’t or won’t do that then the PBG is probably not for you. If you approach a girl at the bar I can almost guarantee that you will not be rebuffed. The girls are there to find a man after all. Even fat old balding people like me are seen as desirable meat mates. So don’t be shy just say Hi. The rest will follow naturally and without pressure.

We are in to out June promotions now. The freelancer discount continues. Bring your own freelancer and receive a 100 baht discount off your order. Please ask clearly for "The Freelancer Discount" when ordering.

Happy hours are 3 pm to 5 pm and then again 9 pm to 11 pm every day. All bottled beers are 50 baht (except Corona). This week we have permanently lowered the price of Corona and Strongbow.

A new thing we are trying in June is the "Sunset Promotion". The PBG is a great place to watch the sunset each evening around 6:30 pm. It can be quite spectacular. From 5:30 pm to 7 pm each night we are offering the "Sunset Special". A plate of Thai h'orderves and a Sundowner cocktail for two hundred baht. The Thai snacks are very tasty and farang friendly (will not blow your head off) and the Sundowner cocktail packs a bit of a wallop with three shots of the hard stuff.

News April 2008: Open

The bar is now open for business and the Pattaya regulars have been giving a good reception. There are plenty of promotions during May to give it a good kick start.

News March 2008: Freelancers

People have always wondered why Pattaya doesn't have a venue for freelancers along the lines of Bangkok's Beer Garden on Soi 7.

Well bar owner Pattaya Pete (previously of FLB) has bought a venue that he hopes will emulate the success of the Beer Garden. The venue is hardly a garden though, as it is at the back of the Pier Complex overlooking the sea.

It is a large venue and will feature reasonable prices so as to encourage customers and girls to hang around and buy a few drinks. There will be no bar fines.

Pattaya Bull Dog Bar

Siren Bar Complex
Beach Road
(at junction with Walking Street )

Beer bar

Comment July 2007: Italian

Owned by an Italian and his wife Alena. She was a great mamasan..... lots of fun..... speaks Italian of course


Walking Street

Aircon bar opened October 2008. Closed August 2010.

Pearl in Soi Diamond

Soi Diamond

Night Train Bar became Pearl in the Soi Diamond in December 2016.

Pepy's Bar

Pratamnak Road (near Walking Street: Soi 15)

Beer bar. Became Pepy's Bar in summer 2008. Previously Ning's Bar
Performance Bar

Walking Street

Closed and opened later in December 2010 as a gay bar. Now G-U-Y Club

The Pier

Walking Street

A large new disco at the building that was once Polo, Lollipop and Cosy A-GoGo. The venue closed during the coronavirus lockdown.
Pizza Bar

Walking Street (by FLB)

The lady boy beer bar closed in April 2007. And has now been replaced by Coleen's Bar, see above


Walking Street

Nightclub opened in December 2011 replacing Goodfellas, and before that 19th Hole. Upmarket disco with good decor and expensive drinks which is targeted at the young folk. The bar has a few coyote dancers for decoration. Closed and is set to become Apple Pub in May 2014.
Players Dance Club

Soi Marine Plaza

Lounge bar with disco dancing girls, closed in June 2006. Venue then became Club Insomnia


Soho Square
Walking Street

Opened in late 2012

Pompet Beer bar

Walking Street (opposite FLB)

Beer bar
Pulse Disco

Bali Hai
Walking Street (south end)

Noted in March 2014. Russian oriented disco with spirits at 140 Baht. Closed. Now Fever

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QT Bar

Simon Beer Bar Complex
Walking Street
(near soi 16)

Beer bar noted as a favourite by some Pattaya Addicts members

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Pattaya Soi 16
(at the corner with Walking Street)

An Indian nightclub took over from Soi 16 Music Hall in December 2017.

Red Car Bar

Walking Street
(near Beach Road)

See Facebook page

Opened by connections to Bangkok's Gulliver's bars in March 2008. Renamed from Walking Street Sports Cafe to Red Car Bar in 2022.

Review June 2008: Happening

One of my drinking friends was recommending a new happening disco on Walking Street. I tried to make sense of her directions and I knew of no disco at the Beach Road end of Walking Street.

She assured me that there was one, as she had been 3 times and enjoyed herself every time.

I think she was talking about the new Gulliver's owned Walking Street Sports Cafe. I wasn't entirely convinced as she could not recall a large red car hung on the wall as you walk in. How could you miss it.

Review from Pattaya Talk , March 2008: Tasty Decor

Its a brand new upmarket trendy bar not sure who the owners have aimed it at.

