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  More class...

Bar news from Sois 7, 8 and 9

Link Here 20th March 2018

Silver Star On Soi 8 Blue Dragon Bar (not a ladyboy bar) has gone dark.

Soi 9 off Second Road (Pattayasaisong 9), where the Skaw Beach Hotel is, has been extended until Soi Buakhaow and ends now opposite The Butcher's Arms Pub.

The guitar-shaped (or phallus-shaped) neon sign at Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 is still dark. The bikini girls now reveal their bosoms on stage.

The venue that was once B.52 Bar on Soi 8 is currently gutted and something new will arise soon.

Lek's Classroom , once a well known bar in North Pattaya, has moved to the Soi 7 area in the central soi connecting Soi 7 to Central Road.


  A bit of lip...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Dollhouse, Bliss, Mandarin

Link Here 14th March 2018

dollhouse I popped into the Doll House last night. Very quiet, the Girls were just standing around more than Dancing. The Second Group were better,7 Girls in Rah Rah Skirts with nothing on underneath and open fronted Blouse. 2 Girls were naked and 1 Coyote Dancer.

Guess which Girl stood in front of me? Yes the Coyote Dancer and the Girls do not move round. Luckily the Coyote left to talk to someone and a tall Girl in very short Rah Rah skirt rushed over. You could clearly see her very large Pussy. She turned round and waggled her arse in my face. She had the biggest Pussy lips I have ever Seen, Her slit must of been 6 inches long, it was lovely. Unfortunately the Coyote soon came back.

bliss 2016 I left and went into Bliss A-GoGo which is total anomaly as there is no nudity of any kind. It was very dull, with no interaction between Dancers and Punters. The Models were wearing all over black body stocking but you can see nothing.

There were 9 waitresses, all Fat and 4 of them very Fat. They kept standing in my way, blocking the view of the Stage, walking up and down aimlessly. The Fatest Girl walked up and down like she thought she was Bridget Bardot.

Nothing to recommend it,

mandarin 2017 Followed into Mandarin which was totally different. Much friendlier, Girls on the Stage smiling and waving to you, Girls coming up and introducing themselves,

There were 3 Groups of Bikini Dancers with 1 Group removing their Tops.

The layout of the Bar is very Similar to Bliss, but the waitresses were all slim and attractive, so when they got in my way it did not annoy me

Lady Drink 150b Small glass of Draught beer 90b.


  Miserable Thailand...

Thailand outlaws bars from having unlicensed dart boards

Link Here 13th March 2018
dart board thailandThailand's ban on bars and entertainment venues allowing punters to play darts is now in affect nationwide.

In January, officials in Pattaya raided bars along Soi 6 to confiscate the illegal dart boards. Initially there was some confusion not only into the crackdown on the seemingly innocent game of darts but how bars could obtain the so called dart board license.

According to a notice from the Thailand Darts Association [TDA], the requirement for bar owners to register dart boards is linked to Thailand's strict laws on gambling. Bar owners must now register their darts board if it is in a public space and must ensure that no gambling is taking place when darts are being played.

The Thailand Darts Association has shared information on its website on how bar owners can register their dartboards. Once registered, bar owners will receive an official certificate stamped and signed by the president of the TDA, which also includes a registered license number from Office of the National Culture Commission (ONCC).

The TDA is providing the certificate free of charge and has warned bar owners about opportunists trying to charge for fake certificates.


  Invited downstairs upstairs...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Heaven Above

Link Here 10th March 2018

Heaven Above frontage My Arthritic knee was been much better lately, since I've been taking Medication from Hospital, so I managed to walk up the Stairs to Heaven Above in Soi Diamond with no trouble and it was worth the walk.

It was very lively in there with something for everyone, slim Girls, Fat Girls, Big Bums, Big Boobs, Topless Girls and Naked Girls. One Lady of very Ample proportions had piercings in her Pussy Lips.

A tall slim Girl wearing only a G-String came and sat next to me. She started kissing me on the mouth and putting my hand inside her G-String and I was fingering her Pussy. All before I'd bought her a drink. When she went off to dance, she removed her G-String.

160 b for lady Drink, 70's and 80's music but not all Rock Music.

The Big problem with Heaven's above is it has a 10 inch step right across the Bar. Luckily a member of staff pointed it out to me on the way in and the way out as you cannot see it.

