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2017: April-June

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Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sapphire Club

Link Here30th June 2017

As to Club Mistys on Soi 15, tiny Ae, the cute spinner from Buriram, has probably left as I saw a fat girl sitting outside with number 44, the number that used to belong to Ae.

That being said I am surprised the numbers for the girls are recycled so fast.

I did not want to lose time and money there.

Instead I had a look at the extended Sapphire Club next door: a too dark shithole with dozens of mediocre, arrogant, double-topped and double-bottomed dancers in too big white, black and mixed "coyote" outfits, also some pushy shrews in black lace open-crotch cat suits with a black bikini underneath, monotonous, too loud techno crap and fewer than a dozen patrons.

Big is not always beautiful.

On a positive note the greeters said "Thank you, Sir." when I left.

If this is what Pattaya's nightlife is going to look like in the future, they better change Pattaya to a resort city for Russian families, at least if the Russians do not prefer Cambodia: Cambodia tourism industry eyes more Russian visitors .

Bottled Heineken at Sapphire 150 baht.



Gold for sale...

Gold A-GoGo closes on Soi LK Metro

Link Here28th June 2017
'Gold A-GoGo has closed on Soi LK Metro.

The bar had a troubled time throughout its year of existence and closed on 20th June, initially hoping that it could reopen 4 days later. The plans didn't pan out and the bar stayed closed, now with a for sale sign.

There are now 75 bars around Pattaya claiming to be GoGos.



A bit of posh...

The Den opens on Soi Chaiyapoon

Link Here23rd June 2017

On Soi Chaiyapoon (aka Chalerm Phrakiat 25 or Third Road Soi 25), more or less opposite the Thai karaoke Hot Man, The Den has opened.

I was told opening hours are 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. only.

I caught a glimpse of the interior, which was dominated by red plush. \I think that in the past it has been a karaoke where well-off bargirls could hire a Thai gigolo. Hot man appears to be the last remaining of those karaokes on Soi Chaiyapoon.

That being said, I wonder who in his right mind would want to open a (posh ?) venue on the worst stretch of the (literally) dirtiest street in Pattaya.

Graham adds:

I went into The Den..had one drink..I asked a nice girl if it was a BJ bar? She looked puzzled and said drinking...WTF...

5555 yes indeed: "...who in their right the dirtiest street..."



Miserable Pattaya...

Pattaya says no more GoGo bars

Link Here19th June 2017

Pattaya authorities have launched a new morality drive targeting bars and GoGos.

Licensing officials in Pattaya have temporarily prohibited the opening of new Go-Go bars and have said that licenses for such establishments will not be issued for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile bars on Soi 6 have been told that they cannot open until 6pm. Bar owners have been warned that failure to comply will result in fines and suspension of licenses.



Not a whiff of palatial elegance...

News and Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Palace and Pheromone

Link Here12th June 2017

The Police were out in soi 15 again last night, they were booking street vendors for not having a license I assume. They were still serving customers while the police were there.

Thanks to Dick Farang

On internet I found a picture of the ladyboy mamasan at Dclub in front of some dancers in different shapes and sizes.

On Walking Street Ginza A-GoGo is closed and FOR SALE.

There are now just 76 GoGos in the Pattaya area.

Also on Walking Street the lights at Living Dolls 1 are still on, but the greeters have disappeared and the door is locked.

On Walking Street, at the previous location of Alcatraz A-GoGo, a new place has opened: Miami . On the façade I still saw " อัลคาทราซ " ("Alcatraz" in Thai script).

It is a nightclub/disco this time round though, but seems to have a few house ladies in attendance.

On Soi LK Metro Gold Club (previously Amethyst Club and M*A*S*H A-GoGo) has reopened once more. I wonder how long it is going to last this time.

At Palace A-GoGo on Walking Street the Happy Tuesdays still subsist, with all consumer drinks at 90 baht.

The interior looks still as poor as during my first visit.

About ¾ of the dancers were double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes in white outfits and ¼ of them were clad in black string bikinis and going topless once on stage.

There was also a girl dressed in traditional Super Baby A-GoGo attire (transparent white skirt without pants) but not unshaven, who also opened her bra on stage. No full nudity.

Bottled Heineken still 140 baht on other days, lady drinks 150-200 baht.

