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2015: Jan-March

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Updated: Blink and you'll miss it...

Reviews from Eclipse which as opened on Walking Street

Link Here29th March 2015
The venue that was once Coyote Club has been reborn as Eclipse. It is located towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street.

The bar opened on 27th March and is the 82nd bar around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Review from Ishi: 10pm

I visited at 10:15pm on 28th March. My bill number was 17.

I counted 3 teams and 38 dancers on mamasan's board. Each team dance for 20 minutes. I saw 2 topless dancers and other 36 were all coyotes.

I know that the management has been changed but everything is almost the same as Coyote Club .

The draught beer was 69B.

  Review from Dick Farang: Midnight

Europe has had its solar eclipse on 20th March 2015, Asia is going to have its solar eclipse on 9th March 2016 and on Walking Street Eclipse (no gogo / club / lounge addition, only a Thai phonetic transcription) has opened on 27th March 2015 at the location that used to be Coyote Club and Silver Star 3.

Not much, if anything, has changed since its previous incarnation. The most striking detail is the absence of chrome poles.

The first section still functions primarily as a walk-through area with some dancers on stage on the left-hand side and some bench seating on the right-hand side.

The second section has two stages with three to five dancers on each of them, (too high) bench seating on the left-hand side and two rows of small sofas on the right-hand side.

All dancers were clad as coyotes in huge yellow tops and black bottoms, double tops and double bottoms that is. Some dancers were average, but most of them were sub-average. No bikinis, no nudity.

Before I get attacked once more by Pattaya Addicts (as happened after my Kaos review): I was sober, I was wearing my glasses and the lighting was sufficient to distinguish stretch marks.

Whereas most places are packed at (re)openings and the first nights after, Eclipse was virtually empty on Saturday night shortly before midnight and only one night after its opening. Apart from me, the only other customers were a bunch of hooligans; I did not enquire about their nationality.

The music was too loud and the DJ was playing what he liked most, but that happens at many places in Thailand.

I wonder if this place, which is even markedly worse than its predecessor Coyote Club, will survive for long.

Bottled Heineken was 145 baht (same as Peppermint), a bit steep for the kind of venue.



Hill Snake...

Viper Bar takes shape on Pratamnak Soi 4

Link Here27th March 2015
Sapphire Lodge started life as a gentlemen's lounge associated with Sapphire A-GoGo. It is located at the beach end of Pratamnak Soi 4 opposite the Asia Hotel.

Sapphire Lodge didn't stay the course and closed in 2014. The venue became a live music venue but is now set to become Viper Bar.



Super News...

Heaven Gentlemen's Lounge and Super Girl set to return in April

Link Here20th March 2015
Heaven Gentlemen's Lounge on Pratamnak Hill re-opens after police closure with a party on 4th April.

On Soi Diamond, Super Girl is set to re-open under new management on 1st April.

Following up on yesterday's news, Diamond A-GoGo looks to have permanently closed. There is now a message on the door saying to contact Casino Club for any enquiries.



A Diamond Dream...

News of Diamond and Dream A-GoGo

Link Here18th March 2015

Last night Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond looked very closed.

I am not really surprised, although I had expected that Cream or Dream, both also on Soi Diamond, would have fallen first.

If the closure were to prove permanent then the GoGo count would drop to 81.

Dream Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has not at all improved since my last visit; only prices have gone up.

They are still solely relying upon 500-baht freelancers hired by the day, a recipe for disaster.

There were some 15-20 dancers, half of them on the proportionately big square stage. They were all clad in black, some topless and one in a camisole. I saw two or three strings and lots of huge tops and bottoms. The average quality of the girls was several notches lower than at neighbour Super Baby A-GoGo.

I did not see a mamasan in charge.

The barfine is a ridiculous 1,000 baht with expectancies of 2,000 baht ST and 3,000 baht LT.

There were not many, but very noisy customers.

Bottled Heineken was a steep 165 baht. My bill mentioned a free drink I did not get. (Perhaps the staff reused the bill). Anyway, I was not interested in staying for a second drink.



Less Palatial...

Peppermint changes its name

Link Here14th March 2015

Lek's Classroom A-GoGo on Soi 2 has closed now.

Bamboo Bar on Soi Khao Noi has been closed for more than one week already.

The front signage of Peppermint on Walking Street has been replaced: PEPPERMINT AGOGO ; no mention of Palace . I think the prices at Peppermint are: bottled Heineken 145 baht, lady drinks 150 baht, but they can have gone up since, draught beer still 69 baht however.

