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2016: Oct-Dec

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Balloons, flutes and fedoras...

Bar news and reviews

Link Here30th December 2016

Roger "Braske" who, after running his own bar on Soi Buakhaow, has been a manager at The Place 2 Bee , at Vikings Corner Bar and at Road House 13 has returned to Belgium. He has undergone a medical treatment of about half a year and is probably staying in Belgium for the rest of his life.  Managing a bar (smoking and drinking included) is not always a healthy job.

Stars Bar

On Soi Khao Talo Stars Bar has changed hands once more.  It is Canadian owned now.

Most of the females there are wives/girlfriends of farangs now who do not want boom boom, but who still do want farang money.  There are no longer ST rooms upstairs anyway.

A complete waste of time and money. Unsurprisingly this bar is mostly deserted.

For those interested: there is again a pool table taking up most of the space.

Bottled Heineken 70 baht, lady drinks (small cognac balloons containing Singha Light) 120 baht (most expensive on Soi Khao Talo, where the norm is 80-100 baht).

Champagne Coyotes

On Soi LK Metro, where Club Malibu used to be, is now Champagne Coyotes , a glass-fronted beer bar.  From time to time one or two coyotes were performing on top of the counter. I could not be arsed to waste time and money there. I wonder when they are finally going to send those "coyotes" back to the prairie, where prairie wolves belong.

Bar de la Poste

On my latest visit to Bar de la Poste on Soi Lengkee there were only fatties and extreme fatties.  They were clad in white plastic fedoras and white T-shirt-like dresses without underwear. For a lady drink they would drop their dresses.

I happened to be the only customer and the ladyboy cashier ordered them one by one to offer me their services.

I was told that the barfines were 300 baht one drink included for the play corners and 400 baht no drink included for the ST room upstairs. Fees for the females were 500 baht for BJ, 700 baht for FS without anal and 1,000 baht for FS with anal.

Bottled Heineken still 80 baht, lady drinks still 110 baht.



Coach loads of space...

A report on peak season

Link Here29th December 2016

Still quiet for the time of year, lets hope it lasts.

There were very few coaches of Chinese tourists, the Thappraya Road is usually packed with them,

I went into Peppermint and Sweethearts last night and both were quiet, Baccara was packed, but it usually is.

Sapphire Club was very Busy on Saturday night a lot of new girls wearing stocking , suspenders and G-string, very sexy. Supergirl was also busy on Saturday and you couldn't move in Sweethearts .



Stairway to Heaven...

Pattaya bar news and reviews

Link Here24th December 2016

On Walking Street Naam Bar has disappeared due the new Midnight Pattaya development around Soi BJ.

On Soi LK Metro Armageddon Bar has closed and the builders are in. According to their website they will become a gogo, one more. As it is a double-unit shophouse it will at least not be as cramped as Kaos A-GoGo, also on Soi LK Metro.

On Soi 15 Club Mistys has had its fa ç ade aligned with that of Sapphire Club next door. I wonder what the empty space behind the new fa ç ade will be used for, an eating area for the girls ?

In front of Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro is a prominent BUSINESS FOR SALE banner now. Are they fearing going broke and looking for a sucker with more money than brains ?

On Soi Diamond the expensive Night Train Bar has become Pearl in the Soi Diamond . I wonder if the same prices apply.

The Windmill Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has an upstairs section now, which is a bit quieter than the ground floor.

On the left-hand side are factory-style metal stairs leading to it. Even the stairs to the defunct Tramps A-GoGo on the right-hand side were more comfortable.

The music was deafening, but the dancers were all but shy. No coyotes to be seen.

Near the new stairs I saw a for-sale notice for G-Spot Pattaya on Walking Street.

Bottled Heineken at Windmill 160 baht now.



Not so high...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Happy and Sweethearts

Link Here23rd December 2016

Still very quiet last night, I got a baht bus straight away, no traffic, straight into Walking Street (from Jomtien).

No hoards of Chinese tourists in Walking Street.

Popped into Happy A-GoGo , although It's debatable if it warrants that title much longer.

There were about 40 Coyote Dancers, they came on the stage one after the other. Most of them were not even attractive. It was over 1 hour before a Bikini dancer made it to the stage.

It was only half full and Punters did not stay long, no one appeared interested in the coyote dancers. Only a couple were sitting with punters, consequently there was little atmosphere.

