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14th December

  Dream Rooster...

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Alarm clock cum panty vibrator found to stimulate sexy dreams
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dream rooster A British firm has launched what it claims to be the sexiest sleep-aid ever - a sex dream machine!

Little Rooster, the creators of the alarm clock panty vibrator say they have invented a sex dream machine. Dream Rooster works by vibrating in the underwear while the user sleeps. Says inventor Tony Maggs:

I realised a sex dream machine was possible when my customers told me that Little Rooster, the world's first alarm clock that wakes you by vibrating in your underwear, was giving them erotic dreams. Little Rooster stimulates you for about two minutes before waking you up. Dream Rooster can stimulate you for several hours!

Women simply slip Dream Rooster into their underwear before going to bed. The vibrating leg rests against the clitoris and between the labial lips and the wide, flat body stabilises Dream Rooster by resting inside the underwear, against the user's front.

Men insert their penis and testicles through the ring. The ring both helps hold Dream Rooster in place and also transmits stimulation. Dream Rooster is held against the user's front by their underwear.


3rd November

  Free Choice...

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Danish survey reveals 75% of men and 33% of women watch porn
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Denmark flag With porn becoming more acceptable, a new large survey reveals that half of the adult population of Denmark watches porn, with most preferring the free stuff.

Three quarters of Danish men and a third of Danish women watch porn, according to a new survey carried out on behalf of the women's magazine Q .

Eight out of ten users said that they only view porn on free sites and 84% said they primarily watch porn alone. One in four respondents said that they see it with their partner.

Helle Hartz, the editor of women's magazine Tidens Kvinder , told Q that with one third of Danish women watching porn, there has been a change in attitudes toward explicit material.

I think there has been in increase in the number of women who watch porn because there are now so many more woman- or pair-friendly films that appeal to them. It's become more acceptable to see porn because they are now produced in much better quality and with a focus on women so it's no longer so 'sleazy' to watch.


19th October


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Giant inflatable butt plug vandalised in Paris
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paul mccarthy butt plu A giant inflatable butt plug has been destroyed by vandals in Paris.

The 80 foot art work was installed at  Place Vendome and was claimed to be a 'tree' by the artist Paul McCarthy. Past artwork by McCarthy seems to suggest that he has a somewhat erotic sense of humour and a tree is an an unlikely explanation.

Tragedy struck late on Friday night when the ambiguous structure was attacked and deflated.

A police spokesman said:

Individuals have severed the cables that hold the sculpture in place, taking advantage of a momentary lack of a security guard.

Farnce's Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin, called the vandalism a n attack on creative freedom as well as a physical attack on the artist himself.


2nd October

  Shades of Blue...

76% of men watch porn on the internet
Link Here

Everymans Guide Internet Porn Cuttle People in the UK are having less sex than they were back in 2008, according to a new survey of British sexual behaviour carried out by The Observer . But if we're not doing it, we're still watching and reading it.

More than half (56%) of Britons watch online pornography at least occasionally and 15% do so on a regular basis. However, there is a disparity between the sexes, with 76% of men watching pornography on the internet, compared with just 36% of women.

The tables are turned when it comes to reading erotica, including the likes of best-selling trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey . While 53% of women read erotica at least occasionally, only 32% of men can say the same.

Despite the nation's dwindling sexual activity, the majority (72%) of those who watch online porn said that they do not believe the practice impacts on their expectations of their sex life.


30th September

 Offsite Article: Why Don't Straight Women Like Straight Porn?...

Link Here
pornhub logo Of course women are more likely to search for James Deen than any other male porn star. But Pornhub unearthed a fascinating tidbit about women's porn habits: namely, how many women are tuning into lesbian or gay male porn

See article from thefrisky.com


21st September

  Lars and the Real Girl...

The pursuit of realistic sex dolls
Link Here
natalie realdoll Sex dolls used to be inflatable and made of vinyl or latex and had only a passing resemblance to reality. Most of the more sophisticated dolls we see now are created by artist Matt McMullen, who about a decade ago was experimenting with materials for sculpture. He started working on a lifelike silicone female mannequin and documented the progress on his website He then became inundated with requests if they could be used as sex dolls.

The demand was so strong that he decided to make the dolls anatomically correct and the extremely life-like RealDoll.com was born . Over the years, the company has perfected the dolls to make them look even more realistic; they are custom-produced with a variety of wigs, skin and eye colour, genitalia type and size, and other body proportions. A basic doll retails for $6000 upwards.

The movie Lars and The Real Girl features a RealDoll, with an extensive scene showing the RealDoll.com website. However, Lars didn't order the doll to use as a sex toy. He acts as if she is human, by giving her a name, Bianca, and pretending she is his girlfriend. He introduces her to his family and the people in his small community. Lars is very concerned to keep the relationship between him and Bianca pure, and she sleeps next door with his brother and sister-in-law. The story may sound a bit silly but it's an endearing movie and has a lovely ending.

Apparently RealDolls are quite popular in Australia. Dr Cathleen Maslen from the University of Western Australia has studied the RealDoll subculture and believes that despite the sexual marketing, not all the men who order them perceive their dolls as sexual objects. Some men view them as an alternative to having a relationship and take pleasure in buying them clothes and dressing them up. McMullen believes that for men without a choice, or with social interaction problems, having a doll as a companion or for physical needs is better than having no one.

In Japan, a high-tech industry is constantly looking at ways to make dolls look more real. The dolls have realistic-to-touch skin and authentic-looking eyes, and some have moveable joints. They are sold under the name of Dutch Wives, a reference to hand-sewn leather masturbation puppets made by the 17th -century Dutch sailors who were trading with the Japanese.


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