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2013: July-Sept

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Happy for Rice and Rubber Farmers...

Market leading Happy group raise drink prices in response to Government tax hike

Link Here12th September 2013
The market leading Happy group have put up their drinks prices in response to the recent government tax hike.

The increase seems to be 5 Baht across the board for beer but more for spirits.

Note that the Beach Club prices apply to Happy and Peppermint too.

Lady drinks look set to be increased to 140 Baht in the next few days.



Funding a Mountain of Rice...

The effect of the recent alcohol tax hike

Link Here9th September 2013
It seems that the beer suppliers to Pattaya's bars have substantially increased their prices.

The increases are about double the amount that can be apportioned to the government tax increase.

As an example, a case of Chang has just been increased by 22% above that a couple of weeks ago.



A Flat Rate with 2 Options...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Harem Club

Link Here8th September 2013

Harem Club is located at the Pratamnak end of Soi Diamond in the venue that was previously B4.

It is part GoGo and part short time bar.

When I visited the opening day it was a hostess bar with fat ladies. I have now visited a couple of times since, and there are now dancers, mostly in bikinis or double bikinis, so the bar now qualifies as a GoGo

The lobby, bars and dancing area covers 3 floors.

Drinks are from 100B.

All in rates are similar to Soi 6; Bar Fines + Short Time + Room = 1,000B. Another option is for 2 ladies and 3 hours at 2,500B

So there are now 89 bars around Pattaya that have Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Half Wolf, Half Cat...

Wildcats A-GoGo opens to replace Bada Bing

Link Here6th September 2013
Wildcats A-GoGo has opened on Soi BJ taking over from Bada Bing.

I visited after about 11pm.

I saw 10 dancers on the stage. One dancer would change each song. The girls were dancing enthusiastically, and were paying attention to the audience. Half the dancers were bikini clad and the others were coyote. I saw just one topless dancer. 5 show girls were bottomless.

There were 24 dancers on the mamasan's board but 6 were off.

There was a happy hour before 10pm when st least some drinks were 69 Baht. After happy hour soft drinks are 95 Baht. There's no draft beer.

Bar fines are from 700 Baht to 1,500 Baht (coyote).

There are now 87 bars in Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less



Boosting State Revenue...

Substantial rise in alcohol taxes

Link Here4th September 2013
Alcohol taxes have been hiked in Thailand to boost state revenues. This was confirmed by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong who said:

I want to assure you the tax restructuring for alcoholic beverages is not aimed at boosting state revenue, but is aimed at reducing the number of alcohol drinkers.

More importantly, we hope alcohol consumption will reduce during this Buddhist Lent period.

The tax increase has already taken effect. Also the way the tax is calculated has also been changed. The alcohol tax is now broken into two parts - a tax on product value and a tax on alcohol content.

The maximum tax for beer will be maintained at 60% of the product's value, but the effective tax rate per litre of 100% alcohol content rose from 100 baht to 300 baht. The tax hike will drive up beer prices by about 3-7 baht per bottle.

For wine, products worth less than 600 baht per bottle will be be exempt from the product value-based tax, while those priced above 600 baht will be taxed at 36% of the product's retail value. In terms of alcohol content, all wine will now be taxed at 1,000 baht per litre of pure alcohol, up from 100 baht.



Less Fizz but More Fun...

Funhouse A-GoGo set to open on Soi Buakhao

Link Here3rd September 2013
Funhouse A-GoGo opened on 2nd September at the old Club Blu venue on the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro.

A couple of days earlier Champagne A-GoGo at the other end of Soi LK Metro closed for renovations.

The rework is said to be extensive and the target re-opening seems to be around mid October. There are also rumours that the re-opening will be under new management.

The Champagne girls seem to have relocated to Bachelor A-GoGo and the new Funhouse A-GoGo.

The net result is that there are now 87 bars with Thai dancers wearing bikinis or less.



Updated: Roaring In...

Wildcats A-GoGo set to open on Soi BJ

Link Here2nd September 2013
Wildcats A-GoGo is taking over from Bada Bing on Soi BJ, just off Walking Street. The bar is under new management. But saying, that the new Wildcats manager will be familiar, he is the old Bada Bing manager.

The bar is set to open on 5th September.



Circus Due in Town...

