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Updated: Boss goes into hiding...

Angry dancers and staff complain to police being left unpaid after GoGo fails

Link Here30th October 2019
More than 30 A-Go-Go dancers descended on Pattaya police station at 3 am this morning claiming that their foreign boss has not paid them, reported Ruk Siam News .

They were from an unnamed bar on Walking Street. They were due their salary on a ten day rolling cycle on October 24th. He asked for a delay and promised they would be paid at 9pm on October 28th, yesterday. But when the time came the owner was nowhere to be seen.

The police received the report and advised the ladies to take the matter up directly with the Chonburi department of employment.

The reports notes that the Facebook page for the bar, quotes a review: A nice gogo, beautiful and sexy girls, normal staff.

Google kindly reveals that this comment is on the Facebook page for Hidden A-GoGo.

Update: Dark

30th October 2019.

And it is now reported that Hidden A-GoGo is indeed dark.

This leaves 75 GoGos still open around Pattaya.



Swallowed up...

Long running Bliss Lounge has become King's Club

Link Here28th October 2019
King's Club blow job bar has taken over from Bliss Lounge at the 3rd Road venue opposite Soi Xzyte. The bar has new owners and new prices, 500 for BJ and 400 for the room.

The well known Bliss Lounge had been open for a decade but past glories don't always add up to much at the moment.



Low voltage...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here27th October 2019

Popped into Walking Street Last Night, it was very quiet on the roads, no Police about.

Started in the Sapphire Club which was fairly busy. Not the usual amount of Girls, only 3 groups, 8 Topless Dancers and most of the others in Sexy underwear.

The Music was good, only a little loud for my tastes. Why do all Disc Jockeys think music is only good when it's distorting?

Stayed for a pint of Draft and to see all the Girls and headed for the Shark Club which was Buzzing with a lot of cute Girls and a lot of Topless Dancers. It varies from week to week here.

Sat with usual pair of Cute Girls Del and Ray. Del has been promoted to the ShowGirls, she just stands around with her Tit's out while the Gymnasts work the Poles.

I won a free drink but i didn't want one, I thought they'd knock it off the Bill but they didn't, I'd of had a coffee if I'd known. The Girls got some Chicken on a stick with a very nice Coconut Curry Sauce.

Stayed for a Draft Lager and headed back up Soi 15 to Electric Blue , which was not that Busy, which is unusual.

A couple of very Cute naked Birds on the Stage, the one i fancied was already with a punter. Then On came over I'd not seen her for a long time. She said she had been working at another club, she's big and meaty but firm all over. I got her a Drink and 2 Drinks Arrived after a misunderstanding, so I told Aum the Mamasang I did not order it and she gave me a refund. Then On said she had not seen me lately, haha I said well you haven't been here. She was giving my back and hands a good massage.

Stayed for a draft lager and headed home around 1-30am,after a quiet night.

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