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The 2nd No 1...

No.1 to take over from old Bats A-GoGo

Link Here31st December 2019
Rapid and extensive building work has been undertaken at the recently closed Bat A-GoGo on Soi Diamond. And a new sign has appeared proclaiming that the bar will be called No.1 A-GoGo. 

There is another GoGo in Jomtien disputing the title, or at least the name, called We are No 1.

Meanwhile the Roof Club has opened on Walking Street which seems to be a night club.



Scoring at Electric Blue...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here30th December 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Sunday Evening, it was much busier on the roads with lots of Russian Tourists. I noticed a lot of lights in Condo Buildings which had shown no sign of life before. The Police were out on The Thappraya Road going into town and coming back but they were having little success, people have wised up to them and were using the backway past the Caddy Shack.

Started in the Sapphire Club which was busy but still way down on Girls. There were some attractive Girls in Red Bikinis with 7 girls Topless. Had a draft Lager but only stayed an hour as the very loud Bang Bang music was giving me a headache.

Followed into the Doll House which was packed and much quieter. Luckily someone left as we entered and got 2 seats at the stage. There were some lovely naked Dancers, 3 of them were bending forwards to give us an excellent view of there beautiful Arses and Pussies.

Stayed for a Draft Lager then Paul wanted to leave to get a coffee so we moved onto the Shark Club which was full as usual. Sat with the usual Girls.

The Acrobats were on the Poles when 5 or 6 Farangs came in and sat at the stage, 2 of them were acting like total wankers, one was trying to touch the Girls as they were swinging round the pole, then he started trying to give them money. Then the dick Head who was Fat, bald with glasses started running and jumping in the aisle trying to touch the Girls.

We stayed for 1 drink and Paul wanted to move on to Electric Blue, which was not a great idea as there were not many Girls in there, Mamasang Aum said they had been a lot of Barfines. One of my Girls in there Amp was pissed and she kept falling over me. She was arguing with Waitresses and barking out orders to the other Dancers. I had  to keep my hand on my beer to stop her knocking it over. Luckily she went off to Dance and a Farang couple came in and she said they were barfining her. First Farang lady I've seen in Walking Street agogo this December.

There were a group of men watching the Liverpool match on the tv and were shouting when they scored. Then i realized it was my neighbour Chet from Norway and his mates.

Some very nice nude Girls on show but no where near as good as the Dollhouse but I think most of the best ones had been taken out. Paul was sitting with Amp's sister Ann who was bouncing up and down on his lap. Stayed for 1 Beer and headed home,



Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind...

Diamond A-GoGo renamed to Annabels

Link Here 28th December 2019
Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond is the sister bar to Windmill Club opposite. It has now been renamed to Annabels and continues under the current management.

The name has been used by the chain in the past when the chain took over G-Spot on Walking Street. It was renamed to the slightly longer spelling of Annabelle's.

And for the sake of completeness the current Annabels was actually a relocation of the Walking Street GoGo Sugar Baby A-GoGo, which was once next door to Annabelle's A-GoGo.



Bliss like What's Up Dolls' Beavers...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here27th December 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Thursday Evening, a little harder to get a Baht Bus they were coming round the Corner from Beach road either full or empty, 2 empty ones tooted us and slowed down then drove off when we tried to get on. The Police were out on Thappraya road on the way into town and had confiscated about 20 Scooters.

Walking Street was very slow again, we started in Bliss which was about half full. There were 10 Topless Dancers and Nana who was naked. Sat with an attractive girl I've never seen before. There were 9 waitresses and 4 Mamasangs in a small go-go and about 30 Dancers, one very petite Girl from Super Girl had very pronounced Camel Toe, you could have lodged a 10 baht coin in there.

Stayed for 1 Beer and headed into Dolls which had 6-8 punters but was lively with about 16 Dancers, half of them Topless, some of then very attractive. I sat with Nam as usual, who said Earn was now working in the Bat. Paul was sitting with 2 very attractive Topless Dancers.

Stayed for 1 Beer and moved onto Soi 15 looking for the Bat but it is in Soi Diamond, so we made the mistake of trying Whats Up .

It's a very large a-go-go with very low seating. There are 2 Stages one small one with beds on it and the Dancers invite you to sit on them. We didn't so not sure what happens.

There were 10 Punters in, 7 of them Farang. Some stunning Girls but also some mediocre and Fat Girls. The drinks were a rip off at 185b for water and 250b for a Lady Drink. Nothing in there to justify those prices. Bar fine was 1000b but it was 12 o'clock. We didn't stay long and when we left the place it was empty.

We crossed over to Beavers which was doing a good trade, some lovely naked Dancers on show, with 2 Girls on the Mat openly showing their charms. Paul and I got the wrong Girls in there, I had the tall slim one and he got the cute one with the Big Arse. We should have swopped.

Stayed for a Draft Beer and headed home, a very quiet night.

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