Since the closure of Thai Fun Club (all signs removed) and KIDS VIP (banner SALE on the closed gate), both on Soi Khopai Soi 10, the last remaining girlie bar in that area, Montana Bar and Lounge on Regional Land Road, is thriving.



Play Cinderella's Midnight Dash...

Thai military dictators set midnight closing for a couple of weeks, at least in Bangkok

Link Here7th March 2015
Bangkok nightlife and entertainment venues have been notified of an impending curfew to start this weekend and last for 2 weeks.

Thailand's tourism industry is one of the country's biggest industries. Owners of nightclubs and entertainment venues are concerned that a new curfew will cause tourists to go elsewhere.

No official response has been given by the police on the issue.

Update: Police vack down

7th March 2015.

Bangkok police have called of the arbitrary early closing for Nana Plaza. The previous 2am closing time has been restored



Opening Kaos...

Chaotic openings and closings around Pattaya but an orderly opening at Kaos

Link Here6th March 2015

Tiger Club A-GoGo on Walking Street and Pe P Club A-GoGo on Soi Arab (Soi 16) have been closed for several nights already.

On Soi LK Metro Club Malibu has indeed closed.

The best earners of Club Malibu have been transferred to sister gogo Champagne A-GoGo and the others can try their luck at the new Kaos venture, also on Soi LK Metro. Champagne A-GoGo is now operating two shifts: one from 5 p.m. until midnight and another one from 8.30 p.m. until 3 a.m.

Last Sunday night Oscars on Soi LK Metro was open again. Perhaps they had been closed because all dancers were barfined. (I noticed that also their sister bar Booze Lounge on Soi Buakhaow runs out of girls early.)

If I were a bar owner I would have kept the signs lit and left a minimal number of staff (greeters, waitresses) to tell visitors what was going on, or at least left a written message at the entrance. But I am not a bar owner and will never be one, for many reasons.

In the meantime Kaos A-GoGo has opened on Soi LK Metro at the previous location of the Belgian bar Mai Lu Si.

Unsurprisingly for those who follow internet forums it was very cramped with a cheap layout. The floor, walls, ceiling and bench seating on both sides were black with mirrors above the benches. The stages were white plastic boxes each with a pole of about 1.80 metres on them.

Two or three dancers were in white underwear, the others in white coyote outfits, sometimes combined with a white camisole. The average quality of the girls was very low, varying from 0 to 6 with the majority towards the bottom of that scale. I really had pity on the ugliest ones among them. I would not be surprised if some had come from the defunct Pe P Club A-GoGo.

No nudity.

Rumour has it on internet forums that this gogo was already for sale at 4 million baht even before it actually opened. That being said, Showgirls Entertainment Centre, also on Soi LK Metro, seems to be for sale at 55 million baht. I fear that there will always be buyers with more money than brains.

Bottled Heineken at Kaos A-GoGo was 120 baht, not the budget price of 100 baht as promised on internet forums.

I have found a new Google Map of Pattaya Gogos . [Hopefully close to locating the current total of 82 GoGo bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less].



Hanging up the Stripes...

GoGos close on Walking around Walking Street

Link Here4th March 2015

Pe Pe Club A-GoGo has gone dark at Covent Garden. It looks likely to be a permanent closure but maybe could be down to an extended holiday around the important Buddha day on 4th March.

It is reported that Tiger A-GoGo has gone dark on Walking Street. It seems most likely that the bar will now only be pressed into service during high season, with plenty of other bars in the chain able to take up the slack during low season.

Assuming the bars are closed for a while, then there are now 82 bars on the Pattaya GoGo list.



Updated: In Good Order...

Kaos A-GoGo set to open on Soi LK Metro

Link Here3rd March 2015
 A new GoGo promising customer-centric policies and prices is due to open on Soi LK Metro.

The opening date was previously set for 6th March but now it has been brought forward to 4th March . The owner says that he has got ahead of the recruitment game by starting his own agency.



Dangerous Thailand...

Soi 6 police raid sees farang customer handcuffed and carted off to the local nick

Link Here2nd March 2015
Police have been continuing their harassment of bars with short time rooms. The latest victim was Ruby Bar on Soi 6.

Rooms were searched, the cashier was carted off and a farang customer was also handcuffed and carted off.

Surely a bit scary for Pattaya visitors into the naughty stuff but there is a theory doing the rounds that the handcuffed farang was a police snitch, and the handcuffing was meant to provide a bit of a cover story for him.



More Open Bars Open...

News from Sois 2, 6 and 7

Link Here1st March 2015

Lek's Classroom on Soi 2; is dark. It seems likely that the operation has been transfered to the new Lek A-GoGo not far away on 2nd Road. Assuming that Lek's Classroom has indeed closed for good, then there are now 84 bars on the Pattaya GoGo list.

