Nightlife: Chiang Mai

Review Jan 2007

The journey from the airport to downtown quickly establishes that bars abound in Chiang Mai. However the vast majority of these are Thai Karaoke bars. However there are a fair few beer bars dotted around. I have also located a strip of bars as well as a complex surrounding the traditional Thai boxing ring. I even located a few gogos



Foxy Lady logo

Foxy Lady

Tha Phae Road: Soi 1

(At back entrance of Night Bazaar)

From 6pm

bikini  Foxy Lady
Jan 07 key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink bar fine
  not available 90-110     85  

  News from Foxy Lady, Jan 2013: Website

We have recently launched a new website at .

  Review Jan 2007: Hands On Fun

This is quite a large bar with two stories but the upstairs did not seem to be required and was not being used. There is a central stage where 4 girls were dancing with a 5th dancing on a balcony stage which overlooks the downstairs bar area.

There were about 15 girls in the bar so making up 3 dancing shifts. There were some attractive girls amongst them but they were all overdressed in shorts/skirts and knickers and bras rather than bikini tops. The girls would wear even more as they came off stage and circulated amongst the customers.

In view of the lack of much of a turn on from the dancing, the girls do a better job when sitting with the guys. They seemed to enjoy a little hands on fun but were still not open to shedding any of their excess clothing.

Comfortable seating is provided around edge and there are stools around the stage.

Drinks menus were dotted around the bar and local commentators have said that bar is well run and  fair with prices and check bins etc.

Spotlight Bar

47 Kotchasan Road

From 6pm - 2:30am

bikini  Spotlight Bar
Jan 07 key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink bar fine
  not available 85 90      

The bar is located at the centre of the eastern leg of the square inner ring road near to the junction with Loi Khro Road.

The large bar has two dominant features. It has a typical US square bar surrounded by stools and plenty of drinkers. In fact this seemed to be more of a focus of attention than the gogo stage.

The gogo stage is also square and a similar size to the bar. It is quite large but features only 2 poles and 2 or 3 dancing girls. There weren't any shows.

The girls were wearing a little more than Pattaya gogos with knickers, bras and negligees all helping to ensure the local decorum. That's not to say nudity is totally frowned on though, as one lively girl was teasing her audience by removing her top for a while.  

There seemed to be about 10 girls in the bar and they were a reasonably attractive bunch. They would circulate the bar and sit with customers and do the usual bar fine things.

To compare with Pattaya, this is most similar to the nudity adverse, American themed, TQ 1 & 2. The gogo aspects seem distinctly secondary for the drinkers who pop in primarily for a chat with their friends.

Star Xix

Loi Kroh Road: Soi 3
bikini  Star Xix
Jan 07 key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink bar fine
  not available 150 150      

Loi Kroh seems to be location of the beer bars of Chiang Mai. There is a beer bar complex surrounding a Muay Thai boxing stage. In the same soi there is this gogo bar.

It is approached via a rather oppressive corridor smelling of incense. At the top of some stairs a man is a cubby hole demands a cover charge of 150 Baht person that is your first drink.

The bar inside is dark with a large central stage. There were about 5 girls wearing quite a lot of clothes. They were more animated in their dancing than most Pattaya girls and more resembled an American lap dancing bar than a traditional Isaan shuffling gogo.

There were a surprising amount of customers surrounding the stage staring fixatedly at the girls. Again it reminded me of an American bar.

There were quite a few girls circulating amongst the customers but it was a little dark to tell what they were getting up to.

The whole atmosphere seemed a little ominous and the sight of some enormous looking bouncers rather put me off staying to find out more.



Las Vegas Cafe

Sithiwong Road

 Las Vegas Cafe
Jan 07 key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink bar fine
  not available 90 large     60  

This bar is located a couple of hundred metres down a road running from the north east corner of the squared moated inner ring road.

Previously noted as a popular purpose built gogo bar but has now faded into a remnant of this previous operation. In fact there were only 4 ladies working on a week day evening. And when I arrived at 10-ish the bar was totally empty. The girls double up as waitresses and bar staff too.

It certainly seemed a little ominous entering such a quiet bar but the girls were friendly and I was soon at ease.

The drinks were very cheap at 90 Baht for a large Singha and 60 Baht for lady drinks. However drinking large Thai beers was mandatory as the bar does not seem to stock anything smaller. This seemed like a dangerously wrecking policy in a rather dark and quiet area so I did not stay long. The girls were friendly and hands on which made for pleasant drink or two.


Beer Bars

Beer Bar Central

Moon Muang Road

This complex is located just off Moon Muang Road not far from the prominent Tha Pae Gate.

Reportedly very quiet with a katoey miming show and Thai boxing

Chang Klang Road

Near night bazaar

This complex is located in a precinct off Chang Klang Road. As you walk through you first find a few eateries, then a few lady beer bars and then a couple of gay bars.

It was a fair struggle to spot any bars staffed by more than a cashier, single hostess. The gay bars were more popular. There is also a nearby clutch of gay bars located next to Foxy Lady which were popular.

Chiang Mai Entertainment Centre

Loi Kroh Road

This complex is located on Loi Kroh about half way between Chang Klang Road and Kotchasayn Road. There is a Thai boxing ring for entertainment.

A fair amount of drinkers but few girls spare to attract any more customers.

Loi Kroh Road

(Corner of Kotchasayn Road)

There are a clutch of beer bars located at the junction of Loi Kroh and Kotchasayn Road.

There are one or two bars that feature more girls than most and that have enough girls to entice the passing farangs.


Karoke Bars

Violin Club


 Violin Club

A Japanese style karaoke club that is very expensive. Beware of being charged for the time for any girl that approaches.

Definitely one to avoid but unfortunately TukTuks drag people there because they get good commission.








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