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2019: July-Sept

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The secret's out...

Pattaya Secrets Forum has closed

Link Here30th September 2019
Secrets Bar opened in 2006 on Soi 14. It was a development based upon the Walking Street FLB Bar which had been an early trail blazer for the new idea of an internet forum. The FLB forum was Pattaya Talk and proved very popular as place to discuss Pattaya nightlife while also promoting FLB Bar as a community meeting point.

Secrets was an offshoot from FLB and adopted both the idea of a forum and a meet up bar. The Pattaya Secrets Forum became the most popular in Pattaya and was key to many people's knowledge of Pattaya nightlife.

The forum maintained this popularity over many years but eventually declined giving way to Pattaya Addicts on the forum front, and to Facebook more generally. The Bar also declined, perhaps related to the decline of the forum.

Whilst still maintaining a connection to the Soi 14 Bar, the main focus of Secrets moved to Cambodia. Secrets tried to keep the forum going via a new forum host but it didn't work out and now the Secrets forum has totally closed.

But the Secrets Forum had a good run and will be missed by many.



The Pattaya Ballet...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here29th September 2019

I popped into Walking Street on Saturday evening, it was very quiet on the Roads.

Started in the Lighthouse which was very quiet. All the Girls bar one were wearing a small white Blouse and a Black Rah Rah Skirt and a G-String. Unfortunately the Skirts were doing a very poor job of covering the Girls lovely Bums, With most of the Bum's on view. There was one Topless Dancer.

It was all change since my last visit 2 months ago, I only recognized 1 Girl. The Mamasang was from Sugarbaby, and the waitresses were new.

I stayed for 1 draft Beer and headed over the Road to the Panda Club which was like a Different League. It was really Buzzing as I entered with the change over of Girls. 4 Girls were dancing in long eveningwear dresses and did a slow strip. These were followed by the very attractive Topless Models and the 2 groups of Coyote Dancers. Most of the Girls were very attractive.

There was a mix up over my Drinks with 2 turning up, one of the waitresses got very upset and kept shouting at me but the other one was laughing. I've known her for years, the extra drink had not been opened so I could not see a problem. Sat with my usual Girls Nun and Pop, the music must have been ok because I can't remember it.

Stayed to see all the Girls round and then headed to the Shark Club , which was very busy as usual. Sat with Ray who is very small and Cute, Del was dancing on stage when I entered but i didn't see her again. I think she must have been Bar Fined.

I stayed for a Draft Beer and was just about to leave when the Acrobats came on, they are very attractive and put on a great show on the Poles. It is the only Cabaret that I would wait and watch in Pattaya. They hang upside down and look like Ballet Dancers, going around the Pole.

Headed home up soi 15 and Bumped into Koy and Ya buying food opposite the Sapphire Club. They used to work in Panda Club but are now in Pin Up. I don't go in Pin Up it's too Cramped so I paid for their Food. I couldn't work out what it was, didn't look very appetising to me.



Around Soi Buakhao...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: The Thirsty Camel, Dre's and Cheap Charlie's

Link Here23rd September 2019

What was Snippets on LK Metro next to Scooters is now The Thirsty Camel Bar & Cafe .

Called in on my last night. Quite busy, ended up sitting at a table at the front where the girls sit. An attractive bunch, no hassle from them. Presumably still Aussie owned as there was an Aussie fag on the wall. Singha a reasonable B65.

Dre's Bar on Soi Buakhaw still going strong.

Singha B60 up to 7pm and B70 after. Dang the owner must be a good employer as most of the girls has been there for some years. Dang arrives mid afternoon every day first thing she does is ring the bell and get all the customers a drink.

Cheap Charlies on Soi Buakhaw, well it is cheap. Singha B49. No food more than B199. Daily special meal for cardholders B99.



Hugh Jarce and Andy Capp...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here22nd September 2019

I popped into Walking Street last night, it was dry when I left Jomtien at 9pm, but by the time I got to Walking Street it was hammering down. Looks like the new drainage is going in well.

I got off the Bus at Soi 15 and went into the closest a-go-go which was the Dollhouse . The place was absolutely packed, there were 10-15 people standing. I was just going to leave when I spotted a seat at the stage, it took me 5 minutes to get a drink, San Miguel which the Mamasang got for me. I paid cash 165b as there was no Bill.

There were 4 very Nubile young Girls on the stage who stripped down to nothing. Then mamasang Aum brought out bottles of Beer and Fizzy Water and the Girls were pouring them over themselves. There were Banana's and Cucumbers but nobody used them.

