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2010: March

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30th March   

AngelWitch Revisited...

Rick does Soi 15
Link Here

Descending Angels at AngelWitch

I have to confess to being a big fan of AngelWitch . It's formula is different from other bars and clubs in town. There is, or at least a while back there was a high standard of performance, choreographed scenes in beautiful costumes that were as creative and artistic as they were erotic.

Those standards seem to have slipped a little in the last year. It's still a great venue, one of the few venues in town where you can take a date and she's going to enjoy the show.

My last visit a month ago left me disappointed, with it's reliance on formula bawdy sketches that you could imagine seeing in any part of town, or even participate in at some of the raunchier clubs in town like Windmill and Babydolls . My date was bored. She sat through the sketches unimpressed and spent half the time checking her watch.

On my visit this week, the show seems to have been revitalised somewhat. We have some new comedy scenes, Tina Turner impersonations, acts with a live Python, and of course the statuesque Oi is on stage in many of the scenes, to impress us with her sensuality. Unfortunately, the lady with the acrobatic talents, who could swing between the steel poles with the skill of a trapeze artist, appears to be missing. Still lots of entertainment, and a show well worth watching.

My date this night loved the show, she smiled and laughed throughout the comedy acts and appreciated the beauty of the costumes and the talents of the show girls and actors . She watched in awe as the girls descended from the overhead gantry, sliding down the chrome poles.

We decided to stay for the next show and watched as the go-go girls descended onto the stage. The go-go dancers at AngelWitch are amongst the hottest on Walking Street. I guess I was staring at one of the go-go dancers longer than I should have been. My date put her hand on my python. She leaned towards me and said I can see you like that girl! . I just smiled, but omitted to tell her that cuddling up to a '9' was already having a significant impact on my libido.

Great entertainment, well worth a visit.

Beers are Bt 150, soft drinks Bt 125.

Eye Candy at Candy Shop

We stopped at Candy Shop for a drink, and to listen to some live music. Thai girls love to hang out at this venue. I spotted a few young girls from Soi 6 bars, who had stopped by for an after work drink. This is the place they come to hook up with their friends and drink the Thai girls favourite beer, San Miguel Light.

The beers here are also Bt 150, and the selection of beers is very limited. Soft drinks Bt 120

Fine Diners on Soi 15

We decided to head home and made our way along Soi 15, one of my favourite streets in Pattaya. I often stop here for a late night snack, Soi 15 is packed with street food stands and restaurants. It's a great place to be if you want to be in the thick of the action. You can sit next to a welcome girl from Iron Club or Airport Go-Go , or maybe a go-go dancer wearing a satin robe, from Shark or Beach Club or one of the other clubs in the area, out for some sustenance between rotations.

I smiled, or maybe I was grinning, I'm not sure, as we wandered past Shark Club , Beach Club , AngelWitch , BabyDolls, Mistys , What's Up and all the other great clubs on Soi 15. Many good memories of evenings spent on this street. I had other pleasures in mind, as we made our way home. Another fun filled day in paradise was drawing to a close.


28th March   

No Sense...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Kiss Kool
Link Here

Of the four dancing bars at the end of Soi 6, Kiss Kool is the least satisfactory for those that pop in for the dancing.

As a typical Soi 6 short time bar where a girl is chosen at the door it can work fine. Except that the girls I have spoken to have been those that ask for a lady drink in the first breath and to 'go up' in the second. Probably just bad luck.

But the bar seems to have no flexibility to cater for customers who want to do the typical GoGo thing of entering, ordering a drink, relaxing for a while whilst watching the dancing, and surveying the ladies for a likely drinking partner. Any attempt along these lines will surely result in a lonely drink. If one declines the option of a girl on the door then you will then be ignored for the rest of the visit.

The strange thing is that by employing this mode of operation then there is absolutely no point to the dancing. The customers who have picked a hostess at the door will be busy with them. And because the bar doesn't seem to cater for dance watchers, then there are no customers to take an interest in the dancers. So then the dancing becomes little more than a perfunctory shuffle.

The bar is, however, noteworthy for the pleasant decor and good layout of seating with lots of curves and bays.

The drinks prices are reasonable too.


