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29th November

  Another Fine Mess...

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Pattaya Bar Reviews: The Booze Lounge
Link Here

booze loung The Booze Lounge on Soi Khao Talo is only a shade of its former self.

The bikini girls have long gone.

At my latest visit there were some cigarette smoking Brits and a couple of unattractive, stand-offish hostesses , only interested in lady drinks served in small liqueur glasses.

During most of my working life I have had to tolerate cigarette smoking colleagues. I wonder why I would waste time and good money now on breathing polluted air.

I doubt if the owners have got the right business acumen as they have had to give up already The Booze Lounge on Soi Buakhaow and Oscars gogo on Soi LK Metro.

Bottled Heineken still 85 baht, Chang and Leo 40 baht during happy hour.


28th November

 Updated: Piratesses...

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Pattaya bar Reviews: Pirates Hostess Club
Link Here

pirates sign On Soi Full Love Inn, off Soi Bongkod (Third Road Soi 18), in the same row as the infamous bars 007 and Club 4 , a similar bar has opened: Pirates Hostess Club .

To be allowed in, you have to ring the bell. When I entered I was greeted by a disgusting cigarette smell, not a good start. The bar is spacious enough however.

The lighting level was not too high, but Pirates was not as dark as Le Carré Blanc or Le Téléphone. The background music was unobtrusive.

I noticed two other customers and some chubby to very chubby girls. The girl who approached me, spoke virtually no English, but I could find out she was 24 years old, had a 4-year-old son, had started working there two weeks ago and did not like anal sex. She had a big natural rack and very firm buttocks, but her pot belly turned me off. As she was kind enough I tipped her some 20-baht notes on her strategic zones.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht, no check bin , automatic tipping (no change returned).

Update: More on Pirates

28th November 2015. Thanks to Ishi of www.pattayagogos.net (Japanese language)

I heard Pirates opened around the 6th November.

At first I imaged fetish bar like The Castle on the 3rd road but it's a normal bar with rooms.

I visited at 7:30pm and I saw 4 hostesses.

All drinks prices are almost the same as Club 4 and 007.

They open from 1pm till 1am.


25th November

  Super Baby Doll...

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Pattaya Bar Reviews: Dolls
Link Here

Last night Shonky's Bar on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) was dark. The old-fashioned street lamps had already been removed.

dolls sign Dolls coyote bar on Soi 6 has indeed reopened.

Everything inside is rather chaotic and cheaply laid out, even by Soi 6 norms. There are three different stages with chrome poles, two of them consisting of white transparent plastic cubes with lighting inside.

They appear to open from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

I saw about a dozen dancers in black coyote outfits and a bottle blonde owner/manager/mamasan. Most of the coyotes were average or slightly better.

The best looking girl was Ann, a 27-year old, slim threeholer who started her career at Super Baby A-GoGo on Soi Diamond and after that has been freelancing on Beach Road for several years. Only pity Ann has added some tattoos.

Not the slightest nudity.

There were several customers, including a Japanese (the first one I have ever seen on Soi 6, but I am not a regular there) who was showering 20-baht notes.

Music was deafening.

For everything Dolls coyote bar is more expensive than Passion Dance Club, also on Soi 6.

ST in-house fun 1,500 baht all in (500 for barfine and room, 1,000 baht for girl).

Bottled Heineken 120 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.


20th November

  Broader than you would expect...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Wonderful
Link Here

wonderful On Soi Yamato (Soi 13/1), between Las Vegas II GoGo and Wonderful Bar 1 on the corner of Second Road, a nameless gogo has opened.

Inside it is broader than one would expect from outside. It has a traditional gogo layout with a central stage with three chrome poles and bench seating and mirrors on both sides.

In the right wall, hidden by a curtain, is a door towards Wonderful Bar 1. The dominant colour is black.

BEWARE: the tables for the drinks are unstable, not secured to the floor.

