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2015: Oct-Dec

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What's Up Imagine re-opens

Link Here 28th December 2015
What's Up Imagine re-opened on Soi 15 on 27th December 2015.

What's Up is a seasonal extension located on the first floor above What's Up Playgirls .



Christmas Socks...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Touch

Link Here 28th December 2015

On Soi LK Metro, at the previous location of Oscars, Touch has opened.

The double-tier seating is very narrow and extremely uncomfortable; even for medium-sized people like me there is by far not enough knee space.

As the waitress forgot to bring my drink, I had to order it again with a different waitress.

On the central stage with seven chrome poles I saw the same number of more than overdressed coyotes wearing opaque over the knee socks, a fashion in Europe some twenty years ago.

They went on stage one at a time and some of them could have been easy on the eye if they had shown a bit more flesh.

The over the knee socks and stilettos would have matched well naked bodies.

At the rear, on a small triangular stage two sub-average topless girls were alternating and after that went for a naked shower in a cubicle behind that stage.

There was a disgusting cigarette stench.

For people like me getting bored there were also television screens with German erotic cartoons.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht.



Only Opens Sometimes...

Only O A-GoGo re-opens

Link Here 27th December 2015
Only O is located in the narrow part of Soi Diamond.

The bar has been closed for most of December but re-opened on 23rd December just in time for the Christmas peak.

There are now 86 bars around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos.




Thai immigration arrest farangs on Walking Street in ID checks

Link Here 22nd December 2015
Over 100 police have been raiding bars and clubs on Walking Street and checking farangs' ID. The terrifying prospect of being banged up in a foreign prison was in prospect for several who were arrested.

Bizarrely the police claimed that it was a bid to somehow reassure tourists that Pattaya is a safe place to party. As said:

I doubt the half dozen or so foreigners carted off in the back of a police pickup would agree.

From what I can gather the primary objective was to catch visa violators as during the raids both Thais and foreigners were asked to produce I.D. which led to a number of party people checking bin sooner than they hoped and making an unscheduled stop at the police station to answer a few questions.

The bars targeted included Sensations A-Go-Go and 808 nightclub, both popular with the tourist and expat crowd.



Oysters and Butterflies...

An update from the Dark Side

Link Here 21st December 2015

The Duke's Lounge on Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 has closed; it has reopened under new ownership as Sinner Lounge .

777 Nicky Bar near Mabprachan Lake has been closed for quite a while; it was a disaster from its first beginnings.

Saxo Bar Club on Soi Khao Noi has been renamed Le Rouge , probably referring to cheap red wine.

White Oyster Lounge

At White Oyster Lounge on Soi Chaiyapornwithi the gates are already wide open at 2 p.m.

There are still diving nymphs, but they are wearing string bikinis now, because of police . That being said there are some twenty-somethings now with pretty bodies, who are not shy to show the contents of those string bikinis.

The whole lot (especially the tiles and the fans) needs a bit of repair and cleaning.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht now, lady drinks 130 baht.

La Guinguette

La Guinguette on Soi Siam Country Club Soi 27 is only a pale shade of its former self.

The very fat Thai female owner and the fat girls completely ignored me, their only customer.

The fans were extremely dirty; I doubt if they are ever cleaned. The swimming pool was fenced off, but I could see a naked farang sunbathing next to it.

You can order food there, i.e. pizzas, etc. (warmed up items from the freezer I guess).

Bottled Heineken 80 baht.

Butterfly Bar

Butterfly Bar off Soi Siam Country Club is still doing business as usual and about the cheapest bar on the Dark Side, for barfines and lady drinks that is.

They still open (and close) early and have females in all ages and sizes at a uniform price of 1,000 baht for ST. All of them are freelancers, who seem to value the discretion of the premises. Some of them appear to commute from as far as Rayong.

Barfine (ST room included) still 220 baht (50 baht for the girl).