27th March   


New bar for Soi 6
Link Here

The much re-developed Love Club bar on central Soi 6 is taking shape as something new.

An impressive new sign proclaims that the bar will be called Amsterdamaged.

Presumably inspired the famed Amsterdam red light windows, the bar has installed cubicles in the window for girls (hopefully) to either sit in or dance in.

Should be a bit different and the bar looks as if it will be quite smart.


25th March   

Cigar Bob...

Goodbye to a well known publisher and Thai-Anxiety contributor
Link Here

Cigar Bob or ST4Me on the Pattaya forums was a well known and well liked character in Pattaya's nightlife scene. He seemed to know every bar owner in town and most nightlife regulars as well.

He passed away peacefully in his sleep.

His sterling work in scouting out news and talent for his Afterdark magazine will surely live on as a fitting legacy.

Goodbye Bob and thank you.


25th March   

A Bit Better...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Mandarin
Link Here

Mandarin is located at the Beach Road end of Soi 6

For much of the last year the bar has looked a little bit underwhelming with few enticing girls outside. But my most recent foray was an enjoyable visit.

It was hardly what you could call heaving, but there were a few customers and friendly enough girls to ensure that they were enjoying good customer care.

There were just 2 girls dancing generally in bikinis but sometimes less. They had a nice short dance roster so didn't spend too long away from their more important customer care role.

The drinks prices are very reasonable.

Hardly earth shattering, but at least the bar is now an alternative to Betty Boup/Passion. These seem to have relinquished their previous dominance of dancing bars on the soi.


23rd March   

Goodbye Old Bean...

I'll miss you not a jot
Link Here

After twelve years, Amari's Henri J. Beans Pub and Restaurant at the northern end of Beach Road is closing in its present form, and will re-open as a new modernized venue, known as The Tavern.

The managing directors of the big Amari Hotel Resort have decided that it was time to give the original building a facelift, and alter the setting from the original 1950's American theme to the style of an Old English Pub.

Re-modeling will entail replacing a lot of the wooden structures with glass panels, the addition of a pool table and the fitting of some of the latest TV / Video entertainment equipment. This will include more LCD / TV screens that will be bigger and better, plus video projectors for large screen viewing of mainly world sports events.

The long running Tex / Mex food dishes will give way to good old traditional English Pub fare, and the kitchen is being re-designed to speed up both cooking and food delivery. As well as these improvements, a pizza oven is to be installed.

Amari's Filipino band and its singers will return again after renovations have been completed, late in April. As will, no doubt, the high beer prices.


22nd March   

Rapidly Evolving...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Baccara
Link Here

Baccara recently opened on Walking Street at about Soi BJ

The bar must be doing something right as it has rapidly become one of Pattaya's favourites.

So surely time to pay another visit.

There was a generally lively atmosphere and plenty of girls on stage and off. They were a well above average set of dancers, both in terms of attractive girls and in putting an effort into dancing.

There were a dozen girls on stage changing 2 at a time. This means a dancing roster of a longish, but typical 6 songs. The girls were mostly topless but a few were more coy.

It seemed to be a fun place to drink.

I would have stayed longer but I got pissed off by some uncalled for heavy pressure from ping pong ball sellers. I can easily ignore such nonsense but the 2 girls then moved on to a newbie sitting next to me. They were way too aggressive and I didn't really want to stay in a bar that allows their customers to be treated like that.

Note to newbies, don't waste your money on ping pong balls. The moment the whooping and laughter has died down, your contribution will have been forgotten. The same amount of money will be more appreciated as individual tips to the girls that provide you with personal company. They will usually remember you on your next visit and will be keen to hook up again.


21st March   

An Illusion of a Bar...

Illusion goes dark
Link Here

Illusion, the bells and whistles show bar on Soi 14 has gone dark.

The bar went dark previously in December last year but sort of recovered after a few days.

For those that like totally unerotic pussy trick shows, then you could try Byblos, Hot Girls, Play Girls & Tramps instead

So now there are 80 bars in the Pattaya area offering girls dancing in bikinis or less.


19th March   

Window Shopping...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Powers Club
Link Here

Powers Club is a new GoGo located above Champion on central Walking Street

The first thing that struck me about this bar is that it has something of an image/pricing/psychology problem...and that was before I had even set foot in the door.

