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2010: June

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30th June   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Heaven Above
Link Here

Heaven Above is located upstairs above Super Baby on Soi Diamond // note must be jpg

The bar is perhaps a little different to most Pattaya GoGos and has developed its own style.

It features a central stage full of attractive girls. They operate in two teams. There's the GoGo dancers who do a very long and slow advance round the stage. They wear their own choice of dance attire ranging from quite a lot to not much at all.

There's also a second team of negligee clad girls who occupy one end of the stage, the low brick wall around the stage, and a couple of small side stages.

The main stage is low and the bar is not large, so most seats get a good show.

The subtle difference though, is more to do with the interaction between the girls and customers. Customers who sit quietly will probably get left well alone. Even customers signaling over a girl may well get short shrift too. The trick seems to get into more of a party frame of mind. The chances are that the girls will pick up on the vibe and take it from there.

Not a bar for everyone but it has enough fans to keep it lively late at night. Can be very slow earlier in the evening.


28th June   

A Full Refurbishment...

Full Moon Bar on Soi 6 gets a makeover
Link Here

I read old reviews on Thai-Anxiety and elsewhere about the Full Moon Bar . And it was not encouraging, it is true...

I myself did not particularly like to enter when walking on Soi 6 in search of a little tenderness...

But now, the irony of life was that I decided to learn Thai at the school 50 meters from the bar. It became a regular habit to prepare for my classes at the Full Moon Bar and in the bars next door too.

And little by little, I became attached. Finally, since it was up for sale, I bought the Full Moon Bar...

When I arrived, I confess that I was even more disappointed than I expected... Nothing was working, no air conditioning, no showers, no nothing in the rooms, the plumbing was completely shagged, the pipes being broken in the walls! Vents almost blocked, leaking ceilings, not speak of the random wiring, I do not understand how this building has not caught fire yet! There was also no rear fire escape (required) in case of fire. The smell of sheets and towels was unbearable. Broken washing machine, fridge boiling or frozen, etc.

So I made a list of everything that had to be rebuilt and I started work with a company run by a competent French builder.

Each room has been completely redone, electrics to European standards, the widest beds in the market, new bedding, linens and towels, large side mirrors and ceiling for kinky activities, handrail for girls, spacious sofas and chairs for games out of bed or on the floor, black tiles, quiet and efficient air conditioner and ceiling fan, and even a card to turn on and turn off the electricity at the end of session, as in the best hotels.

In the rooms (except orange), there is a spacious bathroom with sink, new shower and toilet, with hot and cold water and a large mirror for playing a bit if you feel like it.

On the first floor so we have four new rooms: the black, red, orange and yellow for your mood. The rooms have dimmers, a black light lamps, and white light in ceiling for most voyeurs. The decoration is made of sexy photos of girls and, for relaxation, trees and flowers adorn the rooms finely colored, a touch of country. The rooms red and black are huge, the other two smaller.

On the second floor from late June 2010 will be four other rooms in the same spirit, which will be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly rates. And a metal staircase was installed at the rear of the building against the wall for fire safety.

The bar has also been completely redecorated and extended. There are large individual seats, sofas and new air conditioning, electricity, etc. There is also a special private playroom where the customer can be alone (or with friends) with one or two or more girls on comfortable sofas to relax completely in his own way during the time that suits him

So in the Full Moon Bar, everything is now above local standards. From the staff side, there are 17 girls and a few other freelancers, young and sexy to satisfy the desires of customers from 10 am to 1 am.

I talk at length about my bar as I'm proud, because it finally became beautiful, clean, safe, efficient and facilitated by a young but experienced and effective girls that I trained myself.


27th June   

Not Quite Cosy Yet...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Cosy's
Link Here

Cosy's A-GoGo is located directly on central Walking Street.

The bar hasn't really set Walking Street alight but it's still going.

On my last visit there were quite a few girls for a small gogo with 7 or 8 dancing on the side stage at a time. Topless is the usual or else more if the girl so desires. Perhaps a little below Walking Street average, but this still means there are a few attractive girls.

For a long time the bar was playing the dance music ridiculously loud, but maybe they have now stepped it down, to be merely 'too loud'.

The bar seems to have potential for a bit of hands on hostessing. But somehow it turns out that the older and wiser girls are more keen on this than the girls you might prefer.

Perhaps a hands on Jacuzzi would be a good focus for this particular brand of entertainment. At the moment, the bar is a bit lacking in options.