Standard lady drinks still 80 baht (30 baht for the girl). Bottled Heineken still 80 baht.



Not So Wonderful...

Wonderful A-GoGo closes and Shanghai A-GoGo goes dark

Link Here 15th December 2015
Dick Farang noted that the recently opened Wonderful A-GoGo was already closed on Pattaya Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato) a few days ago and it now looks to be reverting to an open bar.

Meanwhile Shanghai A-GoGo on Soi Leng Kee has also been dark for a few days, although the associated bar is continuing on. The previous staff at Shanghai seem to have moved on to Touch which opened this last weekend on Soi LK Metro.

So there are now 85 GoGo's around Pattaya.



Sexi Saxo Sinners...

News from the Dark Side

Link Here 9th December 2015

Som and Sinner Lounge

On Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 Som Bar has closed.

At the location on Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 where The Duke's Lounge and Golden Gate Bar used to be, Sinner Lounge has been opened by the people from Som Bar.

Nothing seems to have changed.

The sub-average girls were lazily sitting outside. The MILF who followed me inside spoke very little English and was aai maak maak (very shy).

I did not notice ladyboys this time.

They still have a car park opposite the defunct Som Bar and Clover Bar.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht, apparently no happy hour.

Saxo Bar Club

A couple of days ago Saxo Bar on Soi Khao Noi reopened, once again under French ownership.

The terrace is now curtained off with evergreen trees in containers.

To get in you have to ring the doorbell.

It was still as dark as before and the interior still looked the same.

I happened to be the only customer and I saw four chubby females in their thirties with pot bellies.

They were clad in short black dresses without underwear and when they were sitting on bar stools their pussies were displayed, not unlike Bar de la Poste on Soi Lengkee. For a lady drink they would reveal their charms and try to get you upstairs .

I am a bit confused as to the name as inside I saw a sign Sexi Saxo Bar .

Open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., which is early even for the Dark Side.

Barfine ST 300 baht (room included), with the girls expecting 700 baht (or more) for boom boom .

Bottled Heineken 70 baht, first drink free, lady drinks 110 baht.



Dolls Re-housed...

Openings and closings around Pattaya

Link Here 7th December 2015
In a busy burst of news in the run up to high season, The Dollhouse has opened on Soi 15.

It is a well known name in both Pattaya and Bangkok. Pattaya's branch was located for many years under the Marine Disco but was in decline when it closed due to redevelopment of the site. The Bangkok branch has continued throughout.

The bar has now moved to Soi 15 next door to What's Up in the Venue that was once Illusion Pattaya, and before that, Top Girls.

Meanwhile Pandors's coyote bar, probably so called due to a sign writers error, has closed on Soi LK Metro. The venue will now converted to a GoGo and will be helmed by another well known Pattaya name, Ricky, previously managing at Private Dancer A-GoGo. Set to re-open on 11th December 2015.

On Soi Diamond the overpriced GoGo, Only O, has been dark for the last 3 nights. There are plans to get it reopened ready for Christmas on 22nd December.

The recently opened GoGo, Taboo , on Walking Street has been briefly closed and looks to be undergoing transformation into a disco or nightclub. Flyers promoting upcoming events feature DJs rather than dancers.

And still including Taboo in the list pending confirmation of changes, then there are now 86 GoGos around Pattaya.



Shanghaied in Lengkee...

The latest Pattaya GoGo opens

Link Here 5th December 2015
Shanghai A-GoGo is located on Soi Leng Kee (a continuation of Soi Diana Inn between Soi Buakhao and 3rd Road)

The GoGo opened on 3rd December 2015. There were 3 topless dancers on an early visit.

It is the 85th GoGo in the Pattaya area



Vigilance Required...

Leaked memo claims that Walking Street may be down as a terrorist target

Link Here 4th December 2015
More information has come to light regarding an apparent ISIS plot to target Russian and other western tourists in Thailand.

