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2014: Oct-Dec

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Commented: Chaos...

Rolling back GoGo prices on Soi LK Metro

Link Here31st December 2014
Brian previously from Glass House on Walking Street has spoken of a radical new concept for a GoGo that is being planned for Soi LK Metro. He writes:

I will open a new GoGo on LK Metro soon that will roll back the prices 7-10 years. It will be a small go go with hot girls but no mamason between you ,my customer, and the ladies.

I will have a expat member card with the following prices. All bar fines 700 all the time. The ladies prices will be between you and her but my ladies will know what price range we expect.

All drinks for expats 100 THB and all lady drinks 100 THB We will have music by request no DJ.

The name of the go go will be Chaos located next to the Office A-GoGo. To summarize:

  1. hot girls
  2. low prices
  3. no mamason
  4. no dj
  5. music by request

Comment: On Chaos

31st December 2014. From Dick Farang

I was a bit confused by your story about the planned Chaos gogo on Soi LK Metro.

The single shophouse between The Office A-GoGo and the previous location of Mai Lu Si bar (where a Russian gambling den has been flourishing for exactly two days) used to be a hairdresser/beauty salon and is now a Christmas decorations shop.

I presume you were talking about the same Brian who is now a manager at Club Mistys.

Although I find many mamasans a pain in the arse I doubt if you can hire girls and keep them performing on stage without a mamasan.

As most DJs are only producing as many decibels as possible I doubt if many punters will miss a DJ.

Bottled beers and other drinks (for expats only?) at 100 baht are not really expensive, but probably too steep for draught drinkers and for the buy-one-get-one-free Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhaow crowds.

Lady drinks at 100 baht seem reasonable as long as the girls get their share of 50 baht.

Barfines at 700 baht are not really cheap, higher than say bikini dancers at Club Malibu on Soi LK Metro (600 baht).

The round prices will not make the waitresses feel happy I fear because they will be losing on tips.



Lively High Season...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Crystal, Private Dancer, Casnovy

Link Here30th December 2014
Crystal Club on Soi LK Metro

I popped into Crystal Club on Monday Night. It was very Good.

Lots of topless girls and one was the prettiest Girl I've seen anywhere in Pattaya.

Private Dancer on Soi 15

I visited Private Dancer on Christmas Day Evening.

It was much Improved with attractive Naked Girls and a new mamasang Aum.

It's anything goes hands on fun.

Casnovy on Walking Street

Then to Casnovy on Sunday Evening. It was very lively,

Beautiful topless Bangkok Models and some lovely nude dancers,

Lots of interaction between girls and punters,

The music was very loud.

Draft was 70 Baht and you have pay at the end bins. (previously pay as you go was reported).

Lady Drinks 120 Baht



Bar Warning...

A sad story about Baron Club A-GoGo

Link Here29th December 2014
It is not all roses doing business in Pattaya, but we seldom get to hear the human dramas behind the failures.

The partners in the defunct Baron Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond (now Cream Club) lost all their savings in the venture and returned to France penniless. In July one of them committed suicide.

Just a warning to those dreaming of starting a bar, a gogo or whatever business in Pattaya.

> From Pattaya Addicts (unedited):

A little story about agogo bar owner: with my partner Alain from France we owned the Baron Club Agogo Soi diamond, we had to close because we used to loose a lot of money every month and the rent contract was going to stop, so we paid what had to be paid and left without selling the business because the owner of the walls didn't want to renew the rent even for a new buyer, so we left and lost everything.

Fortunately I got married with my best dancing lady and still with her in France, my partner Alain, 57 years old, with a Thai girl friend for four years wasn't married with her so couldn't take her to France. So he went back to France because a friend proposed him a job but the job he was supposed to have over there didn't work out, so he had no money to live, he committed a suicide in July,

Just to say that if you sell everything to buy a bear bar or agogo bar or any business, don't think you are more smart than the others, one day you will loose everything, I just wish to have enough money to pay the ticket to go back to your country.

Now I stay in France, I was lucky to have my old mam to help us to start a new life in France, I found a temporary job and very happy with my Thai wife."



Christmas at the Office...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Office, Club Oasis and Sugar Sugar

Link Here28th December 2014
The Office (Soi LK Metro)

I popped into The Office on Monday Evening and I'm glad to say, it is back to its best.

