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  A New Panda is Born in the Walking Street Zoo...

Panda A-GoGo opens

Link Here 19th June 2018
pandaPanda A-GoGo opened on 18th June at the Walking Street venue that was previously Annabelle's. Presumably the bar has Chinese connections,

Early reports note that the bar has an unsurprising black and white theme. Drinks are generally pricey, but there is a draft beer. The dress code is coyotee.

There are currently 74 GoGos open around Pattaya.


  Barely Ready...

Panda A-GoGo set to open on Walking Street

Link Here 17th June 2018
gogo pandaPanda A-GoGo is set to open on 18th of June at the Walking Street venue that was previously Annabelle's A-GoGo. Presumably the Panda theme reveals the rumoured Chinese connection. The new bar is set to open on 18th June.

Meanwhile as if Pattaya has a 1 in, 1 out policy, then it looks like the pussy tricks show venue Hot Girls is on the way out. The upstairs Walking Street bar has been dark for a day but the reason is not yet clear.


  Sweetheart Roundup...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 16th June 2018

Fairly Quiet on Walking Street on Friday Night ,as you might expect with the World Cup on.

wildcats I popped into the Sapphire Club . All the Girls were dressed as Footballers only with extremely small shorts and they were all number 15.

I popped into Wildcats . There were 10 Topless Dancers on Stage when I entered. There were 6 Girls from the defunct Sweethearts, 2 had tried Atlantis and did not like it, Ae said the music was too loud and there was no space, Koy said she did not like the music and there were no customers. She said she preferred the rock music and both preferred the old lay out and said Sweethearts had been much Friendlier,

Funny because Viking told me he could not recruit Girls to Sweethearts because of they did not like the Rock Music,

As I passed Sweethearts the curtain was open, so it seems they are back to the open door Policy I could only see 1 Girl, Bom who was dressed as a Coyote Dancer,

Finished off at the Shark Club . All the Girls were wearing Bikini Tops and G-String's. I sat with Apple from the defunct Sweethearts and Fon from the defunct Eden Club,



Yes! A-GoGo re-opens but 4Play closes

Link Here 15th June 2018
yes balloonsYes! A-GoGo on Soi Diamond re-opened on 14th June 2016 after a lengthy period of renovation.

Meanwhile 4Play A-GoGo on Soi 6 has been dark for over a week.

So there are still 74 GoGos open around Pattaya.


  Larry hangs up his chemise...

Babydolls Manager Larry announces his retirement

Link Here 9th June 2018
babydolls larryBabydolls manager, and top notch meeter and greeter, Larry has announced his retirement.

He will retire on 24th June and no doubt there will be a suitable send off. After 14 years of work in Pattaya, split between Secrets and Babydolls, he will surely have a lot friends wanting to wish him well in retirement.

And there will be many more who have enjoyed his prolific contributions to the Pattaya forums, where he posts as Soi 7.


  Not so light at Lighthouse and not so new at New Star...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 8th June 2018

New Star frontage It was fairly quiet on Walking Street on Wednesday Evening.

I started in the Lighthouse which was lively but only a few customers 3 to 5 while I was there. The last 3 times I've been there it was packed.

There were lots of attractive girls in Black Bikinis. The waitress with the Hugh Jarce was dancing round the room as normal, she came over and showed me her knickers, which are huge. I wonder where she gets them from? (not a pretty sight).

Not been there for 3 weeks and I only recognized 6 Girls. I sat with a Bird from the Sapphire Club.

I followed into Super Girl which was much busier, with around 15 Topless Dancers on the Stage. Some Asian men were throwing 20 b notes onto the stage. I saw one Girl pick up 25 and another Girl 30. The topless dancers were followed by the Bikini Dancers, there were 3 or 4 very attractive Girls.

As I was leaving I had trouble with my Braces, they'd come loose at the back and I was Standing outside New Star trying to re attach them when an attractive Girl caught me by the arm and dragged me inside.

It was much better than my previous visit. I asked for a San Miguel but got a Draught Beer instead, luckily it was ok, on my previous visit it was horrible.

I counted 12 Girls, 3 or 4 of them were quite attractive, all the Girls were medium build or Bigger. 2 were very Fat, 3 Girls went Topless.