They were followed by 4 slightly older and more chubby Girls with the same act but they were doing Pussy licking, 2 Girls were standing right in front of me and I saw the tongues going right in the Pussy. There was lot of pink Pussy on show as the Pussies were parted.

The 3rd group of Girls were back to slim and attractive with same act only they had Dildo's which I saw being pushed into Pussies.

I stayed to watch the 4th group of Girls with the same routine. There was a delay of 5 mins between each act while they cleaned the stage.

The music was extremely loud and there was a Dick Head American with a microphone who kept giving an extremely loud and unneeded commentary which got very annoying. There must of been over a 100 punters inside. I left after 4 shows for a bit of peace and quiet.

[Editor's note: In fact Dave had stumbled on a special event titled Nanapong at Dollhouse]

It was raining quite hard and I wasn't sure where to go, so I ended popping into the Angel which was like a haven of Tranquility, it gave my ears time to recover.

Some very nice Girls in there and nearly full. The Girls were wearing stockings and Suspenders with a G-string or Bikini. The Bikini clad Girls removed their Tops.

Sat with the same Girls as last week, Nook and Aor. Nook was in good form but Aor just sat there not sure if she was unwell or in love. Pretty Face came over she looked much better in her fishnet outfit, with nice make up and Hair. Some beautiful Bums and Tits on show but the Girl behind the bar had such a Hugh Jarce she could sit down without bending her knees, like Andy Capp.

I stayed for a pint of Draft 99b and moved round the corner to Baccara . as I entered an Asian man was just leaving and he kissed the Dancer on the Cheek goodbye. As she turned her head she pulled a funny face and went urgh, obviously not a favourite customer.

I got a seat at the stage. Not a vintage crop of Girls, mostly silicone tit's but not  many topless Girls. The Girls from Upstairs came down to Dance, I didn't see Ann, I probably wasn't looking she's hardly ever in. She came over and sat on my leg, she's very heavy for someone of 5 foot. I asked her if Hobnob was in but she was out on a Barfine. When isn't she, the Asian men all go for her.

Draft Beer is now 79b and Lady Drinks 170b, still cheap compared to most walking street a-go-gos.

Had to go for a piss, never been in Baccara before, standing at the urinal there was a picture of Gai in front of me, she used to be in Peppermint 10 years ago, she used to do a strip to nothing on one of the smaller stages. When I got back to my seat she was dancing in front of me, she'd put on a lot of weight and had very big tit's, she remembered me.

Stayed for a Draft Beer and headed home through the light rain.



More hookahs on Soi 6?...

Love 66 A-GoGo opens

Link Here21st September 2019
Love 66 has opened up on Soi 6 in the venue that was previously the HK Darts Bar, towards the Beach Road end of the soi.

It seems to be a dancing bar but Soi 6 bars don't seem able to proclaim themselves as GoGos on the signs.

I am not sure what the 66 refers to. Maybe some connection to the Route 66 bars. Or maybe itis related to the notable brand of Shisha tobacco named Love 66.

Either way there are now 77 GoGos around Pattaya.



A box of delights...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Pandora's

Link Here17th September 2019
Pandora's is located towards the Soi Diana end of Soi LK Metro.

Pandora's was on good form on a recent weekday visit. The rather excellent offers of very cheap beer during Happy Hour are still continuing. The staff point out the options and make sure that you get the best deal available. They also make a point of letting you know when Happy Hour is about to end so that you can get in another at the better price.

There were 9 dancers organised in three 20 minute shifts with 3 on stage at a time. Each shift had one or two topless dancers. Perhaps not a top notch line up but it definitely featured a few attractive girls.  On my last visit there were 2 shifts of 5 dancers. I think the 3 times 3 is better.

But where the bar scores highly is its friendly touchy feely approach to looking after customers. I was lucky enough to be entertained by a delightful girl with a very genuinely smiley persona. I didn't spot anything too outrageous going on in the bar but I have heard tales.

Time flew by and I abandoned ideas of popping into other Soi LK Metro bars. A very good evening so thanks to Ricky and his dancers.



Indecent Proposal...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here15th September 2019

I popped into Walking Street on Saturday night, took me 10 minutes to get a baht bus but there was very little traffic on the roads.

I started in The Sapphire Club, which was fairly busy. There wera lot of attractive Girls in Sexy clothes as usual, one group were wearing Bikini Tops and G-Strings.

