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Enjoyed by All...

French women occasionally enjoy porn with natural, realistic scenes but find rough sex degrading

Link Here6th December 2012

A survey of 579 French women has been carried out by the IFOP polling institute in September to monitor attitudes towards porn.

IFOP's Francois Kraus told AFP:

In the space of a few years it has become an accepted thing for women to watch pornography, partly thanks to the Internet, and video-on-demand services that made porn more accessible and took away the shame factor.

62% of women said they watched porn to spice up their sex life with a partner, and 50% had also done so on their own.

Kraus said:

Women are now consuming porn by themselves. That goes hand in hand with a widening of sexual behaviour, and changing attitudes towards sex toys or fellatio for instance.

And of course it raises the issue of masturbation, one of the great taboos of female sexuality. There is a real generational break, with women in their forties and younger much more willing to admit the practice.

So what do women make of the films on offer? Women attached most importance to a natural-looking cast, a priority for 40%, while realistic sex scenes were essential for 35%. Most women felt strongly that the industry caters only to male fantasies, a view shared by 71% of women.

Likewise 72% felt the films on offer were highly degrading to women, and 57% said they were too violent.

Overall, women were still far less assiduous watchers than men, with only 5% of porn consumers watching frequently -- once a month or more. Another 13% watched a few times a year.

The study was commissioned by Marc Dorcel, a provider of pornographic content, to mark the launch of a new porn site targeting the women's market,



Offsite Article: So Which Bright Twat had that Idea?...

Link Here24th September 2012
Thailand's skin-whitening craze reaches woman's intimate areas. Critics say vaginal whitening wash is extreme example of how cosmetic industry has changed Thai definition of beauty

See article from



The Girl Friend Experience...

Shock horror! researchers find that many customers of sex workers seek a girl friend experience

Link Here20th September 2012

The Hobbyist and the Girlfriend Experience: Behaviors and Preferences of Male Customers of Internet Sexual Service Providers


This study provides descriptive information about the background characteristics, sexual preferences, attitudes, and motives of men (N = 584) who locate and contract with female Internet Sexual Service Providers (ISSP) for paid sex acts through a prostitute review site on the Web. The questionnaire-based findings showed these men preferred the girlfriend experience or GFE over all other personal qualities and behaviors. The study contributes to our understanding of a rapidly emerging category of men who seek sexual services on-line and their desire for mutuality and excitement in a provider who is willing to replicate some aspects of a conventional, non-remunerative romantic relationship.

The present study provides information on the sexual behavior, motives, and characteristics of a highly elusive population of regular clients of prostitutes who consider themselves hobbyists. These men are part of an on-line community based around prostitute review websites in which clients post reviews of their experiences and also communicate on-line with Internet Sexual Service Providers (ISSP) i.e. prostitutes who advertise their sexual services on-line. Hobbyists share information within a forum of insiders and often come to know one another by user names or aliases. In contrast to customers seeking prostitutes on the street, the risk of arrest is extremely low. Although the sample of 584 men who participated in the present study may not be representative of the majority of prostitution customers, it provides insight into a growing subculture of men who solicit indoor prostitutes almost solely by using the Internet. Our study yields a constellation of findings indicating that many of these customers of ISSP seek a girlfriend experience, popularly abbreviated GFE, in which their interactions with providers mirror those often found in conventional non-remunerative sexual relationships.



Offsite Article: What's Shared Online, Stays Online...

Link Here12th September 2012
Brisbane police warn vigilance after horror for man whose intimate webcam session was plastered across multiple websites in online dating scam

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Raising Eyebrows...

Thailand announce a cheap generic viagra

Link Here7th September 2012

Thailand's Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) plans to produce an affordable, generic anti-impotence drug and says it will be available in the marketplace from Oct 15.

GPO chief Witit Artavatkun said that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given permission to the GPO to produce Silagra - a Viagra equivalent that contains generic sildenafil, the same drug that powers Viagra. Dr Witit said:

This will help deal with counterfeit drugs. There are also many elderly people in the country, making this type of drug more popular, but it is less accessible because of its high price.

The generic drug will come in tablet form in dosages of 50mg and 100mg. A 50mg tablet will be sold at 25 baht each and a 100mg tablet 45 baht. Viagra is currently priced about 200 baht a pill in the market.



The Little Rooster...

Vibrator cum alarm clock

Link Here3rd September 2012

How about an alarm clock that wakes you with pleasure?

The Little Rooster Alarm Clock Vibrator is worn inside your panties, but outside your body, explained Tony Maggs, inventor of the device.

Little Rooster's vibrations start gently and sensually. Then they slowly get stronger until you wake up, smiling, he said.

Little Rooster is innovative, beautifully designed, gorgeously packaged and is silent with 27 levels of vibration. It has a snooze function, a snorgasm function, a play mode, a travel lock, and is USB rechargeable.

Little Rooster is available from for 69 and from other retail outlets.



Collecting Stars...

US survey finds that stars are main driver for choosing adult movies

Link Here30th August 2012

A new and Vivid Entertainment survey has found that DVD porn buyers are big collectors, sometimes amassing stashes of more than 200 feature titles.

The fourth Sex Tracker survey conducted by the companies show that 28% of respondents have more than 100 DVDs in their personal porn collection. Of these, 40% say they've watched each 7% viewed them six to 10 times, but 24% can't remember how many times they've watched them.

What surprised the editors, was that 57% said they do not watch porn on a smart phone or tablet.

The survey also revealed that the star of a movie is the chief purchase motivator for a whopping 61% percent of people who buy adult movies, while 15% buy them because of the story line and 10% buy them because they like a particular studio.

Price, the director, and a movie's special effects have little impact on a purchase decision.

Nearly 55% of viewers said they follow or interact with their favorite stars online and through social media.

Features with story lines mixed with sex are favored by 51% of the respondents, compared with 49% for all-sex movies.



Offsite Article: Toy Story...

Link Here6th August 2012
Adult Toys Hit the Mainstream and Are Here to Stay

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Update: Slipping Down the Freedoms Table...

Ludicrous banning of porn from Australian sex shops continues

Link Here6th August 2012
Full story: Sex Shop Raids in Australia...Police raid sex shops looking for porn

A New South Wales woman has been the victim of $600 fine and put on a nine-month good behaviour bond after pleading guilty to selling or publicly exhibiting X-rated DVDs.