There were lots of attractive girls, topless, bikini and of course office suits.

It was very lively and worth a visit.

Club Oasis (Soi Buakhao)

Later the same evening I visited Club Oasis

It was awful. There were 3-4 Coyote Dancers who showed no interest in  the punters.

I've had more fun at a funeral.

Sugar Sugar   (Soi Buakhao)

And an update on Sugar Sugar from the same evening. There were 3 stunning topless girls there. It's getting better,



Updated: Happy, and not so happy news...

High season bar news

Link Here28th December 2014
Leo's Blues Bar has announced a final farewell party for 27th December 2014. The Naklua Soi 18 bar has been entertaining with some notable live bands since 2007.

Happy group GoGo owners have given themselves a Christmas present and increased the barfines for Happy, Peppermint, Beach Club and Baccara to 800 Baht.

The new gogo Skyfall on Walking Street did not open as planned on 20th December 2014 and still a lot of work remains to be done. The mamasan who is recruiting staff in front of it said they hope to open this month, this year .

Tony's Club Abyzz on Walking Street has become Discotheque Endorphin and is apparently still catering for the Russian and subcontinental crowds.

Check In Bar on Soi 15 has become a beauty shop.

Update: Seasonal price hikes

27th December 2014. From Dick Farang

You complain about the barfines at the Happy Group becoming 800 baht.

Well at the same time Club Malibu on Soi LK Metro has increased during the Christmas-New Year period their barfines for ordinary bikini dancers from 600 to 2,000 baht with the girls expecting not less than 5,000 baht ST.

Update: Montana Bar

28th December 2014.

A new bar has opened on Soi 17 after the crossroads with 3rd when heading in the direction of Theprassit. Early reports suggest that there is a little fun in the bar along the lines of Telephone Bar, Carre Blanc and Club 4.



Stuffed Deer...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: The Blue Lagoon Bar

Link Here27th December 2014

The Blue Lagoon (not to be confused with the defunct Blue Lagoon A-GoGo behind the Best Friends bar complex on Beach Road) is a small bar located in a private village named The Village on Third Road opposite the fire station and about 100 metres south of Buffalo Bar (see Enclosures).

Depending on the class some villages in Pattaya are strict gated communities , in some villages (food) vendors are banned, at the entrance to some villages farangs driving a car will probably not be stopped but Thais riding motorbikes or tricycles will and in some villages anybody can venture around no questions asked.

The Village on Third Road clearly belongs to this last category and even its communal pool with a small open bar is directly accessible from the pavement of Third Road.

Many Scandinavians are living at The Village and along its main soi are some small bars/snack bars, The Blue Lagoon being the last one, on the left-hand side at the end of this main soi.

In front of The Blue Lagoon is a mini swimming pool and the inside of the bar is dominated by a stuffed deer head at the wall.

The Blue Lagoon is Swedish owned and outside three Swedes including the owner and one Norwegian were drinking shots of dum-dum (a dark mixture smelling like aniseed kept in a Coca Cola bottle in the fridge and probably containing ouzo or pastis and Kahlua; think of dum = black ).

The only girl I have seen and talked to was the 39-year old cashier from Ubon.

The drink prices were at gentlemen's club level, but the snacks appeared to be more democratically priced.



Blown Away...

News from Soi Post Office and Soi Chayaphun

Link Here24th December 2014

Le Cap Bretton & 69 Bar on Soi Chayaphun has changed hands and names. It's Now called L'adresse . The new guy there is Erwan also French. He told me he took over about week ago and that Angie and her husband have gone back to France. Same layout as before.

It's been there quite a while but now the well known blow-job bar, Golden Girl , on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office) has gone. The sign's been taken down and it looks like its a snack bar now with an ice cream freezer by the door and ice cream bunting on the canopy. The end of bar stacked up with condiments.

Lolita's on Soi Chayaphun is still going strong though. Still B600. Still same Plaid skirts and white blouses. Singha B85




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Tiger Club

Link Here24th December 2014

Tiger Club A-GoGo upstairs from Walking Street has reopened.

In the staircase paint had been spilt about everywhere including on the handrail. The central stages have been replaced by small round island stages in the middle and in the corners.

