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2021: July-Sept

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BLUE Pattaya...

Welcome to the home of adult business, leisure, ultimate experience

Link Here25th September 2021
Pattaya's authorities have taken to thinking about how to promote tourism to Pattaya during a time of quarantine requirements and closed down businesses.

Pattaya's Tourist Business Association has come up with eight point plan to gloss over the massive difficulties in attracting tourists during drear covid infested times.

The plan works around the hassle of continuing quarantine requirements and an assumption that the entertainment industry is expected to remain shut whenever Pattaya reopens.

So the association has dreamt up a catchy slogan. Marketing materials will refer to Pattaya's new image as BLUE. This stands for Business, Leisure, Ultimate Experience.

The association is also pushing for tourists to be quarantined for 7 days rather than the current 14.



GoGo GaGa...

Unhopeful sounding comments on the re-opening of nightlife in Pattaya

Link Here14th September 2021
There has been a long running plan to reopen Pattaya to foreign visitors under the horribly restrictive and expensive 'sandbox' model as is currently running in Phuket. The original paln is to open a Chonburi scheme on October 1st but maybe more a little more likely in mid-October.

However that does not seem to mean that visitors will be enjoying bars and GoGos. In fact, it is not even sure if restaurants would be able to sell alcohol, a lockdown easing implemented in some provinces. Pattaya News reports:

The decision, to be fair, is not that of the Pattaya Mayor or Chonburi Governor. The closure of nightlife and bars and banning of alcohol at restaurants is a mandate from the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration, or CCSA, in Bangkok. Although it is true that enforcement differs greatly across the country, Pattaya, as a whole, has been fairly strictly enforced with authorities well aware that Pattaya is the epicenter of nightlife and bars in Thailand.

The CCSA has shown themselves to be, so far, exceedingly cautious and conservative around anything involving alcohol, continually stating that they believe alcohol-related gatherings and events are the highest-risk activities at spreading Covid-19. The CCSA has not given, or outlined a plan, on reopening entertainment, bars, concerts, and nightlife in the country at this time.

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