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28th June

  Windmill on the Up...

Rising from the ashes of old bars
Link Here

Windmill frontage On Soi Diamond there are works at the old Tramps show bar, upstairs at Windmill. It will become an extension to Windmill and should open in early July.

On Soi Khao Noi Casual has become Welcome Inn. This is not to be confused with the former Welcome Inn, also on Soi Khao Noi, which replaced Boom Boom and was replaced by Old Hounds Lounge. The new Welcome Inn (ex-Casual) is well past Soi 9, opposite Boutique Resort and about 200 metres before The Black Sheep.

On the corner of Walking Street and Soi 16 (Soi Arab) Rolling Live 2 has disappeared. The complete building has been flattened. There are reports that the space will become a nightclub.

Meanwhile at the next corner on Soho Square, Utopia live music lounge has become the Reggae Bar, complete with oil barrels decorated in the colours of Jamaica.


25th June

  Hard to find new bars...

Club Tropicana and G-Spot
Link Here
club tropicana Thanks to Teigen

Club Tropicana is set to take over from Viper Bar on Pratamnak Soii 4. The venue is a smart gentlemen's club that was once Sapphire Lounge.

Previous guises haven't proven very successful, possibly because the venue is rather in the shadow of Kinnaree Club, the most successful of its kind in Pattaya. And girls and guys both tend to home in on the place where the most action is.

Thanks to Dick Farang

On Walking Street, right of Sugar Baby A-GoGo, a new gogo (or coyote bar ?) is taking shape: G-Spot Pattaya.

The name appears to be taken from a gogo that existed in the Nana Complex in Bangkok.

The opening is foreseen on Tuesday 5th July 2016.

I saw a banner with a phone number, but on the premises no recruitment was taking place. I surmise that some group is trying to extend its market share . In other words, once again: quantity above quality, a sad evolution.


22nd June

  Same as before but more clothes...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Diamond
Link Here

The closures of two of the better gogos, Super Baby A-GoGo early this year and Casnovy A-GoGo now, only prove the complete oversaturation of the market with also way too many inferior and fake gogos.

I think Pattaya would be much better off with forty to fifty (or perhaps even fewer) real gogos. I hope this summer will bring some natural selection with only the fittest surviving.

Last night Infinity A-GoGo on Walking Street had gone dark.

Diamond sign Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has indeed reopened.

At first sight the basic layout looks the same as at the previous incarnation: a spacious central stage with chrome poles and black bench seating around.

On the right-hand side is a white fixed table now with black bar stools behind it, which I have never noticed before.

They appear to share a fire exit with Katoeys Are Us in the black hole on Soi 15 between Club Mistys and Club Electric Blue A-GoGo.

Although there is a lot of seating and there were only a fistful of customers, it was difficult to get seated as there were too many girls' bums claiming all the available space.

The ratio girls/customers must have been between ten to one and twenty to one.

The standard outfit of the coyotes were a pink top and a black latex bottom, both with underwear underneath.

There were also some pushy fatties in black lingerie trying to sell shots of tequila . The average quality of the females was substandard.

No nudity.

The music was blaring, louder than before.

I think I saw a former manager of the defunct Gentlemen's Club, also on Soi Diamond.

Nothing has improved compared to the previous incarnation of Diamond A-GoGo. It does not help having large numbers of overdressed sub-average dancers instead of showing some quality and, please, some flesh.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht.


20th June

 Updated: New for Old...

Casnovy closed whilst Diamond returns
Link Here
casnovy opem casnovy closed

  Open one day...

...closed the next

Casnovy A-GoGo on Walking Street closed as a GoGo on 16th June 2016. It is now set to become a live music venue.

The closure of such a well established GoGo rather suggest that there are perhaps a few more GoGos on Walking Street than the market can bear.  Casnovy opened in 2007 and has been fairly popular since.

Update: More on Casnovy

20th June 2016. Thanks to Ishi

The venue of Casnovy is likely to become Blue Sky Station 2 (the name is not fixed yet), live band house. It will open at the beginning of August. Blue Sky Station is an open fronted music bar on the Walking Street, but Blue Sky Station 2 will be a closed fronted venue.

Some of the dancers and staff from Casnovy moved to Taboo .

Diamond sign Meanwhile Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond is set to make a comeback tonight (19th June). It closed about 6 months ago.

So if that goes to plane the GoGo count in Pattaya will stay at 83.

Update: Diamond re-opened

20th June 2016. Thanks to Ishi

diamon back entrance Diamond; re-opened as planned on 19th June.

The bar now has a back entrance from Soi15. The right half wall on the photo is the wall of Club Mistys.

Update: Las Vegas III

Thanks to Teigen.

Las Vegas 3 on soi Yamato is not closed as reported earlier, I had a drink there this Saturday but I didn't stay long.

Update: Police visit Walking Street

20th June 2016. Thanks to Dick Farang

On Saturday night around 11.35 p.m. I saw about twenty army people, some policemen and a cameraman  enter Living Dolls Showcase on Walking Street.

About an hour later everything seemed back to normal.


18th June

  Toe Poke...

