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21st March

  Blink and you'll miss it...

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Eclipse bar set to open on Walking Street
Link Here
eclipse The venue that was once Coyote Club is set to be reborn as Eclipse. It is located towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street.

Postings on Pattaya suggest that it will be ready to open in the next few days.


20th March

  Super News...

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Heaven Gentlemen's Lounge and Super Girl set to return in April
Link Here
heaven reopening Heaven Gentlemen's Lounge on Pratamnak Hill re-opens after police closure with a party on 4th April.

On Soi Diamond, Super Girl is set to re-open under new management on 1st April.

Following up on yesterday's news, Diamond A-GoGo looks to have permanently closed. There is now a message on the door saying to contact Casino Club for any enquiries.


18th March

  A Diamond Dream...

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News of Diamond and Dream A-GoGo
Link Here

Diamond A-GoGo Last night Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond looked very closed.

I am not really surprised, although I had expected that Cream or Dream, both also on Soi Diamond, would have fallen first.

If the closure were to prove permanent then the GoGo count would drop to 81.

Dream Club A-GoGo sign Dream Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has not at all improved since my last visit; only prices have gone up.

They are still solely relying upon 500-baht freelancers hired by the day, a recipe for disaster.

There were some 15-20 dancers, half of them on the proportionately big square stage. They were all clad in black, some topless and one in a camisole. I saw two or three strings and lots of huge tops and bottoms. The average quality of the girls was several notches lower than at neighbour Super Baby A-GoGo.

I did not see a mamasan in charge.

The barfine is a ridiculous 1,000 baht with expectancies of 2,000 baht ST and 3,000 baht LT.

There were not many, but very noisy customers.

Bottled Heineken was a steep 165 baht. My bill mentioned a free drink I did not get. (Perhaps the staff reused the bill). Anyway, I was not interested in staying for a second drink.


14th March

  Less Palatial...

Peppermint changes its name
Link Here

peppermint Lek's Classroom A-GoGo on Soi 2 has closed now.

Bamboo Bar on Soi Khao Noi has been closed for more than one week already.

The front signage of Peppermint on Walking Street has been replaced: PEPPERMINT AGOGO ; no mention of Palace . I think the prices at Peppermint are: bottled Heineken 145 baht, lady drinks 150 baht, but they can have gone up since, draught beer still 69 baht however.

Since the closure of Thai Fun Club (all signs removed) and KIDS VIP (banner SALE on the closed gate), both on Soi Khopai Soi 10, the last remaining girlie bar in that area, Montana Bar and Lounge on Regional Land Road, is thriving.


7th March

  Play Cinderella's Midnight Dash...

Thai military dictators set midnight closing for a couple of weeks, at least in Bangkok
Link Here
cinderella midnight Bangkok nightlife and entertainment venues have been notified of an impending curfew to start this weekend and last for 2 weeks.

Thailand's tourism industry is one of the country's biggest industries. Owners of nightclubs and entertainment venues are concerned that a new curfew will cause tourists to go elsewhere.

No official response has been given by the police on the issue.

Update: Police vack down

7th March 2015.

Bangkok police have called of the arbitrary early closing for Nana Plaza. The previous 2am closing time has been restored


6th March

  Opening Kaos...

Chaotic openings and closings around Pattaya but an orderly opening at Kaos
Link Here

kaos front Tiger Club A-GoGo on Walking Street and Pe P Club A-GoGo on Soi Arab (Soi 16) have been closed for several nights already.

On Soi LK Metro Club Malibu has indeed closed.

The best earners of Club Malibu have been transferred to sister gogo Champagne A-GoGo and the others can try their luck at the new Kaos venture, also on Soi LK Metro. Champagne A-GoGo is now operating two shifts: one from 5 p.m. until midnight and another one from 8.30 p.m. until 3 a.m.

Last Sunday night Oscars on Soi LK Metro was open again. Perhaps they had been closed because all dancers were barfined. (I noticed that also their sister bar Booze Lounge on Soi Buakhaow runs out of girls early.)

If I were a bar owner I would have kept the signs lit and left a minimal number of staff (greeters, waitresses) to tell visitors what was going on, or at least left a written message at the entrance. But I am not a bar owner and will never be one, for many reasons.

In the meantime Kaos A-GoGo has opened on Soi LK Metro at the previous location of the Belgian bar Mai Lu Si.

Unsurprisingly for those who follow internet forums it was very cramped with a cheap layout. The floor, walls, ceiling and bench seating on both sides were black with mirrors above the benches. The stages were white plastic boxes each with a pole of about 1.80 metres on them.

