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11th February


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Pattaya bars and food reviews
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I was surprised to read that Super Baby and Smile Rock girls had closed. Pussy Galore has been closed for months.

On Soi LK Metro White Room has closed once again.

Dolls coyote bar on Soi 6 is still closed.


The roadworks on Thepprasit Road Soi 7 are over now, but Rioja gentlemen's club is still a disaster.

When I arrived there were three other punters, but they soon left.

I saw seven or eight sub-average females who looked very bored.

I was approached by a 34-year-old shapeless fatty from Ayudhya with two sons. She said she had been working at Johannesburg in South Africa for over a year and had been fucking eight locals a day at 500 rand a pop and she wanted to go to Singapore where she thought she could handle thirteen small dicks a day. Not my cup of tea.

Just like at Le Rouge (previously Saxo) the clumsy swivel stools are all but comfortable.

Bottled Heineken still 80 baht.


edelweiss On Thappraya Road Soi 13 I discovered a Swiss restaurant: Edelweiss.

Everything is a bit basic, but the food is good, reasonably priced and plenty and the place appears to be popular with Swiss people.

They have two daily specials: menu 1 at 225 baht and menu 2 at 315 baht.

Both daily specials and all main dishes include soup and salad buffet.



7th February

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Pattaya Bar Reviews: Montana
Link Here

montana Yesterday shortly before 9 p.m. I visited the gentlemen's club Montana Bar & Lounge.

I was the only customer and apart from the fatties there was an older tall lady who took my fancy. We agreed on ST upstairs, went to room 6 on the second floor, showered and started cuddling on the bed.

Suddenly the girl reached for her mobile and said: Police come. At first I did not grasp what she was talking about because of her limited English. Then she insisted on putting our clothes again and going downstairs.

For me, at that point, the momentum was completely lost anyway. At the bar I finished my drink at my ease, awaiting what was going to happen. She asked me lukewarmly if I wanted to come back the next day. No police showed up, only a bunch of drunken frogs, one of them stripping naked.

I am still puzzled: did she suddenly change her mind for some reason? Anyway, she will have got her share of the lady drink (130 baht) and the barfine (400 baht).


29th January

  The Dirty Duck...

Simply Pleasure

Pleasure in all the right places...

Sex Toys by Simply Pleasure

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Black Swan
Link Here

pattaya dark side logo Angel Bar Beer on Soi Khao Noi opposite Soi 9 has changed hands once again and has become Black Swan Bar.

The music was a bit loud for a closed beer bar and of the four girls I saw, two were totally uninterested.

Barfine 300 baht ST. The ST room upstairs is no longer used, but they do have a not particularly cosy, free room about 100 metres up the soi.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht, lady drinks 120 baht.

Ban Chang

It looks as if the website no longer exists as it returns error HTTP 404. Anyway, that website had not been updated for about a year.


16th January

  Play Corners...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Bar de la Poste
Link Here

post office bar Bar de la Poste on Soi Lengkee is open from 1.30 p.m. to 2.00 a.m., which is half an hour more than the Post Office on Soi Post Office, which opens from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

As usual I was escorted in by a ladyboy.

The bar area seemed darker than in the past and the quality of the girls seemed to have gone down.

The females still lack underwear under their short stretch dresses and their tariff is still 500 baht for BJ and 700 baht for FS.

One girl was running around in her birthday suit, probably after servicing a gentleman.

I was told that the ST room upstairs is no longer available and the barfine for the play corners is still 300 baht.

Nice and clean toilets.

Bottled Heineken still 80 baht, lady drinks now 110 baht down from 120 baht.


14th January

  Misty Coyote...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Mistys
Link Here

Club Mistys neon Club Mistys on Soi 15 off Walking Street has become a 100 % coyote club.

There were about twenty dancers in huge black tops and white shorts with underwear underneath. About six of them went on stage for very long dance stints. Some were average, but most were sub-average. Not the slightest nudity.

The music was too loud to allow any conversation.

On Second New Year's Day there were not even ten customers.

I did see Tim, but not Brian, nor the fattest mamasan.

There is still a donation box for the orphans at the Camillian Social Centre in Rayong.

Bottled Heineken still 145 baht.


31st December

  Yabba Dabba Don't...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Flintstone Bar
Link Here

pattaya dark side logo On Soi Khao Noi, in the double shophouse where Route 69 used to be, Flintstone Bar has opened.

Apart from a new sign and some Flintstones pictures nothing seems to have changed. The unused narrow stage with chrome poles, which separates the first part from the second, is still there.

I saw four working girls: a 20-year-old spinner who was too shy for any activity, another young one who was skinny in an unhealthy way, a slightly older one with a good shape whom I would have liked to vet, but who had suddenly disappeared, and a huge creature saying he/she/it wanted to take it up the arse.

The empty spaces in the middle did not contribute to an intimate feel. The manager roaming the place all the time did not help either. Unsurprisingly I was the only customer.

One more who is going to bite the dust. At least no money was wasted on a refurbishment.

Bottled Heineken 70 baht, 50 baht during happy hour.


28th December

  Christmas Socks...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Touch
Link Here

touch On Soi LK Metro, at the previous location of Oscars, Touch has opened.

The double-tier seating is very narrow and extremely uncomfortable; even for medium-sized people like me there is by far not enough knee space.

As the waitress forgot to bring my drink, I had to order it again with a different waitress.

On the central stage with seven chrome poles I saw the same number of more than overdressed coyotes wearing opaque over the knee socks, a fashion in Europe some twenty years ago.

