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  Lowering the tone of the area...

News from Soi 8

Link Here 18th February 2017
world wide burger kingSilver Star A-GoGo on Pattaya Soi 8 fell victim to a police raid on the 18th February at about 9:45pm. The final outcome is unknown but the bar shut for the remainder of the evening.

Meanwhile around the corner on Beach Road, a fine traditional GoGo is being replaced by a downmarket junk food outlet. The old World Wide A-GoGo is now being redeveloped as a Burger King, with notices proclaiming that it will be opening soon.



DClub A-GoGo opens on Walking Street.

Link Here 17th February 2017
dclub cardDClub A-GoGo opened on 16th February on Soi Diamond but is accessed via stairs on Walking Street.

The venue was once Tiger A-GoGo but became a standard nightclub named DClub. Presumably that venture was not quite a success as the owners have now changed to an A-GoGo club.

Meanwhile the newly opened Frog Queen was dark on 16th February.

And the new Pacha A-GoGo that did not make its 1st of February opening seems to have stalled, maybe permanently. This seems a bit of a shame as there are quite a few good looking new recruits  wearing Pacha tops working in the French connection sister bars such as Crazy House.

There are now 85 bars on the Pattaya GoGo list but a couple of those may soon be removed if reported dark bars turn out to be permanent closures.


  Fake news in the Daily Record...

Scottish newspaper exaggerates a tiny little local story of a routine police raid of a GoGo, suggesting that it is the beginning of the end of Pattaya's sexy nightlife

Link Here 17th February 2017
windmill club logoScotland's Daily Record 'newspaper' has hyped up a local story of a routine police raid into the beginning of the end for Pattaya's sexy nightlife.

The paper leads with the headline

Sex sells in world's sleaziest city but Pattaya's 27,000 prostitutes could see roaring trade wiped out. Thailand's first female tourism minister aims to eradicate sex tourism and reinvent the country as a female-friendly destination and cops are now raiding brothels.

And continues:

Every year more than one million visitors a year pass through the Thai resort known as the world's sex capital. Many men are drawn there by one thing only. Pattaya has a reported 27,000 prostitutes, roughly one for every five people living permanently in the east-coast city that has been likened to a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

The resort's infamous main drag, the largest red-light district on earth, is lined with sex clubs and go-go bars. Pattaya alone has more than 1,000 bars and massage parlours, many fronts illegal brothels.

In fact the tourism minister's comments are now pretty old news and the 27,000 sex workers and the 1000 bars have been operating unabated ever since.

Police have been routinely raiding bars regularly for years, and there is nothing to suggest that this particular raid is in any way out of the ordinary.

And on the night after the police raid, the 27000 sex workers and 1000 bars were operating as normal, not even dropping to 999, as the bar being raided seems to have settled its differences with the authorities.

And guess what, a couple of days later there are still 27,000 sex workers plying their trade, but admittedly a couple of bars have closed, more due to the million visitors not quite being enough.


  Scary Thailand...

A police raid on Windmill Club must have been terrifying for the British victim who was caught on the job in a short time room and paraded in front of the world's press, including the Daily Mail

Link Here 15th February 2017

Thai Police logoA British tourist must have been terrified after a police raid at Windmill Club on Soi Diamond resulted in him being caught upstairs in bed in short time rooms next door.

The 62-year-old from London has thankfully not been named. The world's press, notably the UK's Daily Mail, published a picture of the man with his face turned away from the camera.

Policemzn Naris Niramaiwon said the holidaymaker and the girl had been released while the bar's owner was arrested on suspicion of supplying prostitutes in the workplace without permission. Bizarrely the police claimed that this terrifying experience for this old man was somehow intended: to create peace of mind for travellers visiting the area for nightlife. And then added that customers are expected to check the licence paperwork of bars they visit. He said:

The venue did not have the correct licence and the owner will be prosecuted. The tourist from the UK has been warned about this.

The police also visited the nearby Heaven Above A-GoGo. Both venues opened normally the next evening.


  Enjoying shore leave in Pattaya...

Cobra Gold 2017

Link Here 12th February 2017
cobra gold 2017 logoThe annual Cobra Gold naval exercise starts on 14th February and continues until the 28th.

The upshot of this international exercise is that many US service men end up being able to enjoy a little shore leave in Pattaya. And of course there are many girls in Pattaya who are keen for the chance to provide a little rest and relaxation.