The Show Girls were good as always.

One to miss if you're looking for sexy women.

On the other hand Sweethearts was great a real party atmosphere. Everyone was having a great time with lots of Sexy Girls.



Thumbs Up to Jungle Bar...

News from Soi 6

Link Here22nd December 2016
The long running Thumbs Up on Soi 6 has given way to Jungle Bar. The new bar opened on 20th December 2016. The previous Thumbs up opened in April 2007.

The bar is noted as S52 on Soi 6 map .



Kaotic dress code...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Kaos

Link Here15th December 2016

Bypass A-GoGo on Walking Street now appears to offer a draught beer at 90 baht.

On Soi LK Metro, where Club Malibu used to be, is now Champagne Coyotes , a glass-fronted beer bar. I could not be arsed to waste time and money there.

I wonder when they are finally going to send those coyotes back to the prairie, where prairie wolves belong.

At Kaos A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro nothing has improved.

The dancers seemed to be wearing as much as they liked and as ugly as they liked.

On average their quality was even inferior to these at the latest version of Pandora's, also on Soi LK Metro. To my surprise five of them went topless, but they kept their huge double bottoms.

The music was Thai crap from YouTube.

There were not many customers, but nevertheless there was a disgusting cigarette smoke stench.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht now, lady drinks 180 (!) baht now, small buckets with ping-pong balls 250 baht.



Full Moon Rising...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Full Moon II on Soi Khao Talo

Link Here13th December 2016

In a single-unit shophouse on Soi Khao Talo, left of Krungthai Bank, where once the open-fronted short-lived Check In Beer Bar used to be, a new closed beer bar has opened: Full Moon Bar II.

Whereas many bars on lower Soi Khao Talo open at 4 p.m. or later, this bar already opens at 1 p.m.

At the rear is a (too large) bar counter with some bar stools. On the right-hand side are high tables with bar stools and mirrors on the upper half of the wall. On the left-hand side is bench seating with some low round tables and fake windows on the wall.

Unusual for the Dark Side there is no pool table.

The lighting was rather dim.

The cashier was a bottle-blonde ladyboy.

I saw a couple of girls in the 30-45 age range and rather fat. They appeared to have come from the sister bar Full Moon Bar on upper Soi Khao Talo, right of The Bird Cage.

Contrarily to what the mamasan had told me shortly before the opening, there was no ST room.

I am not going back in a hurry.

Barfines 300 baht ST and 400 baht LT, the girls expecting 1,000 baht ST and 2,000 baht LT.

All bottled beers 55-60 baht during happy hour (1 p.m. to 5 p.m.), lady drinks 100 baht.



Bears take over Las Vegas!...

Las Vegas II is replaced by Big Hugs

Link Here11th December 2016
Las Vegas II has been replaced by Big Hugs A-GoGo on 7th December 2016. Despite the name change the bar is still display for sale notices.

At an early evening visit there were 4 naked dancers in the bar, of which one was on stage. Draught beer is 50B.

The replacement does not change the GoGo count which remains at 82.


And on a sad note Mike has informed me that Larry, the owner of the Rock Hard A-go-go in Patong, Phuket has passed away.



Updated: Not over at Overmind...

GoGos opening around Pattaya

Link Here7th December 2016
O vermind Club re-opened on Soi Diamond on 5th Dec.

Pacha (formerly Abbe's Bar) will also open as an A-GoGo in January (run by Shark Group).


Update: Coyotes

7th December 2016. Thanks to Ishi

Champ agne Coyotes , formerly Club Malibu, opened on Soi LK Metro on 6th Dec.

Frog A-GoGo will open on Walking Street ( see on Google Street View ) in December. It is between Frog Bar and a 7/11.



Bar closures around Pattaya...

Never mind! Overmind undermined by less than over kind agency fees...maybe...

Link Here5th December 2016

Upstairs of Soi 15 and Soi Diamond, at the previous location of Shark Club A-GoGo, Overmind Club has gone dark once again. I doubt if the 10-day contracts at 15,000-18,000 baht were economically viable.

On Walking Street, left of Baccara A-GoGo, Abbe's Bar has closed. The signs have already disappeared.

