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Poor Laws...

PC extremist council propose to ban fish and chips before 5pm

Link Here 30th May 2013

  BBC: People say that dole queues are caused by council policies suffocating local business

Mayor: Yes.. but look how slim they are!

Chip shops, kebab houses and fast food chains such as McDonald's would not be allowed to serve hot items over the counter before 5pm under plans being proposed by Salford City Council.

It announced last year that it was thinking of bringing in a ban on mobile takeaway and ice cream van trucks near schools, but the new policy would extend this to permanent takeaways.

Cllr Margaret Morris, assistant mayor for health at Salford council, spewed:

Takeaways create jobs and provide a service... BUT ...these ideas are to make sure that they are opening in the right places and not having a negative impact in our city.

We don't think they should be serving hot food over the counter before 5pm near schools, as children should be encouraged to eat healthily, so we have made this clear in our proposal.

Public health and helping to reduce obesity levels are a top priority, and while planners cannot control the food that is sold, we would like every new premise to offer well promoted healthy alternatives so people can have an informed choice about the food they eat.

Residents are encouraged to come forward with any comments or suggestions so they can be taken into consideration before a decision is made on the future of planning in our city.



Offsite Article: Something for the Slippery Slope Moralists to Consider...

Link Here 23rd May 2013
Now we are all staying in, watching sexualised talent shows, enjoying internet porn or playing violent video games, Britain is becoming a nicer place to live (except in Woolwich)

See article from spectator.co.uk



Offsite Article: Mirror on Society...

Link Here 23rd May 2013
One-Way Mirrors In Scottish Nightclub's Ladies' Room Unsurprisingly Sparks Outrage

See article from huffingtonpost.com



Offsite Article: The authorities really really don't like the idea of untraceable internet cash...

Link Here 14th May 2013
Taxmen, police and spies look at bitcoin 'threat'

See article from ft.com



Indian Chauvinism...

Indian state bans women from pubs after 10pm

Link Here 6th May 2013

The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has reportedly banned women from staying in clubs, pubs and bars after 10 pm. Despite the legal age of drinking being 18 years, the Andhra Pradesh Government has also banned those under 21 years from these places at any time.

According to reports, a notification was issued by the State Government directing pubs and bars to ask women customers leave after 10 pm else their liquor license would be cancelled.

A senior police officer ludicrously claimed that the step was taken to stop incidents of drunken women quarreling with car drivers outside bars and clubs at night, say reports.

Women's organisations termed the move as male chauvinistic . The secretary of the Progressive Organisation of Women said:

Women are not drunkards. It's unjustifiable to ban their entry after 10 pm. Such discrimination is undemocratic.


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