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2011: July-Sept

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29th September   

School Lesson in Easy Offence...

Simon Wiesenthal Center overreacts to naive Nazi parade at Thai school
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A Jewish campaign organization has called for Thailand's Christian leaders to condemn a parade at the Sacred Heart School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in which participating students wearing Nazi uniforms performed Sieg Heil salutes.

Parade participants carried a Swastika flag, performed Nazi salutes and donned SS uniforms, while others dressed as Adolf Hitler complete with moustache.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, based in Los Angeles, denounced the event, claiming it was glorifying Nazis. Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, said the images made it clear that the event could not have taken place without the knowledge and cooperation of the school administration:

It is difficult to calculate the hurt such a display inflicted on survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and the families of all victims of Nazism. There can be no justification for such an outrage to emanate from place of learning.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center urged those responsible for the school to take immediate action against the individuals who promoted and facilitated the event.

A school director apologised: We, the entire Sacred Heart School [personnel] are deeply saddened by this incident, and explained that the sports day activity involved groups being differentiated by colors, the Red group having used Nazi symbols.

Nazi Germany is not well covered in the Thai school syllabus and it is very unlikely that any of the participants understood much about the significance of their regalia.


17th September   

Webcam Website Raided in Isaan...

Oh well, back to planting rice for the girls then
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Thai police have arrested a British man and four Thai women for running an online pornography business involving live video feeds from Isaan.

Police said that authorities, acting on a tip off, launched a raid on the residence of Ian Davies and found camera equipment and the four women dancing topless in front of a webcam along with some onlookers. A police spokesman said at least 20 Thai women had worked in shifts at the house in Nakhon Ratchasima.

The suspects were charged with violating the Computer Crime Act and distributing pornographic media.


2nd September   

Update: Less Need for Girls to Work in Pattaya?...

Rice price set to take a hike in October with a scheme to raise rural incomes
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Retail rice prices could jump by 25% or more from next month once the government launches the crop mortgage programme.

Somkiat Makcayathorn, president of the Thai Rice Packers Association, said Hom Mali rice prices could rise by 25% or 40-50 baht per 5kg bag.

The government is likely to offer high prices under the scheme which will encourage retailers to hoard stocks, at least until the government starts paying out. Exporters, meanwhile, are bracing for harder times with the rise in prices.

The crop mortgage programme will start on Oct 7, with a target price of 15,000 baht per tonne of rice paddy and 20,000 baht for Hom Mali rice. Authorities say the programme is a crucial element of broader plans to raise rural household incomes and boost the farm sector.

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