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2009: April

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29th April   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Lollipop
Link Here

Lollipop is located on central Walking Street under Polo

The gogo is pretty sound with good looking girls dancing on the central stage with little in the way of clothing. Then there is a play mat stage and a Jacuzzi at the back of the bar.

Drinks prices are reasonable and the staff are friendly.

Somehow I have drifted away from making this a regular stop on my circuit. A couple of times it has been a bit depleted of girls and another couple of times the girls have been bagged by younger and more attractive customers.

Maybe I get the impression that they prefer the customers who like to sit back and watch the dancing rather than those that prefer one on one company. Just a matter of available ratio of girls.

But still worth a try, I think I have just been unlucky.


28th April   

Nearly Traditional...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Betty Boup
Link Here

Betty Boup is located at the Beach Road end of Soi 6.

The bar is still going strong providing a venue on Soi 6 where you can go in without selecting a girl out front. Especially good on those days when there doesn't seem anyone who quite fits the bill, but you really would like a cold beer.

Betty Boup is more or less a traditional gogo except that maybe the girls are angling for short time rather than long time.

There are generally 4 or 5 girls on the stage in gogo skirts and bikini top. The girls have recently proved forgetful in terms of knickers.

The beer and drinks are priced at a friendly level.

So given that most of the gogo elements are good, and that the girls can be quite hands on, fun should be assured. But in reality it is very much up to how you click with the girl on your lap. Some girls can be a bit pushy and some can give up a bit quick if a rapid short time is not on the cards. But somehow that is the Soi 6 rub. One simply has to enjoy the moment and if it doesn't work, then you can look forward to the next try.


26th April   

Water Fun...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Blue Lagoon
Link Here

The bar is at the back of the Best Friend Complex on Beach Road (between Royal Garden Plaza & Soi Pattayaland)

The bar is beginning to grow on me as I usually find a few pretty girls happy to spend a few drinks with. It is a bar that is quite hands on but not entirely. It is down to the girl what sort of interaction is in order.

The bar has a team of dancers on quite a long circuit of the central stage and then a couple of songs on one of the table dancing stages. There are usually more girls hostessing than dancing which is good in my books.

There is also a team of showgirls who play in the Jacuzzi, two at a time. They can be quite naughty and there are stools by the side for customers who like to take a close look.

There are good prices on drinks.

I've had a couple of issues with service girls being a bit hasty and pushy to get lady drinks in. But on the whole the service is fine.


25th April   

Drained Away...

Wet 'n' Wild goes dark
Link Here

Wet 'n' Wild has been dark for a few days and presumably has ended up in a watery grave.

The gogo was on South Pattaya Road and presumably suffered a little from its Central Condo location. It had a few good periods though, and was a decent venue.

There are now 76 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


24th April   

Updated: Large Classes...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Classroom 2
Link Here

Classroom 2 is located on Soi 2 in north Pattaya

I am struggling a little bit with this venue, it never seems to click.

I wandered it an early hour and there weren't more than a handful of customers in but somehow there was nowhere left to sit. The venue is really quite large and it has not scaled down very well. Without the table dancing in operation there are an awful lot of seats that are simply too far away from the action now confined to the central stage and Jacuzzi. There are also a couple of other bays of seating that simply aren't pointed in the right direction.

There were quite a few dancers covering quite a range attractiveness and quite a range of coverage too. Some were topless yet some were well overdressed in skirts, knickers, bras and blouses.

The draft beer was cheap and the service staff were friendly.

I am always happy to pop in and give it a try but rarely has it persuaded me to stay long.

Update: Flourishing in Class

Follow up from jj and DavidT

I admit that the seating drawbacks noted. Also the diversity of the dress and entertainment seems a bit bizarre, yet somehow it all seems to work in the end.

But the dancers are regularly bar-fined. One day just this week there were only 5 left at 2AM; the servers were pressed into service as dancers.

C2 seems to be a late nite venue. Nothing much seems to be going on before 10pm and things pick-up rapidly thereafter.

