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27th June

  Taking a Lion's Share...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: The Lion Pub
Link Here

lion pub paw logo The Lion Pub is located on the corner of Soi Kopai Soi 10 and Regional Land Road .  (On some printed maps this road is still shown as Soi 17, whereas in fact it is PATTAYASAISONG 16 and its extension across Third Road.)

At my first and only visit The Lion Pub looked surprisingly spacious, but also very deserted.

Their prices for breakfasts, snacks and simple pub grub are a lot higher than what you usually see in Pattaya.

That being said the high tables and bar stools do not seem the most comfortable seating when eating.

Apart from the regular waitresses there were also some old and ugly "hostesses" rented from an "agency" on ten-day contracts, who were paid 400 baht a day.

I was told that The Lion Pub has ST rooms upstairs at 500 baht and that those older birds expect 1,500 (!) baht ST for themselves.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht.


26th June

  4 fat waiters blocking the view...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Beach Club
Link Here
4 fair waiters Beach Club is now located next door to Happy A-GoGo on a small soi leading off Walking Street.

Thanks to Dave who writes:

I've discovered why Happy i A-GoGo s so bad, it's now full of coyote dancers, which is very bad in my opinion. I popped into the Beach Club and it's absolutely packed with attractive bikini dancers. The owners are obviously putting all their resources into making Beach Club a success.

From my viewpoint they are wasting their time. Beach Club has a very bad lay out with huge circular sofas with small stages in the middle for dancers, and small stages against the opposite wall. There is a non stop flow of waiters up and down the Isle, usually 4 fat waiters chasing every customer + girls + mamasangs +security + cleaners, all up and down non stop. With the way the seating is arranged you have a very limited view of the girls.

The girls are much friendlier than Baccara or Happy where you have to pick a girl off the stage. Here they come up to you. It seems to be aimed at Chinese/Japanese men, who act like they have never seen a girl before and it is very easy to part them from their money.

Meanwhile Happy, Baccara and Peppermint are left to rot with no new talent, which is the life blood of any agogo. Peppermint was on it's knees after they introduced coyote dancers. Punters stopped going. I can see the same thing happening at Happy, the only advantage Happy has is that is mainly an Asian venue, whereas Peppermint is a Farang place.


24th June

  Very well cooked...

Pattaya Restaurant Reviews: Le Bordeaux
Link Here

le bordeaux On the soi right of the TukCom building (Soi Day Night 2) I tried a French-style restaurant: Le Bordeaux. When coming from Pattayatai it is on a corner on the left-hand side of this soi towards the end of the soi. It is more or less opposite the Pattaya branch of the Swiss-owned Grottino bakery. It is also on the same soi as La Cuisine au Beurre.

In this same soi are several other restaurants that often get good comments on internet fora, but in my opinion are not so good. One, I will not name, is even really bad.

Le Bordeaux is very spacious and consists of an open bar/lounge section on the corner and a fully air-conditioned restaurant section. It is nicely laid out with comfortable seating.

They have a set menu at 390 baht with a choice between three starters, four main dishes and three desserts. It is also possible to take two courses only at 350 baht.

The bread consists of some crispy slices of bâtard with fresh salted butter.

Everything was very well cooked and their profiteroles were outstanding.

At the beginning of the meal guests get a complimentary amuse-bouche and at the end a chocolate.

Their most expensive à la carte item is Dover sole meunière at 980 baht.

In their wine cellar fridges I saw bottles of Sauternes, but I did not enquire about the price.


22nd June

  Same as before but more clothes...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Diamond
Link Here

The closures of two of the better gogos, Super Baby A-GoGo early this year and Casnovy A-GoGo now, only prove the complete oversaturation of the market with also way too many inferior and fake gogos.

I think Pattaya would be much better off with forty to fifty (or perhaps even fewer) real gogos. I hope this summer will bring some natural selection with only the fittest surviving.

Last night Infinity A-GoGo on Walking Street had gone dark.

Diamond sign Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has indeed reopened.

At first sight the basic layout looks the same as at the previous incarnation: a spacious central stage with chrome poles and black bench seating around.