There were a lot of Girls with writing on their Bums, like Fuck me and kiss me , one stunning Girl had oh my God across her stomach and one had enter here with an arrow pointing at her arsehole.

I had the usual pint of Draft. I didn't recognize Jason the manager when he came over, he was wearing a small beard and moustache and had yellow hair.

Some of the music was really great if a little loud.

Stopped to see all the Girls round and headed to The Angel which was not very busy, not sure why as they have some lovely Birds in there.

I sat with a stunning Topless Dancer called Aor, a 19 yr old. She has a lovely body and a smile to die for. Some other very lovely Girls with Great Tud's and also some lovely Tit's on show.

Had a pint of Draft which was very nice, then stone me, if pretty face didn't come over. Not seen her for over a year, last time was in Peppermint. I call her pretty face but next to Aor she looks like my Granny, well she is 29 now. No idea where she's been, I first  met her 7 or 8 years ago in the Windmill. These Girls are very cagey about their private lives.

I stayed for an hour and headed into the Shark Club , light rain had started by this time.

I sat with my usual Girl Del who is very cute. All the Girls were dressed as Bunnies. Another Girl came over and said remember me? I said yes but it took me a few seconds to realize who she was, a girl from Peppermint. She had moved to Sharkies  because there were no customers in Peppermint she said, she's about 30 a bit old for sharkies but looked quite good in the Bunny uniform. There was a new waitress who knew me but I couldn't work out where she came from, although I knew the face.

They had the usual acrobats on the poles, which is very entertaining.

I stayed for a coffee and headed home through light rain.



Walking Dolls...

Dolls A-GoGo opens on Walking Street

Link Here12th September 2019
Dolls Walking Street has opened in a new venue on 10th September 2019. It is located towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street

It is part of the chain with GoGos on Soi 6 and Soi LK Metro

There are now 76 GoGos open around Pattaya.




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Nevada

Link Here7th September 2019
Club Nevada is an old school daytime GoGo on Pattaya Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office).

I called in Club Nevada on Soi Post Office a couple of days ago.

A grand total of 4 staff working. 1 cashier, 1 waitress and 2 girls dancing. I use the word girls loosely as both looked in their late 30s.

They took turns in dancing. I was the only customer and the girl not dancing sat next me. Bought her a drink and she took her bra off to reveal a nice pair of naturals. Of course as soon as the drink arrived she had to go dance.

Stayed for about half an hour and I was still the only customer when I left.



Updated: Crazy House is put on sedatives...

Whilst serenity is disturbed by the opening of a new GoGo on Soi Buakhao

Link Here4th September 2019
It is reported that Crazy House on Walking Street will be put to sleep for 2 months from tonight, 2nd September. The official reason is renovation, but it is the 3rd of the French Connection bars to close after Mandarin ,Lighthouse and downsizing of the portfolio seems more likely. Perhaps Crazy House will re-open for high season.

For a while Crazy House found a niche as an alternative hands-on bar, but this seems to have been phased out in favour of overdressed dancers who like to stay that way.

Meanwhile Serenity A-GoGo was due to reopen on 31st August at the venue that was previously Club Oasis.

Black Snake Club also opened towards the south end of Soi Buakhao. It is a GoGo like dancing bar but with the added twist that it has boy dancers who are hoping to entertain the ladies.

Update: Seeing the light

4th September 2019. Well it seems that the French group have been reshuffling their GoGos a bit. Crazy House closed but Lighthouse re-opened. So the Crazy House staff and dancers are now working in Lighthouse.

So the GoGo count increases to 75 overall.



Peace and car alarm music...

Serenity A-GoGo is taking shape on Soi Buakhao

Link Here30th August 2019
Serenity A-GoGo is taking shape on Soi Buakhao at the venue that was previously the long running Club Oasis.

Whilst we are waiting there are still 74 GoGos open around Pattaya



No money no Honey...

Honey Grand Body Massage opens on South Road

Link Here27th August 2019
An impressive new body massage venue has opened on Pattaya Tai (Pattaya South Road).

Honey Grand has opened in a palatial development located between TukCom and Friendship Supermarket.

Presumably it is related to Honey Massage in 2nd Road and Honey 2 on Soi Honey.

See location via Google Street View



Perhaps they're from a parallel universe where Pattaya goes to sleep at midnight...

