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2014: April-June

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Playing Hide and Seek...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Naughty Girls

Link Here30th June 2014

At Naughty Girls on Soi Diamond I saw 10-15 dancers, most of them overdressed and overweight and some of them hiding in corners.

Two of them went topless and two others were wearing a transparent skirt without pants.

The waitresses were friendly however.

For most of the time I was the only customer.

Bottled Heineken 125 baht.



Flexx Raided...

"I don't go on a holiday to be loaded into a army truck by military personnel"

Link Here29th June 2014
Police, Chonburi immigration police and soldiers have raided Flexx Club pub at the south end of  Walking Street, Pattaya.

They asked the pub staff to turn the lights on and stop the music which caused the revellers to panic and they tried to flee the scene but the officers had already sealed the exit doors. The officers then inspected passports, visas, ID cards and searched for drugs.

Upon inspecting the pub they found 32 foreigners without passports, 5 foreigners and 5 Thai girls failed drug tests. In addition the officers found cocaine on the ground near the DJ stage.

The police that they had raided this pub because there were rumours that people take drugs there and also it stays open after hours.

The raid was a bit of a showcase and the news was carried by Channel 7 TV.

Farangs are warned to carry at least a copy of their passport or else a picture on their smart phones showing the photograph page and the visa and/or entry stamp.

Of course this is not the sort of thing that endears visitors and tourists. One Pattaya forum poster wrote, perhaps echoing the thoughts of many:

If this is going to be the norm in Thailand I'm out until a proper democratic government is installed.

No matter how clean you are if you get caught in a situation you are history and no one can help you, you are totally screwed

I just don't need to take these risks. Okay for business people to say its all good, no problem it will all be fine but I don't go on a holiday to be loaded into a army truck by military personnel. Sitting in a bar and being breathalysed, drug tested, filmed for TV news, and if you aren't carrying your passport you are taken into custody.

F@%k that.



All at Sea...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Sea

Link Here27th June 2014

Does The Sea on Soi Diamond still count as a gogo ?

I saw 3-4 average bikini dancers and 15-20 less than average coyotes.

No nudity.

At prime time there was only one other customer; the swarms of Japanese and South-Koreans seem to stay away as the quality of the girls is by far not what they are looking for.

Some coyotes tried to get lady drinks.

The old mamasan looked like an utterly uninterested granny.

A waste of time and money.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht.

I think if you only count the places with a MAJORITY OF bikini or less dancers, there are not 80ish gogos, but some 50 at best.



Kayaking Around the Darkside...

News and comment

Link Here23rd June 2014

Boom Boom Karaoke was a rather spacious beer bar on Soi Khao Noi owned by a farang and his Thai wife. It has been sold to an old Thai lady and is being repainted. The sign has been changed to Welcome Inn and is yellow and better visible than the previous one. The exact location is the northern side of Soi Khao Noi, halfway between Sukhumvit Road and the railway.

On Soi Khao Talo, also halfway between Sukhumvit Road and the railway, at the location of the former Ann's Angels some refurbishment activity is going on; not sure what it is going to become.

At the connection of Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 and Soi Nern Plab Wahn Soi 24 Titty Twister was sold in 2013 to a German who renamed it Offshore Base. However the new venture did not last long and it was closed before Songkran 2014. The location in the middle of nowhere and the lack of ST rooms will not have helped.

Kayak Bar on Soi Pattanakan seems to have a strange business model.

Pop, the shy non-barfineable virgin , was still there, this time being beautiful in a black dress until halfway her calves.

A 21 years old rather chunky mother of two, whose name I already forgot, was wearing an also decent blue dress under which it was difficult to guess the quality of the goods. She expected 3,000 baht ST and she would not budge to less than 1,500 baht.

Barfine was 300 baht and the room was 200 baht extra.

There was also one obligatory ladyboy (apparently a must at the Dark Side).

Bottled Heineken however was still 50 baht (happy hour ?).



Updated: Something Needs to be Seen to be Done...

Ginza I and Ginza II shut down by the police for 60 days

Link Here22nd June 2014
Walking Street GoGos, Ginza I & II, have been shut down by the authorities. Ginza I for 60 days and Ginza II for 30 days.