Meanwhile on Soi 6, the Hole In One bar is now For Rent .

La La Land has re-opened after refurbishment. The door was removed so as to join the ranks of open bars.

You Twat! bar wisely changed its name to Toy Box .

And on Soi 7 the old Happiness A-GoGo has been changed to an open bar called Happiness Corner Bar .



Tide ebbs at Malibu...

Openings and closings on Soi LK Metro

Link Here27th February 2015
There are rumours spreading among the girls of Soi LK Metro of an upcoming GoGo closure on the soi.

But there are a couple of bars under consideration. In particular Oscars A-GoGo was dark on Thursday night for reasons not yet known.

But the favourite is Club Malibu. It looks set to close at the end of February 2015 because they are running losses.

Police action didn't help either. Remember that, on Valentine's Day, Club Malibu has been raided. At 7 p.m. sharp two pickups with police and military arrived, searched all rooms, checked ID cards and licences and left around 8 p.m. Also on Valentine's Day barfines at Club Malibu were 1,500 baht instead of 600 baht for ordinary bikini dancers with the result that nobody got barfined.

Remember also that, one month ago, after sister gogo Champagne A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro had reopened with their dancers coming back from Club Malibu and after the monthly salary payment more staff left Club Malibu, leaving a total of only six dancers. Fully clothed waitresses had to go on stage.

Rumour has it now that, by Songkran, Bob and his co-owners want to merge Champagne A-GoGo and Club Malibu into a mega gogo.

Whereas a single-shophouse gogo, such as the defunct Submarine A-GoGo, is undeniably too narrow, I doubt if a quadruple-shophouse gogo is a good idea. Already in triple-shophouse gogos, such as Lady Love on Soi LK Metro and Private Dancer A-GoGo on Soi 15, it is difficult to have a good view of the other side. Moreover, such a big gogo risks to look very empty.

But nothing dampens the enthusiasm for opening GoGos in Pattaya. Last night on Soi LK Metro at the previous location of Mai Lu Si bar the LED sign of Kaos was lit and on the facade was a Thai-language list with vacancies and salaries.



A Passion for Apps...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Passion

Link Here18th February 2015

Recently at Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 I happened to be their only customer.

Two dancers in black bikinis (strings and big tops) were on stage for a very long dance stint.

Whereas usually the idle dancers reserve the bench seating along the street wall as their own, they now were spread along all walls. They were six or seven, most of them fully dressed and all of them busy on their mobiles.

At Passion Dance Club many dancers also go into hiding and only undress for their dance stints.

No nudity.

All-in fun upstairs is 1,300 baht, 300 baht for room and bar and 1,000 baht for the girl. Although the heat is on at the moment and this service may have been discontinued.

BEWARE: the old mamasan (54 years they say, although she looks much older) tries to collect the total amount in advance. On the first floor are five numbered rooms, each with a shower cubicle in a corner.

The toilets are communal however.

Bottled Heineken 115 baht, lady drinks 120 baht.



Updated: A Little Addition...

Lek A-GoGo opens in north Pattaya

Link Here17th February 2015
Lek A-GoGo opened on 2nd Road in North Pattaya on 14th February.

It is located half way between Soi 6 and Big C on the same side of the road as Soi 6. See map .

Presumably the GoGo has connections with the nearby Lek's Classroom which is half coyote and half GoGo).

Meanwhile on Walking Street the GoGo status of Skyfall has been confirmed. Ishi writes:

I visited after 10:30pm last week and counted 77 dancers on the Mamasan's board. Of these, I saw 10 topless dancers who are called Models. So I think it qualifies as an A-GoGo bar now.

So there are now 86 GoGos around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less. Although a couple are on notice of being relegated to coyote bar.

Update: Little prices

17th February 2015. Thanks to Ishi

I visited after 9pm and counted 10 dancers on the Mamasan's board. Of these, I saw 6 in white bikinis and 4 were coyote. Some of them are from Lek's Classroom Soi 2 which opens as usual on the same day.

Soft drinks are  80 Baht and Bottled Heineken is 120 Baht



Gone to Hell...

Coyote Club is permanently closed

Link Here16th February 2015

Coyote Club near the Beach Rd end of Walking Street was reported dark on the 13th February. It now seems that the closure is permanent and the staff have been paid off.

The bar opened in early June last year.

Once can't help but think that it was note a wise move to label the bar as 'coyote' when the general preference is for less clothes. Perhaps the originally suggested name of Hades Club would have been better.

There are now 85 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Dark Days...

Openings and closings around Pattaya

Link Here14th February 2015

Yesterday on Walking Street Coyote Club was dark.

