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  Mists of Change...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Mistys

Link Here 18th February 2018

Club Mistys neon At Club Mistys on Soi 15 a lot of things have changed.

The mattresses near the central stage have disappeared and the central stage itself has been extended accordingly on both sides with some extra dance space and some extra chrome poles.

The bar counter is protruding now and lit inside.

The stairs have been repaired and there are now extra toilets under it.

About all the staff have been replaced. The only familiar face I saw was the security man, who was still roaming the place.

The boring and pushy mamasan Jaan has moved to The Lighthouse A-GoGo. Another former mamasan, fat Keg, now works at Crazy House, after a stint at The Windmill Club A-GoGo.

The coyote dancers have disappeared, but there were again some hostesses, whatever that may be.

yellow spaghetti bikiniAll dancers were clad in yellow spaghetti bikinis, many of them double bottomed though, and went on stage in teams of six to nine. (I guess that, as usual, the outfits can change from day to day.) Some of them descended by the firemen's pole.

There was no nudity on the central stage but on top of the table in the corner and on the bench seating some dancers removed their tops.

Some of the dancers were average, some slightly better, a big improvement anyway.

On the table along the street side two overdressed fat fuglies were crawling and one of them would finally remove her pants and start shooting ice cubes in glasses. Not a pleasant sight.

The music was horrible and too loud.

The lighting was adequate apart from disturbing strobe light beams from time to time.

There were about twenty customers.

Bottled Heineken 160 baht, up from 150 baht.


  The Day of Paid Love is celebrated on 15th February in the Netherlands...

Bar news from Pattaya, where the Day of Paid Love is celebrated every day

Link Here 17th February 2018

proud unionjpg logoAt Baccara A-GoGo bottled Heineken and similar beers are 185 baht now; at Peppermint A-GoGo the same beers are 175 baht now. If my memory serves me well, up to some ten years ago not a single gogo charged more than 95 baht for a beer. Not many other prices, salaries or pensions have doubled in that period. Also barfines, etc. have gone through the roof.

At Crazy House on Walking Street, far from a top gogo, an unattractive girl quoted me a barfine of 1,000 baht and a fee of 2,500 baht for an ST of two hours.

As to your article on that sex doll brothel, "Plastic container deposit charges... Sex doll company sets up test drive sessions at its Tyneside warehouse" on page Sex Aware Latest , I advise everybody to try a deaf-mute girl first. Although they are rare, over the years I have met two of them in Pattaya. They used to be very sweet, but the total lack of a normal conversation was very awkward to me.

Believe it or not: we all know that the Dutch are a strange people, but the Day of Paid Love , an initiative by the interest group and sex workers' union PROUD , on 15th February, the day after Saint Valentine and this year also the day after Ash Wednesday, is something new.

In the British press: Sex Workers Holland Amsterdam Red Light District Reality of Working . A decade or so ago the Dutch already invented the word prostituant , a blend of " prostituee " (prostitute) and " klant " (customer). Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 has actually been closed for a while, but it reopened about a week later.

For once I completely agree with Dave's description of Shark Club A-GoGo on Soi 15. Their greeters, however nothing special, are sexier than their sisters inside. Pity of the time and money I wasted there.


  Not in good taste...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: New Star

Link Here 16th February 2018

New Star frontage I popped into New Star A-go-go in soi Diamond last night.

There were 10 Dancers, well past their prime, 3 were topless. They were all very friendly,

Draft Chang was 65 b for a full half pint. I could of had a good laugh in their but the Draft Beer was horrible so I left early.

If you like the A-Go-Go's in soi 13, like Big Hugs then you will like New Star,


 Diary: Cobra Gold...

13-23rd February 2018

Link Here 14th February 2018
cobra gold 2018 logoCobra Gold, the joint US-Thailand military exercise is scheduled to take place from 13th - 23rd February 2018. Naval based visitors will abound in Pattaya for the period and perhaps a few days after too.

This is the US's largest, annual, multi-nation military drills in the Asia-Pacific. A total of 15,000 troops will be deployed, along with six warships, 34 amphibious vehicles and 86 aircraft. Nine main countries are taking part, including South Korea, Japan and China, alongside the US and Thailand. A further 10 countries have been invited to observe the drills.

Last time the military were in town there seemed to be more servicemen from India strolling the GoGos rather than from the US.

It will be interesting to see if modern political correctness training will prevail and keep the guys in Central Festival rather than Walking Street. I somehow doubt it.



Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Shark

Link Here 12th February 2018

Shark on Soi 15 You can knock another A-go-go off your list, Shark Club on Soi 15 has gone over to Coyote Dancers. No Nudity of any kind.