There are now numerous venues around Walking Street displaying closure notices. Presumably something needs to be seen to be done to appease the Americans. The annual Trafficking in People report for 2014 has just downgraded Thailand to its bottom tier, mostly for treating its foreign labour as slaves. This lowly ranking will result in a loss of US funds and the inevitable diplomatic pressure. This could result in renewed actions against nightlife venues.

In the meantime there are still 82 venues with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less that could be the targets of future police raids.

Update: Related to trafficking or not?

There has been a spate of police raids with the following current closures

  • New Living Doll Show Case : 60 days
  • Tipsy Disco : 60 days
  • Harem Club : 30 days
  • Lucifer Disco : 60 days
  • Ginza II : 30 days
  • Ginza I : 60 days

Oukiva doubts the connections between the raids and the US report about trafficking. He notes that previous years have also seen a lot of police activity in May and June.

Meanwhile in an  article from , the police have provided some rationale behind the raids and trafficking is certainly mentioned:

Praphan Prathoomchomphu, Deputy District Chief; Head of Stability Division, organised the police raids. Upon searching 2 venues the police found 4 female employees who were under 18 years old and 14 male and female employees who had consumed drugs.

Khomsan Aekkachai (Chonburi Provincial Gorvernor) ordered the closure of these entertainment spots. He also warned entrepreneurs of every kind of entertainment venue that hiring under the aged staff is illegal and if there is any type of sexual service being offered its classed as human trafficking and the venue owners will be punished fully to the extent of the law.

And if anyone want to read what the USA is saying about Thailand see  2014 Trafficking in Persons Report: Thailand .




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: World Wide

Link Here20th June 2014

World Wide on Beach Road between Soi 7 and Soi 8 seems to open later now, around 8 p.m.

After official shopping and banking duty at Central Festival I like to drink a cheap bottled Heineken in a hassle free chilled environment nearby, which makes World Wide with bottled beers at 85 baht an excellent choice.

World Wide seems to have an endless supply of bikini dancers (thank goodness no coyotes) in all shapes and sizes and varying from a 3 or a 4 to a 7 or an 8; I seldom see the same faces again.

Although some of the girls go topless and some not, this does not make a big difference as the bras are transparent anyway.

Beer prices are very democratic and there is very little pressure (except from an ugly tomboy waitress who is a real pain in the arse) to buy lady drinks.

All this makes me think their core business is still the old-fashioned barfining. Anyway I often see girls in plain clothes leave with punters.

Between the standard Pattaya shuffle stints with about 8 girls in similar bikinis/strings on stage at any time, there is from time to time a lousy naked lesbian style show.

They also have a pussy trick performer now with big bolt-ons and an unshaved beaver.

Each time she blows a whistle, smokes a couple of cigarettes, shoots some darts or draws a picture, she sparingly takes off her string, but keeps her top and her sandals.

No toilet tips.

Draught beer 50 baht all night, most bottled beers 85 baht also all night.



Your Average Pils...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Nui's Club

Link Here19th June 2014
cristal alkenNui's on Walking Street has indeed been refurbished .

They have a makeshift central stage now and recycled seating and tables at both sides.

Smile Rock Girls on Soi 15 looks like a palace compared to it.

Strange enough they had Belgian beer coasters (see right). Cristal Alken is a very average Belgian pils beer, slightly better than Stella Artois.

There were two teams of dancers.

Of the dancers in white bikinis two or three could have taken my fancy in a nicer and less cramped environment. The majority however were ugly coyotes, mostly clad in white too.

The fatties of the previous incarnation of Nui's had gone.

No nudity.

One waitress and several waiters.

Bottled Heineken was 145 baht.



A Walk on the Dark Side...

Pattaya Bar Reviews

Link Here18th June 2014

On Soi Khao Noi I revisited Paradise bar.

There were 9 or 10 girls in their thirties, most of them overweight, but polite enough.

At the right side they have a counter behind which punters can get a blowjob at 200 + 500 baht.

