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22nd October

  No outward signs...

News of life in Pattaya during a period of mourning
Link Here
black bow Dave comments on an outward sense of peace and quiet around Walking Street

Soi Diamond was very quiet with only 1 bar playing music.

Not much change in Walking Street either, just a few more punters.

I popped into Windmill , that was full of Naked Ladies, unfortunately it was packed. There was no where to stand up, let alone sit down.

Happy was covered up though, virtually the same as Monday, with all coyote dancers but with smaller bras. I checked out Baccara and Peppermint and they were the same,

Living Dolls One had some topless girls but they are all long in the tooth and overweight.

I went home up Soi 15 which was completely empty, it is usually full of street food vendors and motorcycles.

There were a few Punters in Thappraya road bars, but no music.

Meanwhile Dick Farang notes a few changes:

For those interested: Lita Bar , the ladyboy bar that closed on Soi BJ off Walking Street, has reopened on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2).

On Soi LK Metro, White Room has reopened as an open beer bar.


18th October

 Updated: Pattaya goes dark...

In respect of the death of the King
Link Here

black rectangle Following the announcement of the death of the King of Thailand the bars were closed on Soi 6 on Thursday night at about 8.00pm local time.

About a half hour later most of the girls had changed into their civvies and were plying their trade on the Soi as normal in front of the darkened bars. Presumably there were no bar fines to pay although I already had company at his time so did not venture out to find out.

Later in the evening we had the mother and father of thunder storms with torrential rain so I suppose it was bad luck all round for the girls who need to work to pay the rent and buy essentials. It remains to be seen how long the bars will be closed.

Walking street and more or less all major bars and clubs similarly closed on Thursday night.

Speculation on the likely impact on Pattaya night life is rife with just a few related official proclamations coming through. Phuket bars have been asked t close for three days (one of which is already marked as a day for bar closures due to the 16th being a Buddhist special day). Various sources suggest that bars will be generally able to open thereafter but there remains a question mark about those that offer entertainment. The government has called for a 30 day period without entertainment. Maybe the practicality of people and companies needing to make a living will lead to some lesser period, particularly in a tourist resort.

Update: Still dark but open

14th October 2016.

Most of the bars in Pattaya have re-opened with the restriction that they keep the neon signs dark and generally keep music and other external activity down to a minimum.

Update: Still quiet

18th October 2016. Thanks to Dave

Sweetheart's A-GoGo sign It was very quiet in walking street last night.

There were some topless girls in Supergirl but they were just standing on the stage chatting.

In Happy all the girls were wearing large coyote clothes, it was very quiet in there (hardly surprising).

Sweethearts was the best ,it was full and as normal apart from having the curtain at the entrance closed.

All the bars in Thappraya road were quiet, no music and no punters. There were a couple of people in the Pig and Whistle,there weren't even any street food vendors.

There were no parties of tourists in walking street either.


17th October

  A Change of Overmind...

Overmind A-GoGo re-opens after a short renovation
Link Here
overmind Overmind with entrances on Soi 15 and Soi Diamond has re-opened after 5 days of renovations and some new furniture.

There are currently 81 bars around Pattaya that claim to be GoGos. There are a couple more on the way on Walking Street. It is reported that the new GoGo about opposite Peppermint will be called Pheromone Club.

Meanwhile Diamond Sports Bar has opened at the venue that was recently The Sea A-GoGo.


12th October

  Sea Changes...

Pattaya bar news
Link Here

overmind Last night Overmind Club with entrances on Soi Diamond and on Soi 15 was dark.

Off Walking Street on Soi BJ between the gutted buildings Lita's Bar has closed. I wonder how long Wildcats A-GoGo also on Soi BJ will still be going on.

Prices at Le Bordeaux on Soi Day Night 2 have gone up once more. The cheapest set menu is now 590 baht. Last time I walked past I saw one (ONE) couple inside.

On Walking Street, right of the previous location of Champion A-GoGo, a new gogo seems to be taking shape. That venue has been for many years the German restaurant Bierkutsche and after that a shoe shop.

On Soi Diamond the previous location of The Sea gogo is to become Diamond Sports Bar.


5th October

  Nice news...

So Nice A-GoGo opens on Soi Yamato
Link Here
So Nice sign So Nice A-GoGo has opened on Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato) in the venue that was previously Las Vegas III. The bar opened on 4th October and describes itself as 'The Fun Bar'.

So Nice is run by new owners who have left the bar pretty much unchanged since the previous incarnation.

So nice to report that there are now 81 bars around Pattaya labelling themselves as GoGos.


2nd October

  Champagne News...

Pattaya bar news and lady drinks prices survey
Link Here
lay drink On the Siberian part of Walking Street, opposite Soho Square, Crazy Russian Girls has closed.

On Soi Buakhaow Players Lounge, previously Booze Lounge, is still closed ("BUSINESS FOR SALE").  The bar had a brief 're-opening' but that turned out to be a one-off.

On Soi LK Metro the builders are in at the previous location of Club Malibu, which later became a division of Champagne A-GoGo.

On internet I found this interesting survey of lady drink prices :

Walking Street  150 Baht or under 160 Bahtt Over 160 Baht
  • Airport
  • Alcatraz
  • Angelwitch
  • Babydolls
  • Baccara
  • Beach Club
  • Bliss
  • Crazy House
  • Cream
  • Fahrenheit
  • Glasshouse
  • Happy
  • Heaven Above
  • Infinity
  • Katoey 's-R-Us
  • Lighthouse
  • Mandarin
  • Mistys
  • Moon
  • NLD1
  • Naughty Girls
  • Overmind
  • Palace
  • Peppermint
  • Runway
  • Sapphire
  • Sensations
  • Spice Club
  • Super Girls
  • Sweethearts (130!!! Is this the lowest LD price for a WS go go?)
  • Wild Cat
  • Dollhouse
  • Electric Blue
  • Ginza
  • Living Dolls Showcase (160 and up)
  • Sugar Baby
  • Windmill
  • Diamond
  • Iron Club
  • New Star
  • Skyfall
  • Taboo (220)
  • What 's Up (250, most expensive on WS)
Soi LK Metro    
  • Champagne 150
  • Crystal Club 135
  • Destiny 140
  • Kaos 130
  • Kiss 130
  • Lady Love 135
  • Ninja 150
  • Office 135
  • Pandoras 130
  • Paradise 150
  • Showgirls 135
  • Sugar Sugar 150
  • The Club (Oasis) 145
  • Touch 150
  • Bachelor 185
  • Queen Club 165

Note that Amethyst was listed at 185 but tellingly has now closed

Afternoon GoGos    
  • Club Nevada 100
  • Far East Rock A-GoGo 110
  • Las Vegas II GoGo 130
  • Las Vegas III GoGo 130
  • Miami A-GoGo 130
  • Tahitian Queen 120
Other GoGos    
  • Passion Dance Club (Soi 6) 120
  • Sexy Girls A-GoGo (Soi 8) 150
  • Silver Star A-GoGo (Soi 8) 150
  • Silver Star II A-GoGo (Soi 7) 150
  • Tim (2nd Road near The Avenue Mall) 150
  • We Are No 1 A-GoGo (Jomtien) 120


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