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2011: Oct-Dec

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20th October   

CashChester United 8 PoorSignal Town 0...

Champions League blocked from Thai cable and free to air satellite TV
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Live Champions League matches now cannot be viewed on Thai satellite or cable TV.

Without prior notice, broadcast rights holders Channels 3 and 7 started blocking the transmission signals of two Champions League matches to satellite and cable TV including TrueVisions.

Channel 3 was scheduled to televise Manchester City v Villarreal match. But it showed an announcement just before the match kicked off saying the broadcast was only for viewers in Thailand and the live game was unavailable on satellite or cable TV. Later the Otelul Galati v Manchester United game was blocked on Channel 7.

The two matches could still be watched on terrestrial TV with a normal antenna, assuming that viewers were in a good reception area.

The move caused an uproar among fans.

An insider said the Uefa asked Thailand's broadcast rights holders of the Champions League to act after the European football governing body had received complaints from the broadcast rights holders in neighbouring countries such as Burma.


9th October   

Continuing Rain...

Bangkok starts to get worried about flooding
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Bangkok has gone into flood preparation mode as city residents started stockpiling food supplies and moving their vehicles to safe ground.

Overnight rainfall which caused flooding in some parts of the city and a national address by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra admitting that the government was almost at its wits' end to deal with the nationwide flood disaster, has created a climate of concern in the capital.

Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra called an emergency meeting of concerned agencies Saturday to map out evacuation plans and set up temporary shelters.

Water released from major dams in the North is expected to arrive in Bangkok next week. The most worrying time will be between Oct 16 and 18 when the northern waterflow combined with the high tide and projected heavy rainfall could cause severe flooding in the city, Sukhumbhand said.

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