Nothing has improved at Pheromone Club on Walking Street, but the price of bottled Heineken is 165 baht now, the most expensive on Walking Street, a dubious honour they share with Living Dolls Showcase (but still cheaper than What's Up Playgirls).

The midnight show was worthless.

No nudity any longer, but some ugly bolt-ons with pasties.

A lot of pressure to buy shots.

Nobody seemed to stay long.

To be honest I would not have entered if it had not started raining.



The Roaring 60s...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Cafe Racer and Scooter's on Soi LK Metro

Link Here7th June 2017

A few new and newish bars on LK Metro

Café Racer . In between i rovers and Kaos. Has a motorcycle theme inside. Very busy at 6-45pm. First Singha I got was frozen solid but changed without any problem. Happy hours 4pm to 7pm and midnight to 2am. Singha B50. Normal price is only B60. A lot of good looking girls working. Music was a bit loud for me but then I was the oldest customer in.

Scooter's now has another bar on LK Metro next to Lady Love. Pretty much the same as the original on Soi Buakhao with a complete Vespa and other scooter parts around. Happy hour up to 7pm, Singha B50. B80 after or 2 for B120 About 8 attractive girls working. It was busy at 7-15pm. Music very loud. I am told there is another Scooter's on Soi 6. Website

60s To Now is what was the old White Room between Champagne and The Rock House. Didn't go in. Noticed it while I was sat in Scooter's.



Upstairs A-GoGo goes down...

And remember the old New Living Dolls One?

Link Here5th June 2017
Upstairs A-GoGo towards the south end of Walking Street has been dark since the beginning of June. Staff nearby suggested that the bar is now closed 'forever'.

There is an equally poor prognosis for Living Dolls One in a more central location off Walking Street. It also has gone permanently dark, at least until a new pair of hands takes over. The demise is well reported by Stickboy Bangkok .

Club Nevada on Soi Post Office is still going strong but has now cut down its opening hours and now closes before midnight.

There are now 77 GoGo bars open and running in the Pattaya area.



Big Pins...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: PinUp Club

Link Here5th June 2017

In the small soi off Soi Buakhaow opposite the Sawasdee Siam building PinUp Club has opened at the previous location of Fairy Club and before that Baby Boom A-GoGo.

It is a single-unit shophouse, where the curtains are closed when there are customers inside.

The interior has remained unchanged since the short-lived Fairy Club. Where the stage used to be in the Baby Boom days, is now a concrete bar counter with bar stools. Deeper inside, left and right, are alcoves that can be curtained off.

At the rear is a big bedroom with a bed in the middle, but without a shower. I was told that upstairs are rooms with showers.

I saw four big girls in their twenties ranging from fat to extremely fat. The non-available cashier, apparently the farang owner's ex, looked better.

For the complete duration of my visit I was their only customer.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht.



Open, closed, and maybe a GoGo...

An update from Soi Lengkee

Link Here31st May 2017

Bars that have closed since the last visit:

  • Hole in One

  • Jocky's Bar

  • Pretty Club

  • Le Katai. The sign is still on wall, unlit but it's now the Devonshire Hotel with bar/restaurant on the ground floor.

  • Jenny Bar . The sign is till there, unlit but it's just the entrance to Dolphin House.

  • What was Valentines , which used to be 4 units including Ned Kelly Bar , is now 2 double units. On the left is Ned Kelly Guest House and on the right the Travellers Rest both with bar/restaurants on the ground floor.

On the other side of the soi opposite Ned Kelly is a new bar Mamee . Small 1 unit, has Glass sliding doors with table tables outside and inside. Called in tonight. 4 average girls working one of which insisted on massaging my arm. She said it had been open for 3 years so maybe it's just the sign that's new. Singha B70.

Next to Cheeky Girl is another new bar, Angie Bar & fast Food, opened 6 months ago. Nothing special, just another bar. Singha B75.

Next to Angies Bar, what used to be the U Turn Cafe is now Princess Kie . Opened 2 weeks ago. The oversize bar that was in the old bar has been cut back and a pool table installed. All the furniture is new. Still small though. Same sliding glass door. 3 tables inside and 3 tables outside. A young Thai guy opened the door for me who I found out was the manager. Only one staff working called Sara. Singha B75.

