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2015: July-Sept

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Flitting Off...

Fairies Club closes on Walking Street

Link Here29th September 2015
  Last night on Walking Street the venue with the honeycomb motifs on the fa ç ade, but no name, unless No Photo was the name, where Eclipse, Coyote Club/Hades and Silver Star 3 used to be, was closed.

The offical name was apparently Fairies Club but the GoGo was often noted on Pattaya forms as the No Name GoGo or else Blue Sky A-GoGo, after the company name which also owns bars on Walking Street and Casnovy A-GoGo.

Casnovy A-GoGo is the best bet to find any of the girls or staff departing from the closed GoGo.

There are now 82 bars in the Pattaya area claiming to be GoGos.



Rovers Roves...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: i-rovers

Link Here28th September 2015

Irish Rovers on LK Metro changed hands a few months ago. Now owned by Darren, an Australian. He's changed the name slightly to I-Rovers.

From what I can remember it's pretty much the same inside, over a dozen large TV's showing whatever sport you want.

Extensive food menu at reasonable prices with a Mon to Fri special at B169.

Happy hours on bottles, a bucket of three for B195 from 2pm to 7pm. Normal Singha price is B85.

Pool and darts competitions most nights. Very busy bar. The neon advert on the arch over Soi Dianna/LK Metro still says Irish Rover

The ex owner has opened a new bar/hotel on Soi Lengkee called Retox



The Roof A-GoGo...

Prices at Happy

Link Here27th September 2015

I was in Happy A-GoGo last night and there was lovely young Girl called Poppy, sitting next to me. She was being barfined by a Chinaman, I saw him count out 6 x 1000 Baht notes and give it to the waiter.

I asked another Girl,Pocky,about it and she said it was 3000 short time and 5000 baht long time, she said older Girls can be cheaper.

45 mins later as I was going to Sweethearts, I passed Poppy on her own walking back towards Happy, She smiled and waved, I don't know where the Chinaman was.

But the Price of Boom Boom is going through the roof and the Happy group are very busy apart from Peppermint.



Floods of Girls...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Dre's

Link Here26th September 2015

Dre's Bar on Soi Buakao,just around corner from Soi Dianna. Spent a bit of time in there as I was staying over the road at Sutus Court.

Plenty of girls split into 2 groups. The ones in uniform just work in the bar. The ones in without a uniform can be barfined. Friendly lot.

Singha during day B55 and B65 in the evening. Ladydrink B100.

Food available at reasonable prices.

I waded over there Wednesday evening in the floods. Fortunately I only needed to paddle back by 1am as the water had receded.



Bits and Bobs...

News from around town

Link Here25th September 2015
Dawn to Dusk opened on Soi 6 about a month ago.

It is located at the venue that was once Mandarin Beer Bar and is the first short time bar on the south side of the soi when walking from the beach.

S75 on Ishi's Soi 6 Map

Living Dolls One A-GoGo on central Walking Street

There has been a hike in barfines which are now 1500 LT, 1000 ST. Some nice girls though.

Ninja A-GoGo

The latest GoGo with a Japanese theme is taking shape on Soi LK Metro next door to Showgirls. The bar previously styled itself as a karaoke bar but presumably this wasn't a hit.

Players Lounge

The large bar towards the south end of Soi Buakhao, Booze Lounge, has become Players Lounge.

Baby Boom A-GoGo

The ladyboy GoGo is on the move to Soi Buakhao near Soi 15.



Valued Service...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Lolita's, Katesiree, Charlie's

Link Here21st September 2015
Lolita's on Soi Chayaphun

Still B600 for BJ. Bottled beer is now 90 Baht.

Katesiree on Soi Buakhao between Soi Dianna and LK Metro.

Called in this afternoon. Pleasant bunch of staff. Food available 24 hrs. Small beers, Leo/Chang B45, Singha/Tiger B50, Large beers Singha B70, Chang/Leo B65. Always seems to be busy when I pass, probably due to the reasonable prices

Charlie Bar/Nikom Court

Charlie Bar at the Charlie Place hotel, corner of Soi Dianna and Soi Buakhao has gone. They have moved the reception desk to the front where the bar was and put a self service fridge at the back. It has been bought by the Nikom Court on the opposite corner who have the same system but lounge area there is much bigger with plenty of tables and the Soi Dianna food stalls at that end also serve into Nikom Court lounge as well as to the street and you can also take other food in. I don't think that Charlie Hotel's self service fridge will be as busy as Nikom Courts



Casino Club Goes West...