I really was a bit concerned that it would prove to be a rip off bar where tips are demanded with menaces. The totally misplaced concern is down to the coyote dancers in an upstairs window catching the eye of passing gawpers on Walking Street. All 3 of the other bars that offer such windows are extortionately expensive, so it surely sets the alarm bells ringing.

The bar rather compounds this issue by having a high end draft beer price of 90 Baht. Now it is a rather useful Pattaya convention that the bars with the high beer prices don't advertise it on their welcome signs (eg Showcase, Dolls House, What's Up and Silver Star 3).  And indeed Powers Club is suitably embarrassed into not putting the beer price on their welcome signs.

So an upstairs coyote window with no re-assuring beer prices certainly make the bar a risky proposition to enter. It could turn out to have expensive drinks and/or feature over dressed coyote dancers.

But actually once inside the bar, it is a perfectly typical GoGo with most things in line with the usual things you would expect in a GoGo. The only other price I came across was a lady drink at a very typical 120 Baht.

The bar is actually very large, perhaps a bit too large, it seemed a little decoratively empty. There are several stages with one being the main stage with several girls dancing and the small stages with one girl dancing, plenty of room for more.

The girls were quite an attractive crew, especially for the notoriously difficult opening days. They were dancing in the full range of attire, from very little to bikinis. They still manage a uniform of sorts though, with black and white checked stockings.

The music is of the rather loud dance variety.

I recognised a few faces previously from Club Boesche, and one such girl proved to be a friendly drinking partner. So it made for a good first visit.

But really, an upstairs bar with coyotes in the window really needs a reassuring friendly beer price to get people upstairs to take a look.


17th March   

Lacking Imagination...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: What's Up Imagine
Link Here

What's Up Imagine is the upstairs bar of What's Up on Soi 15 50m off Walking Street.

I would have reviewed the bar a month ago but on my previous visit the bar was packed, and the only remaining seats were reserved for sardines. So I did a U turn and vowed to try again another day. I did note that the there seemed to be lots of interaction with plenty of customers were enjoying themselves.

Perhaps there was a party or something on, but on my latest visit, the bar was totally lacking in customers or fun.

There were 8 average girls (one very good looking) spread over 3 stages with half in full coyote gear and the other half in shorts but no top. The bar has a couple of placidly bucking broncos on the central stage which seemed a totally un-erotic idea to me. There was a girl doing her own soapy thing in a Jacuzzi but the remainder were just dancing. The girls were quite energetic in their dancing though. There was no sexy show on the play mat stage.

But worst of all there was no attempt by the girls to get the slightest bit interactive with any of the handful of customers. The girls were working in two shifts and the off shift quickly vanished to various loos, changing rooms and welcome duty on the stairs. Most of the time there were absolutely no girls available to chat with customers.

Given the expensive drinks, this must rank as one of the biggest waste of money bars in Pattaya. But maybe it will be heaving again on my next visit.


15th March   

Powers of Attraction...

Rick G gives the new Powers Cub a try, but quickly falls back to an old favourite, Beavers
Link Here

No Staying Powers

I decided to check out Powers , the new go-go bar above Champion A Go-Go on Walking Street. There's an upper window where a couple of coyote dancers provide some entertainment. There's a long stair case to the upper floor and there's a pool table at the top of the stairs. The main bar area is a large room that has several small stages. There is comfortable white leather seating, some bar stools and a collection of girls that looked a little disappointing. Surprisingly, there's nowhere to put your drink next to the sofas.

My request for a draught beer seemed to cause some confusion. The first girl didn't understand what I had asked for, so a second girl came over and took my order. She returned a moment later, to tell me they had run out of draught beer.

This didn't seem like a good way to start the evening and as there was nothing else to keep me there, I decided to leave and take may thirst elsewhere.

I will return in a week or two. Hopefully, the staff are more organised by that stage.

Dammed Good at Beavers

I negotiated the various impromptu entertainments that make Walking Street so enjoyable at night and headed for the nearest go-go bar for some refreshment. This happened to be Beavers, so I stepped inside.

Beavers is one of the few table dancing clubs that seems to work in my experience. I usually have some fun there, so I thought this might be a good place to refuel before continuing my evenings exploration.

