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2020: Jan-March

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News from Up North...

Bar news from northern Pattaya

Link Here23rd January 2020
Differ is a well known Thai Pub that is located a couple of sois north of the 2nd Road Big C in north Pattaya. It will re-open in a couple of months after extensive building work.

Lisa on the Beach on Beach Road has had a few moments of popularity as a coyote bar but has now decided to have a crack at the live music gig. The bar has had a little work to clear space for a band.

Meanwhile on Soi 6



The Mews...

A new Pratamnak gentlemen's club

Link Here19th January 2020
A new gentlemen's club has opened just off Pratamanak Soi 6. It uses the venue that was previously the Romanasia restaurant. If you start at Pratamnak then about 800m down turn right at the second 7-11.

It seems to be very much modelled on the very successful Kinnaree Place which is only about 500m away. In fact there are rumours suggesting that Kinnaree's days are numbered due to the impending end of lease with the lands being bagsied by a condo developer.

The new venue is open from 1pm to 9pm, offers nearby rooms at 350 Baht, has lady drinks at 120 Baht and the standard rates for the ladies.



The night of no return...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here14th January 2020

Popped into Walking Street on Saturday night, lots of Russian Tourists everywhere.

Started in the Dollhouse which was disappointing no Girls I knew were in and the Girls who were there ignored me.

Stayed 30 mins and headed to the Shark Club , totally different story in there. with half the Girls smiling at me. There were several lovely new Girls, one was small and was shaking her lovely booty at the punters and a dreamy tall slim Teen who was stunning. For anyone who likes Silicone there was a very attractive lady with huge boobs, seen her somewhere before can't remember where.

There were 2 separate Punters buying 3000b worth of ping pong balls. Sat with my usual Girl Del, she went off to Dance and didn't come back. Later her I spotted her sitting in the corner with one of the 3000b punters. This really annoys me but it always happens in the high season when Girls are trying to maximize their earnings.

I stayed for a Draft Beer and headed into Electric Blue which was doing average business. Mamasang Aum said it had been like it all night. Of course this meant there were a lot of Dancers. Bought a Girl a drink she went off to Dance and didn't come back. Bought a drink for Dancer Aum she went off to Dance and came back to say she had a better prospect, so I decided to call it a night.. then May appeared, she's small and cute with stunning eyes, ex Peppermint, so i stayed to get her a drink.

Then headed home up soi 14 to the Russian Express back to Jomtien. Not a great night but usually the case in January.



Searching for diamonds in the buff...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Annabels

Link Here12th January 2020
I stopped by just before the bar was renamed from Diamond to Annabels.

The bar has a large central stage with bench seating on all sides of the stage. There is a smaller stage towards the front of the bar that is a repeat of the large stage. The bar also retains a few table dancing podiums directly in front of the bench seating.

The stage was quite full of dancers in various stages of undress, mostly topless. There were plenty of good looking girls but not quite the standards of Pin-Up/Sapphire and the like. But that's always going to be the case as the basic mode of the bar is hands-on.

The centre of each of the stages was reserved for two naked girls to provide a few sexy going ons, mostly with each other, but I'm sure a little audience participation may be available too.

As always in the Windmill bars, the girls are very keen to sit with, or on, customers in return for a few lady drinks. My chosen drinking partner was delightful company, both in terms of enjoyable chit chat, and also the sexy stuff.

The bar divides al the dancers into two shift, one dancing and the other  sitting with customers. They change over frequently so its never too long to wait for your drinking partner to return from dancing.

There were plenty of customers, and more than enough girls to go around, so I was a little surprised when a friendly manager told me that the they were waiting to build up even more girls before they could open up an upstairs bar.

Anyway the evening was a success, time flew by, and I'll be back soon.



A discontinuity in Infinity...

Infinity A-GoGo re-opens after a 4 day break

Link Here7th January 2020
infinity A-GoGo on Walking Street has re-opened after a 4 day new year break.

So the Pattaya GoGo count is restored to 75.




Coco is still bats...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here5th January 2020

Popped into Walking Street Saturday night, normal crowd for a Saturday night. Usual Police Cordon on Thappraya Road, looked like they were searching Bikes for Drugs.

Started in the Panda Club which was quiet, well down on Girls. There was a Japanese man sitting next to me who bought a tray of 24 Tequilas, they didn't last long as the Girls and Waitresses were knocking them back. Not sure if he was very rich or very stupid but he was wearing a Baseball cap on back to front and his Sunglasses on the back of his neck. I sat with usual Girl Nun.

Stayed for a San Miguel and headed to Baccara, which was quite busy, but got a seat at the stage.

Some very nice Girls as usual with not so many Silicone enhanced Topless Dancers as in the past. The ShowGirls stripped down to nothing, unfortunately the beautiful Coyote Dancer with the Big Arse was not there. Ann and some of the Peppermint Girls came down looking for a 40b tip.

Stayed for a Draft Beer and headed into Coco A-GoGo in soi Diamond.

On the positive side it was lively with good seating and no Bang Bang Music.

Negative there was no nudity, variously dressed Coyote Dancers, some very attractive Girls but none of approached me.

Had a Draft Chang which was not very good, they need to clean the pipes. Lady drinks started at a bargain 200b and went up to 250b for models. I only saw one and 300b for Russian Girls of which there were 4 or 5 Russian Girls of very average appearance.

Why anyone would want to buy them a drink at those prices is a mystery. One Russian Girl was as tall as me, she was wearing 8 inch heels, she did a Dance round the Pole. The best looking Russian Bird was sitting on her own.

I can't think of any reason for going back and I think this new Agogo will not last long, unless they introduce some nudity and put the prices down, which of course they won't.

Didn't stay to finish the Beer and headed home.



Coco pops up in Soi Diamond...

A new GoGo opens after rapid construction work

Link Here3rd January 2020
Coco A-GoGo opened on 2nd January 2020 in the venue that was previously New Bat A-GoGo. It has been rebuilt in a very short space of time to get up to speed whilst peak season is in full swing.

It is the 75th GoGo in town.



Second thoughts on No.1 A-GoGo...

A quick change of mind about the name

Link Here2nd January 2020
New Bat A-GoGo on Soi Diamond is currently under intensive reconstruction work readying to open as a new A-GoGo. Presumably the haste is to try and get it up and running whilst peak season is still in full swing.

A couple of days ago a new sign appeared proclaiming the new name to be No.1 A-GoGo. But this has already been changed, and now reads CoCo A-GoGo.

Meanwhile it has been reported that Infinity A-GoGo on Walking Street has gone dark but that Harem Club A-GoGo has returned to life. 

Meanwhile recently re-opened Party Girlz has re-closed with a rather official looking closure order pinned to the door.

Pending further investigation the GoGo count has reduced by one to 73.

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