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High Season High Noon...

More Pattaya police for this season's raiding parties

Link Here27th October 2013
Pattaya's local administration says it has joined hands with police to launch a larger crime-busting force.

A negative rating recently by travel website, which said Pattaya was one of seven places in Thailand that travellers should avoid due to frequent crimes, has prompted the Royal Thai Police to mobilise more officers to boost the Pattaya force's crime-busting capacity. The extra officers come from sections such as Highway Police, Marine Police, the Crime Suppression Division and Immigration Bureau, in addition to Tourism Police, who have long operated in Pattaya and Chon Buri province.

Senior area commander Pol Maj-General Sanchai Chai-amphorn said Russians made up the largest group of victims, due mostly to their large numbers in the resort city. The second-largest victims of crime were Britons, followed by Italians. The taskforce has been launched in preparation for a spike in the number of visitors over the high season, which kicks off in December,

Sanchai said the police were keeping an eye on short-term visitors, migrant workers, as well as people who dabble in prostitution.



Offsite Article: Pattaya Beach Goes for a Swim...

Link Here3rd October 2013
Sections of Pattaya Beach have disappeared following the heavy rainfall on Monday Night.

See article from



Updated: Nobbled...

Miserable police spoil the fun of an afternoon watching Australian horse racing

Link Here30th September 2013
Police have raided a Pattaya bar which was suspected of showing Australian Horse Racing and those in attendance were allowed to place bets with the Bar Owner.

The raid took place at 3.30pm on Saturday afternoon at The Members Lounge off Soi Baukao. At the rear of the bar was a separate room containing a large TV showing live streaming of Australian Horse Racing.

Betting slips and a total of 72,000 Baht in cash were seized and 17 farangs and 4 Thai's were arrested.

Police revealed how the owner had registered with a betting company in Australia and would make bets on behalf of customers at the bar which contravenes Thailand's miserable anti-gambling laws. All those caught during the raid will be charged with a variety of gambling offences.

Update: Small Losses

30th September 2013. From

Seventeen people, Australians and British, were arrested by police. Farang residents, some in their 70s were accused of betting on Australian horse racing events in a Pattaya bar which, when raided, was found to have betting slips and other paraphernalia.

The judge in Pattaya court took a lenient view and they were each fined 500 baht but not required to leave the country or to be formally deported.

Two organizers of the alleged betting event were given a term of imprisonment but remain on bail pending an appeal.



Art in Paradise...

3D Illusion art gallery looks the real biz

Link Here16th September 2013
The gallery describes itself as the largest interactive & illusion 3D art museum of the world. Thailand, Pattaya.

It is located just north of the north Pattaya Big C on a Soi off 2nd Road.

Farang price: Adults 300 baht, children 200 baht (100-130 cm).
Thai price : Adults 180 baht, children 120 baht (100-130 cm)

It looks very impressive from the photos and has got plenty to while away a few hours. It is arranged to provide loads of photo opportunities.



Gladiators will be turning in their graves...

A new lady boy show, bus station and market

Link Here21st July 2013

The Colosseum Pattaya Show has opened on Theprassit Road. It is an impressive looking building hosting a lady boy show.

It seems to be starting in a soft opening mode, with shorter shows and a discounted entry charge of 600 Baht. There are 25% vouchers on the show's Facebook page.

A new market has opened next door called the Ratanakorn Market Center. The market has a load of tourist merchandise but also has stalls for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

There is also a new bus station that has appeared near by.

Update: Double Priced

11th August 2013.

Now priced 1000-1100 for farangs and 600-700 for Thais.



Less Trekking to Go Trekking...

Thai passport office opens in Pattaya

Link Here4th June 2013

Thailand's Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced opening of a Passport Office in Pattaya on June 3 at the 1st floor of the Avenue Pattaya, Pattaya 2nd Road.

Office hours will be Monday - Friday from 8.30 - 15.30.



Thai Speed Rail...

Plans for a high speed rail link from Bangkok to Pattaya

Link Here13th March 2013

The government is aiming to complete the country's first high-speed train between Bangkok and Pattaya by 2018.

Three other lines linking the capital with Phitsanulok, Nakhon Ratchasima and Hua Hin are also scheduled to be completed the following year. The planned four high-speed rail routes are part of infrastructure projects under the 2-trillion-baht borrowing plan to be tabled before the cabinet for its approval next Tuesday.

Chula Sookmanob, director of the Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning Office, said the government expected to invite bids for the four high-speed trains in September. Bidders will be required to specify their technology for the train in the bidding contest to enable the government to project the construction cost. Interest is expected from Japan, China, South Korea, France, Germany and Spain.