Lisa Mooney was charged with one count of selling or publicly exhibiting films classified X 18-plus or refused classification on June 19 after a police raid on her Armidale adult shop in May.

It was claimed in court that Ms Mooney was not aware that the films could not be sold and immediately admitted it to police.

After handing down the sentence, Magistrate Richardson said it was up to business owners to understand the laws and regulations governing their respective industries.



Petition: Release the young women of Pussy Riot...

And immediately end their unjust criminal trial!

Link Here6th August 2012
Full story: Blasphemy in Russia...Offending religious beliefs or desecration of holy objects or symbols

To: Russian President Vladimir Putin

Today we are taking a stand as the international community against the outright attack on human rights and free speech underway in a Russian courtroom. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich -- the three young female musicians who formed the punk rock band Pussy Riot -- face up to 7 years in prison for a peaceful anti-Putin protest that the all-girl group staged in Moscow's main Orthodox church last February. Though all three women apologized to Russian Orthodox believers who were offended, they staunchly defend their right to speak out against the Putin regime's absolute intolerance of political dissent as well as its persecution of the Russian LGBT community.

Despite wide international concern for these bold young activist and national outrage over their 5-month long detention, the latest hearing clearly demonstrates that the court is determined to adopt a severe attitude to the performers. These women are clearly not imprisoned for a real crime, but for being critical of your government and expressing the feelings and ideas of many Russian citizens.

Moreover, it is a standard legal principle worldwide that punishment must be proportional to the offense. Criminal charges against Pussy Riot are grossly disproportionate to their peaceful protest. In truth, it is a thinly veiled attempt to crack down on political dissent.

We demand that you comply with internationally recognized democratic principles by releasing the detainees and immediately ceasing these unjust criminal proceedings!

...Sign the petition [Requires Facebook user details]



Gun Massacre at Sikh Temple...

Authorities considering the possibility of a race hat motive

Link Here6th August 2012

Six people were killed after a gunman opened fire inside The Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. The gunman described as white man in his thirties with tattoos

The shooting occurred at a morning meditation service. The gunman was killed by a police officer who was shot at. Another policeman is in hospital with multiple bullet wounds. Up to 30 people were also injured in the massacre.

The authorities are now speculating that violent race hate may have been the motive behind the shooting. The killer, who has not been identified, was covered in tattoos which led authorities to describe the massacre as domestic terrorism .

The lone gunman was allegedly wearing tactical gear and armed with a single handgun. He was described by witnesses as a white male in his thirties.

The Sikh Coalition, the largest Sikh-American civil rights organization, urged caution over the gunman's motive while the police investigation was ongoing.

Update: Neo Nazi

9th August 2012. See  article from

The neo-Nazi who killed six worshippers at a Sikh temple on Sunday morning died after turning the gun on himself. It was originally believed that Wade Michael Page had been killed by a police officer who was wounded after responding to the shooting.

Wade Page was said to have harboured white supremacist views and would rant about a racial holy war , according to an old friend of his from the army.

The FBI had received 101 leads worldwide during its investigation but reaffirmed that no one else other than Page has been connected to the shooting.



Institutionally Apologist...

Civitas report claims reverse institutional racism plays part in policing

Link Here6th August 2012

Police are failing to investigate crimes committed by ethnic minorities because they fear being branded racist, a report claims.

A pamphlet by think-tank Civitas claims pressure to show racial sensitivity may have been behind the initial failure to properly investigate Pakistani muslim street grooming gangs in the North of England.

Jon Gower Davies, a former academic, links the failure to police being branded institutionally racist by the Macpherson report into the death of Stephen Lawrence, which he says left police shackled by bureaucracy. The pamphlet says pressure to show racial sensitivity may have hindered past investigations.

Davies, a former Labour councillor, describes the lack of investigation into sex crimes as a case of reverse institutional racism in which the views of victims, vulnerable white girls, were not taken seriously.

The pamphlet, which is entitled Mind-Forg'd Manacles: Murder, Macpherson and the Police finds Macpherson lacked evidence for the charge of institutional racism which he says lacks substance . The report states: When in February 2012, the trial of a number of Pakistani men finally came to court, it seems that allegations of abuse by one (white) girl had been just ignored by the police .



Extreme Intolerance...

Buddhist arrested in Saudi for praying to Buddha

Link Here6th August 2012

A Sri Lankan youth employed as a domestic aid has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for praying to a statue of Lord Buddha, which is considered an offence according to Islamic Sharia law. According to the Bodu Bala Sena, the youth has been arrested by Umulmahami Police, which is a grave situation.

While the youth is a Buddhist, the charge levelled against him is that he paid obeisance to the Buddha at the house where he was employed.

The Bodu Bala Sena organisation further said those employed in Muslim-majority countries are prevented from practicing their religious faiths, and if found to do so are punished severely.



Not quite paradise but a good place to be...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Paradise

Link Here5th August 2012

Paradise A-GoGo is located on Soi LK Metro.

I visited quite early in the evening a day or two before a police raid, so things may have changed.

Everything seemed to be ticking along quite nicely. the bar had fair amount of girls and customers, but was not really what you would call busy.

There were 5 dancers on the central stage at anyone time. They were wearing various amounts of clothes but typically less clothes than the average for Soi LK Metro, where coyote dancers abound.

There were several girls that were well attractive and the rest were probably average. Surely not a bad line up.

The were several girls doing the rounds looking for customers to entertain, and there were several that seemed to prefer hiding away in the dressing rooms. Most customers seemed to have been given an offer of company so good marks on the hostessing front.

Drinks prices were reasonable.

It Would be a shame if the venue has been messed up by the police visit.



Midnight Movies: Action Triple Feature...

With The Big Racket once banned by the BBFC

Link Here5th August 2012

Midnight Moves: Action Triple Feature

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

  • US 2012 Blue Underground R0 DVD at US Amazon released on 31st July 2012

Promotional Material

BIG RACKET: Fabio Testi (REVOLVER) stars as Inspector Nico Palmieri, a tough police detective tearing apart Rome to bust a ruthless protection racket. But when these violent thugs expand their empire into drugs, rape and murder, Nico throws away the rulebook to unleash his own brand of justice. In a city ruled by fear, there's a fine line between cop and criminal...and one lawman is about to blast it to pieces!