BEWARE: the beer can be frozen, demand they replace it.

BEWARE: the front door (Japanese influence ?) is a sliding door.

I counted nine females in white, red and yellow string bikinis. They went on stage three at a time for very long dance stints. Most of them were on the fat side with stretch marks, some also with ugly tattoos. The youngest one of the bunch was 26 years old, had two sons and a very solid body.

There was no official nudity, but for a couple of baht most of them were eager to show their tits, pussy and arsehole.

Most of the time I was the only customer.

The DJ seemed to confuse quality and quantity.

ST in-house fun 1,800 baht (500 baht barfine, 300 baht for room, 1,000 baht for girl).

Bottled Heineken 95 baht.


16th November

  Not right so I left...

Left or Right Fantasy and Disco Club, new in Jomtien
Link Here

left or right In Jomtien Left or Right Fantasy and Disco Club has opened some two months ago.

It is a double unit in the Rompho beer bar complex, about 100 metres from Jomtien Second Road on the right-hand side of the right lane.

Inside are a bar counter, some bar stools and three totally different stages with some chrome poles on them. The windows are blackened, but still transparent.

I saw two average, mature females and one old, ugly, chain-smoking ladyboy.

One or two of them were on stage. No nudity, but the girls liked to reveal their intimate parts for a 20-baht note.

I was the only customer and did not stay long.

BEWARE: lady drinks 160 baht.

ST in-house fun 1,500 baht all in.

No check bins .

All beers 100 baht.


9th November

  Love 4 Exciting Angels...

News and reviews from about town
Link Here
venus love lounge Venus Love Lounge on Third Road has been open earlier this year (2015), but has closed again ("BUSINESS FOR SALE").

Some infamous bars:

Excite Club on the right-hand side of Soi Xzyte (Third Road Soi 23) when coming from Soi Buakhaow is a poorly laid out bar opened by some working girls from Club 4 and 007 .

Club 4 and 007 are bars "à la française", both located on the right-hand side of Soi Full Love Inn, off Soi Bongkod (Third Road Soi 18).

I have only been drinking a beer at them, once. They are not my cup of tea and I abstain from any further comments.

More info at pattaya-addicts.com/forum and at Google Maps

At the previous location of Bamboo Bar on Soi Khao Noi Angels Place has opened.  It has become more a kind of a bikers' place. In the open-air bar the sofas near the street have been replaced with high tables and bar stools.

There were a cashier who was not available and a fatty and two oldies who used to work at Bamboo Bar before.

At the rear of the complex is still a (mostly empty) beer garden.

Barfine (room included) still 300 baht.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht from 70 baht before.


6th November

  Ear Clapped...

Ninja A-GoGo opens on Soi LK Metro
Link Here

ninja On Soi LK Metro at the previous location of a Japanese-styled karaoke, opposite Crystal Club and between Queen Club and Showgirls Entertainment Centre, one more would-be gogo has opened: Ninja A-GoGo.

It is a double-unit shophouse with single-tier bench seating on the right-hand side and double-tier bench seating on the left-hand side. The seating is less cramped than at other gogos in the area such as Champagne A-GoGo.

In the middle is a rather broad stage with a total of eight chrome poles.

The dancers went on stage for very long dance stints in teams of five to seven. I saw one topless dancer and two bikini dancers; all the others were overdressed coyotes. Most of them seemed to be in the 30-35 age bracket and were average looking at best.

Although they had opened only a couple of days before, it was all but crowded and nobody stayed long.

Not the slightest begging for lady drinks.

I got a terrible headache from the deafening music and tears in my eyes from the cigarette smoke.

It may sound strange, but at several occasions I have detected a foul cigarette smoke smell in very recently opened venues.

I am not going back to Ninja in a hurry.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht during happy hour ( discount 40 baht).


