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 2013: July-Sept
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25th September

 Update: Starting the Ball Rolling...

Nice 'n' Naughty

Japanese tabloid prints nonsense that 100,000 Korean sex workers will converge on the Tokyo Olympics
Link Here  full story: Sport of Trafficking Hype...40,000 trafficked sex workers travelling to sports events
25th September Shopping:
  Room 237...

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24th September

  Random Thinking...

Nice 'n' Naughty

Japanese porn sellers arrested after randomly sending out catalogues to men including the chief of police
Link Here





20th September

 Update: Instead of asking sex workers about their lives, the media asks anti-prostitution campaigners...

For the first time, men and women selling sex indoors in Ireland have been asked about their lives by, and the findings harshly contradict the media image of sex workers in Ireland
Link Here  full story: Prostitution Law in Ireland...Government solicits public suggestions for changes to the law
20th September Shopping:
  Ghost Shark...

New Listing: Another SyFy TV movie released on UK DVD and Blu-ray on 28th October


19th September

 Update: Extremist Measures to Protect Women from Perceived Inequality...

French bill proposes the discriminatory criminalisation of people who buy sex
Link Here  full story: Criminalising Paying for Sex in France...Mean minded politicians consider new law
penthouse october 2013FriendFinder Networks, publisher of Penthouse magazine and numerous adult-entertainment websites, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The company, which sought to combine social networking and sex, said it had struck a deal with noteholders that will reduce its debt by $300 million if approved by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Under the plan, one group of noteholders will take ownership of the sex entertainment business, which traces its roots to the late Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione.




The Evening News understands venues in the so-called pubic triangle next to the Grassmarket, along with Lothian Road's Club Rouge, have been visited on a number of occasions by Firecracker since mid-July.

Table dancing managers said they hoped a series about strip bars would overhaul outdated attitudes towards the adult entertainment industry. Alex Smith, manager at Club Rouge on Lothian Road, where around 15 members of staff including DJs and doormen have had talks with Firecracker, said:

We've said that we don't have a problem with them filming and talking to our girls. The series is going to be featuring the girls themselves -- they want to follow what happens to them outside of work as well as inside the clubs. It's going to be them going to college, being single mums, their hobbies.

19th September

  Researching the Bleedin' Obvious...

Researchers find that porn viewers are not generally supportive of feminist policies (Unsurprising when many of these policies are aimed at banning porn!)
Link Here




11th September

 Update: Like Clockwork...

Swiss change age for sex work and participating in porn from 16 to 18
Link Here  full story: Sex Workers in Switzerland...New ideas such as drive in privacy booths




8th September

 Offsite Article: Just Before Dawn at a Berlin Swinger Club...

Link Here
zwanglos swingerclub logoA first time visitor describes the experience

See article from


5th September

  Miserable in Finland...

Gender extremist 'justice' minister proposes a complete ban on buying sex in Finland
Link Here  full story: Sex Work in Finland...Campaign to ban paying for sex
PG 122:54s Final Appointment / Murder on the Campus is a crime mystery drama by Terence Fisher and Michael Winner.
With John Bentley, Eleanor Summerfield and Hubert Gregg / Shirley Grey.

UK: Passed PG uncut for mild violence for:

  • 2013 Simply Home Entertainment video

I Spit on Your Grave 2


Spit Your Grave Blu ray


2nd September

 Offsite Article: Looking Forward to a Return of Hard Times...

Link Here
Nevada state sealDeclining business for Nevada brothels

See article from


30th August

  Act of Censorship...

'Nearly naked' is too naughty for Las Vegas
Link Here
the act nightclub logoThe Palazzo hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip is trying to evict a 10-month-old nightclub for shows it claims are so raunchy that they violate obscenity laws. It says actors, some nearly naked, toss condoms into the crowd and simulate sex acts and bestiality on stage. The casino giant wants to terminate the club's 10-year lease.

The club is opposing the action and is seeking a restraining order to halt the closure, arguing that simulated sex acts don't constitute obscenity.

Sean Dunn, special events director at The Act said that representatives of the hotel-casino have frequently attended shows and did not complain.

The Act remains open for business while a district judge considers its fate.


26th August

 Update: Bad Choice...