Thailand debates extending opening hours in Walking Street to 4am without a hint of irony that maybe this is already the case

Link Here 26th August 2019
A leading entertainment industry personality in Pattaya has thrown his weight behind plans for an extension of opening hours in Pattaya to 4am

But he has cautioned that with the extra trade must come extra responsibility for societal issues. For example pubs and clubs should have alcohol testing stations to tell patrons when they are over the limit to drive - and they must help them get home.

And he has suggested that the best place to pilot the project is Walking Street.

Tourism minister Pipat Ratchakitprakarn's plans to extend opening hours to 4 am to boost tourist spending.



Scooters with mods...

Scooter's Bar with Secrets to re-open

Link Here22nd August 2019
Scooter's Bar took over from the long running Secrets Bar on 29th March 2019 but closed in July 2019. The bar was reworked and is set to re-open on 1st September 2019 as Scooter's Bar with Secrets.

There's a re-launch party on 1st September at the Soi 14 venue just off Walking Street.




Pattaya's desire for ever more bars

Link Here13th August 2019
Desire has opened on Soi 6 on the right about a third of the way down from 2nd Road.

Presumably the bar is one of the vices themed bars connected to the Nightwish group.

See the location at N32 on Ishi's map of Soi 6.

Meanwhile on Walking Street Dolls is taking shape next door to the recently defunct Super Model A-GoGo. Hopefully the new bar has a few better ideas than Super Model, which only lasted a few days.

There's a new bar with recruitment posters towards the south end of Soi Buakhao. It's kitted out like a GoGo and is called Black Snake Club.



GoGos Going Gone...

Three GoGos have gone dark

Link Here12th August 2019
The long running GoGo on Soi Buakhao, Club Oasis, has been dark for a few days. There's a possibility that it has closed for renovations but for the moment it has been removed from the GoGo count.

Yes A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has also gone dark. The bar has never seemed to make much of an impact and the rumour on the forums is that the bar may soon re-open as a boy bar targeting farang ladies.

The third casualty is Super Model A-GoGo on Walking Street. It has also been dark for a few days and there is now a for rent sign on the door, so the prognosis looks poor, It had only been open a few days.

So there are now just 74 GoGos currently open around Pattaya.



Open Beavers...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here11th August 2019

I popped into Walking Street on Saturday evening, it was fairly Quiet.

Started in the Doll House which had a fair crowdI I was sitting with Nim, who's a chubby Girl with Big Tits and a large Bum, he used to work in the Sapphire Club. Most of the Girls were in Yellow Rah Rah Skirts with a bikini top and a G-string.

There were 4 Naked Girls, including a slim very attractive Girl with pronounced Pussy Lips. Upstairs there are rooms where you can take a Girl Pussy Eating, you could of had a 3 course meal with her. Another naked Girl in her 30's used to work in the Windmill.

Nim kept showing me her Tit's but had the nipples covered. I've no idea why. The Draft beer at 110 b was very nice and the music very varied. Nim said a tune was her favourite, I thought it was terrible, but then found myself singing along to it.

Stayed for 1 Beer and moved on the Angel .

It was very lively as always.  I sat with my usual 2 Girls, Nim and Earn, two very attractive but chubby Girls. My favourite 19y old was Dancing Topless, she was smiling at me, but didn't come over, she must of had a punter, and why not, she's the best looking Bird in he Place. An army guy came in, I don't know what for, but he was smiling and said goodnight as I left.

I Stayed for a pint of Draft and moved on to Beavers .

It was extremely lively, a smaller version of Electric Blue with a central Stage and a large mat at the back with 3 naked Girls.

All the Girls were wearing yellow Rah Rah Skirts and an an open fronted blouse. There was one Girl with a G-String,

I was spotted by Yoyo, she came running over, she's been in Baby Dolls for years, on my last visit she stood on my seat and stuck her Pussy in my face, not a pleasant experience as it needed a wash. This time she just knelt on the table and waggled her Pussy in my face. Luckily she was pissed and after a tip she moved on to someone else, the Mamasang saw me tip her and wanted the same, so she pulled her skirt up round her waist and waggled her arse in my face, later she was rubbing her arse on my Dick, it was a very friendly place.

The bird I was sitting with was a nice looking Girl, her friend came over removed her skirt and was rubbing her Pussy on my leg, I saw her  do it to another man too.

I would have said it was impossible to be on your own, but a German Guy and his mate came in and just sat there talking, they did the same in thing in the Angel, very strange.

So Beavers gets the thumbs up, even had comfortable seating. I can't remember the music so it must of been ok.