The bench seating has been replaced by high tables with bar stools. Behind this first area are a second (deserted) area with sofas and a third (also deserted) area with pool tables.

The bar is in still in the front, the toilets are still outside and there is still a door connecting to Shark Club A-GoGo.

There were about thirty average or worse dancers with not the slightest uniformity of outfits. A number were in beach bikinis and one in a The Moon Clubish silver bikini and I also have seen some black transparent camisoles and ditto neglige's . A lot were clad in (well visible) double tops and double bottoms.

Some, not many, dancers took off their tops towards the end of their dance stint and most of those were wearing pasties on their nipples.

The change of the dance shifts was rather chaotic.

There was a high pressure from staff (both dancers and waitresses) to buy lady drinks and (tequila) shots.

One particularly annoying waitress pulled my beer bottle out of the condom to check the contents and demanded I pay although it was still half full. Of course I refused and only paid when I was ready, the precise amount without a tip.

There were not more than three or four customers at a time and nobody was staying too long.

IMO not a very successful (re)start.

Draught beer 80 baht, bottled Heineken 140 baht, lady drinks 140-185 baht.




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Tiger Club

Link Here22nd December 2014
Tiger club recently re-opened on Soi Diamond access via stairs off Walking Street.

I popped into Tiger Club Tuesday night.

It is a very strange layout. It has single Dancers, all on small stages, with high chairs and tables for customers scattered around the room. You can only look at one or two girls.

The dance routines are very long with the girl doing a gradual strip.

The girls were attractive, but a very odd place.



Happy on Soi 7...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Silver Star 2 and Happiness

Link Here17th December 2014

Silver Star 2 A-GoGo is located at the Beach Road end of Soi 7

I popped into Silver Star 2 on Monday night.

It was very lively. There were 10 virtually naked girls on stage, and 2 naked girls in the bath tub,

The standard of girl was not as high as on previous visits, but there were some pretty ones, and all hands on fun was happening.

All staff were very friendly. Well worth a visit.

Lady Drinks were 125 and draft beer 72 (half pint)

Happiness A-GoGo is at the middle of the same soi.

I popped into Happiness Agogo on the same night,

It was very quiet only 3 punters and 8 girls. All the girls were overweight, although still attractive,

The music was good but a little too loud.

With more girls, it would be ok.




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Gentlemen's Club

Link Here16th December 2014

As I promised I went back to Gentlemen's Club on Soi Diamond.

At first sight not much has changed since last July.

Around 1 a.m. there were several customers and about a dozen dancers, most of them clad in black, two, three or four of them on stage. The dance stints were still a boring 15 to 20 minutes long.

Apart from the bikini dancers mostly in strings, there were also coyotes with black transparent camisoles over their big tops. One of bikini dancers had put a transparent white neglige over her black bikini and another one was wearing a pink string under her black string.

Towards the end of their dance stints some of the bikini dancers took off their tops. None were wearing pasties on their nipples.

The girls were all around thirty years and the coyotes had ugly bellies. I would not be surprised if they were rented by the day.

Bottled Heineken still 140 baht, lady drinks still 135-200 baht, daily specials 60 baht, draught beer also 60 baht (perhaps not every day).



Sweet Coffee...

Comments from Club Mistys, Sugar Sugar and Kiss

Link Here15th December 2014

Club Mistys

I popped into Club Misty's on Friday night.

It's under new management, Brian from New Living Dolls has taken over. He has a big job on his hands,

There were a few attractive Bikini Dancers and 2 topless girls, but they are too far from the seating areas.

There were no girls dancing on the tables and only 3 punters,

There was no interaction with the girls and very little atmosphere.

Sugar Sugar

On Saturday night, I visited LK Metro and Sugar Sugar.

It was very lively in there. Mostly Coyote Dancers but the costumes were very revealing, some topless girls, good music and atmosphere.

The best coffee I've had anywhere in Thailand.

Kiss A-GoGo

Then onto Kiss on the same soi.

I must say it was a very boring drink. The girls were overdressed and of a very poor standard and the music was very poor too.



Skyfall's on the 20th...

News from Walking Street, Soi LK Metro and the Dark Side

Link Here11th December 2014

Anna's Angels Bar on Soi Khao Talo has been closed for about one week now.