Shanghai is open but not sure what as. Outside sign has happy hours from 10am to 8pm. Called in tonight, Tuesday at 7pm. Nothing going on inside and just me and a couple of other customers sat outside. One of the girls came over and joined me and her English wasn't good. Asked her if it was still a gogo bar and she said 3 girls come on Thursday to dance. Happy (not too happy) hour Singha B75

Other bars still there and open: Bar De La Poste, Blue Heeler, Cheeky Girl, Le Private, Monkey Club, 1Red Bull bar , Retox, Today Bar.

On a sad note, I only found out last night, David, the American guy that used to have the Rest Stop on Soi Chayaphun has died. He was seriously ill in a Bangkok hospital last year when I was here. He was a lovely man.



Thai pop rock...

Pattaya bar reviews: Soi 16 Disco

Link Here30th May 2017
Soi 16 Disco is located on the corner of Walking Street and Soi 16.

This recently opened disco where the popular RollingLive2 used to be, has nothing more in common with the style of the previous establishment, except perhaps these 2 snookers upstairs (toilets are upstairs too).

Not many customers until 9pm, and those who came in didn't stay long, the air conditioners failing to ensure a comfortable temperature. This place seems to target young Thai customers now, and not as before, the tourists and expatriates of Walking Street.

The musicians were making loud noise of the pop-rock Thai kind, not something I like so much. If there is nothing from the sixties or some hard-rock, I prefer the traditional Luktung style of the Zab Cafe.

No hostesses, the service is provided by exclusively male staff. The cocktails are quoted at 240 baht, all bottled beers 150 baht and the soft drinks 90, no tabs.

I left the place somewhat disappointed, but things can change, and I'll give Soi16 another try in the coming weeks, maybe at a later time.



Dark Gold...

News from the bars of Pattaya

Link Here30th May 2017

After more than a year Shanghai on Soi Lengkee has finally (re)opened. It looks more like an ordinary beer bar than like a gogo and appears to close before midnight.

Due to a triathlon on Sunday 28th May 2017, businesses in the Walking Street area had to close early.

On Soi LK Metro Gold Club (previously Amethyst Club and M*A*S*H A-GoGo) has gone dark, hardly a surprise. On internet there has been a rumour that it was for sale once more at an undisclosed price, but most probably 6.5 million baht. Rent on its own already appeared to be 160,000 baht per month. No other amounts or expenses were mentioned.

The GoGo count of 79 has now dipped below 80 for the first time in a while.



Den of Iniquity...

The Den opens on Soi Chayphun

Link Here26th May 2017
A new Gentlemen's Club opened on Soi Chayaphun on 21st May 2017.

It seems associated with a Bangkok bar with the same name that closed in 2016.

The bar looks well smart from the photos on it's Facebook Page.



Updated: Puckered out...

Closures around Pattaya

Link Here26th May 2017
Kiss A-GoGo is located on Soi LK Metro. It went dark on May 18th. The reason is not yet known but the bar has been displaying a prominent 'for sale' sign for some months now.

On Walking Street the long-established restaurant Lobster Pot has gone dark. The restaurant is closed for about 2 months of renovation.

On Third Road Soi 13 (Soi Naam Keng) Road House 13 has closed.

Ginza A-GoGo closed for 1 night thsi week as part of a change of ownership.



Laid to Rest...

An update for Soi Chayaphun

Link Here23rd May 2017
]Soi Chayaphun runs from Soi Buakhao at Club Oasis A-GoGo to 3rd Rd.

Morning Star has shut and is up for sale.

Rest Stop has shut and been taken by the booze wholesaler next door

Smugglers Bar has gone and is now a massage shop.

The double unit next to Whiskers Bar that used to be the old Barbie bar is now two massage shops. Just what Chayaphun needs, more massage shops.

The new Barbie Bar that opened at 3rd Road end is now the Tikky 2 Bar



Fahrenheit proves the hottest of them all...

Trip report from Walking Street with a visit to Kinnaree

Link Here14th May 2017

The date was 4/29 -- 5/3 2017 in Pattaya, Thailand. This was my first trip to the city. Here are my stories.


