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2016: July-Sept

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Kiss Central...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Kiss

Link Here19th September 2016
On Soi Buakhaow Players Lounge, previously Booze Lounge, has closed ( BUSINESS FOR SALE ). Update: The bar re-opened with a party on 19th September

After a closure and refurbishment of several months Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has finally reopened.

The façade covers both units and the entrance to the Blue Moon guesthouse has been reduced to a bare minimum.

The inside has become a bit more spacious and everything has been completely refitted, even the toilets which are still in the left rear corner and still mixed. The bar counter has been moved to the rear and in the middle is now a central stage with a number of chrome poles. On the right-hand side is still bench seating, now with one low table without chrome poles and two high tables with two chrome poles each.

On the central stage four dancers in big white tops and skimpy red pleated skirts were moving, going on and off stage one at a time. Most of them were wearing strings, but two were bottomless and happy to show their private parts.

On the low table one naked girl at a time was performing. On each of the high tables one naked girl at a time was dancing in a short transparent red skirt.

Most girls were average, which is not too bad nowadays, some fatties and several huge natural racks.

The music was palatable, albeit not precisely rock and roll.

The lighting was more than satisfactory.

There was a steady flow of customers coming in.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht now, up from 115 baht.



Updated: Re-puckered...

Kiss A-GoGo re-opens after refurbishment

Link Here17th September 2016
Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has re-opened after a two and a half month renovation. It re-opened on 16th September.

There are now 80 bars around Pattaya calling themselves GoGos.



Kit Inspection...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: KitCat

Link Here14th September 2016

In Jomtien, towards the end of a narrow pedestrian alley off Dongtan Beach and left of Country Road bar, KitCat Lounge-Bar has opened on 1st September 2016 (grand opening on 7th September 2016).

This soi, more or less opposite the police station, has been home for many years to small worn beer bars and snack bars (such as Dutch-owned Ons Moeder ), many of them closed by now.

KitCat Lounge-Bar looks rather posh for this neighbourhood.

The layout consists of booths with bench seating with very high backs, perhaps meant for privacy. The lighting was rather bright.

In front of KitCat Lounge-Bar a bunch of available girls in black dresses were sitting around a table, waiting for customers.

One of them followed me inside and took my order. She told me she was thirty years old, had no children, had had a farang boyfriend and had been selling (expensive) shoes on the second floor of Central Festival.

Just before starting in the P4P business she had invested in big silicone bolt-ons. The pussy in her white string was neatly shaven and, surprisingly, instead of a bra she was wearing white round pasties on her nipples. To be honest her hard plastic boobs turned me off, but that is me.

I was told the takeaway barfine was 700 baht, but that they also had in-house ST rooms at 500 baht, no barfine due.

The girls' asking prices appeared to be 1,000-1,500 baht ST and 1,500-2,500 baht LT, depending on self-perceived quality.

Not many customers.

Opening hours 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht, lady drinks 125 baht.

KitCatPattaya Facebook Page




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Working Girl

Link Here10th September 2016

Working Girl on Soi 6 has drastically cut their number of staff and their prices.

The first floor is no longer in use. Note that there is an emergency exit on Soi 6/1, next to the toilets.

There were about a dozen dancers left, most of them sub-average double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes.

There were three girls in black bikinis, who went topless on stage ... with lip-shaped pasties.

The only other customers were a couple of Asians, probably Japanese or Koreans.

The ST barfine has become 500 baht (room included), from 800 baht plus 300 baht for a hotel room.

The fuglies still try to get 2,000 baht ST.

Bottled Heineken 89 baht, down from 99 baht, lady drinks 125 baht, down from 200 baht.



Bars having a break...

Pattaya bar news from around town

Link Here8th September 2016
KitCat Gentlemen's club/lounge opened on 7th September 2016. It is reported to have ownership connections with Infinity A-GoGo. Beer is 90 Baht, lady drinks are 125 Baht and STs are more GoGo price than gentlemen's lounge. It is located n an alley off Thappraya just before the corner when Thappraya becomes Jomtien Beach Road.

