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27th October

  Black Ribbons...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Nevada
Link Here

black bow At Club Nevada on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) lady drinks are still 100 baht, which is the cheapest for any gogo in Pattaya.

In this mourning period the music is lower and some girls are wearing a black ribbon around their upper arm or a black bow on their bra.

String bikinis, but no nudity.

Bottled Heineken 125 baht now.


24th October

  Not so immune after all...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Kiss Kool
Link Here

kiss kool cast I was accosted in the usual Soi 6 manner as I was going to a 7/11 to buy some smokes. I have become almost immune to the cries of Helloooo and Welkum you hear every day a hundred times in Pattaya but this particular girl attracted me so I asked her name and promised to see her the next day. A week later I kept my promise and she remembered me and was pleased I had come back although belatedly.

The interior of the bar is dominated by an old motorcycle which I think is a Harley although being an old Norton man I can not be sure. There is a smoking area outside the bar. Inside is a bit Spartan with only one sofa and a couple of chairs and tables. But the place is comfortable enough.

We agreed a fee (expensive but I was horny and in no mood to haggle) and I paid her out and we went to my hotel. She did her best to justify the price of my mini adventure with a superb bedroom performance


20th October

  Kiss Me and Goodbye: News and Reviews from North Pattaya...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Kiss Me Beer Bar
Link Here

kiss me sign Kiss Me Beer Bar is in a complex near the Beach Road end of Soi 3.

A couple of attractive ladies work here but the rest are distinctly below par. Some of them should have retired years ago but nevertheless they are friendly enough if you just want to chill out with a beer or two.

There is a pool table but it can not be used if it is raining as it is not fully under cover.

I visited this bar two nights running and stayed for an hour or two. On both occasions I was the only customer so pop in. They will be pleased to see you!

However 2 of my favourite bars have gone from the area. Intira Bar Second Road has vanished as has Sanuk Bar . A lot of development at the top end of Second Road has led to the demise of these bars.

Going north along Second Road a lot of bars and restaurants have signs in Russian showing the continued increase in the number of Russian visitors and the desire to cater for them specifically.


18th October

  Pool Classes...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Lek's Classroom
Link Here

lek classroom bar Lek's Classroom is on Second Road near top of Soi 4. south side.

Typical open beer bar with very friendly staff and a decent band.

Obligatory pool table and one of the friendliest ladies, Nat, is a red hot player. I have spent a lot of time in this bar because the atmosphere is good and no hassle for lady drinks. Even the fact I can rarely beat Nat at Pool does not put me off.



16th October

  A Tale of Two Titty Bars...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Peppermint and Super Girl
Link Here

peppermint As Walking Street's Peppermint has a reputation for some hands on fun I paid a visit last night. I had 2 drinks and stayed about 40 minutes.

A lot of pretty girls and quite a few customers in there but absolutely no interaction at all. One customer bought a drink or two for the girls who pocketed their drinks chits and continued dancing until the end of their stint. Then they joined the gentleman just long enough to polish off their drinks, a quick wei and then off to the opposite end of the room to sit with the other girls who were not dancing. This was not what I was expecting at all. One customer who came in and sat near me was a young, good looking guy but he too was ignored.

Checkbin and away!

Super Girl I decided to call in Super Girl on Soi 15 and within ten seconds of taking a seat I had one of the most beautiful girls in there getting up close and personal even before I had ordered a drink! I ordered for her and myself and she called over a friend, topless, and so now had two lovely ladies paying me a lot of friendly personal attention. I wanted to barfine girl one long time but she said she only did st. Shame because she was a real cracker.

Stayed for 3 or 4 drinks then left to get soaked in yet another storm. This only goes to prove that reputations count for very little where bars and Go-Go's are concerned. It all depends on luck!


15th October

  Pretty good line up...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Fahrenheit
Link Here
Fahrenheit sign Fahrenheit A-GoGo is located on Walking Street near Soi 15.

I visited about 9.00pm.

Few customers but a good line up of pretty girls, about 16 on stage at a time. Rotation about every 5 minutes with new girls before same girls return again in different outfits. Topless dancing periodically although without a great deal of enthusiasm. A few of the ladies more into it than others though.

