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2009: January

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30th January   

First But will it Last...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: First A-GoGo
Link Here

The new First A-GoGo is located on the north side of central Soi 8. It was previously the location of Zoo A-GoGo. I have heard that there was a previous incarnation of First A-GoGo on the same site many years ago.

The gogo is large with a central stage plus an unused side stage and a Jacuzzi.

There is an area with sofa seating and the rest of the bar is stools. The gogo generally looks good.

It is always difficult for bars to recruit girls for the opening and this bar had just 6 dancers. Less than average too. They were all bikini clad. I was told that the Jacuzzi girls were a little more revealing but they hadn't started yet.

The Pattaya Ghost informs me that all 3 of the Jacuzzi girls were eminently 'doable'.

The drinks prices are way too much for the early days entertainment with no draft beer and bottles at 100-110. Spirits were on the menu as 130 Baht.

The service girl taking my order was a good English speaker and she was happy to chat to make up for the lack of available dancers.

But really the bar is currently poor value with expensive drinks, few ladies, and dancers with too many clothes.

The bar seemed basically friendly and free of hassle. I will certainly drop by again to see how they fare.

There currently 79 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


30th January   

GoGos Gone...

Spicy Girls and Sexy set to close
Link Here

Pattaya at Night is reporting that Sexy A-GoGo near the 2nd Road end of Soi 7 has gone dark. Not to be confused with Sexy Girls A-GoGo on Soi 8 which is still operating.

Friends of Spicy Girls A-GoGo on Soi Post Office have said that this GoGO will also close after the close of business on Saturday 31st January. Saturday night will be something of a wake with cheap beer. Spicy has been going for 10 years to the day so is it is surely a a sad occasion.

Update: Still Sexy

30th January 2009

Sexy A-GoGo on Soi 7 is in fact still open albeit with a dark sign.


26th January   

Pizza, Games and Motorbikes...

Promotions at Club Mirage and party raffle at Blues Factory
Link Here

Starting 2nd Feb, Club Mirage on Soi Diamond will hold fixed weekly promotions for their guests

    Just order the free pizza from the girls as they walk around
  • Wednesday - FREE PIZZA NIGHT
    Just order the free pizza from the girls as they walk around
    When you arrive, you have the choice to come in and sit down and order like normal, or you can choose to pay a set fee (find out when you arrive) and drink beer all night. you even get to pour the beer from the keg yourself.
  • Saturday - GAMES NIGHT
    Every 30 minutes or so through the night, special game shows where staff and guests can participate and win drinks and prizes.

The guys wanted to get back on track for what they originally set the bar up, not as a full fledged GoGo, but as a fun party club.

Tuesday 3rd February is The Blues Factory's Mary's birthday.

She's throwing a party in the club which will have a free buffet laid on and she has decided to hold a raffle where all proceeds will be given by Mary to The Mercy Centre here in Pattaya.

Mary has gone out and purchased a new Platinum Motorbike and this will be the top prize in the draw. Tickets are available on the night for 300bht each and as said the proceeds will go to the kids at The Mercy Centre.

Music will be by the Blues Machine with a few guests also.


24th January   

Updated: Walking Street Row...

Republika Disco takes a rap for noise
Link Here

The new Republika DiscoTk on Walking Street has been closed by the cops. Doormen at Airport next door said it was because of extreme noise. No word on how long it will be closed.

Coming to think of it, Goodfella's have turned down Walking Street sound system that was so excessively loud when it was first turned on.

Perhaps Republika should invest in the big sound proof vault doors like Diamond and Casnovy.

Update: Broken Silence

24th January

The bars re-opened last night so just a short period of silence.


21st January   

Bars Update...

New, old, and more expensive
Link Here

Maureen's Bar was the beer bar in front of Champion A-GoGo. It closed at the New Year. It has now been replaced by Ring the Bell.

The bar counter has moved from the centre to the left hand side. Maybe will prove  more practical use of the space.

Absolut Club/Disco at the far end of Soho Square seems to have closed although it hasn't looked very lively for quite a while. Perhaps the model of targeting Russians willing to pay high drinks prices isn't quite the license to print money that was hoped.

Meanwhile the 7/11 chain of cut prices bars dotted all around town has increased the price of a bottle of Chang beer by 2 Baht. Apparently the blame is down to tax. No doubt if that is the case, it will have a knock on to Pattaya's nightlife.


