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New Year resolution...

Pattaya will try again to get drivers to stop at pedestrian crossings

Link Here7th January 2020
Pattaya Warning!
You are entering a red light area

Pattaya City Hall is once again trying to get drivers to heed pedestrian crossing signals

In a Jan. 3 statement, city hall said:

Accidents largely are the fault of careless drivers who just blow through the red lights at crossing signals and don't yield to tourists used to western road regulations that give pedestrians the right of way.

All drivers should respect traffic rules by stopping at traffic signals.

A previous attempt in 2010 was a complete failure as drivers simply refused to stop for red lights.The project officially was declared a failure in February 2011.

There's no mention of enforcement cameras being installed so it doesn't look as if the authorities are very geared up to to mak it actually work this time.



Police ask people not to post footage of Pattaya beach sex lest it harm the resort's image...

Only for the UK's most widely read newspaper to make it a major pictorial with the video posted online

Link Here6th January 2020
Pattaya police have asked the public not to post clips of people having sex on the beach online. They said this is damaging Pattaya's image and is unhelpful in the investigation. [Maybe a mistranslation... surely they meant 'confirming Pattaya's image'].

The directives to the public came after a couple were filmed on the beach and the story was widely reported.

On the Pattaya police page they issued a three point notice.
  1. If you see illegal activity like sex on the beach tell the police immediately while they are still there.
  2. Putting footage on the internet and telling the police about it later is not helpful. In addition it would damage the image of Pattaya and furthermore it could be illegal under computer crime legislation.
  3. Clips can be sent to administrators for their own private viewing....not to others!! {presumably another mistranslation... or maybe not]

Any Britain's Daily Mail couldn't pass on such a tale of trivial sleeze. The newspaper ran th story under the title: Russian couple are forced to make grovelling TV apology after being filmed having drunk sex on Thai beach on New Year's Eve. And of course the article included all the pictures and video available. See article from

Pattaya's image will be well and truely confirmed.

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