If you enjoy Hands on Fun, well worth a visit.

Happy group have put the price of lady drinks up to 160 b, which doesn't really affect me as I'm not Asian.

Viking owner of Sweethearts has finally up graded his Coffee and it was very nice.


 Diary: Spring diary...

March, April and May

Link Here 9th March 2018

mid-lent bergamoOn Sunday 11th March 2018 Mid-Lent (the middle of the Christian Lent) will be celebrated in some places with a Carnival-like festival (see picture).

Also on Sunday 11th March 2018 it will be forty years ago that the French singer Claude "Cloclo" François died after being accidentally electrocuted in his bathroom. 

world wide a-gogoNot many people in Pattaya will know he is often seen as the inventor of gogo dancing: Claude François - Magnolias For Ever (1977). Remember the go-go boots that were omnipresent until less than ten years ago in gogos such as Peppermint A-GoGo on Walking Street (when they still were upstairs), the defunct Beavers on Walking Street and the also defunct World Wide A-GoGo on Beach Road ).

On Saturday 17th March 2018 a lot a green will be worn for Saint Patrick's Day , the celebration of the Irish patron saint.

On Monday 19th March 2018 Saint Joseph will be celebrated, in several regions the traditional Father's Day.

Tuesday 20th March 2018 marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere.

On Wednesday 21st March 2018 Niklaus von Flüe , the patron saint of the Roman Catholic church on Sukhumvit Road is celebrated.

On Sunday 25th March 2018 the beginning of Summer Time ("Daylight Savings Time") in Europe coincides with Palm Sunday .

Since 1977 this means that most of Western Europe uses Berlin time as "winter time" and Moscow time as "summer time".

The voices to stop this madness sound louder each year.

Friday 30th March 2018 is Good Friday , a day off in some countries.

On Sunday 1st April 2018 Easter coincides with All Fool's Day.

Monday 2nd April 2018 is Easter Monday , a day off in many countries.

Friday 6th April 2018 is Chakri Day , celebrating the current Siamese/Thai dynasty.

This year Songkran (traditional Thai New Year) starts on a Friday the thirteenth. The official holiday lasts for five days, from Friday 13th April 2018 until Tuesday 17th April 2018 included. In Pattaya it will take two days more, with a highlight in Naklua on Wednesday 18th April 2018 and a highlight in Central Pattaya on Thursday 19th April 2018. Be prepared to get wet in his period.

On Friday 27th April 2018 the Dutch celebrate Koningsdag , the birthday of their king Willem IV Alexander.

From Sunday 29th April 2018 until Saturday 5th May 2018 included the Japanese Golden Week is celebrated.

Expect to see many visitors from the Land of the Rising Sun.

pattaya bikini raceTuesday 1st May 2018 is Labour Day .

It is not clear if in Thailand Coronation Day will be observed on Saturday 5th May 2018.

Thursday 10th May 2018 is Ascension , a day off in several countries.

On Monday 14th May 2018 the Royal Ploughing Ceremony will take place in Bangkok, a ritual conducted by Hindu priests and their sacred oxen, usually with the King and members of the Royal Family attending.

On Saturday 19th May 2018 the Pattaya Bikini Race will be run on Pattaya Beach, starting from Central Festival at 4 p.m. With a bit of luck there will be more flesh on show than in many gogos (see right).

And a news update, on Soi Diamond Addiction Club has gone dark. Only a surprise it lasted so long.


 Updated: 3 Shredded Wheat...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Glasshouse

Link Here 8th March 2018

3 shredded wheatMet a Girl I know outside the Glasshouse on Monday evening, Oiy from New Living Dolls. She persuaded me to go in for a drink. It was full of Staff and Dancers from the defunct New Living Dolls.

I found the place to be cramped. There were a few attractive Coyote Dancers on show, but all of them looked as if they had eaten 3 Shredded Wheat for breakfast,

There were 2 very attractive Girls wearing white shorts, where you could quite clearly see the shape of their Pussies and they knew it.

No Draft but all bottled Beer 100b.

Update: Shredded Wheat at Annabelle's

8th March 2018. Thanks to Dave'

I think the Girls in Annabelles must be on 4 Shredded Wheat.

if you like young Girls with big bums and big tit's that's the place to go, there was a Girl on Monday night with a fabulous pair of natural and very big tit's.