20th January   

New For Old...

Pattaya continues to go GoGo
Link Here

Popcorn A-GoGo on Soi Pattayaland 2 closed in October 2008 but last night the sign was illuminated and people were milling round in the bar.

Not open at the moment but perhaps someone will have another go in the near future.

Further up the same Soi, Kitten Club is closed as previously mentioned.  There is a clue to the reason for the closure from a notice on the door saying closed for being 2 sexy.

Meanwhile there is a new GoGo slated for a 28th January opening on Soi 8. First A-GoGo is located in the centre of the soi in the complex where the short lived Zoo A-GoGo tried in 2005/6.

At the moment the count of bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less stands at 78.


16th January   

Claws Clipped...

Temporary closure at Kitten Club
Link Here

I was surprised to find that the Kitten club was closed, the sign said for renovations. When I asked when it would open again at the front desk of the Penthouse hotel, I was told that the girls had been moved to the lady boy bar next door, Obsessions.

I asked when it would reopen. The answer I got was: they were in court pending some legal action .


15th January   

Dark Side Bar Raids...

Thai police not so serious about attracting tourists back
Link Here

Banglamung police have been raiding the bars of east Pattaya.

There current mission is targeted at bars with hostesses. It seems that bars on the dark side are unable to obtain entertainment licenses for bars and so have to operate on a restaurant licence. This officially precludes Pattaya's bar girls from sitting at your side and playing traditional games.

I don't suppose for one minute that the objective is to make East Pattaya bars devoid of fun, but that is the official outcome of police actions.


12th January   

Looking Up...

More parties and fun in Pattaya
Link Here

Shark Club A-GoGo has started weekly parties starting at 10PM every Friday. We've got a great buffet of Western food available starting at 8:30. We also have the usual shit that the girls love, but for the customers we really go all out. We are getting some hot girls starting this week at both Shark and Tiger. Our goal is to make our bars in Pattaya as good as the ones in Bangkok (Shark in Cowboy and Mandarin in Nana.)

Meanwhile a couple of bars have sprung back to life after being temporarily closed. Kittens on Soi Post Office has returned as has Quicky Bar on Soi 6.

It is not all good news though, Red Light Bar on Soi 6 was closed last night, hopefully temporarily. Pattaya At Night reports that Bada Bing on Soi 8 has closed its doors. It is proving a difficult venue, there have been a couple of short lived gogos and the Oasis Coyote bar always appeared to struggle there.

The defunct Honey Girls A-GoGo on Soi Honey has now been gutted and has been opened to the street. Maybe some more open bars on the way.


11th January   

Coyote Not So Ugly...

Penthouse girls visit Coyotee's
Link Here

On the 23rd, 24th and 25th of this month Coyotee's A-GoGo will have 10 hot guest supermodels from Bangkok among its collection of beauties....and they will be barfinable!

They are the models featured in Thailands PENTHOUSE magazine and other soft porn mags and videos.

Come and test your 'charming' skills with the best looking girls to hit this town...The 25th will feature a Dance-Off between our Pattaya lovelies and the Bangkok girls.


10th January   

Bar Bar More More...

Room for a few more new bars yet
Link Here

The beer bar in front of Catz is set for a rebirth as Celebrity Corner. There is a grand opening party on Sunday 11th January.

Another fancy Bangkok pub/disco/club, Tunnel Club, is said to have secured a Walking Street location.

The owners of X-Zone have promised and X-Zone 2 to open on that less than auspicious date of 1st April.

Silver Star 3 A-GoGo on Walking Street seems to have extended such that it is directly on Walking Street rather than down the corridor.


9th January   

Mardi Gras...

Pattaya's first Mardi Gras and shopping festival
Link Here

Pattaya International Mardi Gras Festival will take place on 23rd of January.

The Mardi Gras parade will start on Pattaya Beach Road in front of Soi 7 and will turn left at the entrance to Walking Street. The Parade will continue left down Pattaya Second Road and will finish up at the Central Festival Pattaya Beach Plaza which is set to open on the same day.

The event is sponsored by the Central Festival Pattaya Beach, Pattaya City Hall and the Chonburi Provincial Administration.

The parade will start at 4pm on 23rd and will feature colorful outfits, lots of Thai superstars and plenty of Mardi Gras fun.


8th January   

Offsite Fun on the Beach...

