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Offsite Article: The last peep show in Las Vegas...

Link Here28th September 2019
From strip joint to joint shop

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No gain, only pain...

Government commissioned report finds that criminalising of buying sex in Northern Ireland hasn't reduced demand for sex work, nor has it reduced trafficking. All it does is make life more dangerous for sex workers

Link Here19th September 2019

Section 15 of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Criminal Justice and Support for Victims) Act 2015 requires the Department to review the operation of Article 64A of the Sexual Offences (Northern Ireland) Order 2008 which criminalises the purchase of sexual services.

The Department commissioned research from Queen's University Belfast to assist in fulfilling this statutory requirement.

The report provided by QUB provides findings which allow for an assessment of the operation of the legislation, including the impact of the law on the two particular specifics targeted by section 15, namely the safety and wellbeing of sex workers and the extent to which the offence has operated to reduce human trafficking.

Assessment of impact

On the basis of the findings in the research report, the Department has concluded that there is no evidence that the offence of purchasing sexual services has produced a downward pressure on the demand for, or supply of, sexual services.

Evidence obtained from the survey with people who purchase sexual services shows that the legislation has had a limited deterrent effect on client behaviour. For example, a majority of clients in Northern Ireland (53%) state that the law has made no difference to how often they purchase sex and they will continue to purchase sex with the same frequency. A further 27% are likely to continue to purchase sex at a reduced level. 11% said they would stop buying sex. Almost 76% of those surveyed felt that the law had no impact on the ease with which they purchase sex. The research also found that there had been no reduction in sex worker advertising, which would have been expected had demand fallen post 2015.

Safety and well-being of sex workers

On the first of the specific areas on which the Department is required to make an assessment, ie the impact of the offence on the safety and well-being of sex workers, we have concluded that, although the incidence of serious offending against sex workers is comparatively rare, there are other implications for well-being which the report describes in some detail. The research into self-reported data supplied by (UM) does indicate there while there have been increases in several kinds of more serious offences, overall, the incidence is still lower than elsewhere.

The report also makes clear that it is not possible to say that the change in the law is responsible for any increase in crime against sex workers. Other factors may include the increase in the number of sex workers active in Northern Ireland, existing sex workers fulfilling higher levels of demand, more sex workers using the UM app, better reporting or recording techniques, and a more enhanced awareness of crime amongst the sex worker population in general.

However, what the UM data featured in the report does suggest is that there has been an increase in instances of anti-social and abusive behaviours since 2016. This has led to a heightened fear of crime, and the report suggests that the legislation has contributed to a climate whereby sex workers feel further marginalised and stigmatised.

Human trafficking

The extent to which Article 64A has operated to reduce human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation was also covered by the research.

There is no clear evidence presented in the report to suggest that the legislation has had an impact on the levels of trafficking for sexual exploitation. The research found that the legislation had minimal effect on the demand for sexual services therefore it is difficult to see in what way it could impact on human trafficking for sexual exploitation. The referrals from Northern Ireland to the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) have remained fairly constant. The report also points out that the very small numbers from Northern Ireland involved in the NRM make it problematic in social scientific terms to suggest that Article 64A has had any impact on referrals with any degree of statistical significance.



Hellfire and damnation!...

Porn producers BangBros buy out porn star doxxing website and burns its data disks

Link Here31st August 2019
BangBros explained in a statement on the now defunct website:

In the current world we live in, as we all know, once it's on the internet, it's forever. For too long, this site has unfortunately been a resource for hate, lies, and sensitive information. Many of us have had our real names online for the world to see. Over 15,000 performers real names were listed here. Some had phone numbers, addresses, even family members names posted as well. That type of information wasn't voluntarily submitted. It was stolen from anyone that had it posted.

BangBros had enough. We have purchased this site with the intention of shutting it down and removing all information associated with it. There's no catch. No hidden thing to getting your personal stuff off of it. We simply didn't want it out there for the world to see anymore. Yes, it's that easy. While shutting this site down doesn't purge the internet of all possible ties to real names and what not, it does make it one less place to harbor and find these things easily. A forum that had 300,000 posts on it, most of them negative and hate-filled, has now disappeared.

If you had anything ever posted on here, it will be removed and deleted forever from here. As well as BangBros nows owns the domain. Nothing will ever be up here besides this page that you see now. So you don't have to worry about it coming back either.

This industry has weathered a lot and at the end of the day we rely on each other more than we think. Sure, we all have competitors-BangBros has plenty in itself. But making enemies doesn't make us a stronger company. Treating others well and innovating does. So our innovation this week, while not groundbreaking, hopes to make the internet a little bit better for all of us involved.



The Dirtiest Porn Ever...

Pornhub has fun whilst helping to save the planet

Link Here29th August 2019

Pornhub, the premiere online destination for adult entertainment, today announced the launch of its Dirtiest Porn Ever campaign to help clean the world's dirtiest beaches and to raise awareness around the growing pollution problem. As part of the campaign, Pornhub is debuting a video starring Leolulu, one of the internet's most popular amateur couples, shot at one of the world's dirtiest beaches. Each time someone watches the video in its entirety, Pornhub will make a donation to Ocean Polymers, a nonprofit that has developed a solution to collect and process plastic waste in the world's ocean and seas.