Funhouse A-GoGo set to open on Soi Buakhao

Link Here25th August 2013
  Funhouse A-GoGo is taking over from Club Blu on the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro. According to the bar's facebook page, the bar is hoping to open on Monday 2nd September.

Lets hope the bar does better than XO Club. This was one of those very expensive clubs featuring East European dancers. It opened on Walking Street in front of New Living Dolls One on 14th August. It closed a few days later on 24th August.



Blowing Again...

Lolita's returns to Pattaya at a new home on Soi Chayaphun

Link Here19th August 2013
Lolita's was something of a Pattaya institution as a blow job bar located on Soi LK Metro.

The bar closed to make way for Crystal Club but has now re-opened in the same area on Soi Chayaphun. It has scaled down to a single unit though.

Soi Chayaphun runs from Soi Buakhao from Oasis A-GoGo to 3rd Road. Lolita's is located towards the Soi Buakhao end.



Malibu's Off...

Long running ladyboy show bar closes

Link Here17th August 2013
Malibu Bar on the corner of 2nd Road and Soi Post Office has closed.

It has been a Pattaya institution with its ladyboy shows, for as long as I can remember. Many years ago the show featured real ladies too.

The bar temporarily tried moving a few blocks north, but that didn't pan out and it returned to its original Soi 13/2 location.



Good Vibes...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Bachelor

Link Here15th August 2013
Bachelor Pattaya is a new GoGo on Soi LK Metro opposite sister bar, Queen Club.

My first visit to the bar was in the company of a few friends at 00:30am. The bill at the time was No 96.

There were about 15 ladies dressed from topless to light bikinis. It was a good quality roster.

Lady drinks were 135 Baht. [Earlier reports suggested 175 Baht, either prices have reduced or there is an expensive coyote lady drink price].

It is one of the best decorated GoGos in Pattaya with very good music. The ladies were not shy in speaking to customers. They were up for a kiss, without undue lady drink hassle.

In 2 words: good vibes.



A Bit of a Waiting Room...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Clinic

Link Here10th August 2013

Clinic A-GoGo is located towards the Beach end of Soi 7.

At a prime time Silver Star 2 was packed out, so I retreated to Clinic. It was just about ticking over with 4 or 5 customers.

There was a decent team of dancers in various stages of undress. The girls were making a good attempt of lively dancing. There were 2 teams swapping every few songs.

Unfortunately the girls didn't seem very keen on mingling with the customers once they had finished their dancing. The best lookers still double up as welcome girls so shoot out of the bar at the end of their dance.

The bar is bit ordinary and could so with taking a couple of pick me ups. Some nice looking clinicians though.



The Quality is There...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sensations

Link Here6th August 2013

Sensations is a recently opened GoGo on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond.

I visited at 1am, when I had bill number 361.

After a few visits, this is now one of my top 5 gogos.

The roster is just insane, so many ladies in this gogo, with 60-70 girls inside and so many are stunners. 80% are coyotes, 20% are bikini clad but there are no topless dancers

It's not a cheap gogo, no draft, nothing under 120-140 Baht, but the quality is there.



Champagne Paradise...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews

Link Here5th August 2013

Champagne on LK Metro

I visited at about 9:30pm.

The lady roster is fine with a few stunners. There were 20+ dancers but the dance rotation is a little bit long. The dancing is more coyote than gogo.

There is a weird video loop played non stop on TV (an old porn cartoon).

Paradise on Soi LK Metro

A midnight visit with the bill numbered as 110th for the evening.

The bar is not a paradise for me, 16+ girls, with a total of almost 1000 kilos!!

There were a couple of good looking ladies, but the others were not attractive from my point of view.

but at least the music was much better than that just experienced at Crystal Club

99 Baht for my vodka-lipo, made it the best standard priced cocktail in any GoGo I tried.



Updated: Not So Ex-X-Zone...

X-Zone temporarily dark

Link Here4th August 2013

X-Zone is located on the upper floor of the Covent Garden Complex.

The bar was reported as dark but the explanation is that a meeting to resolve staff issues was taking place. The bar owner has now stated that the bar is continuing, and indeed the bar opened at the usual time on the next evening.

Some staff have now departed. But last night the bar was continuing with 8-10 dancers and 4 girls for the very naughty show.

If your favourite girl has departed then it may be worth trying Babydolls.

There are now 86 bars in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less



Carre Blanc in Rehab...

Bar news from around town.

