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Fucking censors...

The Austrian village of Fucking to change its name

Link Here27th November 2020
An Austrian village with the famous name of Fucking has had enough of the mockery and will change its name to Fugging, local leaders have announced.

The tiny village has become something of an attraction because of its name, with road signs regularly stolen. Annoyed locals tried to stop this from happening by encasing the bottom of the signs in concrete. Other hassles included naked couples romping in front of the signs in the name of a photo opportunity.

However local entrepreneurs were able to make a little cash by selling Fucking Christmas cards and more recently a Fucking beer.



Tourism to dry up in Bali...

Indonesia is looking to introduce prohibition

Link Here16th November 2020
Bali's hoteliers are warning a proposed Indonesia-wide booze ban would scare off Aussie tourists and stop a post-coronavirus economic recovery dead in its tracks.

The prohibition push has been revived by two Islamist political parties -- the United Development Party and the Prosperous Justice Party -- and nationalist party Gerindra via a bill that has lain dormant since 2016.

The law would ban alcoholic beverages ranging in strength from 1% to 55% alocohol. It would be an offence to produce, store, sell or consume alcoholic drinks.

Draconian penalties ranging from two to 10 years' jail and fines of up to $100,000 could apply for the production, storing, importation and sale of alcohol, while anyone consuming alcohol could be jailed up to two years or fined up to $5000.

There are said to be plans fore a few exemptions for tourists but nevertheless the risks of being caught up in something illegal will be very offputting.



Are you allowed a sex life under the rule of 6?...

Questions to Matt Hancock about a government law that allows only for those in an 'established relationship' reveal that casual sex is now illegal in the UK

Link Here24th September 2020
The government's latest diktats about the rule of 6 restrictions on social interactions at least allow for an exception to social distancing for those in an 'established relationship' The relevant part of the law reads:

When with people you do not live with, you should also avoid: physical contact; being close and face-to-face; and shouting or singing close to them. You should also avoid crowded areas with lots of people; and touching things that other people have touched.

Where you cannot stay 2 metres apart you should stay more than 1 metre apart, as well as taking extra steps to stay safe. For example:

  • wear a face covering : on public transport and in many indoor spaces, you must wear a face covering by law, unless you are exempt

  • move outdoors, where it is safer and there is more space

  • if indoors, make sure rooms are well ventilated by keeping windows and doors open

You do not need to socially distance from anyone in your household, meaning the people you live with. You also do not need to socially distance from someone you're in an established relationship with , or anyone in your legally-permitted support bubble if you are in one.

This has prompted people to ask if people are allowed to meet for sex if they are in a recently established relationship or if they are allowed to have sex on the first date.

An article from pinknews.co.uk asks whether casual sex hook ups are now banned for 6 months.

Matt Hancock on Sky News refused to answer sensible questions about the definition of 'established relationships' but seemed to conclude that casual sex is now illegal by saying that people should abide by the rules in their letter and their spirit.



Offsite Article: China would be proud...

Link Here13th August 2020
Schengen visit visas to get more difficult as the EU steps up the invasive surveillance of travellers

See article from privacyinternational.org



Offsite Article: Nuts...

Link Here7th July 2020
Animal rights activists in the UK take issue with Thailand's monkey coconut pickers

See article from bbc.co.uk



Offsite Article: Men should not talk about sport at work...

Link Here28th January 2020
Sexist and hateful head of the Chartered Management Institute demonstrates exactly how political correctness has become so divisive and disruptive

See article from dailymail.co.uk



Offsite Article: A vast database of your browsing history...

Link Here28th January 2020
Avast, a popular 'free' anti-virus programme has been selling people's 'anonymised' browsing history that may be readily re-identified with real users

See article from pcmag.com

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