The plot, which was revealed in a leaked memo obtained by Khaosod English, was marked as Secret and allegedly issued by the intelligence unit of the Royal Thai Police Special Branch. The memo claims to cite information obtained by the Russia's Federal Security Service or FSB.

The source told Thaivisa that a briefing was held early on Thursday, prior to the leaking of a memo to the press. During the briefing, officers were told of plots to target foreign tourists in Bangkok's Khao San Road, as well as on Walking Street in Pattaya.

Senior officers were told how security will be increased at major locations across the country and that Immigration will be stepping up the screening of foreigners at all border checkpoints.



Heineken and Malibu are Taboo...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Taboo

Link Here 2nd December 2015

New Malibu Show Bar

Last night New Malibu Show Bar on the corner of Second Road and Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) opposite Bodega Bar was dark.

It looked as if most of the furniture had already been taken away.


On Walking Street, at the previous location of Silver Star 3 A-GoGo, Coyote Club, Eclipse and a nameless gogo/coyote/whatever, a new gogo is trying its luck: Taboo.

My visit was short, very short, but long enough to notice the more than blaring music and the less than average dancers; no nudity.

On the left-hand side of the first section is a long bar counter now with some girls dancing on a narrow stage behind it, still without chrome poles.

Not much has changed in the second section, but they seem to have added some small unstable furniture, which makes it difficult to walk around.

While a waitress was trying to explain they had no Heineken beer, a coffee table full of drinks was showered over my feet.

High time I left. (Editors note: Probably wise, particularly as it is reported elsewhere that beers are 160 Baht and lady drinks are 210 Baht).



Updated: Not right so I left...

Left or Right Fantasy and Disco Club, new in Jomtien

Link Here 30th November 2015

In Jomtien Left or Right Fantasy and Disco Club has opened some two months ago.

It is a double unit in the Rompho beer bar complex, about 100 metres from Jomtien Second Road on the right-hand side of the right lane.

Inside are a bar counter, some bar stools and three totally different stages with some chrome poles on them. The windows are blackened, but still transparent.

I saw two average, mature females and one old, ugly, chain-smoking ladyboy.

One or two of them were on stage. No nudity, but the girls liked to reveal their intimate parts for a 20-baht note.

I was the only customer and did not stay long.

BEWARE: lady drinks 160 baht.

ST in-house fun 1,500 baht all in.

No check bins .

All beers 100 baht.

Update: 13 dancers with the right kit and 1 with a bit left over

30th November 2015. From Ishi of (Japanese language)

I heard it's opened around 7th November.

I visited after midnight a week ago and  saw 13 coyote dancers and 1 ladyboy.

Lady drinks are 160B.

They open from 8pm till 3am.

See map for location



A New Taboo...

Taboo opens on walking Street

Link Here 27th November 2015
Taboo opened on 27th November 2015 the latest in a long line of attempts trying for success at the Beach Rd end of Walking Street. The bar takes over from Fairies, Eclipse, Coyote Club and Silver Star 3.

The name Taboo was previously used for a GoGo in the Covent Garden Complex.

Assuming that bar continues a GoGo tradition then it will be the 84th on the list of Pattaya GoGos.



Super Baby Doll...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Dolls

Link Here 25th November 2015

Last night Shonky's Bar on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) was dark. The old-fashioned street lamps had already been removed.

Dolls coyote bar on Soi 6 has indeed reopened.

Everything inside is rather chaotic and cheaply laid out, even by Soi 6 norms. There are three different stages with chrome poles, two of them consisting of white transparent plastic cubes with lighting inside.

They appear to open from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

I saw about a dozen dancers in black coyote outfits and a bottle blonde owner/manager/mamasan. Most of the coyotes were average or slightly better.

The best looking girl was Ann, a 27-year old, slim threeholer who started her career at Super Baby A-GoGo on Soi Diamond and after that has been freelancing on Beach Road for several years. Only pity Ann has added some tattoos.

Not the slightest nudity.