Link Here2nd August 2013

Carre Blanc has been raided by police who say they found a 17 year old girl working there. The bar is known for plenty of fun in the bar, but reviewers usually report on the girls being on the older side, rather than the other way round.

The previous French owner is reported to be working on a new project opening in Soi Arunothai.

Rehab, the coyote club on Soi Buakhao, a couple of blocks south of the main GoGo area around Soi LK Metro, is laying on a free Baht bus. It presumably runs on a circuit to connect with the main customer traffic further north on the soi.

There's now less dancing on Soi 8, with Club 23 ending its coyote dancing. It now operates as a standard bar.



A Second Look...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Crystal Club

Link Here30th July 2013

Crystal Club has just opened on Soi LK Metro at the venue that was once Lolita's

I visited at a peak time of 23h10 (and according to the bill, the 190th customer)

Of course, the bar no longer employs the premium ladies like at the opening.

There were 18+ ladies, of which one was topless. All the others were coyote. They were not very friendly and some of the girls looked very bored.

The music mix (I didn't see if there was a DJ or not) wasn't impressive.



Updated: The French Connection...

Walking Street news with a distinctly Russian flavour

Link Here29th July 2013

Well the connections of Moulin Rouge seem to have taken the police raid in the stride, and the bar was open as usual on the following night.

The theme of East European dancing is set to increase its presence on Walking Street with the opening of XO Club. This is located on the alley down to New Living Dolls One and is set to open on 1st August. The bar seems to have connections with the long running Galaxy Cabaret.

But Russian dancing is not universally popular, perhaps something to do with the sky high prices. Crazy Horse, a Russian Cabaret located further south on Walking Street, has gone dark. 

Update: Crazy Horse re-opened the following night



Girls Booked for a Suitably Expensive Long Time...

Police raid Moulin Rouge

Link Here28th July 2013

Pattaya police raided the Walking Street bar, Moulin Rouge, last night at around half past midnight.

The East European dancers inside were hauled off in a pick-up in the direction of the police station.

No doubt work permits will be checked.



Looking Out for the Horse...

A first look at Dream Club A-GoGo

Link Here27th July 2013

Dream Club A-GoGo opened at the Soi Diamond venue that was previously Carousel A-GoGo on 24th July.

There's no happy hour nor is there a draft beer. However there is a 100 Baht option of bottled Leo.

At 9:30pm on opening night there were 25 dancers, all coyote. The bar has a dream that the dancers will soon lose a fair few clothes. But for the moment the bar fines are 1500 Baht until midnight, and 1000 Baht after.




Bada Bing closed pending a change of management

Link Here26th July 2013

Bada Bing is located on Soi BJ, just a few paces off Walking Street.

It has been pretty low key on my last couple of visits with too few girls wearing too many clothes.

Unsurprisingly this situation has led to a change of management. The bar has now closed and is hoping to re-open under new management on 5th August. The hopes are to introduce plenty of nudity and also shows.

There are currently 87 bars in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Bachelor Dream...

New GoGos open in Pattaya

Link Here25th July 2013

Bachelor Pattaya opened on the 17th July on Soi LK Metro.

It does seem to have scored many comments on the forums yet but the few that it has have reported a good looking club, a few friendly ladies but no nudity.

Dream Club A-GoGo opened on 24th July on Soi Diamond at the location that was once Carousel.

Again it hasn't scored many forum comments yet.

Reviews to follow.

There are now 87 bars in Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Oh No Not the Whistles...

A change of format at Champion

Link Here20th July 2013

Champion A-GoGo is a long running bar on Walking Street near Soi BJ.

The bar has been struggling of late and the management has decided to do something different. And unfortunately the new idea is to try a pussy tricks show.

The happy hour has ended and the draft beer is now 85 Baht.

There is an entry charge for people snared by touts which includes a drink. It is still free to those that walk in independenty.

Dream Club A-GoGo

The new bar replacing Carousel on Soi Diamond has given up a pre-opening and will now open up with dancers on 24th July. There will be an opening party on 27th July.



Looking into the Future...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Crystal Club

Link Here18th July 2013

Crystal Club has just opened on Soi LK Metro at the venue that was once Lolita's

I saw almost 50 dancers in the bar (there were 49-51 dancers on the  mamasan's board) in 5 teams but mostly coyotes.

Mamasan said We'll have some topless dancers and bottomless dancers in one month.