The location at some 200 metres from Sukhumvit Road will not have helped.  During the day there are often traffic jams on that stretch (and also across the railway). Also, people living on the Dark Side will not readily stop there with Sukhumvit Road in sight, but rather proceed to the Bright Side.

The new gogo Skyfall on Walking Street will open on "number 20" I was told.

At the previous location of Submarine A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro is now The Cave, a rather dark open bar with a very noisy live band in the back.

I can be wrong but I have a very strong suspicion that those selling points of "Turkish ice cream" on Walking Street belong to the same venture as Harem A Go Go (Harem 2) on Walking Street and the still closed Harem Flatrate Sensation on Soi Diamond.

Tiger Club A-GoGo upstairs from Walking Street has indeed reopened.



A Miserable New Year...

Junta leader has to step in to slap down ludicrous health minister who wanted to ban alcohol sales over the New Year holiday period

Link Here9th December 2014

A proposal by the director of the Office of the Alcoholic Beverages Committee Dr Samarn Futrakul to ban all alcohol beverages sales during the New Year holiday and Songkran festival is stiring up outcry with many business operators voicing strong opposition saying that it will severely affect their business and affect tourism.

But Public Health Minister Dr Ratchata Ratchata-nawin assured that the ban is still a tentative proposal which can be changed when it is to be debated by the Alcoholic Beverages Committee which he is chairman on December 19.

However Samarn proposed only banning of sales but did not prohibit drinking. Customers still can buy before the banned time goes into effect, and then take them out for drinking during the festive time, he spouted.

But operators of entertainment venues located on Khao Sarn road are entirely against the proposed banning of alcohol sales from December 31 to January 1 as it will directly affect their businesses. An entertainment venue operator at Khao Sarn road said:

It will seriously affect us because foreign tourists drink a lot of beer. This proposal will mean that we won't be able to sell beer at all! A lot of businesses here are against it and we will certainly be protesting it,

However military Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha stepped in and said that he disagreed with the proposal of the Public Health Ministry to ban alcohol sale during the long New Year holidays.

He said the sale can proceed normally but the people must be responsible for their own welfare.



Not Too Unfriendly...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Le Private

Link Here7th December 2014

Le Private is a French owned beer bar on Soi Lengkee.

It often happens that no girls are sitting outside and the (sliding) doors are closed to save on air conditioning.

Inside were more (mostly French speaking) customers than girls and a lot of cigarette smoke.

The (mostly Thai-Khmer) girls were sub-average as usual, but not too unfriendly.

Barfine ST 300 baht (air conditioned room included).

Bottled Heineken 90 baht.




Pattaya Bar Reviews: Venus Love Lounge

Link Here6th December 2014

Venus Love Lounge on Third Road just north of Pattaya Klang seems to open intermittently.

Apparently they open at 2 p.m. and close early when they run out of girls .

When I arrived around 8 p.m. the bar was nearly deserted, no other customers.

A 30-year old girl from Ubon Ratchathani was not too unfriendly, but did not understand (let alone speak) a single word of English; perhaps she was farm fresh from the Thai karaoke circuit.

The new, ugly and not so young mamasan told me she had lived for two years in my home city and could even speak some words of Dutch, albeit hardly understandable.

When I put forward I did not see the beauties from their Facebook page, she tried to make me believe four better looking girls had been barfined and taken to some islands for a week.

Barfine ST 300 baht (room included), LT a steep 800 baht.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht, lady drinks 100 baht.




Tiger Club re-opens on Walking Street

Link Here5th December 2014
Tiger Club A-GoGo has re-opened on Walking Street. It is actually located on the 1st loor of Soi Diamond but it has steps up from Walking Street. The bar re-opened on 5th December.

There are now 85 bars with Thai girls dancing in sexy bikinis or less.



Curtains for Sweethearts...

And other openings and closings around Pattaya

Link Here4th December 2014
Sweethearts A-GoGo is located at the centre of Walking Street.

The entrance to Sweetheart's is now curtained off by a black piece of cloth now and there is a good reason for it: after years of prudishness there is some nudity on display.