On Beach Road the entire building where World Wide A-GoGo used to be is For Rent now. I wonder if it will ever reopen. Perhaps a greedy landlord story.

On Third Road Venus Love Lounge has closed once more.

There is a saying that a sucker is born every minute. And there is another saying that on every flight to Thailand there is a sucker with more money than brains, who thinks he will be the most successful bar owner of the century. The truth however is that the only way to become a millionaire in Pattaya is to arrive as a billionaire.

On Soi Nern Plab Wahn Riverside Bar has been dismantled.

On Soi Khao Talo M Pub has gone dark.

It looks as if that noisy bar Blue Sky 3 on the corner of Walking Street and Soi BJ has relocated to the previous premises of Casnovy. The new venue is called Rock Street.

Meanwhile on Soi 15 sister bars Club Electric Blue and Dollhouse have put up their Happy Hour draft beer from 45 Baht to 65 Baht.



Waiting for Wonder...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Crystal Club

Link Here5th September 2016

I visited the Soi LK Metro venue at about 9pm on weekday evening. There was not really much going on at the time.

There were 4 or 5 girls dancing on the central stage mostly in coyote street wear, with just one in a string bikini. The girls were attractive enough though. There was a second team of dancers, pretty much as the first team.

There were a few customers, of which two were chatting with dancers. The others were 'waiting for wonder' as one Pattaya forum member eloquently puts it.

Draft beer was 69 Baht. And one glass was sufficient for the visit.

This was the last of the one drink GoGos on my pub crawl. I was 'wonder' struck in my next port of call, Pandora's, and I stayed there for the rest of the evening.




Pattaya GoGo Reviews

Link Here3rd September 2016
Miami A-GoGo is an afternoon GoGo located on Soi Post Office towards the 2nd Road end.

Miami A-GoGo now probably has the biggest (pun intended) collection of fat fuglies, old ones, but also some younger ones. One of them was really colossal. I was surprised the stage did not collapse.

Most of them were naked (or in string bikinis that were easily removed) and would probably have looked better in burkas.

They were not shy at all and for a little tip they wanted punters shoving their middle fingers into their cunts and arses, some of them would even suck those middle fingers to clean them.

I did not kiss those girls.

The ladyboys appear to have gone.

Bottled Heineken still 110 baht, lots of 20-baht notes needed.



A New World...

World Wide closes for renovation

Link Here2nd September 2016
World Wide A-GoGo is located on Beach Road between Soi 7 and Soi 8.

The bar has just closed for renovation. The work is scheduled for 2 months from the beginning of September.

So there are now 79 bars around Pattaya which describe themselves as GoGos.




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Runway and Overmind

Link Here1st September 2016
Runway is located on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond. Overmind is located above Soi Diamond with another entrance on Soi 15.

I popped into Runway last night. It is very small but it was very lively.

All Coyote Dancers but Girls were friendly enough. Some attractive Girls and no Fatties.

3/4 of a small Glass of draft 85 Baht, very bad value.

I also popped into Overmind . It was a bit confusing because when I finally made it up the very steep stairs, the sign over the door said Shark Club. Nothing had changed inside.

There were 2 groups of Coyote Dancers and 1 group of Bikini Dancers. There were some attractive Girls but none topless.

Everyone was friendly but I saw nothing to make taking your life in your hands negotiating those stairs.

Draft was 55 Baht for a small glass, good value.



Gun control and licensing hours...

Bar news from around Pattaya

Link Here30th August 2016

In Jomtien The Winchester has been closed for several months. Maybe a reflection on the issues for the bar but the closure was hardly noticed. The bar's website has not been continued.

And on the topic of daytime gentlemen's clubs, there's been no further signs of life at Club Tropicana, previously Viper on Pratamnak Soi 4.