Somehow this place seems to flourish.

Also noted that mamasang Larn has impressed on the management team


24th April   

Dancing to a New Tune...

Mandarin Cub to re-open, changes at Lisa's and Game Bird 2
Link Here

There are signs that the Mandarin Club will soon re-open on Soi 6. There is at least a notice advertising for dancers.

Lisa's Bar opened a little while ago on the same soi with an open glass front and two coyote dancing podiums in the windows. The usual Soi 6 pressures of privacy over public entertainment have prevailed and the bar has now installed curtains for the benefit of the patrons.

Lisa's joins the list of Mandarin Beer Bar, Love Club and Bus Stop who have recently tried the idea for an open bar, only to get the fronts back up pretty pronto.

Meanwhile, not having not made much of an impact on Walking Street nightlife, Game Bird 2 is re-launching its coyote dancing. The bar is located on Soi 15 opposite Angelwitch and is said to be employing 15 dancers or so. They have a launch party on Friday 24th April


23rd April   

Large Classes...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Classroom 2
Link Here

Classroom 2 is located on Soi 2 in north Pattaya

I am struggling a little bit with this venue, it never seems to click.

I wandered it an early hour and there weren't more than a handful of customers in but somehow there was nowhere left to sit. The venue is really quite large and it has not scaled down very well. Without the table dancing in operation there are an awful lot of seats that are simply too far away from the action now confined to the central stage and Jacuzzi. There are also a couple of other bays of seating that simply aren't pointed in the right direction.

There were quite a few dancers covering quite a range attractiveness and quite a range of coverage too. Some were topless yet some were well overdressed in skirts, knickers, bras and blouses.

The draft beer was cheap and the service staff were friendly.

I am always happy to pop in and give it a try but rarely has it persuaded me to stay long.


22nd April   

Still Around...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Carousel
Link Here

Carousel is located on Soi Diamond.

One of the more conservative gogos in Pattaya that has stood the test of time, although I am not entirely sure why.

The circular stage slowly rotates with half a dozen dancers onboard. Most girls were bikini clad and a couple were topless. Probably an average team for Walking Street which means that you will always find a few to fit the bill.

The bar has shows but I somehow I missed them this time round. Without the shows, the bar is a bit forgettable. Basically sound but with little negatives such as male service staff, not quite enough comfortable seating and not quite enough customers for atmosphere.

I was a little set in my ways and had more or less decided on a quick visit as soon as I ordered my beer. With the benefit of hindsight I think I should have stayed a little longer to have fun with a perky slip of a girl who breezed my way. She caught me being a bit of a Mr Grumpy.


21st April   

More Bars...

A new clutch of beer bars
Link Here

There's a new new beer bar complex taking shape on 2nd Road just north of Soi 6. Its by the MacDonald's in the shell of the Dragon Complex (or is that the Moonlight Complex).

Always good to report new bars but I must admit to being a little sceptical that there are enough customers to go round.


20th April   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Playgirls
Link Here

Playgirls is located on central Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond and above Air Port A-GoGo.

The bar targets Asians and East Europeans with a mix of gogo and unerotic shows with darts and whistles etc.

There are no welcome signs suggesting prices as no doubt there is a cover charge including first drink for some whilst farangs breeze in unmolested for the normal pay as you go price structure. The draft beer was reasonable at 65 Baht.

The bar is narrow with central stages, two dancing stages and a Jacuzzi. The naked girl was soaping herself throughout and the dancers were bikini clad.

The girls were friendly enough and would pop over to inquire of your birthplace. But they weren't hasslesome if you preferred to be left alone.

In fact a perfectly decent sort of small bar with many of the usual gogo entertainments.

There was one tiny little almost insignificant problem though...the girls were well below Walking Street average.


17th April   


Kitten Club re-opens
Link Here

Kitten Club on Soi Pattayaland 2 has re-opened with the promise of new water features.

I'll leave it to somebody else to give it a look!

