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2019: Oct-Dec

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Don't get taken to the cleaners...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 13th October 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Saturday evening. I got off at the Marine Plaza Hotel, Everything in that street is closed apart from the open air Seafood Restaurant and Champions.

Started in Peppermint which was fairly Quiet with around 15 punters. All the Girls were dressed in white Bikini or Coyote, with 2 Topless Birds. Most of the Girls have been there for years.

There were several new Girls, all big or Chubby. One attractive Girl was pulling her Bikini Bottom into the crack of her Arse and waggling it in my face. It was a lovely Bum and I managed to kiss it, she  was after a 40b tip of course, Well worth it. I got hit for a fortune with all the girls coming over and getting their Tits out for 40b.

8 Koreans came in and livened things up, chucking money around.

Nothing to set the blood coursing through your veins but a pleasant place for a Draft Beer, very nice at 69 Baht.

I stayed for 2 Draft Beers and moved onto Happy , which was lively with prettier and younger Girls.

Sat with Nok who's tall, very thin and a nice Dark Brown colour. Then Jane from Supergirl came over, I asked her where her friend Earn was and she said Tim Sa. I've no idea where she meant, she said it about 10 times. [maybe Tim's Bar, an A-GoGo on 2nd Road, Ed].

A fat cleaner came over and took my hand and started giving a very hard massage, she wanted a drink, I said no and offered her 40b, but she wanted a 100b so I put the 40b back in my pocket and she got nothing. She was back later asking for a drink again ,I declined again. Buying drinks for cleaners what next? I don't get drinks for waitresses unless i've known them for 10 years.

Some Asian men sitting next to me bought the biggest Bucket of Ping Pong Balls I've seen it must have been 5,000b,or more.

Some very Cute Girls in Happy in Rah Rah Skirts and about 6 Topless Dancers. Aagain a nice place for a  Beer but not very exciting. Diana came over for a drink but I declined, she's very attractive but a friend of my mate Paul and she drinks like a Fish. She does not always wait to be offered a drink either.

Then I made a big mistake going into the Shark Club . There were some very nice Girls on Show with 6 Topless, all very cute but they were playing extremely loud Thai Music with the Staff dancing in the aisles. I thought the song would never end it went on for over 20 mins, but when it finished they played another one, so o I paid up and left. My Ears were hurting. A Fat bird came over saying did I remember her from the Sapphire Club. Well no I didn't, not my type at all.

Going home up soi 15 about 12-30 am the Bars were shut but the A-go-go's were still going. Some had turned the lights off outside.




Super Model A-GoGo re-opens

Link Here 11th October 2019
Super Model A-GoGo re-opened on 10th October 2019 towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street.

The bar was a new venue when it opened on 7th July 2019. But it soon closed in August 2019 and was put up for sale. Presumably it has therefore re-opened under new management.

There are now 79 GoGos open around Pattaya.




Hidden A-GoGo returns to life on Walking Street

Link Here 10th October 2019
Hidden A-GoGo has re-opened on Walking Street on 9th October 2019.

The bar is located on the seaward side of the street which gives rise to licensing issues as teh council has decreed that no more GoGos should open on this side of Walking Street.

Anyway it is open for the moment and that makes 78 GoGos open around Pattaya.



Walking Street paved with gold...

Something new to replace Sugar Baby

Link Here 8th October 2019
Sugar Baby on Walking Street looks set to become a new GoGo named Golden Club.

Maybe this is related to the Chinese holiday week called Golden Week. There were also rumours of Chinese buyers at the time when Sugar Baby closed. Saying that there have also been clues suggesting something more Indian oriented.



Electric storm...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 6th October 2019

I popped into Walking Street on Saturday evening. It was very quiet on the roads but the Police were out on Thappraya Road and Second Road stopping Motorcyclists, and on the way home they were outside Food Mart stopping Cars.

Started in the Sapphire Club which was quiet with only about 20 punters. Usual array of attractive Girls although the best looking Bird was standing outside when I left.

I stayed to watch all the Girls round and headed to the Angel which was very quiet, only 4 or 5 punters when I entered. I  was just thinking of moving on when a waitress went and found Aor over the other side of the Room and brought her over for a drink. Pretty Face was in but was barfined, she said by  a friend to go drinking. Wwell they always say that.

Some stunning Girls in their as usual. Hugh Jarce was there with her even bigger sister, who was wearing a mini skirt, not a sight to o be missed. By the time I left the place had filled out with Asian Punters and was Buzzing.

I walked back up soi 15 which was very busy and into Electric Blue which was packed. Looks like the Punters came out late on Saturday night.

Lots of cute Birds in Rah Rah Skirts with nothing underneath, which they were happy to prove, and Naked Girls on stage. A very good atmosphere with the Girls and Punters having a great time.

Barfine for short time (2 hours) 800b. I saw quite a few Barfines being taken but the were still a lot of Girls Dancing with a lot of hands on fun. A good place for a Beer unless you're a Cheap Charlie.

Got home just before the big downpour at 1-30am.




Yes! A-GoGo reopens

Link Here 2nd October 2019
Yes! A-GoGo closed on Soi Diamond in August of this year. It has now re-opened on 1st October.

There were rumours of the GoGo changing formats to target farang lady customers, but no doubt we will soon see if there any changes in the bar.


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