Diamond reopened by the Casino Club team

Link Here20th September 2015
Diamond A-GoGo has re-opened at the centre of Soi Diamond.

It has long been associated with the more successful late night venue, Casino Club, on the same soi. Casino Club has been closed after a dawn police raid. It seems that the club may have been harshly treated with a length closure order.

So it seems that the 'Casino Club Team' has relocated to Diamond A-GoGo.

It is not clear whether Diamond will be a traditional GoGo or else more like the disco style of Casino Club.

Assuming that Diamond is indeed and A-GoGo then there are, or claim to be, 83 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Super and not so super...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Windmill and Super Girl

Link Here19th September 2015

The Windmill Club on Soi Diamond

I popped into The Windmill Friday night about 9.30, it was very busy, and everybody was having fun.

All the Girls on the main Stage were Naked. Again, no Coyote Dancers here, I'm glad to say. Plenty of Girls displaying their pussies.

Highly recommended for a good evening.

The man sitting next to me was having a barfine and it was 3500 all in.

Super Girl on Soi Diamond

A friend and I popped into Supergirl the other night.

My friend barfined a very attractive Girl and paid 3500 up front. When they got to the room the girl fell asleep on the bed and he could not shag her, so paying up front is a bad idea.

I was quoted 1500 short time but that was for a lady in her forties,



Aliens Welcome...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Area 51 and Harry's

Link Here17th September 2015
Area 51 

Area 51 is a new Coyote bar on Soi Dianna Inn. Right hand side towards the Soi Buakhao end.

Everything is new inside. When you go in the bar is on the right. 2 chrome poles on the bar with 2 girls dancing dressed in shorts and a top.

Customers can sit at the bar or at one of the many tables.

Decent looking girls.

2 pool tables to the rear. Separate ladies and gents toilets at the back.

Singha was B95 and LD B140.


What used to be the Family Bar on Soi Diana is now called Harry's Bar, Hotel, Restaurant. It's to the left of the Metropole Apartments between LK Metro and Soi Buakhao.

Nothing much changed from Family Bar.

They have draft Leo at B49 but it's only a small glass. Bottle of Singha at B65 is better value. Orange juice B40.

When I asked about food I was told the restaurant will be up and running in about 3 months.



Boars, Stags and Smugglers...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Boars Head and Smugglers Bar

Link Here14th September 2015

Crazy Daves is now called Boars Head on Soi Chayaphun. Dave left after around 13 years there. Now owned by Andy and his Thai wife who used to be the Chef of the old Stags Head before it became Oscars on LK Metro. Very friendly couple.

Has good rooms upstairs from B7500 per month. Food available at reasonable prices.

Singha B65. No girls at the moment. Average toilet.

Smugglers Bar has reappeared on Soi Chayaphun opposite the Boars Head. Some staff from the old one on Soi Buakhao. Called in early one evening and one of the girls was a bit too pushy to buy her a drink. Singha B60.

Smugglers Bar has reappeared on Soi Chayaphun opposite the Boars Head. Some staff from the old one on Soi Buakhao. Called in early one evening and one of the girls was a bit too pushy to buy her a drink. Singha B60.



Not quite From Dusk Til Dawn...

Pattaya Bar reviews: Scooter's and Titti Twister

Link Here13th September 2015

Scooter's Bar on Soi Buakhao is next to the now closed Pook Bar.

It is very nice inside. A few full sized scooters and walls covered in photos.. The English owner was giving instructions to a builder. and then was talking the staff but completely ignored the only customer, me. No price list but orange juice was 60B

titty twister signTitti Twister , new on Soi Buakhao. Next to Fantasy Lounge opposite Soi Honey. Nice inside. Friendly girls. 4 working, 2 good, 1 OK and 1 large.

[Editor's note: Previous incarnations of Titty Twister used a 'y' but now the meaning has been obscured by using an 'i' instead]

Beers are 55-70 Baht. Soft drinks are 50-60 Baht.

