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  Bypass Bypass...

Temporary GoGo closures on Walking Street

Link Here 21st April 2018
bypass closedBypass A-GoGo on Walking Street has gone dark for a while. The bar intends to re-open on the 4th May. In the meantime the Bypass girls can be found in Crazy House.

Eden Club closed for local Songkran festivities from 18-20th April. The bar is scheduled to re-open on 21st April.

So assuming all goes to plan, there will be 29 gogos open around Pattaya tonight.


  Blue, Happy and Sweet...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 19th April 2018

sapphire club logo I popped into the Sapphire Club on Saturday night, it was busy as always.

Some lovely Girls in Sexy underwear as usual, although about 25% down on numbers due to Songkran.

The Full pint of draft Happy Promotion is still running.

I struggled through the crowds to Happy which was down on Girls, and also Punters being only about half full. There were a lot of Coyote Dancers but at least they are slim and attractive.

No Show but the Show Girls were dancing as Coyotes. I don't quite understand this, why don't they dance Topless?

Had one Beer and passed into Sweethearts , which was really buzzing with around 25 Punters in. It was very lively and everyone having a good time, with people enjoying the Rock Music, despite the lack of Girls,

Viking was sitting near the Door very quietly and looking miserable, haha.


  Small is beautiful...

But is it viable for a Walking Street GoGo?

Link Here 17th April 2018

sweethearts neon Sweethearts has a Niche place in Walking Street, nothing else like it...But Viking thinks changing to the same layout as every other Bar will bring in more Punters.

But the evidence does not hold up. I had a great time in the Lighthouse on Thursday evening but there were only 6 or 7 punters in the Place. They have very Sexy Girls showing a lot of Flesh in very skimpy bra and G-string, but they do not do any more  business than Sweethearts. They have the same number of girls,with barfine 1500 before midnight, and the premises are about 3 feet wider than sweethearts.

The Glass House which is close to what the new Sweethearts will be, although a bit wider, only had a single number of punters, and had difficulty in keeping them because of its Fat Coyote Dancers. It needs some nudity to do better.

If the new Sweethearts has the same Coyote Dancers as it has now, it will flop. At the moment the Girls are waggling there very sexy arses in Punters faces, but with a central stage this will not be the case. If they do squeeze in a Central Stage it will be like Bad Girls , with cramped seats and very poor viewing.

A small a-go-go can only do small business and will never be a Baccara. So you have to make the best use of the space you have...Which the Lighthouse does but Glass House and Maxim certainly don't.



Walking Street Blog: The Lighthouse, Maxim, Glass House

Link Here 13th April 2018

Popped out early last night. I got the Songthaew to Central at 8 o'clock. Everywhere was very busy. The Bars on Second Road were doing good Business.

Central was very lively with Live Music at the Front and the Rear entrances. Inside was busy with the Food Hall very busy, mostly Russian and Asian Tourists.

I got the Songthaew to Walking Street, My favourite Girl was standing outside The Lighthouse so popped in for a drink. It was very lively with some very attractive Girls in Bikini tops and G-strings. There were 2 tall and very skinny Girls without an ounce of Fat on them, if you like them that way, I certainly do. There were 2 naked Girls, and all the other Girls were attractive. I had a Couple of Draft Beers and moved on.

Maxim Passing Maxim I was grabbed by a Girl from the Beach Club and went in for a drink. It was very large with Bench Seating down the Sides with a Central Stage and it was very disappointing. The Music was too loud, and the Girls were mostly Fat, although this could of been because of the Terrible Outfits the Girls were wearing. They were very large Tops and bottoms, I don't know who designed them but I assume the Idea was too remove any sexuality from the Girls and it worked very well. There was no nudity or Sexiness of any kind.

There were 4 Punters 3 Farang and 1 young Chinese. It was like a reunion with 2 Girls from Beach Club, Waitress from Sweethearts, an attractive slim Blonde Dancer from Sapphire Club and a Lady boy Mamasang from New Living Dolls.

No draft Beer but Bottled Beer a reasonable 150 Baht but Lady Drinks were a Ludicrous 200 Baht.

