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26th January

 Updated: Less Super...

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Super Girl closes on Soi Diamond
Link Here
Super Girl Police raids closed several bars on Soi Diamond a couple of nights ago. Dream Club and Naughty Girls re-opened on the following night but Super Girl seems to have closed permanently.

There has been speculation for the last year that one of the Super bars would close. This year the news was that there would be a closure on 31st January. Police action seems to have brought forward the plans and it now seems likely that Super Girl is closed for good.

No doubt all the Super Girls are now to be found in sister bar Super Baby.

There are now 86 bars with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Update: Confirmed

26th January 2015. Thanks to Brian

It has been confirmed by the manager of Super Baby that Super Girl is now permanently closed. Most staff from Super Girl have transferred to Super Baby.


24th January

 Updated: De-sparkled...

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Police raids on Soi Diamond
Link Here
Thai Police logo 23rd January 2015. There are reports last night that Dream Club, Super Girl and Naughty Girls were dark last night.

Others noted that the police were out visiting Soi Diamond bars, so presumably the closures were down to the police, and hopefully problems will be resolved shortly.

Update: A super explanation

24th January 2015. Thanks to Brian

Super Girl and Super Baby have occasionally been noticed as closed for the evening.

It seems that the 2 bars are working an arrangement where if either bar runs short of girls, often through multiple barfines, then that bar closes for the evening. The remaining girls move to the sister bar which then can operate with plenty of girls. The end result is one busy lively bar rather than 2 half empty bars.


21st January

  Open Season...

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Bar openings and closing around town
Link Here

blues factory Sometimes it is difficult to determine if a venue is permanently closed or not.

A couple of days ago the long established restaurant Lobster Pot on Walking Street was closed for no apparent reason and reopened some days later.

I also noticed that Super Baby and Super Girl sometimes close in turn.

I noticed that The Blues Factory off Walking Street has reopened and is distributing flyers as shown.

On Walking Street Rhino Club has indeed reopened. The hello girls were showing signs with the text: SEXY COYOTIES & MODEL (sic).

The Russian club Caramel in the Mixx building near the end of Walking Street is closed and for sale.

Surprise Bar has recently opened on Soi 8 in the venue that was once Club 23. Probably will be a bit handicapped by previous bars on the site having a bit of a reputation for hassle and high prices.

The current GoGo count stands at 86. Rhino is currently excluded for being an obviously all coyote bar but Skyfall has been given the benefit of the doubt for a couple of weeks to get established. It calls itself an A-GoGo but will be excluded from the list if its dancers continue to wear way too many clothes.


20th January


Rhino re-opens on Walking Street
Link Here
rhino club walkingstreet Rhino Club is located on Walking Street just south of Insomnia Disco.

Rhino Club re-opened on the 18th January as a coyote bar.

Bottled Heineken was an unappetising 170 Baht.

Rhino had briefly reappeared in November as an A-GoGo after a long lay off. Things didn't seem to work out then, maybe related to a police raid.


20th January

 Offsite Article: The Flawed Lady Drink System...

Link Here
Lady Drinks Customers increasingly being let down by ladies who accept lady drinks but don't honour their side of the bargain to spend a little time with the customer

See article from


15th January

  Literally What's Up?...

The answer is a new upstairs bar at What's Up A-GoGo
Link Here
What's Up Playgirls What's Up is located on Soi 15 opposite Babydolls.

An upstairs bar has opened at What's Up, this time accessible from a separate entrance. The new bar features well produced acrobatic and pole dancing shows.

Top tier pricing is also in operation as per downstairs but the bar has a lot of fans that are happy to pay the price.

What's Up previously tried an upstairs bar but it was not a success. Perhaps the outside entrance is the key to getting more customers to try it out.


13th January

  The Sky is Falling...

Foxy Loxy barfines Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurkey at the new Skyfall A-GoGo
Link Here
skyfall Skyfall A-GoGo has opened on Walking Street at the venue that was previously Snowice, Voodoo A-GoGo, the Nok beer bar complex and Halo.

The GoGo has started with coyote dancers well overdressed in unsexy costumes that have not impressed early customers.

There's no draft beer, bottles are 140 Baht and lady drinks are 150 Baht.

Giving Skyfall the benefit of the doubt about being a GoGo, then Pattaya's GoGo count now stands at 86.


4th January

  Closing Remarks...

Bars opening and closing around Pattaya
Link Here
Dream Club A-GoGo sign Two nights ago Dream Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond was closed, not a good sign. It did re-open the next day though.

Onyx on Soi Lengkee has been all stripped out and jackhammers are digging up the floor.

On Soi Khao Noi Go Gress appears to have closed.

On Soi Khao Talo Star(s) Bar is closed until further notice .

Angel Bar Beer on Soi Khao Noi is also still closed and for sale.