Not sure what they are feeding them on in Isaan lately,


  Pint sized promotion...

At Sapphire Club

Link Here 4th March 2018

pint of beerPopped into the Sapphire Club on Soi 15 last night.

They have a new promotion. A full pint of draft Lager for your first order in happy hour, till 10 pm. It comes in a very heavy glass Tankard, 70b. it slips down very easily, must be something to do with the shape of the glass.

Still the best looking group of Girls in Pattaya, in very sexy underwear.


 Updated: Mai dee...

DClub A-GoGo closes on Walking Street

Link Here 4th March 2018
dclub closedDClub A-GoGo has closed on Walking Street on 2nd March 2018.

The Korean manager said that the GoGo is closed for about a week for renovation.

In the meantime there are now 79 bars around Pattaya self defining as GoGos.


  A day off...

Bar news from around Pattaya

Link Here 28th February 2018
No Alcohol signThursday 1st March is Macha Bucha Day, a Buddhist special day when all the GoGos will be shut until midnight. Most other bars will be closed too but there are always a few that will serve drinks discreetly.

On Soi Khao Talo Soi 9 KiK has closed and is FOR SALE.

On Walking Street Living Dolls Showcase has revived their HAPPY HOURS: all drinks 95 baht until 11 p.m.

Everybody knows that the Rompho beer bar complex in Jomtien is not very successful. About half of the bars are closed and the remaining ones are very quiet, perhaps due to the greediness of the current Rompho mafia. Rumour has it now that the complete area will be redeveloped, perhaps with a supermarket or a hospital.

I hope Dave did not get poisoned at New Star A-GoGo on Soi Diamond. It is the last place in Pattaya where I would ever order a draught beer. They reputedly have no water tank and you will never know which water they use for washing their glasses or ... for watering down their draught beer.

italian beach beautyIn 1957 on an Italian beach this bikini beauty was fined for showing too much skin. Nowadays in gogos in Pattaya many females should be fined for not showing enough skin.

I wonder if police, when cracking down on darts on Soi 6, also closed DartsLive2 at the previous location of Fun Seeker Dance Club and offering virtual darts games.

Re the article Are you nuts?... Thai Immigration set to require a psychological test for any farang wanting to marry a Thai , I have to mention that, for Thais to be granted a long term visa to the Schengen area (which covers most of Europe), one of the many conditions is to get a clearance from the Bangkok Police Headquarters on Henri Dunant Road, fingerprinting and mug shots included. I guess that only a civil marriage is meant here, not a traditional wedding, usually concluded in front of a Hindu priest and in the presence of an odd number of Buddhist monks and ... a dowry.

Soi 9 off Second Road (Pattayasaisong 9), where the Skaw Beach Hotel is, has been extended until Soi Buakhaow and ends now opposite The Butcher's Arms Pub.


  Light on crowds, heavy on tits...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 25th February 2018

Lighthouse A-GoGo sign Had a good time on Walking street last night although it was very quiet.

Walking past the Lighthouse , a Hostess came running across the road and grabbed me/ Not sure who she was but she knew me. Inside there were some very attractive Girls wearing black G-String and Bra, 2 Girls were nude and 1 topless. I worked out who the Hostess was. She used to be a Dancer when I was a regular 3 or 4 years ago. She used to give me a real going over, which is why I was a regular of course.

Annabelles was very lively, full of young Girls wearing black G-strings, rah rah skirts and open fronted Blouses. All the Girls had Big Bums and most of them had Big Tits. No sign of Hugh Jarce, but a lot of her sisters were on show.

SuperGirl had a good selection of Topless Girls, Several of them with very large Tits.

Wildcats had some very attractive Coyote Dancers and 4 Topless Girls, again with very large Tits. I was sitting with a Gorgeous new Girl. She won't last long someone will put her in their Suitcase and take her home.

Sweethearts was good as always, apart from the Coffee which is terrible. Viking keeps promising better Coffee, but it hasn't happened yet, maybe the week end, haha. Some very attractive and friendly Girls + rock music, what more do you want?


 Obituary: MM...

