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25th May

  Prices up but better girls...

Sharon Sloane

Quality latex and rubber fetish wear



Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Glass house
Link Here

glass house The Glass House A-GoGo is located on central Walking Street.

I was told that the barfine before midnight is 1500 baht. It was 800 baht 1.5 years ago, what gives? After midnight the barfine is lowered to 1000 baht. Still too much imo.

But that is only the icing on top of the cake. Girls ask for upwards of 5000 baht for long time, if I recall correctly it was actually 5500 for long time and 3000 something for short time... You could get so many beach road hotties for that much money. 

Drinks are really expensive, seemed like everything was fixed around 150 baht.

I walked in at 21.45 On may 25th and my bill was numbered 7 . The bar was not crowded at all. I think they are trying to make up for the lack of customers by overcharging everything.

I stayed inside for around an hour and during that time almost nobody came in. Also, this bar has changed a lot in the past 1.5 years. The entire cast of dancers have been replaced with a nicer looking bunch. And the amount of dancers have been increased as well. The staff doesn't pressure you into buying drinks like they used to do in the past and neither do the girls.



21st May

  Tame Viper...

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Pattaya Bar Reviews: Viper Gentlemen's Lounge
Link Here

viper front On the lower end of Soi Phratamnak Soi 4, where Sapphire Lodge used to be, Viper Bar has opened.

Not much has changed apart from the swimming pool (belonging to the adjacent guesthouse) not longer being accessible and the toilets having been refurbished (at a different place if my memory serves me well).

During my visit it was really tame with a number of plain average coyotes showing very little gusto. One or two of them would climb the high table with the chrome poles and start moving slightly, not actually dancing.

One more boring gentlemen's club .

Barfine (room included) 350 baht, the coyotes expecting 2,000 baht ST and 3,000 baht LT and apparently not wanting to budge to less.

Some waitresses were looking not too bad and were available ... at the same tariff.

Bottled Heineken 79 baht (happy hour), lady drinks 125 baht.


9th May

  More and more like a GoGo...

Adult Video Universe

Adult Video Universe

Pattaya Bar Reviews: White Room
Link Here

white room White Room on Soi LK Metro is styling itself more and more as a gogo.

They have put curtains at the street side and there is even a bell ringer's bell. Everything is cheaply made, not different from Kaos A-GoGo, also on Soi LK Metro.

In the middle is a rectangular stage with four chrome poles on it, which are nearly reaching the ceiling. Along the side walls are narrow ledges for the drinks and check bins and high office-style swivel chairs. On the right-hand side before the toilet, where the counter used to be, is now a standard-dimensions bath. The counter is at the rear left now.

Although it is only a single-shophouse unit it feels less cramped than Kaos A-GoGo, perhaps due to the pale colour paint.

I cannot remember the music, so it must have been unobtrusive.

There were about a dozen overdressed and mostly rather chubby girls, some of them outside. They were wearing big double tops and big double bottoms in various styles: coyote, beachwear, black camisole sets, etc. Three or four of them were on stage at any time.

There was also a girl in white underwear and a white camisole soaping in the bath. No nudity.

I did not see a mamasan, only a waitress.

There were not too many customers, but the girls were a friendly bunch who liked to mix up with the customers. They were more than happy to show their intimate parts for a twenty-baht note. Most of them had cleanly shaven armpits, but full-grown beavers.

Barfine 600 baht with the girls expecting 2,000 baht ST and 3,000 baht LT, a bit steep for the quality on offer. Two hours in-house fun with one girl 2,000 baht all-inclusive.

All bottled beers 100 baht, lady drinks 125 baht.


5th May

  Not yet electrifying...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Electric Blue
Link Here

electric blue pattaya On Soi 15, at the previous location of Private Dancer A-GoGo, Club Electric Blue A-GoGo has opened.

Some days ago the music was so blaring that I could not be bothered to enter, but this time the noise level was acceptable.

The mattress and Jacuzzi have disappeared. There are now two stages with chrome poles, left and right, and fixed high tables with bar stools in between.  Along the front wall and side walls is still bench seating.

Most of the dancers were clad in too big knotted or buttoned white tops and pleated tartan skirts in different colours.  Some (but not all) were wearing bras under their tops and some were wearing pants or strings, whereas some others "went commando" (if that can be said of a girl). Only two or three bared their bosom on stage.

A number of dancers were clad in huge white stretch bikinis with or without underwear, some of them revealing their camel toe. Three or four dancers in black lingerie went topless and bottomless on stage.

All dancers went on and off stage "en masse" and most of them stayed at the same place all the time without moving around.  Most of the dancers were chubby to overweight.

About all the waitresses were fatties, but as much as I hate fat dancers, I like to hug a fat waitress from time to time.

There were some customers, but it was far from crowded and the girls were all but proactive.

