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A bit worrying...

Thai Government asks provincial health offices to stop publishing the numbers of people infected with coronavirus

Link Here30th January 2020
The health office in Chiang Mai said on Monday (January 27) that the Public Health Ministry had instructed provincial health offices to stop reporting the numbers of suspected and confirmed coronavirus cases and wait for the official announcement from the ministry after China announced a ban of all flight to the province after February 7.

There are 19 direct flights daily from China to Chiang Mai, according to airport authority.



Offsite Article: Forgive and forget...

Link Here28th January 2020
Full story: Thai TV Censorship...Kissing and catfights make the news whilst booze and fags are blurred
Thai TV drama series (lakorn) are very un-PC about sex and violence

See article from



Get Smart...

Another case of Immigration police getting heavy handed over a trivial overstay

Link Here18th January 2020
Naew Na has published a new report from Pattaya in which immigration's much heralded 'Smart Car' was used in the arrest of a foreigner on a one week overstay.

In the first story Pol Col Naren Khreuangsanuk sent in his officers to the Moo 10, Nong Prue area of Pattaya where they saw a foreigner supposedly acting suspiciously.

The 'smart car' apparently equipped with a computing equipment which was used to look up the guys immigration status and found that he was on a 7 day overstay.

The Omani man was handed over to the local police for 'processing'.



Walking ATMs with a chip on the shoulder...

Old magnetic strip ATM cards will become invalid next week

Link Here10th January 2020
The deadline for switching from magnetic ATM cards to chip cards is coming closer and after January 15, all magnetic cards will become invalid, Siritida Panomwon na, assistant governor of Ayudhya, Bank of Thailand said. The new cards are also notable for requiring a 6 digit rather than the usual 4 digit PIN.

The switch was expected to be completed by the end of 2019, as 47 million magnetic cards had already been converted to chip cards, leaving some 20 million magnetic cards nationwide.

Magnetic cards holders can change their cards at any branch of their respective banks or financial institutions free of charge. Required documents are ID card, existing magnetic card and bank passbook, said the assistant governor.

After January 15, magnetic cards will be unusable at ATMs and credit card machines at retail shops. However, card owners can still make a cash withdrawal or transfer money at bank's tellers, via mobile banking and internet banking as alternatives.



Don't sweat...

The Thai prime minister has an idea. He asks people to shower less ahead of an impending drought

Link Here8th January 2020
It could be the worst seasonal drought for four decades according to the Office of National Water Resources.

Speaking to the Bangkok Post, ONWR secretary-general Somkiat Prajamwong recalled that during the severe drought in 2015 (when Thailand was under military rule), soldiers were sent to protect wells from indiscriminate pumping by local villagers irrigating their farms.

The ONWR was created two years ago to address the country's water issues and challenges, and is in charge of water resource management and coordinating policies and goals across 20 state agencies.

Thailand's dry season started in November and usually lasts through April, although this year authorities say it could go on through June. Thailand's Central region is predicted to be the hardest hit by the looming drought, focussed on the 22 provinces along the Chao Phraya River. Somkiat also predicts farmland will be affected because the amount of land for farming has risen by 3 million rai in recent years.

Last week, Bangkok's water authority said the capital's tap water was becoming saline as seawater pushed up the depleted Chao Phraya river, a source of much of central Thailand's water.

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha on Tuesday urged people to turn off taps and shower less to cope with a drought afflicting northern and central Thailand.



Single use brain cells...

Thai TV blurs out another social vice. First it was booze and fags...and now it's plastic bags

Link Here4th January 2020
Full story: Thai TV Censorship...Kissing and catfights make the news whilst booze and fags are blurred
Most national retailers in Thailand have just stopped handing out free plastic carrier bags to shoppers on January 1st

In the run up to the big day Thai TV added plastic bags to their list of social vices that must be optically censored, previously guns, alcoholic drinks, and cigarettes.

Perhaps the TV companies would have more of an effect blurring out cars, motorbikes, airplanes, air conditioners and meat.

Anyway the censorship has caused much derision on social media and the Thai environment minister stepped in to support the censorship.

National Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa said it was easy for the online community to criticise this act of self-censorship by TV stations. He defended the broadcasters' "well intentioned" efforts by comparing it to the censorship of alcohol and cigarettes.

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