There were 6 punters, 5 Indians and myself who had the best looking Bird. 1 Indian looking man had the 2 fattest Girls. Lady Drinks were a ludicrous 180b, Half pint of Lager 75b.

It had started to Rain by this time so I went home,


  The show's over...

Angelwitch goes dark

Link Here 5th June 2018
angelwitch closedThe long running GoGo and show bar on Soi 15 has gone dark.

The bar has been providing shows since January 2006 in a purpose built auditorium.

There are plenty of non sex seeking tourists being guided for a good gawp at the goings on of Walking Street, and it is not really clear why they couldn't be 'guided' into the decent quality sexy shows offered by Angelwitch.

The closure has been rumoured for some time so it is probably permanent.

So there are now just 74 GoGos open around Pattaya.

There are rumours going around suggesting that ladyboy cabaret style shows will soon appear at the venue.


  Binary Star...

Silver Stars swap over

Link Here 3rd June 2018
silverstar 2 On 2nd June the Silver Stars on soi 8 & Soi 7 swapped over. Silver Star 2 opened whilst Silver Star Closed.

silver star closedThe Building containing the original Silver Star is now noted as for sale.

The GoGo count therefore stays unchanged at 75.

The re-opening of Yes! A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has slipped a few days to 8th June.


  Own up! Who was eating Apple?...

Club Eden goes dark

Link Here 2nd June 2018
eden darkClub Eden on Soi Diamond went dark on 31st May. The dancers and staff have now moved to Tantra A-GoGo.

The bar's short life has already been punctuated by dark periods so perhaps it can reappear again, but in the meantime the GoGo count stands at 75.

Yes! A-GoGo is hoping to re-open on 3rd June so the dip in the GoGo count may be just a temporary blip.


 Updated: Atlantis, Viking's new Sweetheart...

Atlantis A-GoGo takes over from Sweetheart's

Link Here 31st May 2018

atlantis logoThe name is Atlantis and I have spent the last month giving it a total refurbishment as well as new lights, sound and installed equipment so we can have a DJ and a bit more varied music.

We will soft open on 30th of May to see what works and what does not so please feel free to come with feedback as you happen to go by. If it's music, lights, drinks etc.

The girls will be wearing a mix between bikinis, very small shorts with tops, different themed uniforms (maid, sailor, nurse etc), topless (not sure how many we will have from day 1) and cute door-girls with nice uniforms!

As for music we will have 2-3 DJs a night playing a bit various in terms of music. I've had them experiment with dance, old-school trance, R&B and a little rock all mixed together but with the DJ we have the flexibility to vary a lot throughout the night.

We have also upgraded the stereo system from 4 older speakers and 2 subs to a all new system with 8 JBL speakers on the wall to get even sound around the bar, as well as 4 subs built into the sofas (I've told them not to have too much bass but I want it even around).

Unlike the previous bar, we have decided to go for 3 long center stages instead of the tabletop dancing and it should be room enough for 13 girls at once (total of 8,2 meters of stage) who all rotate from the back of the bar to the front. Another change is that the stage is 30 CM above the ground, and the sofas are moved down one step so you will have full view of the girls. It sounds very narrow, but it's 70 cm to walk on each side of the stage and I am able to walk there being a big fat guy so I think it should be fine for everyone.

As before we will run happy hour from 8 PM to 9.30 PM and we close at 3.30 AM.

Update: Opened

31st May 2018. Thanks to Ishi of (Japanese language)

Atlantis opened as scheduled on 30th May. The Grand opening day will be 9th June.

Early reports noted attractive dancers, good viewing with a low stage, and a reasonable volume of varied music.

There are now 76 GoGos open around the Pattaya area.


  Blocked from Bliss...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 27th May 2018

bliss 2016 It was very busy on Walking Street on Saturday night.

I started in Bliss A-GoGo it was very busy and crowded, not much space for sitting with a Girl. The Models were on stage when I entered but a Fat Waitress kept standing in my way, blocking my view of half the stage. I asked her to move twice but it didn't do a lot of good. it wasn't helped by the Man at the Table next to me who was talking to 4 Fat Waitresses. Why? There were some very nice Girls on show.