There were about a dozen girls, two or three good looking girls, and about 7 or 8 customers. The uniform is an attractive red satin outfit, with a short pleated skirt and a bikini top, rather clumsy platform boots and knee length white stockings. The girls wore no panties but none were topless.

Then I saw there was one girl who was really hot. She had just started her rotation. I watched as she danced at each table, a couple of other girls approached me to chat, but I was so distracted by this beauty, that they soon realised their efforts were in vain.

I wanted to talk to this girl. I tried to make eye contact with her. I waited my turn, she stepped onto my table. The guy on the other side of the table, got her attention and was having fun interacting with her, he gave her money three times in the space of one song! I didn't get much chance to interact with her. The song ended, and I held out a hand to help her switch tables.

I switched tables and moved to her table, to sit closer. I was being watched, one guy gave me a thumbs up. I decided to try a different approach. Instead of reaching out to her, I would try to get her to come to me. I looked up at her, and talked to her. She couldn't hear what I was saying, so she bent down, to hear what I was saying.

She stopped dancing, we chatted for a few minutes, I soon realised there was a connection here. This girl could hold a conversation! I was fascinated.

I offered to buy her a drink. When it came she downed it in one gulp (tequila) then asked if she could join me (YEESSSS !!). At this point the other guys looked on, with interest. She turned to one of them and rebuked him. You forgot me! , she said. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

She came and sat next to me. We chatted and chatted, she told me how she used to work in a beer bar, and was very shy. Now she felt quite uninhibited and was proud of her magnificent body. She lifted up her skirt and proudly revealed her shaven pleasure passage, a bald beaver!

I was suddenly aware that the other men in the room were watching our little t?e-?t?e. Suddenly one of the guys got up and walked over towards us. He smiled and shook my hand, as if to say, I wanted this girl but I see you have her attention. He turned and walked out of the bar.

I was really interested in this girl. I asked if I could bar fine her. She said it was too late tonight (it was after 1:30 am). She explained that her 16 month old son lived with her and she had to be back by 3 am, so her sister could go home.

Wow, I was disappointed and impressed at the same time. Here's a Thai girl go-go dancer who hasn't taken the easy route and dumped her child on her parents. I know it's not easy for these girls when they're separated from their kids, but it seems to be a standard procedure for most of them. This girl had decided her child was important enough to arrange for a child minder to baby-sit her son every day, when she went to work, so she could always be with him. This was turning out to be one very interesting girl.

She promised to arrange for her sister to stay over the next night, so I could bar fine her. I await this evening's events with great anticipation!

Draft Beer Bt 55, Lady drinks Bt 120, Bar Fine Bt 600.


14th March   

Drunks and Dare a-Licks...

Dare to Lick Again
Link Here

After a long absence Drunks and Dare a-Licks bar is returning but at a new location.

It will open in a couple of weeks just off Theprasit on Soi 10 at the location that was previously the Rose & Thistle.

Drunks and Dare a-Licks was previously located just off Jomtien Beach Road on Soi 9. The bar is now Poppies.


13th March   

Dance Too Long...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Silver Star 3
Link Here

Silver Star 3 is located towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street

I have never really found much to attract me to Silver Star, so it has been  year since my last visit.

The 'good' news was that high end drinks prices have been frozen for a year, and the draft beer is still 'just' 95 Baht.

I didn't get far into the bar though, as I was recognised by several girls dancing on the tables in the corridor area. It seems that half a dozen of the Blue Lagoon girls have made this their new home.

Strangely the sofas in this section of the bar are already dilapidated and it has only been open for a little over a year. It didn't seem to be due to over-use, as I was about the only customer sitting in the corridor section.

The inner section of the bar seemed to be doing good business though, with plenty of girls and customers.

Anyway I didn't stay long as the girls dance for too many songs with too short a break to make it worthwhile buying then a drink. Pretty much the same as a year ago.


12th March   

Mirage Just a Mirage...

Openings and closings
Link Here

Club Mirage seems to have turned out to be just a Mirage after all.

The Soi Diamond GoGo was dark and padlocked on 11th March 2010. It had opened up under the present management in October 2009, but never really got up to speed.