I was told a full service in a ST room upstairs is 300 + 1,000 baht and a LT takeaway barfine 400 baht.

Bottled Heineken 70 baht.

When I had a look once again at Route69 on Soi Khao Noi I was surprised not to be their only customer as usual.

There were about ten bikers with the wives/girlfriends of some of them.

A very ugly, very skinny and very shy girl without any English came sitting next to me.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht.

At Mango Bar on Soi Khao Noi you have to ring the doorbell now and there is a good reason for it.

There were a number of more or less naked not so young fatties cavorting around.

There was also one good looking slim girl with a beautiful dress.

She appeared to be bottomless under her dress, a threeholer, a real sweetheart and in an excellent shape for her 39 years.

Similar to Paradise bar they also have a special counter behind which head can be given.

There is an indoor playground downstairs behind the bar and there is an en suite room upstairs.

Barfines: BJ counter 200 baht, ST downstairs 300 baht, ST upstairs 400 baht, LT takeaway 500 baht.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht.

On Soi Nern Plab Wahn opposite Brass Monkey is a small bar without ST rooms, Stumble Inn.

The 2 or 3 girls were completely uninterested.

Bottled Heineken 70 baht.

Sugar Ray is an Australian owned bar on Soi Nern Plab Wahn between Brass Monkey and Riverside.

A cute girl I had seen sitting there appeared to be a customer.

This left one old fatty and one ladyboy.

No ST rooms

Bottled Heineken 65 baht, barfine 300 baht.



Half Coyote...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Misty's

Link Here17th June 2014

It was a while ago I had visited Misty's on Soi 15 off Walking Street.

I was unpleasantly surprised by the fact that all of a sudden half of the staff had become coyotes.

Assistant manager Tim explained that it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right girls.

Nevertheless there were still some cuties among the regular bikini and topless dancers.

Bottled Heineken at 145 baht, lady drinks at 150 baht.



Dreaming of Rain Coats?...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Dream Club

Link Here16th June 2014

I popped into Dream club, Soi Diamond last week. A very forgettable experience.

The music was ear shattering, the girls on the stage were wearing rain coats. There were no gogo girls just coyote dancers, the one I spoke to was from Bangkok.

There was one fat bird about 40 doing pussy tricks.

When we left the best looking girls were outside.

One to miss.



Something Hopefully Will Click...

King Kong Bar reportedly taken over by Click Bar

Link Here15th June 2014
King Kong Bar is located near to the 2nd Road end of Soi 6.

Once upon a time King Kong Bar was noted as the raunchiest in Pattaya but a succession of new owners preferred a more prim and proper image to their bar. This resulted in long period of obscurity with barely a mention in dispatches.

It is now reported that King Kong has been bought out by the more fun loving Click Bar.

Hopefully this could mean a return to the hey day of King Kong when it was the soul of Soi 6.



Open Season...

Continued police raids on Walking Street

Link Here14th June 2014
  It was reported last night that Ginza I and II GoGos were raided by police and the military.

It seems likely that the list of GoGos closed on police orders will increase. Current Living Dolls Showcase and Harem on Walking Streets are closed.

In addition nightclubs have been  hit by police raids. 808, Lucifer and Apple Pub are all closed, presumably after a police visit. Casino Club and Torus have also been raided but seem to be unscathed.



Off White...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: White Room

Link Here13th June 2014
On Soi LK Metro opposite Lady Love there is a new single unit bar, White Room.

They appear to have rooms at 300 baht, barfine included.

I think most punters will not feel comfortable with the 5 or 6 Thai boyfriends hanging around.

I also think most farangs will not appreciate the ants invasion of the toilet bowl.

Anyway at prime time I was the only customer.

Bottled Heineken was 100 baht.



Black Cat...

Tiger A-GoGo goes dark on Walking Street

Link Here12th June 2014
Tiger A-GoGo is upstairs on Soi Diamond with stairs up from Walking Street.

The bar has gone dark but the reason is not yet clear. Tiger seems to be the weak link in the Tiger/Shark/Mandarin/Lighthouse/Fahrenheit/Crazy House chain and may be temporarily closed to provide girls for the opening campaign for Crazy House.

