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Best Friend beer bar complex closes

Link Here 24th April 2019
The Best Frend beer bar complex near Wlaking Street end of Beach Road has closed. Its been around a long time but had been running with just 3 or 4 bars open as I last walked by. Once the complex boasted a boxing ring and an A-GoGo (Blue Lagoon).



Night of the Big Heat...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 22nd April 2019

Popped into walking street on Sunday Night, it was very quiet.

Started in the Lighthouse which was really Buzzing as usual. There was 1 naked Dancer called Bee and three topless Girls. Bee has Fantastic Body and skin. Paul was sitting with her, I was sitting with a new Girl Called Pooky, she had a lovely body with a big arse. The very Fat waitress from Toy's was rubbing her Hugh Jarce on my Dick, which was very pleasant and all the Girls on Stage were laughing. Later she removed Pookies Strings and Bra. She had a fine Pussy, there are some really lovely Girls in there.

Stayed for a couple of Draft Beers and moved on to the Panda Club. Not one of my better decisions. There was no Aircon and no Girls, well that's the way it seemed, but I think the Aircon just couldn't cope with the heat. But they must of been 75% down on Girls. Played connect 4, managed to win only one game.

The Girls that were in were attractive stayed for one drink and moved on to the Shark Club which had plenty of Girls but the Aircon could not cope with the heat again. The music was very loud and very horrible. Apparently it's called Latino and is taking over Walking Street. Only the Happy group are still playing the traditional A-go-go music. If this trend continues i'll be moving to L K Metro.



Happy after Songkran...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 21st April 2019

I popped into Walking Street on Saturday night, it was very busy.

Started in the Sapphire Club which was 30% down on Girls but still plenty of beautiful Girls on show. There was a lot more Bum on show as the girls shorts get smaller. By 10 pm there were no spare seats in the place.

I stayed for one pint of Draft Lager and moved on to Happy ,which was really Buzzing. No shortage of Girls there, in fact there were too many Girls for my friend Paul. All his Girlfriends were in, luckily 3 of them were already with punters, so Paul just sat with 2 Girls from Beach Club and Shark club.  I was sitting with Mae from Happy.

A Thai Girl was climbing on the Stage and throwing hundreds of Twenties in the air which got the Girls screaming. Nook who is in her 30's was complaining about all the 20 yr olds but that's what Happy needed, an injection of youth. Paul made a date for Wednesday with the Girl  from beach club. He's shagged her twice but still doesn't know here name.

Stayed for one Draft beer and headed home up soi 15 where we bumped into Viking. He said he was open on Friday night and did a roaring trade as there were only 3 agogo's open.



A stone's throw further east...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Far East Rock 2

Link Here 16th April 2019
I stopped by for my first visit to this Soi Post Office bar in the late afternoon.

It is quite a well laid out bar with mostly bench seating around three sides of the central stage. It definitely looked the part for an afternoon GoGo but was perhaps in a little better nick than the others. The stage is a little too high though, and the dancers' faces get lost in the distance.

The GoGo was quite popular compared with other afternoon venues. There were about 8 dancers, 2 waitresses and about half a dozen customers.

There were 2 or 3 decent looking dancers in the team and the rest weren't putting customers off either.

Far East Rock is never the most interactive of the Soi 13 venues. The girls seemed more interested in the gossip of their little huddle than bothering much with the customers. There was once dancer sitting with customers and one of the waitresses was also doing good work taking care of a customer.



Kinky music...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 13th April 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Friday Evening. When we got to the Second Road it was lined with Water Barrels ready for the start of Songkran on Saturday.

Walking down Soi 14 the new Scooters Bar was open, there were a lot of very attractive Girls in Short and tight fitting Union Jack Dresses. They were playing Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks as I walked past, must be the only place in Walking Street playing old pop music?