On Soi LK Metro Armageddon Bar has closed and the builders are in. According to their website they will become a gogo, one more. As it is a double-unit shophouse it will at least not be as cramped as Kaos A-GoGo, also on Soi LK Metro.

There are now 82 bars around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos.



When will it all end?...

Armageddon set to become another new GoGo for Soi LK Metro

Link Here30th November 2016

On Soi LK Metro Armageddon Bar has closed and the builders are in. According to their website they will become a GoGo, one more. As it is a double-unit shophouse it will at least not be as cramped as Kaos A-GoGo, also on Soi LK Metro.

Meanwhile in a single-unit shophouse on Soi Khao Talo, left of Krungthai Bank, once the short-lived Check In Beer Bar, a new closed beer bar is taking shape: Full Moon Bar II. It has the same ownership as Full Moon Bar on upper Soi Khao Talo, right of The Bird Cage.



Worth a detour...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Bypass

Link Here28th November 2016

On the corner of Walking Street and Soi Happy, where Crazy Bar Beer and before that for many years Best Bar with comfortable rattan armchairs used to be, another mini-gogo has opened: Bypass A-GoGo .

The layout is somewhat unusual.  Along the left-hand side are mirrors and a low, not too broad stage with on the edge nine chrome poles of about 1.8 metres high.

Along the right-hand side are mirrors on the upper half of the wall, high tables and bar stools. In between is bench seating with a good view of the stage.  Anyway, the seating is less cramped than in other recently opened gogos.

The toilets are upstairs.

The dancers went on stage in three teams of about eight each.

About ¾ of the dancers were mostly fat and ugly, double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes in white outfits, apart from a couple with black shorts or big Fahrenheit tops.

(Note that I have never seen recruiting in front of Bypass A-GoGo, but there is a banner mentioning salaries of 14,000 to 20,000 baht and 10-day contracts at 10,000 baht.)

About ¼ of the dancers were clad in white string or pants bikinis. They would go topless after a while and some of them would strip naked. Surprisingly, taking into account my experiences with recent openings, some of them were even above average.

There were about as many customers as dancers.

The waitresses were fat, friendly and efficient.

I saw a mamasan handing cash to a girl, who had been barfined. I guess the customer had paid everything up front, something I would never do.

The lighting was good and the music not causing trouble.

Although my visit was on the second day of their existence, there was already a foul cigarette smoke stench.

Happy hour 8 p.m. to 10 p.m: all drinks 70 baht.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, all soft drinks 120 baht, lady drinks 150 baht, "model drinks" 200 baht.



If you're passing by...

Bypass A-GoGo opens on Walking Street

Link Here26th November 2016
Bypass A-GoGo has opened on Walking Street at the alley leading down to Happy A-GoGo. It is next door to Beach Club.

 It is a new build GoGo at the space that was previously Crazy Beer Bar.

The bar opened on 25th November and is the 84th GoGo in Pattaya



Post mourning...

Pattaya returns to normal

Link Here26th November 2016

Beach Club and Happy

I popped into Beach Club and Happy on Wednesday and they are nearly back to normal, just a lack of Girls.

Baccara, Walking Street

I popped into Baccara on Saturday and it's still the same, all Coyote Dancers. Even the usually topless girls were coyotes.

No nudity and no Show, I've no Idea why.

Lady drinks now 145b

Club Nevada, Soi Post Office

The month of mourning has now completed and Nevada is back to normal. Half the ladies are dancing fully nude again, and the other ones are wearing small bikinis (but most of them are happy to remove some pieces of it for a tip). Those who had to cover up during this month of mourning didn't suffer from a salary cut. Nice.

The bar has also replaced the mirror on the ceiling above the dancing floor, but nothing else has changed.

Soi 6

Meanwhile Soi 6 is nosier than ever, there were vast amounts of girls keen to get to work.

Update: Back Happy

Thanks to Dave

Everything normal in Happy last night, including the naked showgirls.

Barfine in Sweethearts  still 1000 and boom boom still 2000. It must be the cheapest in walking street, and some very beautiful girls.



Sweet Ass...

Another new bar for Soi 6

Link Here21st November 2016
 Sweet Ass Bar opened on Soi 6 on 20th November 2016.

It is located on the south side of the soi at the end of the first block when starting from 2nd Road. It is next door to Z Bar.

The bar was previously Locos, and before that, a ladyboy bar called Sweet Kiss.