In the meantime there are now 84 bars in Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Glassy Eyed...

Pattaya GoGo reviews: Ginza II

Link Here12th June 2014
Ginza II has just taken over from Glass House on Walking Street by Lucifer's Disco

A couple of days ago I visited Glass House/Ginza II on Walking Street.

I did not notice any major changes, signs of refurbishments or improvements; even the neon sign was still Glass House .

The dancers were all ugly and/or fat and/or overdressed.

The dancers and waitresses were rather pushy for lady drinks.

Although I was the only customer inside, there was a foul cigarette smoke smell everywhere; I think their air con is in a crying need of a thorough maintenance.

Bottled Heineken was a steep 150 baht, which was completely unjustified by the quality of the premises and the staff.



Fun with Local Thai Angels...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Thai Fun Club, Angel Bar Beer, The Local

Link Here11th June 2014
Thai Fun Club

Thai Fun Clu b on Soi Khopai Soi 10 is a fairly spacious German owned gentlemen's club.

Its layout and lighting are in liquid design style; beware of the unstable barstools.

Music used to be very loud, but that has improved now.

At their current location they do not seem to attract many punters, although they have some nice young girls now, who are often sitting eating in the front and only go inside when a customer arrives.

With a couple of 20 baht notes you can check the contents of the bras and the pants.

All girls seem to be unshaved (talking about the beavers, not the armpits).

Barfine (ST room included) is 300 baht.

The ST rooms (in fact guest rooms at the first floor of the Thai Fun Apartment building the ground floor of which is occupied by Thai Fun Club) are decent and have en suite bathrooms.

Bottled Heineken was 85 baht.

Angel Bar Beer

On Soi Khao Noi opposite Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 is Angel Bar Beer.

It is a rather small and rather dark bar and much is possible there, such as public blowjobs.

The girls are in the 30-40 year age bracket, active and experienced.

Barfine (ST room included) is 300 baht.

Bottled Heineken was 75 baht.

The Local

The long established The Local on Soi Khao Talo is owned by an old and very friendly Englishman.

It consists of two units on the corner of Soi 3, that are not interconnected by a door or so, which is rather impractical.



After Curfew...

What's closed and what's not

Link Here10th June 2014
Some bars have been reported closed over the curfew period as they chose not to open during the restricted hours available. Other bars have been hit by increased police raids of late. Here is a round up of where we are at.

Amethyst re-opened after a short closure during the curfew period

Apple Pub on Walking Street is closed for reasons unknown.

Booze Lounge on Soi Buakhao was closed on police orders, but this was rapidly resolved, and the bar soon re-opened.

Coyote Club has opened on Walking Street, previously Silver Star 3

Crazy House has opened on Walking Street, previously Teazers.

Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond was reported closed during the curfew period but is now open.

FunHouse A-GoGo on Soi Buakhao has closed, this looks rather permanent with a notice on the door telling staff how to get monies owed.

Harem Club on Soi Diamond was reported closed during the curfew period but is now open.

Harem A-GoGo on Walking Street is closed seemingly as a police enforcement action following a raid.

Hooty's The Pussy tricks show bar closed as part of a redevelopment plan for an extension of Insomnia

Living Dolls Showcase is closed on a 60 day police closure order following a police raid.

Nui's A-GoG o reopened after refurbishment including a change of name from Nui's Club 2. The bar has also picked up staff and dancers from the closing down Roxy.

Roxy is set to closed as part of a redevelopment plan for an extension of Insomnia. The staff and dancers have moved to Nui's Club.

This all leaves the GoGo count at 85 bars with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less



Crazy, Pushy, Skinny...

Crazy House A-GoGo opens on Walking Street

Link Here9th June 2014

Last Friday Crazy House opened on Walking Street at the location where Teazers used to be.

It had seating at both sides, eight small round stages with a chrome pole on each of them and a square jacuzzi.

There were bikini, topless and naked dancers and pushy coyotes.

Apart from one or two, they were all far below average, and some looked very skinny in an unhealthy way.