Also yesterday Montana Bar and Lounge on Regional Land Road was dark as well, not sure if this is permanent. [The management probably know that it is a prime target for police raids].

On Soi LK Metro White Room has been closed for some time already.

On Soi Khao Talo on the Dark Side, about a kilometre from Sukhumvit Road, Boom's Bar has become AJ's BAR.

On Soi Khao Noi Welcome Inn, Go Gress, Mermaid Bar Beer and Red Lion Pub & Restaurant have closed.

However, Angel Bar Beer, also on Soi Khao Noi, has reopened. Whereas the previous owner was a tiny, nervous Frenchman, the new owner, Thomas, is a tall, Mediterranean Frenchman from Toulon.

After a stint as the queen of ST at The Booze Lounge on Soi Khao Talo, Rose has returned to her previous job at Angel Bar Beer as the sexiest cashier of the Dark Side and perhaps of all Pattaya. Apart from Rose and the owner's wife there were only fatties at Angel Bar Beer.

That being said, 90% of all Dark Side bar girls are fatties in the 24-48 age bracket, also at places such as Dao Bar. Whenever you see a person who looks nice and slim at first sight, the odds are it is the occasional ladyboy.

On Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 New Bar had been re-baptised Clover Bar by the new management, but still the same fatties were sitting outside.

On Soi Nern Plab Wahn Soi 28 Moon Light Bar Beer has disappeared.

On Soi Siam Country Club Belgian owned Due Cafe has been replaced by Russian owned Siam Cafe.

On Soi Siam Country Club Soi 27 La Guinguette went dark.

Along the eastern bank of Mabprachan Lake, off Soi Siam Country Club, several bars have disappeared and several other ones have been renamed, but Peet Bar and The Barking Frog have survived. Anyway, that is not an area to venture when you are horny.

Champagne A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has reopened with their dancers coming back from sister gogo Club Malibu. After the monthly salary payment more staff have left Club Malibu, leaving a total of only six dancers. Fully clothed waitresses had to go on stage.



Scary Thailand...

Police and army drag farang tourists down to the local nick for an identity check, just for drinking in bars which fall victim to police raids

Link Here13th February 2015
The police have been getting heavy recently with large amounts of raids, particularly targeted at day time venues linked to prostitution, in the unlikely hope of uncovering victims of trafficking.

The latest victim was raided by the police on Thursday. A team of Banglamung District Licensing employees and Army personnel conducted the raid at the Club 4 Bar off Soi Arunothai, just before 6pm and found many foreign patrons inside.

A total of 9 women, who appeared to be employed by the venue were taken aside and checked. Nothing untoward was found and all the women were over 18 and were not in possession of illegal drugs. Some were urine tested for drugs and they all passed the test.

Rooms on the second floor were searched and nothing untoward was found. However, checks on the venues licenses did reveal problems and these issues have been reported. No evidence of sex and drugs parties could be found but a report of the raid has been sent to the Governor of Chonburi Province who may impose a closure order on the venue in relation to the licensing problems found.

Previously M Club was raided in central Pattaya and the farang customers were rounded up and sent to the local police station where their identity papers were checked. Surely an exceptionally scary experience for those unlucky drinkers.



A Little New GoGo...

A new GoGo on Second Road in north Pattaya

Link Here12th February 2015
Lek A-GoGo is set to open on 2nd Road in North Pattaya on 14th February.

It is located half way between Soi 6 and Big C on the same side of the road as Soi 6. See map .

Presumably the GoGo has connections with the nearby Lek's Classroom which is half coyote and half GoGo), but this is just guesswork.

Meanwhile Coyote Club on Walking Street has gone dark for reasons not yet apparent.

And on Soi 6 the Corner Bar is undergoing massive building work. The builders are also in at La La Land.



In the wake of a raid...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Heaven Gentlemen's Lounge

Link Here8th February 2015

Last Tuesday around 5 p.m. the gate was closed at Heaven Gentlemen's Lounge (previously Times Lounge) on Soi Kasetsin Soi 11 although I had seen three farangs entering just before I parked my car.

Suddenly the (electric) gate was opened and it was closed again after I got in.

(At that moment I was not aware of the police raid on the previous day).

Inside there was no music and no air conditioning. I only saw about six passive chicks and the three farangs, probably Scandinavians.

When I asked what was going on, I was told the manager was sick . Perhaps the manager's illness was related to the police raid on the previous evening.

Anyway, there were much fewer than 100 patrons and by far nobody looked younger than 20 years.

When I left the gate was opened and immediately closed again.

Bottled Heineken still 90 baht.



Dreaming Double...