Meanwhile on Sois 13, the afternoon GoGos have resumed afternoon opening. Club Nevada opens from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. with a shift change at 7 p.m. Far East Rock A-GoGo opens from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. Miami opens from 1pm until midnight.



Destined to Depart...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Destiny

Link Here28th August 2016
I stopped by the LK metro GoGo during a weekday Happy Hour.

First impressions were good with a sizeable staff ready to guide customers to the plentiful seating around the central stage. The drinks service was prompt and polite.

The square bar has bench seating overlooking the stage which was occupied by 7 dancers.  The dancers were wearing a wide variety of costumes with a black theme. The dress code ranged from overdressed coyote to sheer negligee. There were several decent looking dancers amongst them.

A rather serious flaw started to emerge at the first dancing shift changeover. All the girls trooped off the stage and slowly a replacement crew appeared in bits and drabs. However the new crew was pretty much the same as the previous set. It appears that there were 10 dancers total in the bar and 3 would take a break each shift.

The stage may look full, but this means that there were hardly any girls available for hostess duties. You would have a double shift wait when your drinking partner 'go dance'.

Inevitably I decided to move on after my drink. But don't assume that this means that the bar is under the cosh. There are plenty of GoGos on Soi LK Metro that are also 'one drink and move on' venues, so there is a steady stream of vaguely disappointed customers arriving after departing from these other bars.

Draft beer was 69 Baht



Updated: Ex Champion...

Champion A-GoGo reported dark

Link Here22nd August 2016
Champion A-GoGo has gone dark on Soi Lucky Star, a few meteres off Walking Street.

The bar had recently moved from its long term location on Walking Street (nearly opposite Peppermint) as the building is being redeveloped for the Midnight Pattaya night club complex.

The venue moved to the old Blues Factory venue which is pretty hard t find being off Walking Street and then behind another bar.

Champion has been around for years and was once one of my favourites hands-on bars. It has dropped off the radar for the last few years hiding away in the pussy tricks niche.

Update: Open

23rd August 2016. Thanks to Ishi

Champion was open again on 21st August



Re-old schooled...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: World Wide

Link Here21st August 2016

After some unsuccessful experiments World Wide A-GoGo has reverted to an old-school gogo.

The spacious layout has not changed for years.

During this lowest of low seasons there were about ten dancers, five of them on stage, advancing on stage and going on and off stage one at a time.

All of them were clad in string bikinis, some in the old semi-transparent red ones. I guess most of them were about thirty years old or slightly younger, no stunners, but also no fuglies. No full nudity.

The girls are not particularly proactive, but if you show some interest they will join you.

The music was non-obtrusive and the lighting dim enough to hide stretch marks and bodily imperfections.

Their air conditioning is still in urgent need of cleaning as there was a disgusting cigarette smoke.

Although it was not crowded, there is always a steady flow of customers, probably due to their good location and moderate prices.

I remember the times you were happy if you could secure a small stool near the stage, but in those days also Living Dolls 1 and Super Girl were usually standing room only.

Barfines 600 baht ST and 800 baht LT, the girls being happy with 1,000 baht ST.

No ST rooms.

Draught beer still 50 baht all night, bottled beers still 85 baht, lady drinks 120 baht.



An opening for work...

Working Girl A-GoGo opens on Soi 6

Link Here17th August 2016

In a double-unit shophouse halfway Soi 6 on the south side a would-be gogo has opened: Working Girl.

On the ground floor is a central stage with some chrome poles.

The bench seating and some tables with bar stools are too far from this stage for a good view.

On the first floor are two transparent dance floors with some chrome poles, so that you can see the dancers from the ground floor. The bench seating upstairs is way too deep to be called comfortable.

Most of the dancers were clad in big fantasy outfits: air hostesses, nurses and (I guess) schoolgirls. Some were wearing huge bikinis with or without an ugly yellow skirt.