HEROIN BUSTERS: Fabio Testi (CONTRABAND) stars as a cold-blooded cop gone deep undercover to take down an international drug syndicate. But when a hair-trigger Interpol agent (David Hemmings of BLOW-UP, DEEP RED and GLADIATOR fame) joins the investigation, the case takes a deadly detour into sexual depravity and sudden violence. Can two tough detectives trapped in a criminal underworld now stay alive long enough to ignite a citywide massacre?

STREET LAW: The legendary Franco Nero (of DJANGO and DIE HARD 2 fame) stars as Carlo Antonelli, an average citizen until the day he is brutally beaten during a violent robbery. But when the police drop the case and the suspects remain free, Carlo is pushed beyond his breaking point. Now one man will launch an all-out war against the criminal scum who plague our cities, where justice has its own rules, vengeance needs no badge and the only force that matters is STREET LAW.



  • Audio Commentary with Director Enzo G. Castellari
  • Theatrical Trailer


  • Audio Commentary with Director Enzo G. Castellari
  • Theatrical Trailer


  • Audio Commentary with Director Enzo G. Castellari
  • Laying Down the Law - Interviews with Director Enzo G. Castellari and Star Franco Nero
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spot

The Big Racket previously banned and then cut

UK: Banned by the BBFC for:
  • UK 1977 cinema release
UK: Passed 18 after 14s of BBFC cuts for:
  • UK 2003 Michael Lee/Vipco VHS

The BBFC commented:

  • Compulsory cuts were required to scenes of violent rape focusing on forcible breast exposure and female nudity



Update: Police Don't Need New Laws for Twitter...

But it's us that need new laws to preserve free speech

Link Here5th August 2012
Full story: Trivial Insults and Jokes...Authorities persecuting insulting comments on Facebook and Twitter

Twitter should take action as quickly as possible to deal with supposed abuse on its website, according to a senior police officer.

Stuart Hyde, chief constable of Cumbria police who speaks on e-crime for the Association of Chief Police Officers, said it was right for police to intervene in cases of bullying on twitter.

Asked if new laws were needed, Hyde told BBC Radio 4's Today programme:

No, I think we have got quite a lot of legislation, dating back to the Malicious Communications Acts of 1998 and 2003. There is a lot there that helps us and gives us the power to do stuff.

This is a new technology, a new way of communicating, it has grown exponentially. There hasn't been separate legislation, so we are using legislation that wasn't particularly created for this, but it works reasonably well most of the time.

We are learning from it, there are things that have sometimes gone wrong and I think sometimes it is important that we make sure we provide the service people need.

If people come to us and say 'I am really upset, I've been offended, my life has been made a misery and I want somebody to do something about it', then yes the police should, whenever possible, try to help.

I don't want police officers dragged off the streets to deal with frivolous complaints. Where these complaints are pretty serious, then it is quite right that we should intervene, and we do that.

It is important to look at the whole context. It is not just about one tweet, it is a whole range of tweets.

Look at what the individual has done -- is this a concerted attempt to have a go at one individual in a way that passes the threshold for offences against the law? If it is, then clearly we should intervene and do something to stop it.

But Hyde said that police have so far not received large numbers of complaints about abusive Twitter messages.



Update: Chewing on Life's Gristle...

BBC Trust dismisses Family Guy whinge re a dog chewing on a cross

Link Here5th August 2012
Full story: Family Guy...TV programme found not so family friendly

Family Guy: Not All Dogs Go to Heaven
BBC 3, 17th December 2011

Stage 1

The complainant wrote to the BBC saying that he had watched the programme from about half way through until its conclusion and found it offensive. He said it was an unmitigated attack on Christ and Christians. In particular, he highlighted scenes showing a dog chewing a cross, Christ being portrayed as a rapist and Christians burning books.

In response, BBC Audience Services explained that Family Guy was an irreverent comedy which joked about many topics, including religion, gender, sexual orientation, politics, history and disability. They said that they did not believe any of the programme's jokes carried the message that one group of society should be openly despised and that Family Guy's humour fell into the category of exaggerated, silly satire. It was not to be taken too literally and the majority of the show's viewers appreciated that it was not trying to attack a section of society.

Audience Services apologised that the complainant found the programme offensive but concluded that it did not go beyond the bounds of what was acceptable comedy for the BBC Three audience.

Stage 2

The Editorial Complaints Unit then considered the complaint. It said that the context of Family Guy was such that the relationship between aspects of the real world and their portrayal in the series was so distant that it was more a case of fantastical allusion than portrayal.

In relation to a dog being made to chew a cross, the ECU said that this was an example of an absurd premise that a dog could be converted to Christianity by using a cross as a stick to be retrieved and that in itself rested on the more fundamentally absurd premise that a dog might be capable of conversion to Christianity when it professed itself an atheist.

In relation to the scene in which the complainant said that Christ was about to commit rape, the ECU said that the scene was capable of more than one interpretation. It could not be said with certainly that Christ was about to commit rape, although it was clear his intentions were not honourable.

Finally, in relation to the scene where Christians were portrayed as burning books on logic, the ECU said that this was hyperbolically exaggerated.

The ECU therefore did not uphold any aspect of the complaint.

Appeal to the BBC Trust

The complainant escalated his complaint to the BBC Trust, saying that he understood Family Guy was an animated cartoon but nonetheless the three elements referred to in his complaint were offensive because of the fact that they were scripted and depicted.

The Editorial Standards Committee noted that the relevant guidelines on Harm and Offence and Religion both allow for editorial justification and audience expectations to be taken into consideration. The Committee noted the background to the series and this episode in particular which had been provided by the ECU and the Head of Editorial Standards. The Committee agreed that, given the context of the programme and the likely expectations of regular viewers of Family Guy and BBC Three viewers in general, there was sufficient evidence to show that any risk of offence was editorially justified.

While the Committee was sorry that the complainant had been offended by the programme, it agreed that there was not a reasonable prospect of success for this complaint on appeal.