Dream Club changes hands and pricing

Link Here7th February 2015
Dream Club is a GoGo on Soi Diamond.

The bar has now been sold but the previous manager has stayed on.

The bar is now offering all drinks sold in pairs. The all night promotion is sold as 2 for 1 on all customer drinks, but not quite as a good as it sounds, as the single price is higher than most. But nevertheless a very good offer at 2 bottled beers for 165 Baht.



Crazy New Owners...

Super Girl will re-open under new management

Link Here6th February 2015
Super Girl recently closed after a long stint on Soi Diamond

Now a (New) Super Girl is aiming to re-open by the end of April.

The new managers are Japanese and Thai. One Japanese boss is a co-owner of Crazy House in Bangkok.

They want to recruit over 60 Kawaii (Japanese : lovable, cute or adorable) Girls from Pattaya and Bangkok.




More closures than openings in the latest bar news

Link Here5th February 2015

It is clear that at this moment many gogos and many other bars are struggling to survive.

Last Sunday evening around 11 p.m. Naughty Girls on Soi Diamond, the defunct Super Girl's neighbour, was still open and shortly after midnight they were closed.

Champagne A-GoGo and Club Malibu , both on Soi LK Metro, are laying off most of their staff and limiting their operations to one shift only, from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Apart from lady drinks quota, Champagne A-GoGo and Club Malibu also have a very elaborate fine system and this is not limited to arriving at work late, not going on stage in time or failing to present a medical certificate. Staff who are late at the meeting on the first Monday of the month at 4 p.m. are fined 500 baht. Those who do not show up at this monthly event are fined 2,000 baht.

After recent police raids earlier this week all Champagne staff were moved to Club Malibu.

The Lounge Bar behind the car park ( The Square ) on the corner of Phratamnak Road and Soi 3 is permanently closed and their website cannibalised. Their neighbouring Biker-Pub was open however, but there were neither customers, nor girls inside and the only beer available was Leo.

On Soi Khopai Soi 10 both Thai Fun Club and (Tokyo) KIDS VIP (previously Secret Garden) seemed to be closed.

I still wonder if and when long skinny Brian is going to open his Kaos (apparently no longer Chaos) A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro at the previous location of Belgian owned Mai Lu Si bar.



Raiding Parties...

Heaven Gentlemen's Club falls victim to a Thai police 'crackdown' on prostitution

Link Here3rd February 2015
The Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police has instructed all police units to arrest illegal entertainment venues nationwide in an effort to prevent prostitution?

Police Spokesman Pol Lt Gen Prawut Thawornsiri said they were a great number of entertainment venues, such as night clubs, karaoke bars and restaurants, involved in prostitution and human trafficking. The national police chief therefore ordered all police units to enforce all related laws against the crime, especially child prostitution.

Those who recommitted prostitution and human trafficking would face stronger charges and police officials who did not take the crime seriously were subject to investigation.

And it seems that Pattaya's police have been responding to the call.

In the early hours of Sunday police from Pattaya and Banglamung were busy raiding bars suspected of employing Thai and foreign nationals for the purposes of prostitution.

Police from Pattaya focused their efforts on bars situated in Soi 8 off the Tepprasit Road, which cater mostly for Thai customers and their Banglamung colleagues conducted raids on the South Naklua Area (presumably referring to the Soi Esso area on Sukhumvit not far from the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital) which is also known as an area frequented mostly by Thai customers. Both areas are well away from the regular tourist bar areas in Pattaya.

Age & Nationality checks were made on staff members of the bars and licenses were checked in each of the venues. Banglamung Police did arrest 14 women who were found working in Karaoke Bars in the area but they were fined and later released.

On Monday Night, District employees, assisted by the Thai Army and local Police, continued to visit Bars and other entertainment venues in the Pattaya area in search of those engaging in Prostitution and venues which supposedly engage in Human Trafficking.

The first victim of the night was Heaven Gentleman's Lounge in Soi Kasetsin 11 off the Pratamnuk Road in South Pattaya. The raid took place just before 7pm and over 50 officers entered the Lounge, which is a converted 2-storey luxury home with swimming pool. There were more than 100 patrons inside, both Thai and Foreign, who were split-up while officers conducted ID checks.

Licensing irregularities were found and patrons under the age of 20 were inside the venue. No evidence of Prostitution or Human Trafficking was found but the venue is expected to receive a 30 day closure order according to officials who conducted the raid.



Updated: Less Happiness...

GoGo closures

Link Here2nd February 2015
A post on the Pattaya forums reveals that Happiness A-GoGo is set to close this weekend. The GoGo is located at about the centre of Soi 7. The closure seems to be attributed to falling business. The bar has been operating since June 2012.