St George & Dragon and The Bowling Green on Soi Xyte have gone. The whole section has been flattened. Pook Bar on Soi Buakhao is closed and renovation work in progress.




Halfway to less bars...

Mermaid Bar, Duke's Lounge and Living Dolls Showcase

Link Here12th September 2015

Mermaid Bar (next to Mango Bar) on Khao Noi is no more. It is now Halfway Inn. Hopefully the Brit owner has a better business plan than the former owner!

Meanwhile Duke's Lounge on soi 9 off Khao Noi has gone dark, maybe not surprising.

And on Walking Street Living Dolls Showcase has been raided by police supposedly over 'obscene' shows, the last thing that regular GoGo customers would associate with the bar. Of course there is now the possibility of a police closure. 



Sweet and Sour...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sugar Baby and Mandarin

Link Here10th September 2015
  Sugar Baby, Walking Street

I popped into Sugar Baby last night, there were a lot of attractive Girls,

Most dressed as schoolgirls with white socks, small black skirt and white blouse open at the front and some attractive naked girls on the mat,

Several Girls approached me to say hello, I bought a very attractive Girl a drink,

The girl on the mat in front of me, was showing her pussy to anyone who cared to look and my Girl, said, I have one of them, and lifted up her skirt, to show me.

A very pleasant visit.

Readers may also be interested to know that manager Phil (Mr Egg) is now working at Sugar Baby after leaving Secrets.

Mandarin, Walking Street

I was walking past Mandarin about 9.30 last night, when a Girl I know, Lek, called me in.

There were about 40 Girls, mostly Coyote, 2 nude and 3 topless, some very attractive.

There were two punters.

I ordered a draft beer and a lady drink for Lek. We had a second round and when Lek finished her drink the waitress asked me if I wanted to buy Lek another drink.

I said not at this moment, when the Mamasang came over and said, if I didn't buy her a drink, she had to go and dance. I said this was a very Bad Rule and would not be coming back. She ignored me. I paid the bill and had 300 change to come but the waitress did not want to give it to me,

A nice ago-go ruined by a Bully Mamasang and pushy staff.



Must Go Must Come...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: My Friend You

Link Here6th September 2015

My Friend You Bar has to be in my opinion the best S/T Bar on Soi 6. The girls are energetic and certainly fun to be with, plus you will never be pressed to buy a lady upon arrival.

I have been to Pattaya three times now and every time I go I make sure to go there. The owner doesn't seem to be motivated to make any major renovations and the girls are never dressed up in the same attire such as other bars may do, but the jovial atmosphere makes up for all of that.

The rooms are clean and they have a shower in the rooms. Oui is one of the veterans there and she can arrange for one of the best 1, 2 or 3 girl S/T sessions you can ever ask for.

A 'Must Go' S/T bar for first timers and seasoned visitors alike.



Bro to Bro...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Love'sis

Link Here2nd September 2015

On Soi Xzyte (Third Road Soi 23), when coming from Soi Buakhaow some units before the infamous Excite Club, the most expensive bar of the area has opened: Love'sis Bar & Lounge.

Opening hours 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.

On the right-hand side was an unused stage without chrome poles.

(Later I was told that three (!) times per night a show was performed by bikini girls, but I could not be arsed to stay that long.)

The rest of the space was filled with seats, sofas, pouffes and coffee tables and difficult to walk around.

The music was way too loud.

Although they had opened less than a month ago, there was already a disgusting cigarette smoke stench.

There appeared to be two categories of working girls: hostesses/coyotes and silicone enhanced bikini girls. In the darkness it was really difficult to judge the quality of the girls, but most of them looked over thirty years old, some over forty.

No nudity.

Unsurprisingly on my visit I was the only farang inside.

Decent toilets.

No waitresses, no check bins, but concise drinks menus on the coffee tables.

Lady drinks 200-250 baht.

Bottled Heineken/Singha 180 baht, bottled Leo/Chang 150 baht.

Bottles of Thai spirits up to 3,500 baht, mixers 80 baht.



An Extensive Menu...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Butterfly Bar

Link Here31st August 2015

At my recent visit at Butterfly Bar off Soi Siam Country Club there were about ten girls and no other customers.

All of them, slim or fat, cute or ugly, young or old expect the same ST fee: 1,000 baht.

