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24th July


Pattaya Bar Reviews: DClub
Link Here
dclub card Last night the new Beach Club on Soi Happy off Walking Street had indeed closed.

On Soi 15 the builders are in at Sapphire Club A-GoGo and it looks as if it is still far from ready.

On lower Soi Khao Noi Old Hounds Lounge has closed, not really a surprise.

In front of Sugar Baby A-GoGo on Walking Street the recruiting for Annabelles A-GoGo has started. To be honest, I do not see the point of having a different name if there is no separate entrance.

dclub card back Upstairs from Walking Street, where Tiger Club A-GoGo and the short-lived tomboy club used to be, Dclub , the longest bar in Thailand , has opened.

It is indeed very long and looks rather empty. On the left-hand side is a long white counter with white bar stools and the DJ in the middle.

On the right-hand side are some black high round tables with black bar stools. At the rear is lounge seating.

There were some fully dressed dancers.

Loud house something music and disturbing laser beams.

Immediate paying, no check bins . BEWARE: there is also a drink menu entirely in Thai with prices in two-digit Thai numerals, varying from 40 to 90 baht.

Bottled Heineken (for non-Thais) 150 baht, promotion 89 baht.


23rd July

 Updated: Closed for re-sits after failing course in GoGo design...

Beach Club closes for renovation
Link Here
beach club closed Beach Club is located next door to Happy A-GoGo a few paces off Walking Street.

The bar has closed for a few days until 28th July for renovation. Presumably to sort out its widely criticised seating layout.

In the meantime the dancers have moved to Happy.

Whilst Beach Club is closed there are just 80 bars calling themselves GoGos in Pattaya.

Update: Very Happy

23rd July 2016. Thanks to Dave

Beach club was closed on Friday night as noted. The girls were in Happy, which made it very Happy for me. There were so many. Girls they were leaving the Stage 3 at a time. There were a lot of real beauties.

Sapphire closed to

Sapphire club is also closed. The bar is making the final building works to extended the bar into the space vacated by Smile Rock Girls GoGo which closed a while back.

So just for a day or two, the GoGo count falls below 80 to 79.


17th July

  Holy orders...

Dry days on 19th and 20th July with early closing on the 18th
Link Here
No Alcohol sign A two day shutdown is due for Thailand's nightlife. The 19th July is Asarnha Bucha Day , a Buddhist special day and public holiday. The 20th July is Khao Pansa (the start of Buddhist Lent) but isn't a public holiday.

What's more it is reported that the bars will be forced to close early on Monday at midnight so as not it intrude on the Buddhist day. In fact some bars are considering whether it will be worthwhile opening on Monday night at all. Walking Street bars don't really get going until 10pm and they will have to start winding down well before midnight.

And note that alcohol prohibition on Buddhist days is mandated by law and is no longer a decision left to local authorities.


12th July

  Sad times as afternoon GoGos are under threat...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Miami
Link Here
Miami A-GoGo I stopped by Miami A-GoGo on Soi Post Office during the afternoon just before Pattaya police ordered an end to afternoon GoGos. It seems that GoGos are now not allowed to open until 6pm.

There were 8 girls in the bar of which 3 were dancing in bikinis or topless. There were a couple of horrors, and a couple of decent girls.

But despite limited assets, the bar was doing quite nicely thank you. The staff were proactively getting the girls to sit with, (or on), the customers, and the girls attentions were seemingly going down well. There was a steady flow of customers, and each would end up staying for a couple of drinks and a couple of lady drinks. (I didn't see many barfines being paid though).

The staff were doing a good job keeping things ticking over. There was a cheap draft beer and lady drinks were 130 Baht.

It seems a bit of a shame that the authorities have felt it necessary to snuff the afternoon GoGos on Soi Post Office and Soi Yamato. I think they stand no chance if they can only open after 6pm.

Their modest offerings probably only work during the hours when Walking Street GoGos are not yet open. The brutal truth is that these GoGos do not really compare with those on Walking Street and these are only a short stroll away. Soi Post Office/Yamato GoGos simply will not be able to compete with Walking Street during evening hours.

Normally with police crackdowns one can be sure that they will prove short lived, however a similar prohibition on Soi LK Metro GoGos opening in the afternoon has more or less become permanent.

I enjoyed my afternoon visit and feel sad that niche markets should be suffocated by arbitrary decisions by the authorities. They are not doing any harm to anybody by opening in the afternoons.


11th July

  Late News...

Pattaya sanctions 4am closing on Walking Street, but 2am elsewhere
Link Here
4am logo On Thursday Pattaya authorities invited barkeeps to a big meeting. Police chief Col. Apichai Krobpetc told those attending that new zones had been set out, one of which came with 4am closing.

Zone 1 covers entertainment venues on Walking Street and Beach Road that can now officially close at 4am with all other bars and clubs in Sin City falling into Zone 2 that must close by 2am.

The police chief stressed that the new closing times would be strictly enforced and any of Pattaya's 800 pubs and clubs found to be flouting the rules would be prosecuted and shutdown for five years.


10th July

  Not the Champion of Musical Chairs...

Champion 2 closes on Soho Square, whilst Amethyst plays on
Link Here
champion 2 closed On Soho Square, off Walking Street, The Champion (Champion 2) has closed.

Champion originally closed on Walking Street in March 2016 and spawned two new bars, The Champion on Soho Square, and Champion A-GoGo on Soi Lucky Star. This latter venue continues.

