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2022: April-June

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Escape Mega-GoGo...

A new concept for a new GoGo in a new GoGo area

Link Here31st May 2022
Escape Mega-GoGo

Treetown, Soi Buakhao

The venue bills itself as a Mega-GoGo and erotic nightclub and is set to open 1st July 2022.

It promises farang friendly policies including:

  • girls with lady drinks to be excused from dancing
  • no annoying mamasans on patrol
  • unavailable girls clearly identified
  • expat friendly music
  • no girls on phones

Posts on Pattaya forums suggest that beers will be 120 Baht with 100 Baht special on Tiger. Cafines will be set at 1500 and lady drinks are 300 for models and 170 Baht for dancers.



Restaurants become GoGos again...

Nightclubs and GoGos to be allowed to re-open in Pattaya

Link Here20th May 2022
Thailand's Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has announced the official reopening of nightlife venues at least in tourist zones across the kingdom. Pubs, bars, nightclubs, massage parlours and karaoke bars are permitted to serve alcohol and open until midnight, beginning June 1. Nightlife venues in non tourist yellow zones are still not permitted to reopen.

The government also noted that covid testing requirements still applying to unvaccinated visitors to Thailand will be eased.



Getting back to normal...

Pattaya's Walking Street returns to pedestrian-only in the evening

Link Here27th April 2022
In a cautious sign that things are slowly improving in Pattaya, the city has announced that effective from Thursday, April 28th, Walking Street will live up to its name once again, shutting to vehicle traffic nightly.

The street had been allowing vehicles at all hours since 2020 during Covid19 due to many venues still being closed and restrictions on tourists and entertainment venues.

However, in recent weeks many more restaurants have opened and announcements that in May test and go will be removed for international visitors and hours to serve alcohol will be extended to midnight have caused authorities to make the call to close the street once again at night.

Therefore, from 7:00 P.M. TO 6:00 A.M. nightly the street will shut to vehicle traffic once again.



Updated: Welcome back!...

Thailand finally relents and allows testing/quarantine free entry to vaccinated visitors (at least by air)

Link Here25th April 2022
From May 1st, Thailand will allow vaccinated visitors to enter the country by air without any covid testing or quarantine requirements.

The authorities are encouraging visitors to do their own rapid test and report the result but that would be stupid as foreigners testing positive are then likely to banged up in very expensive private hospitals for a quarantine period now reduced to 5 days.

Visitors will still be required to upload certificates of vaccination and certificates of $10,000 worth of covid insurance prior to travel via the Thai Pass scheme.

Note that non-vaccinated vistors will still be required to go into quarantine on arrival.

And in other good news, the Thai authorities will now allow bars (still having to masquerade as restaurants) to open until midnight.

Update: Bordering on confusing

25th April 2022. See article from

Note that Thailand is not so welcoming to visitors at a land border.

Vaccinated visitors who want to enter Thailand for more than 3 days must still take an antigen test. As usual it is not clearly stated what dire consequences would befall a person who tests positive.



No end in sight...

GoGos will have to keep pretending to be restaurants

Link Here11th April 2022
New service Sanook reported on the latest pronouncements of health minister Anutin Charnvirakul regarding Songkran and the pandemic.

For now he said it was not yet the appropriate time and bars and clubs would have to continue to open as restaurants for the time being, and make sure they are following all the covid restrictions. These restriction including a ban on dancing and the very dangerous requirement for a recent covid test before entering a bar. This is dangerous because a positive test could result in a mandatory stay at a very expensive private hospital.

The bar also have to close quite early.


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