Well fitted venue looks and feels expensive, with tasty decor very well done, supposedly imitating an underground station

Flat screens every where even in the LUXURY loo's SHOWING sports events.

Food, Thai and western ALL reasonably priced as are drinks. The bar staff are attentive, usual bar games and pool were being played though seems a bit out of place in this styled venue.

If they get the music volume sorted and dump the DJ, I would go back the place was quite busy with a lot of punters over 50 yet the music was blaring hip hop to which the only persons responding to the incessant over loud thumping were the bar staff

There is very very low ambient lighting. If you decide to order food, the table service stand overlooking your shoulder with a torch whilst you peruse the menu,

Red Square

Walking Street
(Under The Pier Disco)

Russian targeted live music venue which opened in 2014. Closed by July 2016.

Republica Disco TK

Walking Street
(Opposite Soi Diamond)

Disco opened December 26th 2008. 165 Baht for bottled beer. Closed in May/June 2008.


Bali Hai
(South end of Walking Street)

Nightclub. New for 2012.
Rhino Club

Walking Street

Rh ino opened on 20th June 2011 in the venue that was previously Hot Tuna Pool and before that a GoGo called Teasers. The bar has ownership connections with the Hot Tuna beer bars. The GoGo converted to an open coyote bar in January 2014 and closed over the summer of 2014. It re-opened on 15th November 2014 as a GoGo. It closed in December 2014 but re-opened in January 2015 as a coyote bar. It closed again by January 2016.

Ring the Bell

Walking Street
(In front of Champion A-GoGo)

Beer bar. Took over from Maureen's in January 2009. Now incorporated into the Moonlight Complex which didn't get off the ground.
River Bar

Walking Street : Soi 14
(Pratamnak Road end)

Scandinavian beer bar. Closed by March 2009 and up for sale
Rock Club

Soi Marine Plaza

Music venue closed in summer of 2008, Lam Morrison has returned to Blues Factory. Venue now redeveloped

Rock Spot Beer bar

Walking Street

(Behind the boxing ring under Marine Disco)

Beer Bar

Rock Street

Walking Street

Live music venue opened in September 2016. Took over the venue from Casnovy A-GoGo and took the band & staff from Blue Sky 3. All these bars have shared ownership connections.

News from Dick Farang, October 2017: Re-opened

On Walking Street Rock Street has reopened, noisier than ever.

News March 2017: Fire

The bar is currently closed pending repairs after a fire.

Rolling Live 1

Simon Beer Bar Complex
Walking Street
(near soi 16)

Beer bar. Renamed from Rolling Stone reportedly due to copyright claims.
Rolling Live 2

Walking Street
(Front of Covent Garden Complex, at Soi 16)

Live music bar closed in spring 2015. Now a nightclub which later closed

Rolling Live 6

Walking Street
(Simon Bar Complex near Soi 16)

Beer bar. Took over from Don't Tell Mama Bar in December 2010. Keep your eye on the tab.
The Roo Bar & Guesthouse

Walking Street

Beer bar, previously known as the Jan Bar. The owners retired in June 2017 and the bar closed. The venue is now Tantra A-GGo.
The Roof Night Club

Walking Street

Night club featuring coyote dancing, opened in May 2006 in the venue previously used by Highway Star A-GoGo. The bar closed in Jan 2007.
Roof Top Bar

Walking Street (Pier Entertainment Complex)

Proved difficult to get people to go upstairs and the bar had closed by summer 2008

Roof Top Club

Walking Street
(by Soho Square)

Nightclub opened in December 2019.

Rose Marie Beer bar

Pratamnak Road (near Walking Street: Soi 15)

Beer bar with sporadic opening since September 2010. Listing confirmed in August 2018.

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Sabai Sabai

Walking Street : Soi Happy

Beer bar

From Pattaya Secrets

They tried to pull the you never pay trick where they claim you never paid the bill while you are waiting for your change. Could not get through to the tourist police so I ended up paying the bill 3 times. 590 baht bill, gave them 1000, no change, and ended up giving them 500 again to settle and leave. I thought this stuff was in the past, however it is alive and well here. I would advise pay as you go here

Scooter's Bar with Secrets

Pattaya Soi 14

Took over from Secrets Bar on 29th March 2019 but closed in July 2019. The bar was reworked and re-opened on 1st September 2019. Bottled beers are 89 Baht.


Walking Street : Soi 14

Hostess bar & hotel opened 1st September 2006. The long running bar closed in January 2019. The venue became a bar of the Scooter Bar chain, although the hotel continues as Secrets.