I had no intention of taking a lady so left after about half hour.

Serving staff friendly and did not hassle for drinks, always a plus in my book.


14th October

  Not Nice...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: So Nice
Link Here

So Nice sign Las Vegas III GoGo on Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato) has reopened as SO NICE The Fun Bar .

Nothing seems to have changed and the bench seating is still as worn out.

I saw five horrible fatties, worse even than at Miami A-GoGo on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office). Two of them were on stage at any time. Three were clad in string bikinis, two were topless.

I have been watching the television screens for most of my time there.

The rock-style music was not too loud.

Unsurprisingly I was the only customer.

Bottled Heineken 110 baht, draught beer 50 baht.


11th October

  Generating a few sparks...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Electric Blue
Link Here
electric blue pattaya Club Electric Blue on Soi 15 offers a good first impression. It has a good lively atmosphere with lots of dancing girls. And what immediately sets it above many, if not most, Walking Street bars is that it also offers lots of nudity. There were a decent amount of good lookers amongst the crew.

It is easily the most popular of all the previous incarnations that have used the venue over the last few years.

There was plenty of friendly female servers on hand, and maybe to make sure they are adding the hubbub of people milling round, they are banned from sitting with customers. A bit annoying if you would like a more relaxed chat with long time friends.

The bar offers BOGOF offers during happy hour which is something I generally try and avoid. BOGOFF offers get a bit of bad press, at least in the UK, as they either highlight high baseline prices, or else are wasteful to those customers only really wanting one. In this case the baseline prices are just a little above average.

But a good port of call for those that fondly remember GoGos of old that featured bikinis or less as the general rule.


19th September

  Kiss Central...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Kiss
Link Here
kiss 2016 On Soi Buakhaow Players Lounge, previously Booze Lounge, has closed ( BUSINESS FOR SALE ). Update: The bar re-opened with a party on 19th September

After a closure and refurbishment of several months Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has finally reopened.

The fašade covers both units and the entrance to the Blue Moon guesthouse has been reduced to a bare minimum.

The inside has become a bit more spacious and everything has been completely refitted, even the toilets which are still in the left rear corner and still mixed. The bar counter has been moved to the rear and in the middle is now a central stage with a number of chrome poles. On the right-hand side is still bench seating, now with one low table without chrome poles and two high tables with two chrome poles each.

On the central stage four dancers in big white tops and skimpy red pleated skirts were moving, going on and off stage one at a time. Most of them were wearing strings, but two were bottomless and happy to show their private parts.

On the low table one naked girl at a time was performing. On each of the high tables one naked girl at a time was dancing in a short transparent red skirt.

Most girls were average, which is not too bad nowadays, some fatties and several huge natural racks.

The music was palatable, albeit not precisely rock and roll.

The lighting was more than satisfactory.

There was a steady flow of customers coming in.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht now, up from 115 baht.


14th September

  Kit Inspection...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: KitCat
Link Here

kitcat lounge club logo In Jomtien, towards the end of a narrow pedestrian alley off Dongtan Beach and left of Country Road bar, KitCat Lounge-Bar has opened on 1st September 2016 (grand opening on 7th September 2016).

This soi, more or less opposite the police station, has been home for many years to small worn beer bars and snack bars (such as Dutch-owned Ons Moeder ), many of them closed by now.

KitCat Lounge-Bar looks rather posh for this neighbourhood.

The layout consists of booths with bench seating with very high backs, perhaps meant for privacy. The lighting was rather bright.

In front of KitCat Lounge-Bar a bunch of available girls in black dresses were sitting around a table, waiting for customers.

One of them followed me inside and took my order. She told me she was thirty years old, had no children, had had a farang boyfriend and had been selling (expensive) shoes on the second floor of Central Festival.

Just before starting in the P4P business she had invested in big silicone bolt-ons. The pussy in her white string was neatly shaven and, surprisingly, instead of a bra she was wearing white round pasties on her nipples. To be honest her hard plastic boobs turned me off, but that is me.

I was told the takeaway barfine was 700 baht, but that they also had in-house ST rooms at 500 baht, no barfine due.

The girls' asking prices appeared to be 1,000-1,500 baht ST and 1,500-2,500 baht LT, depending on self-perceived quality.