Pattaya stalwart of the FLB bar and Pattaya Talk forum has died

Link Here 21st February 2018
mmMartin Moore, known as MM on Pattaya forums has passed away.

His contribution to Pattaya nightlife was enormous with the now defunct FLB bar located by Insomnia. The bar became very much a focus as a community bar as it was the home of perhaps the most popular of Pattaya's early internet forums, Pattaya Talk.

Pattaya Secrets bar and forum was a spin off from FLB and I am sure many of the current members of both forums will be appreciative of MM's contribution to the community.

Many thanks and rest in peace.


  Mists of Change...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Mistys

Link Here 18th February 2018

Club Mistys neon At Club Mistys on Soi 15 a lot of things have changed.

The mattresses near the central stage have disappeared and the central stage itself has been extended accordingly on both sides with some extra dance space and some extra chrome poles.

The bar counter is protruding now and lit inside.

The stairs have been repaired and there are now extra toilets under it.

About all the staff have been replaced. The only familiar face I saw was the security man, who was still roaming the place.

The boring and pushy mamasan Jaan has moved to The Lighthouse A-GoGo. Another former mamasan, fat Keg, now works at Crazy House, after a stint at The Windmill Club A-GoGo.

The coyote dancers have disappeared, but there were again some hostesses, whatever that may be.

yellow spaghetti bikiniAll dancers were clad in yellow spaghetti bikinis, many of them double bottomed though, and went on stage in teams of six to nine. (I guess that, as usual, the outfits can change from day to day.) Some of them descended by the firemen's pole.

There was no nudity on the central stage but on top of the table in the corner and on the bench seating some dancers removed their tops.

Some of the dancers were average, some slightly better, a big improvement anyway.

On the table along the street side two overdressed fat fuglies were crawling and one of them would finally remove her pants and start shooting ice cubes in glasses. Not a pleasant sight.

The music was horrible and too loud.

The lighting was adequate apart from disturbing strobe light beams from time to time.

There were about twenty customers.

Bottled Heineken 160 baht, up from 150 baht.


  The Day of Paid Love is celebrated on 15th February in the Netherlands...

Bar news from Pattaya, where the Day of Paid Love is celebrated every day

Link Here 17th February 2018

proud unionjpg logoAt Baccara A-GoGo bottled Heineken and similar beers are 185 baht now; at Peppermint A-GoGo the same beers are 175 baht now. If my memory serves me well, up to some ten years ago not a single gogo charged more than 95 baht for a beer. Not many other prices, salaries or pensions have doubled in that period. Also barfines, etc. have gone through the roof.

At Crazy House on Walking Street, far from a top gogo, an unattractive girl quoted me a barfine of 1,000 baht and a fee of 2,500 baht for an ST of two hours.

As to your article on that sex doll brothel, "Plastic container deposit charges... Sex doll company sets up test drive sessions at its Tyneside warehouse" on page Sex Aware Latest , I advise everybody to try a deaf-mute girl first. Although they are rare, over the years I have met two of them in Pattaya. They used to be very sweet, but the total lack of a normal conversation was very awkward to me.

Believe it or not: we all know that the Dutch are a strange people, but the Day of Paid Love , an initiative by the interest group and sex workers' union PROUD , on 15th February, the day after Saint Valentine and this year also the day after Ash Wednesday, is something new.

In the British press: Sex Workers Holland Amsterdam Red Light District Reality of Working . A decade or so ago the Dutch already invented the word prostituant , a blend of " prostituee " (prostitute) and " klant " (customer). Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 has actually been closed for a while, but it reopened about a week later.

For once I completely agree with Dave's description of Shark Club A-GoGo on Soi 15. Their greeters, however nothing special, are sexier than their sisters inside. Pity of the time and money I wasted there.


  Not in good taste...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: New Star

Link Here 16th February 2018

New Star frontage I popped into New Star A-go-go in soi Diamond last night.

There were 10 Dancers, well past their prime, 3 were topless. They were all very friendly,

Draft Chang was 65 b for a full half pint. I could of had a good laugh in their but the Draft Beer was horrible so I left early.

If you like the A-Go-Go's in soi 13, like Big Hugs then you will like New Star,


 Diary: Cobra Gold...