After some minor refurbishments Anna's Angels Bar on Soi Khao Talo has reopened.

New Bar on Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 has reopened under new management, but the fatties sitting outside were all but inviting.


31st December

 Commented: Chaos...

Rolling back GoGo prices on Soi LK Metro
Link Here
soi lk metro Brian previously from Glass House on Walking Street has spoken of a radical new concept for a GoGo that is being planned for Soi LK Metro. He writes:

I will open a new GoGo on LK Metro soon that will roll back the prices 7-10 years. It will be a small go go with hot girls but no mamason between you ,my customer, and the ladies.

I will have a expat member card with the following prices. All bar fines 700 all the time. The ladies prices will be between you and her but my ladies will know what price range we expect.

All drinks for expats 100 THB and all lady drinks 100 THB We will have music by request no DJ.

The name of the go go will be Chaos located next to the Office A-GoGo. To summarize:

  1. hot girls
  2. low prices
  3. no mamason
  4. no dj
  5. music by request

Comment: On Chaos

31st December 2014. From Dick Farang

I was a bit confused by your story about the planned Chaos gogo on Soi LK Metro.

The single shophouse between The Office A-GoGo and the previous location of Mai Lu Si bar (where a Russian gambling den has been flourishing for exactly two days) used to be a hairdresser/beauty salon and is now a Christmas decorations shop.

I presume you were talking about the same Brian who is now a manager at Club Mistys.

Although I find many mamasans a pain in the arse I doubt if you can hire girls and keep them performing on stage without a mamasan.

As most DJs are only producing as many decibels as possible I doubt if many punters will miss a DJ.

Bottled beers and other drinks (for expats only?) at 100 baht are not really expensive, but probably too steep for draught drinkers and for the buy-one-get-one-free Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhaow crowds.

Lady drinks at 100 baht seem reasonable as long as the girls get their share of 50 baht.

Barfines at 700 baht are not really cheap, higher than say bikini dancers at Club Malibu on Soi LK Metro (600 baht).

The round prices will not make the waitresses feel happy I fear because they will be losing on tips.


29th December

  Bar Warning...

A sad story about Baron Club A-GoGo
Link Here
Baron A-GoGo sign It is not all roses doing business in Pattaya, but we seldom get to hear the human dramas behind the failures.

The partners in the defunct Baron Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond (now Cream Club) lost all their savings in the venture and returned to France penniless. In July one of them committed suicide.

Just a warning to those dreaming of starting a bar, a gogo or whatever business in Pattaya.

> See article from Pattaya Addicts (unedited):

A little story about agogo bar owner: with my partner Alain from France we owned the Baron Club Agogo Soi diamond, we had to close because we used to loose a lot of money every month and the rent contract was going to stop, so we paid what had to be paid and left without selling the business because the owner of the walls didn't want to renew the rent even for a new buyer, so we left and lost everything.

Fortunately I got married with my best dancing lady and still with her in France, my partner Alain, 57 years old, with a Thai girl friend for four years wasn't married with her so couldn't take her to France. So he went back to France because a friend proposed him a job but the job he was supposed to have over there didn't work out, so he had no money to live, he committed a suicide in July,

Just to say that if you sell everything to buy a bear bar or agogo bar or any business, don't think you are more smart than the others, one day you will loose everything, I just wish to have enough money to pay the ticket to go back to your country.

Now I stay in France, I was lucky to have my old mam to help us to start a new life in France, I found a temporary job and very happy with my Thai wife."


28th December

 Updated: Happy, and not so happy news...

High season bar news
Link Here
Leo's Blues Bar logo Leo's Blues Bar has announced a final farewell party for 27th December 2014. The Naklua Soi 18 bar has been entertaining with some notable live bands since 2007.

Happy group GoGo owners have given themselves a Christmas present and increased the barfines for Happy, Peppermint, Beach Club and Baccara to 800 Baht.

The new gogo Skyfall on Walking Street did not open as planned on 20th December 2014 and still a lot of work remains to be done. The mamasan who is recruiting staff in front of it said they hope to open this month, this year .

Tony's Club Abyzz on Walking Street has become Discotheque Endorphin and is apparently still catering for the Russian and subcontinental crowds.

Check In Bar on Soi 15 has become a beauty shop.

Update: Seasonal price hikes

27th December 2014. From Dick Farang

You complain about the barfines at the Happy Group becoming 800 baht.

Well at the same time Club Malibu on Soi LK Metro has increased during the Christmas-New Year period their barfines for ordinary bikini dancers from 600 to 2,000 baht with the girls expecting not less than 5,000 baht ST.

Update: Montana Bar

28th December 2014.

montana A new bar has opened on Soi 17 after the crossroads with 3rd when heading in the direction of Theprassit. Early reports suggest that there is a little fun in the bar along the lines of Telephone Bar, Carre Blanc and Club 4.


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