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2009: Oct-Dec

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13th December   

Too Fiery...

Gun runners apprehended in Don Muang Airport
Link Here

Thai police are preparing to charge the crew of a cargo plane that landed in Bangkok on Friday with a hold filled with weapons.

The plane, which had taken off from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang for an unknown destination, had made an emergency request to refuel at Bangkok. When Thai officials boarded the plane, a Soviet designed Il-76, they found up to 40 tons of weaponry including rocket-propelled grenades, according to local media.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said his government had received a tip-off from foreign intelligence sources after it had requested permission to land, but they did not know where the weapons were destined for.

Security and intelligence services are continuing to investigate. It is not yet clear if this is terrorist activity, he said.

An official told Reuters that the plane was heading for somewhere in South Asia, probably Pakistan.

Abhisit said the crew requested permission to land for refuelling in Bangkok and then lied to inspectors about the plane's cargo, saying it carried only oil-drilling equipment: They committed two crimes, firstly they gave false information about their cargo, and secondly that cargo was found to be weapons, he said.


3rd December   

Tis the Season to be Jolly...

But not in Thailand where they ban alcohol from gift hampers
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Supermarkets and other retailers that sell and advertise gift baskets - a staple of the Thai new year holiday season - were warned that stocking them with alcohol could result in steep fines and up to a year in jail.

The ban on booze-filled baskets is the latest attempt by the government to curb drunken revelry around the holidays that result every year in hundreds of road deaths.

The Health Ministry, which is leading the effort, has launched a campaign called Healthy Gift Baskets for the New Year.

Baskets laden with goodies and wrapped in cellophane are typically given as New Year's gifts, with the priciest varieties containing imported chocolates and top-shelf whiskies.

This year, businesses nationwide have been told to comply with Section 30 of the Alcohol Beverage Control Act passed in February 2008, which makes selling alcoholic beverages attached with other products illegal, said deputy health minister Manit Nopamornbodee.

In past festive seasons, Thai people have given gift baskets with alcoholic beverages to celebrate the holidays, leading to injuries and deaths in road accidents, Manit said in a recent statement on the ban. Every year we have tried to solve this problem but not succeeded.

Shop owners and store managers who sell gift baskets containing alcohol face a fine of 10,000 baht ($300) and up to six months behind bars, while advertising gift baskets with alcohol can result in a 500,000-baht fine ($15,000) and up to one year in prison, said Manit.


20th November   

Pattaya Goes Blonde...

Background to the influx of East European working girls
Link Here

On a Friday evening at Bangkok's Sukhumvit road, a large number of East European ladies were seen with black men on street side cafes looking for customers. Most of them are from Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia and other republics in former Soviet Union. Most of the evenings, Bangkok's Rajah Hotel premises turns into a massive crowd of East European hookers and agents of Russian-Thai mafia, looking for potential customers. There are many more places in Bangkok too, such as Patpong, Sukhumvit Soi 13-17 and Silom as well as Pattaya, where East European sex workers are very frequently seen walking on the streets, or waiting in a café or pub in search of customers. Dormitory at Rajah Hotel in Bangkok is the main place, where Russian and former CIS sex workers are housed in by the mafia rackets.

Thai authorities are although very actively trying to stop such massive arrival of East European sex workers, by putting tougher rules in issuing visa from its Tashkent and other consulates in the East European countries, organized mafia have succeeded in finding a loop hole in finally arranging visa for the racket ladies thus enabling them in visiting Thailand with 3 month's tourist visa.

It is learnt that, Russian mafias collect these women from respective countries under a contract of paying US$ 10,000 to the mafia racket for visa, ticket and other expenses within the 3 month's stay of these sex workers in Thailand. If the sex workers are unwilling to enter into such contracts, they also can manage a Thai visa through the mafia network from the Istanbul consulate of the Thai embassy against a payment of US$ 1500 for each of the 3 month's tourist visa.

It is learnt that, Thai consulate in Istanbul and other capitals of East European countries are very strict in issuing any visa to the suspected females. Due to such obstacles , both the sex workers and their mafia ring prefer Istanbul as an alternative place for getting the visa.

