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News Wednesday 12th December...

Nightlife Nightlife News my kitty
Pattaya's 80th
MJ Kitty Bar opens as a Soi 6 A-GoGo
World News Adult News Amsterdam window shopping
The wrong type of culture
A new mayor of Amsterdam decides she would like to banish the red light area

News Tuesday 11th December...

Nightlife Nightlife News Baccara neon
A voice but no box
A Walking Street Blog

News Monday 10th December...

Nightlife Nightlife News harem club
Harem Club opens on Walking Street

News Sunday 9th December...

Nightlife Nightlife News Happy sign
Happy hunting in pairs
A Walking Street Blog

News Saturday 8th December...

Nightlife Nightlife News No Alcohol sign
The military government is set to take a step back
Thailand will have a general election in February 2019
Nightlife Nightlife News peppermint
Apples and pairs
A Walking Street Blog
World News Adult News Facebook logo
Commented: Stay just good friends
Or else Facebook will censor your advances, no matter how subtle

Other News

8th December

 Thailand’s roads remain some of the deadliest in the world, new report confirms . From

9th November

The world’s most dangerous countries for a holiday and Thailand is 3rd. From

7th November

Discuraging single use plastic bags at 7 Eleven. From

24th October

Thai police force British tourists to cough up 150 quid for a broken tolet seat worth a tenner. From

12th October

Don't Fall for This Email Sextortion Scam. From


12th December from Dave

My Friend Paul was coming home in the early hours of Monday Morning on a Baht Bus and got held up at a Police Cordon. They were Breathalysing  a Motorcyclist who blew into the Bag and was waved on. The second Motorcyclist was handed the same Bag to blow into and was not so lucky. He was led away. This sounds crazy you can't reuse these Bags but this is Thailand,

Another warning to stay off Thappraya Road at Night,use Threpprasit soi 8.

6th December 2018 from Dave

A friend of my neighbor from Norway got done for drink driving. He got a 20.000b fine and lost his license for 6 months, It was his own fault Driving on the Thappraya Road at night, It's a Police hotspot and has been for years,

20th November  from Dave

Popped into Friendship this morning and got stopped on the 3rd road by Police looking for Driving Licenses .

On the way back I was waiting at the traffic lights to turn right onto 3rd, A motorbike Taxi man pulled up next to me and warned me about the Police, I said do they stop you and he said they are not allowed to stop Taxi Men, is this the Taxi Mafia we hear about?

I got stopped again going to Walking Street in the evening.


25th December Christmas Day. Not a Thai holiday but it is surely a special day in Pattaya.

31st December New Years Eve is a public holiday

1st January New Years Day s a public holiday

Openings & News

MJ Kitty Bar became a Soi 6 GoGo on 8th December

Lisa on the beach opened as a  coyote bar on 8th December on 2nd Rd in north Pattaya.

Harem Club. GoGo opened 8th December taking over from Pheromome

Luxury opened on Pattaya Soi 2 in north Pattaya

Opened Far East Rock 2 on Soi Buakhao

Re-opened on Soi Buakhao after a break of about 2 weeks

Opened The New Rose, a pussy tricks bar on Soi BJ.

Opened Kink A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro 8th September

9th September: A light hearted blog

I think the legend of Pandora's Box may have originated in Pattaya. I stopped by Pandora's A-GoGo and saw several guys on the back benches desperately trying to stuff things back into Pandora's box.


Thailand may be the Land of Smiles but it certainly isn't paradise.

Foreigners are surely greeted by the proverbial smiles but these are often in anticipation of a good fleecing.

Be well informed, respect the rules, respect the girls and play the game with enthusiasm. Somehow the smiles then turn out to be real.

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