First stop was Windmill. I read about this GoGo online and found it was one of the craziest, so I wanted to go here first. That was a mistake. I walk in to this small, crowded GoGo and see a guy shoving some kind of fruit up a girl's vagina. As I sit next to this gentleman and enjoy the show I look to my left and see another man massaging a women's ass in circles with his hands. Over and over again. He does not stop for at least 10 min. I see a very sad looking girl kind of wiggling on stage and take a look at her for a while. Probably 18 -- 20 years old. After a while of wiggling the dancers switch up and she sits a few feet away from me. I pat the seat next to me and she slides over. She doesn't speak a word of English and won't crack a smile no matter what I do. Very sad looking girl. I decide this isn't where I want to start my vacation and leave.


I make my way to Walking Street and find Fahrenheit. This place is much bigger than Windmill and all of the girls are HOT. I like it. Grab a seat, order a beer and watch the show for a while. No one approached me or bothered me. They let me get settled in and relax. I see a sexy blonde walk by and call her over. After a very satisfying lap dance I buy her a drink and talk. I'm having a good time, but her ugly friend sits on the other side of me and keeps trying to get me to buy her a drink. Have to tell her multiple times to go away. So I'm sitting and talking to this blonde girl for a while and eventually she has to get back on stage. Girls on stage aren't even topless and have on boy shorts, so I quickly I find another girl and buy her a drink. Another pretty women comes over and sits on the other side of me. Buy them both a drink and just mess around with them for a while. Both spoke good English. I'm buying them both drinks and they're both checking out my rock hard cock. Rubbing it on the outside of my pants. Even the women taking my drink order rubs my cock. I can't take it anymore and ask how much for long time. 1500 Baht bar fine + 2000 short time or 4000 long time. I say 3000 long time for one of the girls, they agree, and we're on our way. A great first night on vacation.


Day 2 was spent at Skyfall. These girls were also very hot. I like the design of this place. Very platinum and modern looking. Like a white ice stage from what I can remember. I sit here by myself for a very long time and watch the girls dance basically fully clothed. No one approaches me the whole time. I found it kind of odd. The girls here didn't seem to be approaching customers. I have my eye on one good sexy dancer but she keeps getting called over to other men. And then I find her. A skinny, young girl with a pretty face that is dancing better than the others. Call her over and try to talk, but the music is WAY too loud. That was my biggest complaint with this place. Way too loud. So I barfine her and we're on our way. 1500 bar fine + 3000 short time. Didn't even negotiate. Just wanted to go as fast as possible. Worth every penny. Should have long time.

Sugar Baby

Did not like this place. Felt dirty. For some reason when I go to one of these gogos I just start drinking and don't leave. I keep thinking someone good is going to come on stage while I drink. This never really happened. I finally get bored and call a decent looking girl over. Negotiated down to 3000 for everything short time. Girl sucks. Keeps watching her watch. Not a good experience.


Went here during the day. This was a good one. Lots of girls. Met some friendly British dudes here. Had a chat with them while multiple girls approached us. Couldn't believe how many girls there were during the day. I eventually find one that catches me eye. 1000 short time + 350 for a room. I'm thinking, wow, what a deal compared to the other Go Gos I had been going to on Walking Street. Take her in the room and do the deed. I didn't really like this. At this point I've learned that the quick short time is not really my thing.

My best time was with the long time girl from Fahrenheit on day 1. So, I call her up and spend the rest of my vacation with her. Had to pay bar fine each day of 1500 and gave her 2000 to hang out with me all day each day. She eventually started paying for beer and food on her own. Great time. Probably could have given her less each day, but I don't know, just felt like giving it to her. She was a good companion, spoke great English, and showed me around Thailand in a way that I would have never got to experience without her. For this trip I was considering exchanging my timeshare through RCI and staying at Little Hill Resorts International, but ended up staying at Hotel Baraquda instead. This was a guest friendly hotel with no joiner fees. Definitely on the higher end. When I return to Pattaya next year I'll probably step it down a notch and stay closer to the beach and Walking Street. 



Opening the floodgates...

Wet Six Club opens on Soi 6

Link Here2nd May 2017
The enigmatically named Wet Six Club opened on Soi 6 on 1st May 2017.

It replaced the long running Whiskey Whisky Bar, which started life as bar offering an enormous selection of whiskey, but more latterly just a selection of ladyboys.