In Thailand, even few years back, while East European sex workers were charging US$ 200 for every hour, due to increased number of arrivals of such sex workers in Thailand, now a days, they even agree to accompany a customer just for US$ 50 per hour. In some cases, the amount even goes below US$ 50. The reason behind such tendency is that, each of the sex workers are determined in cashing more than US$ 10,000 in a month, in order to pay back their debts with the Russian mafia as well make some handsome amount for their return to homeland, and prepare for the next trip back to Thailand. In most cases, each of the sex workers are making 2-3 trips to Thailand in a year.

Thousands of citizens of the CIS, the eleven former Soviet Republics, have taken advantage of the relatively high returns for sexual favors available in such places as Dubai, Bahrain, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. So poor are the wages in these former Soviet Republics, that even professional such as doctors, business women and scientists have been known to enter the sex trade, especially in the aforementioned countries.


18th November   

Million Red Shirt Rally...

Bangkok rally 29th November to 3rd December
Link Here

The United front for Democracy against Dictatorship expects one million red-shirts will turn out for a mass anti-government demonstration to bring down the government, planned from Nov 29 to Dec 3, UDD core leader Jatuporn Promphan said on Tuesday.

It will be a five-day gathering of at least one million red-shirts and we will make the war against the government as short as possible. The red-shirts will not lay siege to Government House or other state offices, said Jatuporn.

UDD leaders were not worried about the strong possibility the government will again invoke the Internal Security Act to deal with the protesters, he said.

If one million red-shirts turn out as expected, we will be able to topple the government. But if we cannot make it, we will return to the streets again after Dec 5, His Majesty the King's 82nd birthday, the UDD leader said.

He believed the UDD could achieve its objective to topple the government before the end of the year because there were problems of corruption in several ministries and prices of agricultural products were low. The government had only one option left dissolve the House and call elections.

Update: Change of Dates

19th November 2009.

The rally will now run from 28th November until 2nd December


18th November   

Well at Least Thailand is Better than Burma...

Thailand drops to 84th place in the world's corruption league
Link Here

This year Thailand has ranked 84th on the worldwide corruption index. The index is based on the perceptions of business people and country analysts in relation to the corruption observed in the individual countries.

The recent announcement of this year's worldwide corruption index saw Thailand drop 4 places to 84th position. This result means that people of the business community and country analysts see Thailand as an increasingly corrupt country. The index is compiled and released by global graft watchdog Transparency International. The rankings are based on a score of 0-10, with 0 being the most corrupt and 10 being the least.

Thailand has ranked 10th overall in Asia and 3rd in South-East Asia (same as previous year), with a score of 3.4 out of 10. Singapore was the least corrupt South-East Asian country with a score of 9.2, followed by Malaysia with a score of only 4.5. The worst performing country in the group was Burma with a score of 1.4 followed by Cambodia and Laos who both scored 2.0.