Some younger ones (and not necessarily the nicest spinners) seem to ignore older punters. Perhaps they are waiting for a Prince Charming, a Knight in a Shining Armour on a White Horse, but those are few and far between at the Dark Side and probably in most of Pattaya.

Some of the more mature (30+) girls have kept a good figure, complain they have not been shagged for two weeks (true or not) and compete by offering the most complete service you might wish at the same tariff: rimming, bareback, anal, A2M, MFF threesome and MFM threesome. For the last service (aka DP or sandwich) you will need a wingman.

Barfine (room included) still 220 baht.

Standard lady drinks are still 80 baht, special lady drinks such as Spy (pronounce: es-pie) are 100 baht. Bottled Heineken still 80 baht.



High Stakes...

Pattaya police make dawn raid on Casino Club

Link Here30th August 2015
A popular Bar late night club on Soi Diamond was raided by Pattaya police at just before 7.30am.

Over 20 police from the Banglamung District Bar Licensing Unit, the Thai Navy, Pattaya City Officials and Pattaya Police conducted a raid of the Casino Club. Inside were approximately 70 staff and mostly foreign patrons.

Urine Tests on staff members were made and 11 of them failed the test and were later arrested and charged with class 1 drug consumption offences. Police found that 5 young adults were under the drinking age of 20.

5 staff members were detained and taken away for further questioning.



Not So Easy...

Long running Easy 17 Bar closes

Link Here28th August 2015
Easy 17 is a long running and well known open beer found in the Siren Complex n Beach Road just by the entrance to Walking Street.

Kevin made fro a genial host and I am sure that there will many hoping that he will another opportunity soon.



Angels, mermaids and nutters...

Wicked fun in Pattaya

Link Here26th August 2015

A recent Walking Street video by a certain Angela Cummings (What is in a name ?): (Better put the sound off.).

[Editor's note: An American nutter who's idea of street preaching is to randomly shout 'wicked' or 'repent' at passers by. Maybe all for effect though, as these supposed comments didn't even get people to look around. I suspect that the witless commentary was dubbed on later, clearly without the aid of a scriptwriter. I don't think the good lord was very kind to Angela Cummings when handing out oratory talents].

Tony's Apple Pub on Walking Street is closed ( FOR RENT ).

Maxine's A-GoGo at the venue that was most famously Carousel is now sporting a 2 million Baht price tag.

Black Angels Bar on Soi Lablae has changed hands once more. It is owned by an old Brit and his Thai wife now. The bar counter is in the front right now.

They have about five girls now. One of them is a blonde 26-year-old deaf mute girl, Im, who started there recently after a career as a dancer at Rainbow 4 on Nana Plaza (Bangkok). The communication via a notepad was rather weird.

Barfine 300 baht ST, no ST rooms. ST rooms at the 24 Hr motel next to Mac's Bar, also on Soi Lablae, 280 baht.

Bottled Heineken 60 baht; lady drinks are the normal price of the drink plus 30 baht for the girl, e.g. 85 baht for a bottled Singha.

Mermaid Bar Beer on Soi Khao Noi has always been struggling, but I very strongly doubt if they are going to be more successful in the Mabprachan area, which is more dead than alive.

At my latest visit which left me as unsatisfied as ever the Thai wife of the current Scottish owner denied they were going to close on Soi Khao Noi.

Red Lion Pub & Restaurant on Soi Khao Noi appears to be open for business.



A fancy untickled...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Jade Club

Link Here21st August 2015

Jade House off Thappraya Road is still German-owned, but no longer by Gerd from Berlin.

What I always find weird at Jade House is that the idle girls are sitting outside (not many top models among them to use an understatement), but that you have to get into the lounge bar to order your drink and that you are followed inside by a girl who seldom tickles your fancy.

Barfine (room included) still 300 baht ST with the girls expecting 1,000 baht ST.

The en-suite hotel rooms are rather small, but very nice with a big mirror on the wall and a smaller one on the ceiling and several erotic paintings, the kind you see everywhere around in painting shops.

I was told that the salaried girls have to be there from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and are paid 7,000 baht a month with a day off every 15 days.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht, lady drinks 110 baht, both up 10 baht.




Pattaya Bar Reviews: Shonkys

Link Here15th August 2015

On the Soi Post Office side are some old-fashioned street lamps.