Another great night in Pattaya.



A few tips for Electric Blue...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here5th August 2019

I popped into Walking Street on Saturday night, there was a big Police Block on Thappraya road near the law courts on both sides of the road.

Started in the Sapphire Club which was nearly empty. There were only 3 groups of Girls instead of 4, which meant there were too many Girls on the Stage. There was no room for them to move round and I got to see less than half of the Girls.

I stayed for a pint of draft, which was very nice, and moved on to the Shark Club , where I won a free short.

I sat with Del and Ray. They played paper, rock, scissors with Ray the loser, having to drink the short. There was a fat old Asian guy sitting next to me. It looked like he was wearing a ginger wig, or it could have been his own hair dyed, anyway it looked terrible.

Lots of Cute Girls in there as always, and the acrobats were on good form. I stayed for a Draft Beer and headed back up Soi 15 to Electric Blue .

I had a Draft Beer which was passable. Mamasang Aom was complaining I'd not been in for 4 months, she said I only walk past. I don't go in there very often because it's too expensive like the Windmill. The pretty Girl on the Stage starts showing you her Pussy so you give her a tip, then the other Girls spot it and also want a tip. When they finish dancing they crowd round you wanting a drink and before you know it you've done 800b and you've only been in their for 15 mins.

There were some very attractive Naked Girls in there. Personally I prefer some clothes, a skirt you can look up or a blouse you can look down. But the Girls were certainly not shy of showing you their Beavers, leaning forward to show it from behind, the best angle. Aom said Beavers opens on the 10th and they will have Table Top Dancers like the old Beavers.

I didn't finish my beer and headed home, the Rain was just starting.



Old School...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Tim Bar

Link Here4th August 2019
Tim Bar is a long running GoGo located on 2nd Road just north of the Avenue Mall and almost opposite Mike's Mall. There is a beer bar out front and a large GoGo inside.

The gogo dancing starts at 7pm (once  5pm). Chang draft was 85 Thb, lady drinks 160 Thb, I didn't ask for the barfine rates.

One group of girls (from 3 to 5) is dancing in bikini tops and small white shorts for 20 minutes, another group is sitting outside in the bar section. Thereafter they change turns.

No hassle at all and I saw some good looking girls on stage.

Good old rock music that I liked, but it is playing on worn out video screens.



A New Moon...

Moon A-GoGo opens whilst Playgirlz and Lighthouse go dark

Link Here2nd August 2019
Moon A-GoGo opened on Walking Street on 31st July at the venue that was previously By-Pass.

There was previously a GoGo called Moon Club, also on Walking Street at the corner of Soi Diamond, but there is nothing to suggest that these are connected.

Meanwhile The Lighthouse has gone dark with a notice saying that the staff have moved to Bliss A-GoGo.

Party Girlz has also gone dark but the reasons are not yet clear.

So it may be jumping the gun, but the GoGo count drops to 76.




Babydolls are taking a nap, soon to reawaken as Beavers

Link Here30th July 2019

The long running Babydolls A-GoGo has closed on Soi 15. It has been bought by the Electric Blue/Dollhouse team and will reappear after about two weeks of building work as a revival of Beavers A-GoGo.

Beavers A-GoGo was a popular table top dancing venue on Walking Street. Surely it will get be fondly remembered by those who were around Pattaya 8 to 10 years ago.

Whilst we are waiting Beavers A-GoGo, there are 77 other GoGo bars to choose from.



Updated: New Bat A-GoGo opens on Soi Diamond...

Hopefully better than Old Bat A-GoGo!

Link Here29th July 2019
 A new GoGo opened on Soi Diamond/Soi 15 on 24th July in the venue that was previously Naughty Girls

It seems a bizarre name for a GoGo with either blood suckers or Batman springing to mind when mentioned.

As to the Old Bat A-GoGo, better not thought about. The closest I can think of was an old disco with a Batman sign and a bat signal.

Update: A batshit menu

29th July 2019. See article from

The Bat has an odd menu which is also in Korean which may explain some of the unusual offerings. First, the standard stuff:

  • lady drinks run 200 baht,
  • the short-time barfine is 800 baht and
  • the long-time barfine is 1,000 baht.

But then it gets kinda weird and the menu offerings include:

  • Play with Lady for 30 minutes 500 baht,
  • Remove bra 100 baht tip for Lady,
  • Naked 300 baht tip for Lady.