By way of balance, Powers Club A-GoGo is set to open today. It is located above Champion A-GoGo and has stairs directly up from Walking Street.

So if all things go to plan, there are still 81 dancing bars in Pattaya where girls wear bikinis or less.

Just up the road from Powers, Goodfella's has entered the dancing market and now boasts Mafia Girl coyote dancers. I'm not sure that this is particularly clever marketing, as it rather associates with extortion rackets and the likes. And the prices are indeed at the top end of the Walking Street scale.

The old Blue Lagoon A-GoGo at the back of the Beach Road beer bar complex near Royal Garden is also set to enter the coyote trade. It has erected signs accordingly. The lights were on when I passed, but nobody was at home.


11th March   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: TQ2
Link Here

TQ2 is located on Soi BJ, a few paces from central Walking Street

The bar has dropped down a couple of notches as far as operating as a GoGo is concerned. There are no longer any welcome staff on Walking Street, so the customers are presumably now mostly regulars.

The bar still seems to have a fair customer base of guys out for a drink and a chat with their mates. But I can't imagine many of them taking much interest in the dancers.

There were 4 or 5 dancers on stage who were bikini clad and well below the Walking Street average.

More a pub than a GoGo.


10th March   

Guinness Draught Drought...

Pattaya Irish bar closes as fears grow for Guinness supply
Link Here

There is a talk on the Pattaya forums that Pattaya's supply of draught Guinness seems set to dry up.

It seems that an arrangement to import Guinness from Malaysia at an artificially low price is set to end.

So the Thai distributors will cease to handle Guinness. There has been a but of stockpiling going on so the effects may be forestalled at least until after St Patrick's Day.

Alternative supplies are likely to be significantly more expensive.

Already the effects on Pattaya's Irish bars is being felt as Gamebird 2 on Soi 15 has dropped it's Irish theme and has been reborn as Sapphire Club. (But maybe more to do with a total lack of customers rather than the price of a pint of Guinness)


9th March   

Old Times and Old Timers...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Champion
Link Here

Champion A-GoGo is located on central Walking Street

First, the good news.  There was a very pretty girl showing her all in a Jacuzzi, recently installed in the centre of the main stage.

Secondly, the bad news. The rest. To be fair though, this is the same as always and regular customers will have gotten used to it by now.

The girls are generally below average but that doesn't mean that it's bad, the Walking Street average is pretty high. Most of the girls dance naked in Champion, but somehow this is not the highlight of the bar.

But being a regular, then I can be quite forgiving, particularly as the beer is cheap and the girls are friendly.

The toilet has needed an upgrade for as long as I can remember and now the aircon seems to be added to the knackered list.

But I still enjoyed the visit though, the downsides don't really matter much if one has enjoyable company.


8th March   

A Little Bit Happy...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Diamond
Link Here

Diamond A-GoGo is located in mid Soi Diamond

Diamond has never done much for me so maybe the review would be best left to someone who appreciates the bar. But for some reason Diamond rarely crops up in conversation except to say how expensive it is to barfine Bangkok showgirls.

I always think of Diamond as small version of Happy A-GoGo. It generally has a good selection of girls, the drinks are reasonably priced, and most of the customers are here to watch pretty girls rather than do much in the way of interaction. That's not to say the girls are unfriendly, they seem approachable enough. But they do not pro-actively seek out customers.

Only my last visit there was a team of about 8 dancers who were a bit coy with their dress sense. After a while they gave way to another team, presumably the showgirls, who weren't so coy. But it was hardly a riveting performance.

The music is on the loud side but maybe not quite so extreme as days of old.


7th March   

Novice Cowgirls...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Rodeo Girls
Link Here

Rodeo Girls is located on Soi Pattayaland 2.

I caught this bar soon a after a low key re-opening. Hopefully they have started on the learning curve, because it looked dauntingly step from my visit.

I guessed that the only experience they had in running a gogo bar was a visit to Happy A-GoGo. Just put some dancing girls on a stage and the customers will roll in.

The bar had six girls in the bar when I arrived, and 5 of them were set to dancing. To be fair, there were a couple of decent looking girls, but they were a bit overdressed in bikinis.

I don't see much point in going to a bar to watch average bikini clad girls without any chance of interaction whatsoever. A lady drink is no ticket to a break in the girls continuous dancing either.