No nudity. All dancers were double or even triple topped and bottomed.

Some looked farm fresh , but many were typically the kind of working girls who try their luck at each opening.

One of them was skinny Ann, who tells everybody, true or not, she started over ten years ago at Super Baby A-GoGo on Soi Diamond as a 14-year-old lolita, and who had become a street walker on Beach Road with some stints at Dolls on Soi 6 (before their first closure) and at Only O on Soi Diamond.

The lighting was adequate and the music deafening.

Downstairs were two other customers, upstairs no customers at all.

The only thing that is top at Working Girl are their prices. Barfines 800 baht ST and 1,300 baht LT, a tad steep for Soi 6.

No ST rooms, but there seem to be hotel rooms somewhere at 300 baht.

The girls appear to have been brainwashed to demand at least 2,000 baht ST and 4,000 baht LT.

Note that at Passion Dance Club, the other gogo on Soi 6, with even better looking girls in black string bikinis the ST barfine is 300 baht (room included) and the girls are happy with 1,000 baht.

Bottled Heineken at Working Girl 99 baht (in fact 100 baht), lady drinks 200 baht.



Work in Progress...

Working Girl, a new GoGo for Soi 6

Link Here9th August 2016
There's a new bar on Soi 6 called appropriately Working Girl. It will open with a party at 6pm on 10th August 2016. The bar is located next door to Pook Bar. The sign says that it will be an A-GoGo.

Meanwhile he is the sorry state of Bad Girls A-GoGo that didn't make it.



Moving Card...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Carre Blanc

Link Here8th August 2016

The infamous Carré Blanc has moved from Third Road Soi 33 to a double-unit shophouse on Soi Full Love Inn.  On the same strip are also the single-unit shophouses 007 Gentlemen's Club, Club 4 and Pirates Hostess Club.

Soi Full Love Inn is off Third Road Soi 18/Soi Bongkod. Note that on the signs the street name is rendered as "BONG KOCH", which is an incorrect transliteration as the 10th Thai consonant chor-chaang ( ) is pronounced as a "ch" at the beginning of a syllable, but as a "d" at the end of a syllable. The easiest way to get there is following the big signs of the Full Love Inn motel from Third Road or also from Soi Arunothai.

At "le nouveau" Carré Blanc the door was opened before I could find a doorbell.

On the left-hand side is a big bar counter with bar stools. On the right-hand side are small booths that can be curtained off.

The new premises are much brighter than the old ones.

The females were the hardened-pro kind. No top quality, at least not in the looks department.

I was told that for a lady drink they would remove one piece of clothing. As they were wearing bras and pants underneath that could become an expensive experience. I saw not the slightest nudity.

I was also told they have rooms upstairs at 300 baht (barfine included) and 1,000 baht for a three-hole experience was expected.

A group of men were chatting together and nothing exciting was happening.

Bottled Heineken 100 baht.



A bigger gem...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sapphire

Link Here4th August 2016
Sapphire Club has re-opened on Soi 15 after Building work to extend the GoGo by merging in the space that was previously Smile Rock Girls A-GoGo. Thanks to Dave who commented:

I popped into Sapphire Club last night, it was the same as before only more spacious with an extended Stage.

The Girls were lovely as always, very sexy in their black underwear, stockings and suspender belts. You won't find better group of girls anywhere.



More bad news about Bad Girls...

Bar news from around town

Link Here3rd August 2016

On Soi Khao Talo Rod's Bar (previously Anna/Ann's Angel Bar has gone dark some weeks ago with a sign ROOM FOR RENT on the door.

On Pattanakan Road Soi 4 The Green Bar (previously Jungo Bar) has closed.

At Las Vegas III GoGo on Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato) there has been a FOR SALE sign for years, but nobody seems to have noticed.

At Club Nevada on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office) there used to be a shift change at 7 p.m., but many girls were actually working two shifts.