Nordic Choice hotel replaces porn channels with videos of rotten fruit
Link Here  full story: Nutter Friendly Hotels...Nutters campaign against hotel room adult movies
sam taylor wood rotten fruitThe Nordic Choice hotel chain is in the process of converting to Bring Your Own Porn (BYOP). It is in the process of replacing in room porn channels with contemporary art.

The chain's owner, Petter Stordalen has made ludicrous and defamatory claims that the porn industry contributes to trafficking. He said:

The porn industry contributes to trafficking, so I see it as a natural part of having a social responsibility to send out a clear signal that Nordic Hotels doesn't support or condone this.

Starting with his flagship hotel in Norway's capital, Stordalen has now replaced porn with interactive TVs in each room offering "art on demand" with a choice of nine works of contemporary video art, including Sam Taylor-Wood's Still Life from 2001" -- a film showing a bowl of fruit slowly decomposing.

Stordalen plans to roll out video art to other hotels, with Copenhagen next on the list.


26th August

  Standing Out from the Crowd...

Go Topless Day celebrated in New York
Link Here
gotoplessTimes Square was full of bare-chested women today, as equality campaigners descended on the New York landmark to celebrate Go Topless Day.

The annual event, which takes place in a range of cities around the U.S., was established in 2007 by Go Topless, an organization founded by a spiritual group called the Raelian Movement.

The day sees women walk together to challenge laws that allow only men to walk around shirtless.

In New York it is legal for women to go shirtless in public, as it is in Ohio, Texas and Colorado to name a few. But others including Kansas, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia it is outlawed for women to go topless in public


26th August

 Offsite Article: The Daily Mail Recommends...

Link Here
Jamaica flagPay for pleasure fun for women in Negril, Jamaica

See article from


25th August

  Dance Censor...

A miserable idea takes shape in Edinburgh
Link Here
club rouge edinburgh logoManagers at Club Rouge in Edinburgh has said that efforts are under way to create an independent dance censor which would cooperate with licensing officers and police to ensure elf 'n' safety in strip clubs and adult entertainment venues across the Capital and Scotland.

They said the body would issue certificates of good practice to businesses only after they introduced measures to clamp down on abusive customers, unhygienic working environments and unfair charges imposed on dancers when clubs are busy or when they phone in sick.

Day-to-day monitoring and enforcement would still be carried out by police and licensing officers though.

Alex Smith, manager of Club Rouge, said:

This is an opportunity for the clubs to say that from now on, they're going to work together for a better environment.

He said meetings would soon take place with senior councillors to move the process forward, with the new dance censor on a voluntary basis and financed through a mixture of public money and contributions from the industry.

Licensing staff said they were receptive to the idea. A spokeswoman said:

The council would welcome any initiative to encourage industry good practice, however we would need more information on this specific proposal to be able to comment further.


22nd August

 Update: Too Much Fun...

Bristol lap dancing club fined for providing lap dancing
Link Here  full story: Lap Dancing in Bristol...Lap dancing rejected in Old Market
temptations t3 advertLap dancers at a Bristol club have been giving customers more fun than the miserable council allowed.

One performer has been suspended and two have been reprimanded by bosses for kissing and other physical contact.

Magistrates fined the venue around £16,500 for five licensing breaches. Temptations' manager Valerie Hoare was also ordered to pay £1,550 for two breaches.

Bristol Magistrates Court heard how CCTV from Temptations examined after an unannounced visit from licensing staff in January showed three dancers getting closer than the council allowed in the private booths .

Bristol's Sexual Entertainment Venue licence states that customers and performers are not allowed to touch each other during a performance. But the prosecution said: The footage from all three cameras showed extensive and repeated contact between customers and performers. The court heard this included one stripper holding a customer's face and giving him a kiss while he had his hands on her buttocks. Other footage showed a dancer sitting on a customer's lap, while in another booth a performer touched a man's leg with hers.

Recommended by Nutters

A handful of Bristol miserablists have raised a petition calling for the closure of Bristol's two table dancing clubs and its only lap dancing club at Temptations.