They appear to open from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. the next day.

On my visit I was the only customer.

The cashier is an extremely fat, but friendly ladyboy and there were three older available girls.

One of them said she had been a dancer at Beach Club on Soi 15 ... long ago.

I still wonder what the purpose is of the quadracycles in front of the entrance.

Barfine 300 baht ST (room included), 400 baht LT.

Bottled Heineken 70 baht; Buy 2 get 1 free any drink .



Off Pat...

Pat Bar 2 opens on Soi 6

Link Here13th August 2015
Pat Bar 2 opened on Soi 6 on 9th August.

The venue was previously a hair salon and is tagged as N32 on Ishi's Japanese language map of Soi 6

The original Pat Bar has also changed its name to Pat Bar 1 and is still a Ladyboy bar.

Ishi investigated the new bar and reports:

Before opening Pat Bar 2, the ladyboy in Pat Bar said No ladyboys in Pat Bar 2.

But when I checked the Pat Bar 2 on 11th August, most were ladyboys. So I asked one ladyboy in the bar No ladies in this bar?

The ladyboy said I'm a lady.



Zero Rated...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Zero

Link Here12th August 2015

On Soi Buakhaow, between Soi LK Metro and Soi Honey, Zero A-GoGo has opened and by me they score a zero.

The place is surprisingly short and surprisingly broad. The central stage is broad enough with chrome poles on both sides. There is double bench seating on both sides.

On the floor are black tiles and the ceiling is painted in black too.

There were over twenty overdressed dancers, about seven of them on stage, most of the other ones hiding on the upper benches. All of them were absolutely sub-average, also the twenty-somethings. The only presentable one was 35-year old Nit from Bangkok, a threeholer who used to work at the defunct Harem Flatrate on Soi Diamond.

The music was blaring.

Two other customers.

Barfine 800 baht. Bottled Heineken 140 baht, lady drinks 140 baht.

BEWARE: the greeters show a sign with prices for all bottled beers being 60 and 70 baht ... but those prices only apply if you stay outside.



Counting Down...

Zero A-GoGo opens on Soi Buakhao

Link Here11th August 2015
Zero A-GoGo has opened on Soi Buakhao. It is a single unit bar located a couple of doors up from the corner of Soi LK Metro between Climax and Soi Honey.

The opening party will be on 14th August, not the 13th as previously reported.

So there are now 82 GoGos around Pattaya, albeit a few of these are on notice for claiming to be GoGos whilst actually only having coyotes.



Some Slim, Some Wide...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: World Wide

Link Here9th August 2015

At World Wide A-GoGo on Beach Road the dancers are clad in coyote-style outfits now: white tops and very skimpy denim shorts showing enough flesh. Many of them were wearing black underwear under their bottoms, but not under their tops. Some of the tops were half transparent.

There were about thirty dancers, most of them on the chubby side and some fatter ones, but thank goodness also some younger slim ones. The MILFs seem to have gone and the average age was around thirty years.

Eight of them were on stage at any time (one per chrome pole) and after each song two left and two others went on stage.

The music was a mix of rock, pop, house and ... Isaan and not too loud.

No nudity, no shows.

Expats are still ignored.

Still good for a sanitary stop.

I have been told they have an all-in package at 1,800 baht ST.

Draught beer still 50 baht and bottled beers still 85 baht.



Closed, Demolished and Reborn...

Progress at Shonky's

Link Here8th August 2015
Thursday night Tony's Apple Pub on Walking Street was closed.

On the right-hand side of Soi BJ, opposite Lita's Ba r, where Thai-Europe Restaurant used to be, several buildings have been demolished until Soi Lucky Star/Soi Marine Plaza, where Coyotee's A-GoGo used to be.

On Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2), where the latest version of Hot & Cold A-GoGo used to be, Shonky's Bar is taking shape, but still far from ready.

It looks as if there will be a large, mostly open area with some old-fashioned street lamps extending on top of Bodega Bar.

Definitely no gogo any longer.



Lords and Ladies...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: The Duke's Lounge and Queen Vic Guesthouse

Link Here5th August 2015
The Duke's Lounge

Recently The Duke's Lounge on Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 had to close several times because of a complete lack of girls.