There are now 77 bars around Pattaya offering dancing girls in bikinis or less.


16th April   

On Ice...

Dark in Pattaya
Link Here

It can be a tricky time for bars at Songkran, as girls tend to take the opportunity of a trip back to Isaan.

And then the end of Songkran tends to signal the start of the low season, and so some of the girls simply don't come back until things pick up later.

There have been reports from around town that Ice Bar on Soi LK Metro has gone dark.

There is also conjecture that the Russian disco, B52, on Soho Square has also closed its doors. But this is not the case. However given the lack of visitors to the area then it does an easy mistake to make. The latest report is that the upstairs bar is closed whilst the open downstairs area continues.


15th April   

Personal Space...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Happy
Link Here

Happy is located on central Walking Street nestling at the end of an avenue of beer bars.

I'd make a lousy bar owner. If I fashioned a bar according to my own likes and dislikes, I'd end up losing out on some of of the most popular bars in Pattaya, and Happy is one of them.

I often pop by Happy early evening for one drink whilst planning an itinerary for the rest of the evening. It is perfect for a quick drink, as it has very good looking dancers, reasonable drinks prices and no hassle from the girls (not that hassle is a bad thing mind you, I do particularly like being hassled by a girl jumping on to my lap).

There are plenty of girls on stage and they have a very long dance roster, but that's ok, not many of them have drinking partners waiting for their return.

The girls on the main stage dance topless and it must be said that the basic gogo dancing is some of the more energetic in town.

All well and good, and maybe too good. Later on the crowds come to enjoy the entertainment. At this time the bar is everything that I don't want from a bar. More than likely you will get ushered to one of the last remaining seats in the bar, usually a stage side stool jammed between 2 other occupied stools.

Now then its a question of priorities, do you want to watch some of the prettiest girls in town? or do you want to have a comfortable seat and the space for a girl at your side? (even if getting a girl is as yet, just a hope). Call me strange but I prefer the comfortable seat and a bit of room to breathe. But at least I can see the point of view of those jammed into the small stage-side stools enjoying the pretty dancers.


14th April   

Paddling On...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Wet 'n' Wild
Link Here

Wet 'n' Wild is located at Center Condo on South Pattaya Road.

I'd rather assumed that the lack of comment on the Pattaya forums coupled with an the observed decline on my last visit would have resulted in further criticism. But the bar seems to be holding up well.

There were about ten girls present and a few of them were attractive. They had 4 dancing and 4, waiting plus another couple of girls alternating doing the swimming tank show.

There weren't too many customers around but at least they were all being looked after.

I just stayed for a couple of drinks but the visit was perfectly pleasant.


13th April   

Offsite: Emma Makes the World Press...

The state of nightlife business in Pattaya
Link Here

I like the party here. Thereís cheap beer, good weather and the girls ó they work hard, a guy shouted over the thumping disco music while gazing at Emma, a 21-year-old he rates as the prettiest transvestite in Pattaya.

But the sex workers who stalk the streets and gyrate on go-go bar tables complain that years of turmoil in Thailand, including last yearís closure of the main international airport in Bangkok, is bad for business.

We are Thais and we are known for our smiles, but now people around the world are looking at us and we are not smiling, we are fighting each other, Emma said between posing for pictures with goggle-eyed male tourists.

...Read full article


12th April   

Pattaya Emergency...

Help...we need some more bars...urgently
Link Here

No sign of world recession in Soi 6 as another new unit has got the builders. A bar is taking shape in the unit next to Sexy Soi 6.

Meanwhile there are a few further developments taking shape on Walking Street.

The beer bar complex at the South of Walking Street opposite Soho Square is now slowly filling up with the latest entry being Fortuna Beer Bar.

A few metres north there is a large venue taking shape which looks like it will be a night club affair.

Even further north, the empty site vacated by shops and Pinky A-GoGo is said to be destined as another beer bar complex.