There are no signs of ladyboys at Wet Six Club which is located on the north side towards the Beach road end. See N65 on Ishi's Soi 6 map




Pattaya Bar Reviews: J Club

Link Here26th April 2017

On Soi Full Love Inn one more single-unit hostess bar with doorbell and YouTube music has opened: J Club.

It is supposed to be Japanese themed , but it does look as ordinary as the neighbouring bars.

There were seven or eight birds and two of them looked slightly better than the average quality on the Soi Full Love Inn strip .

Some of them were clad in colourful beach bikinis with some kind of transparent kimonos on top, the only objects that could be labelled Japanese .

I was told ST was 300 baht in the playroom downstairs and 350 baht in a room with shower upstairs with the girls expecting 1,000 to 2,000 (!) baht ST.

For the complete duration of my visit I was their only customer.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht.




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Mistys

Link Here26th April 2017

  A funny thing happened to me on Monday night as I was walking down Soi 15. I tripped up on a piece of concrete, I managed to save myself from falling over by grabbing the Misty's window. In the confusion I went into Misty's by mistake, I thought I'd have a drink anyway. What a mistake, the place was dead.

There were 8 coyote dancers on stage most of them overweight or past their sell by date. There were 8 more sitting around of no better quality.

There was no interaction between girls punters (2), not even a smile came my way. To make thing's even worse, no check bins, they must keep it at the bar.

The draft beer was not very good. They need to clean the pipes.

The place is dead ,why don't they bury it? I drank up in 5 minutes and went into a decent place.



Streets paved with gold...

Bar news from around Pattaya

Link Here23rd April 2017

On internet there is a rumour that Gold Club on Soi LK Metro (previously Amethyst Club and M*A*S*H A-GoGo) is for sale once more. Rent appears to be 160,000 baht per month. No other amounts or expenses were mentioned.

Upstairs from Soi 15 and Soi Diamond Overmind Club has closed once more, for more than a week already. pparently the triple-tier bench seating did not help. On internet I read that a policeman in uniform was sitting among the scarce customers, not a good omen.

On the Dark Side the following bars have closed: Joy Joy Bar, Little Lion Bar, PP Bar, Rendezvous Bar.

At Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 I am all but an unknown face , nevertheless the old mamasan Nee told me their ST rooms are no longer available.

Also on Soi 6, at the previous location of Working Girl, a new bar is taking shape: Nature Club.



Viking News...

Bar news from Walking Street and Soi 6

Link Here21st April 2017
Viking Bar became Wicked on 20th April 2017. It s located on the north side of the central section of the soi 6. (N53 on map )

The new owner is the former manager of Sweetheart's A-GoGo on Walking Street

In presumably connected news, Sweethearts A-GoGo is itself under new ownership, Johan the Swedish owner has sold out to a Norwegian known as Viking.

Date Corrected: And a little more news from Sweethearts, there is a birthday party on 29th April.

Meanwhile Overmind has been dark for a while now and so has been removed from the GoGo count, which now stands at 80.




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Super Girl

Link Here18th April 2017

I popped into Super Girl on Soi Diamond on Friday night. What a transformation,

There was a real party atmosphere with 15-20 attractive girls walking around and sitting with punters, wearing only skimpy red Bikini bottoms. The mamasang came round introducing punters to girls,

Some lovely girls and tit's on show.

Well worth a visit at the moment.



Toilets to let...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Silver Star

Link Here17th April 2017

Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 has reopened after a recent police closure and is now keeping a low profile.

In the Jacuzzi were three girls in bikinis, still an unusual sight.

Of the dozen or so dancers five were on stage at any time. Three of them were coyotes and the others, who were clad in white string bikinis, would open their bras on stage, apparently ready to cover up as fast as possible when needed.

I saw one tiny, young and attractive bikini girl with a perfect shape. No full nudity.

Only three or four other customers and very little interaction. A gentleman was buying bottled beers for some girls, but left without barfining.

The TOLET (sic) near the Chinese-Buddhist crib was free of charge.

Bottled Heineken still 130 baht.



Love, Paradise and the Office...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Lady Love, The Office, and Paradise

Link Here14th April 2017
Lady Love

I popped into Lady Love on LK Metro on a Wednesday evening.

It had very loud music, which I did not like.

The main stage had 6 topless mature dancers, with very large silicone breasts. They were followed by 6 Coyote Dancers. The small stage had a very nice nude blonde.