On my latest visit I barfined the only available girl, leaving the cashier to take care of the other customer. She said she had been working there for three days only and had never been shagged by a farang, true or not, but she seemed to enjoy it. The cashier said she liked anal and also threesomes.

Barfine 350 baht ST and 500 baht LT, with expectancies of 1,000 and 1,500 baht respectively.

The ST room was very poor with only a fan, no air conditioning, but it did have a big mirror behind the bed. The toilet and the shower were separate.

Bottled Heineken (during happy hour) 55 baht, lady drinks (also bottled beer) 95 baht.

Queen Vic Guesthouse

At the previous location of Belgian-owned Supatta Café on Soi Nern Plab Wahn is now English-owned Queen Vic Guesthouse.

The bar downstairs is air-conditioned with closed doors. The blue pool table has been replaced by a traditional green one.

The four rooms upstairs are all air-conditioned now.

In the afternoon there are some freelancers, but if there are no punters they leave and try their luck elsewhere.

As all rooms upstairs are rented out there is no ST room available.

All bottled beers all day long 60 baht only.



Updated: Swimming Upstream...

News from around town

Link Here4th August 2015
Word is that the MERMAID BAR on Khao Noi is shuttering its doors at the end of August and moving operations to the Maprachan area (name unknown).

Meanwhile on Walking Street, Iron Club is now closed for renovation. It is still a popular bar so no doubt will re-open shortly. Presumably the girls can be found at Queen Club or Bachelor on Soi LK Metro.

But in the meantime there are still 80 other bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Update: Iron Re-opened

4th August 2015. Thanks to Oukiva

The Iron Club signIron Club had the builders in during a two day break for Buddhist holidays and the bar opened immediately afterwards.

Oukiva also comments on 'GoGo's that are all coyote without the required 'bikinis or less' Thai-Anxiety definition of GoGos.

So GlassHouse, Sensations, NewStar and SkyFall are now all on notice of be delisted on grounds of overdressing.

Meanwhile the new Zero A-GoGo on SOi Buakhao is set to open on 10th August with an opening party on the 13th.



Fading Glory...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Misty

Link Here1st August 2015

Club Mistys on Soi 15 off Walking Street seems to be evolving to a faded glory, which is a pity because in the past they used to have fine line-ups and barfineable sweethearts and because the venue has great potential.

At my latest visit there were two dancing teams of six string bikini girls and four coyotes each. They were still rotating one position after each song, but their dancing act was very tame.

I did not see double tops or double bottoms among the bikini dancers, but they were all average at best. No nudity. From time to time one of the dancers would climb one of the tables.

One mamasan was completely apathetic as usual; the other one (the fattest one of the two) was really boring as usual. There were also some old fat hostesses fully clothed in black; I have never understood what their use was.

Some of their waitresses for years seem to have disappeared: funny Wa and tiny Ae. This is a real loss, as those girls really made you feel welcome.

The security man was roaming around as usual, meddling with drinks and bills, which I have always found disturbing.

Brian and Tim were chatting as usual with some blokes at their table next to the stairway, not to heaven, but to the toilets.

There were also a couple of punters, some Asians among them, but nobody stayed long.

IMO they should take away the unused mattresses around the central stage and widen the central stage, perhaps to a square one.

There is still a donation box for the orphans at the Camillian Social Centre in Rayong.

Bottled Heineken still 145 baht. Happy hour 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.: draught beer 50 baht, bottled beers 100 baht, house spirits 95 baht.



Updated: Max price...

News from around town

Link Here31st July 2015
BAD NEWS: Climax on the corner of Soi Buakhaow and Soi LK Metro has changed their dress code to coyote and big bikinis, no strings any more.

On Soi Diamond the venue that used to be Maxine's Club and before that Dream Club A-GoGo and Carousel A-GoGo is for sale once again ( quick sale , 2 million baht).

On Walking Street the venue where Eclipse , Coyote Club/Hades and Silver Star 3 used to be has reopened. On the facade are honeycomb motifs now, but no name yet.

On Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2), where Hot & Cold A-GoGo used to be, is Shonky's Bar taking shape, but still far from ready. Apparently they are making nice stairs and the ground floor will serve as an entrance only. I wonder what the purpose is of the quadracycles in front of it.



White Oyster Stars...