The Girls were wearing Black Shorts, white tops and Bra, White Bow Ties, Black Braces, Bunny ears and tail. The show Girls were wearing huge Bikini's with a wide Strip of material joining the Bra to the pants.

There were some pretty Girls, but there were pretty Girls in Electric Blue and they were Naked. I know which venue I'll be going back to and its not Shark Club.


  Baristas vs coyotes...

Bar news and views from around Pattaya

Link Here 11th February 2018

thai-style democracyIt's good to see a female barista showing more flesh than most performers in the 80 something places classified as gogos.

I have read somewhere that playing cards were forbidden in Thailand (and even carrying them in your luggage), but this hunt for darts is something new. I wonder if police also closed DartsLive2 with virtual darts games on Soi 6 at the previous location of Fun Seeker Dance Club.

I add a funny cartoon about Thai-style democracy.

At the occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year there will be a Dragon Parade at the car park of Friendship Supermarket on Pattayatai in the afternoon of Friday 16th February 2016.

Black Swan Bar ia on Soi Khao Noi, Their price for an ST bar fine (room included) is still 350 baht. A still water is 45 baht and a non-alcoholic lady drink (pineapple juice on the rocks) is 100 baht.

The Soi LK Metro Duangjai Ladyboy Bar has moved to Soi Chaiyapoon. The other Duangjai Ladyboy Bar is still on Soi Lengkee at the previous location of Monkey Club.

On Soi 6 Sweet Ass (not sure if a donkey or an American arse was meant) has become Bunny Club and a member of the Nightwish group.

On Walking Street Majestic Guesthouse (ST rooms upstairs of Fahrenheit A-GoGo) has reopened after a closure of nearly a year.As far as I know this website does not provide information on ST rooms, guesthouses, love inns and motels. For various reasons many people, including me, do not want to take girls home or to their hotel room.

[Editor: Indeed Thai-Anxiety does not list ST hotels. There's no particular reason for this, beyond it being unrealistic to make a comprehensive list. I'd be happy to maintain a limited list for suggestions from readers though].


  Happy in Happy...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 10th February 2018

Happy sign Had a great time in Walking Street on Monday night. I went back to Annabelle's but none of the Girls I was with a week earlier were in,  but there were a lot more Girls, they are back from their New Year holidays.

Had a great time in Happy all the Fat mediocre Coyote Dancers had gone (to Beach Club by the look of it), There were some very attractive slim Girls in Red. I was sitting with Pat, she used to be in Sweethearts, she was maaw and all the Girl on stage were laughing at her antics and me trying to cope with her. The cute coyote dancers in red were queueing up to get their tits out for a 100b tip. Any cheap Charlie should look away now, I spent 1100 b in tips including the Showgirls but had a great time,

I finished with a Coffee in Sweethearts . The Girls were back in there too, which made for a good atmosphere with the rock music. Moi was rubbing my face in her Bum then switched round and  was rubbing it in her Pussy. She wanted a 100 b tip as well, Giving tips is cheaper than a Barfine, and a whole lot more fun.


  Don't Bother to Knock...

Marilyn Monroe closes, and other GoGo news

Link Here 9th February 2018

marilyn monroe closedMarilyn Monroe A-GoGo closed on Walking Street on the 8th February. It had only been open 3 months. Presuming that it stays closed, the number of Pattaya GoGos dips below 80 to 79.

Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 had actually been closed for a week before re-opening. That being said their guitar-shaped (or phallus-shaped) neon sign is still dark.

Also on Walking Street Sugar Baby A-GoGo seems to open only sporadically.

And The Bad Girls Club on Walking Street has indeed been converted into a massage parlour, one more.


  Top Cat...

Top One A-GoGo becomes a Tom Bar and Bad Girls A-GoGo becomes a massage parlour

Link Here 8th February 2018
b-girlsBad Girls A-GoGo recently opened on Walking Street but soon closed seemingly being unable to get the necessary licensing paperwork. The venue opened as B-Girls Massage on 5th February.

Meanwhile Top One has closed as an A-GoGo bar on Soho Square. On 1st February it re-opened as a Tom Bar. It now operates from midnight every day. The name has not been changed.

As Tom Bars generally don't allow unescorted guys then it is no longer included in the GoGo count, which is therefore is reduced to 80.


  Eye popping...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Annabelle's

Link Here 7th February 2018

annabelles Re GoGos changing from day to day

Everyone must realize that every evening in a Bar or a-go-go is different and a review is what happened on one particular night.

When I went into Wildcats the Girl outside bringing in punters, came up to me and pulled her t-shirt up and flashed her bare tit's in my face later the mamasang did the same thing. When I went back a few day's later neither of these ladies were working.