Thankfully extra capacity has already been added by the expansion of Silver Star 3 and Tiger Lounge. But What's Up are busy expanding into the upper floor that was previously Fantasia.

The old Rock Club venue in Soi Marine Plaza has been gutted so no doubt something else will appear there too.


11th April   

Summits Up...

State of Emergency declared in Pattaya
Link Here

The government has announced a decision to postpone the besieged ASEAN summit to a later date, in effect cancelling it.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva declared a state of emergency in Pattaya and Chon Buri, partly to facilitate the departure of Asean VIP guests. He told a press conference Asean leaders and their dialogue partners understand the need to postpone the summit and support government action regarding Saturday's incidents.

Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban will be in charge of enforcing the state of emergency measures in Chon Buri and Pattaya. Saturday's turmoil will send Pattaya reeling economically. The resort city had hoped to reap the benefits of the Songkran festival but now has to cope with mounting tour and hotel cancellations.

The state of emergency law imposes tough restrictions on public gathering and dissemination of information. Authorities are given added power to search residents and venues and restrict travels. The state of emergnecy prohibits any gatherings of five or more people,

Pattaya's mayor Itthipon Khunpleum said that the US naval visit has already been cancelled as have many events for Pattaya's Songkran Festival.

The mayor added that the special Songkran events planned in Pattaya for April 19 would also be affected by the incident and the state of emergency.

Update: Emergency Ends

The State of Emergency was called off by the prime minister on Saturday evening after just 6 hours. And indeed all the dignitaries and protestors have now departed leaving a quiet Saturday evening in Pattaya.


10th April   

Pattaya Songkran Festival...

Pop and boxing at Bali Hai
Link Here

i Pattaya Songkran Festival which will take place at the Bali Hai Port located at the south-end of Pattaya Beach between 14th and 18th April.

The 5 day event will feature International Muay Thai Boxing where Thai and Japanese Female Boxers will compete.

There will also be a free pop concert every day and top Thai Singers and Bands signed with RS Promotions will be attending including Girly Berry and Lydia and Black Vanilla.


9th April   

A God Place for a Chang...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Roxy
Link Here

Roxy is located opposite Tony's on Walking Street.

It is a pleasant bar in which to stop off for a Chang beer which is on permanent promotion at a very good price.

You will be treated to a good erotic show with some good looking girls. If you catch the gogo shift then you will also find a stage full of good looking dancers too.

Thinking about it, they have some good looking welcome girls too.

But from the good start, it all goes down hill a bit for me. The girls don't seem particularly interested in carousing, at least amongst the oldies in the audience. So usually the one cheap Chang is enough, and I am off to find a bar where the girls are a little more likely to jump on to your lap.


8th April   

Late Night Hassle...

Police closing time raids continue on to Tony's
Link Here

A team of Pattaya Police Officers conducted a raid on Tonyís Discotheque located on Walking Street.

The venue was open after its permitted licensed operating hours. At around 4am on Tuesday, the raid took place and the venue was found to be open. Officers decided to randomly urine test patrons and employees and 5 females and 1 man failed the test and were arrested on a charge of consuming a class 1 drug.

The manager of the venue was also detained and accompanied officers to Pattaya Police Station for further enquiries.


6th April   

Fort Pattaya...

Pattaya set for busy week of US Marines and Thai security forces
Link Here

Pattaya is approaching a busy period with the arrival of thousands of US Marines within the next few weeks along with the ASEAN Financial Ministers Meeting to be held at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort between 6th and 9th April.

Over 1,000 Police, Army personnel and volunteers are on hand to provide security for VIPís who will be attending the conference.

With the threat of Anti-Government Red Shirt protesters who are expected to make their voices heard at the location of the Summit, the Police and Army will be at full stretch.

The US Marines are said to be scheduled to arrive on the 9th and stay for about a week. It is said to be one of the largest visits for several years.


5th April   

Rules is Rules...

Police in Walking Street enforcing closing times
Link Here

Perhaps with an eye on the impending ASEAN conference, the police have been touring Walking Street to enforce 3am closing times.