There is a cheap beer option with bottled Chang at 55 Baht.


26th June   

Taking a Break...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Passion
Link Here

Passion Dance Club is located towards the Beach Road end of Soi 6

I find Passion very conveniently located to take a beer after a first pass of Soi 6, and to take a breather whilst deciding what to do next. I especially enjoy the good aircon.

The bar is attractively designed with a fair amount of traditional chrome. There is comfortable bench seating around 3 sides of a square stage.

The bar usually has 4 or 5 dancers on the central stage and the small table stage at the back. The girls are generally topless.

There's usually a fair range of girls with always some being very pretty.

Drinks prices are very reasonable and short time fun is available more at Soi 6 prices than Walking Street levels.

Plenty of hands on fun to be had to encourage the customers a bit.

This side of it has never seemed to work out well for me though. The prettier girls seem to either be a little bit selective, or else seem to shoot outside to act as door candy as soon as their dance stint is up.

But for me its success is being the only place on Soi 6 where one can have a beer in the cool without committing to a lady at the door.


25th June   

First and Hooty's...

A new direction for low season
Link Here

First A-GoGo is located at the back of a beer bar complex on the north side of central Soi 8.

The bar has decided to have a change of direction for the low season. It will now be a daytime bar. It will open from 2pm until 10pm.

As an added customer incentive, bottled beer and house spirits will be just 70 Baht.

Hootys entranceMeanwhile on Walking Street, Hooty's A-GoGo is also trying lower prices. Most drinks are now 95 Baht (presumably retaining the cheap draft at 70 Baht). Lady drinks are 110 Baht and barfines have been reduced to 500 Baht.

Even Kitten Club on Soi Pattayaland 2  is advertising lower drinks prices. They now proclaim 99 Baht for most drinks and 59 Baht for draft beer.

Not that I would give it a try though, several years of continuous reports of bad practice (and 50% lady boys) have surely put paid to any chance of a visit in the foreseeable future.


24th June   

A Brace of Sequels...

New bars on Soi 6
Link Here

Ruby 2 has opened on Soi 6 in about the centre of the Soi and on the opposite side to Ruby 1.

It is another bar in the current fad for open bars seemingly geared up for pool and TV. The lack of aircon and privacy keeps the Ruby Bars pretty much off the radar for me.

Another bar sequel is O 2, which is the new name for the 19th Hole Bar (previously TG Bar). It is also located in the central section of the soi. Not yet sure if there is a relationship with The O Bar, a Soi 6 stalwart.

O 2 is the more traditional small aircon type bar with girls waiting (patiently) outside.


23rd June   

Dressing Up Not Down...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Gentlemen's Club
Link Here

Gentlemen's Club is located at the centre of Soi Diamond

As I entered the bar there was a team of a dozen good looking dancing girls in quite a range of dancing attire but mainly featuring dresses rather than gogo bikinis or coyote top and shorts.

I settled into my beer eagerly awaiting the couple of songs before the girls surely start shedding their attire. Only they didn't. They stayed well over dressed for the entire dance stint.

I was just about to demand the money back for my beer (as if) when the other half of the girls took to the stage. This time the girls had remembered that adult entertainment is what Pattaya bars are about. Within a few songs, most had lost at least some of the their clothing.

Maybe just a chip on the shoulder, but I tend to give a wide berth to girls that don't want to play the bikini/nude game. It is often a sign that the girls really would rather not be playing the Pattaya game at all.

But nevertheless Gentleman's Club is a very good bar to see pretty girls.

I don't find it much of a bar for interaction though. Probably for the same reasons that the girls don't like to take off their gear.


22nd June   

No Smoking in Churchill's Club!...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Churchill's Club
Link Here

The bar is called The Churchill's Club. It is owned by the same group as The Venus Lounge, Amsterdamaged and a few more I forget the names. It has been open for about a year now.

This Bar is very nicely decorated and is very comfortable, in fact it is like sitting in your own lounge. The building looks like a private house, no problem just walk up to the door and go in.

I have been there quite a few times over the last year and have always had a good time. The drink prices were last time I was there, Soft Drinks 50bt, Bottled Beer 80bt. Short Time 350bt and Long Time 500bt for Bar Fine.

The number of girls varies from 3 to about 6 and they know how to take care of customers.

They do not allow smoking inside but have an area outside where you can smoke.

Churchill's is located just off Soi Siam Country Club. At the crossroads to the crocodile farm, Churchill's is 150m in the opposite direction to the crocodile farm.