Like a bat out of hell, I'll be gone gone gone...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here28th July 2019

I popped into walking street on Saturday night with a little difficulty. They're digging up the Second Road. Lets hope it's for new Drainage.

As I got off the Bus at Soi Diamond, my braces had come undone at the back, so I had to ask a Dancer in Sugarbaby to reattach them. Sugarbaby was very Lively  and doing good Business.

There were some very attractive Girls in very short Rah Rah skirts which hid little and open fronted Blouses. I sat with a little stunner called Jo-Jo, I turned away 4 other beauties. There were several very thin Girls whom I liked.

The Music was good, not too loud, there were several waitresses that ate 3 shredded wheat for breakfast.

I stayed for 1 draft Beer and headed to Party Girlz which was empty.

There were 3 naked dancers on the Stage, one of them had a stunning figure, not an ounce of fat. She had lovely Pussy which she kept pointing at me and simulating oral Sex, she showed me her pussy from every angle. She came over for a drink and was sitting naked on my lap. Her friend had not quite so sexy a body but she had a beautiful face.

There were 10 Girls altogether, 8 of them average for Walking Street and 1 fattie. 1 other customer came in whilst I was there. The music was good, more the old fashioned a-go-go  music. I stayed for a draft beer, a nice half pint at 90b. It deserves more business.

Then made a big error, i went into Bat A-GoGo . It was fairly full and doing good business with Girls Dancing 2 or 3 to small Stages. The Girls were wearing pink Bikini's. No nudity while I was there.

There were stools around the stages and armchairs around the walls. It had the worst music I have ever heard and it was extremely loud. The mamasang came over and I stuck my fingers in my ears and said the music was terrible. I left after 5 mins, like a Bat out of hell. I stopped by the door to give the DJ a thumbs down, and to make things even worse Lady drinks were 200b. I refuse to pay that much.

Finished in the Angel A-GoGo which is a 100 times better, with very attractive Girls topless and coyote Dancers. Very comfortable seating and good music.

I Sat with Nim and Earn from the SuperGirl Days. Both very attractive but on the chubby side. They are both 21. A topless Dancer called Aor came over, she is a beautiful 19 yr old, so I was older than the three of them put together.

I stayed for a pint of Draft which was very nice and headed home,



Shows on the up...

A walking Street Blog

Link Here22nd July 2019

I popped into Walking street on Saturday night, the roads were very busy but the a-go-gos were not.

Started in Bliss , Super model was not open yet. There were 22 Coyote Dancers on the Stage, 21 of them slim and attractive, one Girl from the shark club was not. The Asian guy sitting next to me picked her off the stage.

There was a very attractive Small Girl from Super Girl, she was wearing very small tight fitting shorts with extremely pronounced camel toe, in fact you could have lodged a 10b coin in there. From the way she kept smiling. she new about it. There were 12 attractive Bikini Dancers, 7 of whom removed there bras.

There were 8-10 customers and a Waitress who used to be a table top Dancer in Peppermint. She remembered me but unfortunately she'd put on 12-15 kilos. I sat with Ice, she Dances topless and has lovely body.

 I stayed for one very good Draft Beer and headed into Wildcats

It was very Dark with around 10-12 customers, but they were all long stay with there arms around Dancers or Waitresses.

The music was good and I had a bottle of Saint Michael which was very nice.

There were no ex sweetheart Girls in or Waitress Aoy from new living dolls so I sat with a very friendly Girl with a big arse. She kept trying to awaken my sleeping Dick with no result. There were 3 topless dancers, the rest were Coyote Dancers, one very nice topless Dancer had a lovely big arse but no customer which surprised me.

The atmosphere was very good stayed for 1 Beer and headed into Baccara which was half empty. I got a good seat by the Stage. The Showgirls came on, they were better than my last visit's, they all had big tits. They were followed by the Girls from upstairs who were wearing orange rah rah skirts with nothing underneath. There were some very nice looking Girls. I saw 3 pussies this time as I was sitting lower down in an armchair. Some of the Girls had very big tits.

Always a cheap visit from me as the Girls are only interested in Asian men. I did the Old waiter who always finds me a good seat

I stayed for one very nice Draft Beer and headed for the Shark Club .

If you like young cute birds this is the place to go and they all smile at you. There was a really cute Girl in a black Bikini, she was lying on the edge of the stage with 1 leg out straight and the other leg over her head. She was followed by the show Girls. 4 of them were topless and the other 3 were doing acrobatics on the upright Poles. This is the only Cabaret I like, very entertaining. I sat with a new Girl who was giving me a very good massage. I had a hot Coffee and headed home.