Seven Seas

Walking Street : Soi Happy

Beer bar

The owner reads the forum Pattaya Talk using the board name Cbrib

Shangri La frontage

Shangri La Bar

Walking Street
(towards the new pier end)

Beer bar

Stands out from the crown in that it features massive quantities of ornaments and soft furnishing etc. It looks like a lifetimes work for a rather eccentric owner. There are so many dangly things and cushions and tapestries and pictures that there seems little room for customers. Doesn't seem to matter much though as I have rarely seen many.

It is a bar where I will surely pop in one day. But the nearby rather basic, loud, garish & tasteless bars have one slight advantage over Shangri La, they are stocked with attractive short time girlfriends.


Walking Street


Lady boy bar took over from Teazers on 6th January 2014. Didn't last long and closed in March 2014


Walking Street : Soi Diamond

Aircon bar opened June 30th 2007. Previously known as Lennie's. Converted to a GoGo in November 2008.
Sky Ice

Walking Street : Pattaya Soi 15

Beer bar, closed by Jan 2007

Smile Bar

Pratamnak Road
(near Walking Street: Soi Diamond)

Beer bar

Walking Street
(At the back of old Nok Beer Bar Complex)

Opened as a coyote bar in 2009 then had less clothed ladies so qualified as a GoGo. But it didn't last long and the bar has been taken away and the space is now used for pool tables.
So Cool

Walking Street : Soi 14
(above Illusion Pattaya Club)

Coyote bar opened in September 2007. Then a bells and whistles show bar. Now part of Illusions Club but still said to do bells and whistles shows.
Soi 16 Music Hall

Pattaya Soi 16
(at the corner with Walking Street)

Nightclub opened in April 2017. Closed in October 2017. Became a short lived Indian nightclub called Raas.
Southern Swing

Soho Square
Walking Street

Western themed bar. Closed in November 2009
Spring Cat

Soho Square
Walking Street

Looks set to replace Deja Vue in July 2014.
Star Beer bar

Walking Street
(corner of Soi Happy)

Beer bar. Closed in September 2014.

The Stones House

Walking Street

Live music open bar opened on 13th April 2014. Previously Black & White.

Forum comments, July 2014: Rolling On

Seems to be run to cater for Thais as well as farangs.

Ownership connections to the Rolling Live chain.

Bottled beer 150 Baht. Soft drinks 90 Baht.

Good band.

Stoney's Food & Drink

Walking Street

Beer Bar, Sold and renamed The Best Bar in June 2006, now Crazy Beer Bar
Sweet Times Bar

Walking Street
(by FLB)

Beer bar previously Colleen's Bar. Closed in July 2013. Now a simulator ride or similar.
Swiss House

Soi Diamond

Swiss restaurant and bar. Closed in June 2015. Now set to become a new location for New Carousel Bar in spring 2019.

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Taffy's Bar

Walking Street : Soi 15
(corner soi 14)

Beer bar previously named Muttley's. Renamed in September 2008 to Cats Corner, see above

Walking Street
(in front of Living Dolls One)

New coyote bar opened in December 2009. Closed in December 2013 and gave way to the lady boy bar Shhh. Now a shop.

Theatre of Dreams

Simon Beer Bar Complex
Walking Street (near soi 16)

Beer bar
Tiger Lounge

Walking Street: Soi Diamond (upper floor)

Coyote dancing opened Jan 2007. Later became a GoGo until closing in 2016

Tiger Tiger

Walking Street : Soi Lucky Star

Beer bar

December 2005: Football

If football is your thing, then Tiger Tiger is the place to be. Particularly if you are a fan of the English game..

While there are all the normal beers & spirits. Cocktails are 120 baht.

There are two pool tables, one blue and one green, which are in good condition considering the amount of use they get.

Time Out

Walking Street : Soi 15

Beer bar
Tipsy Night Club

Soho Square
Walking Street

Disco. Closed, maybe until the winter when Russian tourists return

Tony's Ankor Disco

Pattaya Soi 16

Tony's Entertainment Complex

Walking Street

Disco/freelance bar reborn as Club Abyzz in January 2011. See above

Walking Street

Beer bar closed in August 2009.
Top 10

Walking Street (downstairs from Marine Disco)

Beer bar closed in March 2010 to make way for a re-housing of Peppermint

Torus Bar

Walking Street

Large open bar with live music and a nightclub feel. New for June 2009

Tunnel Club

Walking Street

A new nightclub opened in November 2022.

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Utopia Rock Club Lounge

Soho Square
Walking Street

Coyote dancing downstairs with beer garden in the square. Became a reggae bar and is now Cocoon night club.