On the right-hand side is a white fixed table now with black bar stools behind it, which I have never noticed before.

They appear to share a fire exit with Katoeys Are Us in the black hole on Soi 15 between Club Mistys and Club Electric Blue A-GoGo.

Although there is a lot of seating and there were only a fistful of customers, it was difficult to get seated as there were too many girls' bums claiming all the available space.

The ratio girls/customers must have been between ten to one and twenty to one.

The standard outfit of the coyotes were a pink top and a black latex bottom, both with underwear underneath.

There were also some pushy fatties in black lingerie trying to sell shots of tequila . The average quality of the females was substandard.

No nudity.

The music was blaring, louder than before.

I think I saw a former manager of the defunct Gentlemen's Club, also on Soi Diamond.

Nothing has improved compared to the previous incarnation of Diamond A-GoGo. It does not help having large numbers of overdressed sub-average dancers instead of showing some quality and, please, some flesh.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht.


21st June

  Hidden Away...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Fairy Club
Link Here

fairy club In the small soi off Soi Buakhaow opposite the Sawasdee Siam building, at the previous location of Baby Boom A-GoGo, Fairy Club has opened.

It is a closed-fronted beer bar with a doorbell.

The ground floor has been completely, but cheaply refurbished. On the left-hand side, where the stage with the chrome poles used to be, is now a concrete bar counter with some stools.

On the right-hand side are also some stools along the wall and a small square unused stage with one chrome pole.

Deeper inside left and right are some smallish alcoves that can be curtained off. At the rear is a room that also can be closed with a curtain with a bed in the middle, but no shower.

pink singlet The standard dress code for the girls seems to be pink singlets and red or black shorts with underwear underneath (both bras and pants). Most of them were mediocre, Drinking Street quality, lazy and playing on their phones.

When my beer was nearly empty I was approached by the fattest one of the bunch, whose English was poorer than my Thai (although they start learning English at age three: A-B-C Ant-Bird-Cat ).

I found out that she was 22 years old and had no baby because no Thai man wanted her. She possessed big tits, a full-grown beaver and the sex appeal of a pair of used tennis shoes. I was told that for any activity wherever in the bar a barfine of 300 baht was due plus 500 baht for a BJ and 1,000 baht for FS.

There are much better places in town where I can waste my money.

Fairy Club seems to be linked to The Hideaway Guest House and Bar on Soi 15 off Soi Buakhaow, where BTW I have never seen customers.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht.


18th June

  Toe Poke...

The Camel Toe Gentlemen's Club opens off Soi Kopai
Link Here

camel toe On Soi Kopai Soi 10, at the previous location of KIDS VIP and Secret Garden, The Camel Toe has opened.

The premises have been completely refurbished. The inner walls have been removed and also the naked sushi girl table has disappeared. The toilets are inside now, left of the bar counter, which has been extended to the right. The disturbing fake oak trunk above the bar counter also has disappeared.

Everywhere are high tables with bar stools and coffee tables with bench seating now. The different sections can still be curtained off.

I saw two chaste waitresses in solid denim shorts and white polo shirts. I also saw five or six mostly old, fat and ugly freelancers in thin white cotton shorts and in thin white cotton spaghetti shirts. As they were wearing underwear there was no camel toe effect.

I saw several men, but a number of them could have been the boss and his mates.

I was told that no barfines were charged, that a ST room nearby was available at 350 baht and that the girls expected 1,000 baht ST.

I was also told that The Camel Toe was owned by the same people as Pandora's on Soi LK Metro.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht.


16th June

  Alive and Kicking...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: We Are No 1
Link Here

We are No 1 bar sign There has been a (false) rumour on internet that We Are No 1 A-GoGo in Jomtien had closed, but I can confirm that they are alive and kicking.

They even have hired two young topless spinners. They still have two ladyboy dancers, several old fatties and the probably shortest waitress in Jomtien.

Four of the dancers are on stage at any time and they go on and off stage the old-fashioned way, i.e. one at a time after not too long dance stints. All of them appeared to be double bottomed.

One other customer.