The Committee therefore decided this appeal did not qualify to proceed for consideration.



Figurative 'Distress' while Taking Ad Literally...

ASA dismisses whinges about Paddy Power advert

Link Here5th August 2012

A radio ad for Paddy Power betting service stated Jack Cooper wrote on the Paddy Power Facebook wall I'll give you anything for a decent offer Paddy! We hear you Jack! Anything eh? Well, just chuck us a kidney and in return we'll give you ... this beauty for the golf. Back any player to win The Masters and if Tiger Woods wins, you get your money back! And, because there's another kidney where that came from, here's another cracker: We're playing six places on each-way bets! Bet online or on your Paddy Power mobile app and good luck with the dialysis. We hear you Jack Cooper!

Kidney Wales Foundation and 26 members of the public objected that the ad was offensive and likely to cause distress, in particular to kidney dialysis patients, transplant patients and their loved ones.

ASA Assessment: Complaints not upheld

The ASA noted the ad concentrated on the fictional Jack Cooper character and the lengths he would go to in order to obtain a decent offer from Paddy Power. Whilst exchanging a kidney for something desirable was not as well known as the familiar phrase give my right arm , we considered that within the context of this ad it would be understood as an extension of that phrase. We therefore considered that listeners would interpret the good luck with the dialysis comment within that very specific context and that it would be understood as a tongue-in-cheek comment aimed directly at the Jack Cooper character who had given away his kidneys in exchange for a good offer. Whilst the reference to such a serious medical procedure may have appeared flippant and could be seen as insensitive to people who had experienced dialysis, we considered that within the context of this particular ad, most listeners would understand that it was a fictional, slightly ridiculous situation which did not represent real life or real life situations. Whilst some listeners, including those who had experience of dialysis, may have found the ad distasteful, we concluded that it was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence.

We investigated the ad under BCAP Code rules 4.2 and 4.10 (Harm and offence) but did not find it in breach.



No Free Speech in Gloucester...

Council apologise after being caught banning leaflet

Link Here5th August 2012

A group of Christians banned by a council from handing out leaflets containing passages from the Bible has won an apology.

Gloucester City Council admitted it was wrong to stop worshippers distributing material at a Bible Day celebration. The council issued its apology a day after The Mail on Sunday contacted officials to ask how it justified the ban.

Church leaders in Gloucester complained after a council worker interrupted the event in June, where more than 30 Christians, had gathered at The Cross, a pedestrianised part of the city.

They say the celebration, which included Bible readings and the distribution of a leaflet called Jesus The Suffering Saviour, was ruined by a council employee who claimed that distribution of leaflets contravened a 2002 bylaw on anti-touting.

Roland Parsons, an evangelical preacher who was at the event, said: I'm delighted the council has seen sense. We felt strongly

Gloucester City Council  admitted it was wrong to stop worshippers distributing material at the Bible Day celebration



Update: Envoy to the Press Censor...

Journalists protest broken promises on easing press censorship in Burma

Link Here5th August 2012

Dozens of journalists marched in Burma's main city, Yangon, to protest the suspension of two journals amid broken promises on easing strict censorship laws.

The Voice Weekly and The Envoy were suspended last week for failing to submit stories for pre-publication censorship. The chief censor said that the temporary suspension may last for a fortnight.

The editor of the Voice Weekly, Kyaw Min Swe, said the ban on his publication related to the front page story on a cabinet reshuffle and cartoons criticising the current media freedoms in the country.

The protesting reporters, many wearing black T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan Stop Killing (the) Press in Burmese and English marched to several sites across Yangon, including the two publishing houses behind the suspended weeklies.

A petition by the newly-formed press freedom committee called for an end to all oppressive media laws.

The government had recently taken a lighter touch on some of the less controversial publications, prompting some editors to test the boundaries of the new found freedoms.



Caught Out on Camera...

Police in Pakistan arrested for organising mob punishments

Link Here5th August 2012

Several Pakistani police officers have been suspended after they were accused of organising lynch mob justice and parading a couple naked in public.

According to witnesses, police in the Sindh town of Gambat forced the man and woman to walk to the police station naked as punishment for trying to have sex outside marriage. Mobile phone footage shows a naked man being beaten by police and a woman begging them to let her cover herself.

After a public outcry, officials suspended the officers involved.

The BBC's Shahzeb Jiliani says incidents of public dishonouring are not uncommon in Pakistan, but this incident is particularly shocking because it was carried out by police and filmed on mobile phones.



Offsite Article: And the Scam Goes On...

Link Here4th August 2012
More debate about how to end Pattaya's Jet Ski Scam

See article from



Extract: Psycho at the BBFC...

Celebrating BFI's Genius of Hitchcock event with an archive release

Link Here4th August 2012

In the 1960 film Psycho, which was cut for an X certificate, it was the famous bathroom scene that concerned the BBFC Examiners and the cuts list notes several shots that they asked to be removed, including all shots of her breasts or navel and a reduction in the sounds of the attack.

...Read the full article



Extract: Twisted Obscenity Law...

UK judges quietly declare text chat can be obscene

Link Here4th August 2012

You could be committing a criminal offence next time you discuss your deepest fantasies with someone online. Alarmist? Only slightly.

A ruling slipped out quietly by the Appeal Court earlier this year, and lurking in the background while the substantive case to which it applied came to court, makes it plain: the act of publishing as defined within the Obscene Publications Act can take place with an audience of just one individual.

That means it is therefore perfectly possible for the content of online chat, should a jury decide that it is capable of depraving or corrupting , to be judged obscene - and as such for one or both participants in that conversation to be guilty of a criminal offence that carries a sentence of up to five years in prison, and a stint on the sex offenders' register.

This is legal dynamite - and in one single judgment catapults the UK to the back of the queue on a range of international indices on freedom of speech.

...Read the full article



Waves of Lust...

New US DVD from Raro of Ruggero Deodato's erotic thriller

Link Here4th August 2012

Waves of Lust is a 1975 Italy erotic thriller by Ruggero Deodato.
With Al Cliver, Silvia Dionisio and John Steiner. See IMDb

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Cut UK Releases

UK: passed 18 after 1:04s of BBFC cuts for:

  • UK 1988 Sheptonhurst VHS

UK: passed X (18) after BBFC cuts for:

  • UK 1976 cinema release

Summary Review: Retro Allure

A young couple becomes embroiled with the personal problems of another couple on a yacht moored off Sicily during a turbulent weekend of fun, games, sex games, betrayal, spouse abuse, and murder.