To showcase how plastic and waste can ruin an otherwise beautiful scene, the Dirtiest Porn Ever video features amateur couple Leolulu having sex on the beach amidst mountains of litter that are obstructing the view of the couple's naughty bits. After a few minutes, a cleaning crew will begin to clean up the beach, slowly revealing Leo and Lulu in all of their naked glory.

To bring the Dirtiest Porn Ever campaign to life, Pornhub worked to create the video and a landing page which features tips on what people can do to help. Additionally, the campaign encourages other porn stars and amateurs from around the world to shoot similar scenes, in an effort to inspire change within their own fanbases.

For more information on the Dirtiest Porn Ever campaign, to view the video and for tips on what you can do to help clean our oceans, please visit



A safer city...

Washington DC councillors propose bill to decriminalise sex work

Link Here14th August 2019

There's plenty of prostitution going on in D.C., and while streetwalkers are the most visible, escort agencies and well-hidden brothels abound -- and one city councilmember, David Grosso has been trying for the last two years to rid the city of the laws that throw these sex workers in prison or rehab, giving them criminal records that can prevent them from getting other employment and/or certain city services.

Joining Grosso in sponsoring the sex work legalization bill, titled Reducing Criminalization of Commercial Sex Act of 2019 , are fellow councilmembers Anita Bonds, Brianne K. Nadeau and Robert C. White, Jr. The current bill is a minor revamp of a version introduced in 2017, and while it makes clear that sex trafficking and non-consensual sex should continue to be illegal, it would strike language from several sections from current law titled Prostitution; Pandering , which has been on the D.C. books since 1935.

The bill would also have the effect of legalizing brothels in the city, and allowing sex workers to rent rooms for assignations.

Finally, the bill would require the D.C. mayor to establish a 15-member task force to study and make recommendations regarding the effects, both positive and negative, of the current bill and to make recommendations regarding additional changes to the criminal penalties for commercial sex and to provide support for sex workers and others engaging in commercial sex in the District. It would also study the impact of sex work on society, provide guidance to the mayor on improving sex workers' health and safety, including tracking violence leveled against them and their access to health and social services.



Offsite Article: Fringe appeal...

Link Here13th August 2019
The Lady Boys of Bangkok continue to be popular at the Edinburgh Festival

See article from



Offsite Article: Gender Fluid Playmate of the Month...

Link Here10th August 2019
Are you ready for a woke Playboy?

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Instagram shadowbans hash tags associated with pole dancers

Link Here8th August 2019
Instagram is hiding content hosted by the pole dancing community's most commonly used hashtags.

Pole dancers, performers and entrepreneurs say that the censorship is threatening their livelihood. Sweden-based instructor and performer, Anna-Maija Nyman, told Yahoo Lifestyle.:

The censorship is affecting our whole community because it makes it harder to share and connect, I felt that our community is in danger and under attack.

The controversy for pole dancers began on July 19, when hashtags such as #poledancing, #poledancer and #polesportorg were noticeably wiped off all content previously aggregated by pole dancers around the world.

To alert fellow dancers, California-based pole star, Elizabeth Blanchard, wrote in a post that day that the banning of 19 hashtags appeared to be an effort to shadowban the community. She wrote:

There seems to have been a massive 'cleanse' on instagram and pole dancers have been deemed dirty and inappropriate...or as Instagram puts it we don't 'meet Instagram's community guidelines. There has been lots of talk about shadowbans lately but this purge of hashtags is hard to mistake as being targeted towards pole dancers.

Shadowbanning is a method used by social networks to quietly silence an account by curtailing how it gets engagement without blocking the ability to post new content. Shadowbanned users are not told that they have been affected, they can continue to post messages, add new followers and comment on or reply to other posts. But their [content] doesn't appear in the feeds, their replies may be suppressed and they may not show up in searches.

Australia-based instructor, performer and business owner Michelle Shimmy points out that the current restrictions facing pole dancers on the social media platform are part of a much larger issue having to do with Instagram's policy changes to manage 'problematic' content, which she suggests are inherently sexist.

Apparently Instagram has apologised for its censorship but nobody is expecting a change i th eplicy.



Porno karoke...

A new idea for fun in Hamburg

Link Here24th July 2019
Hamburg's famous nightlife scene got a new attraction with the opening of Germany's first bar dedicated to porn karaoke.

The Porno Karaoke Bar was opened by German drag queen Olivia Jones in the city's St. Pauli district.

Visitors are invited to go on stage and moan along to clips from porn films from the 1970s and 1980s as they soundlessly play on screens in the background. Currently, visitors can choose from nearly 30 retro clips.

Olivia Jones commented:

It's funnier than I thought it would be. At the beginning, people are reserved and don't dare to try it out, but meanwhile we've noted that we can hardly save ourselves from the guests who are galloping onto the stage.



Watered down...

Aberdeen council closes Aberdeen lap dancing club after accusations of watered down drinks

Link Here6th July 2019
Aberdeen city council has revoked the licence for The Mask lap dancing club after a request from Police Scotland. The police claimed that staff were watering down drinks and overcharging customers for intimate shows.

Apart from the overcharging and diluted drinks allegations, police were also concerned that the club was breaching licensing conditions by having no personal licence holder present after 1am and no one able to operate the CCTV system.

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