Passed Annabelles which is being totally gutted, why buy a very successful venue and then gut it? Makes no sense.

Passed Atlantis which has not opened yet, the Shutter was open a couple of feet but I couldn't bend down that far to look inside. An ex-sweethearts Girl said it would open at the end of next week,

Popped into Wildcats which was lively. I sat with Bang, Tukta and Nui from Sweethearts. There were about 10 attractive topless Girls Dancing. More space than Bliss.

Followed into Happy which was very lively, with some lovely looking and Friendly Girls. There has been a definite change of Policy, with Girls now coming up to you and introducing themselves. 2 lovely Tall Blondes came up to me, unfortunately I was already sitting with Bang and Par.

There was a lot of screaming as a couple of Men were throwing ping pong balls and 20b notes. There were 3 Chinese men on my left and they were laughing because my Draft Beer arrived before I'd even sat down. Some stunning slim Coyote Dancers in there. No show Girls this week, I'm not sure what is going on.


  Still no nudity...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Miami

Link Here 25th May 2018
Miami A-GoGo Of all the afternoon GoGos, Miami is managed most like a nightime venue.

There's still no sign of any nudity, and with several well overweight older dancers, few customers would want to see more. However the bar also employs a couple of decent looking coyotes, probably from the usual agency sources. But this comes at the cost of being well overdressed.

The mamasang is pretty pro-active in ensuring that customers are quickly allocated to dancers should they so desire.

I chatted to a keen and pretty coyote who was happy to explore the more hands on style of the afternoon gogos but was obviously a little inexperienced.

The bar offers competitive prices to the other daytime gogos on sois 13.

I've been in a couple of times but never quite clicked, I think it either has to be a bit nuder or a bit seedier to chime with Pattaya afternooners.


  That sinking feeling...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 20th May 2018

atlantis logoIt was quiet on Walking Street last night.

The Atlantis sign is up outside Sweethearts. Viking's advertising for Girls. It was all in Thai but fairly obvious he was offering 10 day contracts at 10.000 b and 15000 b which I'm assuming is for topless Girls. He's also going to have Girls standing outside...quite a change?

Happy was only about 2/3rds full, unusually there were more Farang Punters than Asian, but it was lively, with some very attractive Girls. My bird Bang was drunk and threw up in the Toilets, someone had been feeding her Tequila, horrible stuff I prefer B52's.


  And then there were 75...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: P Ying

Link Here 18th May 2018
pying I visited P Ying on Soi 13/1 on a weekday evening and didn't see anything slightly resembling a GoGo.

There were 2 decent looking girls dressed in street clothes. They were friendly enough but in a beer bar sort of way rather than a-GoGo. They were not particularly committed to the task though, at the first lull in the conversation, out came the phone to check up on the latest posts.

Time for a quick check bin, and to wonder why the owner/manager would allow phones to spoil business, when there is still a lady drink in hand and small talk to be had.

Draft beer was 50 Baht and lady drinks were 130 Baht.

One to remove from the GoGo List...And then there were 75.


  Old, young, tiny and skinny...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 17th May 2018

sapphire club logo We had a great time on Friday night. Started in the Sapphire Club , where I was sitting with a lovely older lady called Ros and a young Girl came up to my mate Paul. It was Ros's Daughter. We were later joined by 2 sisters, I got the younger one this time. A lot of beautiful Girls in there as always,

Followed into the Shark Club where Paul thought it was great, in fact he went back later. He said it was like a funeral on Wednesday, so what had changed apart from the Colour of the Girls outfits? He had a bird sitting on his lap this time, Called Apple from Sweethearts. The place was full of very sexy young Girls again all in black,

When Paul went back about 1am he had 5 lovely Girls sitting with him including a tiny Girl called Mae who was under 5 foot tall, she is very cute.

Went into the Lighthouse where I was happy. All the Skinny birds were back, I always get the same Lady in there, she's about 40 with a stomach as flat as a pancake and full of energy, she gives me a real going over. Paul was sitting with several Girls, it was very lively with Girls removing other Girls Bikini's, a waitress was grinding her Hugh Jarce into my Dick.

A very good evening.


  Baby shark dodododododo Lets go hunt...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Shark Club

Link Here 15th May 2018

Shark on Soi 15 I popped into the Shark Club on Soi 15 last night, it was much improved from my last visit.