News from the Dark Side

Link Here26th July 2015
White Oyster Lounge

There has been a (false) rumour on internet boards that White Oyster Lounge on Soi Chaiyapornwithi had been permanently closed.

At my visit some days ago I was told they had been closed for a short period because of the boss's holiday, but I am not sure if this was the real story.

My impression was they have restarted with all new staff, but at least there were some good naked diving nymphs picking up coins from the swimming pool bottom (still 200 baht for an ashtray filled with twenty 10-baht coins).

Anyway it is a great relief they still exist because, if most other bars on the Dark Side are perfectly interchangeable, White Oyster Lounge is a real institution, one of a kind.

Bottled Heineken still 90 baht.

Stars Bar

After three months under her ownership, Nok had to stop operations at Stars Bar on Soi Kao Talo, the rent (20,000 baht for a single-unit empty shell) being way too steep. One month later Stars Bar was reopened by a short fatty, Annie, who says she pays the same excessive rent.

There were two rather chubby, but friendly girls around the 20-year mark.

Barfine 300 baht ST, the girls expecting 1,000 baht ST.

The owner Annie said the ST rooms were not yet ready/cleaned.

Bottled Heineken 70 baht, lady drinks 100 baht.



Shonky's Bar...

Takes over from Hot and Cold

Link Here24th July 2015
Shonky's Bar has taken over from the venue that was previously Hot and Cold A-GoGo at the 2nd Road end of Soi Post Office.

The beer bar is using the upstairs space. It is currently perhaps more of a GoGo space, being windowless, but it looks like building work is in progress.



Updated: Eclipse Eclipsed...

A new GoGo takes over from Eclipse on Walking Street

Link Here21st July 2015
A New GoGo opened on 18th July at the venue that was previously Eclipse A-GoGo.

There is not yet a sign, but it is apparently called Blue Sky A-GoGo. This is the name of several past and present Walking Street beer bars and is also associated with Casnovy A-GoGo.

It is the 81st GoGo in or around Pattaya.

Update: Fairies Club

21st July 2015. See  article from

I heard new GoGo's name is Fairies Club, hence the PR girls put on wings.

Service staff put on T-shirts with the logo of Blue Sky . Blue Sky is the name of company which has Casnovy.

I' m sorry but I find it impossible to believe that it could be called Fairies Club. But then again, this is Thailand.



More Fun than Funhouse...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Climax

Link Here19th July 2015

Climax has opened on the corner of Soi Buakhaow and Soi LK Metro at the location where FunHouse A-GoGo and Club Blu used to be.

The interior seems to have remained unchanged since the FunHouse days, but you can again look through the windows (both ways).

There were 15 to 20 dancers in black bikinis, varying from skimpy to huge. Six or seven of them were on the main stage at any time and one on the small stage.

I was impressed with the quality of the girls, which on average was much higher than what I have seen in many gogos in recent times. I saw some very decent sets of buttocks in black strings.

No coyotes , but also no nudity.

There were also some ugly fat old hostesses in black dresses.

The waitresses were cute in their check skirts.

The music was too noisy to my taste, but that is me.

Climax appears to be owned by the same people who also own Billabong Bar on Soi LK Metro.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht.

The bar describes itself as a coyote bar, but the dress code of string bikinis earns a listing on the GoGos page and so is the 79th bar in Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.



Re-Living Dolls 1...

News and GoGo Reviews

Link Here18th July 2015
The Family Mart on the corner of Walking Street and Soi 15, which was completely gutted, has reopened ... as a Family Mart, thank goodness not an extra gogo.

On Soi Diamond Maxine's Club is still closed and Cream Club seems to be struggling to open every day.

At the previous location of Tiger Club A-GoGo on Walking Street is a big sign TOMBOY CLUB now taking away the last doubt.

Living Dolls 1 on Walking Street has indeed reopened after some renovation .

The layout is still the same, but the small dancing podium/bath/jacuzzi has disappeared.

The most visible signs of renovation are the new black upholstery of the bench seating and of the bar stools and the new (or repainted) black tops of the tables.

The toilets are still as makeshift as before.

There were eight dancers on stage with two of them going on and off stage after each song. I counted one (1) huge topless dancer and eight (8) bikini dancers, many of them with double tops and/or double bottoms. All the other regular dancers were overdressed coyotes.

