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Update: The Sexualisation Report 2013...

A reasoned and well researched report covering the issues usually monopolised by campaigners and moralists

Link Here18th December 2013
From the introductory sections of the report:

People are worried about sexualization; about children becoming sexual at too young an age; about the ways in which women may be being defined by their sexuality; and about the availability and potential effects of online pornography, to name but a few of the often repeated concerns.

The word sexualization has been used to mean many things and to refer to a wide range of issues. This report aims to summarize what is known -- and not yet known -- on each of the main areas of concern.

The term sexualization was virtually non-existent in news headlines in 2005, but since then it has been widely used. Sexualization has become a political and policy issue; the topic of several significant reports and of comment by leading politicians.

The contributors to this report are conscious of the inaccurate and sometimes sensationalist information that often circulates publicly about sexualization, not only in media and popular books, but also in policy reports, statements by politicians and other public figures, as well as in some academic work.

Our aim is to set out clearly what current good research tells us about these issues, and make clear what is known and what is not known or is unclear.

The report addresses the wide range of issues relating to sex, sexuality and sexual health and wellbeing that seem to underpin public anxieties that are now commonly expressed as concerns about sexualization . These include STIs, pregnancy, addiction, dysfunction, violence, abuse, sex work, sexual practices, different forms of sexuality, medicalization, commerce, media and popular culture.



Regular Viewers...

Ann Summers survey suggests that many women choose to watch porn videos

Link Here17th November 2013
A new Ann Summers survey suggests that 55% of women watch videos with sexual content on their own at least once a month,  with a further 40% admitting to switching it on weekly. 96% cent of women have watched porn with a partner, with 58% claiming it had a positive effect on their sex life

The majority of women prefer to watch soft porn (73%), nearly half (47%) tune into role play porn and 21% enjoy fetish-related content.

Nearly half of women said porn helps spice up their love life by helping them to find the confidence to tell their partner what they like between the sheets.

40% of women admitted to making a DIY sex tape with an ex or current partner and 66% filmed it on a Smartphone.



It'll Make you Grin...

Wonderland sex toy collection from Doc Johnson

Link Here2nd September 2013
Doc Johnson Wonderland The KinkyThe Wonderland sex toy collection by Doc Johnson has now been imported into the UK.

These weird and wonderful pieces are inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

The five vibes in the collection are made from 100% medical grade silicone and are 100% waterproof. There's the Heavenly Heart, the White Wabbit, the Mystical Mushroom, the Pleasure Pillar and the Kinky Kat.

...See  full range



Offsite Article: Online Pornography...

Link Here12th August 2013
A miracle product exists that is responsible for dramatically reducing the number of rapes and sexual assaults in America. This invention has even contributed to lower divorce and teen pregnancy rates.

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Offsite Article: Women better off without bras: French study...

Link Here13th April 2013
Women should forget everything they've been told about bras. According to a new French study, wearing a bra does nothing to reduce back pain, and the chest supports actually cause increased breast sagging.

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Offsite Article: Does porn hurt relationships?...

Link Here22nd January 2013
An unscientific new survey claims it does. But experts argue that it can often help

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Unmemorable attempt to pin something on internet porn addiction...

Researchers find that sexual arousal temporarily inhibits memory. Probably just being a bit distracted by horny thoughts

Link Here 1st January 2013

Pornographic Picture Processing Interferes with Working Memory Performance

By Christian Laiera (Department of General Psychology: Cognition, University of Duisburg--Essen), Frank P. Schultea & Matthias Branda (Erwin L. Hahn Institute for Magnetic Resonance Imaging).


Some individuals report problems during and after Internet sex engagement, such as missing sleep and forgetting appointments, which are associated with negative life consequences.

One mechanism potentially leading to these kinds of problems is that sexual arousal during Internet sex might interfere with working memory (WM) capacity, resulting in a neglect of relevant environmental information and therefore disadvantageous decision making.

In this study, 28 healthy individuals performed 4 experimental manipulations of a pictorial 4-back WM task with neutral, negative, positive, or pornographic stimuli. Participants also rated 100 pornographic pictures with respect to sexual arousal and indicated masturbation urges previous to and following pornographic picture presentation.

Results revealed worse WM performance in the pornographic picture condition of the 4-back task compared with the three remaining picture conditions. Furthermore, hierarchical regression analysis indicated an explanation of variance of the sensitivity in the pornographic picture condition by the subjective rating of the pornographic pictures as well as by a moderation effect of masturbation urges.

Results contribute to the view that indicators of sexual arousal due to pornographic picture processing interfere with WM performance. Findings are discussed with respect to Internet sex addiction because WM interference by addiction-related cues is well known from substance dependencies.

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