The music is still a mix of good old rock and pop, "Sir" Rod Stewart included. They also play that funny song " Who the Fuck is Alice ? "

Just for the record, I got my change correctly returned, which nowadays is not everywhere the case.

Bottled Heineken still 120 baht, Chang draught 55 baht all night.


15th June

  Still no interest...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Club (Oasis)
Link Here
Club Oasis neon The Club (Oasis) is located on Soi Buakhao not far from Soi LK Metro.

It has been 18 months since the last comment about the bar and maybe little has changed since last time.

Actually there was an improvement as one of the four dancers on stage at a time was topless. the others were well overdressed though.

There was still no sign of any interest in customers, and there was only me there to interest.

The bar had smartened up in terms of decor and lighting since my last visit a long while ago, but this is not really a reason to stay beyond one drink.

There is obviously a place in Pattaya for rather passive bars where the girls do little beyond being available, but such a bar policy requires rather more quantity to pick from. The concept does not seem to offer much when scaled down to just four dancers.


10th June

  Iron Queen...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Queen Club
Link Here

queen club Queen Club on Soi LK Metro is a place where I had never been back since shortly after its opening.

The first thing that struck me was how spacious ... and how empty it was.

Two smaller stages, one of them previously a jacuzzi if my memory serves me well, remained unused.

On the central stage were seven to eight dancers clad in black. One team were females of thirty years up, very average and mostly in strings and big bras. The other team were oldies, some of them going topless. The combination of worn bosoms and silicone balloons was not a pleasant sight. One of the silicone fuglies was wearing a black string with the word Iron on it, apparently showing where she had come from.

I did not see any shows .

The music was so loud it made my chest vibrate.

Bottled Heineken 145 baht, a bit over the top for the area.


6th June

  Not Overkind...

News and Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Overmind
Link Here
overmind Left or Right Fantasy and Disco Club in the Rompho beer bar complex in Jomtien has gone dark.

Montana Bar and Lounge on Regional Land Road is closed from 31st May until 30th June and to reopen on 1st July.

Upstairs of Soi 15 and Soi Diamond, at the previous location of Shark Club A-GoGo, Overmind Club has opened.

At first sight the interior has remained unchanged.

Most of the dancers were overdressed in ugly white-and-pink outfits with ridiculous white cups. Some were wearing underwear, but some were, perhaps unknowingly, showing their camel toes.

They went on the central stage in teams of fourteen or fifteen with also one of them on each of the two smaller stages. There were also a number of dancers in turquoise string bikinis, many of them double-bottomed in black.

About six of them did a lousy show on the central stage.

No nudity.

All dancers I have seen were average, say 4 to 6, which is not too bad in Pattaya nowadays.

As often the music was horrible.

Male waiters.

Some customers, but not many.

BEWARE: automatic tipping : small change is not returned.

Bottled Heineken 140 baht.


30th May

  Pussy Galore...

Pattaya bar news
Link Here
las vegas iii On Walking Street Tiger Tomboys has closed, but I guess this is of little interest to most farangs.  There is a comment on the Pattaya forums suggesting that the recently closed Shark , and possibly Tiger too, are set to be re-developed as a disco.

On Soi Yamato (Soi 13/1) PooYing Bar has reopened, but now Las Vegas III of the same family has closed.

So there are now 81 bars around Pattaya describing themselves as GoGos.

On Soi Pattayaland 1 (Soi 13/3) Pussy Galore has reopened, but on the corner of the same soi and Beach Road, Coconut Bar has closed.

On Soi Khao Talo between Soi 10 and Soi 10/1 at the previous location of Pat's Bar a bar has opened under new ownership: K&K's BAR.

They have hired some younger girls now. One of them is 25-year-old Ann from Nong Khai who is rather chubby, but still in good shape and good company.

Barfine is still 300 baht for ST, room included, the girls expecting 1,000 baht.

At the moment the first floor is in a deplorable state; even the light switches are missing. I was told air conditioning will be installed next week and everything repaired.

Bottled Heineken 85 baht, lady drinks (such as Spy) 100 baht.