Not much has changed, but apart from the traditional team of bikini dancers clad in white with matching stay-up stockings and stilettos, there is also a team of topless dancers now in black strings and ditto stilettos.

Among the (probably newly hired) topless dancers I saw two extreme fatties.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht.

Meanwhile the newly opened Rhino Club has been closed for a couple of days after a police raid.

And on the more positive front, Tiger Club A-GoGo looks set to re-open just in time for high season. It is located on the first floor on Soi Diamond but has steps up from Walking Street.

Across on Soi LK Metro, The Cave has opened at the venue that was previously Submarine A-GoGo. It is a beer bar rather than a GoGo and looks set to entertain with a live band.

WannaDo Pub and Restaurant on the same soi is taking over from the old 3 Som Bar.

A map of the Soi LK Metro area has been spotted on Google Maps, maybe it will keep track of the changes.



A Good Time...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Spicy Girls

Link Here3rd December 2014
Spicy Girls is  located on Walking Street above Champion A-GoGo

I popped upstairs to Spicy Girls Tuesday Evening.

It is a very lively place with topless and naked girls, with lots of hands on fun.

Most of the girls appear to have come from The Lighthouse and Sugarbaby.

All staff are very friendly and a good time is guaranteed, unless you're a cheap Charlie.



Black Rhino...

Rhino Club goes dark

Link Here3rd December 2014
Last night Rhino A Go Go on Walking Street was closed. This seems connected to a police raid a couple of nights ago.

On Soho Square off Walking Street an apparently Russian venue Déjà Vu has (re)opened with sometimes a dancer in the upstairs bay window.

I surmise there is no link with the gogo Déjà Vu on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, owned by the infamous "Arab" (in fact an Iranian).




Pattaya Food Reviews: Bier Stuble

Link Here1st December 2014

One of my favourite restaurants in Pattaya is German owned and long established Bier Stüble on Soi 7.

(Bier means beer and Stüble is a diminutive of Stube , a cosy room; " herein in die gute Stube " means something like "welcome to my place").

With a bit of luck you can hear the "beat" of their neighbours Silver Star 2 A-GoGo.

They have excellent soups, such as Linsensuppe (German style, not Indian or Arab style, green lentil soup), Nudelsuppe (German style, not Thai style, noodle soup with scrambled eggs) and Leberknödelsuppe (liver dumpling soup), a typical Bavarian dish.

Among their main dishes are Sauerbraten (marinated, braised beef) with Rotkohl (red cabbage) or salad and Spätzle (typical egg and flour noodles) or potatoes, and Kaßler (slightly smoked, slightly brined, steamed pork loin) with Sauerkraut (fermented white cabbage) and mashed potatoes.

If you order Sauerbraten the waitresses will ask you what you want it with; they have a strange way of pronouncing the word Rotkohl .

Do not hesitate to ask mustard with the Kaßler .

Note that this restaurant is closed in low season for about three and a half months. The owner leaves for Europe in the second half of May and comes back to Pattaya in the first half of September.

The staff are a very friendly bunch.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht, German beers 110-200 baht, soups 110-120 baht, Kaßler 220 baht, Sauerbraten 250 baht.



Updated: More Open and Shut News...

From Walking Street and the Dark Side

Link Here27th November 2014
Diamond A-GoGo has been a bit intermittent of late but re-opened after a few days off on 26th November.

Spicy Girls has re-closed on Walking Street for reasons not yet known.

So the current GoGo count is still 84.

Update: Re-opened

27th November 2014. News from Ishi

Spicy Girls has re-opened on Walking Street.

So there are now 85 GoGos around Pattaya.



Seeing More at Sweethearts...

And fun at Babydolls

Link Here23rd November 2014

I popped into BabyDolls on Saturday night, it was very busy,

There were some attractive, if plump, girls on show, much better than on previous visits.

There were all the usual hands on activities going on.

Worth a visit at the moment.

I had a shock when I popped into Sweethearts on the same night,

Topless Girls,

It was a very pleasant surprise.

And another item of news. The Vault Hotel on Pratamnak near Soi Marine Plaza is closing on 1st December 2014. It was a hotel that particularly appealed to bar finers and will be well missed.



Open and Shut News...

From Walking Street and the Dark Side

Link Here23rd November 2014
Spicy Girls has re-opened on Walking Street after a police closure on 22nd November.

