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 2013: July-Sept
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23rd September

  Dangerous Celebrity Photos...

Rihanna innocently captures what the authorities would rather weren't widely published
Link Here

diamond dolls logoScottish Nationalist MSP Sandra White has proposed the creation of a repressive new adult entertainment licence which could lead to councils banning table dancing.

But in a submission to a Scottish Government consultation, the Association of Adult Entertainment Venues (AAEV), which represents 17 venues, has rejected claims table dancing clubs are a front for prostitution and human trafficking.  The group points out that no arrests, charges or prosecutions have been made in relation to such offences and says ministers misunderstand the industry.

Steve McDonald, a strip club owner and author of the AAEV submission said:

The association and all its members refute in the strongest manner any links to organised crime such as prostitution and human trafficking.

The many layers of control currently provided by the clubs would easily detect such forms of criminality if it was ever apparent on a club's premises.

The association queries why this consultation is taking place as there does not appear to be an issue which requires to be addressed.

About 350 lap dancers are estimated to work in clubs across Scotland, and the AAEV has called for existing venues to be protected from closure to save jobs. A petition setup by dancers says the government should cease the attacks on out industry.


Dangerman - the Incredible Mr. Goodwin [Season 1, Episode 4] is a reality video by Jon Richards.
With Jonathan Goodwin.

UK: Passed 12 uncut for behaviour likely to cause injury if copied and bleeped language for:

  • 2013 2 entertain Video. video


  • Dangerman - the Incredible Mr. Goodwin [Season 1, Episode 5] Passed 12 for behaviour likely to cause injury if copied


13th September

  School Lessons are a Breeze in Trat...

Tornado captured on school CCTV
Link Here


BBFC uncut
12th September

 Offsite Article: Uniform Distractions...

Link Here
thai students anti uniformStudents protest against wearing uniforms. I couldn't understand a word about the meaning behind the protests, but the posters were good.

See article from


The Co-op Bans Lads' Mags...
10th September

  Mr Bean Airways...

Thai Airways does a dreadful job of looking after passengers involved in a plane crash, and then tries to hope that no one notices which airline crashed, by censoring the aircraft logos
Link Here

'We have listened to and acted upon the concerns of [a few gender extremist] customers and members'

siansburys try something new logoThe Co-op supermarket chains has announced that 4000 stores have now banned lads' mags as promised earlier.

Steve Murrells, the chief censor of retail for the Co-operative Group, claimed:

As a community-based retailer, we have listened to and acted upon the concerns of our customers and members, many of whom said they objected to their children being able to see overt sexual images in our stores.

We believe individual, sealed modesty bags are the most effective way of addressing these concerns, so we will no longer be stocking the titles that have failed to meet our request. This action will make our stores more attractive



5th September

  The Film Most Likely to be Banned...

Thai groups organise a Melon Farming film competition
Link Here
5th September Shopping:
  A Haunted House...

New Listing: Comedy horror set for UK DVD and Blu-ray release on 21st October

4th September

  Boosting State Revenue...

Substantial rise in alcohol taxes
Link Here

The Great Gatsby

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    2nd September

     Update: Censored Horizons...

    Thai TV serial causes religious offence and has to be censored
    Link Here  full story: Thai TV Soaps...Kissing and catfights make the news
    I Dream of Jo - True Passion is a 2013 adult video by Jo.
    With Jo, Eve Angel and Tess.

    UK: Passed R18 uncut for strong images of real sex for:

    • 2013 Pink Velvet video

    Inside the Intern

    BBFC uncut
    R18 93:15s
    31st August

      Thailand Simply Does Not Know the Tangled Rules of Political Correctness...

    Meanwhile Human Rights Watch stereotypes black people as easily offended
    Link Here
    donuts thaiHuman Rights Watch has criticized a Dunkin' Donuts advertising campaign running in Thailand that features a model whose face is painted black to sell a chocolate doughnut.

    Dunkin' Donuts Thailand recently started running ads for its Charcoal Donut, which features a model wearing blackface makeup and bright pink lipstick and holding up a bitten doughnut. The translated Thai slogan reads: Break every rule of deliciousness.

    Phil Robertson, deputy director of the Asia division of Human Rights Watch, spouted:

    It's rather incredible that an international company like Dunkin' Donuts would run such an ad. He claimed the ad fits into a long history of racist advertisements in Southeast Asia.

    The chief executive of Dunkin' Donuts in Thailand told the AP that the criticism is just paranoid American thinking. CEO Nadim Salhani said:

    It's absolutely ridiculous. We're not allowed to use black to promote our doughnuts? I don't get it. What's the big fuss? What if the product was white and I painted someone white, would that be racist?

    Thai people have never treated black African people badly, they have never mocked them via minstrel shows or whatever, and simply do not have the background to understand why the West finds it so politically incorrect to have blacked up media people. Thais do call black Africans, 'chocolate men' though.

    Similarly Thais have little knowledge or background about Hitler and Nazis and so frequently get caught out being politically incorrect with Nazi imagery.

    Perhaps Thais need a few history lessons about when westerners have been real shits, and how they now use over-exaggerated politeness to try and plaster over historic wrongs.


    24th August

      Dangerous Thailand...

    Thai police suspended for extortion from tourists by falsely accusing them of ATM fraud
    Link Here
    Thai Police logoFour Bangkok policemen have been suspended for allegedly extorting Bt2 million from two Italian tourists after making a false allegation against the victims and holding them captive.

    Arrest warrants have been issued for two of the officers, who were on the run at the time of going to press. An Uzbek national, who allegedly assisted in the crimes, was arrested late evening.

    The five suspects have been charged with armed robbery, armed kidnapping and armed extortion.