Everywhere was very busy, started in the Lighthouse, only about 20 Girls but all of them very attractive, 2 Naked Girls and 5 Topless. I sat with 2 very slim Girls, one short Som, and 1 Tall Spy. Always an enjoyable visit.

I stayed for 2 very nice Draft Beers and passed into the Panda Club which was packed. Got a seat next to the DJ. There was a Russian sitting next to me who was all Elbows and Knees, I asked him if he could close his knees, he said sorry and closed them for about 5 seconds then went back to having them 2 feet apart. He was sitting with a stunning Bird I'd not seen before, the very Fat Mamasang came over and said it was 5.000b to Shag her. She soon returned to dancing, what a ludicrous sum of money. What idiot came up with that price? is her Pussy made of Gold? only stupid Tourists pay that sort of money. I think a 1000b is plenty. It turned out he wasn't Russian but from the Czech Republic, same difference.

I was sitting with Nun, I managed to win a couple of games of connect 4, no Draft Beer again. Stayed to see all the Topless dancers round again and headed home.



Office vacancy...

Office A-GoGo closed but will re-open under new management

Link Here 12th April 2019
Office A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro went dark on 10th April. There is a notice of the door announcing that the venue is now under new management and will reopen on 3rd of May. This new management seems to be that of Kink A-GoGo in the same soi.

So until the 3rd of May there are now 79 GoGos operating around Pattaya.



The New Rich...

A new GoGo on Walking Street

Link Here 11th April 2019
Rich A-GoGo has opened on Walking Street at the venue that was previously Mandarin.

It was reported that there was no draft beer so that's a bit rich.

There are now 80 bars open around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos.



Hidden Bypass...

GoGos opening and closing on Walking Street

Link Here 9th April 2019
Walking Street's Hidden A-GoGo closed on 7th April. Its seems that licensing issues were behind the closure as the local council has a policy of no more GoGo licences on the seaward side of Walking Street. The same issues previously saw the end of Maxim and Marilyn Monroe at the same location.

Bypass A-GoGo has also closed on Walking Street. It closed on 6th April with a notice suggesting that its girls many now be found at Light House. However it seems that Runway may be a better bet if you are trying to track them down.

On a slightly more positive note, Catwalk A-GoGo opened on 5th April at the upstairs Soi 15 venue above New Star A-GoGo (It was previously News Star Massage). It is part of the Airport group and is a pussy tricks venue for tourists.

There are now 79 bars opene around the Pattaya area that call themselves GoGos.



Greed and anger...

New bars on Soi 6

Link Here 8th April 2019
In a somewhat counter intuitive idea for for naming bars, someone has been inspired by the seven deadly sins and has opened two new bars on Soi 6 named Wrath and Avarice .

Avarice opened on the 1st April 2019 whilst Wrath followed 5 days later at the venue that was previously Kiss Kool at the Beach Road end of the soi.

The bars belong to the Nightwish Group along with Lust, Passion and Envy . Maybe there are future plans for Gluttony, Jealousy, Sloth, and Pride.



Happy Camels...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 6th April 2019

I popped into Walking Street on Saturday night, it was very Quiet.

Started in the Sapphire Club which was very quiet only about 20 punters till about 10-15pm when it started to fill out a bit. The usual array of Sexy Girls on show, with a few stunners.

There was a tiny Girl with a lovely arse dancing in front of me, I was fascinated by the size of her Pussy Lips, when she turned round she had a very large mound between her thighs, hope it wasn't padding?

Mo was Dancing in front of me, a beautiful Blonde of medium build, she lost so much weight a year or so ago, I didn't recognize her, but she's put it all back on now. She had a very prominent Camel Toe and kept putting her hand over her pussy. I put 40 Baht down the front of her knickers to cover it up, but she soon took it out, so she wasn't that worried. The Girls think you are looking at their Pussies but it's just that their in our eyeline.

There was a very attractive girl who was very small and skinny. I said I'd love to have her bouncing up and down on my Dick, she heard me and was smiling. I think she liked the idea.