An early lurid exploitation gem from the future director of Cannibal Holocaust.

The female leads, Dionisio and Turner aren't shy and jump into their roles, including some lesbian scenes, with enthusiasm.

The film's low budget and locations work together to create a unique charm. The soundtrack and wardrobes also contribute to the film's retro allure.



Mythically PC...

BBC Trust censures Jeremy Paxman for calling religious hogwash, religious hogwash

Link Here4th August 2012

BBC Two, 13 September 2011, 22:30-23:20

Newsnight is BBC Two's flagship news and current affairs programme. Jeremy Paxman is one of Newsnight's four regular presenters.

On 13 September 2011 the programme included a live studio interview conducted by Jeremy Paxman with Professor Richard Dawkins about Dawkins' new book The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True . It was preceded by a brief studio introduction followed by a scripted segment of the item which featured narrated extracts from the book accompanied by Dave McKean's illustrations and commentary from Mr Paxman.

The transcript included:

Book extract: Of course no-one really believes that it would be possible to turn a pumpkin into a coach. But have you ever stopped to consider why such things would be impossible??

Jeremy Paxman: You probably haven't because from our earliest years we learn to suspend disbelief. And that apparently is also how we condition impressionable brains to absorb religious hogwash.


Book extract: According to the modern version of the Big Bang model the entire observable universe exploded into existence between 13 and 14 billion years ago. Some scientists will tell you that time itself began in the big bang and we should no more ask what happened before the big bang than we should ask what is north of the North Pole.

Jeremy Paxman: But therein lies Richard Dawkins' problem. Even with him setting them up as Aunt Sallies the myths remain the better stories carrying an imaginative charge that makes nonsense easier to understand than fact. Fairy tales of whatever world religion retain an untarnishable beauty more easily followed by a small and impressionable Tasmanian child for example.

A complainant wrote to the BBC and alleged that its presentation of what he described as Dawkins' new anti-creation/religion book was biased and offensive. He referred in particular to Jeremy Paxman's description of all belief/religion as myth and hogwash ; his statement that nobody believed in, for example, Lot's wife in the Bible or creationism, neglecting the millions around the globe who do so and his description of those with belief as stupid people even though Dawkins said in his interview that 40% of the US public believe the Genesis creation account.

The first response from the BBC concluded that the BBC believed the interview was conducted in an impartial and appropriate manner.

The second response from the BBC came after the complainant explained that he found its first response unsatisfactory because it ignored his main concerns about the item. These were that Mr Paxman had conveyed his own personal belief/disbelief in the account of creation, belief in God and religion in general. The BBC said that Newsnight's style is to provoke debate and reaction and that neither the programme nor the BBC passed judgement on religious belief in any way

Later, the Editorial Complaints Unit felt one part of the interview did apply to religion in general rather than the imaginative appeal of religious myths and therefore into an area where Professor Dawkins' views were notoriously controversial. However, given the ECU's view that most viewers of Newsnight would already have been aware of Professor Dawkins' views in this area and would not have been likely to be influenced by another iteration of them, they did not feel this constituted a breach of editorial standards.

The complainant then appealed to the Editorial Standards Committee (ESC) of the BBC Trust.

BBC Trust Decision

The Committee concluded that there was a clear editorial purpose for the use of the term myth in the context of the item about Professor Richard Dawkins' new book which was aimed at children and intended to teach them how to replace myth with science.

However, the Committee recognised that some Newsnight viewers were unlikely to have expected Jeremy Paxman's typically robust and confrontational interviewing style to extend to the use of the terms religious hogwash when introducing the story of Genesis, and stupid people when talking about those with a literal belief in the Old Testament in the context of the item about religious myths.

Although the Committee did not agree with the complainant that Mr Paxman's use of the terms religious hogwash and stupid people were intended to cause deliberate offence, particularly to those with religious views and beliefs, it nevertheless agreed that they were offensive to some of the audience and that there was no clear editorial purpose for their use in the context of this Newsnight item, taking account of generally accepted standards.

The Committee therefore concluded that the item breached the Editorial Guidelines on Harm and Offence. It added that it regretted the offence caused to some viewers by the use of the terms religious hogwash and stupid people on this occasion.

Finding: Not upheld with regard to Impartiality. Upheld in part with regard to Offence



ASA Don't Take the Bait...

Advert censor dismisses whinges about 3DD boobs in Piranha movie advert

Link Here4th August 2012

An ad seen on TV and streamed simultaneously online for the film Piranha 3DD , shown during a football match before 9pm, featured scenes that included women in bikinis who appeared to be at a water park. A voice-over said Let's all get wild and a subsequent voice-over was accompanied by on-screen text stating They're back with double the terror and double the D's . One shot showed a woman from the neck down running in a bikini and she had large enhanced breasts. The voice-over at the end stated Piranha 3DD .

Two complainants challenged whether:

  1. the ad was offensive, because it used gratuitous sexualised images of the women; and

  2. the TV ad was inappropriately scheduled before 9pm during a football match when children could have been viewing.

ASA Assessment: Complaints not upheld

1. Not upheld

The ASA noted that several scenes showed quick-cuts of people in a water park, some of which showed women in sensual poses but with no sexual interaction. In one scene the camera lingered on the images of the torso of a woman with accentuated breasts which was repeated in a slightly closer view. However, it was clear that the overall impression created was intended to be humorous and tongue-in-cheek. Because of overall sense of humour and its tongue-in-cheek nature, we concluded that the ad was unlikely to cause widespread harm or offence.

On this point we investigated the ad under BCAP Code rules 4.1 and 4.2 (Harm and offence) but did not find it in breach.

2. Not upheld

We considered that the overall effect of the scenes was mild and did not consider that the ad was inappropriate when broadcast after 7.30pm even during a football match which we understood may have had higher numbers of children watching than normal.

Although the ad featured some images which might be inappropriate for a very young audience, we concluded that the ad was not overly sexual and that the scheduling restriction applied was sufficient.