Diamond A-GoGo has been a bit intermittent of late and is currently closed and set for re-opening on 26th November.

So the current GoGo count is 84.

Pattaya Addicts member forcebwithu has made a new Pattaya map with gentlemenís clubs, etc. The current links for his Google maps are:

Gentle men's Clubs:

Dark Side Bars:

On the Dark Side, Angel Bar Beer on Soi Khao Noi opposite Soi 9 and New Bar on Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 have gone dark.



Updated: Re-sparkled...

Diamond re-opens

Link Here20th November 2014
Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond was dark on 15th November.

Diamond re-opened  2 or 3 days later. Not really sure what happened.

There are now 84 GoGo bars around Pattaya.



Updated: Crazy...

News from Walking Street

Link Here17th November 2014
Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond was dark on 15th November.

Dick Farang adds that the bar is closed for 'renovation': this sounds a bit weird as at my last visit the upholstery looked like brand new.

Crazy Beer Bar has opened on Walking Street at the corner of Soi Happy. This venue was previously Best Bar, and before that, Stoney's.

Rhino Club has re-opened on Walking Street as a gogo. Dicg Farang reviewed the re-GoGoed bar:

Not much has changed, apart from the first stage which consists of some ugly white cubes now.

Along the left-hand wall the seating is still barstools and the toilets are still as primitive as before.

The Jacuzzi at the rear right was out of order.

There were about forty dancers on stilettos, all of them clad in black, most of them in coyote outfits, but also some in bikinis, some with big tops and some in strings.

Some were also wearing stockings with suspenders, some stay-up stockings and some transparent camisoles.

It was very dark inside and there was a very good reason for it as the average quality of the girls was very low.

About four of them were on each stage at any time and towards the end of their dance stint the bikini dancers took off their bras.

A young spinner (the only one) had put some pasties on her nipples ... and lost them.

I saw two huge 40-50 years old grannies with ridiculous bolt-ons and cellulite buttocks. There were a lot more silicone racks.

There were both waiters and waitresses.

The music was blaring.

Bottled Heineken 120 baht.

So there are now still 83 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



A Walk Around Walking Street...

News from the GoGos

Link Here11th November 2014
Moonlight A-GoGo on Soi Arab and Harem Flatrate Sensation on Soi Diamond are still closed and this seems to have become permanent.

On the car park of Wat Chaimonkon on Pattayatai (20 baht, no time limit) I found a flyer under the wiper of my car about Dream Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond being for sale (see right).

On Walking Street, between Sea Zone restaurant and Casnovy A-GoGo, Skyfall A-Go-Go is taking shape. this was the previous location of Halo Club, Snowice, etc.

Champion A-GoGo has re-opened after a few days of closure. The closure seems related to a recent police raid, but was not a formal 30 day closure, Maybe just some admin that needed addressing.

There are now 83 GoGos around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in sexy bikinis or less.



A Bondage Theme?...

New GoGo taking shape on Walking Street

Link Here10th November 2014
The builders are in at the venue that was last Halo on Walking Street towards the Beach Road end.

As always the building was totally gutted and it will be interesting to see the new layout. The space available is enormous but that is not usually a good thing for a GoGo.

Hopefully will do a little better than previous tenants, Snowice, Voodoo A-GoGo, the Nok beer bar complex and Halo.



Updated: Defeated...

Champion A-GoGo goes dark

Link Here30th October 2014

Champion has gone dark on Walking Street. 

This seems most likely to be a police closure following on from the closure of the upstairs bar Spicy Girls in the same ownership. A thuggish bouncer assaulted a customer who had enough clout for the police to take action. This ended up with Champion being raided as it shared a manager with Spicy Girls.

There are now 82 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less



Updated: Mai Pet...

Bar and GoGo news from Pattaya

Link Here24th October 2014

Amethyst re-opened on 23rd October as promised

Fahrenheit : The 2nd floor stage is set to re-open on 24th October.

Coyote Club started happy hour until 10pm. draught beer is 69B.

And the bar has added some bikini dancers, proper sexy gogo bikinis, not 1950s beach wear or bikinis worn over the top of bras etc.

There are now 83 bars with Thai girls dancing in sexy bikinis or less.

