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2014: Jan-March

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Updated: The Old New Star...

Silver Star 3 closes for redevelopment

Link Here3rd April 2014
New Star, better known as Silver Star 3 is located towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street.

The bar has now closed for redevelopment. It will re-open as a new GoGo at the end of April.

The dancers have moved to Silver Star 1 and 2 on Sois 8 and 7.

There are now 84 bars in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Update: Gone to Hell

3rd April 2013.

The redevelopment at Silver Star 3/New Star has unfurled banners proclaiming that the new incarnation will be called Hades Coyote Club.



A Sexy Ex...

Sexy A-GoGo closes on Soi 7

Link Here30th March 2014
Sexy A-GoGo is located on Soi 7 towards the 2nd Road end, not to be confused with Sexy Girls A-GoGo, similarly located on the nearby Soi 8.

The GoGo has now closed although there are plans to re-open in April. The venue has spent a lot of time closed over the last few years, but does keep coming back.

There are now 85 bars in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Boom Boom...

Rahtree Bar Complex has a makeover

Link Here22nd March 2014
What was previously known as the Rahtree Complex has been reborn as Boom Boom .

It is located on Soi Buakhao a couple of blocks south of the Soi Diana/Soi LK Metro area. It was recently the home of the failed coyote bar, Rehab.

The complex is attractive and quite striking but saw few customers, perhaps because it was mostly out of sight behind Rehab

The complex managers have crammed in a few open beer bars where they can be seen from the street, chosen a more meaningful name, and erected an attention grabbing new sign.

Hopefully it will now be spotted by the passers by on their way to the Soi LK Metro area.



Talk of the Forums...

FLB Re-opens

Link Here19th March 2014
The long running FLB Bar has re-opened. It is located on Walking Street by the shrine known as the Walking Street Tree.

A review will follow but it look that the previous hostess bar format will continue.



Room 101 x 8...

808 Disco opens on Walking Street

Link Here16th March 2014
808 Disco has opened up on Walking Street.

The club is above Candy Shop in the venue that was once hammer Club and was also once slated to become the Pleasure Dome, the biggest GoGo in Pattaya. Neither ventures were successful.

808 is associated with another club, Lima Lima located at the Bali Hai end of Walking Street.



You Twat!...

Having fun with bar names on Soi 6

Link Here9th March 2014
A posting from a Pattaya forum suggest that the currently closed Lisa Bar on Soi 6 has found new owners and will be reborn in 2 or 3 weeks as You Twat! Bar.

No doubt soon to be followed by You're Fucking Kidding Bar.




Sapphire Lodge closes on Pratamnak Soi 4

Link Here5th March 2014
Sapphire Lodge was a gentlemen's club, a fair way off the beaten track, and in the vicinity of Kinnaree.

It has now closed and is up for sale.

It is tough to compete with an established bar in the gentlemen's club market. There seems to be a tendency towards a natural monopoly. The girls gravitate to where the most customers are, and the guys seek out the bar with the most girls. The remote locations mean that it is not so simple to try others out via a crawl or whatever. The bottom line is that customers will only go to far flung places if they are pretty sure that they will get what they want.

And Sapphire Lodge simply didn't offer that certainty.



Forever Looking Back Bar...

FLB Bar set to make a come back

Link Here3rd March 2014
According to reports on the Pattaya-Addicts , FLB Bar is set to make a come back on 16th March.

It seems that it will be continuing pretty much where it left off when it closed in January earlier this year.



Babes in Toyland...

The Booze Lounge opens on Soi Buakhao

Link Here1st March 2014
The Booze Lounge has opened a second branch, Booze Lounge 2 in Soi Buakhao.

The first dark side branch has done very well and so the second was born.

The owners are also connected with the new Oscars A-GoGo on Soi LK metro.



Hits a Submerged Reef...

Coral Reef Beer Bar looks set to close

Link Here26th February 2014
Coral Reef Bar has been a long running feature on Soi 7 that has often been mentioned by Pattaya fans.

Unfortunately it has now been sold and looks set to be closed, and be reborn as something else.