The drink menus looked very similar to the ones at Shark/Tiger/Fahrenheit/Lighthouse/Mandarin.

Draught beer all night at 80 baht, bottled Heineken at 140 baht, lady drinks at 140 baht.

There are now 87 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.




Coyote Club opens on Walking Street at the venue that was previously Silver Star 3

Link Here8th June 2014
Coyote bar opened on 3rd June 2014. The bar has ownership connections with Dream A-GoGo on Soi Diamond

On Walking Street, where Silver Star 3 used to be, Coyote Club has opened.

(No mention of Hades anymore; perhaps they realised that a reference to the Greek god of the underworld was not a good idea.)

The interior was posh and the seating comfortable.

In the first section were two smallish stages and in the second section two bigger ones.

There were at least 50 coyotes, some of them wearing tights, no super models at all.

I saw one waitress and a lot of effeminate waiters (a novelty in Pattaya ?).

Bottled Heineken was 145 baht.



Updated: Musical Chairs...

Changes at Hooty's, Roxy, Nui's Club 2 and Playgirls

Link Here7th June 2014

The pussy tricks show bar Hooty's towards the south end of Walking Street is dark.

Hooty's staff and dancers have moved to the next door venue of Roxy on 3rd June.

Roxy staff and dancers have moved to the venue of the newly renovated Nui's Club 2 on 4th June. Actually the venue has now been renamed Nui's Club (without the 2).

Nui's Club 2 staff and dancers moved to Playgirls above Air Port on 29th May.

The net result is that there is one less GoGo on Walking Street and so there are now 86 bars with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Update: More Insomnia

7th June 2014. From Pattaya Talk

An update spotted on the forums. It seems that the Roxy/Hooty's building is destined to become an expansion to Insomnia next door. Hooty's has already become a store room for the builders and Roxy has a  limited life remaining. hence the move back to Nui's.



Dam Friendly...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: The Thirsty Beaver

Link Here7th June 2014

On Soi Khao Noi a new bar has opened: The Thirsty Beaver.

The location is on the right hand side of Soi Khao Noi when coming from Sukhumvit Road, about 50 metres before the last Tesco Lotus.

It is a rather small bar with one pool table, owned by an Englishman, Bob.

The girls are in their thirties and apparently inexperienced, no stunners at all but friendly enough.

Bar fines are 300 baht ST (two hours) and 400 baht LT.

There are no ST rooms.

Bottled Heineken was 50 baht (happy hour I guess).



Curfew proves rough for Diamond...

Temporary Closures

Link Here3rd June 2014
Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has re-opened after a few days of darkness. No doubt the temporary closure was more to do with the curfew than anything more serious.

It has also been reported that Harem Flatrate club has also been dark for a few days, and again it may be related to the curfew. So no change to the GoGo count yet.



Double Edged Curfew...

Maybe nothing, but a little worrying

Link Here2nd June 2014
Most GoGos are doing their best to work round the curfew by opening early, but there seems to be something else going down. The bars opening early seem to be doing so in a low key way, as if to try and attract as little attention as possible to the fact that they are open early.

Maybe nothing, but one has to wonder if someone is trying to limit GoGos to the 8pm to midnight slot.



Early Morning Policing...

Police and Navy set up a checkpoint in Pattaya to enforce the curfew

Link Here1st June 2014
As the Midnight curfew came into effect, early on Sunday Morning, The Royal Thai Navy, with assistance from Pattaya Police and District Officials, formed a checkpoint in Central Pattaya to check those who were on the streets after the curfew.

The Checkpoint on the Sukhumvit Road featured heavily-armed Navy personnel who were assisted in searching vehicles and individuals by Pattaya Police and District Officials. Traffic came to a standstill on the main highway as every vehicle was checked along with its occupants.

Items of concern, including knives, ammunition and other illegal items were found and those accused of being in possession of such items were detained and handed over to the Police, by the Navy, for further legal procedures.

A Navy spokesman said that those who fail to comply with the midnight to 4am curfew will be subject to stricter enforcement by the Police from now on.



Police Visit the Harem...