A beaver test...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Babydolls

Link Here15th July 2019
Babydolls on Soi 15 has only a couple of weeks to run before the venue closes for a few days whilst it is regenerated as a reincarnated Beavers A-GoGo.

I thought I would take the chance to ask a few of the girls whether they will be continuing at Beavers. And yes the consensus was that they Babydolls would be staying on. However there is a proviso that they will be found in any of Beavers/Club Electric Blue/The Dollhouse as required by the bosses.

Anyway the bar was still operating pretty much as normal, albeit with only around 15 dancers when I was there. There were half a dozen totally naked dancers on stage at a time with the available girls split across 2 teams. There were no show girls on the play mat, I didn't take a close look, but there seemed to be activity around the water feature.

I was being pinned down on the other side of the bar by a very friendly ladyboy like lady. She had the lowest voice in the bar that evening, and had a pretty masculine face too. However by way of introduction she guided by hands around all her well formed feminine bits, and sealed the deal with the showing off of her birthing marks. It certainly offered a bit more of a philosophic/scientific/evolutionary twist to the usual where do you come from exchange.

As always at Babydolls, a very friendly place for a beer or two, and it was time well spent. I'll be sad to see the place go.



Minnie Caldwell's Cat...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here14th July 2019

I popped into Walking Street on Saturday evening, it was fairly busy. Didn't see any Police which is unusual.

The A-go-go's were doing well but there are a lot of closed Bars.

Started in the Sapphire Club which was doing good business at about 2/3rds full. There was the usual array of attractive Girls in very sexy outfits.

I had a Draft Beer and stayed to watch all the Girls and headed for Happy .

It was also fairly busy. I sat at the back near the Beach Club end. I could see the main stage with all the old timers and the stage in Beach Club with all the cute young Girls with a lot of nice Bums on show. Unfortunately the men at the next table to me started playing, Paper, Rock, Scissors with Dancers and Staff, even the Mamasang was joining in. A very childish and noisy game.

Stayed for 1 Beer and when I left I crossed over to the Toilet. I was amazed when I came out that side of the room was completely empty. There were just a few customers where I had been sitting. This was around 11-30pm, can't say I'm that surprised with the entertainment they are offering.

I followed into the Angel which was full of Punters and Beautiful Girls. 2 very attractive Girls came over and said they remembered me from Peppermint, I recognized one of them. They went off to Dance Topless. The Girl I remembered had a lovely pair of large natural tit's. This beggar's the question why weren't they dancing Topless in Peppermint. I don't think the management of Peppermint want any nudity. There are the 4 old crones who Dance topless, no one is interested in them they've been there since Minnie Caldwell lost her Tomcat. When they retire there'll be no nudity...if the pace is still open.

I was Joined in the Angel by Earn and Jane from Supergirl and then a very attractive Girl Called Nim, also from Supergirl. I had a Cola as I couldn't drink another pint of Draft. The Girls were drinking Whisky and Coke. Earn asked me if i'd been to the Windmill to suck some pussy. Ii thought it was closed?

Angel was easily the best venue I went to. The very fat mamasang from Panda club and previously the Sapphire Club is now working there. The Girls had to go and Dance so I headed home.



A New Model...

Super Model A-GoGo opens on Walking Street

Link Here13th July 2019
Super Model A-GoGo opened on Walking Street on 7th July 2019. It is a new build GoGo towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street.

If it sounds familiar, the name was previously used for a GoGo on Soi Diamond that is now called Party Girlz (and was most well known as Gentlemen's Club).

There are now 77 GoGos open around Pattaya.



Repent your sins in a new bar on Soi 6...

Today's lesson: Repent your sins and divest yourself of some worldly chattels. You will then receiveth God's gift, and may ascend with her up the stairway to heavenly reward (Heretics 6:6)

Link Here10th July 2019
Repent opened on Soi 6 on 1st July 2019. It is located on the north side of the central section. It is located at N55 on Ishi's Soi 6 map

It is of course part of the Nightwish Group and its theme of seven deadly sins on Soi 6.

Meanwhile on Soi 6 (C)Lick Bar has closed with a sign that renovations are in progress.

Pat Bar 2 has also closed down along with the HK Darts Bar which is already being stripped down.



Booby prize...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here9th July 2019

I popped into Walking Street on Saturday evening, it was fairly busy.