I can see no future for this Bar unless it changes very quickly. There were lots of Girls just sitting around looking bored. A  definite miss.

glass house I was Grabbed by Oiy from New Living Dolls as I passed the Glass House . I went in for a drink. No Draft of Course, but bottled beer was 100 Baht. Another Coyote Bar, but there were a few attractive Girls with a little bit of flesh on show but not much. Streets ahead of Maxim though. It was full of Staff and Dancers from New Living Dolls, but not a patch on that Venue unfortunately,

Finished with a Coffee in Sweethearts. I sat with 2 stunning Girls called Noi and Bang. The Mad owner was not present, maybe he was at the Hospital getting his Brains tested?


  Golden Times A-GoGo...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 11th April 2018

beavers signHave you noticed a trend in Walking Street?

Gradually all the Farang Bars and A-go-go's are closing, Beavers, Casanovy, New Living Dolls, The Doll House, Champions, XYZ, Lollipop, Upstairs, Peppermint and soon Sweethearts are being replaced by Coyote Dancer bars aimed at Asian Customers. Eg Sensations and Skyfall.

You can still find Farang places up the side streets but how long will they last? Before long Farangs will have to go to LK Metro, Soi 7/8 and Soi Buakhao, where they already have a stronghold,


  Off the street...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: SensationS

Link Here 9th April 2018

sensations sign I popped into Walking Street's SensationS on Wednesday evening. It was very large and very busy

All the Girls were wearing Black Shorts and Black short T-shirts and bra. You can see Girls like that on the Street. I can't see the attraction but then I'm not Asian.


  Fresh apples...

Club Eden re-opens on Soi Diamond

Link Here 8th April 2018
club eden openingClub Eden has only just opened above Soi Diamond, when it went dark after a few nights. It  re-opened  on 6th April with an opening party.

So the amount of GoGos around Pattaya has now reached 80.


  Letting old sweethearts go...

The GoGo will close in May and be re-modelled with a central stage.

Link Here 5th April 2018

sweethearts neon Its official, Viking is Bonkers, the revamp of sweethearts goes ahead in May.

Out go the Bench Seating and High Dancing Tables and in comes low level seating and a Central Stage,

Sweethearts is about 12 feet wide, you need a minimum 3 ft 6 inches for a seat and Table, which leaves 5 ft for a central stage and walkways,

I understand all new Staff will be midgets and any Customer over 5 ft 6 inch tall will be banned. Where the very Large Viking will stand when chatting to his Customers is a mystery, as he will totally block any walk way. Maybe he'll swing from the Ceiling like a Trapeze artist.

Other changes previously noted were changing the Name of the Bar and Playing Dance music in the hope of attracting Asian Customers.

The main problem with Sweethearts at the moment is the lack of Girls. They only have 20 and by midnight half of them have been Barfined, which doesn't leave enough Girls to Dance. There used to be 35 Girls,

Viking said he will employ more Girls after the re vamp, Why doesn't he do it now?


  A Walking Street maxim, 'face the sea and face the music'...

Maxim A-GoGo opens on Walking Street

Link Here 3rd April 2018
Maxim Maxim A-GoGo opened on 1st April 2018 in the Walking Street venue that was previously Marilyn Monroe A-GoGo.

So paperwork allowing, there are now 79 GoGos open around Pattaya.



Club Eden runs short of fig leaves whilst Sweethearts runs short of rock fans

Link Here 1st April 2018
club eden darkClub Eden has only just opened above Soi Diamond, but it has already gone dark. The bar hopes to re-open on 7th April. Sounds like some admin hiccups need to be sorted out.

So the amount of GoGos around drops to 79 for a few days.

sweethearts neon Meanwhile Dave has been keeping his ear close to the ground and reports:

I think Viking the owner of Sweethearts, has lost his Brains along with his Hair. He says he is shutting Sweethearts at the end of April, ripping out the interior including the Bench Seats, putting in a Central Stage & ground level seating. changing the Name of the Bar, and Playing Dance music in the hope of attracting Asian Customers.