The house band, The Climax Band used to be the popular centre piece of the defunct Climax Bar located at the centre of Walking Street. See more about the ban at

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V. nus (Venus)

Walking Street : Soi 15

Fancy beer bar that never really took off. Lasted from October 2006 to July 2007. Now Sapphire Club.

V 2 O Ice Bar

Walking Street : Soi 15

Vodka Bar opened in April 2007. Spirits are 150 Baht and beer is 120 Baht. Moved Walking Street/Soi 15 in February 2011. Listing confirmed in August 2018.

News January 2011: Moved

Moved to the corner of Soi 15 and Walking Street.

News from V2O April 2008: Cold Realities of Pattaya Nightlife

After all you guys asking the beautiful girls of V2O, we have decided to give in to all you handsome men out there. We now have a bar fine policy in place at 500 Baht.

Review from Jil in Pattaya , Aug 2007: Neat

It is an exceptionally neat design and layout, up on the second floor, sitting on top of the beer bars that run the entire length of the left side of the alley, with an open-air seating arrangement and plush booths to relax in, in a complete open-air setting.

The exceptionally fancy style of the bar is unfortunately offset by the poorest view of any bar in the city: That being the unadorned and neglected rears of the buildings over on Soi BJ.

News from Pattaya Addicts Feb 2007: Ice Room

Everything about the bar seems to ooze quality, and the ice vodka room is a great way to instantly cool down from the hot nights that have started again. Also when you take a lady into the ice room with you I doubt very much that they will have experienced cold like this.

One thing I really liked is the hostess outfits, every girl looked very stylish.

News from Pattaya Addicts Feb 2007: An Icy Welcome

A new vodka bar has its opening set for the end of February 2007. It will be located on the first floor running down the length of Soi Happy.

The owners promise an ice room to drink vodka shots, great music, sexy ladies and fantastic surroundings

Venus (V.nus)

Walking Street : Soi 15

Closed, now Sapphire Club A-GoGo

2nd Road: Soi Marine Plaza

Dance Bar opened summer 2006 and gone dark by October 2006. then Lam Morrison's Rock Bar. Now Marine Pool Bar
VIP Club

Walking Street

Opened as a GoGo in November 2005 in the location that was previously Amazon A-GoGo. Went coyote and in early 2007 and then moved into the late night club market in the summer of 2007. Things didn't work out and the bar was sold to become Lollipop A-GoGo

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Walking Street Sports Cafe

Walking Street
(near Beach Road)

See Red Car Bar

Wildcats Bar

Soho Square
Walking Street

Beer bar opened in May 2008. Closed in June 2009. Became Fantasy Sports Grill in July 2009, see above

Wood Ball

Walking Street

Bar targeting the Japanese karaoke crowd opened in May 2015.

Walking Street
(Pier Entertainment Complex)

Beer bar. The upstairs Pier Complex closed in September 2009

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Zab Cafe

Walking Street

Restaurant with live music from Isaan

News August 2015: Dancing

Zab Cafe is trying something new with dancing and poles.

Review from Pattaya Talk , February 2014: Isaan Music

The venue has reinvented itself as a Thai Mor Lam music venue. The drinks prices are now reasonable. the makeover has worked and the venue is now very popular.

News, June 2011: Expensive Drinks

A change of direction with the live music now being Issan singing and dancing. Still expensive drinks with 100 baht for coke and 150 Baht for a fruit juice.

Review from Pattaya Addicts , Sep 2007: Expensive Drinks

Has a good 7 piece band and a Beegees impersonator group. Quite expensive for drinks though, 100 Baht water, 150 juice, cheapest beer 200

Prices from Pattaya Secrets , Dec 2006: Customers Zapped by the Prices

One Malibu & orange juice and one bottle of Singha: 360 baht.

Now although the band is exceptional, the place was dead, maybe 6 customers, I wonder why...


Pattaya bars most likely to be listed are those that occupy a permanent looking standalone building. Beer bars in complexes will not be listed unless mentioned in dispatches. Gay/Thai/Karaoke bars are not listed due to a lack of expertise in those areas. Gogo bars are listed on a separate page. I have added food reviews but this is not a comprehensive service. I will only list eateries where people have submitted comments

The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself. Click on the street name to obtain a map of the bar area.

Previously the notes included guidelines on barfines and asking prices but in recent times these have become less standardised and at the top end it is now more or a less an unbounded negotiation.

And a couple of words of warning:

  • In short time rooms...keep an eye on your wallet to ensure that it stays with you long time.

  • To those with Thai wives, be aware of the motor cycle taxi network used to keep tabs on errant husbands.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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