Dark Amethyst...

Amethyst goes Dark on Soi LK Metro

Link Here17th November 2016
Amethyst Club A-GoGo re-opened on Soi LK Metro on 3rd November but has already gone dark. It was reported dark on the 15th and 16th of November.

If it stays dark, the Pattaya GoGo count will drop to 82.

However the numbers will soon be bumped up by Bypass A-GoGo which will soon open on Soi Happy where Crazy Beer Bar was previously.



Miss B Haven...

Another new bar for Soi 6

Link Here15th November 2016
A new bar has opened on Soi 6 named Miss B Haven.

It opened on the 11th November and is located mid soi on the north side, next door to Chilli Bar




Normal service resuming...

Pattaya bar news and a review from Geisha

Link Here14th November 2016
The first month the King's mourning period has now ended and bars are set to resume more normal operation. The Walking Street GoGos will now be closing 3am. Presumably the opening times will revert to the normal 8pm, or thereabout

Several dancers from the defunct World Wide A-GoGo on Beach Road have relocated to Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8.

Lita Bar , the ladyboy bar that had closed on Soi BJ off Walking Street, has reopened on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2).

Off Third Road, in a soi more or less opposite Soi 33 (where Le Carré Blanc used to be), a smallish bar has opened: Geisha Club Bar Hôtesses .

The door was opened before I could ring the doorbell.

Most girls were in their late thirties and wearing big bras and big pants under their chaste dresses. No nudity, nothing special on offer. No other customers.

I saw a coaster of a Belgian beer Keizer Karel . (Emperor Charles V was an enthusiastic beer drinker and already legendary during his lifetime. His Antwerp residence Prinsenhof (Prince's Court) now houses the main campus of Universiteit Antwerpen. When he later moved from the Low Countries to Spain a number of brew masters accompanied him.)

Barfine (room included) 300 baht, full service (no anal) 1,000 baht.

Bottled Heineken 105 baht, lady drinks (cola on the rocks) 130 baht, a tad expensive for the kind of venue.

By comparison: at Working Girl on Soi 6 the new prices are 89 baht for bottled Heineken and 125 baht for lady drinks.




Passion for sale...

Pattaya Bar News: Diamond Sports Bar and Passion Dance Club

Link Here12th November 2016

On Soi Diamond the previous location of The Sea gogo has become Diamond Sports Bar, which is always deserted when I walk past.

In the toilets of Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 is a for-sale notice.

The dancers at Passion Dance Club were ringing the bell themselves, drinking tequila shots and getting as drunk as lords. Instead of dancing they were sat on the stage. One of them could hardly reach the bench seating where she fell asleep.

It looks as if the old mamasan Nee cannot keep her girls under control.

Bottled Heineken still 115 baht.



Zillions of females...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews:

Link Here10th November 2016

On Walking Street, right of the previous alley to the old Champion A-GoGo and the disappeared stairs to the defunct Spicy Girls A-GoGo/Guugle Show/Powers Club A-GoGo, a new gogo has opened: Pheromone Club.

That venue has been for many years the German restaurant Bierkutsche and after that a shoe shop. In fact it is in front of the old Champion A-GoGo.

Outside were greeters clapping their hands the way you also see at SensationS A-GoGo, perhaps aimed at Japanese punters.

Inside is a central stage, which goes up some steps towards the end and which is surrounded with chrome poles.

On both sides is very narrow and very uncomfortable double-tier seating.

Upstairs is also a narrow gallery, the purpose of which is not clear.

There were zillions of females, but only a dozen of punters and hardly a place to sit.

The waitresses were wearing uniforms that looked vaguely like dirndl dresses.

The dancers were mediocre and clad in ugly big-bikini-based uniforms. Most of them looked over thirty or even over forty and many were silicone enhanced. Up to twenty of them were packed on stage and hardly moving.

At the street-end-side of the stage several unveiled their bolt-ons and saggy tits, not a beautiful sight.

Poor lighting and crappy music.

Bottled Heineken 155 baht.



Backless shorts...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sapphire Club

Link Here8th November 2016

I popped into The sapphire Club on Soi 15 on Saturday night. Still the sexist Girls you'll find anywhere in Pattaya,

It was full of Punters having a good time. I can't recommend it highly enough. No Nudity but if you like girls in Thigh Length Black stockings and extremely small shorts showing beautiful Bums, you'll love it.