Harem temporarily closed after a police raid

Link Here30th May 2014

Authorities raided Harem GoGo Club on Walking Street at around 11pm on 28th May.

I saw the authorities take away all sheesha and a dozen of liquor bottles from the bar. And they checked ID cards but it is reported that nobody under age was found.

The bar was dark on 29th May but re-opened on 30th May.

On the subject of closures, Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has been closed for a few days but perhaps this is down to it specialising in the late night trade just when the army declared that there won't be any.



Crazy Name...

Crazy House A-GoGo takes shape on Walking Street

Link Here28th May 2014
Crazy House A-GoGo is set to open on Walking Street at the small venue in front of New Living Dolls One that was once Teazers coyote club.

There are ownership connections with Lighthouse, Mandarin, Fahrenheit, Tiger and Shark.

The name sounds a little close to Crazy Horse which is one of those expensive bars with East European or Russian dancers.



Update: Cinderella Thailand...

Thailand reduces the curfew hours

Link Here27th May 2014

Thailand's military rulers have announced that the curfew hours will be reduced to midnight until 4am.

These new restrictions will take effect from 28th May 2014.



Case Closed...

Living Dolls Showcase closed after a police raid

Link Here25th May 2014
Living Dolls Showcase is located on Walking Street near the Walking Street Tree.

The bar has been closed by the authorities for 60 days after under-18s were found dancing during a recent police check. The bar is set to re-open on 17th July

In the meantime there are 88 bar in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Updated: New Season Crop...

Apple Pub and Ginza II open on Walking Street

Link Here17th May 2014
Apple Pub opened on Walking Street on 14th May 2014. It is in the plush upstairs location that was previously Play, and before that, Goodfellas.

The latest incarnation boasts of many hot girls and a gym. Previously the girls were always coyotes so for the moment it will be listed as a coyote bar rather than an A-GoGo.

The old Glass House A-GoGo re-opened on the same night as Ginza II. The next door GoGo Ginza will now close for rework and a subtle name change from Ginza to Ginza I.

Just at the moment there are 88 bars around Pattaya with girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Update: Venus Love Lounge

17th May 2014. News from Ishi

Venus Love Lounge is located on Pattaya Klang (Central Road) near to the junction with 3rd Road.

It has been closed for a while but had promised to re-open on 1st May 2014. And indeed at around 8pm on 15th May it was open with 2 ladies and 2 other members of staff sitting outside.

Venus Love Lounge opens from 2pm till midnight.

Update: Apple Pub, a bar with everything, a dance floor, live band, coyotes, a gym, and a hotel

17th May 2014. News from Ishi

The bar has dance floor with a live band. I saw just 3 coyotes in the bar. And it's impossible to take away the coyotes (According to the manager).

The bar also has a lot of fitness machines on the left side (Walking Street side), but nobody was in the gym area.

They hope to attract a lot of freelancers. So the drink prices are not expensive for example MAI-TAI, Margarita and Sex on the beach are just 40B. Sheesha is 120B.

After couple of months, the hotel is set to re-open on the upper floor. It will be possible to use this for short time rooms.



Broken Glass...

Glasshouse A-GoGo closes for conversion into Ginza II

Link Here5th May 2014
Glasshouse a GoGo is located on Walking Street nearly opposite Soi Diamond.

The Glass House A-GoGo is now closed for renovation and for a change of name to Ginza II. The management will remain unchanged and the dancers are working at Ginza during the renovations.

The GoGo will re-open on 12th May.



We Were No 1...

Dark in Jomtien and Pattayaland

Link Here22nd April 2014
We Are No 1 A-GoGo is Jomtien's only GoGo bar and is located on Thappraya Road just before it turns into Jomtien Beach Road.

The bar was dark on 20th April but it is not yet known the reason. Hopefully just a temporary blip.

Meanwhile in Pattayaland 1, the Indian targeting Night Moves dance bar has also gone dark, this time looking a little more permanent.

No changes to the GoGo count though. Night Moves was a coyote bar and not included in the GoGo list. Any changes on account of We Are No 1 will wait until the reasons for the closure become clearer.

Update: We Are No 1

26th April 2014.