There were several customers, including a Japanese (the first one I have ever seen on Soi 6, but I am not a regular there) who was showering 20-baht notes.

Music was deafening.

For everything Dolls coyote bar is more expensive than Passion Dance Club, also on Soi 6.

ST in-house fun 1,500 baht all in (500 for barfine and room, 1,000 baht for girl).

Bottled Heineken 120 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.



The Cream of Soi 7...

Bailey's coyote bar opens

Link Here 24th November 2015
Bailey's coyote bar has opened on 24th November 2015. It is located on Soi 7 towards the Beach Road end, near Silver Star 2.

Bottled Heineken is 110B. Lady Drinks are 150B.



Updated: Spanky's gives way to Katoeys 'R' Us...

Same same, it's just that dancing ladies will be brandishing a slightly different kind of pleasure stick

Link Here 23rd November 2015
Spanky's Pattaya closed in mid November 2015. This was despite plenty of efforts from, connections to recreate the success of the Bangkok branch in Pattaya.

The Soi Diamond venue is now set to return to its ladyboy roots as Katoeys Are Us. Back in 2010 the venue was previously a ladyboy hostess bar called Limmatquai 80.

Spanky's is still going strong in Bangkok, but in Pattaya the GoGo count drops slightly to 83.

Update: Mixed

23rd November 2015.

Its seems that Katoeys Are Us is operating as a mixed GoGo with both Katoeys and real girls.

Perhaps it should be restored to the GoGo list as the 84th GoGo. Under consideration for the moment.



Wonderful News...

A new GoGo on Soi Yamato

Link Here 15th November 2015
Wonderful A-GoGo has opened on Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato) at the 2nd Road corner next to the Wonderful live music bar.

It opened on 14th November at which time the bar had 9 bikini clad dancers. Bottled beer is 85 Baht.

It is the 84th GoGo bar in the Pattaya area.



Love 4 Exciting Angels...

News and reviews from about town

Link Here 9th November 2015
Venus Love Lounge on Third Road has been open earlier this year (2015), but has closed again ("BUSINESS FOR SALE").

Some infamous bars:

Excite Club on the right-hand side of Soi Xzyte (Third Road Soi 23) when coming from Soi Buakhaow is a poorly laid out bar opened by some working girls from Club 4 and 007 .

Club 4 and 007 are bars "à la française", both located on the right-hand side of Soi Full Love Inn, off Soi Bongkod (Third Road Soi 18).

I have only been drinking a beer at them, once. They are not my cup of tea and I abstain from any further comments.

More info at and at Google Maps

At the previous location of Bamboo Bar on Soi Khao Noi Angels Place has opened.  It has become more a kind of a bikers' place. In the open-air bar the sofas near the street have been replaced with high tables and bar stools.

There were a cashier who was not available and a fatty and two oldies who used to work at Bamboo Bar before.

At the rear of the complex is still a (mostly empty) beer garden.

Barfine (room included) still 300 baht.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht from 70 baht before.



Ear Clapped...

Ninja A-GoGo opens on Soi LK Metro

Link Here 6th November 2015

On Soi LK Metro at the previous location of a Japanese-styled karaoke, opposite Crystal Club and between Queen Club and Showgirls Entertainment Centre, one more would-be gogo has opened: Ninja A-GoGo.

It is a double-unit shophouse with single-tier bench seating on the right-hand side and double-tier bench seating on the left-hand side. The seating is less cramped than at other gogos in the area such as Champagne A-GoGo.

In the middle is a rather broad stage with a total of eight chrome poles.

The dancers went on stage for very long dance stints in teams of five to seven. I saw one topless dancer and two bikini dancers; all the others were overdressed coyotes. Most of them seemed to be in the 30-35 age bracket and were average looking at best.

Although they had opened only a couple of days before, it was all but crowded and nobody stayed long.

Not the slightest begging for lady drinks.