I stayed for one beer and headed down Soi 15. There was a new venue called Catwalk upstairs in the old Shark Club site. I didn't try to make it up the very steep stairs. I would have most difficulty coming down. Around the corner the Eden Club was advertising Russian Dancers and it was working, I saw several punters heading up the Stairs.

I carried round to Happy which was Buzzing but not completely full. The Bikini Dancers were on Stage when i entered with 5 or 6 topless Dancers and some very attractive Girls. I got charmed into giving out 100 Baht tips to 3 very attractive Dancers. I was sitting with 3 very young and attractive Coyote Dancers in Rah Rah Skirts and G-strings, one from Happy, one from beach Club and one from Shark Club. The Stage was full of young attractive Girls. One very attractive Girl around 20 was rubbing her fingers on the front of her G-String and put her Fingers on my mouth, another Girl with a lovely Arse kept asking me for a drink. I took the small notes out of my pocket looking for a 50b note and the Girl from the Shark club was sorting them out and handed them out to the Girls on Stage.

A very strange thing happened, a Hostess came over and was giving me a very good Massage. I've been going to Happy for 11 years and have never been approached by a Hostess before, they always pick on Asian men. She spoke very good English and this was her second day. The Girl from the Beach club had gone off to Dance so I got in around of drinks, the Girl from Shark club kept trying to find my Dick but she'd need a compass, and the Hostess kept playing with my erect nipples. I've had erect nipples for the last 50 years don't know why. Unfortunately most of the Girls pinch them which is very painful as they are hard not soft like Girls nipples.

A very enjoyable visit to Happy, I spent 1300b on drinks and another 1000b on Tips. We ex-pats must enjoy ourselves while we can before the Army sends us packing back home.

Another great night in Pattaya, (if you spend a little money).



Buckets of tips...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 1st April 2019

I popped into walking Street on Saturday night, not very busy.

Started in Peppermint ,
 a lot of new young Girls on Show in Black Bikini's, some of them had come from Happy, I'd never seen them before so more likely Beach Club. None of the newer Girls take there tops off, I don't know why, it must be the management. There were 4 topless Girls all well over 30. One young Girl had had a few Drinks and did remove her top for a minute. We need more of this, 20 Girls came over to me and got their tit's out for a 40b tip, so the Girls aren't shy. All the Girls on stage smiled at me, Stayed for a couple of Draft Beers which wasn't as good as usual,

And headed into Baccara which was not very busy. I was sitting at the Stage, totally different atmosp here, as i am totally ignored, ecause I am not Asian. The Draft Beer was the same as Peppermint, perhaps they've changed their supplier?

There were 2 idiot Asian men sitting on my right, they bought 2 large buckets of Ping Pong Balls and emptied them straight on to the Stage, so 4 Girls got all the Balls. They did this twice, on the third occasion they gave a whole bucket of Balls to one Girl. The idea of Ping Pong Balls is to throw them all round the room, creating fun with screaming Girls throwing themselves everywhere.

The Place filled up while I was there, with a stream of 40 Asian men coming in and going upstairs. The show Girls came on but are very poor at the moment.

Stayed for one Beer and Headed home, I spent 1700b in Peppermint and 69b in Baccara, this is normal unless the 2 Girls I know are in, Ann and Hobnob, but that's only a couple of times a year. Hobnob now owns A Car, A big Motorbike, a House and a Thai Restaurant, not bad for an unmarried mother, someone should tell the Labour party about her.



Mandarin becomes the New Rich...

News from Soi 14

Link Here 31st March 2019
Secrets on Soi 14 become one of the Scooters chain of bars on 30th March 2019.

Meanwhile the old Mandarin GoGo on the corner of Walking Street and Soi 14 now has a banner proclaiming that it will soon become Rich A-GoGo.



No More Secrets...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 29th March 2019

I popped into Walking Street last night, it was very quiet.