Draught beer 90 baht, bottled beers 150 baht, lady drinks 160 baht. I think there are some special offers during happy hour (8 p.m. to 10 p.m.), such as buy one Leo, get one free. Anyway, I do not drink Leo and I usually leave after drinking one beer.

Club Electric Blue appears to have a website, , but it looks a bit dated and virtually only about the Patpong branch in Bangkok.


4th May

  Noses Down...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sapphire Club
Link Here

Sapphire Club frontage I popped into Sapphire Club Sunday Evening. It was very lively

There were over 80 Coyote Dancers and 2 topless Dancers but the big difference is you now get interaction from the Girls with punters. No more nose in the air and look away. I was surrounded by 3 Girls. And also had Girls on stage smiling and talking to me, much better,

A very mixed bunch some stunners and some who look like they eat 3 shredded wheat for breakfast.

They have a new Manager, Brian from Sweethearts

A good evening.


26th April

  Fabrice, Angels Place, Stars, Mermaid...

Post Songkran news from the Dark Side
Link Here

After the Songkran madness some news from the Dark Side.

Fabrice Bar

fabrice Nothing has improved since my previous visits to Fabrice Bar on the corner of Soi Banlang (aka Soi Siam Country Club Soi 18 and Soi Phon Prapha Nimit Soi 18) and Soi Banlang Soi 12.

The swimming pool was deserted and inside the lounge were a huge, dark cashier and three girls, two fat ones and one half-decent one.

The latter one was 28 years old, did smoke cigarettes, but did not want to smoke big cigar , was not overly enthusiastic and expected 1,500 baht for ST boom-boom .

Fabrice Bar also has a pizzeria to the right of the building. If you want you can order some grub from there and consume it in the darkness of the lounge. On Tuesdays they seem to have a buffet at 100 baht.

ST room ( no barfine ) 250 baht.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht.

Angels Place

At the previous location of Bamboo Bar on Soi Khao Noi Angels Place has opened.

It has become more a kind of a bikers' place. The gate has been moved making it virtually impossible to enter with a car. Anyway, there are enough parking opportunities on the road.

In the open-air bar the sofas near the street have been replaced with high tables and bar stools and everything still smelled the fresh paint.

There were a cashier who was not available and a fatty and two oldies who used to work at Bamboo Bar before. At the rear of the complex is still a (mostly empty) beer garden.

Barfine (room included) still 300 baht.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht from 70 baht before.

Stars Bar

The previous owner of Stars Bar on Soi Kao Talo has returned to England.

It is now owned by Nok, a 40-year-old single mom from Korat, who has been a farmer and a supervisor in a factory and said she herself also liked boomboom.

She has thrown out the pool table that occupied most of the bar area.

There were two 20-year-old girls, a very fat one who said she wanted to take it up the arse and a shy skinnier one. Nok said she wanted to import more talent from her village in Korat and she even mused on changing the bar's name into Korat Bar. The oldest of her three daughters is 20 years old and works factory , does not want to work bar .

They still have rooms on site.

I jokingly told Nok she should pay me 2,000 baht, so that I could spend 1,000 baht on each of the girls.

Barfine ST 300 baht. I had to convince Nok not to charge 200 baht extra for the room.

Bottled Heineken 70 baht from 65 baht before.

Mermaid Bar Beer

Last year Mermaid Bar Beer opened in a double shophouse on Soi Khao Noi, left of Mango Pub. I think it is French or Walloon owned.

In the front section there is still a piece of wall that separates most of the two units. Just behind the sliding windows on both sides is a pool table. In the rather dark right-hand section are some sofas that seem to function as a smoking corner . In the brighter left-hand section are a bar with bar stools, some high tables also with bar stools and mirrors on the back wall.

A 23-year-old average girl, Da, followed me inside, had been working there for two weeks, spoke very little English, did not sound overly enthusiastic about smoking and wanted 2,000 baht ST; she did not want to budge to less than 1,500 baht ST. Another 23-year-old girl who had started the same day looked sweet enough, but did not speak a single word of English. A 39-year-old threeholer was interested, but she was on duty as a cashier that day and could not go upstairs.

Mermaid Bar Beer is one of the places on the Dark Side where I never have got satisfaction up to now, whereas at some other places, such as Butterfly Bar and White Oyster Bar, it has always been bingo .

Barfine still 300 baht ST (room included).

Bottled Heineken 90 baht from 75 baht last year.


17th April

  The Best Bargain on the Dark Side...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Butterfly Bar
Link Here

Butterfly Bar sign Butterfly Bar off Soi Siam Country Club is still surviving, but very quiet.

When I arrived there were two other customers. There were a couple of oldies and a blonde 22-year-old spinner, Tanya. She had a minimal bosom, a slim body and a very good shape, although she had borne two babies. She was a good girl who did not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. She did not have tattoos, but she did have a navel piercing. As she had visited her family and not boom-boom for several days, she was very horny.