29th October

  Now Electrifying...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Electric Blue
Link Here

electric blue pattaya I popped into Electric blue on soi 15 last night, it was very busy with everyone having a good time,

All the Girls on the stage near the door were naked, all of them average or better, some very attractive. The best looking Girls were on the second stage , dressed in shorts and bra,

There were lots of Girls working their that I know, so I had a good, if expensive time,

Still the same mamasang Aom, who is very nice,

Naked Girls and cheap beer. A great combination, can be recommended.


25th October

  Only O...

Overdressed and Overpriced
Link Here

only o On Soi Diamond, opposite the Swiss-styled bar Gletscherallee and between the defunct Swiss restaurant Swiss House and Bar Le Trio, a new gogo has opened: Only O.

The interior is narrow, a bit cheapo, all white and well lit with a narrow central stage with a lot of chrome poles on it, seating on both sides and mirrors on the walls.

There were about a dozen overdressed coyotes, ranging from 3 to 6, most of them on stage.

Some of them appeared to have a pedigree going back to the defunct Dream Club A-GoGo and the defunct Maxine's Club A-GoGo, also on Soi Diamond.

No bikini dancers, no nudity.

Although they had opened only a couple of days before, there was already a disgusting cigarette smoke stench.

Unsurprisingly, I was the only customer.

BEWARE: bottled Heineken 170 baht; I did not enquire about other prices.


24th October

  A Passion for Themes...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Passion Gentlemen's Club
Link Here
passion gentlements club Personally I find Passion Gentlemen's Club in Jomtien as boring as most other gentlemen's clubs in Pattaya, but they appear to be popular with English, Australian and Canadian retirees.

That seems to be the same crowd that will want to go angling and playing golf and go to bed early.

The local fauna mainly consists of 30-to-50-year-old MILFs with a good command of English. The scarce twenty-somethings stay far away from the old farts. Passion is not the place to be for young boys.

Each day of the week appears to have a theme :

  • Monday: commando (no underwear) + BBQ;
  • Tuesday: fantasy outfits (air hostesses, angels, secretaries, nurses, school girls, etc.);
  • Wednesday: Hawaii;
  • Thursday: bikinis;
  • Friday: cowgirls + BBQ;
  • Saturday: lingerie;
  • Sunday: once again fantasy outfits (air hostesses, angels, secretaries, nurses, school girls, etc.).

The notion lingerie is very loosely interpreted; I saw a thirty-something, Da, in a large opaque satin nightdress.

Unless you drive a 4x4 you better avoid the large muddy car park, which is also often flooded.

Rooms available at 350 baht for VST (very short time), i.e. 45 minutes.

Several threeholers are available from 1,000 baht, ST and LT.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht, lady drinks 125 baht.


20th October

  Quiet and Friendly...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Gentlemen's Club
Link Here

gentlemens club A friend of mine, Lek, has just started working in Gentlemen's Club in Soi Diamond, so I popped in on Monday night.

There were about 10 Coyote Dancers, all of them attractive, some stunning.

It was very friendly with no hassle. I was the only punter in at 10pm.

Barfine 1500 baht. Lady Drinks 140 baht

My friend has left already as there are no punters. which is a shame. as it's a nice little ago-go.


18th October

  The Place 2 Bee...

Bar news from Soi Lengkee and the dark side
Link Here

place 2 bee sign Michelle Happy Bar on Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 has become Nok & Nok Happy Bar .

It seems to be owned by a Nok who is a hairdresser and another Nok who stays in Sweden.

At my visit there were two fatties and one oldie.

Bottled Heineken 75 baht.

M Pub and Restaurant is located on the right-hand side of Soi Khao Talo when coming from Sukhumvit Road, about fifty metres before Soi 10.

It is owned by an old ailing Norwegian, Papa , and his Thai wife.

I always wonder why some bars that are by no means restaurants have the word Restaurant in their names; perhaps it is a licence or tax kind of thing.

I used to avoid this place because there were only old hags, but now they have some friendly, albeit chubby to very chubby, threeholers in the 20-25 age bracket.