When I popped into Annabelles last week, there was a new girl dancing. She had the biggest bum I've ever seen. When she turned around she had a very pretty face and nice tit's. She came over for a drink and I got my hands on her lovely Hugh Jarce. Even I got movement in the trouser department, which takes some doing after my stroke. if I go back tonight the chances of her being there again are slight but we will see.

There were two Girls dancing on stage with extremely large Tit's, the manager had a black eye. I said -did you get to close to the stage? but he didn't get the joke.

There were a couple of nice naked birds on the matt freely showing their charms, not hiding them like they do in Sugar baby ,


  Pinned down...

Bar news from around Pattaya

Link Here 5th February 2018

In the small soi off Soi Buakhaow opposite the Sawasdee Siam building PinUp Club has gone dark ("HOUSE FOR SALE"). Strangely enough the sign is still lit.

On Soi Khao Talo Soi 9 PPBAR has gone dark once again.

After a short closure Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 has reopened.

Passion neon At Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 drink prices have gone up. Bottled Heineken is 125 baht now and a lady drink (Sangsom coke) 140 baht, but in-house fun is still 1,300 baht. Do not pay everything up front: pay the barfine of 300 baht to the bar and pay the girl's fee of 1,000 baht in the room after the deed.

At Butterfly Bar off Soi Siam Country Club bottled Heineken is 85 baht now and the ST bar fine (room included) is still 250 baht. Lady drink prices depend on what the girl wants: 100 baht for a Spy red, 115 baht for a bottled Leo, etc. I guess it is the normal price for those drinks plus 30 baht for the girl.


  Dark Star...

Silver Star sign goes dark on Soi 8

Link Here 3rd February 2018
Silver Star Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 has gone dark, but reportedly only the sign So now the GoGo count has been restored to 81.

On Soi 6 Sweet Ass (not sure if a donkey or an American arse was meant) has become Bunny Club and a member of the Nightwish group.

On Soi Buakhao the Piss Stop Bar closed as the beginning of February. The bar has been a bit intermittent of late and seems to attract a fair bit of interest on the Pattaya forums.

And around the corner on Soi LK Metro Duangjai Ladyboy Bar has closed and is up for sale.



  Full bodied...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Champagne

Link Here 30th January 2018

champagne sign After a long while I revisited Champagne A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro.

The interior has not strikingly changed in the last two years, apart from the fact that Club Malibu has become a separate venue, Champagne Coyote.

I noticed that on the central stage there are only three chrome poles, but they are swivelling and suitable for pole dancers.

one kilo moreThe dancers were a forgettable bunch clad in a colourful mix of big tops, big bottoms, bras and strings, but mostly overdressed. Many of them were one kilo more and at least one of them looked pregnant.

After a short unasked-for performance by two pole dancers, five or six topless fatties with big black bottoms went on stage. Not a pretty sight.

The shower cubicle was deserted.

The music was too loud with an unbearable beat and the lighting was very poor, probably on purpose.

The best thing were the German erotic cartoons on one of the television screens.

Most of the clientele seemed to be English draught drinkers.

BEWARE: the waitresses are too lazy to bring back small change.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht.

Meanwhile at Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 the old mamasan Nee has been replaced by a much younger one: Naam.

All prices (also for alcoholic drinks) have remained unchanged.


  Top pasties...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Top One

Link Here 29th January 2018

top one Before they close again I had a look at Top One A-GoGo on Soho Square off the Russian sector of Walking Street.

The interior is dark, minimalist and mostly black. Along the front wall and along the right corner is double-tier black bench seating.  There were also some black sofas.

The unisex toilets are behind a curtain at the rear.

The white drink tables and the S-shaped stage with six chrome poles fixed to the ceiling looked scuffed as if they were recycled.

black stay-up fishnet stockingsI saw several average and chubby dancers in black string bikinis and black stay-up fishnet stockings.

And I saw a lot more solid and fat ones in black baby-dolls and black négligés with black underwear .

Most of them (in both categories) were wearing pasties underneath. One of the bikini dancers had pulled her bra so high that the pasties were peeping under it. A funny sight.

black baby-dollThere were shows at 9, 10, 11, 12 and 1 o'clock.

For those shows the bikini dancers would go on stage without stilettos and without stockings and after a while take off their tops, but not their pasties.

They called two Asian customers onto the stage, stripped them down to their pants and performed some kind of a half-hearted lap dance.

During this act also Zombie by the Cranberries was played with them most probably unaware of the recent decease of the lead singer of that group.

The only nudity I have seen were two sets of uncovered nipples.