Still no Nudity of course, but the Coyote Dancers were wearing much smaller outfits with a lot of Bum on Show. There were also Bikini Dancers with G-Strings

The Girls were very young mostly 18-20, not sure who the target market is but it was all Farang last night, not surprising with all those young Girls.

My friend Paul said whose funeral was it and soon left.

I was sitting on my own for 20 mins then got set upon by 3 lovely teenage Girls. I shall definitely return to see them,



Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Bliss

Link Here 13th May 2018

bliss 2016 I popped into Bliss agogo on Walking Street on Tuesday night around 11 pm.

It was fairly quiet. I was sitting with a Coyote Dancer who used to work in Supergirl, and next to her was a Model in a Red all over bodystocking, so I sent her round to my friend Paul. She was laying back on the seat showing us her Fanny, she rubbed her fingers in it and then put her fingers to my mouth.

When she went off to Dance most of the Models removed their G-String. Unusually they did not turn down the Lights so I got a good look at some Pussies.

When the models came off stage, one came and sat with me and 2 with Paul. I thought the new Model sitting with Paul was Drunk but my Model said no she was just Crazy. Paul was Kissing both of their Pussies and the crazy one stripped to the waist, she had big brown nipples and a nice face.

Haha, a very good time was had.


  Pattaya Beer Pong...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Silver Star

Link Here 12th May 2018

Silver Star I popped into Silver Star on Soi 8 on Tuesday Night.

It was fairly quiet with about 6 Punters. We were sitting by the Bath. There were 2 nice Naked Girls. My friend Paul bought them both a drink and one came and sat on his lap, the other one was trying to shoot ice cubes into our Beer using her Fanny.

I was sitting with an attractive Coyote Dancer. The Girl on Paul's lap was playing with his Dick. I thought she was going to get it out but she just played with it through his trousers.

There was a man sitting on my left on his own, several Girls approached him including a very nice Blonde in only a G-String, but he Shooed all of them away, very strange. Why would you sit in an agogo on your own?.

The Mamasang was giving Paul a shoulder Massage while the Naked Girl Massaged his Dick,

A good time was had.


  Airs and graces at the Palace...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews

Link Here 11th May 2018

palace frontage I popped into the Palace A-go-go on Monday Night. It's a very long narrow venue with 4 central stages.

There were over 20 attractive Topless Dancers and probably twice that many slim and attractive Coyote Dancers. It was difficult to tell because the place is so narrow and very crowded, you could only see what was in front of you.

The seating was very cramped and uncomfortable,

A Girl opposite me looked at me as if to say what the fuck are you looking at me for, 2 Girls walked past me and introduced themselves to 2 Asian men sitting on my left, they were not interested and they moved on. My friend Paul said now I know what it must be like to be Black. Most of the Girls ignored us. 

What a horrible place. If Viking is basing the new sweethearts on the Palace, good luck to him I won't be going back to that place in a hurry, but it's at least 5 foot wider than Sweethearts and it was very cramped.


  A lovely new crop...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 10th May 2018

glass house I popped into the Glasshouse last week. I don't like the place it's too Cramped, uncomfortable seats and loud music.

There were 8 Fat and Mediocre Coyote Dancers on the Stage. After about 20 minutes the Girls changed over and there were 3 attractive girls. One was Gorgeous, she had a lovely smile and a fantastic Arse. She was smiling at me and waggling her lovely Arse at me, only I couldn't see it properly because a Fat Waitress was standing in front of me.

I asked her to move so I could see the Girl and she said did I want to buy her a drink. I Said no I want you to move out of the  way. Then a little voice piped up I'll buy her a drink it was my mate Paul, so he got her, the Bastard but he didn't boom boom her. He must be mad.

Later 6 Bikini Girls came on and they removed their Tops. There was a stunning Skinny Blonde.

Going home on Saturday night I stopped outside Club Eden to talk to Fon and a lovely little Blonde came over. I would have taken them both upstairs but I had a very bad Pain in the Knee and I couldn't make it up the Stairs, but if there tonight, I'll definitely take them.

