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News Sunday 20th October...

Nightlife Nightlife News blues brothers desk
The Super and the not so Super
A Walking Street Blog
World News Adult News miss scissor hands
Designing virtuous sex robots
Ludicrous academics call for sex robots to be designed with a 'consent module' [and no doubt programmed with robot headaches too]

News Saturday 19th October...

Nightlife Nightlife News exotica
Sexy in the City becomes two on Soi 6

News Friday 18th October...

Nightlife Nightlife News Yes sign
Yes! BUT!
Yes! Club becomes Boys Yes! Club

News Monday 14th October...

Thai Emblem Thailand News immigartion bye
One branch of the authorities considers how to encourage foreign visitors to Thailand
Whilst another reminds those potential visitors that they are liable to be arrested, jailed, humiliated in the local press, deported, and banned from Thailand for 5 years, just for as little as a 1 day overstay

News Sunday 13th October...

Nightlife Nightlife News Le Toy Van Budkins Mrs Mop The Cleaner
Don't get taken to the cleaners
A Walking Street Blog
World News Adult News pornhub award
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: More popular than the Oscars
Winners Announced at the 2nd Pornhub Awards

Other News

15th October

Fined in the Philippines for an itsy bitsy string bikini. From

10th October

Somebody should be careful what they wish for. Woke, consent seeking, sensitive guys are a turn off in bed. So says Psychology Today. From

3rd October

Thai bank electronic transfers will be now have to be vetted and details supplied for anything over 50,000 Baht. From

27th September

Thailand looks set to introduce a new data protection law along the line of the EU GDPR. From

23rd September

Tourism to Thailand statistics August 2019. From


10th July 2019

The Pattaya police are coming down hard on tourists who rent motorcycles without a licence.

They face a month in jail or a one thousand baht fine.

Rental shops are also on the radar with fines up to 2,000 baht for anyone who rents to tourists who don't show a license.

See more in article. From

12th December from Dave

My Friend Paul was coming home in the early hours of Monday Morning on a Baht Bus and got held up at a Police Cordon. They were Breathalysing  a Motorcyclist who blew into the Bag and was waved on. The second Motorcyclist was handed the same Bag to blow into and was not so lucky. He was led away. This sounds crazy you can't reuse these Bags but this is Thailand,

Another warning to stay off Thappraya Road at Night,use Threpprasit soi 8.

6th December 2018 from Dave

A friend of my neighbor from Norway got done for drink driving. He got a 20.000b fine and lost his license for 6 months, It was his own fault Driving on the Thappraya Road at night, It's a Police hotspot and has been for years,


13th October End of Buddhist Lent (Auk Pansa)

Buddhist special day Not a public holiday. Bars previously open but law change mandates closing from 2015. The prohibition runs from midnight to midnight and so some GoGos delay opening until midnight.

14th October Bhumipol Day

Anniversary of the King's death and now remembered as a permanent public holiday

Bars closed in 2017 and 2018 but the decisions seems to have been last minute.

23rd October Chulalongkorn Day

Public holiday. Bars open

Openings & News

Opening Golden Club taking over from Sugar Baby

25th September 2019 New Daily Promotions at Sugar Sugar on Soi Buakhao, notably:

  • Sunday: Buy a lady drink, get a draft beer free

  • Monday: Buy a beer/house spirit, get one free until midnight

Re-opening MClub gentlemen's club off PattayaKlang and 3rd Road. 9th September 2019.

Re-opening Scooter's Bar with Secrets returns to Soi 14 on 1st September

Opening Republic nightclub on Soi Lucky Star in the venue that was previously Champion A-GoGo

Re-opened Super Model A-GoGo Walking Street 10th October.

Re-opened Hidden A-GoGo Walking Street 9th October.

Re-opened Yes! A-GoGo 1st October

10th September 2019

TM30 for Thais. From

9th September: A light hearted blog

I think the legend of Pandora's Box may have originated in Pattaya. I stopped by Pandora's A-GoGo and saw several guys on the back benches desperately trying to stuff things back into Pandora's box.


Thailand may be the Land of Smiles but it certainly isn't paradise.

Foreigners are surely greeted by the proverbial smiles but these are often in anticipation of a good fleecing.

Be well informed, respect the rules, respect the girls and play the game with enthusiasm. Somehow the smiles then turn out to be real.

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