13-23rd February 2018

Link Here 14th February 2018
cobra gold 2018 logoCobra Gold, the joint US-Thailand military exercise is scheduled to take place from 13th - 23rd February 2018. Naval based visitors will abound in Pattaya for the period and perhaps a few days after too.

This is the US's largest, annual, multi-nation military drills in the Asia-Pacific. A total of 15,000 troops will be deployed, along with six warships, 34 amphibious vehicles and 86 aircraft. Nine main countries are taking part, including South Korea, Japan and China, alongside the US and Thailand. A further 10 countries have been invited to observe the drills.

Last time the military were in town there seemed to be more servicemen from India strolling the GoGos rather than from the US.

It will be interesting to see if modern political correctness training will prevail and keep the guys in Central Festival rather than Walking Street. I somehow doubt it.



Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Shark

Link Here 12th February 2018

Shark on Soi 15 You can knock another A-go-go off your list, Shark Club on Soi 15 has gone over to Coyote Dancers. No Nudity of any kind.

The Girls were wearing Black Shorts, white tops and Bra, White Bow Ties, Black Braces, Bunny ears and tail. The show Girls were wearing huge Bikini's with a wide Strip of material joining the Bra to the pants.

There were some pretty Girls, but there were pretty Girls in Electric Blue and they were Naked. I know which venue I'll be going back to and its not Shark Club.


  Baristas vs coyotes...

Bar news and views from around Pattaya

Link Here 11th February 2018

thai-style democracyIt's good to see a female barista showing more flesh than most performers in the 80 something places classified as gogos.

I have read somewhere that playing cards were forbidden in Thailand (and even carrying them in your luggage), but this hunt for darts is something new. I wonder if police also closed DartsLive2 with virtual darts games on Soi 6 at the previous location of Fun Seeker Dance Club.

I add a funny cartoon about Thai-style democracy.

At the occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year there will be a Dragon Parade at the car park of Friendship Supermarket on Pattayatai in the afternoon of Friday 16th February 2016.

Black Swan Bar ia on Soi Khao Noi, Their price for an ST bar fine (room included) is still 350 baht. A still water is 45 baht and a non-alcoholic lady drink (pineapple juice on the rocks) is 100 baht.

The Soi LK Metro Duangjai Ladyboy Bar has moved to Soi Chaiyapoon. The other Duangjai Ladyboy Bar is still on Soi Lengkee at the previous location of Monkey Club.

On Soi 6 Sweet Ass (not sure if a donkey or an American arse was meant) has become Bunny Club and a member of the Nightwish group.

On Walking Street Majestic Guesthouse (ST rooms upstairs of Fahrenheit A-GoGo) has reopened after a closure of nearly a year.As far as I know this website does not provide information on ST rooms, guesthouses, love inns and motels. For various reasons many people, including me, do not want to take girls home or to their hotel room.

[Editor: Indeed Thai-Anxiety does not list ST hotels. There's no particular reason for this, beyond it being unrealistic to make a comprehensive list. I'd be happy to maintain a limited list for suggestions from readers though].


  Happy in Happy...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 10th February 2018

Happy sign Had a great time in Walking Street on Monday night. I went back to Annabelle's but none of the Girls I was with a week earlier were in,  but there were a lot more Girls, they are back from their New Year holidays.

Had a great time in Happy all the Fat mediocre Coyote Dancers had gone (to Beach Club by the look of it), There were some very attractive slim Girls in Red. I was sitting with Pat, she used to be in Sweethearts, she was maaw and all the Girl on stage were laughing at her antics and me trying to cope with her. The cute coyote dancers in red were queueing up to get their tits out for a 100b tip. Any cheap Charlie should look away now, I spent 1100 b in tips including the Showgirls but had a great time,

I finished with a Coffee in Sweethearts . The Girls were back in there too, which made for a good atmosphere with the rock music. Moi was rubbing my face in her Bum then switched round and  was rubbing it in her Pussy. She wanted a 100 b tip as well, Giving tips is cheaper than a Barfine, and a whole lot more fun.


  Don't Bother to Knock...

Marilyn Monroe closes, and other GoGo news

Link Here 9th February 2018

marilyn monroe closedMarilyn Monroe A-GoGo closed on Walking Street on the 8th February. It had only been open 3 months. Presuming that it stays closed, the number of Pattaya GoGos dips below 80 to 79.

Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 had actually been closed for a week before re-opening. That being said their guitar-shaped (or phallus-shaped) neon sign is still dark.

Also on Walking Street Sugar Baby A-GoGo seems to open only sporadically.

And The Bad Girls Club on Walking Street has indeed been converted into a massage parlour, one more.


  Top Cat...

Top One A-GoGo becomes a Tom Bar and Bad Girls A-GoGo becomes a massage parlour

Link Here 8th February 2018
b-girlsBad Girls A-GoGo recently opened on Walking Street but soon closed seemingly being unable to get the necessary licensing paperwork. The venue opened as B-Girls Massage on 5th February.

Meanwhile Top One has closed as an A-GoGo bar on Soho Square. On 1st February it re-opened as a Tom Bar. It now operates from midnight every day. The name has not been changed.

As Tom Bars generally don't allow unescorted guys then it is no longer included in the GoGo count, which is therefore is reduced to 80.


  Eye popping...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Annabelle's

Link Here 7th February 2018

annabelles Re GoGos changing from day to day

Everyone must realize that every evening in a Bar or a-go-go is different and a review is what happened on one particular night.

When I went into Wildcats the Girl outside bringing in punters, came up to me and pulled her t-shirt up and flashed her bare tit's in my face later the mamasang did the same thing. When I went back a few day's later neither of these ladies were working.

When I popped into Annabelles last week, there was a new girl dancing. She had the biggest bum I've ever seen. When she turned around she had a very pretty face and nice tit's. She came over for a drink and I got my hands on her lovely Hugh Jarce. Even I got movement in the trouser department, which takes some doing after my stroke. if I go back tonight the chances of her being there again are slight but we will see.

There were two Girls dancing on stage with extremely large Tit's, the manager had a black eye. I said -did you get to close to the stage? but he didn't get the joke.

There were a couple of nice naked birds on the matt freely showing their charms, not hiding them like they do in Sugar baby ,


  The Land of Wiped Smiles...

The UK's Daily Mail highlights more ludicrous police bar raids, this time targeting darts players

Link Here 6th February 2018
pattaya dartsBritish expats in the Thai beach resort of Pattaya have been caught up in another police crackdown after officers raided bars across the city.

The police raided bars mostly in the vicinity of Soi 6 and were searching for dartboards, which they claimed were being used illegally by venues.

One bewildered bar owner on the strip reported police demanding to see a dartboard license. When they were unable to produce the appropriate documentation police confiscated their dartboards, reports Thai Visa .

When they enquired as to how they could apply for a license they were inevitably told the license did not exist.

Pattaya Darts, the city's largest amateur darts club, was forced to close temporarily and issued the pictures statement via social media,


  Pinned down...

Bar news from around Pattaya

Link Here 5th February 2018

In the small soi off Soi Buakhaow opposite the Sawasdee Siam building PinUp Club has gone dark ("HOUSE FOR SALE"). Strangely enough the sign is still lit.

On Soi Khao Talo Soi 9 PPBAR has gone dark once again.

After a short closure Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 has reopened.

Passion neon At Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 drink prices have gone up. Bottled Heineken is 125 baht now and a lady drink (Sangsom coke) 140 baht, but in-house fun is still 1,300 baht. Do not pay everything up front: pay the barfine of 300 baht to the bar and pay the girl's fee of 1,000 baht in the room after the deed.

At Butterfly Bar off Soi Siam Country Club bottled Heineken is 85 baht now and the ST bar fine (room included) is still 250 baht. Lady drink prices depend on what the girl wants: 100 baht for a Spy red, 115 baht for a bottled Leo, etc. I guess it is the normal price for those drinks plus 30 baht for the girl.


  Dark Star...

Silver Star sign goes dark on Soi 8

Link Here 3rd February 2018
Silver Star Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 has gone dark, but reportedly only the sign So now the GoGo count has been restored to 81.

On Soi 6 Sweet Ass (not sure if a donkey or an American arse was meant) has become Bunny Club and a member of the Nightwish group.

On Soi Buakhao the Piss Stop Bar closed as the beginning of February. The bar has been a bit intermittent of late and seems to attract a fair bit of interest on the Pattaya forums.

And around the corner on Soi LK Metro Duangjai Ladyboy Bar has closed and is up for sale.



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