Blue Cat Bar on Soi Khao Talo has became Pacha .

Update: Thuggish bouncer picked on the wrong victim

24th October 2014. See article from

Spanky's was the victim of a police raid on 23rd October

Spicy Girls is now dark and will be closed for 60 days on police orders

A Kuwaiti army officer was assaulted by a bouncer. After the altercation in front of the Spicy Girls bar on Pattaya's Walking Street, police arrested Daenthai Paksachat, 29, for assaulting Major Badan Nazan Alsubai-i

Licensing authorities ordered the venue closed for 60 days, claiming the incident had tarnished the country's image.

Officers decided to check Champion Agogo, located underneath Spicy Girls Agogo, knowing it has the same owner. Khun Somshart aged, the Manager of both venues was detained after alcohol licensing irregularities were found.




Gogos open and close and take a short break

Link Here21st October 2014

Pe Pe Club on Soi Arab (Soi 16) re-opened on 20th October 2014

Moonlight A-GoGo didn't re-open on Soi 16, despite promises from the bar that it would re-opem on 14th October.

Amethyst is dark for a couple of days. It will re-open on 23rd October.

Expensive Russian XO Club re-opened on Walking Street.

Spicy Girls A-GoGo on Walking Street was temporarily closed on 19th October due to electricity problems .

Harem A Go Go (Harem 2) on Walking Street closed early  on 19th October due to air conditioning problems .

There are currently 82 Pattaya bars with Thai girls dancing in sexy bikinis or less.

Ann's Angels Bar on Soi Khao Talo will reopen within a week as Anna's Angels Bar (Anna instead of Ann).



A Grand Opening...

Palace A-GoGo opens on Walking Street

Link Here17th October 2014

Palace A-GoGo opened on 17th October 2014. It is located in Walking Street next door to Sweethearts A-GoGo. It belongs to the Crazy House/Mandarain/Lighthous/Fahrenheit/Shark chain.

Comments from Pattaya forums from the open night reveal that there are 2 stages and each stage has 8 poles.

There were 40 dancers in the bar. Almost a coyote bar. 1 dancer changes by song.

Lady Drink : 150B while happy hour (till 9:30pm) some drinks : 70B Tiger draft : 80B (all night) Bar fines for coyote : 1,500B (after 10pm 1,000B)

There are now 82 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in sexy bikinis or less.



Diving with the Duke's Mermaid...

News from the Dark Side

Link Here16th October 2014
The Duke's Lounge

On the right-hand side of Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 the Dukes Lounge Bar has opened at the venue that used to be Golden Gate Bar.

They have a car park opposite New Bar.

Next to the entrance a Thai guard with a cap was sitting, a very unusual sight at the Dark Side.

The main changes were an unused square stage with chrome handrails in the middle of the bar space and the presence of ST rooms.

The girls were not very young and not precisely top models.

The best looking one of the bunch, who was 38 years old, "tried harder" (think Avis) and stripped almost completely for a couple of 20-baht notes.

Barfines 300 baht ST (room included).

Bottled Heineken 85 baht ("lounge prices" ?).

Mermaid Bar Beer

On Soi Khao Noi, left of Mango Pub (what a decent name for a Belgian owned girlie bar !), Mermaid Bar Beer has opened in a double shophouse.

The interior is well lit with a bar and stools, a pool table and some mirrors, nothing special.

The best looking girl was the 18-year-old cashier, but she does not seem to be available.

A 22-year-old girl with massive natural boobs and even more massive buttocks told me she had men (short for menstruation), but that she wanted me to come back next week.

Another girl started licking my ear.

The girls were not the most beautiful, but they were friendly enough and not too shy.

Barfines 300 baht ST (room included) and 500 baht LT.

Bottled Heineken 75 baht.

The Dive

When I entered The Dive on Soi Khao Noi four fatties where eating on the terrace. Of those four one was the wife of the English owner and one was the cashier.

Not a place to spend much time and money.

Barfine is 400 baht for ST and for LT; when ST the room is included.

Bottled Heineken 75 baht.



Always more GoGos...

New on Walking Street

Link Here15th October 2014
Palace A-GoGo is set to open on Walking Street on 17th October 2014. It is next to Sweethearts A-GoGo and is part of the Shark/Mandarin/Fahrenheit/Lighthouse/Crazy House chain.