The music was blaring and the lighting poor.

To my surprise there were several customers.

BEWARE: lady drinks (as per the altered menu) are now 200-250 baht.

Chang draught 79 baht, bottled Heineken 180 baht.


  Lords and Ladyboys...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: We Are No 1

Link Here 28th January 2018

We are No 1 bar sign About two weeks ago I too happen to have been drinking at We Are No 1 A-GoGo in Jomtien.

I think Dave's ladyboy radar does not function very well as I noticed two of them, one who went on stage and another one, also a dancer, who was hiding in the toilets.

Apart from the old, fat and ugly women, I saw a half decent one who was as drunk as a lord.

The tiny waitress seems to have vanished and the security man is now roaming the place.

I doubt you can still get an all-in experience for 1,000 baht at We Are No 1 A-GoGo. Many moons ago I barfined a young spinner from there and I paid 1,000 baht for the barfine only.

If I remember correctly bottled Heineken is still 120 baht and Chang draught 55 baht.


  Norwegian table dancing...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Naughty Girls

Link Here 26th January 2018

Naughty Girls frontage I popped into Naughty Girls on Soi Diamond last night, it was quite lively.

There were 10 or 12 attractive Girls, mixed dress, some coyote, Bikini and 2 topless. The Girls stay on the stage until a punter buys them a drink.

The music was loud, but not unbearable. Comfortable bench seating.

5 Norwegians came in and really livened the place up, climbing on tables and dancing in the aisles and buying lots of drinks for Dancers, mamasangs and waitresses. They'd come from Peppermint which they didn't like very much.

Very friendly place for a beer.

Lady drinks over priced at 170b.


  Dark Velvet...

Bar news from around Pattaya

Link Here 24th January 2018

Babydolls design On Soi Bongkod Velvet Club has gone dark.

At Babydolls A-GoGo on Soi 15 a bottled Heineken is 150 baht now.

At Fabrice Bar on Soi Banlang bottled Heineken is still 80 baht and a lady drink (apple juice) 100 baht; ST rooms are 300 baht now (no barfine due).

At Butterfly Bar off Soi Siam Country Club bottled Heineken is 85 baht now and the ST bar fine (room included) is still 250 baht. Lady drink prices depend on what the girl wants: 100 baht for a Spy red, 115 baht for a bottled Leo, etc.

As to the discussion on the new drink prices (eg 105 Baht for a small Singha beer) in the Nightwish group bars, this is the current list of their members:

on Soi 6:

  • Night Wish Bar

  • Pussy Club

  • Horny Bar

  • Sexy and the City

  • Toy Box

  • Offshore Bar

  • The Butterfly Bar

  • Kawaii Bar

  • Foxy's Bar

  • Mods Bar

  • Bunny Club (ex Sweet Ass)

  • Nature Bar

on Soi Full Love Inn:

  • Club Sin

  • J Club

On the small soi off Soi Buakhaow opposite Pattaya City Hospital, at the latest location of Mai Lu Si bar, Nieuw Vlaanderen Bed & Breakfast Sports Bar & Restaurant has opened. (As feared, Pookie from Surin could not succeed on her own at Mai Lu Si bar after Charlie's decease.)

The Belgian owner of Nieuw Vlaanderen appears to be a brother of the owner of the defunct Klein Vlaanderen restaurant (once a triple unit and later a single unit with heavy advertising in Russian) on Second Road opposite the Austrian Domicil restaurant. This new owner seems to be new to the Pattaya scene and I doubt if he will last long.


  Poor strip lighting...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Bliss

Link Here 23rd January 2018

bliss 2016 I popped into Bliss A-GoG o in Walking street on Friday Evening.

There were the usual Coyote Dancers on stage, most of them slim and attractive. They danced for around 15 minutes and then a second group came on, not quite so slim and attractive. There were two slightly overweight Girls. Naturally they kept smiling at me.

The 3rd group of Dancers were wearing a G-string and an all over red body stocking. Once on stage some of the Girls removed there G-String and they took up poses pointing there Pussies at the Punters. Unfortunately they turned the lights down at this point so you could only get the odd glimpse of heaven. Why go to the expense of paying for naked Girls and then making it so dark you can't see them properly?

The music was good and not too loud. Draft Beer was poor value at 95 b for a small glass,

Unfortunately there was only one attractive waitress the rest were too fat.

Not a bad place for a Beer. But it would be much better if they left the lights alone.

Happy was better last night, about 60% of the Girls were in Bikini's. Most of the Girls were attractive, some very attractive. The mediocre Coyote Dancers had all gone. The Showgirls came on twice while I was there but they still kept their G-Strings on.

