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24th April

 Updated: More Blue...

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Electric Blue returns to Pattaya
Link Here
electric blue pattaya Club Electric Blue will return to Pattaya and take over from Private Dancer on 1st May 2015.

Several years ago Electric Blue had 2 venues in Pattaya. The First and largest venue was at the venue best known in recent times as Roxy. There was also a small venue in Soi Diamond known as Electric Blue Junior.

And there was plenty of fun to be had in both GoGos, with a style that was the forerunner of Windmill and Babydolls.

Welcome back to Pattaya, Electric Blue.

Update: Closed and re-opening

24th April 2015.

Private Dance has now closed and Ricky has said his goodbyes.

The bar will re-open as Club Electric Blue on Friday 24th April


23rd April



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Walking Street GoGos under threat
Link Here
Walking Street Notices have appeared on the seaward side of a fair few buildings on Walking Street. It seems that these are demolition orders and are related to buildings modified without council permission. The notices were seen at SkyFall, Eclipse, Infinity, iBar, and the bar below The Pier, but have now been taken down.

PattayaDailyNews writes:

Recently officers of the engineering division of Pattaya had brought an order to stop any construction of any new buildings and also to demolish those that were built without permission.

The order was on behalf of Mr.Ronnakit Aeksasing-deputy mayor of Pattaya- and 6 buildings had broken the law and had been constructed or extended without permission.

The buildings located in Walking Street South Pattaya have been ordered to be dismantled in order for the land to be recovered and renovated .

However, the conclusion from parliament is still unclear about what's going to happen because the operators had the right deeds; therefore, the officers just ordered them not to extend their buildings. The officers found out that 12 operators had broken the rule and had extended their buildings so they were ordered to demolish them.


21st April

  An Eclipse: Interesting whilst it lasts but it's soon gone...

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Eclipse A-GoGo goes dark
Link Here
eclipse Eclipse is a GoGo at the Beach Road end of Walking Street.

The bar was dark on the 20th April with staff suggesting that the bar has now closed.

If the closure is confirmed the GoGo count will have dropped to 81.


10th April

  Dark Dreams...

Dream Club A-GoGo goes dark
Link Here
Dream Club A-GoGo sign Last night Dream Club A-GoGo (previously Carousel A-GoGo) on Soi Diamond was closed, locked with a chain and a padlock.

Some nights ago there were no greeters outside; not a good omen.

Assuming that the closure is permanent then there are now 82 bars around Pattaya on the GoGo list.


7th April

  Oddjob the Bouncer...

Another thuggish attack by GoGo bar bouncers, this time at Skyfall
Link Here
oddjob In the early hours of Monday a 55 year old Polish man was beaten up by two bouncers at Skyfall A-GoGo, which is now facing the possibility of receiving a temporary closure order of at-least 30 days.

The incident occurred at the newly-opened Skyfall Go-Go Bar located at the Beach Road end of Walking Street and was reported to Tourist Police by Rafal Jakowicki who was treated by medics for a deep laceration to his forehead. Jakowicki was reportedly struck across the head with a steel hook by Khun Panu.

Tourist Police Officers detained the two bouncers alleged to be involved and they were taken to Pattaya Police Station, where one of them was charged with assault.

On Monday Night the Tourist Police conducted a raid of Skyfall and conducted ID card checks and some staff members were urine tested but no evidence of drug-taking was found. License checks were made and no irregularities were found.

In previous cases similar to this one bars have been given closure orders of at least 30 days and a report of this incident has been sent to the Licensing Unit at the Banglamung District Office.

The bars was closed after the police raid for the remainder of Monday night.


2nd April

  Super News...

Super Girl re-opens under new management
Link Here

Super Girl Super Girl re-opened on 1st April. They call it's pre-open and the grand opening day will be after Songkran. They have no connections with Super Baby so the format has been changed.

I visited at 11:30pm. The new management has removed 2 table stages and the runway of the center stage.

I counted 27 dancers organised in 3 teams on mamasan's board. Each team dances for 20 minutes.

Dancers are bottomless, topless (models) and bikini in whites. I didn't see any coyotes. I heard it's possible to take away all girls including models and PR outside. Bar Fines for ST are 700B (some are 800B), But it's impossible to take away for LT before midnight.

Draught Beer is 59B in Happy Hour (from 8pm to 9:30pm), 79B after 9:30pm. Bottled Heineken is 140B. Lady Drink is 150B.

So there are now 83 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less


29th March

 Updated: Blink and you'll miss it...

Reviews from Eclipse which as opened on Walking Street
Link Here
eclipse The venue that was once Coyote Club has been reborn as Eclipse. It is located towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street.

The bar opened on 27th March and is the 82nd bar around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Review from Ishi: 10pm

I visited at 10:15pm on 28th March. My bill number was 17.

I counted 3 teams and 38 dancers on mamasan's board. Each team dance for 20 minutes. I saw 2 topless dancers and other 36 were all coyotes.

I know that the management has been changed but everything is almost the same as Coyote Club .

The draught beer was 69B.

  Review from Dick Farang: Midnight

Europe has had its solar eclipse on 20th March 2015, Asia is going to have its solar eclipse on 9th March 2016 and on Walking Street Eclipse (no gogo / club / lounge addition, only a Thai phonetic transcription) has opened on 27th March 2015 at the location that used to be Coyote Club and Silver Star 3.

Not much, if anything, has changed since its previous incarnation. The most striking detail is the absence of chrome poles.

The first section still functions primarily as a walk-through area with some dancers on stage on the left-hand side and some bench seating on the right-hand side.

The second section has two stages with three to five dancers on each of them, (too high) bench seating on the left-hand side and two rows of small sofas on the right-hand side.

All dancers were clad as coyotes in huge yellow tops and black bottoms, double tops and double bottoms that is. Some dancers were average, but most of them were sub-average. No bikinis, no nudity.

Before I get attacked once more by Pattaya Addicts (as happened after my Kaos review): I was sober, I was wearing my glasses and the lighting was sufficient to distinguish stretch marks.

Whereas most places are packed at (re)openings and the first nights after, Eclipse was virtually empty on Saturday night shortly before midnight and only one night after its opening. Apart from me, the only other customers were a bunch of hooligans; I did not enquire about their nationality.

The music was too loud and the DJ was playing what he liked most, but that happens at many places in Thailand.

I wonder if this place, which is even markedly worse than its predecessor Coyote Club, will survive for long.

Bottled Heineken was 145 baht (same as Peppermint), a bit steep for the kind of venue.


27th March

  Hill Snake...

Viper Bar takes shape on Pratamnak Soi 4
Link Here
viper front Sapphire Lodge started life as a gentlemen's lounge associated with Sapphire A-GoGo. It is located at the beach end of Pratamnak Soi 4 opposite the Asia Hotel.

Sapphire Lodge didn't stay the course and closed in 2014. The venue became a live music venue but is now set to become Viper Bar.


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