I got a terrible headache from the deafening music and tears in my eyes from the cigarette smoke.

It may sound strange, but at several occasions I have detected a foul cigarette smoke smell in very recently opened venues.

I am not going back to Ninja in a hurry.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht during happy hour ( discount 40 baht).



Hoping to make a killing...

Ninja A-GoGo, Dolls and Dusk Till Dawn

Link Here 4th November 2015
Soi 6 bars, Dolls coyote bar and Dusk Till Dawn re-opened on 3rd November.

Ninja A-GoGo opened on Soi LK metro on 1st November. This becomes the 83rd bar in the Pattaya area that calls itself an A-GoGo. No reviews yet about what sort of bar it is.



Ninja Climax...

Pattaya bar news

Link Here 1st November 2015
Climax on the corner of LK Metro and Soi Buakhao has removed walls on the street and re-opened as a bar beer with some stages with poles. It re-opened on 31st October 2015.

Ninja , the latest GoGo on Soi LK Metro, opens on 1st November with a party.

Meanwhile Clover on Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 has been redone, and is now much bigger. Chris suggests taking a look and updating the review.



Updated: Dolls of Venus...

Bar openings and closures in Pattaya

Link Here 27th October 2015
Venus Love Lounge on 3rd Road has been dark for a couple of weeks.

Dolls on Soi 6 is still dark. I heard they got police raid and found that they had no license. Dusk Till Dawn on the same soi is dark also. I heard Dolls and Dusk Till Dawn are the same management.

Meanwhile speaking of Dolls, the defunct Dollhouse A-GoGo on Walking Street is set to reappear on Soi 15 at the venue that was previously Illusion.

Update: Jomtien Too

27th October 2015. From Pattaya Addicts

A new GoGo is being constructed in Jomtien at the Rompho Bar Complex on Jomtien's 2nd Road.

The bar first tried as a hostess bar, than tried being an Italian restaurant with coyote waitresses and is now going GoGo.



Just A new GoGo...

Only O GoGo opens on Soi Diamond

Link Here 23rd October 2015
Only O GoGo opened on Soi Diamond on 22nd October. It is on the narrow section of the soi up from Windmill Club.

Meanwhile Amethyst re-opened on Soi LK Metro after just a one day closure.

On the other hand, Dolls, a new coyote club, has already gone dark on Soi 6.

There are now 82 bars around Pattaya purporting to be GoGos.



An anti-climax...

News of closed bars

Link Here 21st October 2015
Even in Pattaya the Law of Natural Selection ( Survival of the Fittest ) seems to apply.

Last night, on Soi LK Metro opposite Pandors's, Amethyst Club was very much closed.

The combination of poor quality and ridiculous prices did not seem to pan out very well.

On the corner of Soi Buakhaow and Soi LK Metro, Climax has been dark for several nights.

On Soi Yamato (Soi 13/1) the ladyboy gogo Stringfellows has recently closed with a bar for sale sign.

Stringfellows used to be owned by a German Englishman or English German, Bob Denzel, who in the past also owned Goldfingers A-GoGo on Soi 7 and has been a (Past) President of Rotary Club Taksin-Pattaya. Their website still seems to exist. On internet there has been a rumour that the ladyboys have not been paid over the last three months.

On the corner of Soi Diamond and Second Road the building where Byblos GoGo Bar used to be is completely gutted.



The Place 2 Bee...

Bar news from Soi Lengkee and the dark side

Link Here 18th October 2015

Michelle Happy Bar on Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 has become Nok & Nok Happy Bar .

It seems to be owned by a Nok who is a hairdresser and another Nok who stays in Sweden.

At my visit there were two fatties and one oldie.

Bottled Heineken 75 baht.

M Pub and Restaurant is located on the right-hand side of Soi Khao Talo when coming from Sukhumvit Road, about fifty metres before Soi 10.

It is owned by an old ailing Norwegian, Papa , and his Thai wife.