There was a very slim Blonde with lovely legs, the back of her shorts were completely cut away so you could see all of her Bum and it was absolutely stunning. The sexiest sight I've seen in a long time. Well worth the tip I gave her.

Lady Drinks 150 and Draft beer in happy hour 65 Baht.

Most of the Girls are very friendly. All the Girls who ate 3 shredded wheat have gone.



Just follow your nose...

Pheromone Club opens on Walking Street

Link Here7th November 2016
Pheromone Club opened on Walking Street on 6th November. It is located about opposite to Peppermint.

The bar is a reincarnation of Amethyst which recently closed on Soi LK Metro with the intention of moving to Walking Street. And some of the dancers and managers are indeed familiar faces to customers of Amethyst.

Note that the old Amethyst venue has just re-opened on Soi LK Metro, but this is under new ownership and is not connected with Pheromone.

There are now 83 bars around Pattaya calling themselves GoGos.



Hitting the spot...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: G-Spot

Link Here6th November 2016

I popped into G-spot on Walking Street on Saturday night, quite a pleasant experience.

Their are 2 stages, nearest the door had Coyote dancers, some very attractive and not over dressed, and the stage at the back had naked Dancers, most of them attractive. There was also a mat with naked girls on.

Everyone was very friendly and the Girls came round to the Punters.

Draft beer in large glass was 99 Baht and lady drinks 170. Barfine is 900 to 1100 depending on the Girl, and boom boom is 3000 short time.

Worth a visit.




Amethyst re-opens on Soi LK Metro

Link Here4th November 2016
Amethyst Club A-GoGo has re-opened on Soi LK Metro on 3rd November. The venue had closed last July and was put up for sale.

Presumably the GoGo is now under new management as the bar is offering cheap draft beer at an all night price of 60 Baht. Previously Amethyst sold itself as an upmarket show bar with prices to match.

So there are now 82 bars around Pattaya calling themselves GoGos.



Tasteful service...

Geisha bar opens off Pattaya Tai

Link Here3rd November 2016
Geisha BJ bar opened on 2nd November 2016. The bar has ownership connections with 007

Drinks are from 60Baht. BF 300Baht(including room). from 1pm till midnight.

The bar is located on Soi LK Pavillion off Pattaya Tai near 3rd Road.



The show must not go on...

Thai government announces that the entertainment industry can resume normal operations on 14th November

Link Here2nd November 2016

I went to Walking Street last night. I walked down Soi Diamond, no music coming from any bars. The only sounds were coming from The Windmill.

I went into Happy, nothing had changed, I was going to have one beer and leave but a couple of the Showgirls, Me and Ta came over for a drink, so I stayed for 2 beers. there was no show while I was there.

I asked a senior member of staff, the man who stands at the door and shows you in, how long the mourning was going on?  And his exact words were until the 15th of next month. This sounds like bad news, most of the time there were just 20-25 punters in, most had 1 drink and left.

I popped into Sweethearts, which was the same as always.

[The government has now confirmed that the entertainment industry will be allowed to resume normal operations on 14th November].



Updated: No outward signs...

News of life in Pattaya during a period of mourning

Link Here28th October 2016
Dave comments on an outward sense of peace and quiet around Walking Street

Soi Diamond was very quiet with only 1 bar playing music.

Not much change in Walking Street either, just a few more punters.

I popped into Windmill , that was full of Naked Ladies, unfortunately it was packed. There was no where to stand up, let alone sit down.

Happy was covered up though, virtually the same as Monday, with all coyote dancers but with smaller bras. I checked out Baccara and Peppermint and they were the same,

Living Dolls One had some topless girls but they are all long in the tooth and overweight.

I went home up Soi 15 which was completely empty, it is usually full of street food vendors and motorcycles.

There were a few Punters in Thappraya road bars, but no music.

Meanwhile Dick Farang notes a few changes:

For those interested: Lita Bar , the ladyboy bar that closed on Soi BJ off Walking Street, has reopened on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2).

On Soi LK Metro, White Room has reopened as an open beer bar.

Update: Happier everywhere but Happy

27th October 2016. Thanks to Dave

Walking down Soi 15 last night some bars were playing music.