A new GoGo set to open on Walking Street

Link Here 10th February 2017
dclub cardDClub closed at the beginning of the year after a short attempt as a nightclub. The bar is now hoping to return to life as DClub A-GoGo.

The Soi Diamond venue has stars leading up from Walking Street and was previously home to Tiger Lounge/Club A-GoGo.

DClub's next door neighbour Overmind A-GoGo, seems to be struggling it its similarly upstairs location, and has had a few more dark nights.


  Dry day...

Saturday 11th is a Buddhist special day and the bars will close for 24 hours.

Link Here 7th February 2017
sweethearts neon Its a special Buddha day on Saturday 11th February. Makha Bucha Day is one of the religious holidays defined in Thai law when bars must close for 24 hours from midnight to midnight.

Pattaya's bars are doing their best to try and work around the restrictions, opening early on Friday, and re-opening at midnight on Saturday for a few hours into Sunday.

Update from Sweethearts:

Sweethearts A-GoGo will be closed on Friday night for a staff party.



Pattaya Bar Reviews: Club Sin

Link Here 31st January 2017

club sinOn Soi Full Love Inn one more hostess bar with doorbell has opened: Sin Club.

As most bars on that strip (i.e. with the exception of Le Carr39 Blanc which is double unit and Pirates which is one and a half unit) it is a narrow single-unit bar.

On the signs the name is spelt both Sin Club and Club Sin .

The bar appears to be part of Bryan Flowers's empire.

(On the same strip another smallish, presumably Japanese themed, bar by the same group is taking shape: J Club.)

The layout of Sin Club is nothing to write home about: a bar counter with bar stools on the right-hand side and one curtained-off area to the rear.

I was their only customer and saw about six mediocre girls around the thirty-year mark.

Barfine 300 baht, room upstairs or curtained-off area downstairs included, FS 1,000 baht.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht.


  Easy Going...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Bamboo Entertainment

Link Here 29th January 2017
Bamboo Entertainment signLast night Overmind Club (both entrances) was dark once more. That seems to become a chronic disease.

On upper Soi Khao Talo Happy Moon's Bar has become The Secret.

Bamboo Bar on Pattayatai near Walking Street appears to be a real gold mine. It is always crowded from early on, with most Thai females arriving between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Live music, mostly hits from the previous century such as My Way , and a dance floor in front of the singers and orchestra.

A lot of mature birds there (but not all) and many of them heading for the Walking Street discos later at night, often in teams of two or three.

Going fees are 1,000 baht ST and 1,500-2,000 baht LT, no barfine.

It is hit or miss if you will find a girl who fits the bill, but the easy-going atmosphere helps with the vetting and I have never met a starfish there.

The Pattaya Beer Garden formula however does not seem to work well, probably because punters cannot as casually roam there.

No "check bins" at Bamboo Bar, but immediate payment.

I presume they apply dual pricing with Thais paying much less. Some Thai females (probably the more hardened pros) are drinking alcopops or sharing bottles of Thai spirits, but the majority are sparingly nursing their still water, soda water or coca cola.

If you pay with a 1,000-baht note the waiter or waitress will give you a plastic badge as proof of payment until they bring the change.

That being said I have made it a habit of always carrying enough small cash and changing the higher denominations at trusted places such as restaurants, supermarkets and the post office.

Bottled Heineken 140 baht.


  Soi 6 is pumping...

More new bars

Link Here 24th January 2017
pump station 3 frontA new short time bar, The Pump Station 3, has opened on Soi 6 on 15th January 2017. It is located in the middle section of the soi between Ruby Club and Butterfly Bar. The venue was previously a laundry.

See N39 on Soi 6 map from

Meanwhile the old Nelson Hotel on the same soi has also returned to life. It is now Sandman Hotel and Sports Bar.


  Amethyst turned into gold...

Gold Club A-GoGo opens on Soi LK Metro

Link Here 21st January 2017
gold openingGold Club A-GoGo opened on 20th January on Soi LK Metro in the venue that was previously Amethyst.

The GoGo had in fact opened under the current management in November last year but an apparent dispute about the name resulted in rework for a renaming to Gold.

The bar is offering opening specials for 1 week: house spirits 80 baht, bottles Leo, Tiger, Singha 80 baht, San Miguel Light and Heineken 100 baht.

Barfine are 800 Baht ST and 1000 Baht LT. Lady drinks are 140 Baht.

There are now 84 GoGos around Pattaya.


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