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2022: July-Sept

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Pepped up...

Peppermint A-GoGo re-opens

Link Here12th September 2022
An historical name has returned to Pattaya. Peppuermint A-GoGo re-opened on Walking Street under new ownership in about early September 2022.

In its previous incarnation it was a hugely inflential and popular gogo with plenty to see and watch. At the time the bar had ownership connections with Happy, Beach Club and Baccara. The bar had been around for as long as I can remember, previously upstairs in a venue shared with the Marine Disco. It  moved downstairs to the current venues in June 2010 and closed in December 2019, a little before the coronavirus enforced shutdowns.



Dam busted...

Reports of Beavers A-GoGo closing on Soi 15

Link Here11th September 2022
It has been reported that Beavers was set to closed on 8th September 2022. Sister bars The Dollhouse and ELectric Blue are continuing across the road so presumably the staff will be relocated there.



Offsite Article: Whatever happened to...

Link Here26th August 2022
A tourist's guide to some of the biggest changes in Pattaya for visitors who have not been since before the Covid-19 pandemic

See article from



Pot Hole...

A new direction for a new bar on Soi Chayaphun

Link Here7th August 2022
The long running Hot Man Bar on Soi Chayaphun was noted as a bit of rarity in Pattaya as its targeted customers were ladies. The bar did not survive the coronavirus lockdown, but a new venture has appeared perhaps continuing the tradition for something a little different.

Now Soi Chayaphun is locally known as Soi Pothole referencing a woeful history of road repairs. So opening a new bar named Pot Hole , referencing cannabis leaves on the sign rather shows a level of punnery that suggests that it may have farang ownership (or maybe joint ownership).

The bar promises an Always Happy Hour too.

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