On this point we investigated the ad under BCAP Code rules 32.3 and 32.5.3 (Scheduling of television and radio advertisements, under-16s) but did not find it in breach.



Just a Link...

US Appeals Court rules that embedded video links are not liable for copyright

Link Here4th August 2012

A US Court of Appeals has ruled that a site that embeds copyrighted videos from another site is not committing copyright infringement.

Flava Works, Inc. v. Gunter ended with a ruling in favor of the defendant, Marques Gunter, the sole proprietor of The case began in 2010 when the adult video production company, Flava Works, sued video bookmarking website myVidster,for copyright infringement.

The court ruled that embedding a video that infringes on copyrighted material is not a violation of copyright law. For example, if you found an episode of The Simpsons on YouTube and embedded it in your blog, you would not be violating any copyright laws. The uploader to YouTube carries the responsibility for obtaining the required permissions. The user content host, YouTube could be held liable once informed by the copyright holder.

The court's decision also protects those who watch illegally uploaded copyrighted videos. Judge Richard Posner wrote:

...As long as the visitor makes no copy of the copyrighted video that he is watching, he is not violating the copyright owner's exclusive right ... His bypassing Flava's pay wall by viewing the uploaded copy is equivalent to stealing a copyrighted book from a bookstore and reading it. That is a bad thing to do (in either case) but it is not copyright infringement.



Negative Ukraine...

Ukraine lawmakers propose bill to ban positive depiction of gays

Link Here4th August 2012

If a group of Ukrainian lawmakers get their way, TV shows and movies sympathetically portraying homosexuals such as Brokeback Mountain will be banned. So will gay pride parades.

The recently introduced bill, supported by the president's representative in parliament, would impose prison terms of up to five years and unspecified fines for spreading propaganda of homosexuality , defined as positive public depiction of gays in public.

It has sparked an outcry from rights organizations in Ukraine and beyond, who condemn the bill as a throwback to Soviet times when homosexuality was a criminal offense. They also warn that harassing the gay community could lead to a spike in the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine, by driving gays further underground.

Although homosexuality was decriminalized in Ukraine and neighboring Russia after the fall of communism, animosity toward gays remains high across the former Soviet sphere. The hostility toward homosexuals raises concern wider questions about tolerance in Ukraine and whether the country is truly capable of embracing Western values as strives to join the European Union.

No date has been set for a vote on the bill in parliament, but the lawmakers hopeit will be considered in September before a parliamentary election in October.



Offsite Article: Dorkland...

Link Here4th August 2012
Daily Mail group in screeching U-turn on parody tweet persecution

See article from



Offsite Article: Dangerous assumptions about clouds...

Link Here4th August 2012
Debunking common assumptions about local clouds, the Patriot Act, and governments' access to data

See article from



Big Mistake...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: The Lounge Bar

Link Here3rd August 2012

The Lounge Bar is located on the square with the Harley Shop on Pratamnak, a few metres from Soi 4.

The bar has now been extended with a large new area appearing to the right of the bar (as pictured). It has plenty of new comfortable seating, a pool table and an extended bar counter.

From my perspective the new extension has been a big mistake. My previous visit at the unextended bar was a success possibly because of the small size. The management wandering around the bar seemed well in control of tight ship. There was nowhere or the girls to hide, and the manager was aware of how the customers were faring.

In the bigger bar, customers in search of girls were left totally ignored as the 4 pretty girls of the bar were enjoying themselves playing on the new pool table. Not once did they cast their eyes around the bar to see if there was any work to do. Older girls didn't seem invited to this pool party and were still being customer friendly though.

But maybe this little criticism is not a major issue for the bar. It does seem to be a popular bar with those not necessarily seeking girly company. And in fact the newly extended bar counter was a big hit. Plenty of customers enjoying a chinwag there.

The bar is very much worth a look, and I am sure that the management will have broken up the exclusive pool party by now, so adding four pretty girls into the mix.



Midnight Movies: Western Triple Feature...

Spaghetti westerns from Corbucci, Fulci and Sollima

Link Here3rd August 2012

Midnight Movies: Western Triple Feature

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

  • US 2012 Blue Underground R0 DVD at US Amazon released on 31st July 2012

Promotional Material

COMPANEROS (1970 Italy film by Sergio Corbucci): Yodlaf Peterson (Franco Nero of KEOMA) is a suave Swedish arms dealer with a love for fast money. Vasco (Tomas Milian of TRAFFIC) is a trigger-happy Mexican bandit with a hate for suave Swedish arms dealers. But when the two team up to kidnap a professor who holds the key to a fortune in gold, they find themselves hunted by the American army, stalked by a marijuana-crazed sadist (Academy Award winner Jack Palance) and trapped in the middle of a revolution about to explode. Can these two enemies blast their way across Mexico together without killing each other first?

FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE (1975 Italy film by Lucio Fulci): Having survived a vigilante slaughter, four hard-luck strangers - gambler Stubby Preston (Fabio Testi of THE BIG RACKET), a pregnant prostitute (Lynne Frederick of SCHIZO), the town drunk (Michael J. Pollard of BONNIE AND CLYDE) and a madman who sees dead people (Harry Baird of THE OBLONG BOX) - escape into the lawless frontier. But when they meet a sadistic bandit named Chaco (Tomas Milian of RUN MAN RUN), the four are plunged into a nightmare of torture, brutality and beyond. In a land that screams with the pain of the damned, can four lost souls find redemption and revenge?

RUN MAN RUN (1968 Italy film by Sergio Sollima) : The legendary Tomas Milian (TRAFFIC) stars as Cuchillo, a knife-throwing thief on the run from murderous bandits, sadistic American agents, his hot-blooded fiance (Chelo Alonso) and a sheriff turned bounty hunter (Donal O'Brien), all of whom are gunning for a hidden fortune in gold that could finance the Mexican Revolution.