There was a stunning new Blonde in the Sapphire Club on Friday Night. I didn't have a chance to buy her a drink. Lets hope she's their tomorrow night, she was a beauty with a lovely smile. I was sitting with a very attractive older Blonde, Called Ros.

The Lighthouse was packed on Saturday night. I noticed more Farang's than Asian Punters.

Peppermint was fairly Lively but only about 25% full. There were some nice Girls Dancing but they were all flat chested. There were no Show Girls, no Topless Girls at all. Half a Dozen Girls came over to me looking for a Tip, they got their Tits out as they always do but no other nudity .

The Mamasang in Wildcats that gets her tit's out was back last week, so was the Girl that stands outside.

A very Fat Mamasang in Mistys will get her Tit's out for a Drink. I pay her to keep her clothes on.


  Grinding Tuds...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Wildcats

Link Here 9th May 2018

wildcats I popped into Wildcats Agogo in Walking Street last night. It was very lively with a lot of young Girls.

There were 10 Topless Dancers on the Stage just wearing a G-String. They were all Young and attractive with good size Boobs.

I was Jumped on by two young Girls as soon as I sat down. They gave me a good working over. They were rubbing my face in their Tits, grinding their Tuds in my lap, kissing and cuddling me. I was sucking their Nipples and having a great time and then a topless Girl came over and joined in.

The only downside was the unattractive Waitresses kept asking for drinks and didn't want to take no for an answer. You had to be very firm.

My friend Paul, here on Holiday was sitting with 4 Girls from Sweethearts and 2 topless Dancers. The Sweethearts Girls said they are not going back, when the new Bar opens and they thought that Viking was Crazy for Closing Sweethearts.

One not to be missed at the moment.

Meanwhile other girls from Sweethearts can be found in the Doll House.


  Just Czeching...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews; Bypass

Link Here 8th May 2018

brunel bridgeI czeched into Bypass on Monday Night.

There were 7 lovely slim Thai Coyote Dancers on the Stage. They Danced for what seemed forever because they don't move around, They were followed by 6 Thai Girls in Stockings, Suspenders, G-string and Bra, after 4 songs they took off their Bra's.

One very attractive Girl was smiling at me but it was 200 Baht to buy the Models a drink ,which I thought was a rip off.

One Girls tit's were so big her bra was designed by Brunel,

The Music was extremely loud for such a small venue. The staff were very friendly.

I didn't find out till just before we left, that you have to pick a Girl off the Stage and she'll stop Dancing and come and sit with you, not a system I'm keen on.

A little tweaking and it could be a good Bar.


  Kiss and Tell...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Kiss and Oasis

Link Here 7th May 2018

kiss 2018 I popped into the new Kiss a-go-go in L K Metro on Sunday night.

Out goes the Bench Seating, Table top Dancers and the Rock Music, and in Comes a Central Stage and Boom Boom Music. Does this sound familiar?

The Central Stage was very odd and only had Room for 4 Girls. The Girls were a mix of Coyote, Bikini and Topless Dancers. Most of them were below average and over weight,

There was nothing that would make me want to return,

Kiss is 3 times bigger than Sweet hearts but the Designer obviously did not look at other a-go-go's in the Area, like Sugar Sugar and Paradise Club which have better Stage, better lighting, Nubile young and Slim Topless Girls. They were in a different league,

But Club Oasis was even more terrible. There were 8 over weight Coyote Dancers ,loud Music and no atmosphere. Iit must be Vying for the Worst A-go-go in Pattaya. How it stays in Business is a Mystery.


 Updated: Bypass Bypass...

Bar re-opens on Walking Street with Czech dancers

Link Here 7th May 2018
bypass czechBypass A-GoGo on Soi Happy re-opened on 4th May with Czech dancers.

All other examples of the East European genre are best bypassed, so unless proven otherwise this will be listed alongside other bars with East European dancers rather than as an A-GoGo.

So the GoGo count remains at 76.

Update: Same as before

7th May 2018. Thanks to Ishi

The bar has no Czech dancers, no European dancers at all. In fact no change at all. The same GoGo as before.

[I think I'll wait until I see a welcome board offering a cheap draft beer before risking a look myself].

There are still 76 GoGo bars open around Pattaya, maybe my last count was wrong.









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