21st June   

Afternoon Flight...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Air Port Club
Link Here

Air Port Club is located on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond

For a change I tried Air Port on its afternoon shift. Surely not a patch on the evening shift.

There were about a dozen girls in attendance of which 4 or 5 were dancing on the front podium stages. Nothing going on in the fun stages towards the back of the bar. The girls were mostly working just the afternoon shift and were a few notches older and wiser than the evening girls.

The dancing uniform was a bit naff with bras rather than bikini tops. A couple of dancers were topless so this is presumably down to the choice of the dancers.

There is a cheaper 55 Baht draft option in the afternoon but that is because the bar is more or less on par with the cheaper options in the afternoon.

I chatted to a girl who worked both shifts, which maybe was a mistake, as she seemed all geared up for lady drink demands as if it were a mega crowded, mega fun bar with lots of alternative options for her. Only it wasn't, as there were only about 5 or 6 customers.

It is probably better to stick with the more specialist daytime gogos. Less expectations on both sides makes them a more laid back option for afternoon drinking.


20th June   

No Hassle...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Beach Club
Link Here

Beach Club is located on Soi 15, a few paces off Walking Street.

The bar has been a successful part of Pattaya nightlife for as long as I can remember. In town of spirals, Beach Club gets top notch girls, the customers follow and hence the bar can recruit the top girls.

The bar features table dancing, mostly at tables with a bay of comfortable bench seating. There is also a slightly larger table doubling up as a centre stage.

The girls do a very long and slow rotation around the tables. Not really a bar where this is a big issue as most customers seem to be content to watch the dancers, no doubt in anticipation of a takeaway selection. There are also hostesses in evening gowns.

The bar is a no hassle bar in that girls generally only approach if signaled to do so.

There's a cheap draft beer and prices are reasonable for a popular bar. In common with the other bars of the Happy group, the wait staff is mostly male.


19th June   


A new dark side bar from the makers of Dao Bar/Cafe
Link Here

A new bar has just opened over on the Darkside called KiK. It has been open for about a week now and is having a grand opening party on 19th June.

The new bar is owned by the same group as Dao Bar/Cafe and Papagayo.

On the couple of times that I have been there this week there were about 15 girls most of which were easy on the eye. The bar has been fitted out quite nicely and is comfortable and has good Air Con.

The drink prices are a little higher than most bars on the DarkSide, Soft Drinks 60bt, Bottled Beer 90bt Sprit with mixer 90bt and Lady Drinks 100bt. Short Time 300bt, Long Time 500bt

I have not seen the ST Rooms but the owner said they are finished to a high standard.

I have spent a couple of enjoyable evenings there with good fun being had.

The bar is located at the junction of Kao Noi and Kao Talo


18th June   

Showing Effort...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Utopia
Link Here

Utopia as the southern most GoGo on Walking Street at Soho Square.

The bar seems to be trying a bit of everything to try and carve a niche for a GoGo in the wrong end of town.

And in terms of a GoGo bar with a bit of a show it is worth a look. There were 7 or 8 girls dancing on the main stage and a couple on tables around the corner. They were dancing in various stages of undress and there were a few decent looking girls on the team.

The bar also have an erotic show that is the usual taking off of clothes song by song.

The bar wasn't succeeding in getting the girls very interactive with the customers though. The usual too many dancing girls and a bar layout allowing off duty girls to hide round the corner, so avoiding signals and smiles.

Also the bar has a broader than usual range of customer nationalities, so perhaps the show idea works better than barfines and lady drinks approach.


17th June   

A High Season Bar...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Dollhouse
Link Here

The Dollhouse is located on central Walking Street in the same complex as Peppermint.

I find that first impressions about the bar always seem a lot better than what you actually get.

The bar has a fair few ladies packed onto the revolving stage. They always seem to be dancing with more energy than in most bars in Pattaya and there are usually a few good lookers too.

There are also a couple of girls dancing on small tables and a couple of Jacuzzi girls at the back of the bar.

It all seems quite lively, but as one settles into a beer, one realises that it's not the most interactive bar in town. The girls waiting to dance seem happiest chatting amongst themselves rather than chatting to customers.

Also a bit of downer are the generally high drinks prices, although the bar now relents for a cheap low season draft beer. Lady drinks are poor value at 135 Baht and barfines are very high.

The bar usually seems to be a bit quiet in terms of customers, but the liveliness gives the impression that maybe the crowds will turn up soon. Probably better as a high season bar when people are a little less cost conscious.