The Draft Beer was very nice, 75 Baht for a half pint.

The place was quite busy but not my cup of tea.

The Office

I popped into the Office on LK Metro the other evening, it was very quiet.

A few more punters came in after us and there was a good atmosphere.

An attractive blonde with large breasts approached my friend, who passed her up, so she came to me. As she had to pass me to get to my friend, I also passed her up, I don't take seconds.

The Tiger draft was very good and the few punters there were, were enjoying themselves.

Their were about 16 girls and 5 of them were Topless.


I also popped into The Paradise Club on LK Metro.

It was very lively with a good atmosphere. Everyone was having a good time.

There was a good selection of bikini and topless girls.

The music and draft beer were good.



Someone's having Kittens...

Bar news from around town

Link Here10th April 2017
The Penthouse Hotel, Kitten Club (and Obsessions ) all in the same building on Soi Pattayaland 2 have been closed down since 7th April.

On the corner of Walking Street and Soi 16 (Soi Arab) a very noisy disco with a very original name has opened: Soi 16.  I was told that bottled beers were only 75 baht (perhaps a temporary promotion), but I could not be arsed to endure the noise.

On Walking Street Rock Street is still closed after the fire last March, but their neighbours SkyFall A-GoGo have reopened.

Also on Walking Street the building, where The Moon Club used to be, is being gutted.

On Soi 13/4 (Pattayaland 2), where Classroom A-GoGo and some adjoining bars used to be, a four-unit rock beer bar has opened, unsurprisingly named Classroom .



Remembering the good old days...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Mistys

Link Here7th April 2017

On Walking Street the Italian restaurant L' Italiano (opposite Alcatraz A-GoGo and, before that, at the current location of Infinity A-GoGo) has closed. The Russian clubs upstairs and the latter's aggressive touts in front will not have helped.

At Club Mistys on Soi 15 off Walking Street not much if anything has improved, but their barfining prices are skyrocketing.

At my latest visit the big majority of the dancers were double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes clad in white doing the Pattaya shuffle. There were also five or six dancers in black bikinis performing a lousy show unveiling their upper departments.

By far most of the females were mediocre, but there were also some cute spinners. One of them was Ae from Buriram (number 44, 25 years, 147 centimetres, 35 kilogrammes, two children by two different fathers), not to be confused with the, also tiny, waitress Ae (number 205). She appears to live in Siracha (35 kilometres from Pattaya) with her (probably lazy) parents and her children and returns home every night after work at 4 a.m. with the bahtbus on Pattayatai (10 baht) and a minibus on Sukhumvit Road (40 baht). That is at least one gogo girl who does NOT hit the discos after work to earn an extra barfine-free penny (a popular myth on some internet fora).

I had been told that the funny and wild, string-showing waitress Wa (number 201) had come back, but I did not see her.

The useless hostesses seem to have disappeared.

The mamasans are still the same, boring Jaan and apathetic Ning, and they seem to conspire to keep all girls inside, which results in five to ten girls per punter. I did not see a manager, but the security man was still roaming the place and even begging for lady drinks.

From time to time there was some (I guess heavily sponsored) toplessness on the bench seating.

After midnight the barfines were still 1,000 baht for coyotes and 2,000 baht for showgirls with them expecting at least 2,000 baht ST.

At Club Mistys girls who are barfined are usually applauded when they leave in plain clothes with their customer, but this time I did not hear or see applause.

Less than two years ago I still could barfine there at 600 + 1,000 baht ST, 600 + 2,000 baht LT or 1,800 baht in-house all-in.

In spite of good memories I am not going back in a hurry. On their still existing website, I found a picture of the good old days.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht now, lady drinks (very small glasses of cola on the rocks) 150 baht.



Sweet and deadly...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sugar Sugar and Ninja

Link Here1st April 2017

I popped into Sugar Sugar recently. It was a very enjoyable visit.

There were some nice Coyote Dancers and some lovely topless young Girls.

It was a very good atmosphere with everyone having a good time.

I popped into the Ninja A-GoGo in LK Metro recently.

It was a very pleasant experience. The place was very lively with a good atmosphere and some very beautiful and friendly girls. No nudity but very sexy girls.

Well worth a visit.

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