The petitioners are recommending:

  • Central Chambers 9 St Stephen's St, Bristol BS1 1EE
  • Urban Tiger 4 Broad Quay, Bristol BS1 4DA
  • Temptations T3 46 West St, Bristol BS2 0BH

Offsite: Counter petition

7th September 2013. See  article from

Update: Counter petition outstrips nutter petition

11th September 2013. See  article from

As of yesterday afternoon, the nutter petition had 166 signatures, but in only four days the pro lap dancing one had already garnered support from 271 people.

Carrie Hale's online petition went live on Friday in response to one started last month. It reads:

This petition calls that Bristol City Council allow lap dancing clubs, gentlemen's clubs, strip clubs and pole dancing clubs, otherwise known as SEVs, to operate in Bristol.

The licensing policy has already been implemented and decided that the suitable number of SEVs in Bristol was three, with two other venues being forced to close to reduce numbers.

There is huge demand for these venues, otherwise they would not exist and they do not only cater for men.

The women and men that work in these venues are not exploited, neither are they forced to work in such venues.

The people of Bristol should have a choice to visit such establishments and by having a nil cap this choice will be taken away.

The petition runs until January 22 and can be signed at .

Update: Licence Granted

18th September 2013. See  article from

9 objections from the public were received about the renewal of a licence of Central Chambers. It has been reported that this was renewed yesterday (16th Sept) with some fairly colourful language apparently used by a campaigner to describe the head of the three-strong licensing committee.

Feminist campaigner Bristol_Jane was live tweeting yesterday's hearing at City Hall, during which she called Conservative group leader Peter Abraham a sexist, misogynistic fuckface . The offending tweet has now been removed.


22nd August

 Update: The Wrong Sort of Heritage...

Miserable Westminster Council is trying to ban a restaurant from conserving Soho's heritage in a conservation area
Link Here  full story: Sex Sells in Soho...But the authorities aren't so keen
la bodega negraMiserable Westminster Council is trying to hide Soho's colourful heritage after ordering a restaurant to remove neon signs harking back to its former glory as London's red light district.

The signs, which read peep show and adult video , were installed outside the fashionable restaurant, La Bodega Negra, early last year as a homage to the area's history.

But after a nine-month fight with Westminster City Council, the restaurant, in Old Compton Street, has been issued with a discontinuance notice to remove the signs, claiming they cause substantial injury to the area. The council noted that Soho is a conservation area.

Westminster council claims:

The continued display of the neon advertisement is considered to constitute a substantial injury to the amenity of the area.

The restaurant argues that the signs, designed by Serge Becker, the creative director of La Esquina in New York and The Box in London, are a work of art and have become a landmark in their own right. Restaurant owner Will Ricker vowed to fight council bosses by keeping the signs in place. He said:

They have completely failed to mention that it was the centre of the capital's sex industry, which made Soho famous globally and a tourist attraction.

And now as it slowly changes away from that, we wanted to make a statement that paid homage to the cultural importance of that epoch. Particularly as its remnants are being eradicated by landlords, the council and technology, the neons are a remnant of a vanishing, golden era that should be celebrated, not forgotten.


22nd August

 Update: Squeezed Out...

Vienna reduces options for sex workers
Link Here
Austria flagStreet prostitution is to be banned in large areas of Vienna's Prater district from September.

It is thought that as a result many of the prostitutes will move to the industrial zone in Liesing.

Gerald Bischof from the SPO said:

I don't think 300 new prostitutes will come, there simply isn't enough space, but there will definitely be an increase.

He hopes to get prostitution banned in Liesing. Over the past few months there has been 150 fines given out in the area - mainly due to prostitutes not having the correct identification and control cards on them.


17th August

  Goa Goes Miserable...

Chief minister bans discos and dance bars
Link Here
cafe mambo goaGoa, the once popular Indian holiday state, has announced a ban on dance bars, further repressing the party scene in a destination once famous as a dance paradise.

The state has progressively restricted nightclubs and outdoor parties over the last few years.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has made sanitising Goa's palm tree-lined beaches a priority to make them more 'family-friendly'. He has now announced:

Dance bars will not be allowed in Goa. There has been a lot of image-beating for the state due to the existence of drugs and prostitution on the beaches.

His administration has also ordered police to remain present on the beaches until midnight. Previously police would withdraw after sunset.

Previous measures against nightclubs and parties, have forced many to close or finish early. Silent discos , in which party-goers wear headphones to listen to the music, have developed as a way to work around the restrictions on outdoor noise.