Meanwhile Naughty Girls on Soi Diamond is also dark. Reasons are unknown as yet, but a guess would be that it is linked to recent police raids on the soi.

Update: Closure confirmed

2nd February 2015. Thanks to Ishi of (Japanese language)

Happiness duly closed with poor trade being the most likely reason. The girls have moved to the Happiness Stars beer bar.

Meanwhile Naughty Girls is continuing albeit sometimes closing early at around midnight.

So there are now 85 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less. However a couple of the bars listed seem all coyote and may soon be demoted from the list.




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Crystal

Link Here29th January 2015

Crystal Club on Soi LK Metro seems to have recovered from their all-time low last summer, but they do not yet reach their pre-coup level.

I sat down at the right-hand side because I do not like the cramped double-tier seating on the left-hand side.

There were teams of six dancers on stage at any time. About half of the dancers went topless and only two naked. Once they left the stage they hurried to put their tops (and bottoms).

Some were slightly above average and some sub-average. There were no coyotes left, but many dancers were wearing big pants.

The sex on the beach music was accompanied by a matching video on the six flat screens.

Although there were not too many customers there was a persistent cigarette smoke stench. Several of the staff were smoking cigarettes inside and not really interested in the customers; no reason to tip.

Asahi draught 69 baht, bottled Heineken (during happy hour I guess) 80 baht.



A Pretty Bunch...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Living Dolls Showcase

Link Here27th January 2015
Living Dolls Showcase is located on central Walking Street by the shrine known as the Walking Street Tree

I came out of Happy on Tuesday night and as my Arthritis was giving me a bit of gip, I took a stroll down walking street, I got as far as Living Doll Showcase and a Girl I know, Mae, called me in. It is not a venue I normally visit as it has no cheap Draft Beer.

I was very impressed by the Coyote Dancers, you would have to go a long way to find a prettier bunch. The topless show Girls were also very attractive, no chubby girls here.

Mae is very cute and I bought her a drink and one for her friend who was stunning.

The music was good and not too loud.

Well worth a visit, but you need long pockets. Cheap charlies keep clear



Updated: Less Super...

Super Girl closes on Soi Diamond

Link Here26th January 2015
Police raids closed several bars on Soi Diamond a couple of nights ago. Dream Club and Naughty Girls re-opened on the following night but Super Girl seems to have closed permanently.

There has been speculation for the last year that one of the Super bars would close. This year the news was that there would be a closure on 31st January. Police action seems to have brought forward the plans and it now seems likely that Super Girl is closed for good.

No doubt all the Super Girls are now to be found in sister bar Super Baby.

There are now 86 bars with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Update: Confirmed

26th January 2015. Thanks to Brian

It has been confirmed by the manager of Super Baby that Super Girl is now permanently closed. Most staff from Super Girl have transferred to Super Baby.



Updated: De-sparkled...

Police raids on Soi Diamond

Link Here24th January 2015
23rd January 2015. There are reports last night that Dream Club, Super Girl and Naughty Girls were dark last night.

Others noted that the police were out visiting Soi Diamond bars, so presumably the closures were down to the police, and hopefully problems will be resolved shortly.

Update: A super explanation

24th January 2015. Thanks to Brian

Super Girl and Super Baby have occasionally been noticed as closed for the evening.

It seems that the 2 bars are working an arrangement where if either bar runs short of girls, often through multiple barfines, then that bar closes for the evening. The remaining girls move to the sister bar which then can operate with plenty of girls. The end result is one busy lively bar rather than 2 half empty bars.



Open Season...

Bar openings and closing around town

Link Here21st January 2015

Sometimes it is difficult to determine if a venue is permanently closed or not.

A couple of days ago the long established restaurant Lobster Pot on Walking Street was closed for no apparent reason and reopened some days later.

I also noticed that Super Baby and Super Girl sometimes close in turn.

I noticed that The Blues Factory off Walking Street has reopened and is distributing flyers as shown.

On Walking Street Rhino Club has indeed reopened. The hello girls were showing signs with the text: SEXY COYOTIES & MODEL (sic).

The Russian club Caramel in the Mixx building near the end of Walking Street is closed and for sale.

Surprise Bar has recently opened on Soi 8 in the venue that was once Club 23. Probably will be a bit handicapped by previous bars on the site having a bit of a reputation for hassle and high prices.

The current GoGo count stands at 86. Rhino is currently excluded for being an obviously all coyote bar but Skyfall has been given the benefit of the doubt for a couple of weeks to get established. It calls itself an A-GoGo but will be excluded from the list if its dancers continue to wear way too many clothes.