She told me she had worked at Superbaby/Supergirl on Soi Diamond for two days, but, although she met the physical requirements to work there, she hated the pressure to have to go with any customer. Even if Thai bargirls are technically prostitutes , the majority of them are self-confident and choosy, not wanting to be intimate with somebody they do not like.

Apart from junkies et al., also not many girls will want to work for a service were they are picked from a website or from a photo album. I can understand this very well as I myself have never used a home delivery service such as The Devil's Den on Soi LK Metro and I doubt very strongly if I ever will.

Tanya's tariff was the usual 1,000 baht ST.

The background music at Butterfly Bar was unobtrusive.

Barfine is still 220 baht, room included, probably the best bargain on the Dark Side.

Bottled Heineken still 80 baht and also lady drinks still 80 baht.


12th April

  Pattaya 'i'...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Passion Gentlemen's Club
Link Here

passion gentlements club Some weeks ago a new gentlemen's club has opened in Jomtien: Passion.

When heading from Pattaya to Jomtien via Thappraya Road, turn left at the golden Hanuman (Hindu monkey god) statue instead of proceeding to Jomtien Second Road or turning right towards Jomtien Beach Road.

jomtien palace village Follow this worn-out soi deep into Jomtien Palace Village (some huge houses, but strange enough no security guards) and, near the end, turn right into Soi i (9th character of the alphabet). Do not mind the sign at the entrance of Jomtien Palace Village. Passion is located towards the end on the right-hand side of this Soi i with a big car park across the soi.

At the entrance of Passion was a bouncer. In the courtyard of the compound is a small, apparently unused swimming pool, with the toilets on the left-hand side and at the rear a rather spacious lounge with some flat screen televisions.

This lounge is very dark and it takes a while for your eyes to adjust. Around 2 p.m. it was already very busy with more than 10 punters and more than 20 working girls.

A 30-year-old shy girl with a loose black dress until halfway her calves, probably hiding her bodily imperfections, had worked at Endorphin on Walking Street (previously Club Abyzz), did not like boom-boom , but fancied she was worth 2,000 baht ST.

The 41-year-old mamasan, Lek, who was the partner of an Englishman and had worked at The (defunct) Lounge behind the car park on the corner of Phratamnak Road and Soi 3, looked sexier than most of the girls.

That being said, I have never realised that gentlemen's clubs hired mamasans and I also do not see what their added value can be as all working girls are unpaid freelancers on (small) commissions and doing business directly with the punters.

There seem to be swimming pool parties on Saturdays.

Barfine, room included, 350 baht.

Bottled Heineken was 60 baht during happy hour.


9th April

 Updated: Beware of Double Lady Drinks...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Super Girl
Link Here

Super Girl Super Girl on Soi Diamond has indeed reopened, apparently under new management. The façade is still the same and the 'r' of Super has not yet been repaired.

The interior is still as worn out as before; only the bath and some smaller stages seem to have disappeared. The worn and torn fixed barstools have been covered with makeshift bags.

There were two teams of 5-7 dancers in black strings and black négligés , transparent tops or bras, who bared their bosoms after two or three songs. One of them was a long, skinny girl from Chiang Mai with matching (i.e. small) breasts and a huge tattoo between her shoulders, who had stuck pieces of tape, not real pasties , to her nipples.

There was also a team of 9-10 dancers in white bikinis, only one of them in a string and only two of them going topless. I did not see full nudity. Many had silicone enhanced breasts and several were rather chubby or fat.

The average quality of the girls was about the same as at the old Super Girl, but several notches lower than at the old Super Baby, that is before Super Baby absorbed the Super Girl fuglies.

There were never more than five customers (all farangs) at a time, apart from a guided group of 10-15 cigarette smoking male Asians, who on an order by their Leader had to leave before they could finish their beers.

BEWARE: single lady drinks 150 baht; double lady drinks 300 baht.

Most bottled beers 140 baht, Corona 190 baht.

Update: Good riddance

9th April 2015. Thanks to Ishi

It seems that the double lady drink option thankfully hasn't panned out for the bar, and it has now been struck off the drinks menu.


2nd April

  Super News...

Super Girl re-opens under new management
Link Here

Super Girl Super Girl re-opened on 1st April. They call it's pre-open and the grand opening day will be after Songkran. They have no connections with Super Baby so the format has been changed.

I visited at 11:30pm. The new management has removed 2 table stages and the runway of the center stage.

I counted 27 dancers organised in 3 teams on mamasan's board. Each team dances for 20 minutes.

Dancers are bottomless, topless (models) and bikini in whites. I didn't see any coyotes. I heard it's possible to take away all girls including models and PR outside. Bar Fines for ST are 700B (some are 800B), But it's impossible to take away for LT before midnight.

Draught Beer is 59B in Happy Hour (from 8pm to 9:30pm), 79B after 9:30pm. Bottled Heineken is 140B. Lady Drink is 150B.

So there are now 83 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less


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