Far East Rock A-GoGo also on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office) used to close early, at 10 or 11 p.m.

I wonder if the Bad Girls GoGo on Walking Street will ever open as the word A GO GO has already been covered with black tape.

The DUI checks going on on the Dark Side (recently on Soi Khao Noi near The Black Sheep on a Friday at 6.30 p.m.) and the talent being spread very thinly, I do not longer drink beer in each bar I visit and order still water instead, which is only 20 to 40 baht.

Somebody asked me to recommend a smoke free bar on the Dark Side. To be honest, it will be easier to find a beer bar that never serves beer. The Booze Lounge, KiK and Top Cool Retreat are among the worst offenders. He could try The Scrapyard Bar , be it without any guarantee.



Bad and Happy News...

Coyotes return at Happy, Sapphire and Beach Club re-open

Link Here1st August 2016

Bad news the Coyote Dancers are back in Happy A-GoGo . Over 20 of them. I complained to a senior member of staff and he laughed and slapped me on the back.

Sapphire Club has re-opened after Building work to extend the inside.

I popped into Beach Club on Saturday night which has just been re-opened with a new layout.  It has raised bench seating around the walls and 2 raised stages down the middle of the floor. This is a much better layout than before and about as good as it could be with a narrow space. There was no sign of the four fat waiters.

So the GoGo count climbs back up to 80.



Miserable Afternoons in Pattaya...

Soi 13 bars suffering from police shutdown of afternoon openings of local GoGo bars

Link Here26th July 2016
Las Vegas III A-GoGo has been dark on Soi Yamato (Soi 13/1) since the 9th July. There is also prominent for sale sign for the building, which may have been posted prior to the bar closure.

There's a sign in the bar redirecting customers to the sister bar P Ying a few doors down the same soi.

Presumably this closure is a consequence of the recent police action to prevent GoGo bars from opening before 6pm.

There are 3 GoGos on Soi Yamato in the Las Vegas chain which also includes Las Vegas II at the 2nd Rd end of the soi. The bars have occasionally closed temporarily probably at times of a lack of girls, at which time it is best to concentrate the available girls in the bars staying open. But this time round the police action may have worsened the situation.

These are niche bars that have relied on afternoon trade for a long time. Soi LK Metro and Walking Street are infinitely more lively than the sois 13, so as soon as they open they grab all the trade going.

I stopped by the GoGos on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) in the late afternoon and early evening to see how they were coping. If you look carefully you will surely find somewhere to have a beer and catch a little dancing, but the necessarily unadvertised opening means that there is a lack of customers... and the lack of customers leads to a lack of girls... and of course the lack of girls further contributes to a lack of customers.

Even by the official opening time of 6 O'clock custom didn't pick up much.

Miami A-GoGo was trying quite hard with plenty of girls should there be a sudden in rush of customers, but Nevada was pretty minimal. A friendly girl reckoned that it was much better the day before, but I have heard such a claim a little too often to let go of my pinch of salt.

I'm not sure what these bars could do to compensate for the loss of afternoons, perhaps by livening up their evening offerings. I rather guess that the only hope is an arrangement with the authorities to resume normal opening.

In the meantime there are 78 bars calling themselves GoGos in Pattaya.




Pattaya Bar Reviews: DClub

Link Here24th July 2016
Last night the new Beach Club on Soi Happy off Walking Street had indeed closed.

On Soi 15 the builders are in at Sapphire Club A-GoGo and it looks as if it is still far from ready.

On lower Soi Khao Noi Old Hounds Lounge has closed, not really a surprise.

In front of Sugar Baby A-GoGo on Walking Street the recruiting for Annabelles A-GoGo has started. To be honest, I do not see the point of having a different name if there is no separate entrance.

Upstairs from Walking Street, where Tiger Club A-GoGo and the short-lived tomboy club used to be, Dclub , the longest bar in Thailand , has opened.

It is indeed very long and looks rather empty. On the left-hand side is a long white counter with white bar stools and the DJ in the middle.