  • In The Company Of Companeros - Interviews with Stars Franco Nero & Tomas Milian and Composer Ennio Morricone
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Talent Bios


  • Fulci Of The Apocalypse - Interviews with Stars Fabio Testi and Tomas Milian
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Talent Bios


  • Run Man Run: 35 Years Running - Interviews with Director Sergio Sollima and Star Tomas Milian
  • Westerns Italian Style - A rarely-seen 60s documentary about the Spaghetti Western phenomenon containing behind-the-scenes footage of THE GREAT SILENCE and RUN MAN RUN as well as interviews with Directors Enzo G. Castellari, Sergio Corbucci and Sergio Sollima
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Italian Main Titles Sequence
  • Poster & Still Gallery
  • Talent Bios



Trivial Tweets: Pandering to the Easily Offended...

Can't the ombudsman just say no for once

Link Here3rd August 2012
Full story: Trivial Insults and Jokes...Authorities persecuting insulting comments on Facebook and Twitter

A complaint has been made to a PC watchdog about a councillor accused of suggesting on Twitter that a woman turn to prostitution to earn money.

According to the Western Mail, Carmarthenshire councillor John Jenkins responded to a female Twitter user who said she needed to earn money quickly by writing:

Prostitution? On a serious note, good money in being in an escort.

Jenkins, who represents Elli in Llanelli as an independent, said:

Someone has obviously gone to a lot of effort to trawl through an archive of my private communications to find something that they can take out of context to make me look bad. Continue reading the main story Start Quote

In no way can private banter between friends, none of which were offended by the obvious tongue-in-cheek banter, be considered offensive.

He said he had been the subject of a vexatious, politically-motivated complaint and looked forward to explaining it to the ombudsman if the watchdog thinks there is a case to answer.

A spokeswoman for the Public Services Ombudsman confirmed a complaint had been made. She said it would be considered before a decision is taken whether to launch a formal investigation.



Too Much Control Freakery...

US Cybersecurity Bill blocked in the Senate

Link Here3rd August 2012

A Democrat-sponsored cybersecurity measure that the Obama administration claimed necessary to protect the nation's infrastructure was blocked by Republicans opposed to what they considered to be undue regulation.

The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 needed 60 votes to move to a vote by the full Senate, thanks to a Republican filibuster of the measure.

The measure, sponsored by Senators Joseph Lieberman and Susan Collins started life as nasty piece of work that was more about surveillance than security. It would also have enabled substantial internet censorship.

However it was watered down to meet the objections of anti-regulation Republicans who argued that forcing companies to meet minimum security standards would be unduly burdensome. The latest version made the security standards voluntary. Meanwhile, privacy advocates largely supported the revised bill after it was amended to include provisions designed to preserve civil liberties and the privacy of users that might be threatened by increased information sharing between businesses and government.

There were a flurry of late amendments, including one to prevent warrantless tracking of consumers via GPS and one to protect consumers from monitoring by ISPs. But pro-business Republican objections -- and the filibuster -- ruled the day, although a gun control amendment that Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-New Jersey) refused to withdraw may also have influenced opposing Republicans.



Soul Injury...

German archbishop calls for a blasphemy law against derision of religion

Link Here3rd August 2012

A Catholic bishop has called for a blasphemy law in Germany, saying all religions deserved legal protection from attack in order to preserve human dignity.

Ludwig Schick, Archbishop of Bamberg said:

Those who injure the souls of believers with scorn and derision must be put in their place and in some cases also punished

There should be a Law against the derision of religious values and feelings

The newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung reported that German law only criminalises attacks on faith if it threatens to create a breach of the peace.



Forbidden TV...

Indonesian religious groups suggest halal approval for TV programmes

Link Here3rd August 2012

An Islamic council in Indonesia wants the country's TV censors to consider certifying TV programs as religiously acceptable.

But the country's broadcasting commissioner has ruled out certifying TV programs based on whether they're acceptable to Islam.

The West Java branch of Indonesia's Islamic Council is suggesting a certification system like used for foods, to show whether programmes are religiously permitted, or halal.

The West Java Broadcast Commissioner, Nursyawal, says that's not going to happen. He says it's up to Islamic Clerics to issue their own fatwa or religious law forbidding certain programs.



Update: Backing Singers...

UK musicians write in support of Pussy Riot

Link Here3rd August 2012
Full story: Blasphemy in Russia...Offending religious beliefs or desecration of holy objects or symbols

A group of leading musicians has called on Russia's president Vladimir Putin to give a fair hearing to members of a protest group held for months on remand for performing a legitimate protest .

The trio from Pussy Riot staged a performance in a Moscow cathedral calling on the Virgin Mary to remove President Putin from power.

In a letter to The Times newspaper, the group of British musicians including Jarvis Cocker, Pete Townshend, Martha Wainwright and Neil Tennant, said that the incident by the band amounted to a minor breach of the peace .

Requesting the release of the three protestors a statement said:

We are extremely concerned about the treatment they have received since their arrest and during their trial.

Dissent is a right in any democracy and it is entirely disproportionate that they face seven years in jail for what we consider a preposterous charge of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred".

We are especially concerned about recent reports that food is being withheld from them and that they have appeared in court in a cage.

The backing of British musicians comes after other celebrities including pop star Sting and US rockers the Red Hot Chili Peppers had showed support for their plight.

Putin maybe wary of world interest in the case

3rd August 2012. See  article from

Vladimir Putin has said that three members of the radical Russian feminist Pussy Riot should not be judged too harshly as they go on trial for performing a protest prayer in Moscow's main cathedral.

The Russian president said there was nothing good about the band's protest, but added: Nonetheless, I don't think that they should be judged so harshly for this.

I hope the court will come out with the right decision, a well-founded one .



Update: Dangerous Humour...

Somali comedian murdered

Link Here3rd August 2012

One of Somalia's most popular comedians, known for his parodies of Islamist militants, has been shot dead in the capital, Mogadishu.

Abdi Jeylani Marshale was reportedly killed shortly after leaving a local radio station where he worked as a drama producer and performer.

It is not known who carried out the murder but last year Marshale was threatened by the extremist group al-Shabaab, prompting him to go into hiding in neighbouring Somaliland for several days.



Lone Nutter...

Challenging all Edinburgh's massage parlour licensing decisions

Link Here3rd August 2012

Edinburgh's blind eye policy towards sex-for-sale saunas is facing a challenge in the courts.