Most of the landmark bars have now disappeared but there are a few still soldiering on.



Paradise Postponed...

Paradise A-GoGo closes for renovation

Link Here16th February 2014

Paradise A-GoGo is located on Soi LK Metro.

The bar has now closed for renovation for about 6 weeks. I hope they are not making another clone of Champagne/Crystal/Oscars/Funhouse.

There are now 85 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Miserable Valentines...

Thailand closes the bars as Buddha day trumps Valentines Day

Link Here11th February 2014

Pattaya's bars have received the dreaded letter from the authorities ordering them to close on Valentine's Day.

The killjoys have decided that a Buddha day trumps Valentines Day.

So all parties are pooped and all the young couples can spend a quiet night in.



New Stripes...

Tiger re-opens above Soi Diamond

Link Here11th February 2014

Tiger is located on on Soi Diamond with stairs up from Walking Street.

The bar re-opened in February 2014 under the same management as before.

The bar does not yet count as a GoGo as all of the dancers were wearing too much,

So for now the GoGo count stays unaltered at 86



There's not much call for family pubs in Pattaya...

The Acorn Pub closes at The Avenue

Link Here10th February 2014
The Acorn Pub has closed on the first floor of the Avenue shopping mall. The venue was perhaps better known in its previous incarnation as Shenanigans.

The venue promoted itself as a family pub but clearly there is a somewhat limited market for such in Pattaya.

The pub signed out on 4th of February with the following statement:

We are sorry to announce that we will no longer be trading as of Midnight tonight. If you have enjoyed good times , ate and drank at The Acorn Gastro Pub we are incredibly grateful for your custom. For Now we will be relocating to shenanigans Jomtein we hope to see you there. Thanks



A New Destiny...

Destiny re-opens under new management on Soi LK Metro

Link Here9th February 2014

Destiny is located on Soi LK Metro opposite Paradise A-GoGo.

The bar has just been refurbished and re-opened on 8th February. A review will follow.

The bar is under new management so hopefully they can improve on the rather modest popularity that the previous incarnation enjoyed. This was probably down to the bar being more coyote than GoGo. 



Absolutely Banging...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Spider Girl

Link Here29th January 2014
Spider Girl is an open corner bar on Soi 6

Music absolutely banging and loved it......Music coming off Youtube with big speakers attached and staff happy to let you choose own music as long as its loud.....

Some cracking Girls and great fun all round with normal interaction.

Nice Rooms upstairs 300 BF and 1000 for Girl

LD'S expensive at 160 Baht and Tiger 85 Baht very reasonable

My favourite Coolie House on the Six



Updated: Closed for a Re-Horn...

Rhino A-GoGo closes for refurbishment

Link Here29th January 2014

Rhino A-GoGo is located on Walking Street a few metres from Soi 16.

The GoGo has now been converted into an open coyote bar.

There are now 87 bars in the Pattaya area offering Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Update: Resigned

29th January 2013. Thanks to Ishi

The bat has now removed the word GoGo from its sign.




Ginza A-GoGo now listed as a coyote bar

Link Here27th January 2014
Ginza A-GoGo is one of the bars located on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond.

The Thai-Anxiety definition of a GoGo is that there should be Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less. Ginza A-GoGo dancers seems to have been exclusively coyotes since September 2013. So now the venue is listed in the as a coyote bar rather than a GoGo.

There are now 87 bars around Pattaya with girls dancing in bikinis or less.




FLB Bar closes

Link Here20th January 2014
The FLB hostess bar has closed in Walking Street from where it operated for as long as I can remember.

Connections  to the bar have contributed a lot to Pattaya nightlife as it started the first bar sponsored forum that took off. The bar was a meeting point and a partying point for many of the forum members that are still active today.

The bar also provided the inspiration for Secrets, another influential Pattaya bar with a major forum.



Moonlight Goes Dark...

Moonlight A-GoGo closes in Covent Garden

Link Here18th January 2014
Moonlight A-GoGo has gone dark after a couple of months of operation.