Walking down soi 14 i noticed the Secrets Bar has closed but the Hotel was still open. The Miami Complex was also shut.

Started in The Lighthouse , quiet but a lot of lovely Girls on show. 7 topless and 2 Naked, Dancers. The music was very good (no hip hop) which seems to be taking over in a lot of Bars even had it in the Sapphire club on Friday. My favourite Girl was back, Som, have not seen her since before christmas. She's about 4ft 8 in tall but with a great figure.

Stayed for 1 beer and moved on to the Panda Club , which was busy without being overcrowded. No Draft Beer I don't kn.  why. Managed to win 5 games of Connect 4, even managed to beat the waitress, who never loses. She fell for an easy trap after a few moves, she soon got her own back. 

There was a pretty young Girl with Big Tit's and a lovely arse, never seen her before, she was easy to beat, must be new. I was sitting near the Door where all the titty girls (topless Dancers) were sitting waiting for their turn on the Stage. There were around 20 of them all with big tits. The Music was again Good, ie no hip hop. There was another Cabaret, this time it was uptempo dancing from south America, not to bad.

Stayed for 1 Drink and moved onto the Shark Club which was fairly busy. I sat with Del and Ray, 2 small and very cute girls. Lots of young Girls with there Tit's out on this visit. It varies wildly but always very attractive young Girls. Del and Ray both had there very lovely little Tit's on show. No idea what there names really are,Del Ray is a Hotel. The Girls on the poles were very good, always worth watching. again the music was Hip Hop less so very good.

had 1 Beer and headed home, had a cheese and Sausage toastie from 7/11 for supper, lovely, and no indigestion that i get from a Burger.



Updated: More Unwelcoming Thailand...

Thai immigration police propose heavier penalties to enforce the requirement that foreigners and their hotels/landlords continually report their whereabouts

Link Here 27th March 2019
All foreign visitors to Thailand are required to report their whereabouts to the local police station or immigration every time they change location. All hotels, landlords and residential house owners are similarly required to register their guests.

The Thai News Agency has reported that Thai Immigration are proposing much stiffer penalties for failing to report foreigners staying at addresses in Thailand.

New penalties will see fines of 10,000 baht levied for the failure to report visitors.

The penalties will be even stiffer for hotels and other establishments who accommodate foreign workers with jail terms of up to 5 years and fines of 100,000 baht for failing to report.

In addition stiffer penalties are promised for airlines and individuals who permit individuals to board planes and enter Thailand without either onward tickets or appropriate visas. this seems to be a a response to  the case of the Saudi woman who fled her country because of an enforced marriage.

The committee has been working on eleven main changes to immigration rules and penalties since January. It was reported separately that thw implementation of the new rules is expected after Songkran on April 22nd.

Update: Ominous

27th March 2019. See  article from

Proposals for a new Immigration Act have been presented to a ministerial committee.

Chief Lt-Gen Surachate Hakparn (aka Big Joke) outlined what it would mean to visitors and expatriates in Thailand. He said

Thailand was the third most visited country in the world and while not a direct target for criminals was a place where those up to no good would hide out under the guise of being tourists.

He suggested that one of the best ways to solve this problem was to ensure that hotel and condo owners report the whereabouts of foreigners. He went so far as to specifically mention people of color and South Africans as a problem.

Better screening of potential visitors to Thailand is also being proposed in the new regulations. This includes use of the Advanced Passenger Processing System (APPS). The introduction of Artificial Intelligence that includes ten finger fingerprinting and iris recognition technology would also be employed.

Channel 7 said that in the past warnings to people such as hotel owners and condo owners for failing to report foreigners in their properties would now be replaced by fines.

There are also changes to business visas and extensions of stay based on people who have children or who are married to Thais. Exactly what these are - or indeed if they are anything new that has not already been reported - remains to be seen.

Channel 7 also mentioned a problem of agents handling visa extensions and the issue of having 800,000 baht in the bank.



