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2020: July-Sept

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Bearing up...

Panda A-GoGo is returning to Walking Street

Link Here29th September 2020
Panda A-GoGo on Walking Street is looking to re-opening.

Another famous name, Heaven Above A-GoGo , has announced that it will be re-opening at a new venue in Soi Boomerang. This is an up and coming bar area off Soi Buakhao near Pattaya City Hospital.

On the downside some popular bars are re-closing.

Pattaya Beer Garden re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown but there were insufficient customers in town. The bar has therefore be closed from 29th September but will re-open once visitors return.

Pook Plaza is a beer bar complex on Soi Buakhao opposite Soi LK Metro. It re-opened after the end of lockdown but has now re-closed presumably in light of a limited customer base.



Sensational news...

Baccara and Sensations re-open on Walking Street

Link Here26th September 2020
Baccara A-GoGo has belatedly re-opened on Walking Street after being closed since the coronavirus lockdown began in March.

Similarly Sensations A-GoGo re-opened on 25th September too.

Sensations 2020



Lost Love...

Love 66 A-GoGo closes on Soi 6

Link Here25th September 2020

Love 66 A-GoGo is located on Soi 6 towards the Beach Road end.

The bar re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown but this was not a success and the bar closed again on 23rd September 2020.




Yes Sir I can boogie...

Baccara is set to re-open

Link Here21st September 2020
Baccara on Walking Street is set to re-open on Friday 25th September after closing for the coronavirus lockdown in March 2020.

Stickman reports that the word is some of the loveliest ladies who danced there pre-Covid will be back.



Updated: Re-transitioning...

Baby Boom re-opened as a girls A-GoGo

Link Here18th September 2020
Baby Boom A-GoGo has long been a lady boy GoGo but now it has said that it would be converting to a GoGo with real ladies. It re-opened with girls on 10th September 2020.

The bar is located on Soi Boomerang which is off Soi Buakhao opposite Pattaya City Hospital. The soi has become a bit of hub as there are now several gentlemen's clubs open with Golden Time also offering GoGo dancing.

The GoGo has a happy hour from 6pm until 9pm and offers 2 for 1 on house spirits.



re-opened and re-closed...

Hollywood Disco closes due to lack of customers in town.

Link Here16th September 2020
Hollywood is long established disco now located on Soi Phet Trakun in North Pattaya.

The disco tried re-opening after the end of the coronavirus lockdown hoping for custom from Thais. However this did not prove successful and the disco will now close. The venue will continue to open its restaurant and karaoke rooms though.



Nice news...

So Nice A-GoGo is re-opening on Soi 13/1

Link Here14th September 2020
So Nice A-GoGo has announced that it will be re-opening after the coronavirus lockdown on 18th September 2020.

The bar is a very hands on venue on So 13/1 (Soi Yamato) but struggles to find enough attractive dancers.

Sister bar Big Hugs on the same soi is staying closed though and is now sporting a 'for rent' sign.



Serenity goes quiet...

Post lockdown Pattaya not working out

Link Here12th September 2020
Serenity A-GoGo is located on Soi Buakhao.

The bar opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown in July 2020 but closed again on 8th September 2020.



End of the (yellow) line...

Famed Devil's Den closes on Soi LK Metro

Link Here8th September 2020
The Devil's Den has been a notable fixture of Soi LK Metro since 15th May 2009. It is famed as a bar specialising in a short time double helping of ladies, who often offer treble locations for pleasure seeking.

The bar has closed on Soi LK Metro noting that the rent commitments of the venue are not viable during the period of massively restricted tourism. The bar intends to re-open in a new location once tourists return to Pattaya.



4 more...

Club 4 gentlemen's club becomes an A-GoGo

Link Here6th September 2020
Club 4 has been open for some time as a gentlemen's club but has now converted to a GoGo.

The bar is located on Soi Bong Koch which is found by turning off 3rd road opposite the old XZyte Club not so far from Soi Chayapoon.

The bar has daily promotions such as 65 Baht beers on Mondays and free beers with lady drinks on Thursdays. It also offers regular 'chocolate shows' from 6pm.



Drink safe...

A coronavirus case in Bangkok prompts the authorities checking up on coronavirus safety measures in Pattaya bars

Link Here4th September 2020
Pattaya Police called 130 entertainment operators to a meeting at City Hall to make sure that they are still on guard against COVID 19. This comes the same day as what appears to be the first locally spread case in Thailand in 101 days was discovered.

Pattaya Police Chief Colonel Khemmarin Pitsamai said at the meeting:

We must strictly continue on the COVID- 19 precautions. After two months, we have found that most of our local entertainment operators have followed those measurements but not one hundred percent.

However, if any of them missed one of the precautions, we will verbally talk to them first. If they missed it for the second time we will take legal action which may include fines or other penalties.

The punishment for breaking the Emergency Decree is up to two years imprisonment and the fine is up to 40,000 baht. The punishment for breaking the disease control law under the Communicable Disease Act is imprisonment up to one year and fines up to 100,000 baht.

Measures discussed at the meeting were mostly familiar, wearing masks, using the Thai Chana application to check in, social distancing, limit the number of people at tables, midnight closures and other items.