I always wonder why some bars that are by no means restaurants have the word Restaurant in their names; perhaps it is a licence or tax kind of thing.

I used to avoid this place because there were only old hags, but now they have some friendly, albeit chubby to very chubby, threeholers in the 20-25 age bracket.

Barfine 300 baht ST (room included), the girls expecting 1,000 baht ST.

Bottled Heineken 70 baht, lady drinks 100 baht.

At The Place 2 Bee on Soi Lengkee, the price of a bottled Heineken has gone down from 85 to 75 baht.

Since the Belgian manager, Roger, has moved to sister bar Vikings Corner Bar on the corner of Third Road and Soi 19, the Norwegian owner, Tom, and his cute girlfriend are often meeting and greeting at The Place 2 Bee.



Missing a little something...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Pandors's

Link Here 16th October 2015

On Soi LK Metro, left of Bachelor Pattaya, a new bar has opened: Pandors's (not Pandora's).

It is a small bar with a small stage with four chrome poles and a bar counter on the left-hand side and the seating on the right-hand side.

The ceiling, walls and tables are black; the seating, the bar counter and the floor are beige (or a similar light colour).

Of the five overdressed coyotes one or two were on the stage and one or two were outside at any time. Several were too fat and several were wearing tights.

I was told that some of them were agency girls , which I could hardly believe.

The mamasan appears to come from Classroom on Soi 13/4 (Pattayaland 2).

I was the only customer.

Barfine 700 baht, room 300 baht, the girls expecting 3,000 (!) baht.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht, lady drinks 130 baht.



A New Baby...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Baby Boom

Link Here 14th October 2015

The ladyboy gogo Baby Boom has reopened in a new development in a small soi off Soi Buakhaow just before Soi 15 when coming from Soi LK Metro.

The only female inside is Poo, the fat wife of the Dutch owner, Josh (PA member josh1963), who is always sitting in a corner, busy on his notebook.

There were five tall and slim ladyboys in the 20-30 age bracket.

The music was rock and not too loud.

Barfine 500 baht in the upstairs ST room.

However, no sex is required to have some fun with the ladyboys.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht, lady drinks 110 baht.



Pandora's Dolls...

2 new coyote bars

Link Here 13th October 2015
Dolls opened as a Coyote Bar next to La La Land bar at the Beach Road end of Soi 6. It opened on 8th October.

Meanwhile Pandora's also opened as a Coyote Bar, this time on Soi LK Metro. The bar opened on 12th October and is next door to Bachelor.



Offsite Article: British Thuggery on Soi 6 makes the Daily Mail...

Link Here 13th October 2015
Shocking moment a bar manager is smashed over the head with a bottle at a Thai holiday resort after telling two drunk Britons to pay their bar bill

See article from



A New Shyness...

News from the dark side

Link Here 2nd October 2015

Siam Café on Soi Siam Country Club has changed its name again to the original name Due Café .

However, there is no link with the previous Belgian owner of Due Café.

The Duke's Lounge on Soi Khao Noi Soi 9 has reopened with new staff.

A girl who had started working there the same day was very "shy" and did not want to "smoke" or to "boom boom". This seems to happen more and more and I wonder what kind of "job description" new applicants get to hear from the owners/mamasans, if any.

Bottled Heineken 85 baht.

On the corner of Soi Banlang (aka Soi Siam Country Club Soi 18 and Soi Phon Prapha Nimit Soi 18) and Soi Banlang Soi 12 a new bar has opened: The Scrapyard Bar.

In the outside section are a bar with bar stools, a pool table and some tables with chairs were the girls were sitting, "eating".

At 6.30 p.m. it was still hot outside. In the inside air-conditioned section are a bar with bar stools, some high tables also with bar stools and some sofas with coffee tables.

I talked with a 22-year-old very solid girl without children who had been working there for a month. She spoke very little English, was very "shy" and did not want to "smoke" or to "boom boom".

One other customer.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht.


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