29th May

  Reputation Management...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Pook Swan House
Link Here

pook bar p32 Pook Bar on Soi Buakho or to give it's full name Pook Swan House P32 Bistro & Bar, bit of a mouthfull.

I called in during an afternoon. There was a few customers on the outside terrace but I went inside for the aircon. I was the only one inside and the screens scattered around were showing Thai TV programs. I ordered a beer, Singha B65, and a guy came over and changed the screen in front of me to sports channel.

He introduced himself to me, Graham from Huddersfield in the UK, recently appointed as Manager to bring custom back and rid the reputation of the ladyboys.

It is Thai owned and a lot of money has been spent. All the furniture is new as are the fittings.

The hotel price is B850 a night B&B for walk in customers but if you book it via Agoda it is cheaper. Under Agoda it is listed as the P32 Pattaya Hotel.

I didn't eat eat there but the food I saw being served looked good.


28th May

  Hands on...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Pandora's
Link Here

pandors Pandors, or whatever the name may be, on Soi LK Metro has become a gogo.

The main colours of the interior are still beige and black.

On the left-hand side is a narrow stage with four chrome poles and two chrome gym rings.

On the right-hand side is cramped double-tier seating.

The dress code consisted of a tiny black bra, a white string and a white pleated skirt that was not even half the length of what I have recently seen at the new Beach Club.

Thanks to the Velcro fasteners the skirts came off easily and of each team of six or seven dancers two were performing in their birthday suits.

Most girls were average at best and from chubby to fat, but they were a friendly bunch.

Several of them had, after a career on Soi 7, tried their luck at Bliss on Walking Street but had been laid off.

Many of them, but not all, were not shy at all and very hands on for a small tip.

A couple of 20-baht notes goes a long way at Pandors.

Bottled Heineken 120 baht, down from 130 baht at the previous incarnation.


26th May

  Coyote Happy...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Happy
Link Here
Happy sign Happy is a long running GoGo a few paces off Walking Street.

I popped into Happy last night, it was terrible. The Stage was full of Coyote dancers wearing large black pants and even larger black tops. To make things worse, the Girls were only leaving the stage one at a time.

I said to a member of staff, Is this an a-gogo? but he did not understand. Another 10 Coyote Dancers were waiting to come on the stage. It took over an hour for the all Coyote dancers to leave the stage. Eventually some topless girls came on, but 40 mins later the Coyote Dancers were back, so I left.

At the end of my first beer I thought about moving to Baccara but I was in Baccara on Saturday and there were about 12 Coyote Dancers their but it was not as bad because the Girls were moving across the Stage very quickly.

What I don't understand is, who thinks Coyote Dancers are what the public wants?

It isn't.


25th May

 Updated: Birthday suits...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Las Vegas III
Link Here

las vegas iii Called in Las Vegas III on Soi 13/1 one afternoon.

Around 12 girls working and not a stitch on between them. Mostly good looking. It was an elderly guys birthday so maybe all the nudity was for his benefit, I don't know. I'll have to go back and see.

2 girls jumped on me, I kept one and shooed the other away. She kept me very entertained for an hour or so apart from the Me go dance . She said she usually worked at Las Vegas II.

Still B85 happy hour beers and B130 for LD. Still giving out tickets with each drink. Has anyone ever been known to get a winning ticket?

Update: Vegas winner

25th May 2016. Thanks to Graham

Re. Malcolm's review. I DID win a free drink with the lottery tickets...about 2 months ago.. I live behind Avenue shopping mall and go to LV 3 or 2 quite a bit!


23rd May

  Meeting More Girls...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Rendezvous
Link Here

rendezvous soi khao noi 2016 On Soi Khao Noi Rendezvous has opened at the previous location of Halfway Inn and Mermaid Bar Beer.

You have to ring the door bell now, but they open the sliding doors even before you can find the button.

At first sight the interior has remained unchanged, but there were more girls and punters than I have ever seen at the previous incarnations.That being said there was not a single girl who did catch my fancy.

Bottled Heineken 85 baht, during happy hour (until 6 p.m.) all beers 55 baht.