A nutter has pledged to appeal against every sauna licence granted by the city council. Mike Anthony claims councillors have been breaking the law for years by approving saunas which are effectively operating as brothels.

Earlier this week, he sought an interim interdict to stop the council granting any more licences. The bid for an immediate block on council approval for the city's saunas failed, but the civil action will continue through the courts.

Anthony said he would fight individual applications for renewal of the public entertainment licences as they came up. There are around 15 licensed saunas in the Capital. Anthony has lodged objections to 13 renewal applications which are due to be considered by councillors in the next few months. If the licences are granted, he can appeal against the decision to the sheriff court.

The 59-year-old website producer said he had been prompted to take his legal action after comments made by Tory councillor Joanna Mowat at a hustings during the council elections earlier this year. When a member of the audience asked about Edinburgh's policy on saunas, Cllr Mowat confessed she felt uncomfortable about the way sauna licensing was handled.

Anthony has argued that since it was against the law to run or assist in running a brothel, councillors were committing a criminal offence.



Offsite Article: Sexual Myths...

Link Here4th June 2012
Ammunition in the War On Science by Dr Marty Klein

See article from


13th May   

The Sex Census 2012...

Ann Summers and Relate get together to survey people's sex lives
Link Here

The Sex Census 2012, surveyed almost 25,000 people in the UK about their sex lives and claims to be the biggest survey of its kind. Sponsors Ann Summers and Relate both hope to use the data gleaned from the survey to gain a better understanding of what makes the nation tick .

Ann Summers hopes that the partnership and Sex Census will help it appeal to a broader audience and make sure the brand is associated with the serious side of a healthy sex life. Relate hoped to broaden perceptions of its brand and services beyond relationship counselling to include sex therapy. Both parties hope to make the dual branded survey an annual census.

The Report is straightforward and informative without being preachy or judgemental. Eg on the subject of Pornography:

There is still a big gender split when it comes to pornography use: just 19% of women use it once a week or more, compared to 58% of men. And 41% of women use pornography once a month or more, compared to 76% of men.

For many years it's been said that women are more interested in pornography when there is a relational component – for example where there is a storyline that details part of a relationship rather than just images of sex – while men are more visually stimulated by images; but our survey says differently. Although a significantly higher proportion of men use pornography regularly, the choices made by men and women are remarkably similar. There is almost no difference at all between the genders when it comes to accessing pornography on the internet, while slightly more women than men use adult TV channels and buy their porn on DVD. The only variations are that women are still bigger consumers of erotic literature and twice as many men access live sex cams from their computers or via their phone.


13th May   


His and hers long distance vibrators connected up via Wii remotes and Skype
Link Here

The Mojowijo is the very latest in sex toy technology. Billed as the toy that has transformed cybersex, the Mojowijo vibrator can be connected wirelessly to a laptop and controlled remotely, meaning that those forced to say goodnight via Skype could now see their late night calls suddenly spiced up.

The Mojowijo is a sex toy of two parts - one, a traditionally shaped pink vibrator for the ladies, the other, a blue ring-shaped device. Both attachments are fitted to a handle that can be attached to the accessory port on a Nintendo Wii remote control.

Using Motion2Vibration technology, the device is able to transform the movements performed by each user into vibration signals and send them to another selected device, either in the same room or over the internet.

Couples simply dial into each other's laptops using Skype, and the presence of both Mojowijos is picked up. Using the motion of their own remotes, the users can then play with the settings on their partner's vibrator, upping the frequency or taking it down as required. So the more one partner moves their wand, the more the other partner's will vibrate.


11th March   

Extract: Pornography: An Intelligent View...

An analysis of stats concludes that the consumption of porn is a minor, largely harmless issue, and that making it illegal for adults is stupid
Link Here
I found no relationship between being pro the legality of porn, or propensity to watch porn, and pro social behaviors e.g. volunteer work, blood donation, etc.

We can dismiss the feminist (and sociological) charges of porn increasing sexual violence and leading to sexism. The USA, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands and Japan were just some of the countries that suddenly went from no legal pornography to quite widespread availability and consumption of it. These studies all found that greater availability of, and exposure to, pornography does not increase the rate of sexual assaults on women, and probably decreases it. Japanese porn is quite frequently violent and yet even there rape decreased from an already very low base. It's interesting that an increase in porn exposure decreases sexual violence only, and has no effect on other crime. Economists would put this down to a substitution effect.

Several countries have sex offender registers -- mainly of pedophiles. A wide variety of professions are represented on these registers. Members of professions that supposedly promote morality e.g. clerics or teachers, are quite common on it yet conspicuously absent from such registers are men who have worked in the porn industry.

This study (See artilce) found no relationship between the frequency of x-rated film viewing and attitudes toward women or feminism. From the General Social Survey (controlling for IQ, education, income, age, race and ideology) I found that those who are pro the legality of porn are less likely to support traditional female roles, more likely to be against preferential treatment of either gender, and to find woman's rights issues more frequently salient. Although I found that women's rights issues are less salient to male watchers, and female watchers are less likely to think women should work, I also found that watching porn is unrelated to negative attitudes toward women and feminism.

In short exposure to and tolerance of pornography does not cause anti-social behavior (and may even reduce it in relation to sex) and does not get in the way of pro social behavior either.

...Read the full article


24th January   

Playing Spot the Grail...

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Hot Movies


Researchers fail to find evidence of the G-Spot
Link Here

The elusive female G-spot may not actually exist at all, according to scientists. The G-spot is said to be a small area of the female body where nerve endings are concentrated, with the capability to provide intense pleasure. '

After reviewing 100 studies conducted over the past 60 years, experts have concluded that there is no evidence for the fabled centre of female sexual pleasure after all.

Research leader Dr Amichai Kilchevsky, a urologist from the Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, blamed pornography, magazines and sex therapists for ruthlessly promoting the idea. While he admitted the concept merited further attention and that modern investigative techniques might help, he said he hoped his conclusion would take the pressure off couples who had not located it.

Objective measures have failed to provide strong and consistent evidence for the existence of an anatomical site that could be related to the famed G-spot , he wrote in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

His findings support those of researchers from King's College London, who questioned 1,800 women in one of the largest studies on the subject and concluded that there was no evidence for the existence of the G-spot.

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