I popped into the Sapphire club. It was very lively, the Girls were dressed as normal and the place was fairly full of punters having a good time.

Followed into Electric Blue. It was also very busy with some very attractive naked birds on show. All the Punters having a good time. A large Girl, with very big tits came and sat next to me, I bought her a drink but I prefer skinny Birds but she spoke good English. Mama sang Nan is back after 2 yrs at home.

I popped into Baccara, to see if the mourning was continuing. Unfortunately it was. One of the Showgirls came over for a drink, she was very unhappy, no drinks, no tips, no barfines and no punters. She's been working in the Happy group for 8 yrs, I asked her how long the mourning was going on for and she said 3 months. If that's true, I think Happy group will be out of business.

All the a-go-go's that are not in mourning are doing great business. From what I have seen the only a-go-go's affected by mourning are the Happy group. As I walked past Whats Up, there was a naked man on stage being ravaged by Coyote dancer.



Black Ribbons...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Nevada

Link Here27th October 2016

At Club Nevada on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) lady drinks are still 100 baht, which is the cheapest for any gogo in Pattaya.

In this mourning period the music is lower and some girls are wearing a black ribbon around their upper arm or a black bow on their bra.

String bikinis, but no nudity.

Bottled Heineken 125 baht now.



Offsite Article: Bar girls in black...

Link Here25th October 2016
The Sun newspaper takes a look at Bangkok nightlife in mourning

See article from



Not so immune after all...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Kiss Kool

Link Here24th October 2016

I was accosted in the usual Soi 6 manner as I was going to a 7/11 to buy some smokes. I have become almost immune to the cries of Helloooo and Welkum you hear every day a hundred times in Pattaya but this particular girl attracted me so I asked her name and promised to see her the next day. A week later I kept my promise and she remembered me and was pleased I had come back although belatedly.

The interior of the bar is dominated by an old motorcycle which I think is a Harley although being an old Norton man I can not be sure. There is a smoking area outside the bar. Inside is a bit Spartan with only one sofa and a couple of chairs and tables. But the place is comfortable enough.

We agreed a fee (expensive but I was horny and in no mood to haggle) and I paid her out and we went to my hotel. She did her best to justify the price of my mini adventure with a superb bedroom performance



Kiss Me and Goodbye: News and Reviews from North Pattaya...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Kiss Me Beer Bar

Link Here 20th October 2016

Kiss Me Beer Bar is in a complex near the Beach Road end of Soi 3.

A couple of attractive ladies work here but the rest are distinctly below par. Some of them should have retired years ago but nevertheless they are friendly enough if you just want to chill out with a beer or two.

There is a pool table but it can not be used if it is raining as it is not fully under cover.

I visited this bar two nights running and stayed for an hour or two. On both occasions I was the only customer so pop in. They will be pleased to see you!

However 2 of my favourite bars have gone from the area. Intira Bar Second Road has vanished as has Sanuk Bar . A lot of development at the top end of Second Road has led to the demise of these bars.

Going north along Second Road a lot of bars and restaurants have signs in Russian showing the continued increase in the number of Russian visitors and the desire to cater for them specifically.



Updated: Pattaya goes dark...

In respect of the death of the King

Link Here18th October 2016

Following the announcement of the death of the King of Thailand the bars were closed on Soi 6 on Thursday night at about 8.00pm local time.

About a half hour later most of the girls had changed into their civvies and were plying their trade on the Soi as normal in front of the darkened bars. Presumably there were no bar fines to pay although I already had company at his time so did not venture out to find out.

Later in the evening we had the mother and father of thunder storms with torrential rain so I suppose it was bad luck all round for the girls who need to work to pay the rent and buy essentials. It remains to be seen how long the bars will be closed.

Walking street and more or less all major bars and clubs similarly closed on Thursday night.

Speculation on the likely impact on Pattaya night life is rife with just a few related official proclamations coming through. Phuket bars have been asked t close for three days (one of which is already marked as a day for bar closures due to the 16th being a Buddhist special day). Various sources suggest that bars will be generally able to open thereafter but there remains a question mark about those that offer entertainment. The government has called for a 30 day period without entertainment. Maybe the practicality of people and companies needing to make a living will lead to some lesser period, particularly in a tourist resort.

Update: Still dark but open

14th October 2016.

Most of the bars in Pattaya have re-opened with the restriction that they keep the neon signs dark and generally keep music and other external activity down to a minimum.