Rhino re-opens on Walking Street

Link Here20th January 2015
Rhino Club is located on Walking Street just south of Insomnia Disco.

Rhino Club re-opened on the 18th January as a coyote bar.

Bottled Heineken was an unappetising 170 Baht.

Rhino had briefly reappeared in November as an A-GoGo after a long lay off. Things didn't seem to work out then, maybe related to a police raid.



Offsite Article: The Flawed Lady Drink System...

Link Here20th January 2015
Customers increasingly being let down by ladies who accept lady drinks but don't honour their side of the bargain to spend a little time with the customer

See article from




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Skyfall

Link Here18th January 2015

After a very difficult delivery Skyfall A-GoGo has finally opened on Walking Street.

First the good news:

After all disastrous recent openings and re-openings of gogos on Walking Street (Tiger, Palace, Infinity, Spicy Girls, Nui's, Crazy House, Coyote Club, Glass House/Ginza II, Harem 2) it is a pleasure to tell that the interior of Skyfall A-GoGo is the most beautiful of all eighty plus Pattaya gogos and a new norm for future gogos.

The main colours are beige and steel blue and there are mirrors around everywhere.

The lighting is optimal with no disturbing flashlights.

The bar is in the front corner left and the DJ's booth in the rear corner right. The bench seating at both sides is extremely comfortable. The owners have clearly resisted the seduction of cramped double tier seating, a typical Soi LK Metro disease.

The three stages are low enough to allow for a comfortable view. The first stage and the third stage both with chrome poles on them have a meandering shape. The second (unused) stage is large and round and has some kind of strange round net curtain or mosquito net in the middle.

The toilets at the rear left are clean and spacious.

And now the less good news:

As with all recently (re)opened gogos the biggest issue were the girls .

At Skyfall A-GoGo they were overdressed, but not in coyote outfits. Their uniforms consisted of a white bow tie, a strapless white top (mostly with a bra with straps under it), a white-and-grey checked miniskirt with big black pants or a black string under it and stilettos of their own choice. Not the slightest nudity.

Unsurprisingly the dancers were a mixed lot of sub-average fuglies, fatties and oldies from late twenties up.

With the advent of McDonald's, KFC et al. it must be increasingly difficult to find enough talent to staff ten or twenty gogos, let alone more than eighty.

This being said, sometimes miracles do happen at places where you expect them the least. About a week ago at Club Nevada on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) I saw a young naked girl with a perfect shape, much better than what I have seen in recent times, even at Abraxas's top gogos . As I had to meet some fellow countrymen (beer drinkers, not gogo goers), I did not enquire about conditions, but I guess she knew her value.

At Skyfall A-GoGo I talked to a 35-year old dancer with a fat and shapeless body, a nose job and a silicone rack, who said she had worked at Angelwitch Rock Dancers on Soi 15 previously, which I could hardly believe.

I also talked to a not too beautiful 27-year old dancer who had arrived from Bangkok only a couple of days ago and had never worked bar before.

She told me she had had two Thai boyfriends only, had no children and had never boomboom a farang in her life.

I had to explain to her the urban meaning of the verb smoke and when she finally got it she seemed very reluctant to do that kind of thing.

She said barfine was 1,000 baht and 3,000 baht for her and did not seem to know the difference between short time and long time when I insisted.

The music was way too loud to have a comfortable conversation anyway.

All customers left quickly after finishing their drinks.

The (mostly corpulent) waitresses were friendly enough.

Coincidence or not, the beer coasters at Skyfall A-GoGo looked very similar to those used at SensationS A-GoGo, also on Walking Street.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht.



Literally What's Up?...

The answer is a new upstairs bar at What's Up A-GoGo

Link Here15th January 2015
What's Up is located on Soi 15 opposite Babydolls.

An upstairs bar has opened at What's Up, this time accessible from a separate entrance. The new bar features well produced acrobatic and pole dancing shows.

Top tier pricing is also in operation as per downstairs but the bar has a lot of fans that are happy to pay the price.

What's Up previously tried an upstairs bar but it was not a success. Perhaps the outside entrance is the key to getting more customers to try it out.



The Sky is Falling...

Foxy Loxy barfines Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurkey at the new Skyfall A-GoGo

Link Here13th January 2015
Skyfall A-GoGo has opened on Walking Street at the venue that was previously Snowice, Voodoo A-GoGo, the Nok beer bar complex and Halo.

The GoGo has started with coyote dancers well overdressed in unsexy costumes that have not impressed early customers.

There's no draft beer, bottles are 140 Baht and lady drinks are 150 Baht.