A definite improvement, I wonder how long it will last?


  No answer at Yes...

GoGos opening and closing

Link Here 20th January 2018
yes flyer Yes A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has been dark for a few days so things do not look good for a GoGo on the wrong side of the soi.

kiss 2018Meanwhile on the 16th January, Chaos A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro reverted to the old name for the venue, Kiss A-GoGo.

Mandarin A-GoGo re-opened on Walking Street on 19th January 2018.

The net result is that there are still 81 GoGos in the Pattaya area.


 Commented: Health Warning: being a cheap Charlie can seriously damage your health...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Windmill

Link Here 19th January 2018

Windmill frontage Electric Blue beer prices

Please note that beer prices are 110 baht for a large draught beer. There are no small draught beers anymore

Windmill's bored showgirls

I think part of the problem with Windmill's naked showgirls looking bored and spending their time chatting to each other and putting on make-up is due to the customers. There seem to be quite a few pensioners (mostly German) who take up all the seats around the naked showgirls at around 8 pm. The pensioners buy one drink each - a beer or cola - and try make their one drink last up to an hour. But they don't give tips or buy drinks for the girls - they're waiting for someone else to do that so they can watch the action without having to pay for it. Unfortunately, given that there is no room for 'real customers' nothing much happens. Eventually by about 9 to 9.30 the pensioners go home to bed and then 'real paying and tipping customers' can get near the girls and then the action starts.

Comment: Health Warning: being a cheap Charlie can seriously damage your health.

19th January 2018. Thanks to Dave

David C is right about the cheap charlies taking the best seats in the Windmill and Electric Blue.

My next door neighbour, Knocker from Blackpool used to go to the Windmill at 8pm and sit their for a couple of hours, over a couple of draft beers, they were about 50 b then. He was a real balloon chaser, he'd go anywhere for free food or drink.

We were in a bar in Jomtien, I said are you ready to go? he said he was waiting for his change, when it came it was 5b which he pocketed, but his meanness caught up with him in the end.

His scoopy fell on top of him while parking outside his house and he lay there for about an hour before Jo the Taxi driver came home and found him,  but he did not go to Hospital and get his cuts seen to and died a few days later of blood poisoning,

Comment: Health Warning: get your cuts treated

19th January 2018. Thanks to David C.

Coincidentally, I saw a guy on Beach Road a couple of days ago with a very dirty bandage round his right ankle (dog bite or bike accident) and a hugely swollen and red right leg. I suspect he had blood poisoning from his injury.

I tried to talk to him to make sure he was seeing a doctor and taking antibiotics. But he seemed to be one of these washed-out drunks who have spent all their money and so I couldn't get any sense from him. Maybe he'll be dead in a few days? Like the bloke Dave mentioned, this guy didn't seem to understand how serious a wound can become in a hot country like Thailand if not treated properly, and there's no excuse as hospitals here are very cheap.


  Priced for fat cats...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Catwalk

Link Here 18th January 2018

catwalk frontageOn Thappraya Road Soi 12, in Phratamnak's Russian sector, Catwalk has opened.

That street is rather narrow and it is not easy to park a car nearby.

Although this is not obvious from the picture it is a double-unit shophouse.

Apart from the bar and a sofa corner, there are high tables and high chairs that make you think of a sushi bar.

I saw some fat to very fat waitresses, which is not a problem by me.

I also saw a number of (but way fewer than 17) sub-average hostesses. They were very pushy for lady drinks, which has an adverse effect on me.

I found out that the bar fine was 500 baht (ST room included) and that the fuglies wanted 1,500 baht ST and an additional 20 baht for the may baan (cleaner) or 2.000 baht LT. I was also told that the hostesses were freelancers, hired at 500 baht a day.

Unsurprisingly I was their only customer.

BEWARE: not all hostesses are available.

Bottled Heineken was 110 baht, which is more than I have ever paid in any Pattaya gentlemen's club.

Update: Temporarily closed

18th January 2018. Ishi of (Japanese language)

Catwalk has temporarily closed from 16th Jan.


  Fat chance...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: We Are No 1

Link Here 17th January 2018

We are No 1 bar sign I popped into Jomtien's We Are No 1 agogo just before Christmas. Nothing much has changed.

There was no sign of any Lady Boys or Midget waitresses,

There were 7 or 8 reasonable dancers and 1 old fat one. Guess who came and sat next to me? I ignored her but she wouldn't go away, sat there for half an hour till she had to go and dance. While she was dancing I moved the stool she had been sitting on. It didn't work she soon put it back. She sat there for 5 mins then finally fucked off.