Pattaya shows Dubai how to have fun on the beach
Link Here

Certain Europeans are not creating a very good impression of themselves around the world. In the past few months, a German couple were caught having sex in an Ayutthia temple and a British couple were prosecuted for having sex on a beach in Dubai.

The latest incident happened on Pattaya Beach Road, in full view of the police station, on January 8, 2009, where a Slavic-looking couple were captured on video, engaging in blatant sexual foreplay.

...Read full article with pictures


7th January   

Not So Good Fellas...

Walking Street Noise
Link Here

Walking Street has got an awful lot noisier in the last few days.

Most notably Goodfellas above Soi Lucky Star has erected a TV screen and speakers that are way too loud. It is reported that Goodfella's is pretty loud inside too.

Further down Walking Street both the new Club Insomnia and Ocean 10 are contributing to the cacophony. And as if too show that all newcomers have to make a din, Republika Disco have a got a band right by the door.

Anyone for the Walking Street Noise Abatement Society?


7th January   

Updated: Quickies...

A couple less bars in Pattaya
Link Here

Soi 6 was a bit of ghost town yesterday evening. Maybe all the girls went home for the extended New Year weekend. Or maybe they were all shagged out after a busy Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, Quicky bar was shuttered, maybe just not enough girls turned up for work.

Down in Walking Street Maureen's bar in front of Champion A-GoGo has closed and has already been stripped down to an empty space. Presumably something new will be appearing there soon.

Update: Surprise Surprise

6th January 2009

Well it looks like the first bricks of the new development look like they are building another bar. A very strange time for redevelopment though right in the middle of peak season.

Update: Quicky

7th January 2009

Well Quicky Bar is still shuttered so the closure looks permanent

Update: Quicky

14th January 2009

Quicky Bar is back live and kicking. The girls had just gone on a protracted new year break.


3rd January   

Stupid Knut...

P4P ban minister can't even spell his own name right
Link Here

Aaargh Fucking Fem-Nazis!!!

The Norwegian Minister Of Justice, Knut Storberget, has stated that all Norwegian sex clients should now be wary and has made it clear that the ban on buying sex also applies to Norwegians purchasing sexual favours outside of the country. It will be difficult to prosecute, he said, but not impossible.

Pattaya Daily News decided to gauge the reaction to the new law among Norwegian visitors in Pattaya. They chose Kๅre’s Party Bar on Pattaya’s second road, a beer bar popular among Norwegian tourists who make up 90% of the bar’s clientele.

The co-owner of the bar said the law had long been a popular theme of discussion but no-one took it seriously. He suggested Norwegian authorities should put their own house in order before persecuting its citizens abroad. He also wondered how the authorities planned to enforce the law in Thailand. Would Norway be sending undercover agents to gather evidence? Would the Thai Police cooperate?

The law also specifically defines the sexual activities it covers. These include payment for sexual intercourse, physical contact between exposed genitalia, one or two-way masturbation or touching someone’s private parts or breasts. Payment is defined as the exchange of money, or payment in kind, including the giving of flowers and gifts.

Pattaya Daily News suggested selling t-shirts in Pattaya with the slogan: Have you broken the law today?


2nd January   

Betty Boum...

A new GoGo for Soi Pattayaland 1
Link Here

Betty Boum has opened in the venue that was previously Spicy Girls A-GoGo before it moved to Soi 13/2.

Interesting how this bar got its name, given that it is one letter away from the Soi 6 gogo Betty Boup which in itself is not exactly a common name for a bar.

The single unit bar is nicely decorated with a central stage, bench seating on one side and stools on the other. The owners have even invested in an upper gantry stage accessed by rather a difficult looking ladder. Lets hope the upper tier ladies don't get too mao.

No such danger at the moment, the bar is well understaffed with just 5 dancers and a couple of hostesses. There were 2 or 3 dancers on stage wearing a rather unrevealing bikini. The dancers were attractive, one particularly so.

The bar has a DJ and some lighting bits and pieces to match.

The bar looks pretty ambitious and as drinks to match its ambition rather than its reality. There is no draft beer and bottled beer is rather high at 110 Baht.

For the moment the entertainment is simply not worth it. But at least there are signs of ambition that they may one day justify the high end prices. In the meantime they need a few more girls wearing a few less clothes and sporting a few less inhibitions in customer relations.

This new bar brings the tally of bars with dancing girls in bikinis or less to 79.


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