Back to the Classroom...

Dancing 'schoolgirls' are returning to the Classroom on Soi Pattayaland

Link Here31st August 2020
The Classroom on Soi Pattayaland was a coyote style dancing bar many years ago. And now will return to the format. The bar announced:

Starting Tuesday, September 1st 2020 we have 20 lovely new recruits to serve and entertain you in The Classroom Music Lounge from 4 pm to midnight daily. New menus and longer kitchen hours, discounts on ice-cold buckets of your favourite bottled beverage, and with no tourists in town you can be assured a room for the night at a great discount with our Don't Drink & Drive program.

Big party to celebrate the changes on Friday, September 4th.



Malibu Club...

A new gentlemen's club

Link Here29th August 2020
Malibu Club has opened on Soi Bongkoch which is a little east of Third Road off from opposite the old XZyte disco. Several other bars are in the vicinity, notably Babylon Club.

The gentlemen's club opens from 1pm until midnight.



Updated: Bliss restricted to thrice a week and another new GoGo...

The new normal

Link Here 27th August 2020
With no return for foreign visitors soon, Pattaya's GoGos have been trying to find a new normal in how to best operate within the constraints of the fixed numbers of expats in town.

Some GoGos have come up with ideas for limited opening.

Bliss A-GoGo on Walking Street re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown but in a somewhat sporadic fashion. It now seems to have stabilised on opening on Fridays and Saturdays only.

Meanwhile Bachelor A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro is open more often but has now decided to close on Mondays.

Update: Censored whilst claiming to be uncensored

27th August 2020. Tanks to Ishi

Bliss A-GoGo has added Thursday nights to is schedule so now opens on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Tim Bar opens only in its outside bar from Thursday to Sunday. The inside GoGo bar area as not yet re-opened.

Golden Time , currently a gentlemen's club will open as a GoGo bar on 29th August. The bar is located on Soi Buakhao opposite Pattaya City Hospital. The bar has a Facebook Page but it does not yet mention the GoGo news.




A new gentlemen's club off Soi Buakhao

Link Here25th August 2020
Aqua Gentlemen's Club opened on Soi Boomerang off Soi Buakhao near Buakhao Soi 15 in July.

It is noted as a member of the Liquid Group.

Gentlemen's club seem to have made a more complete comeback than the GoGos. Perhaps the more reasonable pricing better matches the expat customer base. 




Baby Boom A-GoGo to return to ladies

Link Here15th August 2020
Baby Boom A-GoGo has long been a lady boy GoGo but now it has said that it would soon be converting to a GoGo with real ladies.

Baby Boom is located in a small soi off Soi Buakhao that's located opposite Pattaya City Hospital.



A New Moon...

Moon Light A-GoGo opens on Soi Chayapoon

Link Here10th August 2020
Moon Light A-GoGo opened on Soi Chaiyapoon on 17th July 2020. Perhaps nobody noticed at the time as the bar didn't erect a sign until 5th August.

Ishi reports that he saw nine dancers in the bar at 8pm on 5th Aug and that draft beer was 69 Baht.

Moon Light has no connections with Moonlight on Walking Street Soi 16 (Covent Garden Complex).




King A-GoGo set to re-open after lockdown

Link Here9th August 2020
Kink A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has announced that the bar is re-opening after the coronavirus lockdown on 14th August at 7pm.




Walking Street has gone...

There's still the street with lots of GoGos but now it is for driving rather than walking

Link Here8th August 2020
Pattaya's famed Walking Street has re-branded itself as Driving Street.

There are no longer any foreign visitors or hoards of tour party walkers, so the Pattaya authorities are trying to appeal to Thais replacing tat stalls with street food carts.

So from now on its is open to traffic and parking. Though it is one way only to reduce accidents.

After a crisis meeting with local operators, mayor Sontaya Khunpluem said it was obvious that the country was not open and there were no foreign tourists. So Thais need to be the new normal for Walking Street.

Local dignitaries took part in a ceremony last night at 7pm to open the street to traffic and parking.



Far East hasn't gone west...

Far East Rock 2 re-opens

Link Here5th August 2020
Far East Rock 2 is located at the 2nd Road end of Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office)

The GoGo re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown in July. However it later closed again but this has thankfully proved to be a temporary glitch and as of 4th July the bar is now open again.



Jubilee Party...

Queen Club celebrates its 8th Anniversary

Link Here3rd August 2020
Queen Club is located at the centre of Soi LK Metro.

The bar opened after the end of coronavirus lockdown in July 2020 and celebrates its 8th anniversary on 8th August 2020. The anniversary was actually on 26th May but the GoGo was shut due to the lockdown at the time.



Walking Dolls...

Keeping tabs on opening and closing GoGos in Pattaya

Link Here2nd August 2020
Dolls A-GoGo has several branches around Pattaya and the girls have been on the move.

Dolls Soi 6 closed on 30th July. The dancers moved to Dolls Walking Street which opened on 31st July.

Love 66 A-GoGo, perhaps seeing an opportunity on Soi 6 after the departure of Dolls Soi 6, opened on 31st July.

