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News Tuesday 20th March...

NightlifeNightlife News Silver Star
More class
Bar news from Sois 7, 8 and 9
World NewsSex Aware x dolls option
Unfair competition
Paris feminists get wound by a sex doll 'brothel'

News Monday 19th March...

Thai EmblemThailand News electronic tag
Commented: Not so smart, sounds more like a prison island
Thailand considers tagging all its tourists in Phuket, so it can keep a watchful eye on them

News Sunday 18th March...

World NewsSex Aware cowgirl
Free rides
New York's Museum of Sex offers a free try-out of a Cowgirl sex machine

News Saturday 17th March...

Thai EmblemThailand News 7 eleven logo
'Welcome back Mr Jones, we see you have another new girlfriend, we've a special for you on condoms'
7-Eleven convenience stores to snoop on customers using facial recognition technology

News Thursday 15th March...

Thai EmblemPattaya News panic beach police
Something scary lurking on the beach
Pattaya hires 'special forces' to pursue smokers for a 2000 Baht fine
World NewsSex Aware ladyboy sex doll
False false tits
Ladyboy sex dolls are proving a hit

Other News

24th February

Oh FCK: KFC apologise for chicken crisis with 'best sorry advert' that is winning over customers on Twitter. From

21st February

Melioidosis kills Half of Isaan People It Infects. Why Isn't More Being Done To Prevent It?. From

17th February

Homage to the penis: Park full of phallus sculptures attracts Olympic fans. From

7th February

A photographic optical illusion. From

28th January

Dangerous twerking in Cambodia. From


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I was locked out of the hosting account for reasons not specified, but now fixed.


warning orange

4th February from Dave

The Police were in a new place on Saturday night, under the flyover at the junction of Second Road, 3rd Road and Pratamnak Hill, where the coaches go to Bali Hai pier,

The 3rd road was very busy at 7:45am but when I joined Suhkumvit at Pattaya Klang it was very quiet. I think Thai's have started to use 3rd road to avoid Police Cordons on Suhkumvit.

10th January: Warning from David

Having been bitten by a wild dog while walking to Pattaya Park, I have discovered that several tourists are bitten every month in the Jomtien/Pattaya area. Of course, the local authorities do nothing, as usual.



On Thursday 1st March 2018 Makha Bucha is celebrated, one of the five Buddhist days when alcohol sales are prohibited.

Saturday 17th March 2018 is Saint Patrick's Day.

This year All Fools' Day/April Fools' Day and Easter coincide on Sunday 1st April 2018.


Re-opened  Mandarin A-GoGo on Walking St. 19th January.

Renamed Chaos A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro became Kiss A-GoGo on 16th January.

Opened Top One A-GoGo opened on Soho Square, 1st January.

Opened Cocoon  Nightclub with aerial performers opened 23rd December.

Opened 4Play A-GoGo on Soi 6. 1st December

Opened Marilyn Monroe A-GoGo on Walking Street taking over from L'Italiano Restaurant

Opened Bad Girls A-GoGo, taking over from a small Indian restaurant on central Walking Street. 7th November.


Thailand may be the Land of Smiles but it certainly isn't paradise.

Foreigners are surely greeted by the proverbial smiles but these are often in anticipation of a good fleecing.

Be well informed, respect the rules, respect the girls and play the game with enthusiasm. Somehow the smiles then turn out to be real.

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11th November: A light hearted blog from Sois 13

I started off at So Nice last night, and indeed it was so nice to get out of there.

At PYing (I think it means girls in Thai), I  called my lawyer to see if they could be sued under the Trades Descriptions Act.

Big Hugs is a strange name for a GoGo, I get a vivid mental image of being hugged by a granny...just like those from last night.

Moving rapidly on, the only vice I found in Miami... was gluttony.

I did find a few slots in Nevada though, but there weren't any jackpots.

I do like to end on a  positive note. I found that there were far fewer oldies and fatties in Far East Rock than I have ever seen there before. The bar is totally gutted awaiting re-development.


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