1    New Zealand
2   Denmark
3   Singapore
3   Sweden
5   Switzerland
6   Finland
6   Netherlands
8   Australia
8   Canada
8   Iceland
11   Norway
12   Hong Kong
12   Luxembourg
14   Germany
14   Ireland
16   Austria
17   Japan
17   United Kingdom
19   United States
20   Barbados
21   Belgium
22   Qatar
22   Saint Lucia
24   France
25   Chile
25   Uruguay
27   Cyprus
27   Estonia
27   Slovenia
30   United Arab Emirates
31   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
32   Israel
32   Spain
34   Dominica
35   Portugal
35   Puerto Rico
37   Botswana
37   Taiwan
39   Brunei Darussalam
39   Oman
39   Korea (South)
42   Mauritius
43   Costa Rica
43   Macau
45   Malta
46   Bahrain
46   Cape Verde
46   Hungary
49   Bhutan
49   Jordan
49   Poland
52   Czech Republic
52   Lithuania
54   Seychelles
55   South Africa
56   Latvia
56   Malaysia
56   Namibia
56   Samoa
56   Slovakia
61     Cuba
61   Turkey
63   Italy
63   Saudi Arabia
65   Tunisia
66   Croatia
66   Georgia
66   Kuwait
69   Ghana
69   Montenegro
71   Bulgaria
71   FYR Macedonia
71   Greece
71   Romania
75   Brazil
75   Colombia
75   Peru
75   Suriname
79   Burkina Faso
79   China
79   Swaziland
79   Trinidad and Tobago
83   Serbia
84   El Salvador
84   Guatemala
84   India
84   Panama
84   Thailand
89   Lesotho
89   Malawi
89   Mexico
89   Moldova
89   Morocco
89   Rwanda
95   Albania
95   Vanuatu
97   Liberia
97   Sri Lanka
99   Bosnia and Herzegovina
99   Dominican Republic
99   Jamaica
99   Madagascar
99   Senegal
99   Tonga
99   Zambia
106   Argentina
106   Benin
106   Gabon
106   Gambia
106   Niger
111   Algeria
111   Djibouti
111   Egypt
111   Indonesia
111   Kiribati
111   Mali
111   Sao Tome and Principe
111   Solomon Islands
111   Togo
120   Armenia
120    Bolivia
120   Ethiopia
120   Kazakhstan
120   Mongolia
120   Vietnam
126   Eritrea
126   Guyana
126   Syria
126   Tanzania
130   Honduras
130   Lebanon
130   Libya
130   Maldives
130   Mauritania
130   Mozambique
130   Nicaragua
130   Nigeria
130   Uganda
139   Bangladesh
139   Belarus
139   Pakistan
139   Philippines
143   Azerbaijan
143   Comoros
143   Nepal
146   Cameroon
146   Ecuador
146   Kenya
146   Russia
146   Sierra Leone
146   Timor-Leste
146   Ukraine
146   Zimbabwe
154   Côte d´Ivoire
154   Papua New Guinea
154   Paraguay
154   Yemen
158   Cambodia
158   Central African Republic
158   Laos
158   Tajikistan
162   Angola
162   Congo Brazzaville
162   Democratic Republic of Congo
162   Guinea-Bissau
162   Kyrgyzstan
162   Venezuela
168   Burundi
168   Equatorial Guinea
168   Guinea
168   Haiti
168   Iran
168   Turkmenistan
174   Uzbekistan
175   Chad
176   Iraq
176   Sudan
178   Myanmar
179   Afghanistan
180   Somalia


12th November   

Update: Superstitious Nonsense...

Thai demon guardian statutes blames for man made woes
Link Here

Thailand's main airport is to relocate 12 giant yaksha demon guard statues to boost the morale of staff who thought the figures brought bad luck,.

The statues at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport will move from the arrivals area to the check-in zone, said Airports of Thailand (AOT) president Serirat Prasutanond.

AOT has decided to move the statues to the check-in concourse to give passengers and other people a chance to appreciate the statues' beauty, he said in a statement.

But according to the Bangkok Post newspaper, airport director Niran Thiranartsin admitted the decision had partly resulted from complaints from airport staff.

The shopkeepers are blaming the 'demon statues' for the problems they have faced at the airport.

Serirat presided over a religious ceremony at the airport Monday ahead of the relocation of the figures, which are modeled on 12 statues at Bangkok's Grand Palace. He said the move should be finished within 90 days.

Comment: Blame Misplaced

Based on letter from

It is interesting that shopkeepers at Suvarnabhumi Airport blame decorative demon statues for their problems. Assuming that these problems relate to the lack of customers, I consider that this is due, at least partly, to:

Negative widespread reports of their customers being accused, falsely or otherwise, of shoplifting, then being ripped off by the concerned authorities; the ever prolific rogue taxi operators; and the annoying gangs of unofficial tour guide touts.

So, instead of blaming inanimate objects for their misfortunes, the shopkeepers might like to consider blaming their fellow airport co-workers.


5th November   

Toxic Relations...

Thailand recalls ambassador from Cambodia who take on Thaksin as a government adviser
Link Here

Thailand has recalled its ambassador from neighbouring Cambodia after former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, a fugitive from justice, was named an adviser to the government in Phnom Penh.

The move was the most severe diplomatic action thus far in ongoing tensions between the two countries, which have had a series of small, but sometimes deadly, skirmishes over the demarcation of their border.

Thailand also said it would review all of its agreements with Cambodia.

A Thai Foreign Ministry statement said that the Thai ambassador was being recalled in response to the announcement of the appointment a day earlier by Prime Minister Hun Sen's government.

Cambodian state television said that Thaksin would serve as an adviser on economic affairs to both the government and to Hun Sen personally. It also said Cambodia would refuse to extradite Thaksin to Thailand if asked because Phnom Penh considers him a victim of political persecution, echoing comments Hun Sen made at an Asian summit last month.

Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva told reporters that the Cambodian action was considered interference in Thailand's internal affairs.


17th October   

Sobering Thoughts...

So how do beer prices in the UK compare with Pattaya?
Link Here

The BBC reported a survey of UK beer prices. So how do they compare with Pattaya prices?

The Good Pub Guide found Surrey drinkers were paying an average of £3.01 a time, more than in London at £2.90.

Across the UK, the average pub price of a pint of beer was £2.68.

The West Midlands, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire provided the best value for beer, with prices averaging about £2.40 a pint.

The guide found the average cost of a pint was up 10p since last year.

A UK pint is 568ml compared with a Thai small bottle at 330 ml and there are currently 54.5 Baht to the £. So I have translated the same prices into Baht and small bottles.

The Good Pub Guide found Surrey drinkers were paying an average of 95 Baht a time, more than in London at 92 Baht.

Across the UK, the average pub price of a small bottle of beer was 85 Baht.

The West Midlands, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire provided the best value for beer, with prices averaging about 76 Baht a small bottle.

The guide found the average cost of a small bottle was up 3 Baht since last year.


8th October   

One Way Ticket...

Thailand the most dangerous destination for Australians
Link Here

Thailand is the No.2 Asian destination for Australians behind Bali, the tiny Hindu island province of Indonesia.

Both destinations also kill more Australians than most others on the planet.

In fact, Thailand is clearly the most dangerous place on earth for Australians to visit, according to figures supplied to Travellers' Check by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Though they don't separately list accidents and deaths by natural causes, a total of 105 Australians died in Thailand in 2008-09, while a further 175 were hospitalised.

Bali was only half as dangerous considering the greater number of Australians who travelled there (about 420,000, compared with about 380,000 who visited Thailand.) Fifty-eight Australians died in Indonesia and 191 more ended up in hospital.

Asia is the road deaths world capital, claiming nearly half of more than a million souls who die on the world's roads each year. Aside from Thailand and Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and China are shockers.

Motorcycle accidents involving Australians are very common in South-East Asia, particularly in areas such as Bali, resort areas of Thailand and in Vietnam, the Government's warns.

Dangerous drivers in unsafe vehicles and ill-designed and poorly maintained roads make a lethal cocktail. Inadequate medical and emergency services, ineffective law enforcement and an often startling array of human and motorised traffic moving at different speeds add to the risks.'

On this blog in August, many young Australians complained that one of the main reasons they went overseas was to escape Australia's overregulation of their lives. I suspect some of them were talking about the freedom they have to ride around South-East Asia on the back of a motorbike without a helmet.


6th October   

Buyers Let Off...

Thailand backs off from prosecuting the buyers of copy DVDs and software
Link Here

Last month the Thai government was talking about extending copyright enforcement to target buyers as well as sellers

Buyers and users of pirated products will be fined 1,000 baht per case, while commercial building owners and landlords, as well as website owners, who turn a blind eye to sales of pirated goods will face a fine of as much as 300,000 baht under a new draft law aimed at clamping down on intellectual-property violations.

Deputy Commerce Minister Alongkorn Ponlaboot said the ministry will soon propose the amendments to the Trademark Act and Copyright Act for cabinet consideration and approval.

But now the Cabinet have rejected the bill seeking to amend the Copyrights Act and Trademark Act for fear that police would try to arrest only buyers instead of sellers.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said the Cabinet sent back the amendment to the Commerce Ministry to review as its enforcement could lead to problems.

For example, he said, buyers might not know that the preloaded software on their computers was not licensed.

He said the amendment bill might prompt police to arrest buyers instead of trying to arrest sellers of pirated products.


2nd October   

Last Post...

Bangkok Post asks not to republish articles
Link Here

The Publisher of Bangkok Post, Post Publishing PCL, has informed that they have joined the Society for Online News Providers, (SONP), and their policy is apparently that RSS feeds are the only way for other web sites to republish news articles.

Thaivisa must respect Bangkok Post's new policy, but we are sort of sad to see them go away. We have a very different vision than the Bangkok Post about the future of community networking, says Barry Main, marketing director of

But no worries, we have The Nation and The Phuket Gazette already on board, and we are soon hooking up with other local news sources. Our goal is to serve our members with a mixed and balanced news feed. Bangkok Post has changed this balance, at least for now, says Barry Main.

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