A cute and young tomboyish girl seemed to be in charge at the time, but hopefully there is someone a bit more experienced behind the scenes.

Perhaps a play on the reality agent rule number one, may be helpful to this bar (and a fair few other bars too!):

The three main contributions to a successful GoGo bar are interaction, interaction and interaction.


6th March   

Why So Loud?...

Perhaps loud music in bars makes people drink more
Link Here

Scientists are to study whether loud music makes people drink more alcohol. Dr Lorenzo Stafford, of the University of Portsmouth psychology department, is to carry out the research, which follows a previous study that showed people drank at a faster rate when loud music was playing.

That study involved observing drinkers in bars, but Dr Stafford's research will be carried out in more controlled laboratory conditions, with the results due in the summer.

He said: Anyone who tunes into classical music stations while stuck in traffic knows music can alter mood, but not much is known about music's ability to change our judgment of alcoholic beverages, which is particularly important in young drinkers regularly exposed to high-volume music.


6th March   

Diary: International Women's Day...

Any good parties?
Link Here

Monday 8th March is International Women's Day.

I'm not quite sure how this should be celebrated in Pattaya though.

Perhaps to make a special effort to help the girls get good barfine income for the day. Perhaps the more politically correct may abstain from barfines for the day.

I wonder if the authorities may also make a special effort to go on a raiding party. Perhaps to 'rescue' a few girls and look good for the world's press.


5th March   

Trafficking Concerns...

Police raids turn more serious
Link Here

Bar raids are getting much more serious as police evoke Human Trafficking statutes.

This gives the Immigration Bureau the authority to conduct raids which were previously conducted by Pattaya Police from Soi 9 who were looking for charging people with the much lesser offense of prostitution in the same situation.

So far, two go go bars on Walking Street, several karaoke bars and massage parlors and even a restaurant have all been closed and the owners and managers arrested for staff offering sexual services to customers. The charges are Human Trafficking and they were arrested by Chonburi Immigration.


3rd March   

Policing Illusion...

Police raid Illusion Club and round up street sellers on Walking Street
Link Here

Tourist Police have proceeded to conduct a sweep of Pattaya's Walking Street early on Tuesday morning, the target was to arrest any street sellers that where operating in the area.

A team of 30 police officers descended on Walking Street with the intent on purging the area of illegal street sellers.

After several hours of investigation, officers managed to detain a total of 32 suspects, including 14 flower sellers, 2 illegal animal sellers, 1 seller without any form of identification and 9 Burmese ladies soliciting prostitution.

Suspects were arrested and taken to the Pattaya Police Station where most were fined 500 baht and released.

Police also raided Illusion Club on Soi 14. No word as yet on the outcome.


2nd March   

Power Trip...

New on Walking Street
Link Here

The new Powers Club is now set for opening on  Tuesday 9th March. This is a new Walking Street GoGo above Champion. Previously the bar was Maya Karaoke and before that, it was last seen as a back up venue for Champion when the main location was closed by the police.

The much discussed shift of Peppermint from upstairs to downstairs may have begun a slow process. The idea is that Marine Disco want to expand into the current space used by Peppermint. Space will be cleared for a new Peppermint amongst the beer bars below. So when building work starts at the closed Top 10 bar then one assumes that this is part of the grand relocation plan.

Meanwhile there is discussion on Pattaya forums that the re-development of Sisterz A-GoGo (now owned by the Happy Peppermint group) will complete ready for reopening in April. The resultant bar will be named The Cave.


1st March   

Super Night Out...

Friendships are fleeting at SuperBaby. Windmill is raunchier than ever
Link Here

Super Busy at Super Girl

I am in the process of reviewing the go-go bars which make up my top ten list. It is almost a year since I drew up my list, and with so many great new clubs like Baccara and Iron Club , and some clubs changing hands, it seemed like it was time to decide which clubs will stay and which ones will get bumped by some of the newer clubs.

I had decided to visit SuperGirl on Soi Diamond, one of my old favourites even if the girls are not so friendly. As I was approaching SuperGirl, a tour group of about 30 Asian men was being herded into the club. I decided this was not a good time to check it out, and thought I would go visit SuperBaby as its surrogate, just across the street. Same owners, same style, haven't been there for a while, it's time I stopped by for another visit.