None of the other girls approached me, although there were several without punters.

There was an extremely Fat man sitting at the stage, he was so big he could not walk unaided. He had 2 girls all over him.

If you want a cheap drink with some good music, not a bad way of passing a couple of hours,


  Slim pickings from Pattaya's not so slim coyotes...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 16th January 2018

topless beachI can't see any reason for Coyote Dancers. Girl's wear Bikini's on the beach.

Coyotes only look good if slim, but most Girls look ok in a G-String.

Bars must be feeling the pinch with far less Lady Drinks being sold and less Barfines.

Happy has turned into a couples bar where men take there Girlfriends,

Is the Same Coyote thing happening in Bangkok?

Walking Street will die, if the trend towards Fat Coyote Dancers continues. You can see more flesh on a Spanish beach.

Someone is trying to take the sex out of Thailand. I don't think it's the Police, maybe it's the army,


  Open Top...

Top One re-opens on Soho Square

Link Here 15th January 2018
top one re-opensTop One A-GoGo is located at the far end of Soho Square from Walking Street.

After a few days opening Top One went dark for a few days. It re-opened on 14th January 2018.

The bar has now introduced draft beer at 79 Baht.

There are now 81 GoGos around Pattaya.

Mandarin A-GoGo in Waking Street is set to re-open on 19th January.


  Palmed off...

Palmer's Bar set to close and other bar news from Pattaya

Link Here 13th January 2018

palmersRoad works on Pattayaland 1 (Soi 13/3) are rounded off now, but Bollywood has not yet opened.

Road works on Pattayaland 2 (Soi 13/4) have started now and WakaWaka has gone dark.

On internet I read that Palmer's Bar on Pattayaland 2 (Soi 13/4) will anyway be closing its doors by the end of this month (if not before). Personally I have never understood the combination of a snack bar and a girlie bar. As they say: do not eat where you shit and do not shit where you eat.

On Soi 6 the beer bars belonging to the Nightwish Group ( Nightwish Bar, Sky Bar, Nature Bar , etc.) have jumped the psychological barrier of 100 baht for a small beer, a bit over the top for the area and the kind of venues. Their prices for other drinks and lady drinks seem to have been raised accordingly. (This is being further discussed on the forum ). Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs comes to mind. That being said Soi 6 has never been my favourite hunting ground and will most probably never become.

I did hear that rumour of an additional tax on alcoholic drinks, but I have nowhere been charged more for a beer up to now. I think there is something that does not meet the eye.

On Walking Street Sugar Baby A-GoGo has gone dark once more.

Also Pinup Club in a small soi off Soi Buakhaow has gone dark.

Le Private Bar on Soi Lengkee, the French owner of which has been exposed as a police informer, is still for sale.

On Soi Nern Plab Wahn Queen Vic Guesthouse , previously Supatta Café , has become Queen Maxima Bar . I guess it is Dutch owned.

At Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 the old mamasan Nee has been replaced by a much younger one: Naam. All prices (also for alcoholic drinks) have remained unchanged.


  Top topples...

Top One A-GoGo goes dark

Link Here 11th January 2018
top one darkTop One A-GoGo only opened a few days ago but it has already been dark since 8th January.

The location  on Soho Square at the end furthest from Walking Street has not been a hit for any enterprise to date, so hopefully he rent isn't too high.

So now there are 80 GoGos around Pattaya.


  Happy memories...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 8th January 2018

bucket headsMy friend Paul wanted to go back to Happy just after Christmas, so we popped in. He was looking for his friend Nook who he boom booms.

It was all change again with the majority of Girls back in Bikini's and a handful of topless Girls. I asked Nook what was going on. She said she did not know... the big boss want Coyote Dancers...but it not work...many people complain,

There were some lovely looking Birds on show but unless you were Asian you might as well have had a bucket on your head. The Girls were not interested in Farangs apart from the show girls who came over and waggled their bums in my face looking for 100b tips, which they got, its hard to refuse them.

When you think how good Peppermint and Happy used to be it's heart breaking.

A few years back, a naked Girl in Babydolls asked me to push a Banana up her Pussy. When she took it out I ate it. In Lollipop, Spicy Girls, Beavers, Casanovy, Baby Dolls, XYZ, Private Dancer, Hooty's , the original Doll house and the Windmill all had naked Girls and hands on fun, Pussy eating and even Blow jobs in some bars,

Now all we get is sexless Coyote Dancers, Will the good times ever come back?


  Hands on vs hands off...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: PYing

Link Here 7th January 2018

pying A couple of weeks before Christmas my friend Paul and I were on the bus going to LK Metro but the driver turned down Soi 13, so we got off and wandered into P'Ying.