Bar Fines for all dancers (including coyotes) are 800 Baht till midnight, after midnight 600 Baht.

Draught beer was 60 Baht (It is 65 Baht officially) in happy hour.

They'll open at 2pm from 19th July.



Bachelor Dream...

Two new GoGos set to open

Link Here17th July 2013

Bachelor Pattaya is a new bar on Soi LK Metro opposite Queen Club. It is set to open tonight(17th) and will have an opening party on Saturday 20th July. On the same day, sister GoGo, , Queen Club, will have its 1st anniversary party.

Dream Club is a redevelopment of the Soi Diamond bar that was previously Carousel Club. It is set to open on 18th July, but just as a bar until after the two dry days for Buddhist celebrations. It will open as a GoGo bar on 24th July.



Dangerous Discos...

Police terrorising farangs with passport checks at Hollywood Disco

Link Here15th July 2013

In the early hours of Saturday Pattaya Police and Local Government Officials conducted checks on three Late Night entertainment venues in North Pattaya.

Over 100 Police, Government Officials and Volunteers conducted raids on the Hollywood Discotheque, Tawana Pub and MC Pub in the two hour operation which saw a number of individuals arrested for minor drug offences and some foreigners who were not carrying their passports which is a fineable offence in Thailand.

These raids are set to continue for the foreseeable future and ensure that everyone, including foreigners, comply with all aspects of Thai Law.



Last Minute Crystalisation...

Crystal Club A-GoGo opens on Soi LK Metro

Link Here13th July 2013

Crystal A-GoGo has opened on Soi LK Metro.

It was a little later than hoped but they got there on the appointed day. Which was a good job really as they had invited an awful lot of people to the opening. It was full. So first impressions will have to wait for another night.

There are now 86 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Seeking Company...

FLB reverts to a hostess bar

Link Here10th July 2013

FLB is a long running hostess bar on Walking Street between Insomnia and the street's famous tree.

For the last few month the bar has been employing agency coyote dancers, but has now announced that the bar will revert to staff hostesses.

Easier said than done, but several bars have spoken of the desire to do away with the expensive agency girls. Lady Love on Soi LK Metro recently announced that it no longer uses agency dancers.



Seeking Fun...

Police continue raiding bars

Link Here10th July 2013

Pattaya Police conducted an undercover sting operation at Fun Seekers Dance Bar on Soi 6.

As a result of the operation, police are accusing the bar of employing two underage bar girls.

Police arrested the bar's manager and cashier.



A Dangerous Mixx...

Police raids have scarily piss tested foreign customers in Bali Hai discos

Link Here8th July 2013

Police have been raiding Pattaya bars again and particularly picking on discos.

On Saturday nigh/Sunday morning, police raided the Bali Hai clubs, Lima Lima Club, the MC2 Infinity Pub and Mixx Discotheque.

Thai and Foreign customers along with members of staff were urine tested and after over 200 tests were conducted a total of 15 people were detained after irregularities were found with their test results.

11 female patrons, 3 staff members and 1 famous model from Bangkok were arrested and taken to Pattaya Police Station for processing.



Updated: People in glass houses have been throwing stones...

Changes at Glass House A-GoGo

Link Here6th July 2013

The Glass House A-GoGo opened on Walking Street in February 2013.

There have been changes at The Glass House. Owner and hard working manager Brian has sold most of his shares to partners.

He also departed from his job as manager. And it is reported that most of the staff walked out with him.

The bar closed a couple of nights for recruiting and then re-opened.

It seems that the new management will ease off on prices. Happy hour and 59 Baht draft beer will be introduced and bar fines have been reduced to a straight 700 Baht.

The bar will also try to avoid using coyotes. The upstairs bar will feature nudity and the bar intends to introduce shows.



Prices Return to Centre Stage...

Cheap drinks end at Beach Club

Link Here4th July 2013

The newly re-configured Beach Club is now open on Soi 15, a few paces off Walking Street.

Presumably the new Beach Club has come up to speed and it is no longer in need of a boost from cheap drinks.

Drinks prices have now reverted to the same prices as the rest of the group. 65 Baht for draft beer, 135 for bottled beer and lady drinks at 130 Baht.



Offsite Article: Morons and their Cameras...

Link Here1st July 2013
Taking a look at hidden cameras that may be used to film in UK strip pubs

See article from

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