They also sell English cider at 130 baht per half litre. To be honest I would even prefer Belgian cider, which is a completely different product sold in champagne-style bottles.


21st May


A bar update for Soi Lengkee and Soi Buakhao
Link Here

retox sign Soi Lengkee

The Freeze bar is all boarded up. That one didn't last long but it didn't show much promise when I found it last year. Trafalgar is now the Bar Le Poste which has already been mentioned.

New bars:

  • Retox . towards 3rd Rd end. Opened last year by the Guy who used to have the Irish Rovers before it was renamed iRovers on LK Metro. Retox is on the same style as iRovers. Enclosed with glass door, air con and many big screen TV's showing whatever sport your into. Seems to be doing well.
  • U Turn . Very small beer bar. 3 small tables outside and 3 more inside. The actual bar inside is much bigger than it needs to be, taking up customer space. Has glass door which was wedged open and the air con switched off. Singha B70. About 6 average looking girls working there

Soi Buakhao

What was the Pook ladyboy bar on Soi Buakho has reopened as Pook Bistro & Bar. It's now a straight Bistro/Bar. No ladyboys in sight. Everything looks new.

Small Soi off Soi Buakho by the Rich Bar and leads through to Soi Xzyte,

Update from Dick Farang

Oud Bar has existed for a long while and was originally right of Baby Boom before Baby Boom moved to its current location opposite Garden Beer Bar. Both places were ladyboy bars and owned by the same Dutchman and his Thai wife: Josh and Poo. The ladyboys used to walk between the two places.

Note that oud is the Dutch word for old ; it could be part of a surname.

Oud Bar still exists, but it is no longer a ladyboy bar.

At the previous location of Baby Boom a new bar is taking shape: Fairy Club.


19th May

  In the Buttery Quarter...

Pattaya Restaurant Reviews: La Cuisine au Beurre
Link Here

la cuisine au beurre frontage On the soi right of the TukCom building (Soi Day Night 2) I discovered a good and not too expensive restaurant: La Cuisine au Beurre.

The name means something like the butter-based (as opposite to olive-oil-based) cooking and was the title of a 1963 French comic film with Fernandel and Bourvil.

When coming from Pattayatai it is the first restaurant on the right-hand side of this soi and it is located on the corner of a narrow arcade that leads to Soi Day Night.

The restaurant is nicely laid out with comfortable tables and chairs and nice table cloths and napkins.

The toilets are in the arcade at the end of the building, past the open kitchen.

They have an elaborate set menu at 350 baht with a choice between four or five starters, four or five main dishes, seven or eight desserts and coffee or tea.

The bread consists of some slices of bâtard with a portion of salted Allowrie butter.

With the main dish you can choose one of about eight different side dishes.

One of the desserts is a piece of cheese to be chosen from a tray.

(Keep in mind that cheese is rather expensive in Thailand.)

Among the à la carte options I saw tournedos Rossini at 620 baht, not too expensive if it is the real thing.

La Cuisine au Beurre seems to be popular with Belgians, Germans and Swiss.


13th May

  Not even close to Happy...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Beach Club
Link Here

beach club soi happy After the madness of the Japanese Golden Week had ended, I visited the new Beach Club on Soi Happy.

I find it strange they are directly competing with next-door sister gogo Happy, whereas Happy most of the time does not even use their second stage.

The least you can say is the layout of the new Beach Club is surprising, not to say the worst I have ever seen.

Along the Soi Happy side and along the Walking Street side are U-shaped booths with in the middle rather high round (NOT reflecting !) stages with a chrome pole on each of them.

Along the Happy gogo side are the bar counter, the toilets and the DJ and along the neighbour's side are some narrow stages, each of them with several chrome poles on them.

Wherever you are seated, you will only have a very partial view.

The red plush bench seating in the U-shaped booths is very comfortable, but if and when it ever gets a bit busy you will feel locked up.

About half of the dancers were clad in schoolgirl uniforms consisting of large white blouses and long black or red pleated skirts with matching neckties. In most other gogos the outfits of the waitresses are skimpier.