Surely this is just an April Fool's gag. Sweethearts is unique in Walking Street, with its Table Dancing and Rock Music. He couldn't possibly be thinking that oldie rock loving farangs have had their day...that simply can't be true... can it?...surely not!...


  If I'd have had a 100 Baht for every tipping customer, I'd have a 100 Baht...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 30th March 2018

football poolsVery quiet on Walking Street last night, no hoard's of Chinese tourists to wrestle with.

All the A-go-go's I went in only had a handful of Punters. Even Baccara was only half full. I went in for a cheap drink and a Leer at the Large Breasted Girls but it was so quiet 3 of the Girls were smiling,waving and talking to me. Very unusual. I know 2 Girls in there from there Happy days but I've only seen them once since November, they weren't in last night, where do they get to?

Sweethearts was also quiet, I made Mamasang Ying's year by giving her a 100b tip. She was dancing around like she'd won the Pools, Owner Viking had given himself a terrible haircut, he can't afford 60 Baht for a Hairdresser, poor man. I would have lent him the Money if i'd known, the pound is doing well this week.

The Police were out at the top of the hill on Thappraya road stopping Motorcyclists again. It's not for Road Safety or they'd stop the Baht Buses, which are mostly unlicensed and ready for the scrap yard.


  Another Paradise...

Club Eden opens on Walking Street

Link Here 29th March 2018
eden club open Club Eden A-GoGo took over from DClub on 28th March 2018. The bar is located above Soi Diamond but the entrance is on Walking Street. The bar is reported to have Russian connections to Tantra A-GoGo.

There are now 79 bars around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos.


  A spot of gardening...

Club Eden set to take over from DClub

Link Here 24th March 2018
eden clubSigns for Eden Club have appeared at the old DClub, upstairs in Soi Diamond.

The GoGo is set to open on 27th March and is reported to be Russian owned with connections to Tantra.


  More class...

Bar news from Sois 7, 8 and 9

Link Here 20th March 2018

Silver Star On Soi 8 Blue Dragon Bar (not a ladyboy bar) has gone dark.

Soi 9 off Second Road (Pattayasaisong 9), where the Skaw Beach Hotel is, has been extended until Soi Buakhaow and ends now opposite The Butcher's Arms Pub.

The guitar-shaped (or phallus-shaped) neon sign at Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 is still dark. The bikini girls now reveal their bosoms on stage.

The venue that was once B.52 Bar on Soi 8 is currently gutted and something new will arise soon.

Lek's Classroom , once a well known bar in North Pattaya, has moved to the Soi 7 area in the central soi connecting Soi 7 to Central Road.


  A bit of lip...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Dollhouse, Bliss, Mandarin

Link Here 14th March 2018

dollhouse I popped into the Doll House last night. Very quiet, the Girls were just standing around more than Dancing. The Second Group were better,7 Girls in Rah Rah Skirts with nothing on underneath and open fronted Blouse. 2 Girls were naked and 1 Coyote Dancer.

Guess which Girl stood in front of me? Yes the Coyote Dancer and the Girls do not move round. Luckily the Coyote left to talk to someone and a tall Girl in very short Rah Rah skirt rushed over. You could clearly see her very large Pussy. She turned round and waggled her arse in my face. She had the biggest Pussy lips I have ever Seen, Her slit must of been 6 inches long, it was lovely. Unfortunately the Coyote soon came back.

bliss 2016 I left and went into Bliss A-GoGo which is total anomaly as there is no nudity of any kind. It was very dull, with no interaction between Dancers and Punters. The Models were wearing all over black body stocking but you can see nothing.

There were 9 waitresses, all Fat and 4 of them very Fat. They kept standing in my way, blocking the view of the Stage, walking up and down aimlessly. The Fatest Girl walked up and down like she thought she was Bridget Bardot.

Nothing to recommend it,

mandarin 2017 Followed into Mandarin which was totally different. Much friendlier, Girls on the Stage smiling and waving to you, Girls coming up and introducing themselves,

There were 3 Groups of Bikini Dancers with 1 Group removing their Tops.