17th June

 Offsite: Perversion of Paradise...

Link Here
The best newspaper expose of Pattaya yet

See article from


15th June   

One Off...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Hooty's
Link Here

Hooty's is located in the southern section of Walking Street opposite Tony's Disco

The previously reported experience of finding a friendly girl at Hooty's is now a faded memory.

The norm at Hooty's is to find a stage full with dancers. There are usually a few that are decent enough, but not really top notch enough to attract the audience that are content just to watch dancing ladies. These well sought after customers are more likely to be found in the Happy group of bars or else the Super bars.

The fall back option option for a bar is to keep the customers entertained with a bit of girly interaction. It doesn't have to be overly hands on, just a nice chat will do.

But somehow Hooty's doesn't seem geared up for this. Either the girls aren't very pro-active in seeking out the customers, or else there simply aren't that many girls left over after packing the stage with dancers. The 8 song dance roster is way too long too.

Hooty's is a decent enough bar trying to get by on a show concept that has become a little passé. It reminds me a bit of Carousel, soon to be consumed into the Happy group.


14th June   

No Fun...

Police raid small scale private swingers party
Link Here

There's clearly not much in the way of human trafficking going on, so instead the Anti-Human Trafficking Division police actioned a raid on a swingers party being staged at a private residence in Pattaya on Sunday.

Investigations into the gathering began after police were tipped off to the publicly announced internet invite posted by the host. An open invitation had been posted on the swinger's club society networking website.

During the raid police arrested 13 suspects all of whom had been naked at the time of arrest in various regions of the expansive premises. Officers confiscated 6 packets of condoms, a mobile phone and various items of restricted sexual stimulation equipment in the raid.

Anti-Human Trafficking police revealed that they, in cooperation with the Internet Crimes Team, had been tracking the movements of the underground swingers society for several months and had infiltrated the society in an undercover operation to gain information about the location of the illegal gatherings.

The participants were exclusively Thai couples from the local area. The offenders have all been remanded in police custody and are expected to be charged with performing indecent acts and possession of restricted/illegal sexual devices.


13th June   

Junior Mint...

2nd night at the relocated Peppermint
Link Here

When they first announced that Peppermint Palace would be relocating downstairs, owners of one of Pattaya's most popular go-go bars took pains to assure fans the bar would remain the same in both style and size.

It's not, a fact immediately obvious when you step through the door. While it's laid out almost identically and seats arguably the same number of people Peppermint has lost that cavernous feel that strikes awe into first-time patrons. Upstairs it was Peppermint. Downstairs they should consider renaming it Junior Mint.

But what Peppermint lost in size, it may have made up for in atmosphere and comfort. A bar that always felt open and even a bit cool now feels noticeably more intimate. Ceilings are lower, tables are closer to the stage and thankfully there's much less floor space for dozens of girls to gather, squeal and scramble for ping pong balls.

Design-wise, it's almost as if you're wandering into the alternate universe Peppermint. It looks the same, but with subtle differences. There are now just 2 table dance stations, instead of 4. The stage has the same shape, but is just smaller. The Peppermint Beach sofa seating has moved to the left and The Cage is still there, but is smaller and tucked far back in the corner with less of a view.

Both customers and staff reported that Thursday's grand opening was packed to the rafters. As noted, the bar does seat close to as many people in a more confined space. So crowding which often was a problem during high season upstairs now could be a permanent condition when (if?) the tourists return to Pattaya.

Friday, thanks to a torrential downpour, saw the bar back to more customary customer levels for low season and while parts of the bar are indeed narrower than before, the back section of the bar is about the same width and at no point felt claustrophobic.

Peppermint also feels fresher. The barstools were all reupholstered before being taken downstairs and the transplanted tables also got a bit of an upgrade. The stage-side bars are lit and look as if they came from the same supplier as those in Baccara. And the air conditioning is obviously new: Once customers cleared out after 11, it got positively frigid.

The only drawback in the look at this point is the lighting, which uses the same fixtures as in Baccara and The Cavern and makes the bar a bit darker than Peppermint. But management said lighting work is not yet complete and more illumination is being added.

After an extended visit, it was hard to find fault with Peppermint 2.0. The smaller size may end up being a plus, as the upstairs bar has faded in recent years amid tougher competition and smaller tourist crowds. It certainly will draw more trade being on the street level and the cozier confines put customers closer to the action.