Not many customers.

Opening hours 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht, lady drinks 125 baht.

KitCatPattaya Facebook Page


10th September


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Working Girl
Link Here

working girl Working Girl on Soi 6 has drastically cut their number of staff and their prices.

The first floor is no longer in use. Note that there is an emergency exit on Soi 6/1, next to the toilets.

There were about a dozen dancers left, most of them sub-average double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes.

There were three girls in black bikinis, who went topless on stage ... with lip-shaped pasties.

The only other customers were a couple of Asians, probably Japanese or Koreans.

The ST barfine has become 500 baht (room included), from 800 baht plus 300 baht for a hotel room.

The fuglies still try to get 2,000 baht ST.

Bottled Heineken 89 baht, down from 99 baht, lady drinks 125 baht, down from 200 baht.


5th September

  Waiting for Wonder...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Crystal Club
Link Here

crytsal club I visited the Soi LK Metro venue at about 9pm on weekday evening. There was not really much going on at the time.

There were 4 or 5 girls dancing on the central stage mostly in coyote street wear, with just one in a string bikini. The girls were attractive enough though. There was a second team of dancers, pretty much as the first team.

There were a few customers, of which two were chatting with dancers. The others were 'waiting for wonder' as one Pattaya forum member eloquently puts it.

Draft beer was 69 Baht. And one glass was sufficient for the visit.

This was the last of the one drink GoGos on my pub crawl. I was 'wonder' struck in my next port of call, Pandora's, and I stayed there for the rest of the evening.


3rd September


Pattaya GoGo Reviews
Link Here
Miami A-GoGo Miami A-GoGo is an afternoon GoGo located on Soi Post Office towards the 2nd Road end.

Miami A-GoGo now probably has the biggest (pun intended) collection of fat fuglies, old ones, but also some younger ones. One of them was really colossal. I was surprised the stage did not collapse.

Most of them were naked (or in string bikinis that were easily removed) and would probably have looked better in burkas.

They were not shy at all and for a little tip they wanted punters shoving their middle fingers into their cunts and arses, some of them would even suck those middle fingers to clean them.

I did not kiss those girls.

The ladyboys appear to have gone.

Bottled Heineken still 110 baht, lots of 20-baht notes needed.


1st September


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Runway and Overmind
Link Here
runway Runway is located on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond. Overmind is located above Soi Diamond with another entrance on Soi 15.

I popped into Runway last night. It is very small but it was very lively.

All Coyote Dancers but Girls were friendly enough. Some attractive Girls and no Fatties.

3/4 of a small Glass of draft 85 Baht, very bad value.

overmind I also popped into Overmind . It was a bit confusing because when I finally made it up the very steep stairs, the sign over the door said Shark Club. Nothing had changed inside.

There were 2 groups of Coyote Dancers and 1 group of Bikini Dancers. There were some attractive Girls but none topless.

Everyone was friendly but I saw nothing to make taking your life in your hands negotiating those stairs.

Draft was 55 Baht for a small glass, good value.


28th August

  Destined to Depart...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Destiny
Link Here
Destiny frontage I stopped by the LK metro GoGo during a weekday Happy Hour.

First impressions were good with a sizeable staff ready to guide customers to the plentiful seating around the central stage. The drinks service was prompt and polite.

The square bar has bench seating overlooking the stage which was occupied by 7 dancers.  The dancers were wearing a wide variety of costumes with a black theme. The dress code ranged from overdressed coyote to sheer negligee. There were several decent looking dancers amongst them.

A rather serious flaw started to emerge at the first dancing shift changeover. All the girls trooped off the stage and slowly a replacement crew appeared in bits and drabs. However the new crew was pretty much the same as the previous set. It appears that there were 10 dancers total in the bar and 3 would take a break each shift.

The stage may look full, but this means that there were hardly any girls available for hostess duties. You would have a double shift wait when your drinking partner 'go dance'.

Inevitably I decided to move on after my drink. But don't assume that this means that the bar is under the cosh. There are plenty of GoGos on Soi LK Metro that are also 'one drink and move on' venues, so there is a steady stream of vaguely disappointed customers arriving after departing from these other bars.

Draft beer was 69 Baht


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