We were the only customers. There was a slim naked lady in her 50's dancing round the pole, a young chubby girl also naked, and a cashier in her late 40's. Paul bought the 2 naked Girls a drink and the cashier came and sat with me. She soon stripped off and I bought her a drink.

The old lady was working on Paul's Dick and soon had it hard. I gave her a 100b to get it out but his zipper was locked and she couldn't undo it. She wanted Paul to go upstairs for a blow job but he wouldn't go.

We had a good hour in there, a lot more fun than looking at beautiful Girls in Walking Street who totally ignore you,

Afterwards Paul said he regretted not going upstairs for the blow job, the lady wanted 700b. He could have had one in the bar for nothing if he'd unlocked his zip. I bet he's regretting it even more now He's back in his flat in cold rainy London.



Pattaya GooGo Reviews: 4Play

Link Here 6th January 2018

4Play sign On Soi 6, at the previous location of Mandarin Club etc., 4PLAY has opened.

Inside about everything is black, except for some chrome poles and the Chinese lanterns, apparently a relic of the Mandarin era. There is a makeshift, also black and dark, stage and several booths with worn-out bench seating, repeatedly repaired with black tape.

There are stairs to the first floor, left of the entrance.

pot bellied dancerI was told that most girls were sourced from the beer bars on Soi Buakhaow. I saw about ten dancers in big black tops and in way too big black shorts. Most of them were overweight and several even pot bellied.

No nudity.

The lighting was poor and the music was crap and there was a terrible cigarette smoke stench.

4PLAY seems to be popular with dark-skinned customers.

Although the females at 4PLAY are by far inferior (and too overdressed) compared to those at Passion Dance Club across the street, 4PLAY is more expensive for everything, albeit it can hardly be labelled a gogo.

Private in-house fun upstairs 2,000 (500 + 1,500) baht.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.


 Updated: Gone bad...

Dark GoGos on Walking Street

Link Here 4th January 2018
bad girls closedBad Girls went dark on Walking Street on 1st January, not long after it opened. The speculation is that the bar has struck licensing problems and in particular a ban on new goes on the seaward side of Walking Street.

Meanwhile Mandarin A-GoGo remains dark, seemingly awaiting a re-development and a new theme.

Better news for Sugar Baby though. It has been dark for a few days citing 'supply problems' The bar is now expected to re-open on 3rd January.

Update: And indeed Sugar Baby Re-opened on 3rd January.

And a correction to the GoGo count as there are now 81 GoGos open around Pattaya.


  Open Top...

No, tops on at Top One, a new GoGo on Soho Square

Link Here 2nd January 2018

top oneTop One A-GoGo has opened at the end of Soho Square furthest from Walking Street, in the venue that was previously Flex Club.

The GoGo opened on 1st January and is run by a Chinese man and a Thai gogo girl.

I visited at 9:15pm on 1st Jan. I counted 4 models (not topless), 13 coyotes and 11 PR on the mamasan's board.

It depends on seat location but I got terrible sound from the lower seat nearest the entrance.

No draught beer, and the cheapest drinks are soft drinks at 140B. Bottled Heineken is 180B and Lady Drinks are 150B or 200B for models.

There are now 81 bars around Pattaya self identifying as GoGos.


 Updated: High flyers emerge from Cocoon...

News from Walking Street

Link Here 31st December 2017
sugar baby Sugar Baby A-GoGo on Walking Street was dark on Tuesday night. The reason is not yet apparent.

Update: The bar  reportedly closed due to 'supply problems', presumably a lack of available girls.

Meanwhile Cocoon nightclub has opened on Waling Street at the Soho Square  venue that was once Utopia and Upstairs A-GoGo. I

The nightclub is basically a disco but it has additional entertainment from aerial performers, an idea borrowed from Iron Club A-GoGo.



  Dolls and Buffaloes...

Bar news from around town

Link Here 29th December 2017

dollhouse On Soi Khao Noi Flintstone has gone dark.

On Walking Street Majestic Guesthouse (ST rooms upstairs of Fahrenheit A-GoGo) has reopened after a closure of nearly a year. (When I wrote my recent The Lighthouse A-GoGo review it was still closed.)

At The Dollhouse A-GoGo on Soi 15 bottled Heineken is 160 baht now and an ordinary lady drink (small glass of cola on the rocks) 175 baht. Private in-house fun upstairs 2,700 baht (room 700 baht plus girl 2,000 baht).

At Lek's Bar & Massage on Soi Khao Talo a bottled Heineken is 80 baht now and a lady drink (bottled Singha) 105 baht. The barfine is still 300 baht (also for the farm-fresh girls and I guess for the lone ladyboy) and they still do not have ST rooms.