Nice and small...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 24th March 2019

Popped into walking Street on Friday night, it was busy without being overcrowded.

Started in the Sapphire Club which was fairly full, usual array of beautiful Arses on Show, some lovely Tit's in the first group of Girls. A group of young Farangs came in and were ringing the bell to buy all the Girls on Stage a drink.

Stayed to watch all the Girls round and the first group again and headed up soi Diamond, past the Diamond club which had the Door closed with. security sitting outside, as usual they didn't invite me in, what goes on in their?

Passed into the new A-go-go, I'm trying to think of something NICE about it but it's very small, the Dwarves have been back making bench seating, they did a better job than in Harem and Tee-Rak but still too small. The Coyote Dancers were from the second division, there was one Girl who wasn't overweight, one very big Girl, if she sat on your face you'd need a snorkel.

The 6 Bikini Dancers were better, I'm not sure if they removed their Tops as my arse was protesting about the seats and I had to leave. Tiger Draft good at 69b, music was ok.

Didn't finish my Beer and headed for Happy , which was very busy as Usual. The extension into the old Beach Club site has been completed with a bar at the end and a stage running the length of the of extension,

There were some very pretty Coyote Dancers in Knickers and Small t-shirts. The Showgirls came on Twice while I was there, Stripping down to Nothing, even the Great Dancer Gai she showed us her new Tit's and her old Pussy. I was sitting by the exit to the Stage about 2 feet wide and Gai did her Trick of Straddling the Gap with her legs wide apart bouncing up and down on the counter, a very good trick, not many people could do it. I sat with usual Girls Bang and Nok, very noisy, Nok had a new hairstyle which suited her better.

Stayed for 1 Draft Beer and headed home.



Offsite Article: Hotel guests fall victim to spycam porn in South Korea...

Link Here 21st March 2019
Surely there's better spycam footage to obtained from Pattaya

See article from



More Happy...

Happy A-GoGo extended

Link Here 19th March 2019
Happy A-GoGo opened its new extension on 15th March. This new space was previously Beach Club A-GoGo.



Old Dolls, Living Dolls and Stacked Dolls...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 16th March 2019

I popped into Walking Street on Friday Night, it was busy without being overcrowded.

Started in Peppermint which was very Quiet until 10 pm when it filled up. Not a lot of Talent on show, just the usual Girls who have been there for years, but the music and the Beer is very good.

Stayed for a couple of Draft Beers and left for Living Dolls. They now have Draft Chang for 78b. The Girls were very nice in bikini top and G-string and 6 Topless. The Girls were all young and attractive, far superior to Peppermint, but I didn't like the Music. 4 young English guys came in and sat in front of me, they were having a great time with Girls sitting on there Laps, they even bought the Girls Drinks which is very unusual for young Farangs, I saw them again on my way home standing outside 7/11 drinking Beer.

I popped into Baccara next which was very busy but as I came in about 20 people walked out so i managed to get a seat at the Stage. The usual array of silicone on show, some of the largest Tit's are on show upstairs but luckily they change over at midnight ,and you get  to see them all downstairs. There were some very attractive Coyote Dancers in orange, All the fat ones seem to have gone. Had one Beer and headed home,



Dry elections...

Weekends 16th-17th and 23rd-24th March will be affected by alcohol bans

Link Here 14th March 2019
The Thai general election will affect the two weekends of 16th-17th and 23rd-24th March> Voting for out of towners will take pplace on the first weekend and the main event is on the second.

Bars are closed from 6pm on Saturday and nominally all of Sunday, but bars generally seem to open mid evening on Sunday.

And thanks to Dave who reports that for example the Happy Group gogos will be closed on Saturday but are hoping to open on Sunday.



Passion rekindled...

News from Soi 6.

Link Here 13th March 2019
A new bar opened on Soi 6 on the 5th March. It takes over one of the units previously occupied by the gogo, Passion Dance Club. The other unit is a now a bar called Seduction.







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