There's something new appearing on the recently cleared corner of Soi Happy and Walking Street. A smart eyed poster on a Pattaya forum noticed similar signs to those outside Palace A-GoGo and speculated that perhaps it will be another GoGo from the same chain.

Also from the forums is the news that Blues Factory will reopen under new ownership/management, and noted rock guitarist Lam Morrison could be returning there.



Big at Mac's...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Mac's Bar

Link Here14th October 2014

Ying Bar on Soi Lablae (aka Soi Nern Plab Wahn 31, etc.) has become Mac's Bar.

It is still German owned; Mac is the name of the current owner's wife.

As to the interior not much (if anything) has changed and it is still as worn as before, but when it is empty your nose is rubbed in it much more.

They appear to offer some snacks now.

I was the only customer and their only girl inside was a 42-year-old fatty.

This venture looks like one more recipe for disaster.

Barfine (room included) is 300 baht.

Bottled Heineken is still a steep 90 baht (60 baht during happy hour from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m.).



Updated: An open and closed case...

A summary of dark bars around Pattaya

Link Here12th October 2014

  Bars have been opening and closing a lot of date. Here is a status update of where we are at.


Pe Pe Club on Soi Arab (Soi 16) is closed and it seems to be permanent.

Harem Flatrate Sensation on Soi Diamond is closed and it seems to be permanent.

Hot & Cold on Soi Post Office is closed and it seems to be permanent.

Super Girl on Soi Diamond is closed and hopefully not permanent

Shark Club on Soi Diamond closed for a few days but re-opened

Moonlight A-GoGo on Soi 16 closed for a few days but is aiming to re-open on 14th October

Updated: Las Vegas III A-GoGo on Soi Yamato is up for sale. It closed for a day but maybe the recent Buddha day.

Palace A-GoGo on Walking Street is set to open next door to Sweethearts A-GoGo

As of today there are just 81 bars with Thai girls dancing in sexy bikinis or less.


Check In Bar on Soi 15 is closed.

Halo on Walking Street is closed

Rhino Club on Walking Street s closed (note that it ceased being an A-GoGo sometime ago)

FLB on Walking Street s closed but this may be temporary



Updated: No Peep at Pe Pe...

Dark around Walking Street

Link Here8th October 2014

Last night Pe Pe Club on Soi Arab (Soi 16) was closed and it seems to be permanent.

Also Super Girl on Soi Diamond was closed and it is not the first time this happens, so probably a blip

Also Check In Bar on Soi 15 was closed.

Also Harem Flatrate Sensation on Soi Diamond remains closed.

Soi assuming that Pe Pe is permanently closed and that Super Girl will return to life shortly then there are now 83 bars around town with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Update: More

7th October 2014. News from Ishi of (Japanese language)

Halo was also dark on 6th October 2014. The bar has tried several formats, GoGo and coyote and none seemed to work.

Update: More

8th October 2014. From Pattaya forums

It has been reported on Pattaya forums that Shark Club A-GoGo upstairs on Soi Diamond/Soi 15 is the latest to go dark.

The chain runs several GoGos all with more or less the same layout. SO presumably when customers and or dancers are in short supply it makes sense to concentrate on the most successful. And Shark, being an upstairs bar, is the lowest priority for the chain.

There are now 82 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in sexy bikinis or less (thrumpy coyote bikinis are excluded).



Heavenly Complexity...

Hardly customer friendly pricing structures at Heaven Above A-GoGo

Link Here8th October 2014
There was a recent todo in Heaven Above A-GoGo with a customer feeling that barfines were arbitrary and unfair. In response the bar has generated a barfine menu so that customers know where they stand.

However the resulting ludicrous complexity rather says something about the way that customers are bamboozled by insanely complex pricing.

  Weekdays (before 1am) Fri-Sat (before 1am) Daily (before 1am) After 1am
Dancer 1     600 500
Dancer 2     700 500
Hostess Special 1000 700 - 600
Hostess     600 500
Coyote     900 700
Play Girl     1000 800


  9pm - 10:30pm 10:30pm - Midnight After Midnight
Party Girl 1500 1000 800

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