The layout of the Bar is very Similar to Bliss, but the waitresses were all slim and attractive, so when they got in my way it did not annoy me

Lady Drink 150b Small glass of Draught beer 90b.


  Miserable Thailand...

Thailand outlaws bars from having unlicensed dart boards

Link Here 13th March 2018
dart board thailandThailand's ban on bars and entertainment venues allowing punters to play darts is now in affect nationwide.

In January, officials in Pattaya raided bars along Soi 6 to confiscate the illegal dart boards. Initially there was some confusion not only into the crackdown on the seemingly innocent game of darts but how bars could obtain the so called dart board license.

According to a notice from the Thailand Darts Association [TDA], the requirement for bar owners to register dart boards is linked to Thailand's strict laws on gambling. Bar owners must now register their darts board if it is in a public space and must ensure that no gambling is taking place when darts are being played.

The Thailand Darts Association has shared information on its website on how bar owners can register their dartboards. Once registered, bar owners will receive an official certificate stamped and signed by the president of the TDA, which also includes a registered license number from Office of the National Culture Commission (ONCC).

The TDA is providing the certificate free of charge and has warned bar owners about opportunists trying to charge for fake certificates.


  Invited downstairs upstairs...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Heaven Above

Link Here 10th March 2018

Heaven Above frontage My Arthritic knee was been much better lately, since I've been taking Medication from Hospital, so I managed to walk up the Stairs to Heaven Above in Soi Diamond with no trouble and it was worth the walk.

It was very lively in there with something for everyone, slim Girls, Fat Girls, Big Bums, Big Boobs, Topless Girls and Naked Girls. One Lady of very Ample proportions had piercings in her Pussy Lips.

A tall slim Girl wearing only a G-String came and sat next to me. She started kissing me on the mouth and putting my hand inside her G-String and I was fingering her Pussy. All before I'd bought her a drink. When she went off to dance, she removed her G-String.

160 b for lady Drink, 70's and 80's music but not all Rock Music.

The Big problem with Heaven's above is it has a 10 inch step right across the Bar. Luckily a member of staff pointed it out to me on the way in and the way out as you cannot see it.

If you enjoy Hands on Fun, well worth a visit.

Happy group have put the price of lady drinks up to 160 b, which doesn't really affect me as I'm not Asian.

Viking owner of Sweethearts has finally up graded his Coffee and it was very nice.


 Updated: 3 Shredded Wheat...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Glasshouse

Link Here 8th March 2018

3 shredded wheatMet a Girl I know outside the Glasshouse on Monday evening, Oiy from New Living Dolls. She persuaded me to go in for a drink. It was full of Staff and Dancers from the defunct New Living Dolls.

I found the place to be cramped. There were a few attractive Coyote Dancers on show, but all of them looked as if they had eaten 3 Shredded Wheat for breakfast,

There were 2 very attractive Girls wearing white shorts, where you could quite clearly see the shape of their Pussies and they knew it.

No Draft but all bottled Beer 100b.

Update: Shredded Wheat at Annabelle's

8th March 2018. Thanks to Dave'

I think the Girls in Annabelles must be on 4 Shredded Wheat.

if you like young Girls with big bums and big tit's that's the place to go, there was a Girl on Monday night with a fabulous pair of natural and very big tit's.

Not sure what they are feeding them on in Isaan lately,


  Pint sized promotion...

At Sapphire Club

Link Here 4th March 2018

pint of beerPopped into the Sapphire Club on Soi 15 last night.

They have a new promotion. A full pint of draft Lager for your first order in happy hour, till 10 pm. It comes in a very heavy glass Tankard, 70b. it slips down very easily, must be something to do with the shape of the glass.

Still the best looking group of Girls in Pattaya, in very sexy underwear.


 Updated: Mai dee...

DClub A-GoGo closes on Walking Street

Link Here 4th March 2018
dclub closedDClub A-GoGo has closed on Walking Street on 2nd March 2018.

The Korean manager said that the GoGo is closed for about a week for renovation.

In the meantime there are now 79 bars around Pattaya self defining as GoGos.









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