Giving Skyfall the benefit of the doubt about being a GoGo, then Pattaya's GoGo count now stands at 86.



What Happens in Vegas...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Las Vegas II

Link Here11th January 2015
Las Vegas II is located at the 2md Road end of Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato).

Called in a couple of days ago around 4pm.

Ordered a drink and as it arrived a topless girl landed beside me. offered her a drink and she promptly whipped off her knickers, rubbed her hand in her snatch and stuck her fingers under my nose and said smell good. I know this is Pattaya but this happened in less than 60 seconds of her sitting down.

Mixed bunch of girls from bad to half decent and mixed dress from bikini to nude.

Draft beer B50, Ladydrink B130.



Off the Beaten Track...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Montana Bar and Lounge

Link Here5th January 2015

Montana Bar and Lounge is a bar with an empty terrace in front of it and where you have to ring the doorbell to be admitted.

The official name of the street seems to be REGIONAL LAND in English ( )and apparently referring to the nearby Land Office. However, some maps call the street Soi 17, although Soi 17 off Third Road ( CHALERMPHRAKIAT 17 ) is somewhere opposite the Sois 12 and 14 leading to M-Club and Soi 17 off Second Road/Phratamnak Road ( PATTAYASAISONG 17 , aka Soi VC and Soi Bembu) is opposite Marine Plaza. Some other maps call it Soi Bonkai, which can easily be misunderstood as chonkai meaning cockfight.

Anyway, there are several ways to get there: via Soi Kopai Soi 10 (on the left-hand side) and via Thepprasit Road Soi 8 (also on the left-hand side). From Walking Street you can get there via Soi Diamond: always straight on, cross Second Road into PATTAYASAISONG 16 (the street with the Sikh temple on the right-hand side), cross Third Road and proceed past Phuphaya Resort on the left-hand side, Montana Bar and Lounge is on the right-hand side, well before Le Sud Hotel on the left-hand side.

Inside Montana Bar and Lounge, along the right-hand wall, is a long bar with bar stools.

On the left-hand side it becomes broader and there is a small (unused) stage with two chrome poles on it and surrounded with sofas and coffee tables.

At both sides of this last area are long dark red curtains, apparently hiding the smoking corners.

There were about a dozen girls all clad in white tops with bras, Lolita's style short plaid skirts with strings and matching neckties.

There were almost as many punters as girls, most of them French speaking.

There were no skinny girls and, apart from one or two, they were varying from serious overweight to extremely fat.

However, they were a friendly bunch.

Most of them also had extremely big natural racks, interesting for those who like Russian style, aka (in Spain) cubana and (outside Spain) corbata espanola (literally Spanish necktie ).

The place was well lit and, apart from showing boobs and stuffing twenty-baht notes under bras and strings, nothing objectionable (such as public blowjobs) happened.

I was told that upstairs fun was 400 baht for the ST room and 1,000 baht for the companion. They also seem to rent out rooms at 690 baht per night.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht.



Closing Remarks...

Bars opening and closing around Pattaya

Link Here4th January 2015
Two nights ago Dream Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond was closed, not a good sign. It did re-open the next day though.

Onyx on Soi Lengkee has been all stripped out and jackhammers are digging up the floor.

On Soi Khao Noi Go Gress appears to have closed.

On Soi Khao Talo Star(s) Bar is closed until further notice .

Angel Bar Beer on Soi Khao Noi is also still closed and for sale.

After some minor refurbishments Anna's Angels Bar on Soi Khao Talo has reopened.

New Bar on Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 has reopened under new management, but the fatties sitting outside were all but inviting.




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Mistys

Link Here2nd January 2015

At Club Mistys on Soi 15 off Walking Street long-time manager Paul (known as Miserable Paul on certain internet fora) has quit and has been replaced by long skinny Brian (AFIAK ex Glass House, ex Dollhouse, ex Kiss and ex Blue Lagoon). Tim is still acting as an assistant manager.

At my last visit there were about thirty dancers in yellow transparent string bikinis, several of them topless. Teams of about ten dancers were on the central stage at any time, rotating one position after each song, but the mattresses and the small table-high stages remained empty.

During my visit there were never more than five customers at a time.

As the distance from the bench seating to the central stage is a bit long for a good view, I usually sit on one of the bar stools in front of the small stages.

The music was a bit too loud to my taste and made a conversation virtually impossible.

There seems to be a high turnover of dancers at Mistys, but that is much less the case for waitresses and mamasans.

A girl I talked to told me she had started ten days ago and had worked at The Office A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro before.

There is still a donation box for the orphans at the Camillian Social Centre in Rayong.

And bottled Heineken is still 145 baht.

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