Thankfully the closure was just a blip and the GoGo is still no 1 in Jomtien.



A Sexy Opening...

Sexy A-GoGo re-opens on Soi 7

Link Here21st April 2014
Sexy A-GoGo is located on Soi 7 towards the 2nd Road end, not to be confused with Sexy Girls A-GoGo, similarly located on the nearby Soi 8.

The GoGo has now re-opened.

There are now 87 bars in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



The Stone's Rolling...

The Stones House opens on Walking Street

Link Here20th April 2014
A new high profile live music bar called The Stones House has opened on Walking Street, towards the Beach Road end. The venue was previously the long running bar, Black and White.

There have been reports that it is associated with the Rolling Live chain of bars which were previously known as Rolling Stones bars.

The bar decor looks well impressive but not quite like the website artwork.



Reviewed: A Private Collection...

Harem opens on Walking Street

Link Here12th April 2014
Harem has opened up on Walking Street at the venue that was once G-U-Y Club. It is a table dancing venue presumably associated with the Harem Flatrate Club on Soi Diamond.

 The new venue features table dancing. It opened with 6 Models (topless) and 11 Coyotes.

Bottled beer:130B soft drinks:95B water:60B lady drink:150B, no draught beer and bar fines of 1500 Baht.

There are now 85 bars in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less

Review: Cramped

12th April 2014. Thanks to Dick Farang

One day after its opening, I visited Harem A Go Go ( Harem 2 ) on Walking Street opposite Baccara.

It was a narrow building (about 4 metres broad), inside it was small and it was arranged more like a table dance style gogo. At each side were three booths, each with a pole on the table.

Behind that were the disc jockey and one more booth with a table and pole that seemed to be the gathering place of the staff.

The seating was extremely uncomfortable, even much more cramped than at Angelwitch.

The toilets were at the first floor, which was a complete mess.

Most dancers were coyotes, nothing to write home about, but there were also girls in black bikinis. Two or three of those bikini girls occasionally took off their tops.

Most customers appeared to come from the subcontinent.

Bottled Heineken was 130 baht.

The mamasan from Harem Flatrate Sensation on Soi Diamond, who also was there, told lady drinks were 180 baht and barfine 1,500 baht. When I asked her if that was all-in, she answered: No, this is Walking Street




Saxo Bar opens on the Dark Side

Link Here8th April 2014

Saxo Bar & Pub has opened on Soi Khao Noi at the location of the former Darkness and Noi Noi.

The ground floor has been completely refurbished.

The only other customer inside was Niels Colov.

Two older girls and one ladyboy stayed outside all the time, so no tip from me.

Saxo Bar & Pub is owned by the same people as Aqua Deymie.

Bottled Heineken 85 baht.



More La La...

New owners for La La Land on Soi 6

Link Here6th April 2014
The long running bar, La La Land, on Soi 6 has been bought by new owners.

Australians Jason and Rick have taken over since early April and have said that for the moment La La Land will stay as a closed bar.

There will be a grand re-opening party in early May.



Return to Paradise...

Paradise A-GoGo re-opens after renovation

Link Here5th April 2014
Paradise A-GoGo is set to re-open on Soi LK Metro after a major renovation.

The bar recently changed hands and has had the builders in for the last 6 or 7 weeks.

Assuming all goes to plan then there are now 85 bars in the Pattaya area with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Old Favourites...

Mai Lu Si Bar re-opens at a new location

Link Here2nd April 2014

Mai Lu Si Bar , owned by Dutch language Belgian Charlie and his wife Pookie, is reopening at its new location in the soi opposite Pattaya City Hospital on Friday 4th April 2014. There will be a party from 8pm.

The new premises are more spacious and nicer than the former ones on Soi LK Metro.

Belgian beers will be available again within some weeks. The problem with imported beers is that the tax on them has been raised to 450%.

On 6th April a new bar, USABAR , will open at the location of the former UMIM bar, next to Kik Bar and Blue Cat at the Dark Side.

I have been told that the owner is the widow of an Englishman who already owns Jungo bar, also at the Dark Side.

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