12th June   

Honey Inn...

Looking set to be re-incarnated as a massage parlour
Link Here

Soi Honey off 2nd Road near Soi Diana is notable for having a fair few small massage shops that can be a lot of fun.

But now it seems to be set to be the home of a veritable massage palace. The entire Honey Inn is being redeveloped and the signs proclaim it to be Honey Body Massage.

One can only presume that they have something soapy in mind, the soi hardly seems suitable for bussing in coach loads of Asian tourists for anything more upright.

Anyway the work is well advanced so we will soon see.


12th June

 Offsite: Sin City...Sordid Resort Pattaya...

Link Here
Britain's top tabloid hypes Pattaya

See article from


11th June   

Updated: Peppermint Going Down...

Downstairs that is
Link Here

It seems that the Peppermint has moved to the new downstairs location at the other side of the Marine Complex.

Peppermint opened at the new location on Thursday 10th June.

The bar now seems a bit smaller with the word 'narrow' springing to mind. The bar is more practically laid out than before with a side stage and bench seating that commands an unrestricted view. Loads of the usual stage side stool seating available.

On my first visit last night, customers seemed to be playing sardines. I didn't fancy my allotted stool much between two big arsed farangs. So I did a U turn and an initial review can wait for another day.


11th June   

Whatever Happened To?...

Stupid Cupid, now the Carré Blanc Le Club
Link Here

What has happened to the Stupid Cupid Bar on soi 33 of 3rd Rd near South Pattaya Rd.?

I used to go there as there was some nice girls especially Joy who were good fun and John was always a mine of information on Pattaya and its Bars.

The Bar had been renamed the Carré Blanc Le Club according to the sign and a notice on the bar door said that it was open from 1pm to midnight but the door was locked and curtained. There was also a notice on the door to say it was a private club.

At another nearby Bar I was informed that it had changed hands and that the new managers were French and had been running the Telephone Bar.

Many people were complaining about the beer prices and the lady drinks at 150bt each but that none of the ladies wore underwear and they would strip off for fun in the Bar if the customer paid the 300bt Bar fine.

It would appear that most of the customers are French and the ladies older ones from the Telephone Bar.

Has anyone got any other information and what has happened to John?


9th June   

Dancing with Danger...

Dancer shot outside a Silver Star A-GoGo
Link Here

Early on Sunday morning, the police were informed that a young lady was shot outside Silver Star A Go Go located on Soi 7 off Pattaya Beach Road. [Silver Star is on Soi 8, Silver Star 2 is on Soi 7]

At the scene the injured Miss Ratiyakorn Sim sipim a 22 year old gogo dancer, received a bullet wound in her shoulder.

She was taken to Pattaya Memorial Hospital, but was allowed to go home after an x-ray and medical treatment as the wound was not too serious.

The victim told to the police that before the incident, she was speaking on her mobile phone at the front of the bar, when suddenly she heard a shot and the bullet then hit her in the shoulder.


8th June   

Legs Closed...

Pattayaland GoGo goes dark
Link Here

Legs Club on Soi Pattayaland 2 was dark last night on 7th June.

Prominent for sales signs rather suggests that this is a permanent closure.

I would guess that the girls have moved to Mistys or Beavers.

The bar was always a good one as far as I was concerned and will be a loss to the scene. Halving in size was always a danger sign for the bar. Halving the size of the bar also left the comfortable seating badly placed for a view of the stage.

Also small gogos are notoriously hard to keep going as they lack the flexibility to match the numbers of girls with the number of customers.

So Pattaya is now down to 76 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.


7th June   

First Impressions...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Amsterdamaged
Link Here

Amsterdamaged is a new short time bar on Soi 6

The bar has been a bit low key since opening with just 2 or 3 girls standing outside. At least they weren't lady boys so I thought I would take the opportunity for a look see.

The girls were sitting outside rather than in the Amsterdam style windows. Perhaps a bit unsurprising that the girls like to have a chat whilst waiting for customers rather than sitting on their own.

Inside is a smart looking, good quality bar with wooden style double benches arranged around the central open plan area. There are also a couple of bays of inviting looking, and more private booth seating.

The cashier was keeping the bins at her counter rather than bringing them to the customer's table. This seems to be a commonplace way of operating on Soi 6 these days and is totally reprehensible in my books. It seems to do nothing for the customer's interests, but enables easy bin padding opportunities for the staff. At some bars towards the 2nd Road end of Soi 6, the technique is also used to hide high drinks prices until it is time to settle up.