On the right-hand side are some black high round tables with black bar stools. At the rear is lounge seating.

There were some fully dressed dancers.

Loud house something music and disturbing laser beams.

Immediate paying, no check bins . BEWARE: there is also a drink menu entirely in Thai with prices in two-digit Thai numerals, varying from 40 to 90 baht.

Bottled Heineken (for non-Thais) 150 baht, promotion 89 baht.



Updated: Closed for re-sits after failing course in GoGo design...

Beach Club closes for renovation

Link Here 23rd July 2016
Beach Club is located next door to Happy A-GoGo a few paces off Walking Street.

The bar has closed for a few days until 28th July for renovation. Presumably to sort out its widely criticised seating layout.

In the meantime the dancers have moved to Happy.

Whilst Beach Club is closed there are just 80 bars calling themselves GoGos in Pattaya.

Update: Very Happy

23rd July 2016. Thanks to Dave

Beach club was closed on Friday night as noted. The girls were in Happy, which made it very Happy for me. There were so many. Girls they were leaving the Stage 3 at a time. There were a lot of real beauties.

Sapphire closed to

Sapphire club is also closed. The bar is making the final building works to extended the bar into the space vacated by Smile Rock Girls GoGo which closed a while back.

So just for a day or two, the GoGo count falls below 80 to 79.



Meanwhile tourists can still enjoy Happy sexy shows in Thailand...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Happy and Peppermint

Link Here 18th July 2016

I was in Baccara last week and a Dancer I know called Bang said that the coyote dancers had gone from Happy . Oo I ventured back their last night, and I'm glad to say she was right,.

It was really rocking last night and it was hard to find a seat. All the topless and Bikini dancers were back, and  the showgirls were on form. So a good night was had.

I popped into Peppermint on Tuesday night, there were a lot of very attractive Girls,

NO Coyote Dancers and some vey nice Showgirls. They are much more revealing than  Baccara and Happy, they openly show their Pussies.

Unfortunately not many punters there to enjoy the show, there were only about 15-20.



Back open...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Montana

Link Here16th July 2016

Montana Bar and Lounge on Regional Land Road has reopened under the same management, but is now an open-fronted bar with furniture and a pool table on the terrace.

Inside nothing seems to have changed. There were three or four girls only and one other customer.

One of the girls was Ae, a not so young spinner with minimal English, a perfect body and a clean-shaven beaver. To be honest I prefer a more mature girl with the body of a 20-years-old to a young fatty with the body of a 40-years-old. That being said, Ae, who had started only some weeks ago, was very enthusiastic and still genuinely horny.

Montana still rents out rooms and has ST rooms upstairs (included in the 400 baht barfine).

Bottled Heineken still 99 baht, lady drinks (cola on the rocks ) 130 baht.



Sad times as afternoon GoGos are under threat...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Miami

Link Here12th July 2016
I stopped by Miami A-GoGo on Soi Post Office during the afternoon just before Pattaya police ordered an end to afternoon GoGos. It seems that GoGos are now not allowed to open until 6pm.

There were 8 girls in the bar of which 3 were dancing in bikinis or topless. There were a couple of horrors, and a couple of decent girls.

But despite limited assets, the bar was doing quite nicely thank you. The staff were proactively getting the girls to sit with, (or on), the customers, and the girls attentions were seemingly going down well. There was a steady flow of customers, and each would end up staying for a couple of drinks and a couple of lady drinks. (I didn't see many barfines being paid though).

The staff were doing a good job keeping things ticking over. There was a cheap draft beer and lady drinks were 130 Baht.

It seems a bit of a shame that the authorities have felt it necessary to snuff the afternoon GoGos on Soi Post Office and Soi Yamato. I think they stand no chance if they can only open after 6pm.

