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A Playground for Jetsetters and Ferrari Drivers...

Ambitious plans to redevelop the Bali Hai area south of Walking Street

Link Here13th June 2020
Pictures of plans to completely revolutionize the area from Walking Street to the Bali Hai port in Pattaya have been unveiled by the local council.

The artist impressions show wide open boulevards with Ferraris and well dressed people walking without a care in the world. There are marinas and ocean walkways and everything is landscaped to perfection.

There is even a ferris wheel that could become known as the Pattaya Eye like the one in London.



Pie in the sky...

Plans to build a roof over Walking Street

Link Here4th June 2020
Pictures are circulatimg revelaing plans for a major revamp to Pattaya's Walking Street.

The futuristic designs and bright new look makes the notorious red light district resemble a shopping street - some critics online said it resembled just another mall. There is not a hanging wire - or street walker - in sight!

The designs were presented by the city's engineering team to mayor Sontaya Khunpluem .

Reading between the lines of the post it appears that the mayor gave the plans a rather lukewarm reception. He commented that Walking Street has to be fit for purpose and not adversely affect livelihoods. He stressed that any makeover must ensure that the special smell and flavor of Walking Street must be maintained.



Pie in the Sky Train...

The annual airing of council plans to build a monorail system in Pattaya

Link Here24th May 2020

The Pattaya City administration plans to build a nine-kilometre monorail to ease traffic congestion and connect the city with the government's flagship Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project.

Pattaya deputy mayor Manote Nongyai said:

Pattaya needs to develop a public transport system to facilitate travel across the city.

For the future development of Pattaya, it is necessary to reduce the use of private cars while moving towards public transport in the form of an electric rail system to distribute wealth, promote tourism and help the industrial sector

Adding that a highly efficient system will be in high demand after the Covid-19 crisis eases, which will see an influx of tourists return to the city.

Manote said the Pattaya City administration has allocated a budget of 70 million baht for a feasibility study project

The nine-kilometre monorail would run from Pattaya railway station via a motorway, Northern Pattaya Road, Pattaya Sai 2 Road, Thap Phraya intersection to Bali Hai Pier.



Updated: Checkpoint Charlie...

Pattaya's extreme lockdown with checkpoints on all roads into town requiring onerous documentation

Link Here2nd May 2020
Thai media reported that Pattaya's lock down - version #2 after a dismal failure last week - will finally begin on Thursday at 6am.

People travelling in and out of the city will need a special form to be filled in to obtain permission to travel. The form can be obtained from any 7-Eleven store in Pattaya or online at permission-certificate where both Thai and English language versions are available.

People who rent either a house or a condo in Pattaya and need to enter the city centre also need to show a copy of the ID of their landlord and their contact details. In addition to presenting the completed certificate, foreigners who need to travel into Pattaya to work need to also supply a copy of their passport and work permit.

The new lockdown will see a total of eight checkpoints set up at various points throughout the city: At Maryvit School Mini Siam North Pattaya Intersection Central Pattaya Intersection South Pattaya Intersection Thepprasit Intersection Wat Bunkanchanaran Intersection Intersection at Public Prosecution office

Each of the checkpoints will be manned by 27 people. People passing through the checkpoints will have their documentation checked and temperatures taken. The checkpoints will operate from 6am until 10pm and will be in place until the COVID-19 situation in the city improves.

On a more positive note, mobile phone repair shops will now be allowed to open along with building supply shops and electrical goods stores. These were deemed to be important items the public needed.

Update: End date

16th April 2020. See article from

Officials in Chonburi have earmarked 1 May as a possible date for businesses to reopen in the province. The date is dependent on the COVID-19 situation in the province continuing to improve.

In an order released late on Tuesday, officials said that if the COVID-19 situation does not worsen then most businesses can resume trading. Some of the business types listed included spas, gyms, restaurants, bars and convenience stores.

Update: Checking out

16th April 2020. See article from

Bangkok Biz News reported that Pattaya's mayor Sontaya Khunpluem said that Pattaya's military lockdown will come to an end on May 4th. People will be able to move in and out freely from May 5th, next Tuesday.

The mayor thanked people for their forbearance and said that Pattaya had now been declared a White Area after 16 days without a new Covid-19 case.

Meanwhile Thailand will end a ban on the sale of alcohol on Sunday when it lifts other restrictions following progress in containing the coronavirus outbreak. The ban has been in effect since April 10 in a bid to discourage social gatherings.

