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 2013: July-Sept
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29th September

 Offsite Article: Ghosts in the darkness...

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whores glory Amid the bright lights of Bangkok's thriving sex scene, freelance street workers remain largely invisible and unprotected. Police argue their presence helps cut down on other crimes...

See article from bangkokpost.com


Jingle All the Way

12th September

  Happy for Rice and Rubber Farmers...

Market leading Happy group raise drink prices in response to Government tax hike
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  • Jingle All the Way - Extended and Deleted Scenes [Additional Material]
  • Super Kids [Additional Material, Jingle All the Way]
  • The Making of a Hero [Additional Material, Jingle All the Way]
  • Turbo Man: Behind the Mask [Additional Material, Jingle All the way]

    9th September

      Funding a Mountain of Rice...

    The effect of the recent alcohol tax hike
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    r rating


    8th September
    8th September

      A Flat Rate with 2 Options...

    Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Harem Club
    Link Here
    Offsite Article:
      Google encrypts data amid backlash against NSA spying...

    Who's to be believed over claims that Google will encrypt data to prevent state snooping?


    6th September

      Half Wolf, Half Cat...

    Wildcats A-GoGo opens to replace Bada Bing
    Link Here
    videoChildren's DVD Cuts Cert Run Time BBFC decisions on 05 September 2013


    BBFC uncut


    4th September

      Boosting State Revenue...

    Substantial rise in alcohol taxes
    Link Here

    The Great Gatsby

          Additional Material:
    • Deleted Scenes - Baz Introduction [Additional Material, the Great Gatsby]
    • Alternate Ending [Additional Material, the Great Gatsby]
    • Razzle Dazzle: the Fashion of the '20s [Additional Material, the Great Gatsby]
    • The Greatness of Gatsby [Additional Material, the Great Gatsby]
    • The Jazz Age [Additional Material, the Great Gatsby]
    • Gatsby Revealed - the Plaza [Additional Material, the Great Gatsby]
    • Nick and Jordan [Additional Material, the Great Gatsby]

      New Tricks [Series 10, Episodes 1-8] is a crime thriller by Brian Grant, Metin Huseyin, Philip John...
      With Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman and Alum Armstrong.

      UK: Passed 15 uncut for infrequent strong sex references, violence and crime scene images for:

      • 2013 Acorn Media UK video
      3rd September

        Less Fizz but More Fun...

      Funhouse A-GoGo set to open on Soi Buakhao
      Link Here

      The Newsroom

      BBFC uncut


      There were a few whingers from Hunts...
      2nd September

       Updated: Roaring In...

      Wildcats A-GoGo set to open on Soi BJ
      Link Here

      BBC turn down complaint about a Stephen Fry limerick on QI