The Camel Toe Gentlemen's Club opens off Soi Kopai
Link Here

camel toe On Soi Kopai Soi 10, at the previous location of KIDS VIP and Secret Garden, The Camel Toe has opened.

The premises have been completely refurbished. The inner walls have been removed and also the naked sushi girl table has disappeared. The toilets are inside now, left of the bar counter, which has been extended to the right. The disturbing fake oak trunk above the bar counter also has disappeared.

Everywhere are high tables with bar stools and coffee tables with bench seating now. The different sections can still be curtained off.

I saw two chaste waitresses in solid denim shorts and white polo shirts. I also saw five or six mostly old, fat and ugly freelancers in thin white cotton shorts and in thin white cotton spaghetti shirts. As they were wearing underwear there was no camel toe effect.

I saw several men, but a number of them could have been the boss and his mates.

I was told that no barfines were charged, that a ST room nearby was available at 350 baht and that the girls expected 1,000 baht ST.

I was also told that The Camel Toe was owned by the same people as Pandora's on Soi LK Metro.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht.


14th June

  Black holes around town...

Bar openings and closings around Pattaya
Link Here

passion gentlements club Once again, Passion Gentlemen's Club in Jomtien has been closed by police order. Their website only mentions:

Due to unforseen (sic) circumstances Passion Club will be CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE .... WE apologize for any inconvenience.


It is with much pleasure we can announce that Passion Club WILL REOPEN ON JULY 7 Keep an eye on our page for further information.

I think this place is doomed.

On Soi Pattanakan, the extension of Soi Nern Plab Wahn Soi 28, Kayak Bar and Black Hole have closed.

The road works, far from ready, will not have helped. A street to stay away from for the years to come.

On Soi Khao Noi Casual has become Welcome Inn.


11th June

  Fairy Club...

New GoGo/Gentlemen's Club off Soi Buakhao
Link Here
fairy club A new club has opened just of Soi Buakhao on the small soi connecting with Soi Chayaphun.

The club describes itself as a GoGo/Gentlemen's Club. Prices are compared with Telephone Bar, 007, Pirate Bar Excite Club, so perhaps that is the best idea of what to

The venue was once the ladyboy GoGo Baby Boom so the 'Fairy Club' is a little offputting. But the owners assure that there will be only real girls.


6th June

  Not Overkind...

News and Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Overmind
Link Here
overmind Left or Right Fantasy and Disco Club in the Rompho beer bar complex in Jomtien has gone dark.

Montana Bar and Lounge on Regional Land Road is closed from 31st May until 30th June and to reopen on 1st July.

Upstairs of Soi 15 and Soi Diamond, at the previous location of Shark Club A-GoGo, Overmind Club has opened.

At first sight the interior has remained unchanged.

Most of the dancers were overdressed in ugly white-and-pink outfits with ridiculous white cups. Some were wearing underwear, but some were, perhaps unknowingly, showing their camel toes.

They went on the central stage in teams of fourteen or fifteen with also one of them on each of the two smaller stages. There were also a number of dancers in turquoise string bikinis, many of them double-bottomed in black.

About six of them did a lousy show on the central stage.

No nudity.

All dancers I have seen were average, say 4 to 6, which is not too bad in Pattaya nowadays.

As often the music was horrible.

Male waiters.

Some customers, but not many.

BEWARE: automatic tipping : small change is not returned.

Bottled Heineken 140 baht.


2nd June


Overmind opens on Soi Diamond
Link Here
overmind Overmind Club has opened in the venue that was previously Shark Club with entrances on Soi 15 and Soi Diamond. The new gogo proclaims the strapline: House of Madness and opened on 1st June.

The sign seems to reference a disco in Milan and indeed the owner is reported to be Italian.

Meanwhile Las Vegas III on Soi Yamato has re-opened after a brief break. So there are now 83 bars around Pattaya proclaiming themselves as GoGos.


30th May

  Pussy Galore...

Pattaya bar news
Link Here
las vegas iii On Walking Street Tiger Tomboys has closed, but I guess this is of little interest to most farangs.  There is a comment on the Pattaya forums suggesting that the recently closed Shark , and possibly Tiger too, are set to be re-developed as a disco.

On Soi Yamato (Soi 13/1) PooYing Bar has reopened, but now Las Vegas III of the same family has closed.

So there are now 81 bars around Pattaya describing themselves as GoGos.

On Soi Pattayaland 1 (Soi 13/3) Pussy Galore has reopened, but on the corner of the same soi and Beach Road, Coconut Bar has closed.

On Soi Khao Talo between Soi 10 and Soi 10/1 at the previous location of Pat's Bar a bar has opened under new ownership: K&K's BAR.

They have hired some younger girls now. One of them is 25-year-old Ann from Nong Khai who is rather chubby, but still in good shape and good company.

Barfine is still 300 baht for ST, room included, the girls expecting 1,000 baht.

At the moment the first floor is in a deplorable state; even the light switches are missing. I was told air conditioning will be installed next week and everything repaired.

Bottled Heineken 85 baht, lady drinks (such as Spy) 100 baht.


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