Update: Still quiet

18th October 2016. Thanks to Dave

It was very quiet in walking street last night.

There were some topless girls in Supergirl but they were just standing on the stage chatting.

In Happy all the girls were wearing large coyote clothes, it was very quiet in there (hardly surprising).

Sweethearts was the best ,it was full and as normal apart from having the curtain at the entrance closed.

All the bars in Thappraya road were quiet, no music and no punters. There were a couple of people in the Pig and Whistle,there weren't even any street food vendors.

There were no parties of tourists in walking street either.



Pool Classes...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Lek's Classroom

Link Here18th October 2016

Lek's Classroom is on Second Road near top of Soi 4. south side.

Typical open beer bar with very friendly staff and a decent band.

Obligatory pool table and one of the friendliest ladies, Nat, is a red hot player. I have spent a lot of time in this bar because the atmosphere is good and no hassle for lady drinks. Even the fact I can rarely beat Nat at Pool does not put me off.




A Change of Overmind...

Overmind A-GoGo re-opens after a short renovation

Link Here17th October 2016
Overmind with entrances on Soi 15 and Soi Diamond has re-opened after 5 days of renovations and some new furniture.

There are currently 81 bars around Pattaya that claim to be GoGos. There are a couple more on the way on Walking Street. It is reported that the new GoGo about opposite Peppermint will be called Pheromone Club.

Meanwhile Diamond Sports Bar has opened at the venue that was recently The Sea A-GoGo.



A Tale of Two Titty Bars...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Peppermint and Super Girl

Link Here16th October 2016

As Walking Street's Peppermint has a reputation for some hands on fun I paid a visit last night. I had 2 drinks and stayed about 40 minutes.

A lot of pretty girls and quite a few customers in there but absolutely no interaction at all. One customer bought a drink or two for the girls who pocketed their drinks chits and continued dancing until the end of their stint. Then they joined the gentleman just long enough to polish off their drinks, a quick wei and then off to the opposite end of the room to sit with the other girls who were not dancing. This was not what I was expecting at all. One customer who came in and sat near me was a young, good looking guy but he too was ignored.

Checkbin and away!

I decided to call in Super Girl on Soi 15 and within ten seconds of taking a seat I had one of the most beautiful girls in there getting up close and personal even before I had ordered a drink! I ordered for her and myself and she called over a friend, topless, and so now had two lovely ladies paying me a lot of friendly personal attention. I wanted to barfine girl one long time but she said she only did st. Shame because she was a real cracker.

Stayed for 3 or 4 drinks then left to get soaked in yet another storm. This only goes to prove that reputations count for very little where bars and Go-Go's are concerned. It all depends on luck!



Pretty good line up...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Fahrenheit

Link Here15th October 2016
Fahrenheit A-GoGo is located on Walking Street near Soi 15.

I visited about 9.00pm.

Few customers but a good line up of pretty girls, about 16 on stage at a time. Rotation about every 5 minutes with new girls before same girls return again in different outfits. Topless dancing periodically although without a great deal of enthusiasm. A few of the ladies more into it than others though.

I had no intention of taking a lady so left after about half hour.

Serving staff friendly and did not hassle for drinks, always a plus in my book.



Not Nice...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: So Nice

Link Here14th October 2016

Las Vegas III GoGo on Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato) has reopened as SO NICE The Fun Bar .

Nothing seems to have changed and the bench seating is still as worn out.

I saw five horrible fatties, worse even than at Miami A-GoGo on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office). Two of them were on stage at any time. Three were clad in string bikinis, two were topless.

I have been watching the television screens for most of my time there.

The rock-style music was not too loud.

Unsurprisingly I was the only customer.

Bottled Heineken 110 baht, draught beer 50 baht.



Sea Changes...

Pattaya bar news

Link Here12th October 2016

Last night Overmind Club with entrances on Soi Diamond and on Soi 15 was dark.

Off Walking Street on Soi BJ between the gutted buildings Lita's Bar has closed. I wonder how long Wildcats A-GoGo also on Soi BJ will still be going on.

Prices at Le Bordeaux on Soi Day Night 2 have gone up once more. The cheapest set menu is now 590 baht. Last time I walked past I saw one (ONE) couple inside.