That being said Beach Club still has male waiters and way too many of them.

black sports bikini The other half of the dancers were wearing bikinis, varying from string bikinis over pants bikinis to huge black sports bikinis

More than 80 % of the dancers were on one of the stages at any time and they moved from pole to pole after each song.

Most of the dancers, especially the bikini dancers, were well over thirty years old. One old silicone fatty went topless.

The lighting was (probably intentionally) too bad to get a good impression of the quality of the females. That being said at least a number of them were certainly sub-average.

The music was the usual crap and way too loud.

The air conditioning was on the fresh side, with even the waiters complaining.

There were not many customers and the Asians left even faster than the farangs.

BEWARE: automatic tipping: small change is not returned spontaneously.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, draught beer 69 baht.


7th May

  Passion Police...

Passion Gentlemen's Club comes under police scrutiny
Link Here

Recently Passion Gentlemen's Club in Jomtien has been raided and closed repeatedly by army and police, the last time on Saturday 16th April 2016:

On internet fora there has been a lot of speculation about what was actually going on.

passion 98 Their website has remained unchanged, but on their Facebook account the "obscene" pictures have been removed such as this picture of the good old days.

In the meantime Passion appears to have reopened once more.

When I arrived around 3.30 p.m. there were six other cars on the car park.

There was still a guard at the entrance and when you leave you have to ring a bell from inside.

Inside the punters were by far outnumbered by the girls. Most of the females were average or less and in the 35-45 age bracket. All of them were more than overdressed. No bikinis, no lingerie, no special dress code, no action in the swimming pool.

The dim light was perfect for hiding bodily imperfections.

The music was non-obtrusive, the kind you only "hear" when it stops.

The ST barfine is still 400 baht, room included. The going rate for ST is still 1,000 baht, although some will try to get more.

small liqueur glass The ST room (or better: one of the ST rooms) is on the ground floor in the corner behind the swimming pool.

This room was clean and clear with a bed, two bedside tables, a sofa and a large mirror which was way too high to watch the action.

The en-suite bathroom was as large as the bedroom, with a washbasin, a toilet, a shower and even a bath and quality plumbing.

Bottled Heineken 89 baht, lady drinks (small liqueur glasses of fake tequila) 125 baht.

Meanwhile on the shutter of Viper Bar , Passion's sister club on Pratamnak Soi 4, is an A4 sheet now with one word only: CLOSED . This also seems linked to the aftermath of a police raid.


3rd May

  Lounging again...

Pattaya bar Reviews: Venus Lounge
Link Here

venus love lounge Venus Lounge on Third Road has indeed reopened.

The interior is still the same with an unused stage with chrome poles.

Outside, on the terrace, some ladyboys were sitting.

The only available female inside was Naang from Korat, 40 years old, three children, shy , short and full. She was adamant that she would never do anal.

Two other females (cashiers ?) were hiding behind the bar counter. The owner and his mate were smoking and drinking at one of the high tables.

Naang's overweight son was roaming the place, not really a playground for children. I wonder what is going on in the head of such children when they see their mama going upstairs with a customer.

No other customers.

I was told that the price of a short-time room was 400 baht and FS 1,000 baht.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht, lady drinks 100 baht.


2nd May

  Restricted viewing...

Pattaya GoGo Review: Beach Club
Link Here

beach club soi happy I popped into the new Beach Club on Saturday night.

It is a very long thin room with alcove seating and table top dancers. The furnishings were very nice but the overall layout was not too good as you are very limited in what you can see. Waiters were always in your eyeline as they competed for customers.

The girls wearing white blouses and black mini skirts were wearing knickers which was very disappointing. There were a few topless dancers but they did not reach the part of room I was sitting in,

The music was too loud and the aircon too cold. Beer was ok.

I give it 5 out of 10


1st May

  Clothed Bare Back...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Bliss Lounge
Link Here

bliss lounge card The Bliss Lounge on 3rd Road is a Blowjob bar. It has been around since before 2013.

It has average looking girls and decent rooms.

They do have drink to buy but I don't remember the price.

The BJ cost is 800 baht but there is no option for short time.

The girls do not take of their clothes.


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