17th August

 Offsite Article: Ripped Off in Iceland...

Link Here
Iceland100 quid for a 7 minute naked dance in a Reykjavik champagne bar

See article from


16th August

  Box of Fun...

Zurich unveils new drive-in facility for sex workers
Link Here
speed hump roadsignThe Swiss city of Zurich has unveiled a sex drive-in which local authorities say will enable them to keep closer tabs on prostitution.

The facility consisting of nine so-called sex boxes is located in a former industrial zone in the west of the city. The site will be open daily from 7:00 pm to 5:00 am, and only to drivers, who must be alone in their vehicle if they want to pass the gate. They will follow a marked route along which up to 40 prostitutes will be stationed. Once they have negotiated a rate, they will drive to one of the nine car-wash style boxes to have sex.

The boxes will be equipped with alarms, allowing the prostitutes to make rapid contact with police if they are in danger.

Zurich has spared no effort to encourage the prostitutes and their clients to leave the area currently used in city centre and to use the new site, making it as pleasant as possible, with grassy areas and decorative lights. It will be marked clearly with signposts sporting a red umbrella, a well-known symbol for the sex trade..

To avoid putting off clients, city authorities said they had no plans to install video surveillance or deploy police at the site permanently. Social workers and security guards will be on hand, however.

Since January, sex workers have been required to obtain a permit to ply their trade. To receive one, they must have a Swiss work permit and health insurance. In addition, they must pay a tax of five Swiss francs per night of work.

Customers, meanwhile, can only seek sex in three designated areas of Zurich, the new sex-box site, a zone near a highway, and, for those on foot, in part of the old town district.


16th August

 Offsite Article: Chaturbate GoneWild...

Link Here
chaturbate logoWhile the porn industry seeks to create more and more extreme videos, a new type of pornography is bringing online titillation back to its roots. James Cook reports.

See article from


14th August

  Eco Ethical Organic Aphrodisiac Tea...

French company claims that organic is not enough and adds an eco-ethical dimension to erotic products.
Link Here
divinextases logoThe owner of French firm Divinextases has seen sales triple after offering erotic products that appeal to the eco-conscious.

Frederic Donnat saw a gap in the market that was more interesting than the usual organic beauty products . He refocused his online business to eco-erotic products.

From balms for buttocks left sore by a spanking session to intimate perfumes, all Donnat's products are made in France with sustainable materials from reputable sources. They use beeswax and shea butter rather than palm oil and all are wrapped in recyclable packaging.

Divinextases , whose pills are sold in pharmacies, organic stores and sex shops, now wants to diversify into aphrodisiac-laced tea and sugar, company director Fleur Phelipeau told AFP.

Meanwhile British company French Letter sells carbon-neutral condoms made from natural latex produced in sustainably-run forests. A French website (Forest of pleasure) promises to plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest for every sex toy purchased.

But some are cynical about the rise of the organic sex shop. Easy Love, a network of lingerie and erotic accessory retailers, claimed eco-erotic products have sold very badly and dismissed the concept as a publicity stunt .


3rd August

 Update: Every Little Censor Helps...

Tesco pressurise lads' mags into using less sexy covers
Link Here  full story: Lads Mags...Blaming lads mags for all the world's ills
censored lads magZoo, Nuts and Front have agreed to self censor their front covers as demanded by Tesco. The supermarket has been lobbied by anti-sex miserablists. The new censorship code will apply only to the magazines' covers.

Highly explicit front covers of lads' mags may be a thing of the past, Tesco said. Zoo, Nuts and Front have agreed to make their covers more modest , the retailer said, meaning no more nudity, with less salacious coverlines and a more conservative feel.

nuts cover august 2013

  Latest Issue of Nuts

In addition to demanding toned-down covers, the store said Nuts, Zoo, Front and Bizarre would now be sold only to customers over 18, to reassure parents who do not want their children to be able to purchase these titles , and the magazines will be displayed at the back of sales racks, where their covers will be obscured by other magazines.

Of course the censorship campaigners dismissed the move as a half-measure that doesn't address the harm of these publications .