On Walking Street, right of the previous location of Champion A-GoGo, a new gogo seems to be taking shape. That venue has been for many years the German restaurant Bierkutsche and after that a shoe shop.

On Soi Diamond the previous location of The Sea gogo is to become Diamond Sports Bar.



Generating a few sparks...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Electric Blue

Link Here11th October 2016
Club Electric Blue on Soi 15 offers a good first impression. It has a good lively atmosphere with lots of dancing girls. And what immediately sets it above many, if not most, Walking Street bars is that it also offers lots of nudity. There were a decent amount of good lookers amongst the crew.

It is easily the most popular of all the previous incarnations that have used the venue over the last few years.

There was plenty of friendly female servers on hand, and maybe to make sure they are adding the hubbub of people milling round, they are banned from sitting with customers. A bit annoying if you would like a more relaxed chat with long time friends.

The bar offers BOGOF offers during happy hour which is something I generally try and avoid. BOGOFF offers get a bit of bad press, at least in the UK, as they either highlight high baseline prices, or else are wasteful to those customers only really wanting one. In this case the baseline prices are just a little above average.

But a good port of call for those that fondly remember GoGos of old that featured bikinis or less as the general rule.



Nice news...

So Nice A-GoGo opens on Soi Yamato

Link Here5th October 2016
So Nice A-GoGo has opened on Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato) in the venue that was previously Las Vegas III. The bar opened on 4th October and describes itself as 'The Fun Bar'.

So Nice is run by new owners who have left the bar pretty much unchanged since the previous incarnation.

So nice to report that there are now 81 bars around Pattaya labelling themselves as GoGos.



Champagne News...

Pattaya bar news and lady drinks prices survey

Link Here2nd October 2016
On the Siberian part of Walking Street, opposite Soho Square, Crazy Russian Girls has closed.

On Soi Buakhaow Players Lounge, previously Booze Lounge, is still closed ("BUSINESS FOR SALE").  The bar had a brief 're-opening' but that turned out to be a one-off.

On Soi LK Metro the builders are in at the previous location of Club Malibu, which later became a division of Champagne A-GoGo.

On internet I found this interesting survey of lady drink prices :

Walking Street  150 Baht or under 160 Bahtt Over 160 Baht
  • Airport
  • Alcatraz
  • Angelwitch
  • Babydolls
  • Baccara
  • Beach Club
  • Bliss
  • Crazy House
  • Cream
  • Fahrenheit
  • Glasshouse
  • Happy
  • Heaven Above
  • Infinity
  • Katoey 's-R-Us
  • Lighthouse
  • Mandarin
  • Mistys
  • Moon
  • NLD1
  • Naughty Girls
  • Overmind
  • Palace
  • Peppermint
  • Runway
  • Sapphire
  • Sensations
  • Spice Club
  • Super Girls
  • Sweethearts (130!!! Is this the lowest LD price for a WS go go?)
  • Wild Cat
  • Dollhouse
  • Electric Blue
  • Ginza
  • Living Dolls Showcase (160 and up)
  • Sugar Baby
  • Windmill
  • Diamond
  • Iron Club
  • New Star
  • Skyfall
  • Taboo (220)
  • What 's Up (250, most expensive on WS)
Soi LK Metro    
  • Champagne 150
  • Crystal Club 135
  • Destiny 140
  • Kaos 130
  • Kiss 130
  • Lady Love 135
  • Ninja 150
  • Office 135
  • Pandoras 130
  • Paradise 150
  • Showgirls 135
  • Sugar Sugar 150
  • The Club (Oasis) 145
  • Touch 150
  • Bachelor 185
  • Queen Club 165

Note that Amethyst was listed at 185 but tellingly has now closed

Afternoon GoGos    
  • Club Nevada 100
  • Far East Rock A-GoGo 110
  • Las Vegas II GoGo 130
  • Las Vegas III GoGo 130
  • Miami A-GoGo 130
  • Tahitian Queen 120
Other GoGos    
  • Passion Dance Club (Soi 6) 120
  • Sexy Girls A-GoGo (Soi 8) 150
  • Silver Star A-GoGo (Soi 8) 150
  • Silver Star II A-GoGo (Soi 7) 150
  • Tim (2nd Road near The Avenue Mall) 150
  • We Are No 1 A-GoGo (Jomtien) 120

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