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3rd August

 Commented: Just so they can feel good about their gender equality...

Nice 'n' Naughty

Obscenely rich and selfish celebrities seek to criminalise the poor who need recourse to sex work
Link Here
First Do No Harm DVD Actresses including Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson, write an open letter opposing an Amnesty International policy to endorse the decriminalisation of the sex trade.

The human rights group is set to review its internal policy document on sex work at a meeting in Dublin next month.

But the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) said that if the new policy was adopted, Amnesty would in effect advocate the legalisation of pimping, brothel owning and sex buying that forms the basis of the lucrative global sex industry.

Signatories from the lucrative media industry also includes Emily Blunt, Lena Dunham and Anne Hathaway.

Amnesty is reviewing its policy amid evidence that criminalising adults for consensual sex work can lead to greater abuse against sex workers . The charity is in the final stages of receiving feedback on the draft policy but stressed that no decision had yet been made.

vice logo Offsite Article: The Amnesty Sex Work Argument, Broken Down

2nd August 2015. See article from by Frankie Mullen. Thanks to Therumbler

You might have noticed a shit-storm around sex work in your newsfeed this week : Amnesty was accused of being onside with pimps, there were lots of open letters and there were even more opinions. the full article


Offsite Comment: The Guardian's high priestesses of PC speak in favour of a violent and exploitative environment for sex workers

3rd August 2015. See  article from

The Guardian Obviously, Amnesty is right to say that sex workers have human rights and that these should be respected ...BUT... many Amnesty supporters believe that the trade itself tends to corrupt or to violate these rights, except for a lucky few participants. The broadest coalitions unite around the narrowest agendas. A call to legalise sex work is a distraction from Amnesty's core mission, and dangerous to it too.

...Read the full article


22nd July

 Offsite Article: China's no fun...

Link Here  full story: Sex Work in China...Ever under duress
china police raids Red lights dim in China's sin city Dongguan as a prolonged crackdown decimates sexy nightlife

See article from


21st July

  Dangerous Liaisons...

Nice 'n' Naughty

Extra marital dating service gets hacked with the intention of outing the clients
Link Here
ashley madison 74 percent advert Ashley Madison is an extra marotal dating website based in Canada. The site's tagline is: Life is short, have an affair .

Now life could be even shorter for some users, after the website was hacked with the intention of outing users.

According to Bloomberg Business , the site's hacking will potentially expose names, addresses, and sexual preferences of millions of members.

The site was hacked by someone or a group identifying as The Impact Team.  The group has put a message right on the site saying that we have taken over all systems in your entire office and production domains, all customer information databases, source code repositories, financial records, emails .

The hacker or hackers say that they will release all customer records, profiles with all the customers' secret sexual fantasies, nude pictures, and conversations and matching credit card transactions, real names, and address .

They hack also includes sister sites: Established Men (sugar daddy hook ups), Cougar Life (a dating website for cougars ), Man Crunch (a site for gay dating), Swappernet (for swingers), and The Big and the Beautiful (for overweight dating).


21st July

 Updated: Stimulating Art...

Nice 'n' Naughty

There's a new craze in Portland, Oregon as hundreds of dildos appear hanging from overhead cables
Link Here
dildoes portkand Hundreds of sex toys have been spotted hanging from power lines across a US city.

The white and bright orange dildos have appeared in recent days across Portland, Oregon, sparking laughter, blushes and a lot of photos.

So as to be able to throw them up and wrap them round cables, the phallic toys have been strung together in pairs.

Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement spokeswoman Lisa Leddy said the department had received numerous reports of the x-rated sights. A spokesman for public utility Portland General Electric said he did not believe the products posed a fire hazard.

Update: All is revealed

21st July 2015. See article from

The woman responsible for stringing up dildos all throughout Portland has finally explained herself. In an anonymous interview with VICE , she says that she and her friends wound up with over 10,000 defective dildos after a local sex shop realized they couldn't sell them. So they did the only thing they could think of doing with 10,000 dildos... they threw them all over the city's power lines. She said:

It had to be done. I have no idea why, but it had to, she says. Dick-tossing is an exercise in happiness. It was just a fun, hilarious thing to do.


20th July

  Aggravated Extortion...

jailed extortionists set up porn website and then tried to blackmail those that viewed videos
Link Here
Sweden flag A Swedish man who sent bills to thousands of victims who visited an apparently free porn site and threatened to publish their names if they failed to pay has been sentenced to two and a half years' jail for extortion.

Dennies Pettersson, who had acquired the Swedish rights for streaming videos on a foreign website, sent bills to people he claimed had watched the clips, demanding payment ranging from tens to hundreds of euros. For those who refused to pay, he raised the amount and threatened to call the police or publish their names on an online porn blacklist detailing which videos they had watched and then refused to pay for.

Pettersson admitted to 31 cases of aggravated extortion and to 526 cases of attempted extortion. The offences date to 2012 and 2013. Two accomplices were given suspended terms while another three were given prison sentences ranging from 12 to 18 months.

Although users never left their contact details on the site, Pettersson was able to trace them through a list of IP addresses he bought from Sweden's largest internet service provider.


17th July

  Lust, Caution...

China's young people have spoken. And what they want is sex
Link Here
uniqlo sex video


14th July

  Miserable Russia...

Russia proposes a new twist to criminalising paying for sex, fines are higher for married men
Link Here
Russian Duma logo A miserable Russian lawmaker is drafting a bill introducing fines and community service for using the services of prostitutes. The bill introduces an interesting new concept with lighter punishment for single people and significantly harsher sanctions for married men and women.

Oleg Mikheyev of the center-left 'Fair' Russia party wants to amend the administrative code with a new article specifically describing using sex services for money as an offence. The proposed penalties are that single people would have to pay between 1,500 and 2,000 rubles ($26-$35) in fines, but married clients, men and women alike, would face either fines of between 2,000 and 5,000rubles ($35 - $88) or perform up to 40 hours of community service.

The proposed penalty is in the same range as the fines for prostitution itself and Mikheyev said in press comments that one of the reasons he wrote the bill was the desire to make the conditions equal for the workers and customers in the sex industry. Currently, prostitution in Russia is punishable by an administrative fine of between 1,500 and 2,000 rubles ($26-$35) and pimping (defined as receiving income from another person's work as a prostitute) can carry fines between 2,000 and 2,500 rubles ($35-$44) or up to 10 days of administrative detention.


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