They went on stage one at a time and some of them could have been easy on the eye if they had shown a bit more flesh.

The over the knee socks and stilettos would have matched well naked bodies.

At the rear, on a small triangular stage two sub-average topless girls were alternating and after that went for a naked shower in a cubicle behind that stage.

There was a disgusting cigarette stench.

For people like me getting bored there were also television screens with German erotic cartoons.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht.


27th December


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Dollhouse
Link Here

dollhouse Between Soi 14 and Soi 15, at the premises that over the last years have been more often closed than open, a new gogo has opened: The Dollhouse.

They seem to be connected with Club Electric Blue A-GoGo on Soi 15, but I am not sure if there is a link with the defunct Dollhouse on Walking Street.

The main entrance is on Soi 15 opposite Babydolls A-GoGo and the emergency exit is on Soi 14 next to Secrets Bar.

The ground plan is more or less a trapezium with the bar counter on the Soi 15 side, single-tier seating and some smaller stages with a chrome pole on each of them on the long side and very spacious double-tier seating on the two remaining sides.

The central stage is broad enough with a total of 18 chrome poles around it and a fireman's pole.

There were two alternating teams of over twenty dancers each who went on stage for not too long dance stints and stayed at the same place all the time.

In one team most of the girls were naked or topless.

In the other team most of the girls were clad in double-topped and double-bottomed huge ugly bikinis, many of them in violet colour with the word Dollhouse on the back of the pants.

On average the dancers were below average.

The music was loud and monotonous.

Shortly before midnight there were ten customers at most.

Bottled beers 150 baht, draught beer 90 baht, lady drinks 160 baht.


22nd December

  Infinitely Small G-String...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Infinity
Link Here
infinity front Infinity is located on Walking Street. Dave writes:

I Popped into Infinity on Monday night,

There were around 10 girls all attractive, bikini and topless.

The girl opposite me was small and very attractive, wearing a bikini. She was pulling her very small G-string down and showing me her very nice pussy and putting my hands on her Breasts,

A very nice experience.


21st December

  Oysters and Butterflies...

An update from the Dark Side
Link Here

The Duke's Lounge on Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 has closed; it has reopened under new ownership as Sinner Lounge .

777 Nicky Bar near Mabprachan Lake has been closed for quite a while; it was a disaster from its first beginnings.

Saxo Bar Club on Soi Khao Noi has been renamed Le Rouge , probably referring to cheap red wine.

white oyster sign White Oyster Lounge

At White Oyster Lounge on Soi Chaiyapornwithi the gates are already wide open at 2 p.m.

There are still diving nymphs, but they are wearing string bikinis now, because of police . That being said there are some twenty-somethings now with pretty bodies, who are not shy to show the contents of those string bikinis.

The whole lot (especially the tiles and the fans) needs a bit of repair and cleaning.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht now, lady drinks 130 baht.

La Guinguette

La Guinguette on Soi Siam Country Club Soi 27 is only a pale shade of its former self.

The very fat Thai female owner and the fat girls completely ignored me, their only customer.

The fans were extremely dirty; I doubt if they are ever cleaned. The swimming pool was fenced off, but I could see a naked farang sunbathing next to it.

You can order food there, i.e. pizzas, etc. (warmed up items from the freezer I guess).

Bottled Heineken 80 baht.

Butterfly Bar sign Butterfly Bar

Butterfly Bar off Soi Siam Country Club is still doing business as usual and about the cheapest bar on the Dark Side, for barfines and lady drinks that is.

They still open (and close) early and have females in all ages and sizes at a uniform price of 1,000 baht for ST. All of them are freelancers, who seem to value the discretion of the premises. Some of them appear to commute from as far as Rayong.

Barfine (ST room included) still 220 baht (50 baht for the girl).

Standard lady drinks still 80 baht (30 baht for the girl). Bottled Heineken still 80 baht.


19th December

  Coffee Coffee...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Paradise and Sugar Sugar
Link Here
Paradise sign 2014 Paradise

I popped into the Paradise Club in LK Metro on Saturday Night.

It was much Improved with attractive dancers, several topless and a much better atmosphere, and more interaction from the girls.

Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar I popped into Sugar Sugar on Friday Night.

It was very lively with attractive coyote dancers and about 10 topless dancers also very attractive.

Well worth a visit

It still does the best coffee in an A-GoGo.


19th December

 Updated: Short shorts...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sapphire Club
Link Here

Sapphire Club frontage I popped into The Sapphire club on soi 15, Sunday night,

It was very lively with a good atmosphere.

The Girls are all Coyote Dancers but some of the Girls have cut their shorts back so far they are almost like a G-string. There are over 100 Girls and most of them are very attractive,

Well worth a visit.

Update: Sapphire Black

19th December 2015.

It's even better in The Sapphire Club now.

some of the Girls are wearing black thigh length stockings, black knickers, a white bra and Black Braces. Some are in black negligees and black underwear.

It's the best group of Girls I've seen anywhere.


14th December

  Dolls Undressed...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Dollhouse
Link Here
dollhouse The Dollhouse opened on Soi 15 in early December. Dave writes:

I popped into Dollhouse on soi 15 Monday evening.

It's a large A-GoGo with good seating, although it was full and I was partially unsighted by a pillar.

There were lots of Girls, mostly average or slightly better. Dress was optional and most were naked.

Most of the Girls were from other A-GoGo's like Sweethearts.

Music was good.

Draft Beer 45 baht for happy hour 8-10pm

Everyone was having a good time. I will go again.


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