Super Excuses at Super Baby

I got there about 11:30 pm, and the club was not very busy. About 10 or 11 girls on the centre stage and the shower / bath area at the back was populated by four attractive girls, but no one seemed to notice. There were some very cute girls on stage, some of the hottest on the street, hardly a bad egg amongst them. A couple of 9's a bunch of 8's and the rest better looking than the girls at an average go-go bar. As I sat down, I looked into the eyes of one of the hottest girls in the club, I smiled at her. To my astonishment, she smiled back. I picked myself up off the floor and smiled at her again. She gave me another one of her captivating smiles. I offered to buy her a drink, she didn't respond at first. I repeated my request and she agreed.

This girl was not only hot, she was sweet and friendly too. I had just established that she was a local girl from Chonburi, pale skinned and exquisite, she had worked at SuperBaby for four months and had a 3 year old son. I was just about to enquire whether her magnificent breasts were completely real, when she started to clutch her stomach and say she was hungry. I thought maybe she was going to suggest I bar fine her and we go get something to eat. But no, she indicated she had her own food, and she disappeared to go fill up, leaving her drink almost untouched.

She reappeared just in time to start her dance cycle on stage. I counted the songs, .. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Ten songs! this is ridiculous! I am not a patient man, but this girl seemed worth waiting for. She had been on stage for over 30 mins. Finally she collected her bikini top, and headed off stage. But she disappeared in the crowd. I was surprised to see she was sitting with some other guys. I waited for a few more minutes, I waved to her to come join me, but she ignored me. I called over the mamasang, and explained the story. She spoke to her and got some story about thinking I didn't want her to sit with me. I protested that I was not going to pay for a lady drink for less than 5 mins of companionship, even with a hot girl, then kept waiting for 40 mins just to be dumped. Without a moments hesitation she pulled the second slip from the bin and told me I didn't have to pay for the lady drink. I paid up and made a hasty exit.

This behaviour is very unusual. There is a kind of agreement that the girl will sit with you till she has finished her drink. To walk away without finishing a drink is a broken promise, that gets go-go dancers and the club a bad name.

Beer is Bt 120 a bottle, no cheap draught beer at SuperBaby. Lady drinks are also Bt 120.

Super Fun at Windmill Club

I walked out into the street, wondering if I should check out SuperGirl on the opposite side of the street, when a very cute girl caught my eye. She had gorgeous long black hair, she was wearing a tight black dress and had the most beautiful long shapely legs. She was striding down Soi Diamond in a determined fashion. I followed behind wondering where she worked. She stopped outside Windmill to talk to one of the welcome staff. As I approached, I realised she was one of the hostesses. I said hello to her. She turned and as she recognised me, threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. Welcome to Windmill !

I stepped inside, and felt like I was intruding on someone else's orgy. Windmill re-defined raunchy and interactive some years ago, and most other clubs have been trying to catch up ever since. Well tonight Windmill was clearly way out in front again. This was friendly, raunchy and interactive like you have never seen before. Girls were running around in various stages of undress offering various parts of their anatomy to anyone who was in the mood to interact. And tonight everyone was interacting. For most of the time I was there, there were only a few girls on stage. Meanwhile, there were more than 20 girls creating their own kind of fun with guys in various parts of the club. At one point some of the hostesses stripped off and got up on stage to make up the numbers. By the way, the dance cycle at Windmill is only 4 songs.

Windmill doesn't have the hottest girls on the street, but it does have the friendliest, most fun girls you will find just about anywhere. At most other clubs, girls will introduce themselves by holding out their hand. At Windmill, the girls will approach you, pull aside their bra and offer one or both breasts for you to fondle, or else will approach butt first, skirt raised to engage in some rhythmic gyration.

At around 2 am, several western couples wandered in, and sat down. After a few minutes in Windmill, even the stern looking elderly matrons were smiling from ear to ear. Once inside Windmill, all this debauchery seems like the most natural thing in the world. If you're feeling inhibited or a little stressed step inside Windmill for an instant cure!

Windmill has draught beer at Bt 75. The best value for money in town, considering the entertainment! Lady drinks are Bt 120.

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