Living dolls Showcase on Walking Street has already discontinued their happy hours until midnight experiment with all drinks at 95 baht.

Buffalo bar Driving on Third Road I suddenly decided to park and have a look at Buffalo Bar .

The place was deserted with not even a handful of older uninterested girls and even fewer customers.

I was told the barfine/room price for ST was 400 baht with 1,500 baht (!) to the girl.

The cashier is still a ladyboy and one of the "ladies" looked like one too.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht, lady drinks 90 baht.


 Updated: Gold's Down!...

Gold Club A-GoGo goes dark

Link Here 27th December 2017
gold pricesGold Club A-GoGo has gone dark on Soi LK Metro. The bar had only been open for a month

The reason is not yet clear but going dark on Christmas day is hardly likely to be a scheduled renovation.

So there are now 80 self defined GoGos open around Pattaya.


  Second dibs...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Big Hugs

Link Here 26th December 2017
big hugs sign Big Hugs on Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato) is a good fun, hands on, unzipped, anything goes bar that is also well cheaper than anything on Walking Street.

Of course there is the little snag that you are unlikely to find a girl who could command a post on a Walking Street stage. And if you are lucky enough to find a young and slim dancer, you can be pretty sure that she wont be staying in Big Hugs long. Saying that there are usually (but not always) one or two who are attractive enough to enjoy receiving their good close attention.

The same is exactly true of sister bar So Nice, but on the whole, So Nice seems to get first dibs for the available girls. One time I saw the girls in So nice draw lots with the loser having to leave for Big Hugs to make up the numbers there.


  High season...

Walking Street finally got busy on Friday night

Link Here 24th December 2017

bloomersIt finally got busy on Walking Street on the Friday before Christmas.

Happy and Beach Club have gone back to Coyote Dancers. The Girls were wearing huge pants like nappies, with t-shirt and bra. It's like they are trying to remove the Sex appeal from the Girls and it's working. The majority of the Girls are very mediocre.

The head waiter in Happy came over to say hello, there were 30 Coyote Dancers on the 2 stages at the time and I asked him why... this is supposed to be an a-go-go? He said . ..the new Girls were shy...

A very cute blonde called Tai, who's been there for years said... no customers ... by which I think she meant no customers buying Lady Drinks and Barfines, which was very obvious.

Beach Club was even more Banal, a few attractive Girls walking up and down but they never appear on stage.

The Windmill, Electric Blue and The Dollhouse which have naked girls were all packed.

Sweethearts and Sapphire Club who have very sexy Coyote Dancers were also packed.

Annabelle's had some lovely naked Girls showing their charms on the mat.

Sugar Baby was dead with very few and very average Girls. Their original mamasang is now in Crazy House which has a lot of sexy girls, naked and Coyote Dancers.


 Updated: Re-sexed...

Sexy Girls A-GoGo re-opens on Soi 8

Link Here 23rd December 2017
sexy girls closed)Sexy Girls A-GoGo at the 2nd Road end of Soi 8 has been dark for 10 days or so but re-opened on 22nd December.

So the GoGo count is now 81.


  Paradise and the rest...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews on Soi LK Metro

Link Here 23rd December 2017

Paradise sign 2014 Went to L K Metro Sunday night'

looked into Ladylove but it was very busy and very noisy. Nowhere to sit down so popped straight out,

Looked into Gold that was the opposite, very quiet with about 6 Punters, There were 6 Coyote Dancers wearing G-String's on the Stage, all of them overweight.

There were some attractive Girls Upstairs hiding in the Toilets, but they showed no interest when they came down. There was one attractive Girl on stage who was asking me for a drink but I had decided to leave by then.

Draft Lager 69 Baht for full half pint, very nice.

Popped into The Office , it was very bad, no Girl's showed us any interest and the Draft Lager was undrinkable soon left.

Got pulled into a bar by a Girl who recognized me from Sweethearts. Had a good time in there.

Passed on to Paradise Club . Some lovely Girl's in there as good as any in Walking Street. Nearly all the Girl's were Topless and just wearing a G-string. There was a blonde called Na. I'm not saying her tit's were big but they were a danger to shipping ,when she was dancing on stage.

There were 16 punters in, but Paul and I were the only ones buying lady drinks. This is the same wherever we go. I gave a 100 Baht tip to a stunning teenage blonde on the way out.

Finished in Sugar Sugar . it was nearly empty at 1 am, some lovely Topless Teenage Girls on stage. I gave the best one a 100 Baht tip but she did not come over for a drink, even though we were the only customers.









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