Started in the Lighthouse which lively as always, there were 14 girls, half of them Sexy Coyote Dancers, 6 bikini dances and 1 attractive naked dancer.

Stayed for a couple of Draft Beers and headed into the Panda Club . There were about 25 Topless Dancers on stage when I entered, all attractive with large boobs. It was packed as always but managed to find a good seat. I had a cola as there's no Draft Beer anymore. I sat with Nun and Pop, as usual I managed to win 1 game of connect 4. There were two groups of attractive coyote dancers. The music was good.

I stopped to watch the titty girls round again and left for the Shark Club . It was full of young cute Girls dressed as bunnies. Sat with Del and a very pretty new Girl who spoke English. Ray had the night off, although she turned up later. She was very drunk and kept trying to climb all over me. I won a free T-shirt which Ray wanted, she could have used it as dress, Stayed for a draft beer and headed home.




Beaver's set to return to Pattaya

Link Here8th July 2019
Beaver's A-GoGo was a popular and hands on table dancing bar situated on Walking Street by SOi 14. It closed in 2011 due to reaching the end of its lease.

Recently the Club Electric Blue/The Dollhouse owners, who obviously have a keen eye for notable Pattaya bar names, bought out Babydolls. They now have a plan to convert it into a revived Beaver's A-GoGo.

The plan is to continue as Babydolls in July, and close at the beginning of August for about 10 days to convert the bar into Beaver's Adult Playground.



There's a new sheriff in town...

And he's banned 18 and 19 year olds from dancing in GoGos

Link Here7th July 2019
A couple of weeks ago a bar raid on the Coming Bar on Soi 6 got significant coverage on Thai national TV. This 'trafficking' scandal resulted in the transfer of several of Pattaya's top cops. A new top cop was appointed, presumably with a remit to clean up Sin City.

Well it seems to be that one of his new diktats is that 18 and 19 year olds are no longer allowed to work in bars and GoGos.

There has always been a ban on Thais drinking in bars until they are 20, but previously they have been allowed to work in bars albeit still banned from drinking alcohol.



Caught short...

Windmill A-GoGo falls victim to a police raid

Link Here6th July 2019
Windmill Club on Soi Diamond was raided by the police on Friday night/Saturday morning. The raid was set up with a farang snitch barfining a girl and then signalling the police from a short time room.

Two women and a man were arrested (one of which was a mamasang) and there could potentially be big issues as the barfined girl was 16 years old. They will face charges relating to human trafficking, prostitution and the procurement of underage women for sex.

The news item doesn't so have made the national TV news though, as was the case with the recent Soi 6 raid.



Going out of fashion...

The Catwalk A-GoGo goes dark

Link Here5th July 2019
The small first floor venue at the Walking Street end of Soi 15 has gone dark. It was a pussy tricks show bar for tourists.

On a more positive note, Nice A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has returned to life.

It'shard to keep track at the moment but the tally of open GoGos is now 76.



Naughty, but not naughty enough...

Naughty Girls goes dark whilst Scooters Bar has a rethink

Link Here4th July 2019
Naughty Girls A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has gone dark, the reason is not yet clear.

Meanwhile the Scooters Bar that recently took over from Secrets Bar on Soi 14 has closed. It is reported that the bar will be closed for a while before reappearing as something else.



Nice, but not nice enough...

Notable closures.

Link Here2nd July 2019
Cherry's Restaurant has closed on 3rd Road opposite about Soi Xzyte. FOr a long time it was the place to be offering gourmet quality food at prices distinctly less than its peers.

Another long running restaurant that is no more is Sailor Inn on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office). It had been there for as long as I can remember.

Pook Swan House P32 Bistro & Bar has closed on Soi Buakhao. The Pook Bar at the location has been long associated with lady boys but this part of the bar at least tried to be straight.

Meanwhile the very Nice A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has closed following on the heels of Twenty Eght and Only O. It has always been tough to try to run a small GoGo it's difficult to get the balance of girls and customers right. But it still leaves 77 other GoGos open around Pattaya.



Babydolls Electrified...

Babydolls A-GoGo changes hands

Link Here1st July 2019
Babydolls A-GoGo on Soi 15 has been sold to the Club Electric Blue group. The bar's announcement on Facebook reads:

Babydolls are pleased to announce that the bar has been sold to our neighbors Electric Blue with effect from 1st July 2019.

We would like to thank all of our friends, customers and staff for their help and support over the last 11 years and we look forward to seeing the bar develop under the new ownership.

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