Kat Banyard, founder of UK Feminista, one of two groups behind the Lose the Lad Mags campaign , said that lobbying to have the titles removed from shelves altogether would continue, because they are deeply harmful. They fuel sexist behaviours which underpin violence against women.

Nuts, which is published by IPC Media, said it had introduced new covers ... which have a more conservative tone several weeks ago, adding: We are delighted with our readers' response and this week's issue is our biggest selling since February. While previous issues have shown women fully topless with their nipples covered by headlines or their hands or hair, and promising the boobiest shoot ever or big-boobed brunettes , recent editions of Nuts feature models in less highly sexualised poses, wearing slightly more modest lingerie.


2nd August

 Update: More Miserable...

Dutch sex workers under the cosh both from western economic suffocation and local repressive politically correct law
Link Here  full story: Sex Work in the Netherlands...Netherlands less friendly to sex workers

Amsterdam red light areaAmsterdam's famous red-light district is under threat, from the economic crisis on one hand and on the other lawmakers are proposing restrictive changes to the sex-for-hire industry.

The economic crisis is forcing prostitutes to lower their prices and to accept dubious sexual practices, according to the sex work advocacy group Geisha.

The trend is apparent in the main cities, with some prostitutes unable to pay the rent on their rooms , Ilonka Stakelborough from Geisha told Algemeen Dagblad. Until recently, the minimum price was EUR50, but this has now dropped as low as EUR20 in cities such as Amsterdam and The Hague.

Geisha is to set up a project for sex workers so they can form a co-operative. Geisha will rent a room which prostitutes only pay rent for when they are actually working.

Gender extremism has been taking hold in the Netherlands for some time . For example. Myrthe Hilkens, a Labor Party legislator who supports a series of moves to tighten the rules on prostitution said:

For something as simple as the lust for sex, we are tolerating modern-day slavery.  I think that cannot be.

Anti sex work proposals are far-reaching. Most contested is a bill to require all prostitutes be registered with the government---a measure that has already been approved by the lower house but is struggling in the Senate. Also in the works: raising the minimum age to 21 from 18, and a requirement that escort services be licensed, just as brothels currently are. A vote is expected before the summer recess on July 9.

Under the proposed registry, Holland's roughly 20,000 prostitutes would have to meet with government officials and show they are not being coerced in order to get a registration card.

Meanwhile, the city government in Amsterdam on Wednesday is expected to approve tougher rules, including ordering brothels to close in the early-morning hours and requiring that prostitutes speak Dutch, English, German or Spanish.

City officials say they have managed to cut the number of prostitutes' windows in the red-light district from 500 to 409 in about five years, and want to ultimately bring it down to 300.


2nd August

 Update: Intolerant Government...

Czech government comes out cold on members bill to introduce tolerance zones for sex work
Link Here

Czech Republic flagThe Czech caretaker government has taken a negative stance on a deputies' bill to tolerate prostitution, Prime Minister Jiri Rusnok told reporters.

The bill, proposed by MP Viktor Paggio (LIDEM), is to give municipalities the right to designate public areas where prostitutes could offer their services. Paggio says the main aim of his bill was to openly legalise prostitution, including accompanying activities.

Now parliament will decide on the bill. The capital of Prague has submitted a similar proposal for regulating prostitution in Prague to the Chamber of Deputies. This bill will be debated too.

Paggio's bill looked to introduce a fine of up to 20,000 crowns ($1000) for the provision and use of sexual services for payment without condoms to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.


1st August

 Update: More Miserable...

Government body allows Amsterdam to close 40% of red light windows
Link Here  full story: Sex Work in the Netherlands...Netherlands less friendly to sex workers

Amsterdam red light areaAmsterdam is set to move ahead with plans to close 40% of the prostitution windows in its famous De Wallen red-light district.

26 owners of a total of 100 window brothels, in which sex workers can be seen by prospective clients from the street, had appeared before the Dutch Council of State, the highest administrative body in the Netherlands, to argue against the closures.

But the body said that a reduction in these sex establishments and their concentration in a smaller area would allow better control and monitoring of window prostitution.

The ruling means Amsterdam can now fully implement its gentrification Project 1012 initiated by then-mayor Job Cohen in 2008. The city hopes to replace the windows with more boutiques and art galleries in the picturesque old canal houses.