Their modest offerings probably only work during the hours when Walking Street GoGos are not yet open. The brutal truth is that these GoGos do not really compare with those on Walking Street and these are only a short stroll away. Soi Post Office/Yamato GoGos simply will not be able to compete with Walking Street during evening hours.

Normally with police crackdowns one can be sure that they will prove short lived, however a similar prohibition on Soi LK Metro GoGos opening in the afternoon has more or less become permanent.

I enjoyed my afternoon visit and feel sad that niche markets should be suffocated by arbitrary decisions by the authorities. They are not doing any harm to anybody by opening in the afternoons.



Late News...

Pattaya sanctions 4am closing on Walking Street, but 2am elsewhere

Link Here11th July 2016
On Thursday Pattaya authorities invited barkeeps to a big meeting. Police chief Col. Apichai Krobpetc told those attending that new zones had been set out, one of which came with 4am closing.

Zone 1 covers entertainment venues on Walking Street and Beach Road that can now officially close at 4am with all other bars and clubs in Sin City falling into Zone 2 that must close by 2am.

The police chief stressed that the new closing times would be strictly enforced and any of Pattaya's 800 pubs and clubs found to be flouting the rules would be prosecuted and shutdown for five years.



Not the Champion of Musical Chairs...

Champion 2 closes on Soho Square, whilst Amethyst plays on

Link Here10th July 2016
On Soho Square, off Walking Street, The Champion (Champion 2) has closed.

Champion originally closed on Walking Street in March 2016 and spawned two new bars, The Champion on Soho Square, and Champion A-GoGo on Soi Lucky Star. This latter venue continues.

So there are no 81 bars around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos.

And by way of circular news, Ishi reports that Amethyst A-GoGo, which has just closed on Soi LK Metro, is now planning on relocating to the Walking Street venue that was the original location of Champion (or possibly the upstairs bar where Guugle was).

On Walking Street the Russian bar Red Square has also closed, not a big loss for most farangs I think.

Meanwhile n Jomtien Passion Gentlemen's Club has reopened, but they do not offer ST rooms at the moment. The large (muddy) car park is no longer available



Not yet hitting the spot...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: G-Spot

Link Here9th July 2016

On Walking Street G-Spot Pattaya has opened, right of Sugar Baby A-GoGo.

The interior is rather traditional for a gogo.On both sides is comfortable red plush single-tier seating. There are two stages with chrome poles around and chrome gym rings in the middle. Behind the first stage is small counter with some bar stools.

On the first stage were teams of eight to ten mediocre, double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes. Some of them were wearing a pleated skirt and white boots.

ready to dropOn the second stage were teams of eight to ten topless and naked dancers. Most of them were shapeless, some looked ready to drop .

Two nights after the opening, shortly before midnight, there were fewer than ten customers and nobody stayed long.

I did not see any interaction between girls and punters.

The lighting was adequate. The music was the usual crap.

Bottled Heineken 155 baht, draught beer 90 baht (after happy hour I guess).



Updated: Faded gem...

Amethyst closes and is up for sale

Link Here8th July 2016

Amethyst A-GoGo and show bar on Soi LK Metro closed after business on 5th July 2016. The bar is has now posted a prominent for sale sign.

This leaves 82 bars around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos.



Making a bee line for the other side of the road...

A new corner bar on Soi 6

Link Here7th July 2016
Bee Bar on Soi 6 is under new management and has been renamed Bee Corner Bar

The bar has been converted to an open bar. It seems to have been taken over by the people who previously had the popular Soi 6 Corner Bar on the opposite corner, before the building was redeveloped into an empty space.



If you build it, they will come...

G-Spot opens on Walking Street

Link Here6th July 2016
G-Spot Pattaya opened as planned on 5th July on Walking Street by Sugarbaby.

The GoGo is a sister bar to Dollhouse and Club Electric Blue on Soi 15.

Early reports note that bar offers a decent amount of nudity. Draft beer is 65 Baht whilst lady drinks are 165 Baht.