Barfine 300 baht ST (room included), the girls expecting 1,000 baht ST.

Bottled Heineken 70 baht, lady drinks 100 baht.

At The Place 2 Bee on Soi Lengkee, the price of a bottled Heineken has gone down from 85 to 75 baht.

Since the Belgian manager, Roger, has moved to sister bar Vikings Corner Bar on the corner of Third Road and Soi 19, the Norwegian owner, Tom, and his cute girlfriend are often meeting and greeting at The Place 2 Bee.


16th October

  Missing a little something...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Pandors's
Link Here

pandors On Soi LK Metro, left of Bachelor Pattaya, a new bar has opened: Pandors's (not Pandora's).

It is a small bar with a small stage with four chrome poles and a bar counter on the left-hand side and the seating on the right-hand side.

The ceiling, walls and tables are black; the seating, the bar counter and the floor are beige (or a similar light colour).

Of the five overdressed coyotes one or two were on the stage and one or two were outside at any time. Several were too fat and several were wearing tights.

I was told that some of them were agency girls , which I could hardly believe.

The mamasan appears to come from Classroom on Soi 13/4 (Pattayaland 2).

I was the only customer.

Barfine 700 baht, room 300 baht, the girls expecting 3,000 (!) baht.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht, lady drinks 130 baht.


14th October

  A New Baby...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Baby Boom
Link Here

baby boom The ladyboy gogo Baby Boom has reopened in a new development in a small soi off Soi Buakhaow just before Soi 15 when coming from Soi LK Metro.

The only female inside is Poo, the fat wife of the Dutch owner, Josh (PA member josh1963), who is always sitting in a corner, busy on his notebook.

There were five tall and slim ladyboys in the 20-30 age bracket.

The music was rock and not too loud.

Barfine 500 baht in the upstairs ST room.

However, no sex is required to have some fun with the ladyboys.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht, lady drinks 110 baht.


12th October

  Champion of Pussy Tricks...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Champion
Link Here

Champion sign As it started to rain when I was walking in front of Champion A-GoGo on Walking Street, I decided to have a look there.

I had not been there since they became a show kind of bar.

To my surprise it was completely full.

I noticed a short fat waitress with a round face, who has been around for many years.

I saw some pussy trick shows, a lousy lesbian show and then four gogo dancers performing in white bikinis with huge tops.

Unsurprisingly all girls were far below average. It is not a place where you will want to barfine.

For a couple of 20-baht notes the girls would let you touch their tits or put a finger (or more than one finger) up their pussy to prove they were real puying (females).

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.

Farangs have free access, but Indians have to pay up front.


11th October

  One Star...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: New Star
Link Here

New Star frontage A friend of mine, Nong, has started working in New Star in Soi Diamond, so I popped in on Wednesday nigh.

There were around 15 Girls, all Coyote dancers, some attractive Girls.

Lady Drinks, San Miguel, were 200 baht.

There was a lot of pressure from unattractive service girls for drinks. They did not want take no for an answer.

I was the only punter for a lot of the time,

Barfine is 1000 baht, room 400 baht and price of boom boom negotiable.

In all honesty I could not recommend this Bar.


28th September

  Rovers Roves...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: i-rovers
Link Here

i rovers Irish Rovers on LK Metro changed hands a few months ago. Now owned by Darren, an Australian. He's changed the name slightly to I-Rovers.

From what I can remember it's pretty much the same inside, over a dozen large TV's showing whatever sport you want.

Extensive food menu at reasonable prices with a Mon to Fri special at B169.

Happy hours on bottles, a bucket of three for B195 from 2pm to 7pm. Normal Singha price is B85.

Pool and darts competitions most nights. Very busy bar. The neon advert on the arch over Soi Dianna/LK Metro still says Irish Rover

The ex owner has opened a new bar/hotel on Soi Lengkee called Retox


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