29th July

 Update: Moralism Kerbed...

Italian moralist mayor banned from unilaterally making up laws about kerb crawling
Link Here  full story: Sex Work in Italy...Street prostitution to be outlawed in Italy
Should we ban banning things?...

The political addiction to mere prohibitions (without even bothering to think through the consequences) by David Allen Green


26th July

  Weighty Issues...

How will a measure to replace dollar bills with coins effect tips for strippers?
Link Here

Mad Max Limited Edition Packaging




24th July

  Anne Widdecombe Recommends...

Link Here
  The Sigil...

Horror mystery just released on UK DVD

23rd July

  Promoting Fun Holidays Outside of Miserable America...

Owner of US travel company promoting holidays for adults in Thailand and the Philippines has been convicted of promoting prostitution
Link Here

New Listing: 6 classics set for US Blu-ray release on 22nd October

The Vincent Price Collection Blu ray



22nd July

 Update: Cameron to Attempt to Ban Everything on the Internet...

We're being governed by someone who believes what he reads in the Daily Mail
Link Here  full story: David Cameron's Internet Porn Ban...Attempting to ban everything on the internet
  Advertising a Selfish Government...

Norway is preparing a law to ban internet advertising for sexual services

Norway flagThe Norwegian 'Justice' Ministry is preparing to ban all forms of advertising of sexual services on websites. The ministry is working on the censorship law with the aim to promote a bill to the Parliament in the autumn.

 Police inspector Vegard Munthe Ommdal claimed on TV2:

We primarily want to prevent human trafficking and pimping. And online advertising is a very important part of the business,

Ommdal thinks advertising on the internet must be seen as promoting someone else's prostitution.


22nd July Shopping:


22nd July

 Update: Advertising a Selfish Government...

Norway is preparing a law to ban internet advertising for sexual services
Link Here  full story: Paying for Sex in Norway...Norway law criminalises paying for sex abroad
21st July  
  Gladiators will be turning in their graves...

A new lady boy show, bus station and market



19th July

  End Violence Against Sex Workers...

Full Decriminalisation Now in memoriam of Jasmine and Dora. International Day of Protest 19th July 2013
Link Here
  The Last Experiment...

New Listing: Dangerous medical trials set for UK DVD release on 9th September



15th July

 Update: More opportunity to escape poverty...

Sex workers in Vietnam take advantage of the end to mandatory prison sentences
Link Here  full story: Prostitution in Vietnam...Rough deal for sex workers
  The White Queen...

New Listing: BBC TV drama heavily censored for its UK DVD and Blu-ray released on 19th August

13th July

  A Profile of Intolerance...

A ludicrous rant about silhouette images on Edinburgh table dancing club windows
Link Here
  No Holds Barred...

New Listing: Hulk Hogan vehicle once cut by the BBFC set for uncut UK DVD release on 8th October

Holds Barred Blu ray Hulk Hogan


Small nail bomb explodes outside Tipton mosque


13th July

 Update: Double Dipping...

Philadelphia tax collectors dream up the wheeze of taxing lap dances as well as club entry charges
Link Here  full story: Pole Tax...Discriminatory taxes on adult entertainment in USA

tipton mosqueA suspected nail bombing of a mosque in the West Midlands is being treated by police as a terrorist attack. Nails and other debris were discovered after residents close to the Kanz-ul-Iman Muslim Welfare Association Central Jamia Mosque in Binfield Street, Tipton, reported hearing an explosion.

The bombing, on the day of Fusilier Lee Rigby's funeral in Bury, came less than three weeks after a home-made device exploded in an alley close to the Aisha Mosque and Islamic Centre in Walsall on June 22.

Several streets were closed off in Tipton yesterday and residents were evacuated while police scoured the area for evidence and to make sure there were no other devices.

11th July

 Offsite Article: Why burlesque is morally worse than stripping...

Link Here
Immodesty Blaize Presents Burlesque UndressedA sense of irony doesn't make stripping feminist. It just makes it worse to watch. By Liam Mullone

See article from


1st July

 Offsite Article: Web porn: Just how much is there?...

Link Here
BBC logoBBC follow up the latest research and find that much quoted estimates of 30-37% of all websites being porn are bollox. 4% looks closer to the mark

See article from


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