Two or three dancers were in white underwear, the others in white coyote outfits, sometimes combined with a white camisole. The average quality of the girls was very low, varying from 0 to 6 with the majority towards the bottom of that scale. I really had pity on the ugliest ones among them. I would not be surprised if some had come from the defunct Pe P Club A-GoGo.

No nudity.

Rumour has it on internet forums that this gogo was already for sale at 4 million baht even before it actually opened. That being said, Showgirls Entertainment Centre, also on Soi LK Metro, seems to be for sale at 55 million baht. I fear that there will always be buyers with more money than brains.

Bottled Heineken at Kaos A-GoGo was 120 baht, not the budget price of 100 baht as promised on internet forums.

I have found a new Google Map of Pattaya Gogos . [Hopefully close to locating the current total of 82 GoGo bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less].


4th March

  Hanging up the Stripes...

GoGos close on Walking around Walking Street
Link Here

pe pe club Pe Pe Club A-GoGo has gone dark at Covent Garden. It looks likely to be a permanent closure but maybe could be down to an extended holiday around the important Buddha day on 4th March.

It is reported that Tiger A-GoGo has gone dark on Walking Street. It seems most likely that the bar will now only be pressed into service during high season, with plenty of other bars in the chain able to take up the slack during low season.

Assuming the bars are closed for a while, then there are now 82 bars on the Pattaya GoGo list.


3rd March

 Updated: In Good Order...

Kaos A-GoGo set to open on Soi LK Metro
Link Here
kaos front  A new GoGo promising customer-centric policies and prices is due to open on Soi LK Metro.

The opening date was previously set for 6th March but now it has been brought forward to 4th March . The owner says that he has got ahead of the recruitment game by starting his own agency.


2nd March

  Dangerous Thailand...

Soi 6 police raid sees farang customer handcuffed and carted off to the local nick
Link Here
Thai Police logo Police have been continuing their harassment of bars with short time rooms. The latest victim was Ruby Bar on Soi 6.

Rooms were searched, the cashier was carted off and a farang customer was also handcuffed and carted off.

Surely a bit scary for Pattaya visitors into the naughty stuff but there is a theory doing the rounds that the handcuffed farang was a police snitch, and the handcuffing was meant to provide a bit of a cover story for him.


1st March

  More Open Bars Open...

News from Sois 2, 6 and 7
Link Here

happiness corner Lek's Classroom on Soi 2; is dark. It seems likely that the operation has been transfered to the new Lek A-GoGo not far away on 2nd Road. Assuming that Lek's Classroom has indeed closed for good, then there are now 84 bars on the Pattaya GoGo list.

Meanwhile on Soi 6, the Hole In One bar is now For Rent .

La La Land has re-opened after refurbishment. The door was removed so as to join the ranks of open bars.

You Twat! bar wisely changed its name to Toy Box .

And on Soi 7 the old Happiness A-GoGo has been changed to an open bar called Happiness Corner Bar .


27th February

  Tide ebbs at Malibu...

Openings and closings on Soi LK Metro
Link Here
Club Malibu sign There are rumours spreading among the girls of Soi LK Metro of an upcoming GoGo closure on the soi.

But there are a couple of bars under consideration. In particular Oscars A-GoGo was dark on Thursday night for reasons not yet known.

But the favourite is Club Malibu. It looks set to close at the end of February 2015 because they are running losses.

Police action didn't help either. Remember that, on Valentine's Day, Club Malibu has been raided. At 7 p.m. sharp two pickups with police and military arrived, searched all rooms, checked ID cards and licences and left around 8 p.m. Also on Valentine's Day barfines at Club Malibu were 1,500 baht instead of 600 baht for ordinary bikini dancers with the result that nobody got barfined.

Remember also that, one month ago, after sister gogo Champagne A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro had reopened with their dancers coming back from Club Malibu and after the monthly salary payment more staff left Club Malibu, leaving a total of only six dancers. Fully clothed waitresses had to go on stage.

Rumour has it now that, by Songkran, Bob and his co-owners want to merge Champagne A-GoGo and Club Malibu into a mega gogo.

Whereas a single-shophouse gogo, such as the defunct Submarine A-GoGo, is undeniably too narrow, I doubt if a quadruple-shophouse gogo is a good idea. Already in triple-shophouse gogos, such as Lady Love on Soi LK Metro and Private Dancer A-GoGo on Soi 15, it is difficult to have a good view of the other side. Moreover, such a big gogo risks to look very empty.

But nothing dampens the enthusiasm for opening GoGos in Pattaya. Last night on Soi LK Metro at the previous location of Mai Lu Si bar the LED sign of Kaos was lit and on the facade was a Thai-language list with vacancies and salaries.


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