The projects could reduce Thailand's fuel costs by at least 100 billion baht a year and cut travelling time between Bangkok and the provinces within a 300km radius to 90 minutes from three hours.



Emergency Rations...

Tropical Bert becomes Pattaya's Honorary Consul

Link Here1st March 2013

British Ambassador Mark Kent has announced that Bert Elson had been appointed Honorary Consul to Pattaya. Mark Kent said:

I would like to congratulate Bert on his appointment and I am delighted to welcome him to the team. All of us at the Embassy are looking forward very much to working with Bert in the coming months and years. A few weeks ago it was announced that Bert had been awarded the British Empire Medal in the New Year's Honours list; well deserved recognition of the excellent work that Bert already does amongst the British community in Pattaya with the Royal British Legion.

Elson will be offering emergency assistance to British nationals in Pattaya, as part of the Embassy consular response coordinated by the Consular Team in Bangkok -- in the same way as the Honorary Consuls in Koh Samui and Phuket. The Consular Team in Bangkok will continue to handle the day to day consular business in Pattaya, such as hospitalisations, arrests and prison visiting. Elson will not be carrying out any documentary or notarial duties.

If you are a British national who needs help, please contact the British Embassy in Bangkok in the first instance.

Bert Elson is noted for his eatery Tropical Bert's on 2nd Road near Soi 6



Markland Village Mall...

A new high end mall in north Pattaya by the end of 2013

Link Here21st February 2013

J.P. Property Management has unveiled plans for a new up-market shopping center in north Pattaya.

It is to be called Markland Village Lifestyle Mall and will be built on 3 rai of land at Beach Road and Soi 1.

The mall will contain top end shops selling branded products, international restaurants, a supermarket, health and beauty services etc.

The complex is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.



Teddy Bear...

Well rated Danish film set in Pattaya gets a US DVD release

Link Here18th February 2013

Teddy Bear is a Denmark drama by Mads Matthiesen.
With Kim Kold, David Winters, Elsebeth Steentoft. YouTube icon IMDb

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

  • US 2013 Film Movement R1 DVD at US Amazon released on 12th February 2013

Promotional Material:

Dennis, a painfully shy 38-year-old bodybuilder, would really like to find true love. He has never had a girlfriend and lives alone with his mother in a suburb of Copenhagen.

When his uncle marries a woman from Thailand, Dennis decides to try his own luck on a trip to Pattaya, as it seems that love is easier to find there. He knows that his mother would never accept another woman in his life, so he lies and tells her that he is going to Germany for a competition.

Hectic Pattaya turns out to be a huge cultural shock for him. The intrusive Thai girls shatter Dennis' naive picture of what love should be like, and he is about to lose hope when he unexpectedly meets the woman of his dreams. There may be hope for him yet, if only he can confront his mother



Cobra Gold 2013...

Followed by rest and relaxation in Pattaya

Link Here16th February 2013

The opening ceremony for the internatio0nal Military exercise Cobra Gold 2013 was held in Chiang Mai on 11th February. Service members from 15 nations attended the ceremony. The military representatives are participating in Cobra Gold to develop greater interoperability among forces, improve relationships and further develop the ability to solve regional challenges.

The exercise, which ends Feb. 21, will improve the capability to plan and conduct combined-joint operations and will provide an opportunity for partner nations to build relationships and improve interoperability across the range of military operations.

The Exercises kicked off in the vicinity of Pattaya on Thursday so no doubt those taking part will soon get the chance for some rest and relaxation in Pattaya's bars.



Rank in Pattaya...

City Hall meeting discusses problems with taxis

Link Here4th January 2013

A meeting took place at Pattaya City Hall to discuss supposed problems and complaints about illegal taxis operating in the city. 

The problems have escalated with many complaints about unacceptable bad behavior from taxi drivers from tourists, both Thai and internationals. 

Presumably tourists are complaining that the green and yellow taxi carry signs purporting to be licensed taxis when in fact they refuse to use their meters and instead charge inflated fares.

A programme is to be set up to inform everyone about illegal taxis:

  • Registered taxis carrying yellow license plates are doubtfully legal because they do not use their meters and charge inflated fares above the authorised rate.
  • Cars with black license plates are illegal because they are not registered to carry fare paying passengers and charge reasonable rates.
  • Baht buses are legal and are available for private hire at middling rates.

Whatever forms of taxis are available, there needs to be a few more. During peak season week in Jomtien, the main road was lined with people trying to get transport to Pattaya.

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