Some looked cute enough, many average and some plain ugly.

There was also a show team (I guess) of five strippers, several of them well over forty years old.

Barfine 1,000 baht with even the ugliest ones wanting 2,000 baht ST.

The waitresses were still clad in the same uniforms as before and were friendly enough to return even small change on a tray, which is often forgotten at many gogos nowadays, what I call automatic tipping . You happily tip those sweethearts.

Bottled Heineken 145 baht.



A Discreet Package...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Bar de la Poste

Link Here15th July 2015

On Soi Lengkee, two units past French owned Le Private, a bar along the lines of Mango Pub on Soi Khao Noi has opened: Bar de la Poste .

Look for the sign of Trafalgar Bar & Guest House. The entrance is rather discreet and you have to ring the bell to get in.

The bar is spacious enough and the lighting is satisfactory.

The girls are not all top models, but they are not shy at all. There were seven or eight of them sitting on bar stools in dresses that were short enough to reveal their shaven pussies.

For lady drinks of 120 baht they drop their dresses, the only garments they are wearing apart from their shoes, and you can inspect their bodies.

Barfines are 300 baht behind the BJ counter and in the playroom downstairs and 400 baht in the ST room upstairs. The girls expect 500 baht for a BJ and from 700 baht for FS.

When I arrived I was the only customer, but soon a group of three or four other farangs came in, who were having a good time with a couple of girls getting undressed.

Shortly before I left a group of French speaking men arrived, who started chatting among them.

Bar de la Poste appears to be French owned.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht.



Hookahs and Shishas...

The Prohibition by the authorities seems to be sticking

Link Here13th July 2015
The ban on hookahs, waterpipes, shishas or whatever you want to call them seems to be followed well from Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak) to Soi 16 (Soi Arab).

I am happy they are gone, not only because of the stench, but even more because of the fire and injury hazards. The boys riding their motorbikes holding burning charcoal always scared me off.

That being said, I have never seen hookahs on the Dark Side or in Ban Chang.

See District Officials confirm ban on the sale and use of Shisha in Pattaya from




Living Dolls One re-opens after renovation

Link Here12th July 2015

Living Dolls One on central Walking Street has re-opened.

You'd be hard pressed to see the renovations. New lighting and a lick of paint on the stage and some new seating.

Some nice looking new girls and no Coyote Dancers.

Pattaya's GoGo count has therefore climbed back up to 79.

808 Club has re-opened after a short police closure. The disco made the world news after someone posted pictures of a Thai girl giving a guy a blow job in the bar area.



High Points...

Climax opens, Hot and Cold reopening and a big party at Las Vegas III

Link Here9th July 2015
Climax has opened on Soi LK Metro in the venue that was previously FunHouse A-GoGo. It is billed as a coyote bar

Meanwhile there is life at Hot and Cold on Soi Post Office. It was once hot, but was running cool for recent years before closing. The bar has now been unchained and a staff wanted sign has been posted.

Peter of the Las Vegas GoGos in Soi Yamato is having a Big Boss Big Party on Saturday 11th July at Las Vegas III.



Updated: Minimum Max...

Maxine's Club closes

Link Here8th July 2015
The newly opened GoGo, Maxine's Club on Soi Diamond, has newly closed.

This was originally reported as a temporary issue with licensing paperwork but it is now looking more permanent with the bar signs being covered up. Neighbouring bouncers also say that the bar won't be re-opening.

So now the GoGo count has dropped to 77.



Hooty's and Hooters...

Nightlife news from Pattaya

Link Here1st July 2015
On Walking Street Roxy/Hooty's A-GoGo has closed; even the signage has vanished. The previous occupation by a pussy tricks bar was already noted as a temporary venue whilst awaiting redevelopment of the site.

There are now 78 bars around Pattaya with Thai girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Funhouse A-GoGo is set to return shortly as Climax, but the publicity makes it clear that that this will be just a coyote bar.

The Family Mart, several steps up on the corner of Walking Street and Soi 15, has been gutted. I wonder if it is going to be one more gogo, although I doubt if in the current climate a gogo would be a better choice than a convenience store.

At the previous location of Scandinavia Bar on Beach Road between Soi 13 and Soi 13/1 a fast-food joint, Hooters something, is being planned.

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