It is located in Covent Garden in that most difficult of venues that has seen failures as Babewatch, Taboo, Black & White, Sin City and Club Relaxxx.

There are now 88 bars in the Pattaya area with girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Clinically Dead...

Clinic A-GoGo closes

Link Here15th January 2014
Clinic A-GoGo has closed on Soi 7.

The builders are in seemingly to convert it back to the beer bar from whence it came.

the bar had been running since December 2010 but always seemed to be living in the shadow of neighbour Silver Star 2.

There are now 89 bars currently classified as GoGos, but a couple are set for the chop for being permanently overdressed.

Meanwhile on Walking Street the old Teazers coyote bar in front of New Living Doll 1 has gone lady boy. The new bar opened on the 6th January as Shhh. But the secret is that there are 5 lady boys working there and even the token service girl is a tom.



Airport Stand...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Airport

Link Here14th January 2014
Airport is located on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond.

Bit of a change here since my visit last year. The dancers on the front stage were not in their little stewardess outfits, just a mix of tops and shorts.

2 naked girls in shower but only one soaping up and spinning round the tiled podium, the other girl just standing there.

The rear stage/playmat had 4 naked girls just standing around. One had a piece of pipe lagging and hit a guy going to the toilet. Apart from that they just stood there.

Singha and San Migal both B135.



Not a Sensation...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sensations

Link Here13th January 2014
Sensations is located on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond.

Called in Sensations. About 16 girls on 2 stages, all in shorts and T shirts. Next dance team came on, mostly in shorts and T shirts and a few on back stage in bra's and thongs. 2 took off their bra's then one put it back on and went to sit with a customer leaving just one topless. Next dance team came on and it was back to all in shorts and T shirts.

Not much of a go go and certainly not a sensation.

Singha and San Migal B135.



Updated: FLB and Mai Lu Su are closing...

New faces at MClub and Paradise, and afternoon opening at Champagne

Link Here13th January 2014
Mai Lu Si, the Belgian/Dutch cafe style bar on Soi LK Metro is closing tonight on Soi LK Metro. It is closing with a party and is soon to announce plans for a new venue for the bar.

MClub is a gentlemen's club at 3rd Road: Soi 14. It changed hands in mid December 2013 and is now owned by Neil.

Paradise A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has also changed hands. The previous owner Johan may now be found at his other GoGo, Sweethearts on Walking Street.

Champagne A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has resumed afternoon opening from 2pm. Cheap drinks are available in the afternoons.

And finally it seems sad that FLB is closing on Friday 15th January. The long running hostess bar on Walking Street was one of the first to establish a popular forum and became an established meeting point for its board members.

Update: New Mai Lu Si

12th January 2013. Thanks to Dick Farang

Mai Lu Si, the Belgian/Dutch cafe style bar which has just closed on Soi LK Metro is set to move. The new location is planned in a new development in a small soi off Soi Buakhao, opposite the new hospital.

Update: When It's Gone It's Gone

12th January 2013. Thanks to Dick Farang

 On Sunday 12th January 2014 Mai Lu Si was still open, but Pookie has decided to stop ordering more drinks.

The new location is towards the end of the dead end soi opposite Pattaya City Hospital at numbers 420/131 and 420/132. A lot of work still appears to be done there.

Here is their new business card. Charlie is a Dutch speaking Belgian from Lokeren.




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Amethyst

Link Here10th January 2014
Amethyst show bar is newly opened on Soi LK Metro at the venue that was previously MASH.

Called in Amethyst, on Soi LK Metro at 9-55 to see the show at 10-00.

Around 20 girls dancing when I went in. Show started, 5 scenes, starting with a few clothes on and ending naked. The memorable scene was a girl leaping about lashing a whip on the floor and doing the splits, swinging round the poles over the heads of those sat by the stage. Her finale was to climb up a pole and jump off, landing on the stage doing the splits. This was not your average 7/8 stone girl. She was a good size 12/14, big girl. Very good show, well choreographed.

Singha B150, ladydrinks B185.

Lots of pressure to keep buying ladydrinks. About 40 - 50 girls working. Very nice decor.

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