Anyway no such problems at Amsterdamaged, where the drinks were reasonably priced with a beer at 80 Baht and a lady drink at 100 Baht.

It's early days for Amsterdamaged but at least an attractive bar will provide a good starting point.


6th June   

Carousel Goes Happy...

Carousel GoGo Club sells up
Link Here

Carousel has been a bit of a non-entity GoGo since seeing better times a few years ago as an erotic show bar.

It has seemingly been up for sale for a while but now it has been bought up by the ever expanding Happy, Beach Club, Peppermint, Baccara, Cavern chain.

The bar will appear in a new guise in about 3 months. The Carousel dancers and mamasang have moved to The Cavern.

There are now 77 bars in the Pattaya area with girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Meanwhile Pattaya-at-Night reports that Hotties Club and has closed in the 2nd Road beer bar complex opposite Mike's Mall. It claimed to be a GoGo for a while but never quite managed to convince the coyote girls that they were gogo dancers, and that they should relinquish a few clothes.

Coincidently another bar that proclaimed a change from coyote to gogo but failed to deliver, was Ice Bar on Soi LK Metro. The girls never got into the gogo role and the bar reverted to coyote before getting rid of the dancers totally. It has been limping along as an ordinary hostess bar for a while but was totally closed on my last stroll down Soi LK Metro.

Update: Re-cooled Ice

Ice on Soi LK Metro has been bought by a couple of farangs who are to refurb the bar for the next incarnation


5th June   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Cavern
Link Here

The Cavern is located on Walking Street nearly opposite Soi Diamond

I visited The Cavern on the opening day and the next day. The air conditioner was too strong for me, so I put off the third visit. I visited on the 3rd of June, the air conditioner was now under control.

The dancers on the 2 small sub stages were naked all the time.

The bar now has a show time on the main stage just like Peppermint (ie bikini dancers or coyotees taking off their clothes song by song until naked).

There was a crack on the glass floor which was made by a big Farang.


4th June   

Sitting Pretty...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Peppermint
Link Here

Peppermint is located on central Walking Street upstairs next to the Marine Disco.

The GoGo has been around a long time and is one of the proven success stories of Walking Street. And yet I always consider the design/layout to be poor.

The main area of comfortable seating as you first enter the bar has a very restricted view of the entertainment, the majority of which is going on at the back end of the bar.

And in the well entertained back section there is mostly only uncomfortable stool seating that usually drives me out after a single beer.

The theory must be therefore that customers will put up with a bit of discomfort if the girls make it worth their while. And of course Peppermint can command some of the best. Saying that though on my last visit the bar had plentiful good looking girls but maybe not quite the top notch standard needed to make people put up with uncomfortable seats.

This time I opted for the restricted viewing area, and enjoyed the company of a friendly and non-pushy girl over the course of a few reasonably priced drinks. All was well with the world and I wondered if the new downstairs version of Peppermint will have a better seating layout.


3rd June   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Sea
Link Here

The Sea is located on Soi Diamond, a few paces from Walking Street.

As only an occasional visitor to the Sea I was pleased to see that the bar seems to have loosened up a little on my last visit.

There was the usual gaggle of attractive girls but they seemed to be having more fun than usual and actually interacting with the customers.

I looked around and noticed that the previously noted officious mamasang wasn't marching around the bar trying to implement her rather aggressive band of match making.

And lo and behold, the girls were doing a better job for themselves.

Otherwise the bar was pretty much the same as before with plenty of girls on stage wearing less than an average amount of bikini bits.

The beer is still cheap and the music is still dance,

Now the question is, whether my unfavourite mamasang has departed or was she just having the night off.


2nd June   

Updated: Hot Love A-GoGo...

Banner appears for a new GoGo on 2nd Road
Link Here

A banner has appeared advertising a new gogo on 2nd Road.

It is at a rather unlikely location in the Grand Beer Plaza next to the Grand Sole Hotel. This area gets little passing traffic as the stretch between Soi 6 and Central Road is dominated by large plots of nothingness, just the entrance drives to some large hotels.

Anyway the banner proclaims Hot Love A-GoGo and seems to be at a small looking venue currently signed Hot Love Pub.

Update: Tom Club

2nd June 2010. explains that the Hot Love Pub is an established lesbian/tom club which has been hit by the recent opening of a larger scale competitor, namely Shela near Hollywood disco. The bar is responding to the competition with the idea of going gogo.

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