    While it may sound like another instance of police misconduct well familiar to Thais and foreigners alike, this case has resulted in immediate action by their superiors and abrupt suspension of the four police suspects, thanks to an Interpol inquiry conducted after the victims' families lodged a complaint.

    The case therefore potentially brings shame upon the entire police force, due to its global exposure.

    The two tourists - architect Danillo de Vito and engineer Antonio de Muro - were not harmed during their one-day captivity, which began on Monday night after the four officers approached them while they were withdrawing money from an ATM machine near the Racha Nana hotel, where they were staying.

    A police source said there was also a police major present at Lumpini police station, who assisted in negotiations that the two tourists would be released if they gave Bt2 million to him and the five suspects, in return for them not being further charged with using a false ATM card. In their statement to Interpol, the two victims said the ATM card they were using was authentic, but the suspects had threatened them using the false allegation that it was a fake.


    20th August

      Surprise Losses...

    Thailand enters recession
    Link Here
    downwards graphThailand has fallen into recession after the economy contracted slightly during the April-to-June quarter.

    Gross domestic product unexpectedly shrank 0.3% during the period, from the previous quarter. That followed a 1.7% contraction in the previous quarter.

    After chalking up strong economic growth, surpassing 6%, last year, the South East Asian economy has turned in a dismal performance so far in 2013.


    17th August

      Students Copy Silly Idea...

    Thailand amuses the world with students wearing blinkers to prevent exam cheating
    Link Here

    blinkered studentsA university in Bangkok forced students to wear paper blinkers during exams to stop them cheating, but has said it did not intend to humiliate them.

    The picture of Kasetsart University was posted on the institution's Facebook page, but has since been removed following numerous complaints, the Bangkok post reported.

    The Facebook posting was picked up by the world press and surely has amused many.


      Tanaboon demonstrates the hat when facing the world's press

    Asst Prof Tanaboon Sajjaanantakul, the faculty's dean, said the paper blinker hats were used for a mid-term examination for a Textile Testing course. Wide-spread comments on the use of the hats on social media had drawn a mixed reaction from the public and caused a lot of stress to lecturers in the faculty, he said.

    Natdanai Rungruangkitkrai, the Textile Test course lecturer, said he regretted that the issue had received such a strong negative response from the public, adding that he had tried to encourage creativity during his eight years in the job.

    In this particular case, he wanted to teach students about ethics, so asked them how to prevent cheating in relation to an issue close to them. Students proposed that they discuss preventing cheating in examinations. Some of them proposed different sets of exam papers, and some suggested the use of exam booths, but it was finally agreed to use A-4 paper to make blinkers, as they had copied the idea from other countries.


    15th August

      Blurred Thinking...

    The world mocks Thailand for censoring swimming costumes in TV anime
    Link Here
    thai tv blurring videoLudicrous TV censorship in Thailand has again come under fire after a blogger posted blurred out content in scenes from Japanese cartoons, or animes, broadcast by MCOT Channel 9.

    The blogger wrote his posting in a Japanese news website on Aug 9, including in it a video clip and two images. The posting went viral and has been attracting attention from many online communities.

    In the video clip, female characters from the Sailor Moon animation series have their swimsuits blurred out. The girl Shisuka in the popular Doraemon cartoon also has her swimwear edited in the same way, while another picture portrays a young Son Goku from the classic Dragon Ball Z anime with his chest censored as his clothes are ripped apart during a transformation.

    The blogger pointed out that many viewers do not think about anything inappropriate when they watch cartoons. However, when censorship is applied it makes audiences assume that there is something unsuitable on screen and brings the content to their attention.


    21st July

      EU diplomats lay into crimes against tourists...

    Major international news coverage for Thailand's scams and extortion rackets
    Link Here

    Sun said to be re-inventing page 3 with less nipples

    The Sun Page 2010 Calendar Apparently responding to PC protest, The Sun's new editor, David Dinsmore, has asked a group of female executives to reinvent Page 3 to supposedly make it more relevant to the 21st century.

    Jules Stenson, the ex-features editor of the News of the World, tweeted: I am told The Sun is planning to 'reinvent' Page 3. No love for it among bosses, but it is a sales fix they cannot live without.

    The changes will mean, says one former News International executive, more celeb pictures, more up-market shoots and less nipples . It is thought the changes are the idea of Dinsmore, who took over as editor last month, rather than an instruction from Rupert Murdoch.

    Lisa Clarke of No More Page 3 said the changes were proof that they were being listened to. She said Dinsmore had been engaging with the group, which by last night had secured more than 108,000 signatures:

    We have some fantastic ideas ... about putting female athletes, artists, people who represent women as we actually are, rather than just standing there in our pants for the entertainment of men. There is a huge moral shift in the zeitgeist and we are very happy to talk to these executives about making Page 3 a more female-positive space.



Summary Notes

On a late night visit to an ATM, three co-workers end up in a desperate fight for their lives when they become trapped by an unknown man.

19th July

  Dangerous Thailand...

Drunk, old and dead
Link Here



Inseparable Blu ray Kevin Spacey

BBFC uncut
15 94:32s Inseparable is a 2011 China thriller by Dayyan Eng.
With Kevin Spacey, Daniel Wu and Beibi Gong. YouTube icon


14th July

 Offsite Article: Fragrant Reality...

Link Here
Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine RiceHow Thailand's Botched Rice Scheme Blew a Big Hole in its Economy

See article from


7th July

  12 to 11 at 7/11...

Prohibition hours enforced at convenience stores
Link Here
R18 103:14s Double Trouble is a 2013 adult video by Von Stillie.
With Aaron Aurora, Cody Reed and James Daniels.

UK: Passed R18 uncut for strong images of real sex for:

  • 2013 Millivres video


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