So there are no 81 bars around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos.

And by way of circular news, Ishi reports that Amethyst A-GoGo, which has just closed on Soi LK Metro, is now planning on relocating to the Walking Street venue that was the original location of Champion (or possibly the upstairs bar where Guugle was).

On Walking Street the Russian bar Red Square has also closed, not a big loss for most farangs I think.

Meanwhile n Jomtien Passion Gentlemen's Club has reopened, but they do not offer ST rooms at the moment. The large (muddy) car park is no longer available


8th July

 Updated: Faded gem...

Amethyst closes and is up for sale
Link Here

amethyst sale sign Amethyst A-GoGo and show bar on Soi LK Metro closed after business on 5th July 2016. The bar is has now posted a prominent for sale sign.

This leaves 82 bars around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos.


7th July

  Making a bee line for the other side of the road...

A new corner bar on Soi 6
Link Here
bee corner bar Bee Bar on Soi 6 is under new management and has been renamed Bee Corner Bar

The bar has been converted to an open bar. It seems to have been taken over by the people who previously had the popular Soi 6 Corner Bar on the opposite corner, before the building was redeveloped into an empty space.


6th July

  If you build it, they will come...

G-Spot opens on Walking Street
Link Here
g-spot frontage G-Spot Pattaya opened as planned on 5th July on Walking Street by Sugarbaby.

The GoGo is a sister bar to Dollhouse and Club Electric Blue on Soi 15.

Early reports note that bar offers a decent amount of nudity. Draft beer is 65 Baht whilst lady drinks are 165 Baht.

There are now 83 bars around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos.


4th July

  A parting kiss...

Kiss A-GoGo closes for renovation
Link Here
kiss closed There is a notice on the door saying that the bar is closed fro renovations and will reopen on 1st September 2016.

Perhaps the final nail for table dancing style GoGos.

So there are now 82 bars around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos. Soon to be more though.


2nd July

 Updated: Tough times for gentlemen...

Kinnaree raided by police and closed
Link Here
kinnaee 2016 Yesterday (29th June) at around 3pm the Kinnaree Place was closed by police. A local reader reported:

When I walked by today, I saw that it was opened as usual, but a little bit after in the afternoon many police officers came back in numbers and ordered the premises to close the doors again. It doesn't look good for their 4th of July party !

As written by Pattaya One, many bars are currently ordered by the Chonburi Governor to be checked and maybe closed for 5 years if there is any problem. I Don't know if this is related. Anyway, it's not good news for the cleaners, waiters, cashiers, taxi drivers, (and a lot of others...) making a living from it.

Update: Kinnaree continues

1st July 2016.

An additional snippet of news about the police raid is that customers were asked to leave a little before the police arrived and were not subjected to police hassle.

The bar re-opened the following day, although a little subdued with about 20 freelancers in attendance at mid afternoon.

Thai Police logo Update: Police raids at late night discos

2nd July 2016. From Pattaya Addicts

For several nights in a row, police have been arriving in late night venues like Insomnia, Flexx, JP Bar, etc. and forcing them to close. It's been happening around 4:30am. The police don't hassle anyone, but it seems like they just want the fun to stop. They just prop the doors open, turn on the lights and everyone leaves.


29th June

  Bad news...

Bad Girls A-GoGo takes shape on Walking Street
Link Here
badgirls sign A new GoGo is taking shape in June 2016. It is located on Walking Street next door to Insomnia disco.

So there are now Annabelle's, G-Spot and Bad Girls all waiting to try their luck on Walking Street.


28th June

  Windmill on the Up...

Rising from the ashes of old bars...new bars
Link Here

Windmill frontage On Soi Diamond there are works at the old Tramps show bar, upstairs at Windmill. It will become an extension to Windmill and should open in early July.

On Soi Khao Noi Casual has become Welcome Inn. This is not to be confused with the former Welcome Inn, also on Soi Khao Noi, which replaced Boom Boom and was replaced by Old Hounds Lounge. The new Welcome Inn (ex-Casual) is well past Soi 9, opposite Boutique Resort and about 200 metres before The Black Sheep.

On the corner of Walking Street and Soi 16 (Soi Arab) Rolling Live 2 has disappeared. The complete building has been flattened. There are reports that the space will become a nightclub.

Meanwhile at the next corner on Soho Square, Utopia live music lounge has become the Reggae Bar, complete with oil barrels decorated in the colours of Jamaica.


25th June

  Hard to find new bars...

Club Tropicana and G-Spot
Link Here
club tropicana Thanks to Teigen

Club Tropicana is set to take over from Viper Bar on Pratamnak Soii 4. The venue is a smart gentlemen's club that was once Sapphire Lounge.

Previous guises haven't proven very successful, possibly because the venue is rather in the shadow of Kinnaree Club, the most successful of its kind in Pattaya. And girls and guys both tend to home in on the place where the most action is.

Thanks to Dick Farang

On Walking Street, right of Sugar Baby A-GoGo, a new gogo (or coyote bar ?) is taking shape: G-Spot Pattaya.

The name appears to be taken from a gogo that existed in the Nana Complex in Bangkok.

The opening is foreseen on Tuesday 5th July 2016.

I saw a banner with a phone number, but on the premises no recruitment was taking place. I surmise that some group is trying to extend its market share . In other words, once again: quantity above quality, a sad evolution.


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