Presumably customers were a little too few and far between as Far East Rock 2 on Soi 13/2 closed on 31st July.

Paradise opened on Soi LK Metro on 1st Aug.

Meanwhile a good number of gentlemen's clubs have re-opened, perhaps because of their short time rates being somewhat lower and more accessible to expats than the GoGos. A notable example is The Den Gentlemen's club on Soi Chayapoon which re-opened with the girls from Touch Agogo on 10th July. Some topless girls and G-string girls are to be found walking around the club.



Updated: Customers prove a little too distanced...

French Connection GoGos rationalise down

Link Here28th July 2020
The French Connection group of bars has decided to rationalise downwards the number of GoGos on Walking Street. Presumably this reflects the amount of customers proving not has high as hoped.

Bliss A-GoGo and Pracha have closed and the girls have been relocated to Fahrenheit and Palace.

Meanwhile Paradise A-GoGo is set to re-open on Soi LK Metro on 1st August.

Update: One more

28th July 2020.

Taboo A-GoGo on Walking Street is the latest to decide that there are not enough customers to go round, and has closed until travellers are allowed to return.



Destiny and Serenity...

More GoGos re-open in Pattaya

Link Here22nd July 2020
Ishi has listed more GoGos that have opened in Pattaya;

13th July:

  • Atlantis (Walking Street)
  • Far East Rock 2 (Soi 13/2)

15th July:

  • Taboo (Walking Street)

16th July:

  • Bachelor (Soi LK Metro)

17th July:

  • Destiny (Soi LK Metro)
  • Fahrenheit (Walking Street)
  • Queen Club (Soi LK Metro)
  • Serenity (Soi Buakhao)



Updated: Rising temperature...

More GoGos opening on Walking Street

Link Here19th July 2020
Fahrenheit A-GoGo has re-opened on Walking Street. Also Iron Club is set to open.

Early reports are that Walking Street remains quiet but Windmill and Pin-up seem to have grabbed a good share of the available customers.

Update: Kiss for sale

19th July 2020.

For Sale/For Rent signs have appeared suggesting that it is unlikely that Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro will be re-opening any time soon.



More Serenity...

Soi Buakhao GoGo is set to re-open

Link Here16th July 2020
  Serenity A-GoGo on Soi Buakhao by Soi Diana is set to re-open on Friday 17th July.




Bachelor's Club set to re-open on Soi LK Metro

Link Here15th July 2020
Bachelor's Club will re-open on 16th July on Soi LK Metro. at 6pm.

It looks like sister bar Queen Club is being converted into something other than a GoGo.



A lost civilisation re-discovered...

Atlantis A-GoGo set to re-open

Link Here12th July 2020
Atlantis A-GoGo on Walking Street will re-open on Monday 13th July. The bar will be following state guidance and so will be opening between 6pm and midnight.




The Pattaya GoGos that have re-opened after lockdown

Link Here11th July 2020
  Ishi has kindly confirmed recent GoGo openings:

1st July:

  • Black Snake Club (real ladies only now),
  • MJ Kitty Girl

2nd July:

  • Tantra

7th July ;

  • Tahitian Queen
  • Lady Love
  • Pandoras

8th July:

  • Miami
  • CoCo
  • Pin Up

9th July:

  • Dolls Soi 6

10th July:

  • Bliss
  • Crystal Club
  • Dollhouse
  • Glass House
  • Moon
  • Pacha
  • Palace
  • Tim Bar
  • Windmill Club



Offsite Article: There's no Hollywood hero that will come to the rescue...

Link Here 11th July 2020
A bit of warning that it is dangerous for farangs in Thailand to try and claim western rights to oppose the plans of corporate giants

See article from



Updated: Lacking customers but with an excess of rules...

GoGos slowly opening in Pattaya

Link Here10th July 2020
Some bars opened across Pattaya on 1st July but the GoGo bars did not seem very keen on opening under the government's rather onerous 22 miserable rules coupled with a lack of visitors in town. 

It seems that a few will give it  a try after the religious blank days on the 5th and 6th July. Lady Love on Soi LK Metro has promised to open on 7th July at 7pm (perhaps an auspicious date and time).

Update: Tantra A-GoGo is open on Walking STreet

4th July 2020.

According to reports oon Pattaya Forums, Tantra A-GoGo is doing a little trail blazing on Walking Street. Early reports are understanding of the difficulties for the bar, but ultimately the stanoffish social distancing is not making for a good experience. The rule forbidding dancers from sitting with customers is unltimately the biggest bugbear.

Update: More openings

8th July 2020.

The very popular Pin-Up A-GoGo on Walking Street has announced that it will be opening soon.

The Dollhouse on Soi 15 will be opening on Friday 10th July.

Bliss A-GoGo will also open on 10th July.

Crystal Club A-GoGo on SOi LK Metro will open on 10th July.

Update: More openings

9th July 2020.

CoCo A-GoGo on Diamond is open and Windmill and Glasshouse are set to open on Friday 10th.

Update: More openings

10th July 2020.

Palace A-GoGo has been added to the list opening on Friday 10th July.

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