There are now 83 bars around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos.



A parting kiss...

Kiss A-GoGo closes for renovation

Link Here4th July 2016
There is a notice on the door saying that the bar is closed fro renovations and will reopen on 1st September 2016.

Perhaps the final nail for table dancing style GoGos.

So there are now 82 bars around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos. Soon to be more though.



A big soup amongst German restaurants...

Pattaya Restaurant Reviews: Klein Heidelberg

Link Here3rd July 2016

Klein Heidelberg is a German restaurant on the right-hand side of Naklua Soi 18, not far from Naklua Road.

Before it was invaded by McDonald's et al. some decades ago, Heidelberg was a very picturesque city in Western Germany. It is home to the oldest university in Germany and the previous Thai king Ananda Mahidol (Rama XIII) was born there.

It is praised by the song Ich hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren (I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg) and Elvis Presley's Wooden Heart was based on the traditional student song Muß i' denn .

In Mannheim, a stone's throw from Heidelberg, Karl (or Carl) Benz built the first motor car and his more marketing-minded wife Bertha and their sons undertook the first ever long-distance motor car trip, from Mannheim via Heidelberg to Pforzheim.

Note that in many languages the word for petrol is derived from the surname Benz ("Benzin" in German, "benzine" in Dutch and even เบนซิน = "bensin" in Thai), but in those days they had to rely on solvents for cleaning sold in pharmacies. Even today in petrol stations in Thailand if you want pure petrol, not gasohol, ask for "bensin".

Do not confuse Klein (Little) Heidelberg in Naklua with Alt (Old) Heidelberg on Beach Road near Walking Street, which is a disaster.

Klein Heidelberg is very spacious and open fronted with nice wooden tables and (a bit strange) wooden swivel chairs.

The only inconvenience are the countless passing buses with budget Chinese who are shipped to and from a tourist trap somewhere towards the end of Soi 18.

The "small" Flädlesuppe (beef consommé with pancake stripes) with a slice of German quality bread at 75 baht and the Kaßler (slightly smoked, slightly brined, steamed pork loin) with Sauerkraut (fermented white cabbage) and mashed potatoes at 245 baht were excellent.

As usual in German restaurants the portions were very generous. The "small" soup was bigger than what you get at many places. I wonder what their "big" soup looks like.

They sell Chang and (BEWARE: cloudy) Weihenstephaner Hefeweißbier on draught.  They also sell bottled Warsteiner (a bit too sweet to my taste) and German spirits.

Klein Heidelberg appears to be popular within the German community.

It is one of the scarce remaining German restaurants in Greater Pattaya that still offer original quality food.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht.



Updated: Tough times for gentlemen...

Kinnaree raided by police and closed

Link Here2nd July 2016
Yesterday (29th June) at around 3pm the Kinnaree Place was closed by police. A local reader reported:

When I walked by today, I saw that it was opened as usual, but a little bit after in the afternoon many police officers came back in numbers and ordered the premises to close the doors again. It doesn't look good for their 4th of July party !

As written by Pattaya One, many bars are currently ordered by the Chonburi Governor to be checked and maybe closed for 5 years if there is any problem. I Don't know if this is related. Anyway, it's not good news for the cleaners, waiters, cashiers, taxi drivers, (and a lot of others...) making a living from it.

Update: Kinnaree continues

1st July 2016.

An additional snippet of news about the police raid is that customers were asked to leave a little before the police arrived and were not subjected to police hassle.

The bar re-opened the following day, although a little subdued with about 20 freelancers in attendance at mid afternoon.

Update: Police raids at late night discos

2nd July 2016. From Pattaya Addicts

For several nights in a row, police have been arriving in late night venues like Insomnia, Flexx, JP Bar, etc. and forcing them to close. It's been happening around 4:30am. The police don't hassle anyone, but it seems like they just want the fun to stop. They just prop the doors open, turn on the lights and everyone leaves.

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