There is a relevant and fascinating BBC piece about investigations getting nowhere in apportioning liability for the tragic Santika pub fire in Bangkok.

Of course one immediately feels that planning and safety laws should be properly enforced. But on the other hand, if rules were enforced, then Thai nightlife would then be as bland as that in Farangland. We would all have to move on to somewhere else, preferably where the laws are meant to be broken.


4th April   

Swanning Around...

Ongoing police raids continue at Kinnaree Palace
Link Here

Pattaya Immigration police have raided the Kinnaree Palace in South Pattaya following a tip off that the premises were being utilized for prostitution. 26 alleged female sex workers together with the owner and mamasan were arrested in the operation.

Kinnaree Palace Gentlemanís Club, is located just off Soi Pratumnak 4. The club is located on 1 Rai of land surrounded by a brick fence, and is believed to be a popular haunt for the expat male community. Police discovered 8 short time rooms on the premises.

Police arrested owner Ray, a British national, and the mamasang Julin. Ray & Julin confessed to the charges and admitted they had been running a sexual service operation for about one year. Police took them to the police station for further processing. The 26 female workers would be duly fined for prostitution offenses.

Pol.Col. Arnonnat said the premises had been under investigation for some time before the search warrant was eventually requested.

It is reported that the police sent in an undercover farang who arranged for a short time and paid with marked notes. The farang signalled the raid via mobile phone from the room.


3rd April   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Sea
Link Here

A very basic smallish gogo that usually fails to et me to stay beyond the first drink.

The bar is generally blessed with a large team of dancers several of whom are very attractive. They mostly dance topless with a light skirt affair.

The drinks prices are reasonable with a 55 Baht draft beer.

I am not keen on the way the girl selection works though. It is one of those bars where the girls ignore the customers unless the customer makes an effort to flag her down via the mamasang. What's more, the prettier girls seem to have the important job of sitting near the door and cannot be disturbed from this critical work except at the command of the mamasang.

The trouble is with the system, is that having made the choice via the mamasang, then the staff all seem to get pushy as if you had committed to a barfine choice.

But if you're happy with the way the bar works then most other aspects are fine.


2nd April   

Bar Owner's Dream...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: What's Up
Link Here

What's Up must be every bar owner's dream. The bar charges top dollar for more or less everything and at the same time is more less packed out.

Over recent years the put some good sexy policies in place with their Jacuzzi and mattress play areas. They also had the idea of getting the showgirls to go clambering amongst the customers in the nearby seats.

All good stuff but for me the bar has simply got too expensive. The beer has gone up from the 60 Baht draft level to no draft and 125 Baht bottles. And the bar fines seem to be more or less set at the top end of unreasonable and can be doubled should a temporary opportunity arise.

Whilst I appreciate the entertainment talent of the show girls, I am not sure what the rest of the audience are enjoying. The girls on the main dancing stage seem somewhat demurely dressed and most of them seem to sit by the door rather than go out mingling.

On my last visit I had a beer and a brief chat with a showgirl I know. As a gesture to the inflated drinks prices I offered the odd 20 Baht note change to my friend rather than leave it on the tray. Another girl spotted the tip and made a surly remark about it being 20 rather than 100. Just about sums up What's Up.


2nd April   

Updated: Soi Sex...

A new bar for Soi 6
Link Here

A new bar is coming together on Soi 6. Lisa's Bar is taking shape near Red Point.

Not yet sure what sort of bar it will be but the clear glass front is usually something that doesn't last very long on the Soi. People on the soi seem to like doing things that are best left semi private.

Update: Grand Opening

Grand opening party on 2nd April 2009


1st April   

Soi Hell...

Police raid on Soi LK Metro
Link Here

The police are continuing their campaign to harass Pattaya's bars.

Yesterday they descended on Soi LK Metro. Rockhouse was hit but found to be in the clear.

Others mentioned as having a visit were Champagne and the recently opened Bulldog Bar.

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