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2014: April-June

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British expats told to provide a UK address or lose their Barclaycards

Link Here27th April 2014
Barclaycard, the UK's biggest credit card company, has written to around 39,000 expat customers who haven't used their cards in at least six months telling them that could have them withdrawn if they don't provide a UK address.

Manoj Piplani, managing director of Barclaycard UK said:

We periodically review accounts, both in the UK and internationally, and if we become aware that a customer hasn't used their account for more than six months, we'll close their UK Barclaycard account, after giving them time to make alternative arrangements.

While our cards can be used in most countries in the world, our terms and conditions make it clear that customers should have a valid UK address. Although we can support overseas addresses on a temporary basis, our accounts are not designed to be registered to permanent overseas addresses.

Customers overseas who do not use their accounts, but would like to keep them open, can do so by providing us a UK contact address for the account.



Tales from the Swampy...

BBC commissions reality TV series about British tourists at Bangkok airport

Link Here4th April 2014
Keo Films will follow the arrivals and departures of British tourists at Bangkok airport as part of a documentary commission for BBC3.

The 6 x 60-minute Bangkok Airport will follow young, English-speaking travellers checking in and out, as well as their run-ins with immigration, police and customs.

User-generated content will be incorporated into the show.

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