The new order, which will take effect on Sunday, means you can buy and sell liquor, beer, wine. You can buy from restaurants but only as takeaways. You can buy at convenience stores, supermarkets, anywhere in the country, Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam told Reuters.



Updated: Passport to Pattaya...

Checkpoints established around town to ban non residents

Link Here11th April 2020
Pattaya is now closed to people who are not residents. There are now 24 hour checkpoints set up to screen people at various locations throughout the city and will be in place until the situation regarding COVID-19 improves.

Officials detailed five checkpoints to stop people entering: Soi Chaiyapornwithee, Soi Phon Prapha Nimit, Soi Chaiyapruek, the Motorway Route 7 section 5 and the Ayakan Intersection. Sukhumvit Road will be sealed off to outsiders and only traversable by locals.

People passing through the checkpoints will have their temperature taken. People will need to have their documentation and IDs in order and some, particularly employees working in Pattaya will be urged to make special ID cards. Foreigners should carry their passports with them.

Update: Oops... it didn't work out quite as expected

10th April 2020. See article from

Pattaya's leaders are desperately scurrying to rethink the lock down of the city. The lock down started as planned at 2pm but it soon descended into chaos due to totally gridlocked traffic.

PR Pattaya City reported on Facebook that the five checkpoints stopping traffic were abandoned and a meeting was hurriedly arranged chaired by Pattaya mayor Sontaya Khunpluem and Bang Lamung District chief Amnat Charoensri.

77kaoded said it was not just the traffic - each of the five checkpoints were struggling to interpret what ID was necessary to move in and out of the city. This created horrendous delays leading to the removal of concrete barriers that were being used to stop the traffic.

Update: New locations

11th April 2020. See article from

Following the initial chaos, Pattaya officials have said that the old checkpoints will be removed and new ones set up in the following locations:

At Mareewit School
Near Mueang Jamlong
Entrance to Pattana Nua (North Pattaya) at the Prinya Sai 3 intersection
Pattaya Klang (Central Pattaya) at Soi Arunothai
Pattaya Tai (South Pattaya) at Soi Kophai
Thepprasit Intersection
Intersection near Boon Kanjanagaram Temple
I-yakan Intersection

The new checkpoints will be in place by Tuesday (14 April) for at least three weeks or longer, if the situation does not improve.

When passing through a checkpoint, people will have their temperature taken and should show their ID. Foreigners should show their passport.



Offsite Article: Hundreds of visitors queue at Pattaya immigration for visa extensions...

Link Here 7th April 2020
Is there any other government in the locked down world that has is so disgracefully generating mass gatherings?

See article from



New Year resolution...

Pattaya will try again to get drivers to stop at pedestrian crossings

Link Here7th January 2020
Pattaya Warning!
You are entering a red light area

Pattaya City Hall is once again trying to get drivers to heed pedestrian crossing signals

In a Jan. 3 statement, city hall said:

Accidents largely are the fault of careless drivers who just blow through the red lights at crossing signals and don't yield to tourists used to western road regulations that give pedestrians the right of way.

All drivers should respect traffic rules by stopping at traffic signals.

A previous attempt in 2010 was a complete failure as drivers simply refused to stop for red lights.The project officially was declared a failure in February 2011.

There's no mention of enforcement cameras being installed so it doesn't look as if the authorities are very geared up to to mak it actually work this time.



Police ask people not to post footage of Pattaya beach sex lest it harm the resort's image...

Only for the UK's most widely read newspaper to make it a major pictorial with the video posted online

Link Here6th January 2020
Pattaya police have asked the public not to post clips of people having sex on the beach online. They said this is damaging Pattaya's image and is unhelpful in the investigation. [Maybe a mistranslation... surely they meant 'confirming Pattaya's image'].

The directives to the public came after a couple were filmed on the beach and the story was widely reported.

On the Pattaya police page they issued a three point notice.
  1. If you see illegal activity like sex on the beach tell the police immediately while they are still there.
  2. Putting footage on the internet and telling the police about it later is not helpful. In addition it would damage the image of Pattaya and furthermore it could be illegal under computer crime legislation.
  3. Clips can be sent to administrators for their own private viewing....not to others!! {presumably another mistranslation... or maybe not]

Any Britain's Daily Mail couldn't pass on such a tale of trivial sleeze. The newspaper ran th story under the title: Russian couple are forced to make grovelling TV apology after being filmed having drunk sex on Thai beach on New Year's Eve. And of course the article included all the pictures and video available. See article from

Pattaya's image will be well and truely confirmed.

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